Perfect Night @cactus
Perfect Night

Mona couldn't stay still. Today, Hiyori, her girlfriend, was going to spend the night at her house and she was so excited! She had everything planned, they were going to have so much fun and then... she blushed when she thought about them sharing her bed. No one was going to ruin their night.

Someone rang the doorbell and she ran downstairs to open the door. Hiyori was standing outside, smiling brightly.

So cute!

Thank god she couldn't die from Hiyori's cuteness. Otherwise, she would have been buried months ago.

“Hi, Mona!”

“Hey! Come in. Wait, let me take your bag.”

Hiyori smiled again and Mona couldn't believe how lucky she was to be dating her.

“What do you want to do? We can watch a movie, my sister is in her room.” She said, taking Hiyori to the living room. She opened the door and–

Caught her sister furiously making out with her boyfriend.

She slammed the door, but the way Hiyori gasped told her she had seen everything.

“It's not always like this...” She tried to explain. “Let's put your bag in my room first.” She suggested and Hiyori nodded shyly.

Mona spent the night cursing at Sena.

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