Makeover @cactus

“I didn't spend an entire day on her makeover so she would confess to him!”

Mona peeked around the corner to see who could be screaming and grimaced when she saw Aizou and Yuujirou. No matter how much time passed, she still couldn't like them.

“What does she see even in him!” Aizou complained and she wondered who they were talking about. “That's ridiculous, she should have told us beforehand!”

Next to him, Yuujirou seemed to agree even though he didn't voice his opinion.

At this point, Mona figured she wouldn't learn more and decided to go back, not really caring about them. Turning around, she almost bumped into another girl who shrieked before apologising.

“I'm so sorry, are you alright? I wasn't looking and–”

But Mona wasn't listening to her. That girl was adorable. Probably the prettiest person she had ever seen and with her cheeks flushed she was even cuter. She smiled awkwardly and opened her mouth to ask what her name was (or her phone number. Would it be strange if she asked her to go on a date even though they had just met?).

“What are you doing?”

Her smile disappeared immediately when she heard Aizou's voice behind her.

“I was looking for you!” The girl answered, frowning. “I've been calling you for ten minutes.”

Even though she was angry, she was beautiful. Mona would have been embarrassed for having such cheesy thoughts, but she couldn't help it, not when this girl was this cute.

“You two go get changed, I still have some things to do. You'd better have your make-up done by the time I'm back!” She said. She then sent an apologetic smile toward Mona before leaving her alone with the two boys.

She realised she hadn't asked for her name and wondered if she would see her again. Probably, she thought, since she seemed to work with these two guys. She was about to leave when Yuujirou suddenly stood in front of her and she almost jumped when he put his hands on her shoulders.

“Listen,” he said, “I can't explain it, you'll have to trust me.”

Then he turned toward Aizou who seemed as lost as she was and, much to her surprise, he declared:

“We're going to make Hiyori fall in love with her.”

Mona's heart stopped and she was positive she wasn't going to survive whatever Yuujirou had planned.

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