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Ties That Bind

Ties that Bind

(The following story contains large degrees of smut and should be viewed by those who are 18 and above. If you aren't, move along. Anything important or lore-related revealed here will also be touched upon in the main story. Eventually. This short story will act as the 'smut portion' of the many, many scenes I've glossed over in the main story, and I'll put what chapters they occur around, so you can try to avoid spoilers. Enjoy.)

Pokémon Center - Northern Unova Region (Around Chapter 3)

It was late, or early, one of those. Alex Redwood had kind of lost track of time, mostly because every sense he had, was focused on her. He'd had some experience before, but he knew he was lacking the repetition that separated the good from the spectacular. What he didn't know, was that the woman beside him had far less experience. Her father's Arcanine had always had an eighth sense about such situations, and knew the exact moment things went from kissing to far more. More than once, it had Flame Charged through her bedroom wall, roaring away. Eventually, she'd stopped trying to go farther, and found often that men had trouble stopping after kissing her.

Those, Serpi had handled with repeated thwacks to sensitive areas by way of vines. The Serperior was sound asleep now, though, she'd glanced at her ball as the seemingly emboldened neighbor boy made an offer that turned her almost as red as her hair. It might have been the Leaf, but it did sound appealing. She'd heard the hype, but none of the men she'd deigned worth her time had offered cunnilingus up front without expecting more. Alex had been honest, and blunt, but it was enough for her to nod, and then eep as the heat-radiating hand that had been wrapped around her while they'd kissed shifted her onto her back with a single movement. The old couch creaked slightly as he shifted as well, and while the hands sliding up her thighs felt nice, there was a noticeable pause after he'd removed her Trainer brand undergarments. She glanced at him, and then suppressed a chuckle.

Alex Redwood stared upon perfection. He hadn't seen many genitalia of the female variety, not this close anyways, and each time he'd done this before, something had distracted him. Smell, an unsightly bump, likely from shaving, or on the opposite side, way, way too much hair in desperate need of a trim. That was one jungle he hadn't ventured into. Jess had nothing to deter him, as even here she proved aesthetically superior with an ideal balance of smooth skin and trimmed, fiery curls. His eyes fell to her folds, and he bit his lip. Tight, too. He did not pray often, but at that moment, he hoped Arceus might be kind enough to help him not screw up in this, the all important first impression. He'd not done well socially when they'd first met, but sexually, he was determined to impress, and in order to do that, he had learned, he needed his focus on her enjoyment.

His was secondary, in his mind. If he did well enough she'd either be eager for more or too tired, and after so many long impromptu tournament battles, he had a feeling he'd be just as tired. Realizing he'd paused, he glanced up at her, smirked, and held eye contact as his tongue found her clit and his fingers teased the entrance to her tight core. She'd been a natural kisser, and hadn't seemed to mind his comparatively lesser skill in that regard, but judging by the sudden upswing of her hips and the lewd moan that came out of her, he was doing rather well.

Everything about her was appealing to him, from the taste that grew stronger as she grew wetter, to the scent that made his instincts all but demand he mount her, immediately, and propagate. He ignored billion year old instincts, and focused instead, on the alphabet. Common had twenty four letters, and his mission was usually accomplished by 'M' but as he came closer to and then passed that letter, he noticed her interest wane, namely because her hips lowered back towards the couch, and her moans quieted. He sped through several more letters, until 'O' and then 'P' got the desired moan and renewed arch.

Sensing a pattern, he continued in an 'O' shape, and then when that lost momentum, reversed it. That small shift, along with the large thumb sliding against her tight core entrance seemed to be what ultimately pushed her over the edge, and only a few minutes in. He paused, as a spray of wetness drenched his face, and he grunted, wiping it away from his eyes. When he looked back to her, she murmured an apology, but he shook his head. "'s fine...I actually like that...quite a bit...just surprised me...and my eyes."

As they locked on hers again, she'd noticed that, somehow, they'd become slightly less red from the imbibing of Leaf earlier. He smirked again, resumed, and in short order had her close to another wave of pleasure building within her quicker than before. One hand moved to her waist, holding her arching hips in the air as he kept going, pausing only to dodge, and then savor licking up, the intense floods of ever-lessening liquid that marked just how much she was enjoying his tongue. Eventually, they both stopped counting how many she'd had, and focused respectively instead on not passing out, and keeping her fire stoked.

When the hands that had moved to clutch at his curly dark locks finally lost their grip from lack of consciousness, the sun was beginning to rise, and Alex paused, as he noticed she was asleep, but breathing heavily. She seemed satisfied, as he'd promised she would be, and he had implied that he'd be fine without going further, or even receiving his own release. She knew it would turn him blue down there, but she was too tired right then to worry about such things. She could deal with it later. Or not. She was determined to become a decent Trainer, and had set aside a whole summer to do it, or at least try. She hadn't wanted a whirlwind romance, and yet, she was more open to it than she'd been when they'd been eating dinner earlier.

Alex rested for roughly three hours, head on her thigh and dampened hair acting as a pillow. When he woke, it was to the harsh light of the sun, and he saw a beam of it coming through a crack in the cabin's door, sliding slowly towards the still-closed eyes of his sleeping neighbor. He lifted her up easily as he headed for the bedroom, and she mumbled, though he was fairly sure she blinked awake as he awkwardly negotiated opening a door without using hands.

His suspicion was confirmed when, after laying her down and rising to head back to the couch, a pair of hands grabbed his shirt, and brought him close for an unexpected and initially badly aimed kiss. She got his far cheek, but found his mouth on the second try, and once he climbed into the cabin bed beside her, he felt her try to roll him onto his back, only to realize he was much larger, and heavier. He smirked, and then actually moved when she tried again, stopping when she was rested atop him, not unlike how his Luxio did each night since he'd joined the team.

It took him longer than it should have to realize why his neglected member suddenly felt so warm, but he did enjoy seeing her eyes widen slightly as she seemed to notice the unbidden swelling as well. Her hips teased him three times, before she returned to kiss him, and eventually fell back into sleep. He didn't mind, but he did wonder how he'd ever be able to rest with such temptation literally lying on top of him. He forced his brain to think of something else, anything else, but it was rather difficult, given that he'd not retrieved her undergarments, and the only thing really separating them were his own. He turned his mind to battling then, and the upcoming Dragon Tamers they'd be facing down. He came up with a few absurd strategies that would never work, and eventually fell asleep as well.

Eight Hours Later...

It was the morning after, a thing many dreaded. But in this case, it didn't seem to fill with dread. Alex Redwood, at the start of his journey, had already demonstrated to his ideal woman that his tongue was rather skilled. What she would come to find out was that he'd been learning her weak spots, for future use. An all but noble woman like her was old money, and thus, untouched, until now. She didn't seem to care what her family would think of her running off for the summer with her neighbor.

The Redwoods were only 'rich' because they owned so much land, and without anyone respectable in the public eye, their Professor's notoriety continued to hurt their sales as the next generation studied. Eric would become the next Professor Redwood, but his brother had taken a different route, supposedly. Word was spreading, even as he awoke to the warmth of a woman atop him, about his first real battle, and victory over his brother. In small towns, sibling rivalry was pretty much the only interesting thing to gossip about. Some had claimed they'd always known the giant, quiet lad was a Trainer at heart. Others, were convinced he'd cheated.

Most of his fellow town members knew all about his situation, though. Some had pitied him and his lack of a partner, at first, but as he'd grown closer to his disgraced granduncle, the pity faded to mild disdain. Many still perceived the aging Professor as a man who enjoyed children, thanks to the strange and unnaturally focused Arcean propaganda that had thankfully stopped once his granduncle had called the police to deal with the protestors outside of their house. Alex had always made a point to loudly and openly mock such people for buying into rumors fabricated by a cult. The result was anger, naturally. That had been a long time ago, however. Having done nothing else gossip-worthy, he'd essentially fallen off the map for many of his fellow townsfolk.

Alex yawned, and started to rise, only to find his fiery companion pushing him down again. He looked up at her, smirking. He was twice her size, and could easily toss her, but he let her think she was strong enough to pin him. Dainty rich girls simply didn't have the strength to pin someone his size. "Oh. Look who's up." He sat up slightly, and pressed his forehead to hers, causing a serious blush. "Did you enjoy last night?" She managed a nod, but otherwise didn't move. He continued rising, pushing against her with a smirk. Judging by her face, she'd finally noticed just how close their lower bodies were as well. "We have a battle today. We should get prepared."

She arched a red brow. "You don't want me to handle that… morning Redwood?"

He snorted, and broke into a chuckle. "Is that what we're calling it now? In the future, maybe, but not right now. I need my wits for this. Dragon trainers are tough."

She sighed. He was in Pokémon mode again, and the boldly confident side that had convinced her to spread was gone, it seemed. It might have just been the Leaf, but he'd been rather charming the night before. That was fine. She could wait. He'd definitely smoke again, and she'd be there to enjoy the side-effects.

Several Days Later… (Around Chapter 8)

Alex had been gone for a while now. With all that had happened upon arriving in Humilau, they'd been too busy to discuss what had happened in the woods, and now, it had been three days since Jess had seen her traveling companion. She knew something had gone wrong. Finally, she decided to get help. She couldn't just let him disappear into the woods, after all. Not after a tonguing like that.

She didn't mess around when it came to her body, and she only went along because he'd told her while conversing that he too wanted a serious relationship, like an adult. She had, of course, over the past seventy hours wondered if he'd just taken off without her again, but she knew better than to judge him. The man she'd gone after had been unfailingly generous, he wouldn't just leave. It wasn't in his character. She'd been duped before, though.

Her friends, of course, said she was delusional, and that he'd used her for the experience before finding a girl without her baggage. Impressing her family was something any suitor would have to do eventually. The rich bloodline types were all over the States, in the east and the west. They had originated on the supercontinent across the Atlantican Ocean, however, and the region that produced Caucasians remained obsessed with bloodline purity. Particularly the further east you headed. Beyond the Mediterra Mountains was the Imperium of Man, and most people of the Imperium didn't seem to much care about bloodlines, except perhaps when they contained incest or genetic deformities.

Jess knew her father considered their family a few branches from royalty of some small, outdated kingdom nestled in the many mountains that made up Germania. The Mediterra range had risen when Regigigas had pushed the African, Europian, and Asian continents together. They were the kind of people who only accepted suitors that vacationed in Undella Bay, in Unova, or proved themselves in cities like Lumiose in Kalos. He'd made it clear that he understood what courting her would entail, and they'd gone ahead anyways. More or less. She knew the more time that went on, the more she would wonder if he really had just abandoned her, but her instincts told her otherwise.

The media came, as did his family, after she sent word that he'd gone missing. The search began, but no trace of him was found by the amateur volunteers, most of whom just used the opportunity to enjoy a bowl of Leaf in the woods. Pokémon Trainers went missing all the time, usually in caves of some sort, and sometimes it would take them days to re-emerge.

The heat wasn't really on, and since the legality of the hallucinogenic Leaf plant was being debated once again by the Arceans of Lacunosa Town, people enjoyed it as often as they could, but there was never enough, it seemed. Alex, in true Leafhead fashion, had an entire glass jar of the herb, crushed and ready for packing. But he'd left that behind.

Indeed, that was often what allayed her fears the most. He'd left his bag, his solar-powered computer, his Pokéballs, there was every sign that he'd intended to return from his scouting at the Dragon Mountain, but he hadn't. He hadn't even taken Terra, Hydrus, or Leo with him, but given the state Terra was in, only Leo was present enough to be worried. Hydrus was young, and oblivious, but he too would eventually notice his Trainer didn't call him out to battle anymore. Thus, Hydrus and Leo followed Jess wherever they could, and she eventually took to carrying them around after people began challenging her to battle.

That was how she started properly training. Marlon, being a Gym Leader, saw her worry and suggested she workout until Alex returned. He said that a Trainer that strong, who worked that hard to achieve that kind of strength after only a straight year training in the icy north, wouldn't go for a dainty woman by his side. As she was now, she'd just slow him down. That, more than anything, got her moving, as Marlon seemed quite wise. Serpi had evolved, but against the water Trainers of Humilau City, she became strong, as did the rest of her team, Hydrus and Leo included. Since Humilau was a popular spot in the hot summer, Trainers passed through all the time.

Days passed, weeks became months, and there was no word. She became physically stronger as she waited, and as her body hardened, so did the knowledge that Alex was still going to come back. She could never accurately explain how she knew, she simply did. If anything, he'd never abandon his Torterra for a Charizard. Eventually, her brother arrived, returning from Kalos, and training in Gaulia, the region just south of Kalos.

He gave her a Fennekin, as promised, and she forgave him for not writing or calling her once on his three-year journey. She named her newest friend Delphi, as she came from southern Kalos. The fox Pokémon had become rare after it gained popularity as a starter in a region like Kalos. She could have just had a Trainer-bred Fennekin, but she'd insisted on a child of the wild.

Connor, for his part, had spent the better part of his journey finding that Fennekin, and only succeeded in catching it after finally beating it in battle. Gren had had a hard time against it, but eventually managed to overpower the smaller Pokémon with type advantage. A Braixen or a Delphox from the wilds of the Europian continent was notoriously hard to catch. He'd been lucky to find a Fennekin on its own. When he'd heard about Alex going missing by Draconis Mons after catching his sister her Pokémon, he'd headed home. He hadn't expected to find that his little sister had left with him though. Now that he'd arrived, he intended to send Gren out for a look. His eyes saw much that others missed.

Later that month…

Connor had told her that their father was prohibiting her from venturing onto Draconis Mons herself to look for her little friend. Unable to claim he was more than that, she'd gone off to vent her frustration, in training Hydrus against water types, and teaching him how to swim like an Empoleon. Delphi had received some training as well. After hearing how Gren had taken her down, Jess wanted her to know how to handle water attacks. When fully evolved, her psychic powers would keep most of them from being an issue, but as a Fennekin, she had to learn how to dodge, duck, dip, and dive against multiple Water Guns, and then later, Hydro Pumps.

It was when she was on her way inside after this productive day that she noticed something different. She'd just walked in, but had noticed the handle to her bathroom turning, thus she was already staring when Alex Redwood, essentially nude, strolled into the main room. She hid a gasp as she saw his body, slimmer than when she'd last seen him, and with muscles that seemed defined, but malnourished. Hours of intense training under a volcano had made him sweat off his lingering weight, and an all Berry diet had helped. There would be multiple emotions to sort through later as she met his gaze, and noticed the beard, and complimented it. The main one that held her focus now was lust. Training, while relaxing, didn't quite scratch her itch, but she knew something that might suffice. And now it was right in front of her.

The first thing Alex noticed, was how much stronger she'd become. When he'd held her last, she'd been squishier, but the woman who all but tackled him onto the borrowed bed had muscles, and even the faint outline of abs. He hadn't been the only one training. He didn't get a good chance to look over the rest of her, as he was soon focused on other things, namely the sudden lack of a towel, and the surprising ease with which she'd tossed her training shorts to the side. His nostrils flared, and that was not the only physical response she received as her damp folds pressed down around the swelling shaft he couldn't suppress even if he'd wanted to. Her hips ground on him with a motion he could only describe as lewd, but before she could guide that lengthy appendage to its proper home, they were interrupted.


Alex brushed away the curtain of crimson hair that obscured his view, and he chuckled. His arms moved around her as Jess made to rise, and he held her against him, thinking correctly that the young psychic type was not ready to handle such aesthetic perfection, and on a human of all things. He hadn't noticed her top join her pants, but she didn't fight him as he held her close. "What is it, little guy?"

"Ralts! Ralts, Ralts Ralts Ralts." The psychic type tilted its head, confused by the emotions of the humans before him. He had never sensed such things before, and did not rightly know how to respond to them. They seemed okay, happy even, but then why were they grunting? There was more to it that he simply could not comprehend.

"Oh, right. Your name." Alex pointed at his bag. "Find the square machine in my bag. Press the button on the top right. Open Poogle. You should be able to find something from there."

The Ralts did as he was asked, and being rather intelligent, he grasped the basics of PokeNet browsing, and how moving the cursor worked. He eventually moved it with his mind, as his stubby arrms couldn't reach it, and let him watch the screen. He spent a good three minutes just making it zip about the screen. He was also aware of the Unown characters, as most psychic types were, but he did not know how to string them together. When he tried, his Trainer's mind, via their connection, offered suggestions as to which keys to press. Being a child, the Ralts pressed all of them, many times, and soon found himself face to face with a simple browser page that, naturally, had several images on it. He clicked on those, and began surfing the PokeNet as the two humans watched with amused smirks, and then turned back to each other.

Jess blushed again, but her hips kept moving. She'd woken him up, clearly, and much like the rest of him, the stiff rod she was grinding on did not disappoint when it came to size. She briefly wondered if he'd even fit, but decided she was willing to try. "I've never done this before, you know...with anyone. I hope you grasp how important this is to me."

The blue eyes widened, and she found herself rather suddenly under him. This time, it was his hips that teased her, as his cock slid purposefully along her swelling clitoris. "I wasn't aware...but if it's your first time, that changes things. Slightly. Do you know what to expect?"

The bluntness of his words alongside direct clitoral stimulation made her cheeks darken further. "I've heard rumors...pain, apparently."

He rolled his eyes. "It only hurts if you have some overeager fool with you. Just relax...and try not to clench too much." Once she nodded, he adjusted himself, and pressed the thick head of his shaft against her. He kept his eyes on her reactions as he pushed inside of her, slowly. His only 'abrupt' movement came from pushing past her hymen, and thus, the pain was sharp, but brief as he waited for her body to adjust to him. His arms slid under hers as his member delved deeper, and he moved out slowly, then back in, pushing further each time until the sharp inhales that marked her pain faded, and changed into something else entirely.

He was overly cautious, even after he'd delved as far as size difference would allow him to, but the moment she half sighed half moaned for more speed, he obliged her. One glance at his Ralts confirmed the little psychic type was oblivious to what they were doing, and he kissed her as his attention returned, and stayed, on her. Once more, she proved worth the years he'd spent waiting for a chance to do exactly this with her. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and her fingers dug into his shoulders each time his slow but purposeful thrusts hit the deepest parts of her body. As he sped up, her legs wrapped around his waist.

Words would never accurately describe the feeling of being with her, but it had surpassed his skeptically optimistic expectations. She was tight, warm, and seemed receptive to whatever he did to her. He liked to think he lasted fairly long, granted he had no bar by which he could compare such things, but he knew as he felt her tightening around him, he wouldn't be holding out forever. She squealed as she came, drenching his crotch with a gout of her liquid arousal, and he glanced towards his laptop, only to find that, at some point, his Ralts had wandered out of the room, leaving the door slightly ajar. Irritated, he wished he could close it, and as he had that thought, it clicked shut.

He didn't have time to ponder that strange coincidence, as his lover had drawn his focus back to her with a hand on his now bearded cheek. "Aren't you...supposed to, ah! finish with me?"

He found her question both sexy and adorable, and her eyes widened as she felt him swell inside her. She'd been under the impression there was a limit to how big men could get, but evidently there was more to it. "Not...yet..." He managed, bringing his hands to her ears as his hips drove through the clenching spasms her orgasm caused. His fingers massaged her ears as he thrust into her at a steady pace, which brought on a whole other set of moans. "I want to...enjoy you long as possible."

She blushed again, but didn't have time to respond as he kissed her, and picked up the pace. He drove her still climaxing body into the bed, and the sound of it echoed through the room, as did her increasingly higher pitched moans. He burned the image of her lovely features, twisted in pleasure, into his mind as she writhed under him, arched up into his hips, and again coated his nether regions in a spray of satisfaction.

He was sweating hard at this point, harder than he ever had under the volcano, as her body clenched and tightened around him, milking him for all he had. Finally reaching his limit, he moved to exit her tight core, only to find her strong legs keeping him close. He could break away if necessary, he felt, but every instinct he had was screaming at him not to. The thought of her, carrying his offspring, was intensely appealing, until his rational mind reminded him that with babies came a lack of freedom to train his team, and more importantly, the rage of her parents. He was on good terms with them, and intended to stay that way for as long as possible.

As he pulled away a second time though, her hands pulled him down again, and he met her gaze as his hips continued to move on instinct. The hands moved to his face, and she brought him down to her, pressed her forehead to his with a smirk, and moaned his name. He couldn't have stopped himself from finishing then, even if he'd wanted to.

That first time led to many other times over the next few hours, but when word finally got out that he'd supposedly returned, the media went to work. There was a sizable crowd outside the building by the time they noticed it, snapping pictures of the two of them, and though those photos would likely suggest they were indeed a couple, he made no effort to hide from the cameras. If her father wanted to make something of it, he'd gladly have that discussion. After facing down Lizardon, how hard could talking to an elderly rich man be?

Several days later…

It was nice to be away from the influence of their parents again, and her brother. They'd had to be stealthy about their lovemaking in Undella Town, but it seemed that she was not a stealthy lover. The rumors had started, and they'd both gotten threatening text messages on their Holocievers from their parents as they hurriedly left town, and moved on towards the White Forest. If she could get him to focus on something other than rare young Pokémon for a minute, it could turn out to be an enjoyable time.

It was pretty fun. The days in the White Forest were all about Pokémon, but the nights were exactly what she'd needed. Her father had thrown a room full of other equally rich and admittedly handsome men at her when she was using the Pokémon center in Undella. Rejecting so many offers would stress anyone, which is why whenever she so much as nudged, his mouth was at her service. She knew he'd been falling for her, or had fallen already, for quite some time, but every time that tongue of his made her eyes roll, the feelings became more and more reciprocated.

By the time they'd wandered into Black City, the dynamic changed again, as everyone in that hellhole had strong Pokémon teams. Many of the citizens outright tried to kidnap Jess on a daily basis, and they had both been required to fight them off in droves. Eventually, they took to battling their many amoral opponents as a team. It was challenging, yes, but they both grew stronger. They'd need that strength for the gyms of the Unova region.

Later, in Opeleucid City… (Around Chapter 11)

They never regretted spending a few days battling in Black City, as they had indeed needed that strength to beat the gym leaders each of them had gone up against. Alex's idea of a training regimen had strengthened Chari enough to be able to carry Jess. Thus, while he was off in Castelia interviewing with John Crimson, she had battled Burgh as well, and then gone straight to Nacrene for their elite badge. It hadn't been easy, and she'd learned that normal types could be quite strong, if trained enough.

She was back in Castelia by the time he'd finished his silly interview, and had insisted on seeing John Crimson as well. Little did she know that while she was chatting with the Silver Fox about his glorious Ninetales, her lover and his Gallade were off beating Ghetsis into insanity, and releasing Reshiram, and Kyurem in the process. It seemed that the latest incarnation of 'Team Plasma' had been obsessed with burning the world with the 'fire of truth', and with Kyurem, they had almost done it. But because Ghetsis was still an Arcean, he was obliged by them to investigate any 'disturbances' in the buildings they owned.

This absurd policy was ultimately what caused Ghetsis' latest philosophy to fail, and as a result, he'd threatened to leave the Church. Unwilling to give up such an influential and infamous figure as part of their group, the 'Prophet' of the Church, who was visiting Lacunosa Town, promised to help Ghetsis personally. Instead of offering White Kyurem however, he offered the Unovan Dragon itself.

As this was going on, Jess, Alex, and her brother had all smashed their way through western Unova, and beaten Iris, the legendary gym leader, and former Champion of Unova. After those three consecutive losses, she decided to retire, and thus the Opeleucid Gym was left leaderless. A back-up of aspiring League challengers started forming within the day, but the trio didn't notice, as they'd already moved past the badge gates, and on to Victory Road itself.

Victory Road had certainly seemed easy enough, if a bit empty, but they arrived at the Victory Plateau slightly confused. It hadn't been nearly as challenging as they'd expected. After all, a new League challenge in a place like Unova was going to be popular. All they found on the road up was old men like Gary Oak, who had been strong and cunning, but ultimately defeated by Connor. After that, he'd simply walked off, before Alex could so much as offer to heal for another round.

Irritated, he stated he would be the one to take the League challenge first, like Professor Oak had told them. They both agreed, but were similarly determined to come away from Unova with a League Victory, namely, defeating the Four and a Champion. Unova had several, technically.

After parting for a While… (Around Chapter 15)

She hadn't expected to see him at all for Festivus, and true to his word, he had missed the start of the Unova region's 'feasting days'. A tradition from Europia, the towns around the University all gathered up by Derrion, as it was essentially the center of their 'region', and spent days feasting. From mid-November, to the end of December, the people of this small region used the massive surplus they grew from their Pokémon's aide to have a well-earned feast. While the day known as 'Black Day', for reasons nobody knew, marked the start of this celebration, Festivus was its end. As with every celebration, she'd been hit on relentlessly by anyone who'd been hitting the grog, something she didn't think she'd have to do this year. All but the cockiest avoided Alex, namely because of his height, and those who didn't, discovered why he typically avoided having Terra use Wood Hammer.

Thus, when she got his text, that he was on his way, she'd rolled her eyes. He was the new Champion, and with all that the Arceans had done recently, his arrival at home would be strange indeed. She paused then, and thought it over. If he'd spent the last few months in a Swamp, like he claimed, he wasn't in on the political changes in Unova. He was very likely flying straight home, which mean she needed to meet him by at least the Victory Plateau, or he'd walk into this storm blind. A few weeks after he'd entered the Swamp, the Arceans had arrived in Unova, an entire cohort of loyal followers, and at their head, Caleb Pravus himself.

Nobody knew how, but one day, Tao was meditating in the Dragonspiral Tower, as he often did, and had in the past, and the next, he was gone, vanished completely. Then, later that same day, around sunset, the Prophet of Fornia had used the PNN studio to address the Unova region. The dragon had, according to him, willingly subjected himself to the divine tests of the Church, for the advancement of science, technology, and the understanding of energy types.

Naturally, nobody who had actually Tamed a part of the One Dragon bought into that, as N himself had stated multiple times that, while sometimes useful, keeping them in their Pokéballs was too restrictive for creatures on their level of strength. The other Champions had contacted her, and asked her to join them as they attempted to infiltrate the PNN building, and recover Tao. Their mission failed before it ever began, against a new kind of turret that dispelled beams of energy, specifically fire, ice, and lightning, with the sheer power, and typing bonuses, of the Unovan Dragon. The other three Champions were preparing for another attempt, now that Hilbert was back, but he had suggested they wait for Alex. According to him, the Swamp had only made his team stronger.

Nobody in the Redwood household noticed as she left the party. Her brother had visited early on during the holiday, after returning from the Orange Islands without the birds, or Lugia. He'd departed soon after, when he'd heard that Alex had decided to skip Festivus in order to train. He refused to fall behind again, and decided that he would finally return to Kalos. Their League challenge was starting up again, and this time, he knew he could sweep it. It would take more than his Greninja, but that was fine. He'd long since given up hope of having Gren solo the entire league. Even Leon had a full team, behind his Charizard.

He had also refused to get involved in a political entanglement with the Arceans, declaring he had better things to do. Thus, it was up to her now. She alerted the other four Champions with a text, and told them to head to Castelia while she rendezvoused with Alex. She stopped at her home first, went to the bookcase in her father's study, and pulled on one of the spiky bits on the Arceus symbol sculpture resting in the center of the shelf. It bent at a weird angle, and then snapped back into place, tumblers sliding as the bookcase moved.

She descended into the cavern below their house that her father had shown her only once, and while very, very inebriated. He had never said what any of the secret subterranean lair was used for, but the contents of it suggested wild possibilities. She and Connor had explored long enough to find 'bottomless backpacks' with their names sewn into them. They'd taken them, and their stumbling father, back to the top then, and agreed that not messing with his things would be best. If he wished to tell them why he had a secret cave lair carved under the hill their house was sat upon, he could do so when he was in his right mind.

Jess had spied another thing while down here though, a crystal, flame in color, but one she'd been hesitant to touch or take. After watching Alex and her brother both use such things though, she felt she was ready to try it herself. She summoned Chari, and her tiny, adorable fire lizard seemed just as eager. She'd become a Charizard as they'd journeyed across Unova, and as Jess raised the fire crystal, she felt the power in her hand awaken.

The reddish-orange fire lizard's eyes widened as she felt the rush of power, and ascended to the next level of her species' evolution. Her Trainer briefly wondered how they'd get out, when she spied a tunnel, leading out of the underground cavern. There was a button on the wall beside it, and she pressed it. Who wouldn't?

The sound of a door opening further down the tunnel made her nod, and she hopped atop her smaller fire lizard as the pair flew out into the cold night air, and towards the Victory Plateau.

Several hours later...

The Gladstone Manor had several areas for the family's Pokémon to lounge, and while they were mostly her father's and her brother's PC box inhabitants, there was room for her and Alex's teams as well. Since returning from the 'civil war' as the news had been calling it, most of them were tired, but their pair of Charizard evidently had possessed enough energy still to mate. Deciding to emulate them, the two Trainers had, despite being tired themselves, made their way to her room, and for the first time all evening, had time alone together. Their parents were all currently drunk and full, over at the Redwood Manor, as they blissfully celebrated the Festivus season. Since Connor was away in Kalos, the house was theirs to do with as they pleased. While they had enjoyed each other in several risky or abnormal spots in the past as they'd traveled Unova, from Ferris Wheels to surprisingly soft and minty smelling bushes, this time seemed different. Several months had passed, and the last time they'd been parted so long had been memorable. This time promised to be much the same.

"I missed you..." Alex said between kisses, "You were...pretty much all I thought about while I was training. It drove my team nuts. They can hear my thoughts now, you know."

At that, Jess paused herself. They were both standing in the middle of her room, arms wrapped up in an embrace. "You esper powers? Psychic abilities? You have those now?"

He smirked down at her. "Something like that. My master was reluctant to show me more, but I have telepathy with my team, at least. We're very good at battling, now. I have to figure out how to make this fair, so we can compete in tournaments."

It was her turn to smirk. "Tournaments are overrated...but you're right, a lot of people would call that kind of link an unfair advantage."

He shrugged, and her arms rose comically in time with his shoulders, wrapped about his neck as they were. "It's nothing other psychic humans haven't employed in the past. From what I've found in the League ruleset, as long as we call the moves verbally, it's not an issue."

She shifted then, and her slimmer, smaller body ended up in his arms as her legs wrapped about his waist. She was still in her Trainer clothes, but that had never stopped them before. She kissed him, while suggestively grinding against his crotch at the same time. The result, was what one might expect after months without release, and she found her cheeks darkening as he returned her kiss, groaned slightly, and began carrying her towards her bed. He laid her down, and then knelt before her, as he often did, parting her legs, and kissing her other set of lips.

His technique had only improved since that first time in the cabin, and by this point, he was rather good at getting her off quickly. He'd incorporated his lengthy fingers, two of which were about as wide as his other appendage, and with them, he'd found her body's sensitive spots over time. He remembered them all apparently, and she felt her pleasure building rapidly as he hit each of them. She'd gone just as long without any stimulation, and it showed as, moments after he began, he had her spraying her bedroom carpet with a flood of lewd liquids. After that, her recall was a blur of increasingly damp sheets, and those thorough fingers and tongue working her over and over until she finally told him to stop. As always, he did, though his mischievous tongue continued to enjoy the remnants of her latest spray.

He climbed atop her then, beard glistening with evidence of just how proficient he'd become at cunnilingus, and once their clothes were on the floor, he was kissing her again. She felt his hips moving to enter her body, when on whim, she decided to change things up. She tried to roll him onto his back, but failed, and she realized he was more focused on biting her neck and pushing inside of her. She tried again, and he noticed this time, rolling over, so she was atop him. They'd both agreed that 'missionary' was always enjoyable, but the few times she'd ridden him, the results had been explosive. A memorable Festivus was what she was going for now, and thus, she ground against his hard member, before guiding it inside of her with a soft moan.

Her hips rolled atop him, and she consciously clenched her lower body in rhythmic motions as she moved. Judging by his expression, he was already close, so she leaned in, and obscured his view with her hair. "I missed you, too..."

His hands found her ass then, and she let out a rather lewd moan as he brought her further down on his shaft. After traveling the region, her body had eventually been able to accommodate his girth and length with relative ease, but several months apart had undone all of that. Not that she minded. She leaned in to kiss him again as his hands squeezed and moved with her, easily finding their rhythm again. After several moments, she parted their lips so she could continue teasing him with her voice. She'd found it an effective method, in the past, to send him over the edge when his stubborn staying power held out on giving her what she was after. "I had...a lot of...time to think, you know..." She managed, as her hips continued. He arched an eyebrow at her, but didn't interrupt. "Being apart...made it obvious..." She leaned in close to him then, and brought herself as far down on his cock as she could manage, wincing as the size of it bordered on hurting her. "I love you..."

There were very few times the bearded face below her had been moved to actually blush. He turned red when he trained hard enough, or was embarrassed, but a genuine blush had only ever crossed his not-unappealing features when she'd whisper something lewd, or sweet, to him. She'd never said those three words, though. Neither had he, but then, he had also hinted that his feelings for her were obvious. Such a reddening occurred at that moment, followed by a familiar, and very much desired flood of warmth.

She half sighed, half moaned, and then squeaked as she found herself on her back again. His hips hadn't stopped, after she'd felt his member discharge its voluminous load, and he continued to thrust into her as he returned her confession, wrapped his arms under her, and purposefully plowed her into her own bed, and another orgasm. As usual, they lost count of how many who had and focused on enjoying eachother. When they finally paused, they decided to dress, as the chiming clock in her house told them the hour was late indeed, for it only rang twice. If the elder Gladstones were not home yet, they soon would be.

Alex looked at her, convinced he'd accomplished satisfying her, and told her to come by his home later with a whisper. She had already been dozing off, and was fully asleep by the time he'd dressed himself, and more or less hidden the after-effects of coitus. He left out the back door, and found himself in the midst of a blizzard. He locked it again with a simple turning of a tumbler via his mind, and then set off upon his Luxray as they headed home. He spied the lights of the Gladstone's hover-limo as it took the unnecessarily long road up to their house, while he crossed the distance atop his Pokémon. He paused at one of the hills between their properties, smirked, and then headed inside.

(More will come. Eventually. So stay tuned.)

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