He loves me, he loves me not... @cactus
He loves me, he loves me not...

“He loves me... He loves me not... He loves me... He loves me not...”

Hiyori was pulling off the petals of a flower she had picked up. She didn't know how to take Asuka's reaction to her confession. On the one hand, it was definitely a no, but on the other hand, he had just said he wanted to focus on his dream... So it wasn't really a no, was it? At least, that's how she took it.

She sighed and pulled off another petal. She had been thinking about it for days and she still couldn't reach a satisfying conclusion. On top of that, how could she face Aizou and Yuujirou after this bitter failure? They had given their best so she could become prettier and have more self-confidence, yet it had been useless... Would they be mad at her? She had never asked for their help in the first place, but she had to admit she had really liked spending time with them. When they weren't drowning her in work, they were quite amusing. She wished their little outing had allowed them to become closer, but they hadn't talked to each other since that day, at least not outside of work.

“What are you doing?”

Hiyori jumped when she heard Yuujirou's voice behind her. She quickly got up and turned around to face him. He was looking curiously at her and she hid the flower behind her back.

“Oh! Hi!” She exclaimed awkwardly. “Uh... nothing, really... just looking at the flowers...”

Yuujirou raised an eyebrow, clearly not convinced. He tried to look over her shoulder to see what she was hiding, but she moved so he couldn't see it. Annoyed, he tried again, looking over her right shoulder, then her left one, but Hiyori kept moving, blocking his sight.

“What are you hiding?” He finally asked.

Hiyori panicked when Yuujirou took a step forward. If he decided to make her show what she was holding, he would manage to do it. He was way stronger than her. But she refused to let him see this flower, he would immediately understand what she had been doing just before he had arrived and it was way more embarrassing than Asuka rejecting her. Panicking, her hands moved before she could think about what she was doing.

Yuujirou froze, his hand still in the air as if he was about to catch her arm, and his eyes widened. When he realised what she had done, he frowned, disgusted.

“Did... Did you just eat a flower?

Hiyori blushed and wondered if she should have just shown it to him.

Hiyori sat at her desk, her head down and her cheeks red. She heard Yuujirou sit at his own desk but she didn't dare raise her head to see if he was still staring. That moment would probably remain engraved in his memory and she would have liked better if he had never witnessed what she was capable of when panicking.

She raised her head when the door opened, wondering if her wish had been granted, only to be disappointed when she noticed it was only Aizou. If there was something worse than being stuck with Yuujirou, it was being stuck with Yuujirou and Aizou. Especially if they started to fight... Even when she wasn't at work she had to constantly keep an eye on them so they didn't tarnish their image, it was exhausting...

Hiyori managed to hold a relieved sigh when she saw they had decided to ignore each other. They had also decided to ignore her, apparently. Not that it bothered her, she would have some time to make progress in her homework.

“Oh! Sorry! I must have forgotten them in my bag...”

He sighed before kneeling down to help her. Hiyori didn't show how surprised she was and simply smiled to thank him. Maybe that their relationship had gotten better, despite the fiasco with Asuka. She really hoped so, she thought, grabbing a magazine that was near her chair.

She turned pale when she saw the cover.

Then she blushed so suddenly she felt dizzy.

She was holding a doujinshi on Aizou and Yuujirou.

As soon as she heard Aizou taking one of the magazines, she knew she was screwed.

Aizou froze, staring at the cover, his eyes wide. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Hiyori should have told him she hadn't bought them. She didn't even know where to find them, or how to get them! She perfectly knew that it must have been the other girls pranking her again, they had never stopped since they had noticed how she was getting closer to the boys. But she was so shocked and the heavy silence between them told her it was now too late to explain the situation.

Eventually, after what felt like hours, Aizou slowly put back the magazine on the ground and left the room in a hurry. Her hands shaking, Hiyori picked everything up without a word, keeping her eyes glued to the ground to avoid Yuujirou's judging gaze.

This day couldn't get worse.

Hiyori made sure that all the magazines were hidden at the bottom of her locker before closing it. She didn't know who was the owner so she couldn't give them back. She would have to leave them here and go to work before coming back later to bring them to her house and decide how she would make them disappear. Just thinking about all these trips was exhausting. Another night where she would have to finish her homework quickly before going to bed without having enough time to do something else.

She glanced at her watch and hurried to the exit when she saw she was already late. Aizou and Yuujirou were so going to reprimand her!

She slowed down when she passed a classroom. Apart from a few teachers, there wasn't anyone in the building, she should have been alone in the corridor, yet she could swear she had heard a noise in this classroom...


Ah! There it was!

She frowned and got closer, pressing her ear against the door. Was she witnessing something important? Maybe that behind that door someone was getting harassed? If so, she had to do something, she wasn't going to ignore someone who needed her help. Taking her courage in both hands, she opened the door violently, ignoring the way it slammed into the wall, and quickly switched on the light to see what was going on.

She would never have imagined such a scene.

As expected, the classroom wasn't empty, but she wasn't dealing with harassment. She knew the students inside the room and she wished she had never seen them like this.

There, on the teacher's desk, Yuujirou was lying on his back while Aizou was on top of him, his forearms on the furniture, kissing his... friend?

Aizou had raised his head when hearing the noise she had made, but Yuujirou had just turned his head toward her, one eyebrow raised, as if he had been expecting her, though he seemed quite annoyed by it. At least, Aizou had the decency to blush. He stuttered, before managing to form a sentence.

“Hey... So, about those magazines earlier... Maybe there's something you should know...”

Hiyori didn't let him finish and closed the door. She stared at the wall, barely believing what she had witnessed.

She should have felt embarrassed. Way more than after eating a flower in front of Yuujirou or after letting Aizou believe she read doujinshis on them. She should have been dying from embarrassment. Yet, she felt relieved after seeing them like this.

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