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Pokemon Ash and the Dex Holders: Kanto @oanglalie
Chapter 6: The Mystery of Mount Moon!

Chapter 6: The Mystery of Mount Moon!

"HEEEEELP!" – shouted someone.

Right now, a brown–haired man (well, if you could call a scrawny looking fifteen–year–old a man) was currently running through the woods. Why?

Because right now, he was being chase by team Rocket grunts.

The brunette despite his appearance was running pretty fast. He had long lost the criminals, but the idea of them still being after him kept him from slowing down. This, unfortunately meant, that he was unable to notice the tree roots in front of him. Which meant that he ended up tripping, hitting the ground hard.

"Ow." – exclaimed the brunette as a figure approached him.

"See, this is why you should always look were you're going." – said a female voice.

That voiced, belonged to none other than Blue and who she was talking to? Well her two Pokémon of course.

"Squirtle squirtle." – said Blasty.

"Di, ditto." – second Ditty.

"Hey, you still there?" – asked Blue to the fallen guy.

She was tempted to pick a stick and pock at him just for fun, but the teenager soon started to pick himself up. – "Yeah I'm fine. Thanks for asking." – he said rubbing the top of his head.

"You know, you kind of remind me of a friend of mine. He hardly paid attention where he was going when he was excited too." – said Blue.

"Well, I don't think excitement would be the word I would use to describe what I was feeling." – he said. – "Oh sorry, I haven't introduced myself. My names Bill nice to meet you um..."

"Sorry, I don't usually give my name to people I just met. Anyway, if you excuse us, we have to get going soooo..." – said Blue before she and her Pokémon started to walk off.

"Wait! You can't go there!" – exclaimed Bill with fear in his voice.

"Why not? Cerulean City is on that direction and the fastest way to get there is through Mount Moon right?"

"Yeah it is, but it's not safe!"

"Are you talking about the wild Pokémon? Because I'm sure I can handle them."

"It's not that! Team Rocket is on Mount Moon!" – Bill shouted.

Blue and her Pokémon immediately stopped after hearing that. Those goofballs again?

"You sure?" – she asked.

Bill nodded like crazy before he started to explain. – "I was exploring the area when I met a couple of them inside the caves. I tried to sneak my way out, but they spotted me rather quickly. I managed to make a break for it, but unfortunately, they took one of my Pokémon with them." –he said with a sorrow expression in his face. However, said expression suddenly banished once he finally became aware of the girl's companions.

"Wait a second, you wouldn't happen to be a Pokémon trainer, would you?" – he asked with Blue nodding after a few seconds of hesitation. – "Please, you have to help me rescue my Pokémon from team Rocket before it's too late!" – he bagged, almost to the point to drop to his knees.

"... Nope." – said Blue before she started walking away, much to Bill's horror.

"Wait what! No please wait!" – Bill said as he pathetically tried to walk towards her.

"Look Boff, you seem to be a nice guy but I have places to be and hopefully people to meet. I've already wasted enough time as it is. If I were you, I would call the police for help instead of asking random people you meet in the forest." – said Blue as she kept walking.

"It's actually Bill, but that doesn't matter! I don't have any means to contact the authorities and the closest police department is in Cerulean City! – said Bill in distress as he rushed to catch up to her, once he did, he stopped in front of the trainer and her two companions. – "Even if I did, by the time they arrived team Rocket would have most likely fled the area, I can't imagine and don't want to imagine what they'll do to my Pokémon. If I could ask someone else for help I would, but there's no one else... Please... I'm begging you." – he said, almost on the verge of crying as he bowed to the brunette in front of him.

Blue stared at Bill in silence, he was undoubtedly desperate. The silence remained for about a minute, but for the fifteen–year–old, it was the longest minute of his life. Finally, Blue decided to break the silence.

"Sorry, but the answer is still no." – she said, much to Bill's horror.

He lifted his head to meet Blue's eyes, hoping he heard wrong. However, when he did, he saw Blue's expression which was more than enough proof to him that she meant what she said.

Bill's eyes widen as all the color was drained from his face, becoming as pale as a ghost. When Blue started to walk away once more Bill's body started to tremble. He wanted to move to her side, to try and convince her once more. But his body didn't move from the position he was, still staring at where Blue once was. Before he knew it, he started to sob.

Blue couldn't help but to feel bad for the guy. Maybe she could help, but truth be told, his problems didn't and shouldn't concern her. Sure, she technically dismantled a Rocket operation a couple days ago, but that was a onetime thing. Honestly, she was still not sure why she did it. Maybe it was that she could, in a way, relate to those Pokémon, maybe it was because the way the man in charged talked reminded her so much of him, or maybe because she found that Erika as annoying as the wig she was wearing that day. It didn't matter, what happened that day was different from what was happening now, right?

Granted, both occasions involved team Rocket taking Pokémon from their respective owners, but the people of Nara town were tricked in giving them away. Bill was practically asking for his Pokémon to get stolen, right?

As she was walking, Blue turned her head towards Bill. What she saw, was a broken teenager, struggling not to collapse on the ground. His pathetic cries growing louder as time passed. At such sight, Blue couldn't help but wonder, did they reacted like that when she was taken away?

At the confusion of her Pokémon, Blue suddenly stopped. She then sighed before taking a deep breath. – "GODDAMIT RED!!!" – she shouted to the heavens with such volume that she staggered her own Pokémon. All while in another part of the region, a black–haired individual suddenly sneezed, much to the confusion of his red–headed companion.

Her scream also managed to snap Bill out of his depressed state. As he turned, with tears running down his face, he saw Blue turn around and walking towards him.

"Ok, if we're going to do this you're going to do exactly as I say. Are we clear?" – said Blue.

"Wh–what?" – questioned Bill.

"Your Pokémon, don't you want to rescue it?"

"B–but you said–"

"I know what I said, it's just... sigh. Look, I want to go to Cerulean as fast as I can. You want to retrieve you're Pokémon from team Rocket. As it turns out, both our objectives require to go to Mount Moon. Might as well stick together and be done with it." – said Blue.

Bill was quite shock to hear that, a relieved expression soon replaced the look of despair he had a few seconds ago. He tried to reach Blue to give her a hug, but the brunette raised both of her hands.

"Wow, hold your Rapidash pal. This doesn't mean we're friends or something like that. Our objectives just so happen to be aligned enough for me lend a hand, got it?" – stated Blue.

"Oh, yeah sorry my bad. It's just that... After you first turn me down, well, you have no idea how glad I am that you're helping me, um... Sorry, could I know you're name? Or is there some other way I could address you?" – asked Bill as he realized he didn't knew her name.

Blue also realized that as well. While she didn't want to give Bill her actual name, there had to be a way he could address to her. She then placed her hand on her chin as she started to think of something. All while looking around her surroundings for something that could help her. Then, her gaze was set upon the branches of a tree, or to be more specific, at what was on the branches.

"You may call me... Leaf." – she told her new companion.

"Leaf? So, is that like your name, or something?"

"Again, you seem like a nice guy Bradd, but the only way you can know my name is to earn my trust. And just so you know how hard that is, only four people have done such feat and I still haven't one hundred percent opened myself to them. So that's how you'll call me until you can earn my trust. That is, if you can manage that." – stated Blue.

"It's Bill actually, but that doesn't matter. You have no idea how grateful I am that you're helping me. Thanks Leaf, it means a lot." – he said.

For some reason. Blue (or Leaf) smiled at the fifteen–year–old. Maybe it was the fact that seeing him ease up made her feel better with herself. Maybe it was that helping Bill with his situation was something she would have liked happened when she was taken from her family. Or maybe it was Red's influence finally starting to take over. It didn't matter, she was glad.

"Ok, first things first. I want you to tell me everything you know about those goofballs." – she said.

If Blue was capable of beating an entire Rocket operation by herself with little effort, then stopping a couple of members would be relatively easy.

Green was now on a town west to Cerulean City, it's been a couple of days since he defeated the Pewter City Gym. Oddly enough, the experience wasn't what he had expected. Long before he had arrived there, he heard that the Gym leader was someone young, around the age of his sister perhaps. Yet he was someone that gave off an aura of respect. Someone capable of handling nearly anything. Someone that could be trusted with anything and have the reassurance that it'll be okay.

Yet when he arrived at the Gym, he was greeted by the presence of a man that, by looks alone, looked to be older than either of his parents. Such imposing figure he had heard from was nowhere to be seen. The battle was also a bit lackluster. He won without losing a single Pokémon and without either one of them taking that much damage.

Maybe what he heard was just people exaggerating the truth? Maybe he was even better than he originally thought?

Well, it didn't matter now did it?

He now had a badge and some reward money, that's all he cared about for now. The next step to prove that he was better than Red was obvious, go to Cerulean and beat its Gym Leader. Hopefully, said person would offer him a better challenge.

At the moment, he was walking through the town's streets until someone called for him. Green decided to ignore said person and kept walking. Unfortunately, it seemed that the person calling for him didn't take the hint. Green tried with all he could, but then again, he was never known for his patience.

"WHAT?!" – shouted the annoyed trainer as he turned to meet the person calling for him.

Said person was a kid much younger than him, maybe three or four years younger than him. He had light–brown hair, was wearing a yellow shirt, blue shorts and had a blue cap backwards. The kid stared at Green for a couple of seconds before answering.

"Are you a Pokémon trainer?" – he asked.

Green's left eye then started to twitch after hearing what the (possible) six–year–old had said. Did he seriously instigated him just to ask such dumb question?

"What if I am?" – said Green while grinded his teeth.

The boy stared at Green for a few seconds before replying. – "I heard that a bunch of trainers are all gathering in the park. Apparently, whoever beats them all will receive a big surprise." – he said before walking away.

After leaving, Greens eye started to twitch even more intensely than before. He was now glad to be the youngest of the family. Once he returns home, Green will make sure to share to his parents his desire to not have any younger siblings.

Well, might as well check that thing out. Maybe he'll fine a real challenge there.

"Hey, I heard that if I beat your lot, I'll get some reward. Is that true?" – asked Green to whom he assumed to be the one in charge.

"Why yes that's true. But I must warn you boy, this trail is not for the faint of heart. Only the strongest are allow to partake in this event of mine." – replied the man.

Said man was around his early to mid–thirties, had purple hair and had a white jacket. For the way he talked, he apparently had tried to intimidate the young Oak. However, Green simply smirked at the man.

"Is that so. Heh. Then this might not be a complete waste of time as I originally thought." – boasted Green.

While the man tried to hide it, such remark clearly annoyed him. – "Is that so... Then, be my guest, your first opponent should be waiting for you just ahead." – said the man as he moved to the side, allowing Green passage through.

"You should start preparing my reward, this won't take long." – he said, as confident as ever before walking to the park.

"Spoiled brat."

It didn't take Green that long before encountering the first trainer. He was definitely older than him by around two years. He had a bowl cut brown hair, a yellow jacket and a pair of shorts. He may not be the most fashionable person he ever met, but it's not like he really cared. The only thing in his mind, was to become stronger.

"So, it seems that I have a new challenger! I should warn you; four people have already tried to take on this challenge and none of them had been able to get past me!" – said the trainer, trying to intimidate his opponent as much as he could.

However, Green did not fell for such petty attempt. – "I am nothing like the mediocrity you have faced so far." – retorted Green coldly.

The other trainer was taken back by such reply. His intimidation tactic had worked on the past two trainers. Yet, this guy was not only completely unfazed, but was actually intimidating him instead.

"You won't be as cocky as once I'm done with you!" – he said, as he nervously threw a pokeball in front of him. From it, a large brown rodent appeared.

Green pulled his Pokedex (surprising the other trainer, as he never saw a machine like that) and pointed it to his opponent.

Raticate the Mouse Pokémon and the Evolved Form of Rattata

A Normal Type, Pokedex number #020

It uses its whiskers to maintain its balance. It apparently slows down if they are cut off.

Green smirked as he returned the machine to his pocket before pulling out a pokeball. – "I believe the time for talking has ended." – he said as he threw it to the front.

From it, his fighting type (now designated as Champ) came forth. This suddenly made his opponents felt least at ease. They now knew that they were at a disadvantage.

Green then grew even more confident than before, he won't be having any trouble dealing with them.

"Hey, look who I found trying to sneak back in." – said a Rocket grunt to his partner.

Next to him were a blue bat–like creature with no eyes and Bill with ropes around his body, seemingly captured.

The grunt's partner smiled after hearing said words.

"You know, this wouldn't had happen had you not interfere in matters that doesn't concern you." – he said as he started walking towards them. – "Was there anyone else accompanying him?"

"Nah, he was just by himself. Can't tell if that makes him brave, or just stupid."

"Pleas, I just came back for my Pokémon. Just return him to me and I promise I won't tell a thing to the police!" – Bill begged.

"Stupid it is! Listen pal, us Rockets do whatever we want, whenever we want without anyone having a say in it. Don't take it personal, we're just doing our job." – said the grunt standing to his side.

"W–what are you going to do with me?" – asked Bill, with fear in his voice.

"That depends if you behave, for the time being. Why don't you sit there until we're done with our job." – said the man in front of him.

"What job are you doing? M–maybe I could be of–"

"Now, now." – said the man to his side as he wrapped his arm around him. – "What did we just say about behaving." – he said as a sadistic smiled appeared in his face.

Bill gulped in fear of the man as his partner started to chuckle. – "Just to make sure he doesn't try anything funny. Why don't you leave your Zubat to keep guard of him?" – suggested the man to his partner.

"Excellent idea!" – he replied as he turned to his Pokémon. – "Zubat, while we're busy with our mission, I want you to keep an eye on our little guest. Understood? – he said as he and only he laughed at his joke.

"I... I can't... why did you..." – said the other Rocket as he sighed. – "Let's just get this over with. The sooner we're done, the sooner I'll be release from you and your terrible sense of humor."

"Tsk. Everyone's a critic these days." – he complained as he followed his partner to a deeper part of the cavern.

Once they were out of sight, Zubat turned to Bill. Its expression was completely intimidating, much to Bill's confusion. That is, until said expression was replaced by a more at ease and friendly look. It then made a sound, as if calling for someone.

After a few seconds of waiting, Blue (or for the time being Leaf) arrived with a Zubat, wrapped in a duck–tape cocoon. Next to her was Blasty, as upbeat as always.

"You know, I would love to disagree with that guy on the principle of not agreeing with any team Rocket member in general. But he's right. That joke suuuuuucked." – she said as she walked towards Bill.

Blasty however had to disagree with his trainer. He found the joke quite ingenious.

"I got to be honest with you Leaf. I'm not the biggest fan of this plan of yours." – said Bill as Leaf started to untied him.

After telling Leaf everything he saw of team Rocket's operation, she devised a plan to free Bill's Pokémon.

The idea was for Bill to get the attention of one of the grunts and try to make him call for his own Pokémon to help him chase after the fifteen–year–old. Once he was away from his partner, they would try and separate the Pokémon from the grunt. Once that was done, Leaf would incapacitate it while she had Ditty take its place.

After which, Bill would allow himself to get capture and be taken to where the other guy was. Then they would either, hope that they left Ditty guard Biil. Or if things went south, had Ditty attack them when their guard was down. Then, Leaf would have swoop in and delivered the finishing blow alongside Blasty.

So far, things were looking pretty good.

"Oh, come on. It wasn't that bad, stop complaining Barry." – said Leaf as she was successful in freeing her partner from his bindings.

"It's still Bill, but it doesn't matter. Besides I guess you're right, things could have gone a lot worst." – he said, as he started to get up from where he once was.

"That's the spirit!" – she said as she then looked at the blue eyeless bat next to her. – "Well done Ditty. You are truly a master of disguise."

The blue bat smiled, pleasant to hear such praise. It then flew to the top of her head and morphed into a pink blob.

"Ditto!" – it said as it stood proud on top of its trainer's head.

"Yeah, yeah. Just don't let it get to your head, alright?" – she said before turning to a bunch of cages.

"Well, guess we should free those guys before duo Mc–dumbass gets back." – she said to her companion.

"Guess you're right." – he said as the four of them went towards the cages.

Said cages, had a decent amount of Pokémon but they weren't that special to be honest. Most of them consisted of Geodude, Rattata, some Kakuna among others. Thankfully for the young brunette it didn't seem like there were that kind of Pokémon.

"Hey, is your Pokémon here?" – she asked.

"Let me see." – responded Bill as he started to look among the cages for his friend. It didn't take him long before he found him. – "There he is!" – he shouted in excitement.

Without haste, Blasty literally headbutted the lock off of the cage. Once open, a brown blur rushed towards Bill as the two embraced into a powerful hug. At first, Blue didn't thought anything of said exchange. However, upon having a closer look, her heart suddenly missed a beat. Her eyes widen, her skin suddenly lost all color as her breath started to became more and more uneasy.

In front of her, was a brown duck–like Pokémon with a white underbelly and was carrying a leek stalk.

It was... one of those Pokémon.

While Bill was to busy with his Pókemon to pay any attention. Both Blasty and Dirty were quick to notice their trainer's sudden change of mood. Truth be told, they quickly became worry of her. She stopped a Rocket operation some time ago without even showing any sense of worry. Yet now, she seemed to resemble a five–year–old that got separated from he mother while doing the groceries.

"Oh, sorry Leaf. Guess we got caught in the moment." – said Bill as he turn his sight towards Blue.– "Leaf, this is my Farfetch'd. Farfetch'd, this is Leaf, it's because of her that I was able to rescue you."

"Faaar!" – it said greatfully as it tried to approach the brown–haired girl.

However, much to everyone's surprise. Blue staggered backwards as sweat started to appear on her face. This didn't go unnoticed by Bil,but before he could ask what was wrong. Blue turned to face the other direction.

"W–welll, we have o–one thing less t–to worry about." – Blue stuttered as she tried to recover from the shock. – "W–we should start prep–preparing our c–counter attack."

"Did… did I heard right? Did you said counter attack?" – he asked, as Blue nervously nodded. – "But we already rescued Farfetch'd, as well as some other Pókemon. Shouldn't we try to sneak past those guys to get to Cerulean city?"

Blue shooked as she tried to explain to the best of her ability. – "If… if we're not q–quick enough, which c–chances are we won't. They'll both c–catch up to us and we d–don't want to i–imagine what'll h–happen next."

"But I managed to get away from them last time, so maybe we can–" – Bill was interrupted by Blue when she shooked her head once more.

"I think… I t–think t–that the reason you m–managed to e–escape was b–because… b–because… I'm sorry I can't, I just can't! Could you p–please g–get t–that thing back into its p–pokeball!" – Blue cried as she hug herself. Her body trembled and both Ditty and Blasty approached their trainer, to try to comfort her.

Bill and his Farfetch'd were both surprised by the sudden emotional meltdown that Leaf showed now. They didn't knew why, but apparently, the sight of the flying type shook her to her core. So, they decided to comply.

"Sorry, it'll be until it's all over, alright." – Bill said to his Pókemon.

Farfetch'd nodded before being engolfed by a red light. Returning to the spherical capsule if his partner.

Once that was done, Bill turned to the girl to tell her that Farfetch'd was back into his pokeball. This seemingly worked as Blue's breathing slowly became more at ease. Her body was no longer as tense as before, she was no longer hugging herself and color returned to her skin once more.

It took a few extra seconds before Blue started talking once more.

"… Thanks. As I was saying, I think that the reason you managed to escape was because they didn't think that much of you. Plus, I'm sure one of them had to stay behind to guard your and the other Pókemon. Once they realize that not only did you managed to escape. But that you also managed to free the Pókemon that they had captured. Well, chances are that they'll do everything within their power to capture you again. Plus, with the two of them, they'llbe able to cover a lot more ground."

"If that were to happen, couldn't we just try and beat them both. I mean, I'm no battler, but I'm sure you could take them, right?" – he asked, however once more, Blue shook her head in denial.

"I know two guys that could maybe take on them both, but I'm not like them. Without the element of surprise, the two of us would get crushed no questions asked. That's why we should neutralize them both while we still have the chance." – she said, although there was another reason.

Even though she has travel through the forest for some time, she has been lucky in avoiding bird–like Pókemon. However, Blue doesn'twant to push said luck. Especially now that she would have two very angry Rockets chasing after her. If she were to see a Pidgey or a Spearow she would no doubt have another panic attack. Which would no doubt put them at an even bigger disadvantage than they would already be.

That's without mentioning that, if they were force to battle the Rocket recruits. Bill will either be force to pull out Farfetch'd, which would only cause troubles or remain in the sidelines while Blue those all the fighting. Even if he had another Pókemon, he himself just stated that he's not a Pókemon trainer. He just has Pókemon, Pókemon that don't and most likely won't have the proper training to battle.

No, fighting in a situation in which she has at the very least, more control is the better option.

"I… I guess you're right. So, what's the plan?" – Bill asked.

"Before that… Do you… Do you have another Pókemon besides Farfetch'd?" – Blue asked.

Bill was taken back by her question, but then he remembered the panick attack she had literally five minutes ago when she saw Farfetch'd. He wasn't sure, but maybe the girl had a traumatic event with a Farfetch'd? Or a Pókemon similar to Farfetch'd? Whatever it was that troubles her, it would be best for him to avoid the issue for the time being.

"Y–yeah, I have a Porygon. I usually leave him back home, but today I decided to bring him to my expedition to Mount Moon." – Bill said as he pulled the pokeball of said creature from his pocket.

"Ok, that could be useful. But, before we start talking about what to do, I just want to get it out of my chest." – she said as she turned towards Bill. – "Next time you want to ask for help, make sure to tell them everything. Not only whom your attackers were, but also the identity of the Pókemon in question. Also, telling them that you also have another Pókemon at hands should be something you might want to tell the person that is trying to help you." – Blue said, with some obvious resentment.

Bill gulped before nodding nervously and with some sense of guilt. – "Sorry Leaf, my bad. I swear it won't happen again.

"That better be true." – Blue said, thankfully, it seemed that the Rockets didn't heard her meltdown from before, otherwise they would have been in big troubles. She then took a deep breath before talking once more.

"Ok, here's what I've got in mind."

"Champ! Finish him off with karate chop now!" – Green commanded.

The super power Pókemon after hearing his trainer rushed at his opponent, a two headed bird and landed a powerful blow straight at its body. The force was so much, that it sensed the two–handed bird backwards, knocking it out almost instantaneously.

"Doduo!" – shouted a purple–haired girl.

"And that makes it ten." – Green said, a cocky smile adorned his face.

After returning her Pókemon back into its pokeball, the purple–haired girl walk towards Green.

"I guess I wasn't good enough, you're really strong." – she said as she handed Green some prize money.

"Thanks, I guess you're not that bad either. At least if I were to compare you with the other guys I fought. You would no doubt be the the most competent. At least you gave a decent amount of challenge. Although it was still to be expected from someone like me." – said Green, as confident as ever.

The girl gave him a conflicted look, as if she didn't knew what to feel. Disappointment, relieve, pity. Something the young Oak was quick to notice. But before he could give any thought to her expression, she suddenly gained a look of fear as she started to pale.

"W–well, congratulations. I got to get going, s–see you around." – she said as she left the area in a hurry.

Before Green could question her behavior even further, he noticed a presence right behind him.

"Well done, what a marvelous display of both skill and strength." – said a voice.

When Green turned, he saw the host of the event walking towards him while smiling.

"I must admit, when you first showed up, I thought that you were nothing but a cocky spoiled brat. But now, after seeing what you're truly capable off. You had every right to boast as much as you did." – congratulated the purple–haired man.

"The outcome was rather obvious, now about my reward." – Green said with a cold expression.

However, despite the less than friendly greeting from the young trainer, the man's smile never left his face.

"Ah, yes of course, how could I forget such detail." – he said as he took something out of his jacket. Said object was a golden pebble the size of his Charmander's head at the very least.

"Here it is, your prize for beating my challenge. Congratulations." – he said as he handed Green the golden pebble.

"Huh, well, I guess I shouldn't expect anything below this." – said Green as he inspectioned his prize.

"Indeed, anything less would no doubt be an insult to the skills of a trainer of your caliber. But fret not, because that's not your only reward young man."

"It's not?"

"Why, of course not. While any other scrub may found him or herself comfortable with such reward. I believe you deserve something more. I can see a lot of potential from you, potential that appears only once a generation. Tell me, have you ever had the desire to belong to something bigger?" – asked the man.

"Like what, joining some sort of club?" – asked Green.

"I wouldn'tuse those words to describe what I'm talking about, but yes something like that."

"Sorry, I don't do well when working with others. I prefer to work alone. Besides, I already have things to do, like challenging the Gym leaders in order to get stronger and beat a certain someone. Having to tag along with others would simply slow me down."

"I see, while I can respect such opinion, I would suggest you to think things very carefully. Being a lone Arcanine can only take you so far. Besides, while I do agree that the Gym leaders may be powerful, not all of them have the capability of helping you reach your true potential."

"I'm listening." – said Green, the man's smile grew wider once he heard those words.

"You say there'sa certain someone you want to defeat, right?" – asked the man.

Green nodded.

"Well, the organization I work for could help you achieve that and any other goals you may have. With our help, you could, no, you will grow stronger beyond your wildest dreams. So much so, that the Gym leaders will be nothing but mere flies to you." – he said.

"Okay, you keep talking on and on about your little group, but I don't know anything about you or what I would do if I were to join you."

"Oh, I wouldn't use the word little to describe us you know." – he said, as he confidently opened part of his white jacket. What he revealed, was a black shirt with a big red R in the middle.

Team Rocket.

"As for what you would do once you're a full member, well. You'llfirst have to do a few small operations here and there, but with your level of skill. I'm sure you will in no time, rise above the ranks. If you do things right, you may even take over as an admin. Something many members try, but fail to accomplish."

"… So, was this some sort of recruitment project?" – asked Green as coldly as ever.

"Something like that. If that group of failures had been successful in beating every trainer that I threw at them. I would simply had sent them to the academy. But you, well, who needs those losers when we could have someone like you among us. Not only will you become a full–pledge member right from the start. But that golden pebble is a sample of what you could accomplish if once you join us. Trust me, in no time you will gain so much, that that pebble would look like pocket change." – stated the now reveal Rocket member.

Green decided to take his time in how to answer to the man, he really wanted to beat Red, to show that he was truly better in every way. Not only that, but with their help, he could not only complete the Pokedex, but also, he could help Blue with her problem.

"My answer…" – started Green, as the team Rocket member's smile grew even wider than before. – "… is no."

While a certain loud mouth raven–haired boy would believe that Green would accept said offer, the reality was something completely different. Green may be cold, ambitious and a bit of a jerk. But even he knew that joining a crime syndicate in order to accomplish his goals would be purely idiotic.

Whatever Ash may think of him, he was no criminal.

The man's smile slowly started to disappear, replace by a look of shock. – "What?" – he asked, unable to process what the young trainer said.

"You heard me, in fact, the idea of you even thinking of not only offering me to join team Rocket, but that I would accept is by far the most dumb–numbingly idiotic thing of all times. I should beat you senselessly, but since you gave me this, I may as well let it slide for today." – said Green as he packed the golden pebble in his backpack.

"You… but… I'm giving you the offer of a lifetime. The opportunity of belonging to something greater, and you... YOU JUST REJECT IT LIKE THAT!!!" – he shouted angrily, although Green didn't even flinch.

"I think I already made myself clear. So either get lost or else." – warned Green.

"You… you really… Hahahahaha. You really think you can just walk away like that? No! It doesn't matter if I have to drag your broken body to headquarters, one way or another, you WILL be a member of team Rocket!" – declared the man, as he threw a pokeball in front of him.

From it, a purple mouse–like creature emerged. Green didn't need to pull out the Pokedex to know what Pókemon it was. It was a Nidoran, the pre–evolved form of Nidorino. He should know, especially after spending so much time playing with the one belonging to his grandfather when he was younger.

"Nidoran! Break that boy and his pet!" – shouted the man.

The poison type Pókemon complied, charging at the two of them

"Champ, dodge and use Karate chop!" – ordered Green.

The fighting type dodged the attack and landed the most powerful blow he could to the purple creature. However, unlike the other times, his opponent managed to resist the attack without suffering that much.

Before they could react, Nidoran rush towards Champ, slamming into him and causing a surprising amount of damage.

"What's wrong brat, what happened to that spark you had a few minutes ago!" – taunted the Rocket recruit as Green greeted his teeth.

His Pókemon were already tired of fighting ten other opponents. Champs was already breathing heavily, Green had to think of a way to get out of this one.

"Champ, try to avoid him at all cost and land as many attacks as you can!" – ordered Green.

"Is that really the best you could come up with? Perhaps I overestimated you ability. Nidoran, keep on the offensive! Show them your true power!"

Nidoran then ran towards Champ once more, with the super power Pókemon dodging and landing another karate chop on his forehead. The same exchange continued for some time. Although Champ was unable to evade all the attacks of his opponent. Likewise, not all of his attacks landed on the poison type.

By the end, both of them were covered in bruises and breathing heavily, unfortunately for Champ, he got the worst part of it all. He was now on one knee while one of his eyes was shut close. If Nidorino landed another hit on him, it would be game over.

It seemed like that was gonna happen as Nidoran charged at Champ, with the latter unable to move. Just as the attack was about to connect, Champ was surrounded by a red light. Saving him from receiving that tackle attack.

"What?!" – asked the man as Nidoran slammed into thin air.

"You must really be stupid if you think I was gonna use only one Pókemon against you." – said Green as he threw another pokeball.

From it, came Char and although he was also tired from his battles earlier. He was in a car better state than his current opponent.

"Char, use scratch and follow it up with a barrage of ember!"

"Chaaaar!" – shouted the fire type as he rushed at Nidoran. Backhanding him and shooting multiple fire projectiles from his tail.

They all hit their target causing a small explosion. Once the dust settled Nidoran's unconscious body laid before them.

Green smirked at his opponent as he recalled his Pókemon back.

"You useless piece of trash." – said the man harshly to his pokeball before turning to Green and smile.

"Why are you smiling? Did you forget that I just beat you?" – asked Green.

"Oh, I just remembered something you said not that long ago. Something along the lines of being stupid if you thought I would only use one Pókemon against you." – said the man, erasing Green'smile from his face.

His Pókemon were already tired, there'sno way he could beat his other Pókemon now.But before he could throw the ball, a voice commanded him to cease at once. When they turned, they saw that the two of them were surrounded by police officers, all accompanied by Growlithe and other similar Pókemon. Behind them, was a scared girl that Green recognized. She was the last of the ten trainers he defeated

"Place that pokeball slowly on the ground and put your hands where I can see them!" – shouted one of the officers.

After Blue had made Ditty use transform to turn into Zubat once more, she then asked it to try and use echo location to map the cave to the best of its abilities. Afterwhich, Ditty would relay the information to Porygon so that it could guide Bill to a location where he could sneak attack the Rocket members. All while Blue distracts them directly, making sure they only pay attention to her.

The plan was rather risky considering that she wasn't as skill fighter as Red or Green. But she believed she could be able to pull it off, if not at least better than Bill would. Besides, if things go south, she could just rattle him out and make a run for it.

When she arrived at were the two recruits were, she saw them both trapping a bunch of pink chubby–looking creatures. If Blue remembered things right (which of course she did) those Pokémon were Clefairy. There were also some that looked like grown up versions of said Pokémon. It was obviously their evolved form, Clefable perhaps? Plus, some other Pokémon that looked like the baby version of the two of them. Blue was unable to recognized that one, which while not impossible, was something that rarely happens.

Maybe the Pokedex can tell her something about them?

She'll figure it out once she deals with the situation at hand.

Besides catching the pink Pokémon, the two adults seemed to be looking for something.

"Hey are you sure that the intel was right? 'Cause I haven't found anything yet." – said the one that had left his Zubat to guard Bill.

"Well, the file said so, those fossils should be somewhere around here. And if they're not, at the very least we won't be leaving empty handed. I didn't knew you could find Cleffa in the wild, much less in the Kanto region." – said the other man.

"Guess you're right. Still, if we don't find any fossils soon, I'll make sure that those intel guys do their job right or else."

"Can't argue with that. Come on, let's keep looking." – he replied, as they continued with what they were doing.

"Fossils? As in, fossil Pokémon? Here on Mount Moon" - Blue thought to herself.

She then began to take a closer look at the individuals themselves. By the way they talked, they seemed to be on better speaking terms than the last Rockets she met. Maybe not close enough to be best friends or something like that. But trying to trick them into fighting each other would most likely not work.

Blue then took a look to the men's belts. She could see that they were carrying two Pokémon each. She assumed that one of those Pokémon belonged to the Zubat from before. That means that both her and Bill would have to deal with at most, three Pokémon. The same amount of Pokémon that they had at their disposal. Well, the ones that wouldn't give her a panic attack.

Still, it would be better if they could make sure they had the least amount of back up as possible. And she had an idea of how to do it.

She turned to Ditty, still disguised as Zubat, whom nodded, understanding what to do. The time to act was now.

"Hey there gentlemen. Would you please be so kindly as to tell this poor lost girl where the exit would be?" – Blue asked, making her presence known to the criminals.

The two criminal turn to face her, shocked as to see another kid near their operation for the second time.

"What the- who the heck are you? And how did you managed to find this place? – asked one of the men.

"Why I'm just an innocent young maiden that was unfortunate enough to stray herself on this vast mountain."

As she said that as innocent as possible Zubat flew from behind her and towards its trainer. It seemed to tried to apologize to the man.

"Oh thank heavens, you would please be so kindly to rid of that Pokémon? It has antagonized me ever since passing by it and some odd individual." – said Blue.

"An odd indivi- wait a minute! You mean a tied-up boy? What happened to him? I swear if you-"

"I am unaware of his current condition. Afte seeing such untasteful sight, I ran as fast as I could. Fearing for what way that lad's avocations could taint my innocent mind." – replied Blue.

"Well, it doesn't matter, you've seen too much. Me and my two pals, as well as my partner over here will have to take matters in our hands." – said one of the men.

"May I ask, by your two pals, you wouldn't happen to mean that Zubat and the pokeball currently residing within its mouth, would you?"

"That's... wait what do you mean by in its mouth? – asked one of the criminals.

When he turned, he saw Zubat holding something with its mouth. That something was one of his pokeballs. More specifically, the one that holds his other Pokémon. Before he or his partner could do anything, Zubat flapped its wings, creating a gust of air. While not powerful enough to do some serious damage to the criminals. It was enough to force them both to close their eyes.

Blue took that opportunity to throw a pokeball high into the air as Zubat flew towards her. Placing the man's pokeball in her hands before retaking its original form.

"Why you-" – the man was unable to finish his sentence.

Before he could react, something fell on top of his head with such force, that his vision started to become blurry. He was however able to recognize what it was that hit him.

A Squirtle.

Without hesitation, the Squirtle shot a powerful torrent of water straight at the man's face. The power of the water gun was so much, that it finished the job of knocking the guy out cold.

"Way to go Blasty!" – exclaimed Blue to the water type.

"What the heck is going on?!" – asked the remaining Rocket.

"Oh, not much. Just busting another one of your operations. Hope that it doesn't become a thing I do often." – replied Blue. – "Hey pal, here's an idea. Seeing as how you're outnumber, why don't you do yourself a favor and turn yourself in while you're still conscious."

"Outnumber? Do you take me for an idiot?! I have two Pokémon just like you, the only difference is that I'm obviously the more experience fighter. If anything, you're the one at a disadvantage here!" – shouted the man.

"Man, you're worst at math than Sash ever was... Oh god dammit not again!" – Blue berated herself.

"Are you serious? I can clearly see you and your two Pokémon in front of me!" – replied the man.

"Oh, so you're not bad at math, you just suck at surrounding awareness." – answered Blue.

Before the man could ask what she meant by it, the criminal heard someone behind him.

"Tackle now!" – Bill shouted from his hiding spot.

With all the strength it could muster, Porygon launched itself at the grown up straight at his abdomen. The force was so great, that it instantly knocked him out.

"Hey, nice one Bart, I didn't thought you could pull it off." – congratulated Blue.

"It's still Bill, but that doesn't matter. Quite frankly, I didn't thought I could pull it either." – Bill said to his companion.

Blue was about to speak, but Bill quickly interrupted her. – "Porygon! Tackle again!"

For a moment, time began to slow down to Blue. What was happening? Was the guy she was helping... attacking her? Why?

Ditty and Blasty were about to intercept the normal type, but then they notice something. The attack wasn't aim at her, but at someone behind her. Right after Porygon passed next to her, a loud grunt could be heard. When she turned, she saw the man that she and Blasty had supposedly defeated had tried to strike her from behind. However, this time he was now truly out cold.

"Oh thank goodness, Leaf are you alright?" – asked Bill, concern for the wellbeing of his companion.

"I... y-yeah. Thanks for the safe Bill. I guess you were actually reliable, or at least more so than I gave you credit for." – said Blue.

"It's still Bi... wait, what did you just call me?"

"Bill. That's your name, right?"

Bill was about to say something, that is until Blue's eyes grew wide as she realized something.

"Wait, don't tell me I was messing up your name this whole time?! Why didn't you say anything?! What is wrong with me?!!!" – Blue nag herself as she smacked her own forehead.

"I actually did, but it's okay, don't worry. So, what if you confused my name once... or twice... or like a dozen times."

"I'm sorry, I swear it will never happen again Bill." – she said as she started to look at the cages full of Pokémon. – "Why don't we make sure these guys don't cause any other kind of trouble and free these little fellas."

After securing the Rocket crooks with some duck-tape, Blue and Bill proceeded to free the pink Pokémon. Once that was done, the two humans and their Pokémon were about to leave the area, but were quickly stopped by the Clefairy and Clefable. Then the Pokémon started to guide them towards another cave.

In there, an even larger group of Clefairy were waiting. After assuring said group that everything was taken care off, the pink Pokémon all cried in joy as they decided to continue with what they were doing before those mean humans appeared.

Soon they all started to dance around a giant rock that was in the middle of the chamber. As they did, some of the Clefairy started to grab some stones. In no time, they all were englobed in a blue light. They're bodies began to grow larger and when the light died out, they evolved into Clefable.

Blue took that moment of opportunity to pull out her Pokedex.

Clefairy the Fairy Pokémon

A Fairy type, Pokedex Number #035

Its magical and cute appeal has many admirers. It is rare and found only in certain areas.

Clefable the Fairy Pokémon

A Fairy type, Pokedex number #036

A timid fairy Pokémon that is rarely seen. It will run and hide the moment it senses people.

After hearing said information, Blue then pointed the machine to the smaller pink creature to see just what it was.

Data not found

Replied the machine, much to the girl's confusion.

"Wait what? How come it doesn't know anything about these guys?" – asked Blue, all while Bill stood in shock after seeing the machine.

"Wait… Is that what I think it is?" – asked Bill, surprising Blue in the process.

"Umm, that depends. Would you believe me if I were to tell you that it is the newest model of advance calculator."

"That's a Pokedex!" – he said out loud, shocking Blue even further.

"Wait, how do you know about the Pokedex?!" – she asked with her eyes as wide as a plate.

"It is professor Oak's latest project. He had me help with a the development of the software. Wait… if you have one of the four Pokedex, then you must be of of the kids he was talking about. The kids that he meant to entrust them, the Pokedex Holders!" – Bill said.

"Pokedex… Holders… Is that what we're supposed to be? Wait, you helped professor Oak in making these things?!" – she asked, shocked at what age just heard.

"Well, I didn't do that much. The professor already had most of the work done. I just fixed a few details here and there. Oh, and to answer your question about why it doesn't have any information about Cleffa. The reason is that so far, the Pokedex only has information stored of the 149 Pókemon consider native to the Kanto region. While Cleffa may be the pre-evolved form of Clefairy, Cleffa was originally discovered in the Johto. And thus, is consider a Johto native Pókemon." – Bill explained.

"Oh, I didn't knew that."

They continued to watch the Pókemon dancing around the big stone until by the end of it all, most of the Clefairy had evolved. They were about to try and leave once more, but then a Clefable approached the both, holding three rocks.

As it handed them said rocks, they saw that one of them was a moon stone, which is needed for Clefairy to evolve. But the other two, well, they were what surprised them the most

"Are… are these fossils?!" – ask Bill in shocked.

"Wait, as in the remaining of Pókemon that lived millions of years ago? They had them?!"

"Yeah, for the looks of it, they appear to be the remains of Omanyte and Kabuto. Is it really ok for you to give it to us?" – asked Bill.

"Clefable." – it nodded before returning to the others.

The two of the smiled and then put the three items away for the moment.

"Hey Bill, could you tell me what exactly you did to help professor Oak? Like, the specifics."

"Sure Leaf, but do you mind if I do it after this is over. What we're seeing is something that not many people have the opportunity of experience."

"Sure. I don't mind." – she said as they continue watching the pink fairies.

However, unbeknownst to them, one of the Clefairy was looking at the two humans. More specifically, at a certain girl with brown hair.

After the police arrived, they arrested the Rocket member without delay. Apparently, this event he hosted was obviously a new way to recruit new members for the crime syndicate. After hearing the testimony of the ten trainers, it appeared that some of them didn't knew what they were getting themselves into. And those that did knew, acted under threats made by the man in charge of the event.

Thankfully, the girl Green had defeated, whom was one of the ones that was threaten, gather enough courage to tell the proper authorities. Afterwhich, the rest was history.

The police also questioned Green to see if he knew something else that the man could have said to him and only him. After giving his testimony, they also asked him if he was given anything by the man. Green denied it, even though he had still kept the golden pebble with him.

He knew that it he mentioned it, the police would obviously confiscated the item as a piece of evidence. Something Green clearly wasn't fond of. Even though he agreed that team Rocket were a bunch of no good thieves. He couldn't deny that having a bit of extra money would be beneficial for him.

"Hey kid, if you don't mind me asking. You wouldn't happen to hail from Pallet town would you?" – asked one of the police officer.

"Yes, why? Is there something wrong?" – asked Green, his tone sounded a bit antagonistic

"No, no, nothing's wrong. It's just that I heard that a bunch of rookies that came from that place and they all did some crazy stuff let me tell you."

"… What kind of crazy stuff?"

"Well, it for what I've heard, they all foil three operations of team Rocket."

"What?!" – asked Green, shocked with the news.

"Yeah, one of them was on Viridian forest, another one stopped a day-care cover up in Nara town and the other one defended the Pókemon Center of Viridian City itself. And now with you, well, let's just say that it was about time someone started to try and surpass Pallet Oak himself."

Green was rather stunt, the others had also fought team Rocket?

Wait, he mentioned three instants, does that mean that Ash was one of the ones that fought team Rocket? The same Ash that barely managed to pass his license exam and that overslept on the most important of days?

He knew Red and Blue could take care of themselves, but Ash? That was surprising to say the least. If so, wich one did he took part of? The one from Viridian forest perhaps? After all, the other ones seemed way to dangerous for someone like him.

"… Y-yeah, guess you're right." – said Green.

As he look at the still blue sky, he couldn't help but wonder, that maybe, just maybe. Ash could grow into someone worth respecting after all.

It took them forever, but after a lot of hard work, they had finally leave the forest. Leafs and branches came from the foreign's hair, but at last, they had escape the clutches of nature itself.

As the two of them stood next to the road as a pick up truck pass nearby. After advancing a few meters from where they stood, the truck the drive in reverse to be where the trainer and Pókemon where standing. Then, the driver came out of the truck. He appeared to be in his late thirties, had black hair and a very stylish mustache.

"Hey there… you two okay?" – he asked politely.

"Not really, we were lost on the forest for what it felt like an eternity. We're happy that we're finally out of that place. By the way sir, do you know where the closest city is, I would like to get to the nearest Pókemon Center and take a bath as quickly as possible." – asked the trainer.

"That would be Cerulean city, it's right over there. It would take about half a day to get there on foot, But if you like, I could give you a ride."


"Yeah, I don't see why not. Besides, I was already on my way there, so it's not like it would be an issue."

"Oh, thank goodness. Thank you sir, you have no idea how much we appreciate the gesture."

"Don't mention it kid. Say, you don't look like you're from around here."

"Oh we're not. We actually come from another region."

"My, isn't that interesting. By the way, whom do I owe the pleasure of helping."

The trainer was about to speak, but then, something ended up happening.

"S-sir! Your truck!" – shouted the trainer.

When the driver turn around, he saw his truck moving away from them.

"Oh no, I forgot to put the brakes on it!" – shouted the man as he began to chase after the vehicle.

"Wait for us!" – shoutedthe trainer as they too started to chase after the vehicle.

In no time, all eight individuals will arrive at Cerulean city. How would they react, and will the identity of this mysterious trainer finally be revealed?

Only time will tell.

As the journey continues…

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