не прощай меня (don't forgive me) @hereticorder The beginning of the end, Judith realized, came right after the not quite harrowing—considering that frankly, none of the barely-trained grunts that served as guards were any match for her and her new-found companion—but still not quite pleasant battle for freedom inside the tower. Or; Judith gets a bit over her head over the lengths she'll go to fulfill her mission. 11 months 1.5K 0 0 Tales Of Vesperia Mature English Complete Angst Yuri LowellJudith (Tales of Vesperia)Estellise Sidos Heurassein Yuri Lowell/Judith (Tales of Vesperia) One ShotCanon CompliantIntrospectionwell, kinda...slight romance but like not enough to tag Read 1. не прощай меня (don't forgive me) 1529 0 0