The Rise of A Champion @dewlyfrau
Chapter 2

Kukui jumped, surprised by his student's yell. Sighing, he leaned out the doorway to see Ash and Cynthia happily hugging. His eyebrows raised significantly, surprised that the raven-haired seemed so close to Cynthia, let alone the Kantonian knowing her.

As the two broke their hug, Ash grinned at Kukui. "Is Cynthia the special guest you were telling us about?"

By then, the rest of the class had gathered around the doorway to see what was going on.

Lillie spoke first, her quiet voice breaking through the silence. "Cynthia? As in Champion of the Sinnoh Region?"

The blonde champion bowed, holding and stroking Pikachu, who seemed to be enjoying the attention immensely.. "Yes. It is an honor to meet all of you."

The entire class' jaws (save Ash's) dropped at that. The Sinnoh champion was honored to meet them?

Kukui chuckled. "Well, I guess you've already met her, Ash." The raven haired trainer nodded. "During my time in Sinnoh a few years ago."

Kukui sighed. Of course Ash personally knew quite possibly the strongest trainer in the world.

He sighed, ignoring the thought, and looked at his students. "Why don't we head outside."

Cynthia looked at him. "Can I speak to Ash for a second?" Kukui nodded.

Lillie glanced back at where Cynthia (with Pikachu) and Ash had disappeared. However, Lana speaking brought her attention back to her friends. "Do you think they're dating?"

Lillie made a small eep in surprise and embarrassment, but Mallow just looked at her bluenet friend in confusion. "What makes you think that, Lana?"

Lana, with her 'dark' face, just looked at Mallow. "They did hug for a while. Cynthia's pretty beautiful, and we all know how adorable Ash is, don't we Lillie?"

Lillie just blushed, unable to respond. Mallow just rolled her eyes. "This is Ash we're talking about, Lana."

Lana's face remained neutral. "Maybe he's like that because he and Cynthia are already dating."

Mallow opened her mouth to respond, but she closed it, unable to come up with a decent response. However, Lana just smirked and stuck out her tongue. "Gottcha!"

Mallow and Lillie sweatdropped. Lana smiled. "Lillie, you should have seen your face. Your crush on Ash is so cute" Lillie blushed. "I-I don't know what you're talking about." Mallow chuckled in response. "Sure. And Lana's right. You two would be adorable together!"

Lillie blushed, and quickened her pace to catch up with Kukui, her friends laughing behind her, Kiawe, and Sophocles. Interestingly, Sophecles was on a similar page as Lana, albeit much more seriously. Kiawe and Kukui were just listening with their eyes occasionally rolling.

She quickly caught up to Kukui. "Professor, how do you know Cynthia?"

He smiled. "Burnet and I traveled with her on our journeys for a while."

Lillie's eyes widened. "How long?" The professor paused, thinking, before he responded. "I met her when I was thirteen, traveling through Hoenn, and we journeyed together in Kanto, where about half way through Burnet joined us. After that, we competed in the trials here in Alola, and finally we traveled through Galar. After that, we split up. She went back to Sinnoh to become champion, Burnet returned to Alola, and I stayed in Kanto to study under Professor Oak before moving here. That was when I was nineteen. So, like, four years I think."

Lillie frowned. "And she's the same age as you, right?" Kukui nodded. "I think she's nine months younger than me, but yea, about the same age."

Kukui chuckled. "What I'm curious about is how Ash and Cynthia are so close." Lillie nodded, and couldn't help feeling slightly jealous.

Ash looked at the Sinnoh champion in confusion as she led him to the back of the school, away from his classmates.

She smiled. "How have you been enjoying Elio's class?"

Ash grinned. "You mean Professor Kukui? Yea, I've been loving it. I know a lot of the stuff, but I enjoy helping the others, and I am learning some things."

Cynthia nodded. "I'm glad you're liking it. I assume you have a lot of free time on your hands though? Elio is not one to give much homework." Ash nodded. "Yea. I usually train or help Lillie with Snowy."

Cynthia smiled. "How would you like to train with me?" Ash's jaw dropped. "R-really? Why?" He hesitated. "I mean, I'd love it, but aren't you super busy?"

Cynthia smiled. "The Sinnoh league just ended. I've placed Lucian in charge of the region for now. I'm free. Also, I asked Professor Oak if he could transfer you to me as your mentor."

Somehow, the Kantonian's eyes widened, and his jaw went lower. "Really?" Pikachu, who had been silent, gave a surprised 'Pika' in response to her news from her arms.

Cynthia smiled, having expected this reaction. "So, what do you say?" Ash just gave an excited nod. Cynthia nodded, happy at his response. "Good, now why don't you demonstrate your current team in a battle."

Ash frowned. "Against you?" Cynthia just chuckled. "No, not yet. Just against your strongest classmate. Let's go rejoin your class, but before we do, Diantha told me to give you this, and Brock wanted me to give you this."

Ash frowned, looking at the pokeballs in her hand they both seemed vaguely familiar. And he quickly recognized the ball from Diantha, and his eyes widened.

"Greninja?!" He said in shock. Cynthia just smiled, nodding. He quickly grabbed the Kalosian water-type's ball, putting it on his belt, before glancing back at the other ball in the Sinnoh champion's possession.

This ball was much harder to identify. It was familiar, but he knew he hadn't seen it in years…

Finally recognizing the ball, his eyes teared up in joy, and he pulled the Sinnoh champion into another hug.

"Thank you." He whispered, slightly sobbing.

Several minutes later

Ash and Kiawe stared at each other from across the battlefield, each gripping a pair of pokeballs. Cynthia stood in the middle, her arm raised, ready to begin the battle. She smiled. "Begin!"

Instantly, both trainers threw their pokeballs, releasing Litten and Marowak.

Burnet got up, groaning, as she heard the video phone ring. With munchlax beside her, she made her way to the terminal, before answering. As the screen turned on, she grinned.

"Sonia! How are you doing?"

Her friend smiled. "Good, how are you?" Burnet smiled. "The pregnancy is tough, but other than that, I'm doing pretty well."

Sonia nodded. "Great! Is Elio home yet?"

Burnet shook her head. "Not yet. Cynthia's visiting, and apparently they needed to talk. What do you need?"

Sonia sighed. "I have a trainer who I think will benefit from attending his class."

"Turtonator is unable to battle, so Lycanroc and Ash are the winners!"

Cynthia watched as the fire type trainer recalled the large tortoise, while Ash ran over to congratulate his Lycanroc, who seemed ecstatic at his win.

Then again, he had seemed excited to battle as well.

Cynthia smiled, approving of the progress of the two of Ash's pokemon who had participated in the battle. Although he hadn't used Pikachu, the two that he had used had been fairly strong, despite the fact that they were both obviously young. Walking over to Ash, who was currently under Lycanroc, she chuckled and helped him up.

"Those two are progressing well. Do you have any other pokemon with you, other than Pikachu?" The trainer grinned, scratching the back of his neck.

"Yea. Rowlet is in my backpack." Cynthia waited for him to continue for a few seconds before she realized that he was done. She frowned. "That's it? Only four?" The boy just nodded.

Mallow spoke up, making both Ash and Cynthia look up at her. "You seem surprised by this." Cynthia nodded. "Have you seen any of his battles from the other regions?"

The students all shook their heads, and Cynthia glanced at Kukui, frowning. "If you plan on starting a league, you should probably show your class some of Ash's league battles."

Kukui nodded, but before he could respond, Cynthia looked back at Kiawe. "Go heal up your pokemon. I just gave Ash two of his older pokemon, and I want you all to see what battling against his older pokemon are like."

Mallow frowned, looking at the Sinnohan. "Just Ash and Kiawe again?" However, the champion shook her head, chuckling.

"Nope. All of you with all your pokemon against Ash with his two older pokemon at the same time."

This sufficiently grabbed everyone's attention, with Sophocles, Lillie, and surprisingly Ash, looking particularly nervous.

"Uh, Cynthia, I haven't battled with her" he said, indicating the second pokeball she had given him, "since I was in Kanto."

Cynthia nodded. "You can let her out while Kiawe heals his pokemon." Ash nodded, and Cynthia looked back at the class. "Let's go. We should let Ash re-acquaint himself with his pokemon."

Ash's classmates, and all left, following Kukui and Cynthia into the school to heal, and Ash released his two old pokemon, both of whom Pikachu greeted happily.

Lillie glanced back, seeing Ash throw two balls in the air just as he left her field of vision. "What do you think his old pokemon are?" She asked, mostly to herself, but Kukui chuckled.

"I'm going to guess that they aren't pokemon that were at the ranch when we took our trip to Kanto. I've heard rumors that he has a strong charizard though, who apparently left to train…"

Cynthia nodded, having overheard this. "He does. But neither of the pokemon I gave him are his charizard. Besides, it might be a bit of an unfair fight if Ash used his charizard…"

Kiawe, who was walking only a little bit ahead of them, turned back and frowned. "Why?" He asked, looking interested. Cynthia smiled.

"Alongside Pikachu and a few of his other pokemon, Ash's charizard has beaten several legendaries."

Every student in the class visibly paled, and Kukui frowned. "I thought those were just rumors…"

Cynthia chuckled. "Nope. In the Sinnoh league, his gibble fought a darkrai, and did pretty well, all things considered."


"He also beat that darkrai, along with a latios."

No one seemed to have a good response for that.

Lillie stood beside her fellow Alolan Classmates, facing their Kantonian classmate, with Kukui and Cynthia between them.

Ash was holding two of his pokeballs, with Pikachu and his other Alolan pokemon sitting on the sidelines, cheering on their trainer.

She gripped Snowy's ball, nervous. She knew that Ash would never hurt her seriously, but that didn't stop the fact that these pokemon that they were about to face were far stronger than his Alolan team. Beside her, Mallow gripped Tsarina and Shaymin's balls, while Lana nervously gripped Sandy's and Primarina's.

Kiawe held three pokeballs, containing his Turtonator, Marowak, and Charizard, while Sophocles shifted from one foot to another, Togedemaru and Vikavolt's pokeballs in his hands.

Cynthia, acting as the ref, threw down her arm. "Begin!" She yelled, prompting all of the trainers to release their pokemon.

On their side, all ten pokemon of the Alolans lined up, ready for battle.

Opposite of them, Lillie caught sight of Ash's pokemon and paled slightly.

Kukui gazed at his raven haired student's pokemon, which were a greninja and pidgeot. Both were incredibly powerful looking, the greninja crouching in front of Ash, while the pidgeot rose into the air, matching Kiawe's charizard, not only in altitude, but also in size, which was a bit terrifying.

Ignoring Lana's admiring stare at the Kalosian water starter, he noticed that Ash was looking questioningly at Cynthia, indicating the greninja, and Cynthia nodded, smiling.

Before he could question it, Ash suddenly yelled, telling the water-type to use its full power, before they both began glowing blue.

He watched, eyes wide as he watched what could easily be a mega evolution, except for the fact that there were no mega or key stones in sight, there was no known mega for greninja, and that the two seemed to be completely in sync.

As he watched the greninja get enveloped in a water vortex, he briefly, recalled Augustine being extremely excited about some big discovery last year involving a greninja, and he remembered Ash saying that he had been in Kalos around the same time.

As she watched the greninja change form, Lana couldn't help but fangirl a bit. After all, after she had heard about the greninja that could change form the year before, she had become a massive fan of the water-type. If she had known that her classmate was the greninja's trainer, she would have…she didn't know what she would have done.

Primarina seemed to be on a similar train of thought, admiring the kalosian starter. Sandy on the other hand, was just bouncing around excitedly, as always, waiting for the fight to begin.

She was a bit nervous, because, well, it was a greninja that was stupidly powerful.

Lillie gazed at the greninja, extremely nervous. She noted that following the mega evolution-like happenings, the greninja was now remarkably similar in appearance to Ash.

Steading herself, she looked at Snowy, who was equally nervous, but also determined.

Directing her attention to their other opponent, the massive pidgeot, which was hovering opposite of Kiawe's charizard. She knew that even with Snowy's type advantage, the vulpine wouldn't be able to do much damage, considering that Snowy only knew powder snow, and pidgeot were incredibly fast. Noting this, she decided that she would focus on the greninja.

Kiawe quickly looked at Ash's pokemon, trying to ignore the fact that the greninja had essentially mega evolved.

The both pokemon looked extremely powerful, with the pidgeot being about as large as his charizard, and the greninja, well, had mega evolved. He quickly decided to focus on the pidgeot, seeing as the greninja was water-dark, which gave it a huge advantage against all his pokemon, especially Marowak, and Turtonator only had focus blast, which would

Focusing, he watched as Cynthia began the battle.

Kukui watched as Kiawe quickly ordered his pokemon to attack Ash's pidgeot, which made sense given that their fire-type attacks wouldn't do much against the Kantonian's greninja.

Sophecles, Mallow, and Lillie all ordered their pokemon to attack the greninja, which at Ash's orders quickly lept away before launching a water shuriken at Vikavolt and transitioning into aerial ace to attack Tsarina.

Meanwhile, the pidgeot was holding off all of Kiawe's pokemon pretty well, and as he watched, the flying type hit Marowak with a razor wind, and launching itself at Turtonator with a dragon rush, which did a ton of damage.

Lillie winced as she saw Kiawe's charizard get hit by a powerful water shurikin, which had been launched while the fire-type had been preoccupied in fighting Ash's flying-type.

"Powder snow!" She called, hoping to get a hit in while the starter was distracted, with Sophocles quickly following up by ordering a zing zap and electro ball. Snowy's attack hit, but as expected, it didn't do much, and only served to further distract the water-type as a few of the other attacks hit, before the starter dodged away from the second wave of attacks, coming from Mallow and Lana's pokemon.

Lillie frowned, seeing as how even though they had a 5 to 1 advantage of Ash, he was definitely winning. The pidgeot was acting fairly independently, which it was doing well at, which allowed most of Ash's attention to be directed at Greninja.

She sighed. This is going to be hard…

Several minutes later…

Kiawe sighed, returning Turtonator as Cynthia called that he was unable to battle.

Their pokemon had fallen one by one. First had been Snowy, quickly followed by Shaymin and Togedemaru. Sandy had been next, followed by Marowak and Tsarina. He and Lana had tried their hardest, but it had devolved into a two-on-three, with both of Ash's still doing very well.

Primarina and Charizard had fallen around the same time, leaving only Turtonator, who, despite his best efforts and his Z-move, soon fell to a combination of Greninja's water shuriken and Pidgeot's wing attack.

He, along with his other classmates, meeting Ash and his two pokemon in the middle of the field, and congratulated him. His pokemon did look a little tired, with Pidgeot holding her wing a little awkwardly due to it being hit by a stray zap cannon launched by Vikavolt right before he went down, and Greninja was panting, rubbing his shoulder, which had been hit by Tsarina's trop kick. Both also had some damage from the Z-move, of course.

Kukui admired his newest student with a newfound respect. He had known that the Kantonian had participated in and done well in several leagues, but seeing the boy's ability to fight off ten pokemon with only two of his own.

Cynthia, who had joined him, grinned at him. "I said he was a good battler." Kukui chuckled. "Indeed he is, although I've never seen him battle on that kind of level before.

Cynthia nodded. "Makes sense, after all, you Alolans do battling a little bit differently. I imagine that he's still getting used to it. Of course, it helps that those two are very powerful members of his team."

Kukui nodded, agreeing with Cynthia's statement. However, he was interrupted by a bell ringing, bring his attention to the time.

"Oh, I lost track of time! Ok, everyone, seeing you after lunch!"

Several minutes later:

Ash grinned, standing on top of the tallest diving board alongside Greninja. Below them, His classmates, save Kiawe, were all playing in the water below him with their pokemon, with Pikachu attempting to get away from Togedemaru, who was clinging to her fellow electric-type.

Nodding to his Kalosian ace, he prepared to leap, before catching sight of something that completely threw off his concentration, causing him to fall off the board, hitting the water pretty painfully.

Greninja, having not been distracted, had lept off the board on time, hitting the water without a splash right before Ash did.

"Uh, Ash? Are you ok?" Lillie said from where she and snowy were sitting on the edge of the pool, their legs in the water, as Ash came up, sputtering.

The raven-haired trainer didn't answer at first, instead shaking the water out of his hair and eyes and looking furiously around, looking a little bit crazy. He then seemed to find what he was looking for.

"Uh...yea. I'm good." he said, climbing out of the pool and quickly made his way to one of the larger trees on the edge of the campus.

His classmates looked at each other, wildly confused. However, when they looked back at where Ash had been, he had disappeared.


Burnet nodded, frowning. "I agree. Kukui's lunch break just began, so I'll quickly call him and tell him about it. I'm sure that he'll agree."

Sonia nodded. "Thanks. It'll be a big help. Oh, by the way, would you be able to house her while she's there?"

Burnet shook her head. "Probably not. Right now we've got another trainer living with us, and he's got the loft. We might be able to accommodate her, but i'd be a bit hard."

Sonia frowned. "Are there any students that might be able to have her?"

"Yea, there's a girl, Lusamine's daughter. She'll probably be able to do it."

Kukui picked up his phone and answered it, seeing as it was his wife.

Cynthia had gone off to find Ash after they had seen him run off into the forest, so he was alone.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Sonia was wondering if you could take one of her trainers in your class."

Kukui frowned, remembering one of his other travel companions. "Why? What's up?"

He heard Burnet sigh. "The poor girl's twin brother is best friends with Leon's brother, and both got endorsed by him, while she didn't, and it really messed up her confidence. Apparently she's been doubting her abilities, and Sonia thought that you might be able to help her."

Kukui nodded. "That sucks. Yea, I think I can take her."

He could almost hear his wife smile and nod. "I thought so. I was also wondering if Lillie would be willing to take her?"

"That might not be necessary. It turns out that Cynthia's here for Ash, and she's taken over his mentorship."

Burnet audibly gasped. "What?! Seriously?" Kukui nodded. "Yep. She also gave him two of his older pokemon, one of whom is the greninja that Augustine was so excited by last year. Ash used only the greninja and a pidgeot to completely destroy all of Lillie's, Mallow's, Sophocles', and Kiawe's pokemon all at once, in a ten-on-two battle. Also, apparently, he was the runner up in Kalos last year and was a semi-finalist in Sinnoh."

He heard Burnet blow air out of her nose, something she did when she was surprised. "Shoot. Ok."

Kukui chuckled. "I was surprised too." he admitted.

"Wait, what do you mean that it might not be necessary?" Burnet asked.

Kukui sighed. "Apparently she has a spare wing in her beach house that she'd like Ash and his pokemon to occupy so they can train more often."

He could imagine his wife's eyes widening at that. "Seriously? Has Ash said whether he'll be doing it yet?" Kukui shook his head. "She just told me. He doesn't know yet."

Burnet sighed. "What do you think he'll do?"

Kukui once again sighed. "I honestly don't know. On one hand, he seems to enjoy staying with us, but on the other hand, he'll want to give up the loft to the girl when he hears about it, cuz, well, he's Ash."

"Yea, I can see that. How's Ash doing right now?"

Kukui chuckled. "He was doing well, but a few minutes something startled him right before he was about to dive off the top board, and he went running into the forest. Cynthia and the class is chasing him right now."

Burnet chuckled. "Classic Ash."

"Yep" said Kukui, chuckling as well. "I wonder what startled him though…"

Ash ran through the forest in his swimming trunks, searching for the creature that had startled him. He had never expected her to be in Alola, and he was worried that something had gone wrong…

"Oof!" he grunted, being thrown to the ground with something that had tackled him laying on top of him, nuzzling him.

His eyes widened, seeing his 'attacker', his suspicions about something being wrong going down slightly, but not near all the way at all.

Several minutes later

Cynthia frowned. They had been searching for Ash for a while now, even attempting to have his Lycanroc track him or his pidgeot or her garchomp find him from the air, but they had had no luck.

Nearby, Lillie, along with her vulpix and Ash's lycanroc were still searching, occasionally calling out his name.

Cynthia pulled out her phone, looking at the text that she had sent to the missing trainer a while ago, which still had no response.

She put it away, but it only remained in her pocket for a few seconds before it buzzed and she whipped it out. She was slightly disappointed when she saw Kukui's number, not Ash's, but answered it anyway.


"What's up? You guys have been gone for a while."

Cynthia sighed. "We can't find him. Even his lycanroc can't track him."

She could almost hear the teacher frown. "Knowing Ash, this could either be really good or really bad."

Cynthia murmured in agreement. "You are correct about that. I'm almost worried that he's been summoned by Arceus or something again."

"What do you mean again?"

Cynthia chuckled. "While he was traveling through Sinnoh, he had several encounters with Arceus and the Creation Trio, and even ended up saving them."

She heard Kukui sigh over the speaker. "So his entanglement with Solgaleo and the Ultra-Wormholes was not out of the norm for him?"

Cynthia almost burst out laughing at that. "I think that was actually a little tame for him. After all, last year he pretty much saved the entire world, albeit with a bit of help. Of course, Solgaleo is the second legendary he has pretty much raised."

Kukui sighed. Of course Nebby wasn't the first. Refocusing on the Kantonian trainer, he frowned.

"So there's no sign of him?"

"No. We've been trying to text and call him, but we are getting no answer."

"What do we do?" he asked, now deeply concerned for his student.

"We're going to come back. With any luck, he'll show up soon enough. If anything bad happens, I'm sure we'll hear about it."

Kukui frowned. "From whom?"

He heard Cynthia chuckle. "He has met and befriended more legendaries than most people even dream of seeing, including several of the oldest in existence."

Kukui sighed. "Fair enough. I guess I'll see you later."

Pikachu sighed, wishing his trainer wasn't quite so unpredictable and immature. Glancing at Greninja, who was currently behind him on Pidgeot, he frowned.

"Can you sense him?"

The water type, silent as ever, shook his head, his eyes still closed.

"How often does this happen nowadays, anyways?"

Pikachu chuckled at his second oldest teammate's question, remembering just how early in their journey she had left.

"Way more than I'd like. I'm kind of worried that the legendaries want us to do something again. We just finished the Ultra-Wormhole thing, and we don't need more legendary problems just yet."

The flying type chuckled. "It's still funny to me how casual we are about legendaries."

Pikachu nodded, recalling his Alolan teammate's surprise when he had mentioned that Ash had interacted with so many other legendaries.

"Something's probably wrong with us."

Gloria gazed out the window of the plane, seeing the Eire Region below them. Beside her, Anthia slept, his tail curled up round his face. She sighed, looking back at the display in front of her.

It currently showed that it would be a ten hour flight to Unova, where she would change planes to get to Alola.

In all honesty, she was very excited to go to the tropical region. She had seen the pictures, and it certainly was beautiful, and she had already picked out a few Alolan pokemon that she wanted to catch. There was also the fact that Victor wouldn't be there.

She sighed. She loved Victor, but he and Hop could be annoying, and it would be nice to be away from her twin brother for a while.

Smiling, she turned on her phone, opened one of her e-books. Putting in her earbuds, she closed her eyes.

Hey guys, here's chapter two! I don't have much to say, but I hope you enjoyed, and I'll see you next time!

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