The Rise of A Champion @dewlyfrau
Chapter 1

This is the League of Aces: Alola rewrite. As of now, that story is on indefinite hiatus. After I finish this story and Tide of Darkness, I might go back to it, but no promises.

As for how much this story will be updated, I already have the first two chapters written, and the third is begun, but I will probably be focusing on getting ToD done, so I'm hoping to update every other Friday, as opposed to weekly.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this story, and any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Kukui smiled at his former traveling companion. "Don't worry about it. We know that you have a lot of responsibilities." Behind him, his new wife nodded.

The woman on the other end of the video phone frowned. "Actually, about that…"

Kukui frowned. "What's up?"

The woman smiled. "I've placed Lucian in charge for a while. I'm going to be staying in Alola for a few weeks."

Kukui frowned, surprised. "Why?" The woman chuckled. "I've heard some rumors that a protege of mine is staying there. I'm going to try to meet up with him."

Kukui's eyes widened. I'd like to meet this protege myself. "Who is this protege?" The woman just grinned. "You'll see. I think you know them." She said teasingly. Before Kukui or Burnet could respond, they heard an announcement from the background, a woman with a Kalosian accent announcing that the flight was now boarding. The woman smiled. "Well, my plane is boarding. I'll see you guys in a few hours."

And with that, the call cut off. The young couple glanced at each other in surprise. Who in Alola was the Sinnoh champion so intent on meeting?

About thirteen hours later:

Ash proudly gazed at his team. With the Alola League coming up, he had begun stepping up his training routine, wanting to be in top shape when it arrived.

While his Alolan team certainly wasn't his Sinnoh or Kalos Team, it was shaping up pretty well. First was Lycanroc. The young rock type had been shaping up well, and although he didn't quite meet the level of some of Ash's stronger battlers, he certainly had the potential and drive to join the ranks of his aces. Litten, who he knew was close to evolving, was in much the same situation. Then there was rowlet. Now, Ash had experience with pokemon not wishing to evolve, but typically, it was to prove to themselves or others that they could be strong without changing their appearance. He respected their choices. However, his grass/flying type seemed to have a different motivation. Or, better yet, lack thereof.

Ash sighed, not knowing how to motivate the lazy pokemon. Briefly, he thought back to his Snivy. They did have similar battling styles, afterall, being more stealth-based. Maybe if I bring her over for a while…

His thoughts were interrupted by his caretaker calling to him. He looked up. "Yea?"

"Burnet and I are going to the airport to pick up a friend! Don't be late for class!" The Kantonian trainer nodded in response. "I'm going to leave in a few minutes! Don't worry!"

As the professors pulled out of the lot, Ash refocused his attention on his training. "Ok, Rowlet, I want you to start working on this move…"

"Who do you think she's looking for?"

Kukui shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe Ilima. He's been out and about these past few years. I wouldn't be surprised if he's caught her attention, plus, she's coming in from Kalos, where he spent most of his time studying."

Burnet nodded, deep in thought. "Makes sense. I can't really think of anyone from Sinnoh that's in Alola right now that she might be interested in."

The airport, as always, was fairly busy, although not in terms of some of the larger airports in the world like Lumiose, Wyndon, Vertress, or Jubilife. Thus, it was fairly easy to find a spot in the pick-up lane.

They had only waited about a minute before they saw a tall woman in a black coat with the hood pulled up approached them quickly and quietly. Understanding lighting the young couple's eyes, Burnet quickly opened the door for Cynthia to get in. However, the top of the doorframe caught on her hood, pulling it off.


Chuckling to himself at the situation, he quickly pulled out of the space and left the airport. When they had lost the crowd of admirers, He glanced back at the blonde champion with a shit-eating grin.


Cynthia sighed. "Tell me about it." Burnet chuckled. "I thought only Diantha had that problem." Cynthia shook her head in response. "The only champion who doesn't have the problem is Alder."

Kukui frowned, having never met the Unovan champion. "What's he like? I've heard he's quite the lady's man"

Cynthia chuckled at that. "He desperately wants to be, but no. He's just a creepy flirt."

Kukui changed the subject. "So, where to?" Cynthia frowned. "My house isn't going to be ready for a while." She paused. "You have a class this morning, right?" Kukui nodded. Cynthia smiled. "I'm going to accompany you. My protege apparently frequents the school."

Kukui glanced back at her in the mirror. "If you don't mind my asking, who is this protege of yours?"

Cynthia smiled crypticaly. "An amazing battler." Burnet chuckled, and Kukui just rolled his eyes.

Several minutes later, the trio pulled up to the school, and Kukui and Cynthia got out, leaving Burnet in the car. Waving their goodbyes as she drove off , they entered the yard just as the bell rang. When they got to the entrance of the room, Cynthia stayed outside, while Kukui entered.

"Alola, Class!"

"Alola, Professor!"

Kukui frowned at the room. "Where's Ash?"

Lillie raised her hand. "He just texted me, saying he's going to be a little late."

Kukui nodded, but before he could respond to the blonde, they heard a familiar yell in the hallway.


Sonia sighed. Being a professor was exhausting. Maybe she could call Kukui and Burnet and ask them for some tips. After all, besides her, they were the newest professors. Well, except for that one boy…

Her daydreaming was interrupted by the door to her lab slowly opening, revealing a slightly nervous brunette and a small water type. Sonia glanced up at them and smiled.

"Hi, Gloria, Anthia! What can I do for you today?"

The now identified Gloria sighed. "Can I talk to you?" she said nervously, unknowingly perfectly matching her drizzle partner's typical expression and demeanor when he had been a sobble.

Sonia nodded. "Of course, Gloria." She knew that this would provide a good distraction from her busy schedule.

They sat together at a small table, and Sonia noted that Gloria was not only nervous, but also somewhat upset and lost looking. "What's wrong?" Sonia asked, concerned.

Gloria, with her partner in her lap, hesitated before answering, looking at the water type starter in her lap. Finally, she looked up. "Am I a bad trainer?"

Sonia was taken aback. She had half expected the girl to ask for training help or tips like she usually did. However, she quickly recovered.

"Of course not! Why would you say that?" Gloria just sadly shrugged. Sonia narrowed her eyes. "Is this about your brother, Hop and Leon?" Gloria didn't respond, but Sonia knew the answer.

She sighed. She had warned him about this. But, being the 'undefeatable champion', he had completely ignored her. As much as she loved Leon like a brother, he was sometimes an arrogant and oblivious asshole.

Flashback, 6 months before:

Sonia sighed in exasperation. Angrily putting her hands on her hips, she glared at her old rival and traveling companion and former boyfriend.

"Seriously, Leon? Why would you do that? Why would you do it like that? What were you thinking?"

The 'unbeatable champion' just looked at his former girlfriend, looking utterly confused. "What do you mean?"

Sonia snorted angrily. "Endorse Hop and Victor, but do nothing for Gloria? You even told the boys right in front of her, and when she asked if you were endorsing her, you just shrug and say no?!"

Leon nodded, still confused.

Sonia continued glaring at him angrily, before sighing. "Why in the world did you not endorse Gloria?"

Leon shrugged, like it wasn't a big deal. "I didn't think that she wanted to do the gym challenge."

Sonia once again snorted. "Did you ever ask her?" Looking only slightly embarrassed, he shook his head. Sonia rolled her eyes. "Did you ever hear her talking about how she desperately wanted to do it?" Once again, Leon shook his head.

Sonia groaned. "Why do you think she chose a starter?" Leon shrugged. "I thought she just wanted to keep it as a pet."

Sonia glared angrily at him. "You are going to go out there right now, apologize profusely to her, and give her your endorsement."

However, Leon just shook his head. "Can't! I'm already running late for a battle. Bye!" and he ran out of the lab, leaving an infuriated ginger alone.

Angrily, she took out a pair of pokeballs and opened them, releasing a decidueye and arcanine. They both glanced at her, concerned, wondering why their trainer was so angry. She sighed, calming herself, before looking at the Alolan grass starter and fire type.

"Go get Gloria. She should be in postwick, probably at home. I want you to bring her here. Don't bring Victor or Hop. I need her and her pokemon to come only." She glanced at her arcanine. "Arco, take her on your back. I'm sending Arrow with you as backup." The pokemon nodded, and nodding to each other, left the lab, making their way to Postwick.


Gloria glanced at the lab nervously, not really wanting to enter after what had happened earlier in the day. However, she reluctantly followed Sonia's decidueye into the lab, followed by the arcanine.

She found the red head at her desk, typing something into her laptop, not having seen Gloria enter yet. Unsure of what to do, Gloria just stood there, waiting for her friend to finish. Arco, however, barked to get his trainer's attention. In the corner of her eyes, she saw Arrow roll her eyes.

Sonia glanced up, and seeing Gloria, smiled kindly. "Hey, Gloria. Can we talk?" The brunette slowly nodded, unsure of what to think. Sonia nodded at her answer, and motioned for Gloria to sit in the chair next to her. Gloria frowned, and slowly sat down.

Sonia looked seriously at Gloria. "Do you want to do the gym challenge?"

Gloria looked up at the young professor in surprise. Unsure of what to say, she stuttered. "I-I guess. Maybe. I don't know…" She looked down at her lap, on the verge of crying.

Sonia frowned. "Did you want to do it before Leon endorsed Hop and your brother?" When Gloria didn't answer, Sonia continued. "Tell me the truth."

The girl looked up at Sonia, tears brewing in her eyes. She nodded. Sonia frowned. "I thought so." She then grabbed a piece of paper that was laying face down on her desk, and held it, the blank side facing Gloria.

They sat in silence for a few seconds, Gloria not knowing what to say, and Sonia trying to figure out how to phrase what she was going to say next. Then, she just decided to wing it.

"Gloria, Leon didn't endorse you, and I think that it was a mistake. You have amazing potential as a trainer, which apparently the idiot can't see." Gloria gazed at the older woman, not sure of where this was going.

"He will be paying for what he did to you, I can promise that. But, in the meantime, I will be endorsing you in your gym challenge."

Gloria's eyes widened, and tears began to flow down her cheeks. However, unlike the tears of sadness that had been threatening to appear minutes before, they were tears of joy.

"Thank you, Sonia!" she cried, hugging Sonia tightly. Sonia just smiled and patted her back. "You're welcome." The young professor then smirked at Gloria as she let go of Sonia. "I just ask one thing."

Gloria looked at Sonia, confused. "What is it?" Sonia's smirk grew. "I want you to do your best. Prove Leon wrong. Are we agreed?" Gloria happily nodded. "Good."


Sonia looked at Gloria, unsure of what to do. Gloria had been rapidly improving, but her self-esteem had not recovered from Leon not endorsing her. Sonia had done her best to help, going to all of the girl's gym battles, helping her train, and giving her praise, but it hadn't been enough. The girl was still dejected.

Gloria looked up. "I don't think I want to do the gym challenge anymore." Sonia's eyes widened.

She looked at Gloria, even more concerned now. "Why?" Gloria hesitated. "I'm terrible!" she suddenly yelled, causing Sonia to jump. "I can't beat Hop, I can't beat Victor! I'm not even close! While they get better, I just can't." She then completely broke down, crying.

Sonia hesitated, not sure of what she should do. She knew that her standard praise and training wouldn't help in this situation. However, her turquoise eyes it up, finding a solution.

She glanced at Gloria and put her hand on Gloria's shoulder, causing the girl to stop crying and look up. "I have an idea." Gloria seemed interested, wiping her eyes and waiting for Sonia to continue.

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