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Chapter 9: Battle for the Hidden Village

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Chapter 9: Battle for the Hidden Village part 1!

It had been around a day since their meeting at the Pokémon Center of Cerulean city and right now; Ash, Pikachu, Brock, Lyra and Marill were on their way to Vermillion city. Their journey shouldn't take more than four days of walking... Or at least that's how long it should have taken them had they took the right path when they left Cerulean city.

"Hey Brock, you sure this is the fastest way to Vermillion city?" – asked Lyra while she was helding onto her bag.

"Positive! This is a shortcut that was taught to me by a friend of mine way back in the day. I think I was about your age when that happened." – said Brock as he was taking the lead of the group.

As they kept walking and enjoying the scenery of the forest, Ash couldn't help but to notice that Lyra was making sure she was holding her bag as tight as she could. It was something that Brock actually noticed when they were in Cerulean city. Before they had left, Lyra went to the bathroom the former Pewter city Gym Leader mentioned it to his young friend. They decided not to ask just in case it was something personal. Once they had left the city, Lyra still held unto her bag as close as possible, to the point that she slept while hugging it.

Ash couldn't take it any longer, the curiosity was simply too strong. – "Hey Lyra, I was wondering. Do you have something important in your bag?"

Lyra looked at the Pallet town native with a bit of confusion. – "What's with the question?" – she asked.

"Well, it's just that you've been holding on to it as if your life depended on it and I've been pretty curious." – replied Ash.

"Now that he brought it up, I was wondering the same thing, although if it's something personal then there's no need for you to tell us anything." – mentioned Brock.

Lyra looked at the two of them for a few seconds before smiling. – "Don't worry Brock, it's nothing like that. It's just that I want to make sure something here stays safe."

"Can you show us?" – asked Ash.

Lyra nodded and after the three humans stopped walking Lyra opened her bag and pulled a container which was similar in size with both Pikachu and Marill. It was shaped like a cylinder with both the upper and lower part of the container having a grey metallic lid and base. In-between, was an egg on top of a pillow and surrounded by the protective glass of the container. The egg had a color that was an in-between of dark and green.

"Is that a Pokémon egg?" – asked Brock in surprise.

"Yep, pretty cool right?" – replied Lyra.

"Wow!" – Ash said in amazement.

"Where did you get a Pokémon egg?" – asked Brock.

"Well, I was walking by, doing the usual getting lost routine when I suddenly tripped on something. When I got up, I immediately searched for what made me fall and lo and behold. Next to my foot was this little fella. Then I took it to a Pokémon Center and then next thing I know; nurse Joy gave me the incubator with the egg for me to take care of it."

"That's so cool!" – said Ash with an excitement that could match that of a five-year-old waking up on Christmas day.

"Right? Man, I can't wait for the little fella to be born!" – said Lyra.

"What kind of Pokémon do you think will come out?" – asked Brock.

"I don't know, maybe a Machamp? That'll be pretty cool!"

"How about a Beedrill? It could be cool too."

"Yeah! A Beedrill would be awesome! Wait I got it, a Lanturn!"

"Yeah, I can totally see it!"

And so, the two rookies kept on talking about what kind of Pokémon would be born from the egg. Both rodents also started to voice their opinions on what the Pokémon could be. It was obvious that they were enjoying their conversation... which is why it pain Brock to be the bearer of bad news. But then again, if he could do it with his siblings then he could do it to his new friends.

"Sorry to break your bubble guys, but that's not how it works." – he said.

"It's not?" – asked the two kids.

"No, whatever Pokémon comes from the egg won't be an evolved Pokémon. For example, no matter how much you want it a Gyrados wouldn't come out of the egg, so you would have to settle for a Magikarp." – he explained. The two trainers were a little disappointed after hearing that, but the former Gym Leader merely chuckled. – "Honestly that's kind of common knowledge, how did something so basic was capable to go over your heads?"

"Come on Brock, cut us some slack. Remember, we barely passed the exam after all." – said Lyra.

"I don't think that's something you should be bragging." – thought Brock, with a bit of worry. – "Well, I did say that I would assist you if you ever needed help. So helping you two become a bit more knowledgeable is going to go to my to-do list. As well as helping you with the newborn once it hatches. Baby Pokémon can be troublesome if one doesn't know what to do."

Lyra looked at her friend for a few seconds before smiling. – "Kind of funny, to think that now I'll have help." – she thought to herself before looking at the egg. – "Well, it doesn't matter what kind of Pokémon comes out. I'll love it regardless of its species and we'll shower it with as much affection as possible. Ain't that right pall?"

"Ma Marill!"

"That's a very nice way of thinking Lyra." – commented Brock.

And with that, they kept on walking, with Brock telling them what he knew about Pokémon eggs so that they could be brought up to speed with the subject. As they were walking, a sudden thought passed by Ash's mind. It's been over a week since he left Pallet town and a lot of things have happen to the young raven-haired boy.

He was almost pecked to death by a flock of Spearow, saw a Pokémon that can only be describe as divine and holy-like, has caught two new members to his team, fought team Rocket, made some friends and got two badges. He found himself smiling at everything.

"Not bad for the kid that would amount to nothing uh?" – he thought to himself. Man, if Green could see him right now. – "… Can't believe it's been over a week since I last saw them."

For the first time since he left Pallet town Ash found himself thinking about the other kids. – "Now that I think about it, it's been longer than a week, right?" – he thought to himself. And indeed, the last time he saw Red, Blue and Green was four days after taking the exam.

"Could you, for five minutes, stop babbling about that made up title of yours! It's annoying!"

That was the last thing he heard from Green. After their little 'chat', their relationship drifted even further than before and because of the fact that both Red and Blue were close with him, he had yet to meet with them. He was actually looking towards that special day for more than one reason.

Of course, him becoming an official trainer was the main one, but not the only one. One of the things he wanted to do was to scrub his license all over Green's smug prick face. Granted, he would probably retaliate by pointing out that his grade was the lowest one a trainer could get, but Ash was willing to burn that bridge he had crossed it. Another thing he wanted to do was to ask Red and Blue what they were going to do on their journey.

He was on relatively good terms with them, but he still knew them as much as he knew how to cook meaning he didn't knew them at all. Ok, maybe he was exaggerating, well, he at least knew a little about Red, but Blue was as much of an enigma as the golden bird he saw after the Spearow attack. He wouldn't mind to try and get to know her.

"Pikapi?" – said Pikachu, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Hey Ash, you still with us?" – asked Lyra, she and Brock had also noticed that their friend had suddenly spaced out for a moment.

"Uh? Oh, yeah, I was just thinking of something." – he told them.

They decided to keep on walking, but the question still lingered in the back of his head. With everything he has gone by in the past week, what were the others up to?

After their meeting at Wigglytuff's Bakery, the Dex Holders parted ways to different places within Cerulean city. Red returned to Misty's house, which also doubled as the Cerulean city's Gym, Green simply went to look for an inn to stay and Blue went to Bill's lab. Once there, Blue (or Leaf) learned that Bill was apparently the one that was in charge of the storage system in the Kanto region, something that took her by surprised.

Also, true to his word, Bill told Leaf exactly what she wanted. To know what exactly were his contributions to the professor's project, which contrary to what he had told her before was more than he made her believed.

Bill was responsible of programming at least 58% of the Pokedex basic A.I. He was also responsible of a few other functions such as the camera, the speakers, among other things. She was quite impressed.

Once their small talk was done, they had dinner, which consisted in two cups of instant ramen. After that, Bill offered his couch to sleep since it was relatively late. The Dex Holder took his offer... in a way that would benefit her. Meaning she twisted his words so that she got his bed while the teenager slept on his couch. He tried to object, but the Dex Holder defended herself by saying. – "Well, since I'm the guest then of course I would be the one sleeping in the bed. Besides, offering a couch to sleep isn't very gentlemen-like, right?"

As morning came by, Bill woke up, his back hurt a little, but he was ok. If anything, this was a sign, a sign that he needed to by a new couch. One that wasn't as old as the oldest tree in town.

"Sorry grandma, but I'm dumping this thing as soon as I can." – he said to no one in particular.

As he got up, he went straight to the kitchen where he found Leaf seemingly waiting for him.

"Morning Bill, how did you sleep?" – she asked.

"Well, I guess it could have been worse." – he said. – "Have you had any breakfast yet?"

"Nope. I was waiting for you to make me breakfast. I'm having some omelet carvings, so if you could hurry that would be great." – said Blue, looking at Bill whom had a blank expression. – "Kidding, I mean I do want an omelet, but I rather eat it with someone else."

"Really?" – asked Bill.

"Why of course, if I didn't want your company, I would have just raided your fridge. But I think eating with someone would be pretty nice." – she said.

Bill smiled and proceeded to get the eggs out, an omelet did sound like a nice way to start the day. It was also nice that Leaf was helping him with making breakfast. Thanks to that, they were enjoying their breakfast in no time at all.

"What are you planning on doing now Leaf?" – asked Bill.

"You're a curious one aren't you Bill? Well, I'll simply wander the lands like the thrill seeker that I am." – said Blue in the most dramatic way she could.

Is that so?" – he asked before taking a bite out of his omelet.

Blue was about to reply with a witty comment, but she stopped and frown for a second.

"Misty's really nice and I'm sure that guy is too since you're letting him tag along."

She suddenly heard what Red had told her a day prior and started to contemplate what they meant. It was obviously Red trying to help her with her trust issues. She still didn't want to give out more information than required (which included her real name), but maybe she could share the surface level details. Blue then took a deep breath before speaking up once more.

"Well, actually I'm probably going to search for another team Rocket base or something like that."

Bill chuckled a little bit. – "You know, I already had a feeling that you had a good sense of humor."

"Why thank you Bill, if you thought that was funny then just wait till you hear me telling you an actual joke." –replied Blue.

Bill had stopped eating and looked at his friend with a bit of confusion, confusion that quickly turned into concern. – "Wait, wait, wait, were... were you serious?"

"Yep." – she replied as she took another bite out of her breakfast.

"But... are you... Leaf why would you do that?! Team Rocket is an extremely dangerous organization that spreads over two regions, why would you risk your life like that?!" – asked Bill, showing a genuine concern for the safety of his friend.

"It's... let's just say that it's complicatedly and leave it at that." – she said.

Bill looked at her shocked by her answer. He knew not to press her much, but he had to do it. – "Okay, I know that maybe I shouldn't butt in, but do you really need to go search for them?"

Blue looked at Bill as she thought about it for a second. – "Maybe, I mean, you said it. Team Rocket is spread across the two regions and the thing I'm looking involves looking into crimes that involve the Kanto and Johto region alike. So, unless you have an alternative, team Rocket is my best option."

"... I guess... I guess that kind of make sense. Doesn't mean I like it though." – said Bill.

"I appreciate the concern, but this is something I have to do." – replied Blue.

"Well, maybe I could be of help."

"Seriously Bill, you don't have to-"

"Leaf please, after what happened at Mount Moon, this is the least I could for you. I don't know what this is all about, and don't worry, you don't have to tell me the details if you don't feel comfortable. But I just want you to know, that you're not alone on this, I'll do my part to help you out." – assured the teenager.

"What about the storage system?" – asked the young trainer.

"Oh, don't worry about it. I made sure that the whole thing can run as smooth as possible. I have some special equipment will both, allow me to check things out every so often and warn me of any major thing that could force me to return here to fix any major trouble the system may have." – said Bill.

The young trainer looked at him and smiled before taking another bite out of her breakfast. Perhaps... perhaps she could trust him. One of these days, he still on probation right now.

"Thanks Bill."

"You welcome Leaf. What do you say once were done with breakfast we start looking for anything that could help you."

"Sure, that sounds like a plan to me." – said the Pallet town native before taking a sip of her juice.

"Are there any particular kind cases you want to check out?"

"Well... there is one kind. Have you heard of anything that sounds remotely similar to transregional kidnaping?"

A walk through the woods, that's what this should have been, just a simple walk through the woods.

So why in Arceus name have they run in trap, after trap, after trap.

First there was that hole someone had dig, then there were the multiple darts shot at them from who knows where. There were the multiple wires in which they ended up tripping constantly and let's not forget that log that came flying straight at them.

And all of that happened ever since they saw that Bulbasaur.

"I don't think that's safe to cross." – said Lyra.

In front of them was a simple suspension bridge, it looked rudimentary and safe at first glance, but with the kind of luck that they were having. Well, let's just say that this looked like it could end bad for them.

"It looks safe to me." – said Ash.

"Yeah, but with our luck so far, I'm sure that the thing will snap the moment we set foot on it." – replied Lyra.

"I know things have been crazy so far, but don't you think you're being a little paranoid Lyra?" – asked the former Gym Leader.

"Brock, we were almost crush by a giant flying log that moved like a pendumont just five minutes ago."

"I think the word you're looking for is pendulum."

"My point still stands. Isn't there another way to cross the ravine?"

"I have an idea, why don't I try to cross it to see if it's safe?" – said Ash.

"And what if it snaps?"

"It won't, trust me besides, if that happens, I could just call Piedgotto and Buterfree to help me out."

"That sounds like a plan to me." – said Brock.

"... Well, I guess we can give it a try."

"Alright, are you ready Pikachu?"


And so, the raven-haired boy alongside the electric that rested on his shoulder set foot on the bridge. Any doubt that had lingered on Lyra's mind dissipated when she saw that Ash and Pikachu were already halfway across the bridge. Both Lyra and Brock joined their friends in no time and just as thy were almost across the bridge, they heard something.

The group started to look around, searching for whatever was making the sound. Their eyes drifted towards the ropes of the bridge, when they started to follow the ropes to where they came, they all started to panic. The reason; the ropes at that end of the bridge were on the verge of snaping. They instantly made a run for it to safety, just when they were almost about to cross the bridge when suddenly...


Both Ash and Lyra, as well as Pikachu and Marill were able to get to safety. Brock on the other hand.


"Oh no! Brock's falling!" – shouted Ash.

"Come on, maybe there's a way down there!" – urged Lyra.

They then started to run to find a way to reach their friend when they suddenly, one of them snaped a rope on the ground that seemingly connected to something. That something, turned out to be a net that trapped them both and rose them about five meters into the air.

"Oh, come on!" – they shouted.

"Well, on the bright side there was a river down there. Maye he's ok." – said Lyra.

"I guess."

"Sooooo, what now?"

"Don't know. Maybe I can ask Piedgotto for help?"

"With how cram it's in here, I don't think that's a good idea."

And so, the two trainers spend over half an hour trapped inside the net. At first, they started to think of a way to free themselves, but then they got bored. So, to spent some time, they decided to try and play a game.

"I say it looks like a bird Pokémon munching on some fruit, maybe a Murkrow?" – said Lyra while looking at a funny looking rock.

"I think it looks like a Hitmonlee kicking something." – said Ash.

"Pikachu. Pika Pika, Pikachu." – said Pikachu as he too was voicing his opinion.

"Marill Ma. Ma Marill Marill."

"Really?" – asked Lyra as she, Ash and Pikachu all tilted their heads to the side. – "Huh, didn't noticed it before."

"Hey guys, what are you doing up there?" – asked a very familiar voice.

"Brock!" – they shouted happy to see that their friend was ok.

"You're ok, I thought you were kidnapped by pirates!" – said Ash.

"You guys though I was kidnapped by pirates?"

"He did, I thought that you were abducted by aliens." – said Lyra.

"Has anyone tell you guys you have some wild imagination?"

"How are you ok? We saw you fall." – asked Lyra.

*Honestly, I just got lucky. There was a branch and I was able to get a hold of it, then I did my best to try and climb my way up here." – he replied.

"That's a relieve." – said Ash.

"By the way, how did you two ended up like that."

"We were trying to find a way to reach you and then all of the sudden, BAM! We're stuck here." – explained Ash.

"Could you get us out of here, please. I'm starting to lose the feelings in my legs." – pleaded Lyra.

Brock nodded and then he walked towards where the rope that was holding the net. Once there he untied it and freed his friends.

Unfortunately, they all forgot the fact that they were suspended five meters in the air. The two kids and their rodent companions all screamed and landed with a loud thud.

"Oww!" – the both of them said.

"Sorry, are you guys okay?"

"Compare to everything else we've been going through, I guess we'll live." – said Lyra while she and Ash were standing up. – "So, are all the forest of the Kanto region deathtraps or something?"

"Not as far as I know, probably someone set those up. Come on, let's get going and keep an eye for whatever other trap that derange lunatic has hiding." – said Brock as he once again took the lead.

They kept on walking for a while, that is, until they heard a voice.

"Bulbasaur? Bulbasaur, are you done? Where are you? We need to head back." – said the mysterious voice.

They all decided to head towards the voice, if not to help they could at least ask for directions. When they were close by, they saw a girl around Brock's age. She had both blue eyes and hair that was tide by a big green ribbon on the back of her head. She also had a pink shirt and a red overall.

As she was looking around for a Bulbasaur apparently, she spotted our group of adventurers. She smiled at them and greeted them properly.

"Hi, have any of you seen a Bulbasaur around here?" – she asked.

"We saw one a couple of hours ago." – said Ash.

"Yeah, I think we saw it on the other side of the ravine, but it didn't look that friendly to me. Are you by any chance its trainer?" – asked Lyra.

"It's umm... something like that, by the way I'm Melanie."

"My name's Ash, and this is my buddy Pikachu."

"Pika Pika!"

"I'm Lyra and over here it's my pal Marill."


Before anyone could usher another word, Brock swiped in with hearts on his eyes while kneeling in front of her. – "My name's Brock and although I may not be a Bulbasaur, I believe I'm the man you were looking for in your live!"

"Oh, that's... nice? I think?" – said Melanie looking somewhat awkward.

She was not the only one, as on the sidelines Ash, Pikachu, Lyra and Marill were looking at their friend with confusion and a comedically large drop of sweat on their forehead.

"Wait a second, I thought he liked nurse Joy, what gives?!" – asked Ash.

"I think this is just how teenagers act, maybe?" – said Lyra, although she wasn't truly sure of that.

While everyone was trying to process what was going on, a certain Pokémon came by in between the two teenagers and growled at the former Gym Leader.

"Bulba, Bulbasaur!" – it shouted as it generated two vine whips which, it the used to drive Brock off by hitting the ground near his feet repeatedly. Almost as if making him dance before he fell to the ground.

"Oh, there you are Bulbasaur, I was looking for you!" – said Melanie cheerfully.

"Guess I was right." – said Lyra as she and Ash went to help Brock get back on his feet.

"Excuse me miss, could you help us out? We're heading for Vermillion city, but I think we got lost." – said Ash as he approached the bluenette.

"Mmmm, well, I'm not sure I could, but my grandma probably knows a way there." – said Melanie.

"Awesome, thanks a lot we really appreciate it." – said Lyra.

"And how wouldn't we, with a beautiful maiden such as-"

Before Brock could say another word, Bulbasaur glared at him preparing himself to attack Brock once more.

"Ahh, Bulbasaur calm down, he's just complementing me that's all." – said Melanie trying to calm the grass type. Which seemed to do the trick as the grass type starter huff before turning around.

"Hey Brock, maybe you should try and no do that in front of that Bulbasaur, you know, for your safety." – whispered Lyra on his ear.

"Yeah, maybe you're right." – he replied as they all started to walk alongside the girl.

They all follow the girl for a little while, it wasn't long until they all reached some sort of settlement none of them but the girl knew of. The small town was rather rudimentary and had about 20 wooden houses as well as a few other buildings that may serve other role in the town. But there was something that intrigued the young travelers.

The Pokémon.

The amount of wild Pokémon that filled the town was already surprising as it was, but they then noticed two things: the first one was that some of those Pokémon had a few bruises on their bodies. The second thing, was that they had bandages around their bodies and the ones that didn't had them were either being treated by some of the townsfolks or waiting their turn to be treated.

"Wow." – was the only thing the two rookies could say, with both Pikachu and Marill equally shocked.

"I've never seen a town like this." – said Brock, just as amazed as his friends.

"Well, that's kind of the point." – said Melanie.

"What is this place?" – asked Lyra.

"I'll tell you, but only if you promise not to tell anyone."

"Promised." – said Ash.

"My lips are shut." – said Lyra.

"You have my word." – reassured Brock in a politely manner.

Pikachu and Marill also made a sign that they wouldn't mention anything to anyone either (not like they could anyway). Melanie smiled at them something about the way they spoke put her at ease.

"This, is the Hidden Village!" – she said with pride.

"Hidden Village?"

"Never heard of it."

"I'm pretty sure that's the point." – said Brock to the young trainers.

"So, what is it that you do here?" – asked Lyra.

"Well, this is like some sort of sanctuary for Pokémon."

"A sanctuary?" – asked the two trainers.

Melanie nodded, she then signaled them to follow her as she started to explain to them what is it that they do as well as their history. – "Many years ago, on a winter night to be specific, my great grandfather got lost and was stranded here, not knowing where here actually was. He thought that his time had come, but then, all of the sudden, multiple wild Pokémon found his unconscious body and dragged him to the inside of a hollow log. Not only that, but they also decided to stay with him and share their heat with him. The next morning, he woke up and saw what the Pokémon did for him, so as a way to show his gratitude, he swore that he would do what he could to protect them and any Pokémon in need of help. So, he moved here, he built a house and did as he promised. From collecting berries to feed the young ones, to healing them if they were injured. It didn't took long before people started to hear of the fabled 'Forest Hermit'. Some thought that he was just a made-up story, but the ones that wanted to see if the stories were true, came in search of him. They were so moved by his selfless actions that they all decided to join him. And so, what was one the cabin of some hermit, became a gathering of people that wanted to do what they could to help Pokémon. Before he realized it, he was elected to be the leader of what's now known as the Hidden Village."


"That... was..."

"AWESOME!" – shouted both trainers.

"Pi Pikachu!"

"Marill Marill!"

"To think that one man did all of that, just because he wanted to protect Pokémon. He must have been a dependable and caring person; I wish I could have met him."

"You're not the only one, I'm proud to know that I'm related to a man like him."

"But there's something I don't get." – said Brock, getting everyone's attention.

"What is it?" – she asked.

"Well, it's just... look at what he did, what he accomplished. He was an example; people should know of this place. So, why keep it a secret?"

"Because of meddling trainers like you lot." – said an elderly voice.

When they turned, they all saw an elderly woman: her back was hunched and she had a cane which she uses to help her walk. She had a dark blueish hair that had quite the amount of grey hairs.

"Oh, hi grandma, I was actually looking for you." – said Melanie.

"Oh, were you? Was it to explain to me the reason as to why you exposed our sacred home to three Pokémon trainers?" – replied the elderly woman.

"Oh, umm... well... you see-"

"Speak up already, I'm not getting any younger."

"You see ma'am, we got lost on the way to Vermillion city and we were wondering if you could point us in the right direction." –said Brock.

"Oh, and then what? You'll go around and tell all your trainer friends of this sanctuary? All just so that they can take advantage of the weaken Pokémon of this forest?"

"Come on grandma, I'm sure they're nice people. Besides, they gave me their word that they wouldn't reveal our secret to anyone."

"You're naïve if you think that. If only you had the experience that I have, you would know that the word of a trainer is utterly worthless."

"Hey what gi-"

"Tell me girl, what was both your scores on your trainer's exam?"

"Umm, well... mine was a 65." – said Ash.

"Mine... too."

The old lady nodded before turning to the teenager of the group. – "Don't think you can fool me, you're Brock, the Pewter city Gym Leader. It is bad enough that a Gym Leader is here, but two trainers with the lowest score possible? Might as well have Moltres set ablaze the forest while you are at it."

"Hey! What's wrong with our scores?!" – asked Ash, more annoyed at the attitude of the old lady.

"As if you didn't know already. A big part of not only team Rocket, but also most common thugs are trainers that either flopped on their exams, or had their scores ranging between the 65 and 69. Although in your defense, it doesn't matter what their grade is, Pokémon trainers are all an untrustful and uncaring bunch." – claimed the older woman.

"That's not true! How can you say that?!" – asked Lyra, getting angry as well.

"Hey guys, why don't we just calm down a bit?" – intervened Brock, trying to calm the situation.

"Brock's right, let's just all take deep breaths and-"

"If you wish to know child, the answer is quite simple. I've seen it with my own eyes." – said the elderly once more before she decided to elaborate on what she meant. – "I was about your age when it happened. Rumor of my father's sanctuary spread; we received a good amount of people that truly want to help him in managing the Hidden Village. Unfortunately, said news also reached the ears of a few no-good trainers. They thought they could get a few easy captures and when we least expected, they started to attack the Pokémon we were treating. Despite my father's pleadings, they decided to ignore him: 'Who cares? A weaken Pokémon is up for anyone to catch' they said. Luckily, my father and the rest of the villagers drove them off and rescued the Pokémon, but the damaged that they caused... I'll never forget it."

The young adventures were shocked and remained in silent, how could they react to something like that?

"Come on grandma, that was a long time ago, surely things have change." – said Melanie, trying to calm her grandmother down.

"... Tell me kids, the moment you became trainers, did you decided to take on the Gym Leaders? To prove that you were strong?" – she asked as both Ash and Lyra nodded, regardless of their dreams they did want to prove themselves to be strong.

"Then perhaps things haven't change."

"Now ma'am, I know that you may have a bad experience with trainers, but not everyone is like that, these two especially. Come on guys, show her." – he said, with both rookies, not knowing what he was talking about. – "You know, your scars."

"Oh." – they both said as Ash took off his left globe while Lyra lifted up her sleeve.

"I'm no longer a Gym Leader, that role was basically forced into me. My true dream is to become a Pokémon doctor and until a few days ago, I was free to follow up on my dreams. As for this two, they both received those scars while defending their Pokémon. You can say what you can about me, but do you really think someone like them would attack Pokémon that are being treated by their injuries?"

"Mmmm, tell me, where you by any chance particularly responsible for the situation that put them in danger?" – she asked with the trainers nodding once again. – "Thought so."

"Okay, yeah that may be true, but they also stood up to try to amend for what they did. Trainers like them and the ones you met when you were younger are as different as day and light." – said Brock.

"... Perhaps, but humans, especially Pokémon trainers can't deny their true nature. Maybe not today, but I can assure you that when true danger arrives and they have to choose between themselves and their Pokémon, well, I think you know what is it that I think."

"I can assure you that that won't be the case." – said Brock.

"Hey I have a question." – said Ash as just now did he remembered something that professor Oak once said.

"What is it Ash?" – asked Melanie.

"Well, I once overheard professor Oak saying something about how it is illegal to catch Pokémon in certain areas, so why would those trainers try and catch the Pokémon of the village?"

"Now that you mention it, yeah you're right. Surely the Pokémon League would make it illegal to catch Pokémon in a sanctuary like this one."

"Oh please, don't get me started on those bureaucratic ba-"

"Grandma! There are children here!" – shouted Melanie as she and Brock covered the ears of Ash and Lyra.

"Oh, right. Well, to answer your question, the Hidden Village is a sanctuary not sanctioned by either the Pokémon League nor the Kantonian government. So, it is completely legal to catch Pokémon here." –said the grandmother.

"What?" – question the travelers.

"It is as I said. I still remember all the times my father would try and convince those stu- I mean, the people in charge of the Pokémon League as well as the Kantonian government to grant us recognition as a sanctioned sanctuary, but it always ended the same. They always said that it wasn't necessary, that it wasn't worth their time. That my father's pleads weren't worth their oh so precious time." – she said with spite.

"But, why would they say that?" – asked Lyra.

"It is as I said child, humans are all selfish and uncaring. My father would often return tired, yet he always tried to give me a reassuring smile: 'Don't worry sweetheart, you'll see that one day we'll solve this whole deal'. But that day never came." – she said as the grip on her cane grew tighter. – "Now that I actually pay attention to you, you're the perfect example of just how awful humanity can be."

"We... we are?" – asked Ash.

She nodded as she looked at Brock. – "You said that the position of Gym Leader was basically forced upon you, right? I heard that the Gym Leader before you decided to run away from his responsibilities, guess he wasn't man enough and thought that forcing his role into his own son was better than owning it up himself." – she said with Brock remaining in silent. She was practically right.

"As for you two young ones." – she said, now turning her gaze on the two rookies. – "I can see it in your eyes. You should be all excited and happy and all of the things that Melanie was when she was your age. Yet, despite that, I can see that something in your eyes. That childish joy and innocent nature is lacking to a certain degree. As if you were hurt long ago, or worst yet, not that long ago. And to me young ones, to me, that is quite the unnerving fact."

Both Ash and Lyra, remained in silent. She was kind of right, although they hoped that she didn't ask for more details.

"When my father passed away and I inherited his position as leader of the village I decided I would not seek aid from either the League or the government. If my father couldn't get through their thick skulls, then I knew it would be a waste of time. So, I opted for another way to protect the village, my people and the Pokémon we swore to protect. We scattered many detours among other things to keep trainers away from our village."

"So, all of those traps, you set them up?" – asked Brock.

"I used to, yes. But in my old age I am now unable to fulfill that duty. So recently, I put my granddaughter in charge of keeping the village safe." – said the elderly woman.

"Wait a minute, so that means..." – said Lyra as she stared deeply at Melanie, then, a lightbulb turned on her head. – "Hey Brock, that means she's the derange lunatic you were talking about!" – she said with both excitement and innocence.

After hearing the statement of the foreign girl, both Brock and Melanie turn as red as a potato, with her grandmother simply sighing. Of course, she would go overboard. In a flash, Brock rushed straight for Lyra and cover her mouth.

"Are you trying to kill me from embarrassment?" –whispered Brock to the ear of the brunette. – "I'm sorry, you know kids, they sometimes say crazy things like that." – said Brock, trying to fix what his friend caused.

"But you said-"

"That whoever set those up must have been a brilliant and cunning person! Yep, that was what I said!" – interrupted Brock while covering his friends mouth once again while also laughing nervously.

"Oh, please don't. Looking back at the detours I made, I can see why someone would think that. You know, with all the pits, or the wires… or the darts… or the flying logs."

"Don't forget the bridge snapping." – said Ash as innocently as Lyra.

"Oh, not you too!" – thought Brock whom was still keeping Lyra shut.

"Oh, that one was actually my doing." – said the elderly woman.

"Don't you think that was a little extreme?" – asked the raven-haired boy.

"Oh, don't be a baby. There was a net ready to catch whoever fell there. Ask my granddaughter if you don't believe me, she's the one in charge of keeping maintenance of that detour." – she said.

"Oh... right. The net... the net beneath the bridge... The net placed there specifically so people wouldn't fall down the ravine... the bridge's net." – said Melanie, trying to avoid eye contact with her grandmother.

Her grandmother looked at her nervous grandchild carefully before sighing. There is still a lot that she needs to teach her granddaughter.

"Well, at the very least you didn't do something stupid. Like putting spikes on one of those pits of yours, or place a giant bolder that would roll down the intruders."

"Whaaaaaat? No, I mean- pfff. Of course I wouldn't! You can sometimes think the craziest of things grandma... hehe." – she said while playing with her fingers nervously. – "Ok, first thing I do tomorrow morning is to get rid of those spikes." – she thought.


As she was eyeing her granddaughter, she suddenly noticed something. The sky was no longer bright blue. Instead, it now had a yellowish orange coloration, she then turned towards Brock to ask him something.

"Do you what time is it?"

"Oh, umm, let me check." – he said as he pulled a watch from his pocket. – "It seems to be around 6:30." – he informed.

"Well, would you look at that. Time sure flies when you're talking with others. Now, if you excuse me grandma, I have to go prepare dinner and I'm sure that our friends over here need to get going so-"

"Oh don't try to change the subject young lady. Besides, our friends over here aren't going anywhere." – said the elderly woman.

"What?!" – they all shouted.

"You heard me. You're not leaving until I make sure you lot don't reveal any vital information about this sanctuary. Besides, if you're not careful, you may fall to one of Melanie's more... interesting detours. So, for your own safety, you should stay the night."

"That does seem reasonable." – said Brock.

"One more thing. I want you to hand over all of your Pokémon."


"Grandma, don't you think that's a little ex-"

"I'll do what I must to protect my father's legacy. The last time Pokémon trainers set foot on this village, pandemonium erupted and I'm not going to let that happen again."

"Grandma, these are children! You can't possibly think that they'll do something like the, do you?"

"I'm not going to risk the safety of this village, your safety, just because of something like that. Besides, while the two young ones may still be free of sin, I'm not sure their friend is a saint."


"Don't worry Melanie, I can understand her way of thinking. We may not like it, but if it puts her at ease then we'll-"

"No way!"

"As if!"

"Pika Pika!"

"Ma Marill!"

"Guys, it's only going to be for a while, just until we can show Melanie's grandmother that we are trustworthy." – Brock explained to his two friends, but unfortunately, it was to no avail.

"I'm not going to give her Pikachu or any of my Pokémon and neither should you!"

"Ash's right! We are nothing like those trainers, we don't have to prove anything to her!"

"Guy's please, it's just going to be-"

"You may be free of sin, but it seems to me that you are just a couple of brats."

"Grandma! Don't-"

"And you must be crazy if you think we're gonna give up our friends that easily!"

"Do not test me young one, I may be old, but there is a reason I have managed to run this village for over forty years!" – replied the elderly.

Both Brock and Melanie tried their best to defuse the situation, but it was to no avail. It seemed that any argument they tried went through one ear and through the other. Just as everything started to look bleak, someone made its presence notice.


Everyone shut silent and turned towards the seed Pokémon. The small grass type stood there in silent, exchanging its sight from the raven-haired boy and the brunette girl back and forth. It then turned towards the two rodents that perched on their shoulders.

"Bulba, Bulbasaur."

"Pika Pika."

"Bulbasaur, Bulba Bulbasaur."

"Marill Marill. Ma, Marill Marill Ma."

"Saur Bulba?"


"Pikachu. Pika Pika, Pikachu Pika."


The humans watched as the Pokémon talked among one another. What were they talking was a complete enigma to them, but then, the grass type turned once again to the rookies.

"Bulbasaur. Bulba, Bulbasaur Bulba."

The two rookies remained silent, not knowing what the grass type wanted to tell them. So, knowing the nature of the seed Pokémon, Melanie decided to take a guess.

"You... want to see their other Pokémon?" – she asked.

"Bulbasaur." – he nodded.

"Are you out of your mind?!" – asked the elderly woman.

"Bulba." – he shook his head.

The two rookies were just as confuse as the old lady, but then Marill and Pikachu encouraged them to do as it said. So, they pulled two pokeballs each and from them; Houndour, Spinarak, Butterfree and Piedgotto came.

Once outside, the seed Pokémon started to have yet another conversation with the other four Pokémon. It seemed to the humans as if Bulbasaur was asking questions to each and every single one of the Pokémon of the trainers. First, to Spinarak, then Piedgotto, then Houndour and finally Butterfree. After almost half an hour of talking, the seed Pokémon turned towards Melanie.

"Saur, Bulba Bulbasaur Saur." – he said.

"Umm, what did it said?" – asked Lyra.

"I think... I think he's telling you guys that you're ok, right?"

"Bulbasaur." – he nodded.

"Well grandma, it seems that they're on his good side, what now?" – asked Melanie.

"Well, that is quite the feat... Fine, you two can keep your Pokémon. But you on the other hand." –she said as she turned towards Brock.

"He doesn't have to-"

"It's ok guys." – reassured the ex-Gym Leader before taking out his pokeballs. – "If it means getting on your good side then I have no qualms about it. I know you'll take care of them."

And with that, he handed her three pokeballs which contained his Geodude, his Graveler, and his Onix. Both Ash and Lyra were not a fan of their friend having to hand his Pokémon to a cranky old lady. As for Melanie, well, she was already feeling bad enough as it is for all the trouble her detours caused them and this, was not helping in the slightest.

"Hope you're happy." – muttered Ash.

"I may be old, but I can still hear you."

"Good to know." – replied Lyra.

"Anyway, now that all of that is cleared up, is there any place where me and my friends can rest for the night?" – asked Brock, trying his best to calm things down before another fight erupts.

"Well Brock, theres-"

"There's a barn where you can spend the night. Hope you came with a way to cook your own meal."

Melanie was about to speak up, but before she could, Brock replied to her grandmother.

"Thanks ma'am, we really appreciate it and don't worry. We have a few things to prepare dinner for ourselves." – he said.

"You better not make a mess in there. Now, what are you waiting for? A bed time story? A goodnight kiss? Go before I start to regret my decision."

"Don't worry we won't and thanks for lending us your barn, good night. Now, if you excuse us." – said Brock as he made a polite bow to the leader of the Village.

Then, he left for the barn accompanied by the two rookies whom didn't look happy in the slightest. Once they were far enough, Melanie turned to her grandmother.

"Grandma, we have a guest room in our house that could have accommodated all of them. And if not, they could have stayed in the infirmary, so why did you told them to stay in the old barn?" – questioned the young blunette.

"You know the reason Melanie, I don't trust them to stay in the village, much less under the same roof as my beloved granddaughter."

"But Bulbasaur vouched for them."

"Which is why I gave them the barn, now come on, let's go home. We still have dinner to prepare." – she said as she started walking to their home.

Before Melanie started to walk alongside her grandmother, she turned towards the three travelers. To her surprise, Brock turned and their eyes met. The only thing she could do, was to give him an apologetic look that said "I'm sorry". Brock simply smiled and gave her a look that replied "Don't worry" before the two turned away.

As the group of travelers were about to arrive at the barn, Brock managed to look at the expressions of the two kids. They were still pretty angry about the whole situation. He couldn't blame them for it, but he wanted them to understand that she had a bad experience with trainers and that what they were doing (or more specifically what he was doing) was being done to put her at ease.

"Come on guys, why don't turn that frown upside-"

"I don't like it." – said Ash.

"Me neither, we're not bad people so why treat us as if we were?" – said Lyra.

"Look guys, I know you don't like it, but you have to understand, she had a bad experience with Pokémon trainers when she was younger. She's just trying her best."


"Hey, let's look at the bright side of the situation. Staying in a barn could be fun you know. Combine that with my world renounce stew and I'm sure that we'll have a blast." – said Brock, trying his best to lift the mood of the two kids.

Night came pretty quickly for our group of travelers and to tell the truth, staying in the barn (as old looking as it was) was actually more entertaining than they thought. It seemed to be that Brock was right, combine that with his cooking and them being able to enjoy their meal with their Pokémon in a pretty spacious space. Well, for a moment Ash and Lyra forgot what they were mad about.

Once they were done and after a few minutes of goofing around, they all pulled out their sleeping bags to sleep.

It was probably around two in the morning, Spinarak had made a web to sleep on. Pikachu thought that it looked fun, so he asked Spinarak if he could make one for him as well. He didn't mid and in no time, he made a Pikachu size web bed for the electric rodent to sleep on.

Piedgotto and Butterfree were sleeping on a pile of hay, it was rather cozy for the two flying types. Houndour was sleeping on the ground near Marill. There was nothing out of the ordinary about it. Well, at least until Houndour got closer to Marill, opened his mouth and softly started to munch on Marill, almost as if the blue fairy was his personal chewing toy. Marill didn't seemed to noticed it (or maybe he was to sleepy to even care), which only made the scene surprisingly adorable.

As for their trainers... well.

Despite being rather late, the two of them were still awake. Unable to sleep, yet remaining silent as to make sure that their friends got the rest they deserved. Their sleeping bags were placed between three to four meters apart from one another. Ash's hat was placed to his right while Lyra was hugging the egg incubator, holding it as close as she could, not wanting to let go of it. The both had a feeling that the other one was also awake, yet refrain to say anything, just in case they were wrong.

At the end, curiosity got the better of them, not wanting to remain awake with nothing better to do they decided to take the risk at the same time.

"Hey." – they both whispered at the same time.

There was a moment of silence right after they greeted each other. They stayed like that for about five minutes before Lyra spoke up once again.

"Can't sleep?" – she whispered as to not awake Brock.

"Not really, you?" – asked Ash, also trying not to awake the future Pokémon doctor.


"So, what's on your mind right now?"

"Well, you know... stuff."

"Does... does it have anything to do with... you know... what Melanie's grandmother said?"

"Well... kinda, she's... she's not really that nice, but like, I can understand her? Does that make sense?"

"I... well, I think it does."

"... Do you believe what she said?"

"What part? She said a lot of things."

"About people and trainers being mean. Do you... do you think that's true?"

"I uh... I... don't really know. She said how we were the perfect example of it."

"Oh yeah, something... something about us being hurt or something."

"... Do... do you want to talk about it?"

"Not... really. Do you?"

"I... I think not."

After that, the two remained in silent. Quite frankly, they didn't really know what to talk about. They were practically saying the first thing that was coming to mind. Instinctively, the two of them looked at their scars. They represented a few things to them: how they screwed up, how inexperience they truly were (even more so than their grades on their license exam) and how they almost bited the dust.

But they also represented something else: they represented their first step taken towards their dreams, they were a reminder that even though they were afraid, they managed to overcome said fear. They were a reminder of how they met their first Pokémon and how (after a lot of patience and a near-death experience) they became friends, as well as a reminder of the mysterious Pokémon they saw on the skies.

Those scars were a mark.

A mark of their start as Pokémon trainers.

There were faint smiles that formed on their faces. But said smiles disappeared the more they thought about what happened when they arrived at the Hidden Village.

"Well, I... I want to believe that I'm a good person and I want to believe that you and Brock are good people. But after what happened... I'm not really sure. I guess... I guess I'm a bit afraid."

"Of what?"

"Well... those trainers she mentioned. What they did, it... wasn't a nice thing to do and..."

"You're afraid that you'll become into something like them?"

"Yeah... Is it dumb to think that?"

"I... I don't think so. Honestly... I'm afraid too."

"And with what she said about our grades... She said that a lot of criminals are people with our grades... So, does that mean that... that that's what we are meant to be? Is that what people think when they see us? Do they expect nothing of us? That we'll be nothing but criminals?"

"I... I really don't know. This... this is kind of confusing."

"And odd too."


"... But like... don't you think it's a bit sad?"

"What's sad?"

"That... well, that her first experience with trainers was so bad. I... I want to believe that there are good trainers out there. That we can become good trainers."

"When you say it like that... I guess it does."

"And I... well... I kind of don't like it."

"So, want to change that?"

"I mean... I'm pretty sure that we can change her way of how she sees Pokémon trainers and people in general, right?"

"Yeah, like... maybe if we help out. We could show her that there are Pokémon trainers that are genuinely good, right?"


"But... I just remember something. Your Gym badge, wouldn't we be wasting time with this?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot about it... Well, it's not like the Gym is going anywhere, besides we really don't know our way to Vermillion city. So, the sooner we prove her that we're good people, the sooner we get to Vermillion city and the sooner I get to win my next Gym badge."

"Well the, I guess... I guess that's going to be out plan."

"Yeah, I guess so."

"... Hey Ash, do you feel tired?"

"Not really... do you?"

"I, guess not... but I'll try to see if I can go to sleep."

"Yeah, guess I should do the same."

"...Hey Ash."


"Good night."

"Thanks, you too."

And so, the Pallet town boy and the New Bark town girl went on and tried their best to get some sleep. Unbeknownst to the two, a certain fifteen-year-old teenager heard the whole thing and he smiled.

Somewhere close by, two adults dressed in white and a talking Meowth were currently pulling themselves out of a pit. They were tired, they were covered in dirt, but a certain individual with long magenta colored haired was furious. Ney, she was livid.

"Alright, who was the genius that thought it would be fun TO PUT SPIKED AT THE BOTTOM OF THAT PIT!" – shouted Jessie.

"You know, it ain't really that bad of a trap. Maybe if we remove the spikes, we could take that Pikachu and handed it to da boss." – said Meowth.

"Speaking of the twerp, where is he?" – asked James.

"I don't care where he is right now. The only thing I care is to find whoever did this and throw them to it, see if they like it!" – she shouted.

Both James and Meowth sighed at the reaction of their friend.

This was going be a long night indeed.

Before ending today's chapter, I just wanted to say something.

Recently did I discovered that one of the people following my story decided to try and make his own version of the story. And so far, I like it. I mean, it's only two chapters and I have only read the first one so far, but what I've read is pretty interesting.

The name of the story is "Pokemon: Pallet town heroes" by Fifth-Rate.

Honestly, I felt flattered when I saw that someone started to write a story inspired by mine. So, if you find yourself reading my story and you asked yourself, "What would have happened if this had happened differently", then you should probably go check his take. From what I've read so far, I have a feeling that our stories are going to be very different despite the premise. Which is why I'll be looking out for his uploads.

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