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Werewolf, Magic, Justice

Chapter 3: Werewolf, Magic, Justice

A few days after my relatives caught me annoying the neighbors, Petunia had a very sudden change of mind and demanded that I spend the day over at Ms. Figg's. When I walked into her cat-filled living room, she had a guest.

"Hello Harry, I see my compulsion charm to get your Aunt to send you over worked. I'm Remus Lupin, your new Tutor for magic. I was a friend of your father. You look just like him, but you have your mother's eyes."

Looks like that's the first thing anyone who knew my parents will tell me.

"Uh, hi Mr. Lupin. Does Dumb Eldor know?"

"His name is Dumbledore, and Arabella said she thinks it's better if he doesn't know for now. We'll tell him later depending on how this goes. And please, call me Remus."

"Okay. Remus. So you're here to teach me magic?"

"We'll see. You won't be going to Hogwarts for another three years and I haven't registered you as my student yet so you can't do wanded magic, and you don't have a wand anyway. We'll just tell you everything you need to know about the magical world and the basics of what I could teach you now."


A few hours later, we had discussed most of what I already knew about wizarding society, plus a bunch of things that I didn't remember reading in the books. We agreed that I should learn basic defensive magic in case I get attacked.

A few days later we did a very short visit to Diagon Alley, apparating right in front of Ollivander's, getting my wand (I mentioned that I felt like Holly and Phoenix feather would be nice, which sped things up a lot) and apparating back to Ms. Figg's. I'm pretty sure nobody recognized me with my dyed hair and the baseball cap covering my scar, and Remus later went back alone to get my books.

Over the next weeks we met at Ms. Figg's every day and I learned the basics of magic. Remus did some compulsion charms to convince Petunia to have Ms. Figg as my babysitter every day. All in all the charms made the Dursley's a lot more bearable, although we couldn't overdo it or the other neighbors might have noticed something.

When Remus wasn't there, as he had a job due to me not being able to pay him from my Gringotts vault without Dumbledore noticing, I was poring over the books he brought me. After years of being pretty good in Physics and Chemistry, the whole Theory of Magic aspect turned out to be pretty easy, especially the books written for 11 year olds which I was reading as an 8 year old 18 year old.

The first step of my plan had worked beautifully and I was doing significant progress preparing myself for my destiny as the Boy-Who-Lived, Chosen One of the Prophecy. Not that anyone suspected that I knew about that.


"Remus, tell me more about you and my father."

"I think I already told you we were close friends."

"That was one of the first things you said to me!"

"Oh, yes. We had a little group. Me, your father, Peter Pettigrew and.. Sirius Black."

"What happened?"

"We met on the train ride to Hogwarts. For seven years, we were the closest friends you can imagine and made the school unsafe. Then, in the war against You-Know-Who, we fought together. When your parents had you, they went into hiding. Then... I'm not sure I should tell you that."

"Tell me! Please!"

"Sirius. he... I don't know why, he was always the closest to your father, but he betrayed us. He told You-Know-Who where your parents were hiding, and after that, after your parents were dead and You-Know-Who gone and the war was basically over, he killed Peter as well. He's in prison now."



"Ms. Figg? Where's Remus?"

"He's at home, ill. He's had a rough night."

Of course, full moon. Maybe I can use the opportunity.

"Can I write him a letter?"

"Of course, here's paper. Just put the envelope addressed to him inside another one addressed to the wizarding post office and they'll owl it to him."

She didn't notice that the envelope inside wasn't addressed to Remus.

Dear Mr. Alastor Moody,

When was visiting the Weasley family recently I noticed that the pet rat of Percy Weasley is an Animagus in disguise. I looked it up and there's no rat Animagus registered in Britain, which means that they are indeed harboring a criminal. I don't think anyone noticed my revealing spell so you should be able to catch them off guard. I would have brought the rat to the Aurors immediately if I could have, but I didn't have very good Defense OWLs so I thought it would be best to leave it to the Professionals.

Good luck catching the criminal.

Mr. X


"Harry! You won't believe what happened!"

"Remus! You're better! Tell me. what did happen?"

"They found Peter! Peter Pettigrew!"

"But... he's dead?"

"Apparently, he faked his death. It turns out he was the traitor all along! Sirius was innocent the entire time!"

"No way!"

"He got released from Prison just a few hours ago, he's now at St. Mungo's recovering. I just visited him."

"How's he?"

"Pretty awful after years in Azkaban, but better than I expected. Do you think I should tell him that I'm teaching you?"

"Well, if he was really innocent and my father's best friend all along... sure! I'd love to meet him!"


"You were right. Moony. He really looks looks like James, but he does have Lily's eyes."

I was right. Looks like that's the first thing anyone who knew my parents will tell me.

"Uh... hello Sirius. I'm glad to meet you."

"Harry! The last time I saw you you were a baby! You've grown a lot!"

"Uh, thanks?"

"How's life with your Aunt and Uncle? I met Lily's sister once, and Lily often mentioned they didn't get along very well."

"To be honest, its awful. She really doesn't like me and constantly lets me know it."

"Come on, she can't be that bad."

"Well, since Remus started using compulsion charms on her she doesn't lock me in my cupboard any more, but I still only get hand-me-downs and stuff.."


Looks like casually dropping that bombshell had quite the effect. All three adults were staring at me.

Remus was the first to speak up. "I knew she didn't like you, but you never told me anything about a cupboard."

"It's just where I sleep. It's the locking me up part she always used to do."

Ms. Figg looked like she was about to kill someone. "Merlin, if I'd known that, I would have been a lot more insistent to Dumbledore about getting you away from them."

"Well, it's true that I need to be safe. I don't think that unless one of you had a house with really good magical protection I could live anywhere else safely."

Sirius seemed to have gotten the hint. "Well, I didn't really intend to come back there ever again. but I think I have a place that might work..."

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