The Rise of A Champion @dewlyfrau
Chapter 4

Gloria abruptly woke up, her sleep disturbed by the pilot announcing that they would be landing in Unova in half an hour.

Sighing, she glanced at her starter, who was completely focused on the screen in front of it.

Frowning, she shifted to see what it was that he was watching, before chuckling at what she saw.

Nudging the water type's shoulder, she grinned.

"Enjoying the shipping?"

The drizzile blushed, just as the two characters on the screen locked lips.

She chuckled. "You know, Phineas and Ferb is great, but I find your fascination with 'Act Your Age' a little weird."

The water type blushed, closing the show.

She chuckled at the water type's antics. "Com'on. We're landing soon."


Kukui sat, hunched over his desk, working on the minor details of the upcoming league he was organizing.

Picking up his coffee, he sighed. Organizing a league was hard.

Deciding to take a break, he made his way up the stairs out of his office in the basement, before walking outside.

On the beach, his class was lounging around, watching Ash's Rowlet train with his Snivy, which the boy had brought over when they had arrived back at the house, apparently for the purpose of training Rowlet.

As Kukui watched the two first-stage grass starters spar, he briefly wondered if Rowlet would ever evolve.

Professor Oak had explained to him during the field trip to Kanto that Ash often let his pokemon decide if they wanted to evolve, and he had met one of the boy's original team, a bulbasaur who had chosen to remain unevolved, and yet was still pretty powerful, and even seemed to serve as a sort of leader of Ash's pokemon on the ranch while the boy was away traveling.

Oak had told him that many of Ash's pokemon, especially the starters, for some reason, often seemed to prefer to remain in their first or second stages.

Kukui, having several starters of his own, considered this with a frown.

Starters usually had a lot of potential, leading to them often being the aces of teams who had them. From what he had seen of Ash's leagues so far, the boy seemed to follow this trend somewhat, the Kantonian's charizard and greninja immediately coming to mind, as well as his sceptile and infernape.

Meanwhile, Litten was sparring nearby with Ash's quilava, who was in the process of demonstrating flamethrower, while the small feline was struggling to get much more than an ember.

His attention was ripped from the two fire types by a large explosion, which sent sand billowing on the beach.

He frowned, recalling the two pokemon that had been training there. It had been Lycanroc and…

"Good job, Gibble! Your draco meteor is as good as ever!"

Kukui sighed, making a mental note to ask Cynthia about that. Although his specialty was studying moves, he had never heard of a first stage dragon-type using the powerful move. Of course, he shouldn't have been surprised. It was Ash, after all.

Frowning, he noted a small point of light heading towards the horizon, which almost looked like it was part of the attack.

"So, Gibble might not have full control over the attack yet…" he muttered to himself, before redirecting his attention back to Ash and his pokemon.

Several hours later:

Piplup looked up as a familiar sense of foreboding came upon him. Frowinging, he tried to pinpoint why it had come up.

Then it hit him.

Quite literally.

"Oh no! Piplup! Are you ok?"

The water-type groaned, silently cursing a certain dragon-type as he climbed out of the small crater he was now in the epicenter of.

The next morning:

Lillie sat near her classmates, gently brushing Snowy as she listened to their conversation.

Unsurprisingly, the current topic of their discussion was their Kantonian classmate, who had yet to arrive, as well as the new student that Kukui had announced that would be arriving later in the day.

Currently, Mallow was squealing about the boy's snivy, and Kiawe was in the middle of obsessing over the size and brightness of the quilava's back flames, which was apparently a good indicator of how strong a fire type was. Lana, like her two classmates, was passionately talking about the greninja, and Lillie could see an argument rising up about which was cooler and more powerful.

Lillie was not part of this discussion, partly because she was not passionate about a single type like her classmates, and partly because she was remembering and thinking about what the raven-haired trainer had told them the night before.


"So, Ash. Have you traveled with anyone other than Brock and Misty?"

The boy nodded, grinning. "Yea. I only traveled with Misty through Kanto, the Orange Islands, and Johto. Brock stayed with me a little while longer, going with me through Hoenn and Sinnoh as well. Other than them, I traveled with a pair of siblings, May and Max through Hoenn along with Brock, and then Dawn traveled with Brock and I through Sinnoh. After that, I traveled with Cilan and Iris through Unova, and Celmont, Bonnie, and Serena through Kalos. They were all great."

Everyone present had gasped, looking at the boy, albeit for different reasons. The Kantonian looked around at his classmates, looking faintly confused. "What?"

Mallow was the first to speak. "You traveled with May Maple, Dawn Berliwitz, and Serena Yvonne? And you've never thought to tell us before?"

The boy nodded, not looking any less confused. "Uh...yea. I didn't think it was that important…"

All three girls present gasped in shock. "Not important?!" Mallow yelled. "You've traveled with two of the best coordinators of our time, and one of, if not the best performers! How is that not important?"

The boy shrugged, but before he could respond, Cynthia, who had been sitting nearby, along with Kukui and Burnet, pitched in.

"All three consider him to be their mentor in some way. He was with all of them at the beginning of their careers."

This just caused all three girls to glare at the boy, who shrunk down, Pikachu hiding behind his back.

Cynthia chuckled. "Oh, and he even performed a few times. Did pretty well to. Isn't that right, Ash?"

The boy just groaned, his head in his hands.

It was then that Sophocles spoke. "You traveled with Clemont? As in, the electric type gym leader Clemont?"

Ash just silently nodded.

Lillie looked at her classmate, suddenly a lot more nervous than usual. She was familiar with the two coordinators and the performer that the raven-haired trainer had apparently traveled with and mentored, and her thoughts were now along the lines of wondering if the boy liked any of them. After all, they were all beautiful, something which she felt she lacked. On top of that, all three were experienced trainers, another subject she felt that she personally lacked in.

Nearby, she could hear Mallow interrogating the boy on the coordinators/performers, something about getting autographs, and sighed, her self-confidence shot.

Burnet, who was nearby, seemed to notice this, and caught her attention, beckoning her over.


The arrival of the raven haired classmate only escalated the arguments taking place, especially when he revealed that he had brought several of his other older pokemon, including a new round of fire, water, and grass types.

Kiawe was gushing over Infernape, while Lana did the same with Totodile, who was dancing around, enjoying the attention. Meanwhile, Mallow was swooning over Ash's bayleaf. Nearby, Kukui was admiring the three pokemon from a distance, quietly discussing something with Cynthia.

Ash himself, who had managed to escape the developing melee between his three arguing classmates, as well as Sophocles, who was watching with interest, but not joining in.

Lillie chuckled as the Kantonian sat werily beside her, sighing. "You good, Ash?" she asked softly, getting a chuckle in response. "Yea. I'm fine. But Mallow, Lana, and Kiawe are exhausting."

Lillie nodded in agreement. "They argued over what the best type was before, but never this passionately."

Ash nodded, before seeming to remember something. He pulled out a trio of pokeballs, two of which looked brand-new, and the other being decently worn down.

Lillie looked at him curiously, and he just smiled at her.

"I brought some pokemon that I thought would be useful for helping you train. One of 'em's mine, but I borrowed the other two from some friends seeing as their battling style will be more like what you might be good at."

Lillie looked at the pokeballs in his hands, slightly confused, before glancing back up at him.

Ash just continued grinning at her, and she hesitated, unsure of what to do. Seeing this, his grin grew, and he threw the three pokeballs in the air, releasing the pokemon inside.

Lillie immediately recognized the three, and gasped in surprise. Two eeveelutions, a glaceon and sylveon, cried out in greeting, which Pikachu and several of Ash's pokemon, including his greninja, who was still being mobbed by Ash's three classmates, responded to in kind. Both foxes then immediately rushed Ash, with the glaceon rubbing up against his legs affectionately, and the sylveon happily wrapping its feelers around his arms.

The final pokemon, a glalie, seemed much more...calm, (Lillie winced at how close she came to describing the ice type as 'chill') silently nodded to the raven-haired boy, who happily waved back at the ice type.

Ash chuckled, petting both eeveelutions on the head. "Lillie, meet Glaceon, Sylveon, and Glalie!"

Lillie stared at the trio, who were all looking expectantly at her. She quickly glanced down at Snowy, who seemed a little intimidated by Glalie, before looking back at her classmate and crush.

"Wha...why?" She managed to squeak out, blushing.

Luckily, Ash didn't seem to notice her face reddening, instead just grinning at her. "You asked me a few days ago to help me train you and Snowy, and I figured that these would be the best pokemon to do so!"

Lillie nodded, looking at the three, before growing. "Why the sylveon?"

Ash shrugged, still patting the said fairy-type and glaceon. "I looked it up, and apparently Snowy evolves into an ice-fairy type, and I figured that it would be helpful if she could learn a few fairy moves from another fairy type, which I don't have any of."

Lillie nodded, still a little flustered, and inspected the two foxes more closely. "They're very well groomed. I didn't know you did that with your pokemon very often."

Ash chuckled, sitting back down beside her. "They aren't mine. Like I said, I borrowed two of them, being Glaceon and Sylveon. They belong to my friends May and Serena. Glalie's mine, though."

Lillie suddenly felt her self-confidence go down again at the mention of Ash's two friends, but she quickly hid it.

Grinning, she nodded. "Great!"

Before Ash could respond, they were joined by Professor Kukui, who kneeled down to inspect the pair of foxes.

Running his hand through their fur, before stopping at their ears to scratch them, he chuckled. "These two are beautiful, Ash. They must be well taken care of."

Ash nodded. "Yea. May and Serena are great."

Kukui nodded, watching as Sylveon, who had moved away from the trainers and was now happily interacting with Pikachu, while Glaceon watched from Ash's side, having not left him, and seeming slightly amused at the spectacle. Kukui looked back at Ash, who was still watching the pokemon interact, before he dropped his bombshell.

"So, Ash, considering you have a few coordinator's pokemon with you, would you mind demonstrating a contest appeal?"

This gained the attention of everyone in the class, immediately halting the argument between Lana, Mallow, and Kiawe, as they all looked at him with curiosity, along with a lot of hope coming from Mallow and Lana's eyes. The Kantonian just sighed.

"I haven't done it in years, and I was never very good in the first place. It'd be a better idea to have an actual coordinator do the demonstration. Plus, May and Serena already said that they were coming for a vacation." The boy said, scratching the back of his head nervously.

Kukui chuckled. "Sorry, Ash, but you're not getting out of it that easily. Cynthia has already contacted your friend Dawn, who has agreed to both demonstrate for us and judge your appeal."

Ash audibly groaned, before sighing and nodding. "Fine. When do you want me to do it?"

A few hours later:

Gloria watched the island below her grow as the plane descended towards the airport, with her drizzile doing the same.

The landscape surrounding the airport reminded her a little of the wild area, which she had traveled through during her brief journey through her home region, albeit much more tropical.

Speaking of home, she sighed. While waiting for her plane in Unova, she had called home, and was greeted by her mother and, to her surprise, her twin brother.

After explaining to him why she had left, Victor had left to train, leaving her with her mother.

They had talked for a while, talking about what she would be doing in Alola and whatnot, and before long, the topic of discussion had changed to her brother.

Apparently, he had just finished challenging Bea and Alister in Stow-on-Side, and had been invited to train on the Isle of Armor.

Gloria sighed, feeling even more dejected. She was running away from her problems, while her brother was being invited to train with the former champion, where Leon had become the unbeatable champion he was now.

She was jolted out of her thoughts by the plane making contact with the runway, and she quickly expelled the thoughts from her mind as she began gathering her things.

A few minutes later:

Kukui sat at the entrance to the gate, watching as the passengers from the flight disembarked and made their way away from the gate.

Beside him, his lucario sat, meditating, while Kukui kept an eye out for his newest student.

He had been introduced to her over the video phone by Sonia the night before, and he was excited to meet her. After all, from what his colleague had said, she had confidence problems, much like Lillie. And he had made a lot of progress with the girl, right?

No. He corrected himself, chuckling. Ash had made a lot of progress with Lillie and her confidence.

His thoughts were interrupted by his lucario nudging his shoulder, pointing at the girl who had just left the plane.

Chuckling at himself, he stood and made his way to the girl.

"Hello, Gloria! I'm Professor Kukui!"


Mallow watched as Snowy launched a powder snow at the glaceon, who barked encouragingly, before launching one of her own.

In all honesty, she wasn't paying much attention to her friend's vulpix. Most of it was focused on the two eeveelutions, who Ash had proudly pointed out that they belonged to two of his friends.

The sylveon, who wasn't doing anything with Lillie's vulpix at the moment, was happily talking with Pikachu and Greninja, with the mouse happily sitting on the fairy type's back.

Nearby, Quilava and Bayleaf, along with a few newcomers, including a torterra, staraptor, and goodra, were quietly discussing something, occasionally glancing at the Alolan pokemon nearby.

Lycanroc was watching Ash and Lillie train, with Rowlet and Litten resting alongside him.

Two days later

Mallow gushed, walking down the path to the school alongside Lana. "I can't believe it! We're meeting THE Dawn Berliwitz, and Ash is already best friends with her!"

Lana chuckled, stroking Popplio in her arms. "Are you excited, Mallow?"

The green-haired chef nodded. "Of course!"

Lana nodded, before frowning. "I do worry about Lillie, though."

Mallow frowned at her friend. "What do you mean?"

Lana shrugged. "Imagine if you found out that your crush was best friends with and mentors of some of the most successful and beautiful coordinators and performers our age."

Mallow nodded, understanding. "Oh. Yea. And one of them is coming today…"

Lana nodded. "Exactly."

Mallow looked at her bluenette friend. "Then what do we do?"

Lana grinned at her. "I talked to Misty last night. Dawn doesn't like him, and neither does May. Apparently they are more like siblings than anything."

Mallow nodded, grinning. "That's good at least."

She hesitated. "Wait, what about Serena?"

Lana hesitated. "'s complicated."

Mallow frowned. "In what way?"

Lillie frowned, watching her crush as he spoke with Cynthia, Gibble and Greninja sitting nearby, the former watching Cynthia's garchomp with wide eyes.

Nearby, Pikachu, Lycanroc, Glaceon, Sylveon, Glalie, Bayleaf, Quilava, and Pidgeot were in a tight group, with Pikachu sitting on Sylveon and seeming to lead the discussion, and they would occasionally glance her way.

On one of the battlefields, Totodile, Litten, Rowlet, and Snivy seemed to be working on battling, with Snowy watching intently.

She looked up as the Kantonian finished his discussion with Cynthia and made his way over to sit beside her.

Seeing his troubled face, she frowned. "Are you ok?"

The boy shrugged, not looking at her. "I'll be fine. I'm just...nervous."

Her frown deepened at his response. "What do you mean?"

He shrugged once again, sighing. "I think last time I did a contest, I was fourteen, during my Sinnoh journey. That was three years ago. Last time I did well was in a contest against May in Sandgem town, which is now probably almost four years ago, and we tied."

Lillie looked at him, understanding in her eyes. "So you're not sure that you'll do as well."

He nodded silently, and Lillie hesitated, not sure of how to continue. "Who are you using?"

He gave her a weak grin, which she returned. "I figured I'd give Bayleaf a chance, as well as my Buizel. It's been a while since I've used them officially, and they are probably my best pokemon for a contest, especially considering that Buizel used to be on Dawn's team."

Lillie frowned. "Why is he your's, then?"

Ash chuckled. "He was much more into battling, and I had an aipom that liked doing contests, so a friend of ours suggested that we trade."

Lillie nodded, frowning. "I never thought of you as someone who trades pokemon."

He nodded, chuckling. "Yea. Aipom's the only one that I traded away and didn't immediately regret it. I did it a lot in my earlier years, and always ended up 'em trading back."

Lillie nodded. "Oh."

They sat in silence for a few seconds, Ash recalling his earlier adventures, and Lillie reflecting on that he traded pokemon with someone that, as she saw it, probably had a crush on him.

"So..uh...what's Dawn like?"

Ash, not noticing her hesitation in the question, grinned. "She's awesome. She's kind, smart, and really talented. She's honestly like a sister to me."

Lillie, who had been listening to the first part of his description with growing dread, perked up significantly at his last seven words.

Cynthia chuckled, watching the two classmates interact. "Ash is both the best and the worst lady's man I have ever met."

Kukui nodded in agreement. "From what I've seen, he excels at getting them to like him, without even knowing."

Lillie looked at her classmate, hope growing in her chest. "Like...a sister?" she asked hesitantly, not sure if she had heard right.

The raven-haired trainer nodded. "Yea, a younger sister."

Lillie looked at him surprised. "Little?"

The boy shrugged. "Well, yea. I mean, she's what? Like, three years younger than us? I mean, May's only a year older, and she's like fourteen. I think."

As the Kantonian quickly attempted to do the math in his head, Lillie's head spun. Both girls were apparently significantly younger than him, and it sounded like he thought of them as younger sisters.

Any hope of continuing their discussion was dashed with the arrival of Mallow and Lana, and as Lillie made her way to them, deep in thought, Ash made his way to the large group of pokemon, deep in thought himself.

Several hours later

"Ok, class. Lunch time! Remember that Ash's demonstration is taking place right after lunch!"

Ash rushed out of the room, intent on meeting Dawn at the gate. He had been texting with her during the various breaks during the class, and she would be arriving in only a few minutes.

Cynthia quickly followed the boy, muttering something about defective testosterone production under her breath, while Mallow and Kiawe quickly followed their classmate.

Lana left the room next, not quite as passionate and excited as her classmates, but still looking forward to meeting the famous Sinnohan, leaving Lillie and Kukui in the room alone.

The professor watched as the blonde packed up her bag slowly, obviously having something on her mind.

Making his way over to her, he put his hand on her shoulder, gaining her attention.

"You good, Lillie?"

The girl nodded. "I'm fine professor, thank you. I'm just thinking."

The man nodded back at her. "Got it. Say...would your thoughts be about a certain pikachu-training boy?"

The girl visibly blushed, before looking at him, embarrassed. "It it really that obvious?"

He shrugged. "Burnet told me about your discussion a few days ago, but I had my suspicions before then."

Lillie sighed. "Oh. Ok."

Kukui lightly chuckled. "Do you need advice?"

The girl blushed again, this time a little less, and looked up at her teacher. "What do you mean?"

Kukui chuckled. "Well, several people, including Misty, Brock, and Ash's mother have all told me that it's impossible to get his attention romantically, and I figured that I'd help you. After all, Burnet and I both think that you'd be adorable together."

Lillie blushed once again, and resumed packing, avoiding having to respond, leading to Kukui smirking.

"You know, there's a saying that I think might help you out."

Lillie looked at her teacher hesitantly, waiting for him to continue, and the man smirked, knowing he had her attention.

"The saying is this: 'the best ways into a male trainer's heart are through battling or pokemon, and food.'"

Lillie hesitated, and he continued, grinning. "I can tell you that you're already doing one of those things, being the battling and pokemon part. After all, haven't you two been holding training sessions at your house after school?"

Lillie nodded, and he continued.

"And I suspect that the food part's especially important for Ash, considering his love of eating."

Lillie once again nodded, considering her teacher's words.

"Thank you professor."

He chuckled. "No problem. Now, shall we go meet this Dawn?"


Dawn looked down at the paper in her hand, growing. Alolan addresses were so weird…

She was in the process of searching for the Pokemon School, which had an official address of 'Southern Cliff of MeleMele Island, Hau'oli Outskirts'.

She had asked some locals for directions a few minutes back, and they had said that if she followed the path for a few minutes, she would easily see it, so that's exactly what she was doing.

Beside her, Buneary hopped excitedly, while Piplup proudly strutted, having refused to be held. Above her, Togekiss soared on the tropical currents, keeping an eye out for this 'Trainer's School', while Ambipom happily swung through the forest on the edge of the path, completely at home, occasionally chattering at Quilava, who was dashing around, smelling the bases of the trees and exploring her surroundings.

Mamoswine was the only one still in his ball, seeing as he would be extremely uncomfortable in the hot, humid air.

She grinned, being excited to see one her closest friends again, especially considering that the last time they met up had been almost two years before, in Unova.

Her thoughts were pulled away when Togekiss called out, announcing that she had found the school. Buneary, hearing this, immediately became excited, and quickened her pace, forcing everyone to do the same to keep up.

About a minute later, the small group rounded a bend and found themselves at a large gate, leading to a massive building built into a tree, surrounded by a large courtyard filled to the brim with race tracks, battlefields, seating areas, and ponds.

Having arrived during lunch, said courtyard was full of trainers, and it took Dawn a while to locate her friend.

As opposed to Buneary, who took approximately half a second to locate a certain electric type and rush towards said electric type, crying out happily.

Pikachu nodded, listening to several of his friends and teammates from his spot on top of Sylveon as they lounged near where their trainers were eating, mostly due to the fact that as soon as Ash had remembered that it was lunch, he completely ignored his original goal of meeting Dawn at the gate, saying that she'd find them.

Not paying attention to his surroundings, the mouse was completely taken off guard when a fuzzy, brown shape slammed into him, sending him flying off of Sylveon's back and onto the ground several feet away from the fairy type.

In the back of his mind, he heard his friends call out in alarm, but he was too winded to respond, struggling to breathe, as if something was on top of his chest…

Realization struck him, and he groaned.

His breathing problem was alleviated when a pair of ribbons wrapped around the form that was fiercely nuzzling him and lifted said form off of his chest, allowing him to breathe once more.

"Hello, Buneary." He weazed, causing the rabbit to cry out in joy.

"Hi Pikachu!"

"What was that about?!"

Pikachu looked at the source of the angry comment, and was surprised to see it coming from the usually timid and kind Sylveon.

The mouse also noted Glaceon, Glalie, Snivy, Gibble, and Quilava smirking at him as they watched, while the others present just looked on in confusion. Greninja also watched, although he was doing what he did best and was not showing any outward signs of what he thought of the encounter.

Meanwhile, Buneary looked at the eeveelution holding her, and scowled. "I think it's pretty obvious. I mean, I was the first to meet him."

Sylveon just shook her head, glaring at the rabbit. "Doesn't mean anything. Tell me, when you tried to nuzzle him in Sinnoh, what was his response?"

Buneary just glared back. "And your point is?"

The fairy type just shrugged. "Before you tackled him off, you might have noticed that he was happily sitting on my back."

The fairy type's snark quickly resulted in Buneary launching herself at the eeveelution, knocking both females back.

Lycanroc looked between the two warring females and Pikachu, who just seemed completely out of it and uninterested.

"Arn't you going to break them apart?"

Pikachu, along with several of the older pokemon present, chuckled in response. Infernape put his hand on the rock type's shoulder, grinning.

"Not a chance, kid. One, you don't get in between Buneary and her affection for Pikachu. Two, you never, EVER get involved in two females fighting over a guy."

Lycanroc looked at the fire type, confused. "But you're really strong. You fought in a league! I'm sure you can…"

The Sinnohan starter held out his hand, stopping the canine. "Dude, one of them's a fairy type, and the other is just plain insane."

Lycanroc looked back at the two females, who were currently rolling around in the dirt, growling and hissing at each other.


Dawn sighed, watching the spectacle that was taking place before her. Nearby, she heard a timid voice ask if someone should stop them, with a familiar voice responding.

"I'm not gonna. Are you, Pikachu?"

An offended 'pika' was the response.

Dawn shook her head, grinning, before turning to find the speakers.

Quickly spotting them, she called out.

Snivy frowned, watching the melee taking place before them.

Turning back to her teammate, she shook her head. "I don't know if that's such a good idea, Oshawott…"

The little otter, who had declared that he would break up the fight between the 'fair maidens' looked at her, eyes wide, insulted.

"Nonsense! This is a great idea!"

Snivy shook her head once more. "Infernape was saying that Buneary's pretty terrifying, and…"

She was interrupted by an angry cry, this time coming from where their trainer's classmates sat.

"I can't take this any more! Cute-achu is mine!"

With that, a small, yellow and silver sphere slammed into both Buneary and Sylveon, throwing them apart.

Both females glared at the newcomer. "Cute-achu?!" Buneary fumed, before slamming into the pokemon with a glowing fist, launching it backwards, before returning her attention to the Sylveon.

Nearby, a panicked cry could be heard from where Ash's classmates were eating lunch.


Gloria watched her new class from a nearby table, utterly confused. The fight between the sylveon and the buneary had expanded to now include the togedemaru, who rolled around cloaked in electricity, striking the other two pokemon and occasionally throwing them off balance.

Nearby, a large group of pokemon were gathered, with several seeming to chuckle at the brawl happening in front of them, and the Pikachu looking extremely uncomfortable.

Her new teacher, Kukui, had told her that she would be joining the class after lunch, and, seeming to sense her nervousness, told her that she could watch them from a distance during lunch before actually meeting them when class began again.

And that's what she was doing. She had first focused on the students themselves. The girls had seemed nice enough, which relieved her. Then she had focused on the black haired boy and his pokemon, which had ended up taking up most of her time as she tried to understand him.

He had quickly finished his lunch within a minute or so, before immediately jumping out of his seat, only to be quickly grabbed on the shoulder by the green-haired girl, who said something to him, which lead to the boy loudly sighing and plopping himself back down, grabbing another serving of the salad that sat on the table for himself.

Then, out of the corner of her eye, she had seen a brown blur slam into the pikachu that sat upon the sylveon, throwing the mouse off. This quickly resulted in a fight between the two. Then, Dawn Berliwitz, who she recognized from TV, came in, followed by several of her pokemon, and gleefully greeted the blackhaired boy.

She sighed. This was going to be a weird class.

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