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Hold my hand

Kirishima shivered and pulled his scarf up to cover his face. He had decided to use this weekend to buy gifts for Christmas. However, the temperature had dropped this last few days and he almost regretted going out. Beside him, Kaminari seemed to be as cold as he was. If there weren't only two weeks left until Christmas, he would have offered to postpone their outing, but he knew he wouldn't be strong enough to go out again.

He put his hands in his pockets, staring at the shop windows, wondering what he could buy for his classmates. At least he was glad he had taken a pair of gloves before going out. However, Kaminari was just following him, moaning and complaining about the cold. Kirishima agreed, but him saying it again and again only added to his pain. He turned toward his friend, smiling.

“You can go back if you're this cold, you know?”

“You know I caaan't.” Kaminari moaned. “I haven't bought anything yet and once I'm home, I won't go out before next spring.”

Kirishima smiled again and shook his head. His friend was so dramatic.

“It's not that cold.” He said, shrugging, and Kaminari suddenly closed his mouth, turned to face him and raised his eyebrows.

“Not that cold?” He repeated slowly.

And to prove his claim, he held up his hands, red because of the cold, in front of his face before putting them under Kirishima's scarf and against his neck. Kirishima jumped and struggled to get away from him.

“Argh, no, stop it!” He shouted, laughing.

He managed to remove the hands of his friend who frowned and began to pout. He had to refrain himself from saying how cute he was out loud. Instead, he took off his left glove and gave it to Kaminari.

“Here, take this.”

Kaminari stared at it, not convinced.

“Kirishima, it won't help me–” He froze, not knowing what to say, when Kirishima took his right hand, intertwining their fingers, before putting it his coat pocket. Kaminari could feel himself blushing but he didn't see Kirishima's reaction since he had already begun to walk again, staring at the shop windows and pulling Kaminari along.

After walking for a few seconds, he decided to put Kirishima's glove – which was quite hard with only one hand free – and looked down, hoping Kirishima wouldn't notice the goofy smile on his face.

As for Kirishima, he was staring at the windows without really looking at them, his face beet red, wondering how he had managed to be this confident when his heart was ready to jump out of his chest.

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