Pokemon Ash and the Dex Holders: Kanto @oanglalie
Chapter 5: The Boulder Badge

Chapter 5: The Boulder Badge, Presenting the Tomboyish Mermaid!

Somewhere near a forest between Pewter City and Cerulean City, was a young red-headed girl at the edge of a river. This young lady has been fishing for almost two hours, yet has been unsuccessful in catching anything so far.

Still, this didn't seem to affect her mood, she still had a grin on her face. She had heard that some unusually strong water types just so happened to live near the area. If she had to stay in the spot for another eight hours just to catch one of those tough guys, she will without a doubt.

Maybe she could catch something exotic, or unusual.

Maybe a Seaking, or a Tentacruel, a Slowpoke could also work, they're not her style but they're not half bad. Maybe if she was lucky, she could catch a wild Gyrados.

Yeah like that could happen, keep dreaming.

Still, the red-headed remained optimistic, whatever Pokémon was swimming nearby, she would make sure to catch. After all, she was going to need all the power she could have to...

Something started to pull at her line, snapping the girl from her thoughts. She got into position; her two hands tightly wrapped around her fishing-rode. She wasn't sure what Pokémon took her special bait, but whatever it was, it was definitely big, and pretty strong too.

The girl struggled for quite a while until eventually, she pulled with all her might and before she knew it. Something flew from the water, above her and finally, a loud thud was heard behind her. The girl eagerly turned to see what she had fished out of the river, pokeball in hand, and it was a Poliwhirl... and some kid?

"Well, when I said I wanted to have the catch of the year, I didn't mean it like that." - she said as the tadpole Pokémon and the black-haired kid started to pick themselves up.

"Think we lost them Poli?" - asked the kid.


"Hey kid, I know the appeal of having a swim with your Pokémon, believe me. But I'm sure it's not good for you to do so while you're still wearing your clothes." - said the red-haired girl.

"Huh? No, we weren't - I mean, I do like to swim with my Pokémon too, but that's not what we were doing just now. Oh, thanks for pulling us out by the way. My name's Red Tanjiro and this guy right here is Poli." - said Red as he introduced himself to the red-head.

"The name's Misty, nice to meet you guys, and it was nothing." - said Misty with a smile. - "Although, if you don't mind me asking, what were you two doing in the river?"

"THERE YOU ARE YOU LITTLE RUNT!" - they heard just as Red was about to answer.

Once they turned, they saw three figures running towards them. Soon enough, Misty's blood started to boil and her grip on her fishing road grew stronger. She recognized those uniforms anywhere.

Team Rocket.

"Oh, come on, how did you guys managed to catch up?!" - exclaimed Red as he and Poli got into a battle stand.

"Does it matter? We're going to make you pay for all the trouble you've caused you annoying pest." - said one of the recruits.

"Hey you little girl, if I were you, I would start running as fast as I could. Because once were done with that kid and his Poliwhirl, you're next." - said another of the Rockets.

Red grinded his teeth as Poli's fist began to tighten. - "Misty, these guys are dangerous. Get to safety while I take care of them!" - said Red as he stepped in front of Misty, protecting her from danger. Or at least that was the plan.

"As if! I have some unfinished business with these clowns, and I'm not going to let the opportunity of settling the score go away just because some kid and his Poliwhirl want to play hero!" - said Misty as she pushed Red behind her.

"You should listen to your boyfriend. This is no place for little girls such as yourself." - said one of them mockingly.

"HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND! And I already told you, I have a score to settle with you clowns and I'm going to do just that!" - she shouted as she threw a pokeball. - "Go! My steady!" - she shouted.

From it, a purple ten-pointed star-like Pokémon with a red crystal in the center emerged. It looked oddly familiar to one Pokémon Red saw when he was six, although that one was orange, smaller and only had five points.

As the purple star-like Pokémon appeared on the battlefield, the Rocket recruits started to laugh.

"Kid, you couldn't have asked for a worst match up even if you tried!" - said one of the recruits as they all threw a pokeball each.

From them, came a Pokémon that looked like a floating eyeball with two magnets stuck at each of its sides, another one that looked like a giant pokeball with a face, and the other one looked like a sligthly yellow humanoid like Pokémon that had some feline traits. Red was able to remember the names of those Pokémon; Magnemite, Voltorb and Electabuzz, and unfortunately for Misty, they were all electric types, meaning they had the advantage.

"Hey Misty, I don't know what they did to pissed you off, but at the very least let me help." - said Red as he took out a pokeball.

Misty thought about his offer, it's not like the type disadvantage was an issue to her, she already had a plan for it. But having a little help wouldn't hurt either. - "Alright Red, I'm counting on you!"

Red nodded as he got into a battle stand. - "Alright pal, let's see what you're really made off!" - he shouted as he threw the pokeball, as it opened a blue light was shot at the battle field. From it, came a Pikachu.

"Alright Pika, you ready for this?" - Red asked.

In respond to his trainer, the electric mouse shot a bolt of lightning at the raven-haired boy.

"What was that for?!" - asked Red, having narrowly dodge the attack of Pika.

"Pika! Pikachu! Pika Pika!" - replied Pika.

"You still mad that I didn't use you in my Gym match?!" - asked Red

In responds to the question, Pika shot another lightning at Red, this time actually landing the trainer from Pallet.

As he fell to the ground, Misty couldn't help but to witnessed the interaction between trainer and Pokémon with narrowed eyes. - "On second thought, I think I'm just fine by myself Red."

The Rockets couldn't help but to laugh at what they saw, their Pokémon included. - "Man, you got to be by far, the most incompetent trainer we have ever met. How in the distortion world did you actually managed to beat those guys at Viridian forest?" - asked the recruit with the Voltorb.

"Hey! For your information, I scored an 87 in my trainer's license exam!" - shouted Red after picking himself up.

"Reall? Well, you could have fool me brat." - said the man with the Magnamite as the continued to laugh.

While they were doing just that, Pika glared at the group of criminals. He will not allow such insult to his trainer. The only one that can laugh at him like that is him, and maybe Poli.

"Pika pika!" - shouted Pika as he got in position.

Red couldn't help but to smile at him. - "Alright Pika, use Thunder shock on them!" - said Red.

Pika nodded as he shot electricity at his opponents, landing a direct hit on both Voltorb and Magnamite. Unfortunately for him, Electabuzz was able to dodge the attack with relative ease.

"You call that an electric attack? Kid, I'll show you what a real electric attack looks like. Electabuzz, use thunder punch!" - shouted the man.

Soon, electricity started to crackle in the Pokémon's right hand and after a few seconds, Electabuzz ran at Pika with his fist surrounded in lightning.

Red tried to tell Pika to dodge, but his opponent was faster than he could react. Before he knew it, Electabuzz had already landed a right hook at the mouse Pokémon. Sending flying into a tree.

"Pika!" - shouted Red as he ran towards his partner.

"Red! Look out!" - warned Misty.

As the trainer from Pallet turned around, he saw both Voltorb and Magnemite trying to attack him directly. They would have been successful, if not for a water-gun attack, courtesy of Poli.

"Hey! That's against the rules!" - shouted Red at the group of criminals.

"Seriously, how many times do we have to tell you? We're Team Rocket! The most feared criminal organization of all of Kanto! We don't play by the rules!" - shouted the man with the Voltorb.

"That's... actually a fair point. Guess on hindsight, it should have been obvious that they were going to try and pull off something like that." - Thought Red to himself, trying to get ready for whatever his opponents would try and pull off now.

"Now, let's finished this! Electabuzz, get rid of these pests with another thunder punch!" - shouted the man.

Electabuz nodded, charging electricity in its right fist once more and charging at Red. However, before it could get in close, Electabuzz was suddenly hit by a purple blur.

Said purple blur, turned out to be Misty's Pokémon, whom had launched itself at Electabuz while spinning.

"Great job Starmie, lets keep it up, rapid spin once more!" - shouted Misty.

The purple starfish nodded(?) at Misty's order, launching itself at its opponents once more.

"And here I thought that the boy over there was an idiot."

"Hey!" - Red shouted.

"Magnemite! Use thunder on that purple annoyance!"- shouted one of the recruits.

At the command of the man, the magnet Pokémon launched lightning at the mysterious Pokémon, hitting it directly. Team Rocket then started to laugh at their opponents however, they soon stopped once they realized that Starmie was completely unfazed by the electric move.

"What the-"


"Hey! That's cheating!"

"You have no room to talk!" - Red shouted, although he would be lying if he were to say he wasn't wondering how she managed to do what she did.

Before anyone else could react, Starmie had already slammed itself against all of the enemy electric types. They tried to retaliate with a barage of thunnder and thunder punch, but nothing seemed to work.

"How are you doing this?" - asked Red, amazed at Misty's skills.

Her answer was a simple wink as she placed her index finger to her mouth, almost as if signaling that it was a secret. After which, she continued to commanded her Pokémon to continue with the assault.

After Starmie landed multiples rapid spins, its opponents were more or less, on the verge of fainting, worrying the Rocket recruits in the process. - "Have you clowns have enough?" - asked Misty in a mocking way.

"Grrrrr, if you think we're going to let ourselves get pushed by two brats like you, then think again!" - shouted one of the men.

"Fine, don't say I didn't warn you. Alright Starmie! Use hyper beam!" - Misty shouted.

"Did she just say?!" - they all thought, including Red.

From the red jewel in the center of its body, a powerful beam of energy was shot directly at the Pokémon belonging to Team Rocket. When it hit, a huge explosion could be felt by everyone there, followed by a huge cloud of dust. When the dust cleared out, everyone could see the unconscious bodies of the electric types.

"So, weren't you saying something about how you wouldn't let yourself get pushed by two brats like us?" - said Misty with a smirk on her face.

Every one of the criminals glared at the red-head before recalling their fallen Pokémon. - "You're going to regret this little girl!" - said one of the criminals before they all fled the area.

"I really doubt that." - said Misty, turning her head towards her new companion, she saw Red, Pika and Poli, all staring at her with awe.

"What?" - she asked.

"How did you do that?! I mean, the way you took care of them without breaking a sweat. On top of that, how did you managed to make your Starmie, a water type mind you, invulnerable to electric type attacks?!" - asked Red frantically with both Pika and specially Poli nodding as well.

Misty simply smiled as she pointed behind her. - "Take a look." - she said.

When they all looked where she was pointing at, they saw a blanket with... sand on top of it?

"I don't get it." - said Red.

Misty couldn't help but to giggle at the three of them. - "Well, I guess I should have expected you to say something like that. Tell me, have you ever heard of the move camouflage?"

They all looked at each other, this was definitely the first time they ever heard of that move. Maybe the Pokedex could help th-

"…... THE POKEDEX!" - Red shouted loudly as he started to look frantically for something. Misty couldn't help but to look at him weirdly, what could possibly have him so worked up?

After a few seconds, Red pulled a red object that resembled something similar to a calculator, all while murmuring to himself for said object to still work.

After turning said object on, a huge relieve could been seen on the black-haired boy´s face. - "Oh thank Arceus, the professor would have killed me if I were break it." - he said while nervously laughing. Poli couldn't help but to plant his palm on his face. Red could sometimes be so careless.

"So uhm, what exactly is that thing?" - asked Misty pointing at the object that resided in Red's hand.

"Oh, this? This is called a Pokedex. It was made by professor Oak, it's basically a portable encyclopedia that contains every bit of information about the Pokémon of the Kanto region." - said Red.

"Really?! And how does it work?" - asked Misty, amazed by the machine.

"Here, let me show you." - said Red as he pointed the Pokedex at Starmie.

Starmie the Mysterious Pokémon and the evolve form of Staryu

A water and psychic type

Its central core glows with the seven colors of the rainbow. Some people value the core as a gem. This Pokémon may have come from outer space.

"Wow! What else can it do?" - asked Misty.

"Uhm, let me see." - said Red as he started to look for information on the move Misty told them about.

Camouflage, a normal type move

It changes the Pokémon's type to a type corresponding to the battlefield terrain.

"Wait, really?!" - asked Red in amazement.

Misty nodded. - "Yep, if a Pokémon uses that move, say, on top of a pile of sand, it will turn into a ground type."

"No wonder Starmie was totally unfazed by those electric attacks. We should try to teach you guys that move!" - Red exclaimed as both Pika and Poli nodded.

"Sorry, but as far as I'm aware, neither Pikachu nor Poliwhirl are able to learn it." - informed Misty.

"Really?!" - asked Red as he checked the Pokedex to verify if said revelation was true. Unfortunately for them, it was.

"You know, Cerulean City isn't that far from here, want me to take you there? It would probably be a good idea have your Pokémon checked at the Pokémon Center." - said Misty as she was now noticing that his Poliwhirl was cover in light bruises.

Red nodded walking up to Misty, after which, they both recalled their Pokémon back. Then, they started to head to Cerulean City. After a couple of minutes walking, Misty finally decided to ask Red something.

"So, mind telling me why you were being chased by Team Rocket?" - she asked.

"Oh, well, it's actually a pretty funny story." - said Red, scratching the back of his head.

"Well, we have time." - replied Misty.

Red looked at her and smiled, she was right, they had time. So, he started to tell the story of how he ended up being chased after by Team Rocket.

"That was surprisingly tougher than expected." - said Red as he looked at the badge in his hand.

The Boulder badge, prove that you defeated one of the Gym leaders. It was a simple grey octagon that was about the size of a coin. After everything that happened at Viridian forest, the police was more than willing enough to give him a ride to Pewter City. He originally wanted to go to Viridian City, but after hearing how the Gym leader was out of the city, Red thought that it was probably for the best to go to the second closest City with a Gym.

When he arrived, he met Brock, the Gym leader of the Pewter City Gym. He was surprisingly young for someone of his position (or at least that's what Red thinks). Brock was not that much older than him, he was around the same age as Daisy, maybe a year older or even younger.

Yet he gave off an aura that made you clear that he was more mature and responsible than even a lot of adults he knew. He was also veery understandable, asking Red if he was a beginner trainer, how many Pokémon he had and if he had any experience in battleling.

The battle in question was a two on two, so he used both Poli and Saur against what looked to be a head made out of stone with arms and a big boulder-like creature with a face, legs and four arms. He was able to recognize their names, Geodude and Graveler, both rock and ground types. Meaning that he couldn't use Pika in that battle.

He was really pissed at it, to the point that he would have electrocute him had Red not recall him quickly. Still, that Brock guy was pretty tough, even with the type advantage he still had troubles with him. If Red hadn't switched Saur for Poli in the last match, he would be sure Saur would have been knocked almost instantaneously.

As Red was walking around the city trying to find the local Pokémon Center, he spotted three men that were wearing matching outfits that were oddly familiar to him. Against any common sense, Red decided to investigate, and what did he found out? Three Team Rocket grunts all seemingly waiting for someone to arrive at the back of an alley.

The raven-haired boy decided to pull out one of his Pokémon just in case, Saur was pretty worn out from his battle against Brock and Pika, well. Red decided not to call Pika just in case. That left him with Poli as his back up.

Once outside, Poli looked at Red incriminatingly, his mother had told them to be careful and in the span of just two days, he was already messing with a criminal organization, for the second time in a row.

After reassuring his first Pokémon that everything would be ok, the two of them decided to spy on the group of criminals and see what they were up to. After a while, a man in a business suit arrived at the alley. Soon enough, the four of them started talking about how the man in the business suit wanted a specific Pokémon. Asking if they were up to the task.

Team Rocket said that they were the best of the worst, or something like that. After which, the man pulled out a picture of the Pokémon he seeked. It was probably the fact that they were pretty far away (trying not to get caught), but, was that a green Dragonite?

In a careless moment, both Red and Poli accidentally stepped on an empty can when they tried to get in a bit closer. The noise startled the group of men, as the business man started to sweat intensely.

"I thought you said you weren't followed?!" - he said.

One of the grunts tried to calm the man down, telling him that it was probably a Rattata looking for food on the trash. It would have worked, had they not heard Red and Poli stepped on another empty can when trying to sneak away.

Seriously, how many empty cans were there on that alley?

"Screw this I'm out! I knew I should have contacted Hunter J!" - said the business man as he ran.

That was their cue to leave.

"Do you have any idea of just how much money you cost us kid!?"

Never mind.

"Um... hi, nice weather we're having today right?" - said Red turning to the group of angry men only for him to have a sense of déjà vu. Didn't he already did this before?

"Hey wait a second." - said one of the men as he took a look at Red carefully. - "Aren't you the brat that ruined one of our operations in Viridian forest yesterday?"

"Now that I think of it, I did heard in the news that a kid with black hair and a Poliwhirl managed to get two of our men captured." - said another one.

"What? No that was someone else." - said Red trying to think of a way to get out of the situation he was on.


"Yep, definitely someone else. I think his name was um... Ruby?" - said Red.

Meanwhile in the Jhoto region.

A kid with a with black hair and a hyena-like Pokémon suddenly sneezed.

"That's odd, do you think someone is talking about me Nana?" - asked the boy to his Pokémon.

Meanwhile back in Kanto.

"I don't know, I say we should teach this punk a lesson. If not for what happened at Viridia, then for what he did just now." - said one of the men with the others nodding in agreement.

And what did Red did in this situation?

"Poli water gun!"

In an instant, Poli shot water directly at the three men's faces knocking them to the ground.

In that moment, Red and Poli took advantage of the situation, running from the group of angry men that was now chasing after them.

"Seriously, I'm pretty sure this happened before." - he said to himself while running into the forest.

"Then as we kept on running, an explosion knocked us into the river, probably one of them had launched a thunder at us." - said Red as he finished his explanation.

"I see." - was the only thing Misty answered.

"So, I told you my end of the story, how about you?" - said Red taking Misty by surprise. - "I mean, why were you so mad at team Rocket just now?"

"... Well, why wouldn't I? They're a bunch of good for nothing thieves that do nothing but steal from others... But to tell you the truth, that's not the reason I was so mad at them." - she said with a somewhat sadden tone.

"Then what's the reason."

"... About a month or so. When me and my sisters were sleeping, they somehow managed to get inside our place and before anyone could do anything. They managed to get away with one of our Pokémon. With one of my Pokémon!" - said Misty with anger.

She was mad, mad at team Rocket for taking away her very first Pokémon, the same Pokémon that was always there for her. And mad at herself for letting something like that happened.

Red stared at Misty; her expression gave off a mixture of sadness and anger. She was obviously hurt and to be honest, he couldn't blame her. He probably would be too if some jerk were to take away either Poli and Saur from him. Even Pika, he didn't care if he electrocuted him earlier, he would be heartbroken if any of them were to be forced to be separated from him.

"So, are you planning to take on team Rocket or something?" - he asked.

Misty nodded. - "Even if it means having to take on all of those clowns by myself, I will. Not just for my Pokémon, but for every person that has ever suffer because of them!" - she said.

Red was rather shocked at her statement; her determination was something admirable. To take on all of team Rocket just for the sake of saving her friend, in Red's eyes, Misty was already one of the coolest people he ever met. Granted, he had also fought team Rocket before, but it's not like he was looking for them on purpose or something. He was simply curious and things simply ended up happening.

"You won't have to take them on by yourself." - said Red surprising Misty, he wouldn't mean... - "Because I'm going to help you rescue your Pokémon!"

Misty was stunned, so much in fact that she simply stopped walking and was simply staring at Red. - "What?"

"You remind me of a friend, you know. Something happened to her a while ago. She has kept most of the details to herself, but I can tell you it wasn't very pleasant. She's probably out there trying to work on it on her own and that bothers me. I get that it's personal and all, but I just wished she could trust us more. She has friends, friends that care for her and that want to help her solve whatever it is that troubles her. I wished I could be there to help her out even though she probably would want me to stay out of it." - said Red. Remembering the day that Blue finally opened herself to them.

When he learned that apparently, she was taken from her family at the age of three. That some weirdo had tried and turned her and some other kids into his own army. Red couldn't help but to feel so helpless that day, he wanted to know more, but he didn't want to push her. Blue was already forcing herself telling them that much. He felt so guilty, while he was playing with his parents hide and seek, Blue had to put up with some derange lunatic that robbed her of having a normal childhood.

"That's why I'm asking you. Please, let me help you." - he said to the red-head.

Misty stood in silent, processing what Red had told her. Was he aware of what he was saying? Team Rocket was a dangerous lot, she knew that but, what about Red? She looked at the expression in his face, it was filled with determination, the kind she has only ever once before. In her own reflection, after team Rocket took away her friend.

She smiled at Red; he knew what he was getting into.

"That girl is lucky to have you as a friend. Fine! It's the two of us against them! Are you up to the task Red?" - she said with excitement.

"Come on, do you even have to ask? Of course I am!" - he replied with the same kind of determination.

"Alright! Once your Pokémon are fully healed, I'm going to make sure you and your team are in the best of conditions!"

"Wait what?"

"I mean, of course I'm glad to have your help, but after seeing how you faired against those three, well, I think it would be for the best if you were to become stronger, you know."

"Hey! In my defense, we were already worn out due to our fight with the Pewter City Gym leader, if not for that, then I would have already beaten them without breaking a sweat!" - said Red.

"Still, a bit of training wouldn't hurt either. So, lets become stronger together, so that we can teach those clowns a lesson!" - shouted Misty rising her fist to the sky.

"You bet we will!" - said Red, imitating his new friend.

It was at that moment, that Red decided to defeat the criminal organization.

It was at that moment, that Team Rocket's greatest foe, declare war on them.

"Your Pokémon have been restored to full health." - said nurse Joy

"Thanks a lot nurse Joy." - said Ash, he still thought it was weird that the nurse Joy at Viridian City just so happened to have a twin that just so happen to have both the same job and name as her.

After receiving Pikachu and two other pokeballs, he and the electric type went for a walk. He arrived at Pewter City not that long ago, ready to take on the Pewter City Gym leader. He was determined to conquered it, at least that was the idea. When he entered the Gym, Ash was already so full of himself that he was almost on the verge of saying that they should already hand him the badge.

Boy was Ash in the wrong there.

The battle was a two on two and Ash was so helplessly lost, that he couldn´t even beat Bock's first Pokémon.

He first sended his newly caught Pidgeotto against a Geodude, and the poor bird couldn't even land a single hit. Then it was Pikachu's turn to shine, because even Ash wasn't dumb enough to send a newly evolve Metapod to battle a Geodude, right?

Well, considering the fact that he forgot ground types were completely immune to electric attacks, he might as well be.

After some walking, Ash sat on a big rock trying to think on a way to beat Brock. Should he go back and try to catch another Pokémon? Maybe and Oddish, or a Bellsprout? Well, that is if he could find one. Maybe the book Daisy gave him could help him figure out a way to beat Geodude and the other rock types.

"Let me guess, you lost to the Pewter City's Gym leader." - said a seemingly homeless man, snapping Ash of his train of thoughts.

"Um... yeah." - he replied.

"It shouldn't be a surprise. Brock is a tough guy; he could give multiple league victors a run for their money with ease." - said the homeless man.

"Is he really that strong?" - asked Ash, he knew he should probably leave, after all his mom always said never to talked to strangers. Especially those that were shady looking (which described the man perfectly), but for some reason, Ash wanted to hear the man a little bit longer.

Maybe he knew of a way to beat Brock.

"You better believe it kid. He has to, not only as a Gym leader, but for his family." - he said.

Ash and Pikachu were confused by the man's words, what did he meant by that?

Sensing the child's confusion, the man offered to clear his doubts if he were to follow him. Now, it was probably the duo's curiosity getting the better of them, or maybe their lack of common sense (probably the latter one), but both Ash and Pikachu decided to follow the man. As soon as Ash got up, the man signaled him to wait for a moment.

"Before that, you gotta pay up." - he said.

"Pay up? For what, the advice you're gonna give me?" - asked Ash.

"No, for sitting on that rock." - replied the man.

"... Come again?"

"I sell rocks as souvenirs, and you just sat on one of them, that'll be 10 pokedollars." - said the man.

"Just for sitting on a rock!"

"Yeah you're right, that is pretty ridiculous." - said the man, alleviating Ash's worries. - "That'll be 20 pokedollars."

Never mind.

After some walking, Ash, Pikachu and Rock guy (as Ash decided to call him) had arrived at a house, not that far from the Gym. Rock guy handed Ash a pair of binoculars and he then signaled him to look through the open window.

When he looked there, he saw Brock making dinner for... nine other children?

"Those are his siblings."- said Rock guy taking Ash by surprise, however he then continued watching as one of the kids handed Brock a teared-up plush doll.

"Where are their parents?" - asked Ash, handing Rock guy his binoculars back.

"His father abandoned them around four years, he wanted to become a great Pokémon trainer, but the good for nothing couldn't make it. To ashamed he decided it was best not to return home in disgrace." - said Rock guy.

To Ash, that story, he couldn't help but to relate to it. - "What about their mom?" - he asked.

"I'm afraid she's no longer with them." - replied Rock guy.

Ash and Pikachu couldn't help but to feel bad for Brock and his siblings.

"You want to know a way to beat Brock?" - asked Rock guy.

Ash nodded after which, Rock guy pulled out a lighter. - "I see you have a Pikachu. You know, it is common knowledge that electric attacks don't work on ground types."

"Thanks for remind me that." - thought Ash to himself.

"However, there is a way to go around it." - said Rock guy, making Ash and Pikachu's interest to grow. - "If a ground type is covered in water, then they are susceptible to electric attacks. It is mandatory for all Gym's to have a sprinklers installed for security measures, it doesn't matter if type of Gym is natural weak to water. If you manage to activate them, then your Pikachu could very easily defeat his Pokémon."

After explaining that, Rock guy handed Ash the lighter.

"Um sir, why are you explaining this to me? And why did you showed me the kind of live Brock has?" - asked Ash.

"... Gym leaders are usually graded in how they perform their duty, this method I just told you would no doubt grant you a win. But it would be at the expense of Brock's image as a capable Gym leader. In the best of scenarios, he could just get a warning, but there's also the possibility of him getting fired from his position as a Gym leader. Whatever you do know is up to you." - said Rock guy as he walked away, leaving Ash to think on what to do now.

Unbeknownst to him, three familiar figures were watching from afar, plotting their next move.

"Back so soon?" - asked Brock to the raven-haired boy.

After his chat with Rock guy, Ash went back to the Pokémon Center to sleep. After some breakfast and a lot of time to think things thoroughly, Ash returned to the Pewter Gym to challenge Brock once more.

Ash was about to answer but he was interrupted by the voice of another kid calling for him. When he turned he saw all of Brock's siblings with whom he assumed to be the oldest one (excluding Brock) holding something.

"You forgot your lunch." - said the kid.

"Oh, thanks Forrest, guess I was in a hurry and must have forgotten it." - said Brock smiling at his siblings.

"Hey Brock, are you going to have a battle, can we see, please?" - said one of the girls.

"Now guys, I know I'm the Gym leader but that kind of decision isn't up to me, you know." - said Brock.

"I don't mind." - said Ash surprising Brock, and making the other kids happy. To be honest if he was in their position, he would ask the same thing.

After clearing that up, they both resume their stands as the battle was about to begin. The both of them throwing a pokeball each.

"Geodude go!"

"Pidgeotto! I choose you!"

"Since you're the challenger, you are allowed the first move Ash." - said Brock.

"Alright here we go, Pidgeotto use quick attack!" - shouted Ash.

Pidgeotto shot itself at the rock/ground type with a white aura surrounding it. However, Geodude was able to dodge the attack and was capable of countering with a mega punch.

The blow sended the bird Pokémon flying, but it was nonetheless still standing.

"You should know Ash, that kind of strategies won't work on us. Geodude use another mega punch!" - Brock shouted as the rock Pokémon launched itself at its opponent.

"Quick Pidgeotto, dodge and use sand attack!" - shouted Ash.

Pidgeotto nodded, timing things to ensure that everything went in their favor. Moving to the side as to avoid the attack, Pidgeotto launched a sand attack at Geodude, blinding its opponents.

"Alright! Now Pidgetto, wing attack!

Listening to its trainer's commands, Pidgeotto flew directly at Geodude, wings glowing as it attacked Geodude with a barrage of attacks.

"Now, finished things off with gust!" -shouted Ash.

Pidgeotto then flapped its wings with such force, that a large gust of wind travelling with such speed that Geodude was unable to dodge in time. When the attack hit, it sended the rock type flying and knocking him out.

"Alright we did it!"


"Pi! Pika pi!"

They all celebrated, Ash was smiling at his victory over Geodude. He was actually winning, he was actually doing good. He wasn't being some third-rate trainer.

"Hey! Stop hurting Geo, you meany!" - shouted one of Brock's little sisters.

When Ash turned, he saw that a lot of Brock's siblings (especially the younger ones) were glaring daggers at him.

"Hey guys quit it, he's doing nothing wrong! I'm sorry, my siblings don't tend to see me fight often much less lose. I must say, you truly have change Ash, you're not being as you were yesterday. That sand attack was a very smart move if you ask me." - said Brock, smiling at the rookie.

"Oh, it was nothing, just luck I guess." - said Ash blushing slightly to Brock's comment, he really wasn't used to hearing those a lot.

"Come on, don't down play yourself. You've shown that you've grown and learned from your lost before. To see that you learned from your mistakes, it makes me happy. It lets me know that I'm doing my job right." - said Brock as he recalled Geodude.

Ash smiled, the way Brock talked, how he behaved, he was so cool. He was the kind of training he wanted to be, because that kind of trainer. Was the kind that could become a Pokémon Master in his eyes.

"Let's see how you handle this. Come on out, Graveler!" - said Brock, throwing another Pokeball into the battlefield.

From it the evolve form of Geodude emerged, clearly eager for a battle.

"Pidgeotto, can you still fight?" - asked Ash to his flying type.

"Pidgeoooootto!" - it replied.

"Alright then lets-" before he could finished his sentence, an explosion blasted behind him.

"What was that?!" - asked Brock before a familiar voice answered.

"If he asks us this or that..."

"The pity of the world is what responds!"

"Oh no." - Ash thought to himself, knowing who are behind this all.

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all people within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"



"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"Mewoth! That's right!"

"Team Rocket!" - Ash yelled.

"Piiiika!" - yelled Pikachu as well.

"Good to see you again twerp." - said Jessie

"Wai. Ash, you know these guys!" - asked Brock.

"Yeah. I meet them a while back, they tried to robbed the Pokémon Center of Viridian City, so I stopped them." - explain Ash to the Gym leader.

"You did?"

"Yes, he did! Don't think we've forgot that humiliation kid! I especially haven't forgot what you did to my poor Koffing!" - shouted James, pointing at the ten-year old.

"Pointing at people is rude." - said one of Brock's younger brothers.

"Who asked you for opinions!"- replied James.

"Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way, ya move kid." - said Meowth, shocking Brock and his family.

"If you think I'm going to hand over my Pokémon to you then you clearly hit your head hard when I sended you flying!" - shouted Ash as he, Pikachu and Pidgeotto all got into a fighting stand.

"You have no idea" - said Jessie rubbing her forehead.

"The hard way it is!" - said Meowth pushing a button in a remote in his, hands? Paws?

And where did he kept that remote?

Before his questions were answered, the walls exploded, and from them appeared, a robot?

"Where did you got the robot?!" - asked Ash.

"Let's just say we know a guy." - said Jessie.

"Now hand over all of your Pokémon before things get ugly." - said James.

Pidgeoooooootto!" - shouted Pidgeotto before Ash got a chance to respond.

"Hey! Watch it lady! There are kids watching!" - shouted Meowth to the flying ty-


Did he just said lady?

"Wait. Pidgeotto, are you a girl?" - asked Ash to Pidgotto.

"Wait ya really didn't knew. I thought it was super obvious." - said Meowth.

"Knew it from the moment I saw her." - said James as he was holding a blue rose (where did he get that from?)

"Y-yeah, what they said." - said Jessie, although she also didn't knew.

"Well, whatever she said, I agree with her!" - shouted Ash.

"Ya kiss ya mother with that mouth twerp!" - shouted Meowth.

Ash was rather confused by what Meowth, said. What did Pidgeotto said? And should he be worried that his Pokémon were saying inappropriate things?

"Okay that's enough!" - shouted Brock. - "I'm not gonna stand by and let some criminals come to my Gym and do whatever they pleased! Forrest get everyone to safety, I'll take care of these guys!" - he said as he pulled another pokeball.

"ONIX GO!" - he shouted.

From the ball, a giant snake-like Pokémon made out of Boulders emerged.

"If you thing that overgrown worm is gonna scare us, think again, show him what we got Meowth!" - said Jessie.

"With pleasure." - replied Meowth, pressing another button as he smiled. With it, the robot rushed into the Ash and the others.

"Oh no you don't! Onix, slam!" -shouted Brock

On cue, the rock snake Pokémon slammed into the robot, the both of them struggling. Apparently evenly matched, or at least until the robot shot water at Onix.

"What!?" - asked Brock.

"Did you really think we were foolish enough to attack the rock Gym without proper preparations?" - asked James.

"First off, do you really want us to answer that? And second. That's cheating!" - shouted Ash.

"First off, we're team Rocket. We don't play by the rules. Second off. HEY!" - shouted Jessie.

Before either Ash or Brock could react, the robot tossed Onix to the side. Shocking them both, just how strong was that machine.

"Grrrrr, Graveler! Use mega punch! Onix, when you have the chance use rock throw!" - shouted Brock.

Graveler then jumped at the robot, but before his fist could connect, the robot shot water at him as well. It would have hit, if not for Pidgeotto pushing him out of the way. Taking the hit for him and knocking her out. Graveler however was not going to let her sacrifice be in vain.

The rock type threw a punch with all its might, hitting the robot and making it stumble backwards.

"Now's your chance Onix!" - shouted Brock to his Pokémon.

Without haste, Onix summoned multiple rocks around it and then, it proceeded to launch them at the Rocket machine. As they hit the robot, it soon started to sparkle and the top of its head suddenly combusted into flames. Then, the sprinklers came on, trying to put the fire out.

"Quick Meowth do something!" -shouted Jessie.

"I'm trying, but the controls ain't responding!" - he replied.

"Don't worry guy's I got this! Koffing use tackle!" - shouted James.

"Koffing!" - it replied as it went to attack his opponents.

"Oh no you don't, Graveler, use body slam!" - Brock shouted as Graveler slammed itself into Koffing, then Team Rocket and finally into the robot.

"Alright Pikachu, now's our turn! Use Thunderbolt!" - shouted Ash.

"Pikaaaaa! CHUUUUUUUUUU!" - shouted Pikachu as he launched a bolt of lightning at the group of criminals.

A bright yellow flash filled the arena, followed by a huge explosion that sended the criminals flying once more.

"Oh, come on! NOT AGAIN!" - shouted Jessie.

"KOFFING! WHAT DID THAT TWERP DO TO YOU!" - cried James, holding the unconscious body of his poison type.

"Oh man, now I'll never get the deposit back!" - said Meowth.

"LOOKS LIKE TEAM ROCKET IS BLASTING OFF AGAAAAAAIN!" - they all shouted before disappearing into the sky. A small ding appearing where they were sended.

"Well, that takes care of that." - said Ash before turning to Brock. - "Sorry about the ceiling, and the wall, and... well. Everything honestly."

"Why are you apologizing, you did nothing but help me out. Also don't worry, the Pokémon league will take care of most of the damage. Even if they didn't, I have the place insured in case a giant robot was ever to wreck it." - said Brock, making Ash and Pikachu laugh.

"I'm not joking." - said Brock as Ash and Pikachu stopped and look at him directly at him.


Was he serious?


"Well, anyway, I can see that your Pidgeotto got hurt saving Graveler. Sorry about that." - said Brock as they all turned to see the unconscious body of the bird Pokémon. Graveler standing right beside her, thankful for what she did for him. The flying type has truly earned the respect and admiration of the rock and ground type.

"Oh, don't worry, I'm sure she would have done it again, and to be honest, so would we." - said Ash with Pikachu nodding in agreement.

"Still, let me make it up for you guys." - said Brock as he approached Pidgeotto.

Once next to her, he pulled what looked like a yellow rhomboid object that he then placed in her mouth. It was a revived. After a few seconds, Pidgotto woke up, feeling slightly better. Graveler was rather pleased that his opponent was now conscious.

"There, now her condition should be more than enough to continue our fight, say Graveler, are you up for the task?" - asked Brock.

"GRAVELER!" - he replied.

"That's the spirit!" - said Brock before Graveler suddenly flinched, a slight pain noticeable in its face.

Everyone was rather stunned, Graveler was never hit by any attack. The only one that landed was Pikachu's thunderbolt. But that shouldn't have affected it.

The it hit Ash and Pikachu.

They were all wet from the sprinklers early, meaning that electric attacks were now capable of hurting Brock's Pokémon.

Ash thought about it for a moment, he still had both Pidgeotto and Pikachu while Brock only had Graveler. If he switched Piedgotto for Pikachu and used another thunderbolt, it would be a guarantee that he'll win.

"But it would be at the expense of Brock's image as a capable Gym leader."

Ash suddenly heard as he remembered his conversation with Rock guy the day prior.

If Ash were to act now, then he'll win sure, but what about Brock. If the Pokémon League got notice of this, could he run the risk of getting fired? And even if he didn't, would it even count as a victory?

If not for Team Rocket's intervention, then the sprinklers would have never turn on, which means that electric wouldn't do a thing to Graveler either. Wouldn't this count as cheating? Would have he won if Team Rocket never intervined?

As if things weren't troublesome enough for the raven-haired boy, he then turned to the seats were people could see the matches. There, he saw all of Brock's siblings watching them both.

"I'm sorry, my siblings don't tend to see me fight often much less lose."

He heard once more as he stared at the kids, and then to Brock. He was their hero, the person they all looked up to. The one they all went for help. He couldn't take advantage of the situation and put the guy in risk of getting fired. Especially not in front of his siblings.

They would be devastated; he knew he would be too. That is, if he had had someone like Brock when he was younger.

"Well, should we continue the match?" - Brock asked.

"Actually... I think I'll forfeit." - said Ash, shocking everyone.

Even Pidgeotto was confused, why would his trainer do something like that? But it was Pikachu that told her that he'll explain later. Pikachu knew why he did it, and he agreed with his reasoning.

"Wait what?! Why would you want to forfeit Ash?!" - Brock asked.

"Well, since your Pokémon are wet thanks to the sprinklers, I think that would be an unfair advantage. Plus, even though Pidgeotto in now up, I still want to make sure she's alright, so I should go to a Pokémon Center, you know." - said Ash as he recalled Pidgeotto and Pikachu jumped to his shoulder. - "Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

And with that, Ash left the Gym, leaving a stunned Brock in the middle of the battlefield.

It was already dusk, Pidgeotto was now at full health and now she, Pikachu, and Metapod were all outside, enjoying the fresh air with their trainer. However, something, or more specifically, someone approached them. It was none other than Brock.

"There you are." - he said as he waved at Ash.

"Brock? What are you doing here?" - asked Ash.

"Well, I came here to give you this." - he said as he handed Ash the Boulder badge.

"Wait what?! But I didn't beat you, why?" - asked Ash, completely shocked by Brock's actions. His Pokémon were all equally shocked.

Well, except for Metapod, he didn't knew what was going on.

What did he miss?

"Gym leaders are allowed to grant these badges to whoever they deemed have earnt them and to me. You have proven yourself more than enough that you deserve it." - he replied.

Ash was stunned, having no words for what Brock just said, he deserved it? Why? He was happy, sure, but he still didn't knew what he did to deserve the badge. Both Pikachu and Pidgeotto were in a similar train of thought and Metapod... still didn't knew what was going on.

Seriously, what did he missed?

Seeing Ash's confuse look, Brock decided to elaborate. - "Any other trainer in your position would have taken the shot without hesitation, but you didn't. You know why?" - he asked, yet Ash was still unable to form words. - "You have something a lot of people lack now a days. And that something, is called trainer's honor."

"Trainer's... honor?" - asked Ash.

Brock nodded. - "Had you taken the shot, you would have beaten me and I would have reward you with the badge regardless. Granted, the Pokémon League would probably be a bit disappointing in me, but hey. A job's a job. Yet you knew that that wouldn't feel right. That's why you forfeit, right?"

"Well, yeah. But I forfeit the match. Why are you giving me this?" - asked Ash once more.

"Because also unlike most other trainers, you did something most don't, or take forever to do. You learned from your past mistakes." - said Brock taking Ash by surprised. - "Most people would have thrown a tantrum and wouldn't challenge me again. Even if they did, they would either, do the same mistakes over again, or take forever to realize what they were doing was wrong. Yet, you realized your mistakes in one day. You weren't as reckless as before. Combine that with the fact that you went out of your way to help me with Team Rocket, I say the world needs more people like you."

"Well, I think you're exaggerating a little bit. I'm nothing special really, I'm just some random kid trying really hard to achieve his dream." - said Ash looking down at his feet.

"And that's why I gave it to you. More people should be like that in that regard... I wish I could be more like that in that regard." - said Brock with a bit of sadness in his voice.

"What?! But you're like super cool. You seem to be an awesome older brother, you're understandable and you're really strong! When we fought Team Rocket you were all like, ZUAP!, and BAMM!, and KAPAPAP POW!" - said Ash with both Pikachu and Pidgeotto crying in agreement. Meanwhile Metapod was still confuse.

Just what were they all talking about?!

"Thanks, but... well..." -Brock said, struggling to talk. - "I never wanted to be the Gym leader. I had actually taken a linking in Pokémon breeding and sometime later, I planned on becoming the greatest Pokémon Doctor I could be!... But when my parents left. I had to become the Gym leader and take care of my siblings. So, I never tried to achieve my dreams." - he said.

Ash and his Pokémon (and a confused Metapod) were all heartbroken after hearing that. To put aside your own ambitions, all just for the sake of those you hold dear. In that moment, their admiration for Brock grew even bigger (if that was somehow possible). They wished there was a way for them to help him, but they couldn't.

However, there was someone else that could help.

"Then go and make those dreams of you a reality." - they suddenly heard.

When they turned they met a rather familiar face.

"Rock guy!" - shouted Ash.

"Rock guy? - asked Brock.

Ash nodded at the Gym leader. - "He was the one that told me about your troubles and all. He also told me the thing about ground types and water."

"Ash, I hate to break it to you, but that's not some Rock guy, his name is Flint... And he's my father." - said Brock.

"WHAT?!" -Ash shouted as he looked at Rock guy, now known as Flint remove his hoodie and fake beard to reveal a face that was almost identical to that of Brock's, only older.

"WHAAAAAAAAT?!" - Ash shouted, as he remained there in shock. Pikachu and Pidgeotto were equally as surprised and Metapod still had no idea what was going on.


"Wait! So that means you're the good for nothing that abandoned them four years ago and never returned!" - asked Ash.

"That'll be him." - said Brock.

"Brock, I know I put a lot of pressure on your shoulders and I'm sorry for it. When I failed at my journey, I was too ashamed of returning home. I didn't want you or your siblings to see me as a failure, so I decided not to come back. Now I realized my mistake. Because of that, I have robbed you of the opportunity to chase after your own goals. That is unacceptable. So please Brock, follow your dreams and let me take care of things. It's the least I can do. And I'm sure that unlike me, you'll achieve them without a doubt." - said Flint to his eldest son.

"Dad." said Brock, before pulling something out of his pocket. It was a needle and some string, which he then handed to his father. - "Sussie always rips her dresses so you better learned how to sew and Timmy only eats cold spaghetti for breakfast, Tommy likes corn flakes for dinner-"

"Slow down, slow down. I can't write that fast." - said Flint as he magically pulled a notebook and a pencil from thin air.

It was early in the morning and both Ash and Pikachu were already at the outskirts of Pewter City.

"Sorry if I made you guys wait." - said Brock as he approached the two of them.

"Oh, don't worry, we didn't mind at all, right bud?" - said Ask.

"Pi ka! Pika! - he replied.

"So, you got everything?" - asked Ash.

"All set and ready to go." - replied Brock.

And so, the two of them started to head off for Cerulean City.

"So, how do you think your dad will fair?" - asked Ash.

"Honestly, as long as he doesn't burn the house, I'll be okay. Besides, Forrest's there to lend a hand I'm sure they'll be fine."

"Guess you're right... Hey Brock." -called Ash


"... Thanks for accompanying with me." - said Ash

"... Thanks for letting me accompany you." - replied Brock, smiling at his new friend.

That day, marked the day when two brothers, became friends for the first time.

"Man, we're lost." - said a certain foreigner.

They have been walking for hours and have yet to exit the forest.

"I should have asked him to teach me how to read maps, don't you think pal?" said the trainer to the Pokémon that was besides the mysterious character.

The Pokémon nodded, they always got lost back home, why did they thought it would be different in another region.

As the two of them kept on searching for a way back to civilization, one can't help but to ask, who are them? And what are they doing in the Kanto Region?

Only time will tell.

As the journey continues.

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