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Pokemon Ash and the Dex Holders: Kanto @oanglalie
Chapter 4: This is Just the Beginning

Ok, I think there's enough reviws (probably) for me to answered questions about what I'm planning to do with the story.

Before that, I want to inform you guys that English is not my main language, so apologize in advance if I messed up from time to time. Don't be afraid to correct me if is screw up somewhere, I would actually apreciate it. I'm writting this story in order to try and improve my english.

To answer the question done by True Master, I already have some idea ofwhat Pokémon he will catch. There will be a few aditions, but his Kanto team will remain mostly the same. However, I'll try my best to give them their own time in the spotlight at least once, as well as giving some of his them a more unique personality and story. I'm basing this out of the manga and main anime, since those are the two universes I'm most familiar with. But I'm also going to try and add some elements that I liked from other parts of the franchise like Origins, The Electric Tale of Pikachu, the I Choose You continuity, Rangers (once I read the manga), Chronichles, the meg evolution special (wich technically belong to the main anime, but still) and so on. I also want to include a few stories from the games, but seeing as I have only played Leaf Green, it might take sometime. Most of my knowledge about the games are thanks to videos and gameplays, but if you think theres a game story that wasn't touch in neither the anime or manga that intersts you guys, please let me know. I'll check it out and see what I can do.

fearofvengance: Yeah, just a heads up, Misty won't be traveling with Ash, they'll interact of course, but probably not in the way you imagine. Just wait and hopefully I won't disapoint you.

To the guest: Yellow will appear, don't worry about it. As I said, my knowledge of the games, aren't really the best, so I have no idea of how to use the Let's Go protagonist just yet. As for that Pika love triangle, I don't know, maybe I can do soething like that. I'm still not sure.

Adol25: Thanks, it is really nice to see that you guys find my story interesting. When I started to plan this story, I had already made up my mind that neither Ash nor Red were goinng to be related. In most stories that have both of them together, they're always related but at least to me, I've always wanted to see what would happen, if the two of them went on their own respective journeys at the same time. Also when you put it that way, I guess Ash does seem to always find himself in those kinds of situations, doesn't he? Yeah, I'll definitely going to add some of those stories, but I'll try and make sure the others have their own share as well.

The shadows only want to play: I just want to say, that I liked how there's someone that is already quoting something I wrote. That's nice.

Anyway, that's about it for now, this chapter is longer than the others, hope you guys enjoy.

Chapter 4: This is Just the Beginning, a First Catch of Many!

Green had headed northeast of Pallet Town, he was already aware that the Viridian City's Gym Leader was out of town for personal business. How did he knew that? Well, he just saw it on the news. Now the better question would be, why was Green interested in whether the Gym Leader was out of town?

Well, he and Red were always competing among each other, be it who had better grades, who was faster, stronger and so on. Even after they received their scores for their license exams, they couldn't help but to see who got the higher score.

He got an 88 beating Red by one point, although Blue won the whole thing by having a perfect grade. It shouldn't have surprised them, after all, she was by far the smartest kid in all of Pallet Town (admitting that definitely hurted his pride as an Oak). But then again, not every kid had to deal with what she went through.

While she has kept the details mostly to herself (barely telling anything to him, his sister, his grandpa and Red), she did mention how she was kidnaped when she was three. The only reason she arrived at Pallet Town was because one of the other victims of whatever sick game they took part on told her she hailed from there.

Well, going back on track, the reason Green was interested in whether or not the Gym Leader was there, was because he had heard that Red was thinking on taking on the Gym Leaders. He probably spent way too much time hearing Ash ramble about how he was going to become a Pokémon Master.

Whatever that was supposed to be.

Both him and Ash never got along, as a matter of fact, Ash never got along with pretty much any other kid in Pallet Town. His only friends were a foreign girl and Daisy who was five years older than them. Red was nice to him, but that was pretty much it. Blue, well, even though he was the first kid to try and being friendly with her, she never opened herself to him. To tell the truth, it took Blue one whole year to remember his name and she still messed up from time to time (something he did found pretty funny).

And then there was Green, while his older sister did get along with him, Green and Ash were always at each other's throats. He always found Ash quite annoying, he was always so loud it was so frustrating for him to be in the same room with him. Although it's not like Green was some saint either, he kind of totally used to bully him when they were even younger. Even as they grew older, he still antagonized him from time to time.

It may not have been the nicest thing to do to him, but he was trying to change now. A little bit. Okay he still found him annoying, but next time they meet (that is if he managed to leave his house without getting lost) he promised not to insult him

Or at least not that much.

Who knows, maybe by the time the Pokémon League arrives he would grow into someone he could respect.

Or not.

To be honest, he didn't really care that much about it. The only thing that was on his mind was besting Red in any way he could. After that, he could probably try and help Blue with her issues, that is of course if she decides to tell him the details. Or at least enough to know what he was getting himself into.

Right now, he was still on Viridian forest, he could have just move on to the closest town. But the nearest Gym was the one on Pewter City and if what he heard was right, the Gym Leader there specialized on rock types. That alone already puts him at a disadvantage since fire types were weak against water, ground and rock types.

So Green told himself that he wouldn't leave until he could find a Pokémon that could help him level the playing field against that Gym Leader.

"Char, use scratch one more time." - he ordered to the fire type.

He did as he was told, as he attacked the rattata right in front of him. After dealing a couple of hits to the normal type, Char sended the purple rodent flying to a tree. It tried to stand up once more, but he was already trembling.

There was no way it could retaliate in its current condition, the fire type was simply too strong for it.

The small rattata was already waiting for the human to catch him, but strangely, that hadn't happened just yet.

Why was that?

Well, Green was contemplating on whether or not to catch him. He could very easily throw the ball at it and catch it with no issue whatsoever. But he could tell right away that this rattata wouldn't be able to help him. Sure, he could catch this rattata and add its information to the Pokedex just like he said he would.

But gramps did told them not that they shouldn't neglect their own goals. There's plenty of rattata on Kanto, he'll simply find another one more suited for him. Just as he was about to leave, he turned and saw the state in which the rodent was. He wouldn't last that long like that.

Blue sighed, he really shouldn't do this, but he did promise that he would try and be less of a jerk now.

He kneeled in front of the normal type Pokémon and took a potion out of his backpack. He then proceeded to spray it over the rattata's wounds and in no time, the wild Pokémon was now in a better shape than before.

The purple Pokémon was quite shocked at the action of the human.

Was he not planning on capturing him?

"If you're wondering why I did that, well, let's just say that you're not up to my standards. And I wasn't going to let you be while in a weak state. That's all." - said Green.

It shouldn't have surprised it; the normal type wasn't really that strong and for the looks of things. This human was only interesting in strong Pokémon.

"Ta rattata?" - it asked.

While the trainer didn't paid him that much attention, his fire type certainly did, - "Char, mander char." - he replied.

"Ra, ra ratta!"


"Tata ra!"


"What are those two talking about?" - asked Green as he stared at the conversation between the two Pokémon

Soon after saying that, the small Pokémon started to run further to the north with the lizard Pokémon following in close.

"Hey! Where are you going?!" - he asked his Pokémon as he started to chase after the two of them.

"Okay Poli, double slap!" - shouted Red to his Pokémon.

The Tadpole Pokémon did as he was told, breaking the locks that were on the cages in front of them.

Right after he loose the Rocket duo in the forest, he decided to do some exploration near the area where he met them. It didn't took Red long before he found what seemed to be their makeshift camp. In it, there were dozens of cages filled to the grim with Pokémon of all kinds.

Nidoran, Weedle, Pidgey, Spearow, Caterpie and so-on. Almost instantaneously he decided to break them out of their confinement. After freeing the last of the Pokémon, Red told them to hide while he took care of the criminals that did this to them.

Without question, they all flees the area as Redd realized something, he should have probably tried and catch at least one of them

Then again, that would probably be a pretty selfish thing to do.

"Ok, step one of operation: Set the Pokémon free so that Team Rocket has an actual excuse to chase after you while you take them down individually has been completed. Meanwhile operation: you really need to start to come up with better and shorter names for your operations is still in progress! - he said as Poli merely sighed at him. Red was really bad coming up with names.

"You guys know what comes next right?" - asked Red to both Poli and Saur. The both nodded, but the water type did so reluctantly. Why's that?

The plan that he came up to was to split the two adults, thus, making it easier to take them down individually. Since they would obviously wipe the floor with him if he were to take them on at the same time. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Well, in order to do so, they also had to split up. Poli will lead one of the grunts away while both Red and Saur take on the other one while he was alone. That, was what made Poli nervous.

He was sure he could handle his end no problem, but it was Red and Saur's end that made him feel uneasy. Red was good, in fact, that's probably the reason as to why the professor gave him the Pokedex. Because he was confident in the boy's abilities.

But as good as he was, he could only do so much with a Pokémon that only knew two moves. It didn't help the fact that one of those moves, isn't even an offensive move.

Then again, that was unfortunately the safest thing to do. If both Poli and Red were to be together, they would no doubt defeat the grunt with relative ease. But that would put Saur in a dangerous position. If he was alone, there was the possibility that he could get caught and that the Rocket member would make a break for it.

He couldn't put his new friend in such position, at least if he was to be with Red, he could better coordinate his attacks.

Soon they started to hear noises from not that far away and the trio quickly got into position.

"That little runt got away!" - shouted the blonde criminal.

"The brat is probably on his way to contact the police, let's just take what we already have and leave be-" - the brown-haired Rocket stopped himself as he saw what was in front of him. All of the cages were wide open and all of the Pokémon that they caught were nowhere to be found.

"Tha little bastard, I'M GOING TO KILL HIM!" - shouted the blonde one, this was obviously the doing of that kid.

His partner nodded, although he was trying to control his composure, he too wanted to strangle the brat with his bare hands. They had spent all day long catching all of those Pokémon and now, because of some kid with spiky hair, all of that hard work was now practically gone.

Suddenly, they heard some bushes moving. - "Hey look, there might still be some Pokémon nearby." - said the grunt with the brown hair.

"That, or the little pest is still nearby." - said the other grunt with anger.

Just as they decided to head into the direction of the moving bushes, they started to hear noises coming from the other direction. It was without a doubt, the sound of a human. Almost as if someone was breathing heavily.

"The pest is still nearby!" - shouted the blonde one.

"Forget him, if we return empty handed to base, the boss will have our heads." - said the one with brown hair.

"Screw that, you go chase whatever Pokémon run in that direction! I'll go take care of the kid! I'm not going to let him off the hook after the stunt he pulled on us!" - shouted the blonde one.

"Why are you so obsessed with the kid? I was the one that got hit by a water gun remember?"

"Just do as I say!" - shouted his partner as he started to chase after Red.

"Fine! Just don't expect me to bail you out when the boss asks you what you were doing while I was doing my job, got it?!" - shouted the brown-haired crook.

And so, part two of Red's plan was now set in action.

A loud scream was heard throughout the Rocket complex. It didn't take long before some members (including the man in charge of the operation) arrived at the scene where it originated from.

What they saw, was a girl with red hair kneeling before the unconscious body of another recruit.

"What is the meaning of this rookie?!" - asked the one in charge.

"I-I d-don't... I don't know sir. One minute we were walking, then I, I heard something. I went t-to see what it was and when I returned, h-he was laying on the ground unconscious." - cried the rookie which was actually Blue in her disguise.

"Did you see who did this?" - asked one of the other recruits.

"I-I saw a glimpse, he was a tall man, I think, I think he had black hair. I was only able of seen his back, but..." - Blue suddenly stopped talking, something that puzzled the other Rocket members.

"What is it, was there something else?" - asked the man in charge.

"Sir I... I saw him wearing a Team Rocket uniform... I think... Sir, I think there might be a spy among us." - Blue said, hoping for him to believe her.

The group was shock after hearing such claim, just who would be foolish enough to defy the mighty Team Rocket? How did they knew of this operation? What were they after?

Suddenly, the man in charge remembered his conversation with the rookie. Could it be?

"You, take him to get treated, everyone else on your guard. Whoever did this must still be hear. Find him and show him why Team Rocker is the most feared organization in all of Kanto!"

"Sir!" - they all replied.

"Be on your guard rookie, whoever did this will most likely target you now that you rattle him out." - said the operation leader to Blue. She nodded, although unbeknownst to them, Blue's plan was already set into motion, and so far, it has been a great success.

It didn't take long before phase two started, suddenly two screams were heard and not long after, the two scenes were suddenly flooded with recruits. One of them was another unconscious man, while the other, was none other than Blue herself.

She had blood on her forehead, when they asked her what had happened. Blue explained that they were looking for the spy when suddenly, something hitted her partner on the back of the head. She tried to chase after him, but then another person knocked her from behind.

"So you're saying that there's two of them?" - one of the recruits asked.

Blue nodded. - "Maybe it was the fact that I was dazed by the attack, but the other spy seemed to have longer hair and had a more female body."

The Rocket members started to look among each other, distrustfully. Specially among the women that were there, the facility had a total of 28 recruits. Among those recruits, 9 were women, although they quickly discarded Blue and the other victims as possible suspects.

One of them told Blue to take the other man to get their wounds treated while the rest would continue with the search for the spies.

Blue nodded as she started to carry the other man to the makeshift infirmary. Not before hearing the fruits of her plan, she couldn't help but smile.

"Who died and made you leader here huh?" - said one of them.

"What are you talking about, they need to get treated. Or what, do you expect them to keep looking in their current state?"

"Well, I find it quite odd that you told them to go without an escort or something like that."

"She's the only one that could recognize the spies, do you really think I'll allow any of you to get near her knowing that one of you could be one of the intruders?"

"That's the biggest load of crap I've ever hear!"

"She's right, it seems to me that maybe you didn't want her to have any back up so that your partner could finish what she started."

"What are you trying to imply?"

Soon enough, they started to argue amongst themselves pointing fingers at one another. The breaking point was when one of them tried to go where Blue was, saying that he would make sure she arrived safely to the infirmary.

However, one of them pulled him backwards saying how she didn't trust any of them right now. She offered herself to look after Blue but then another recruit step in, telling her not to take another step.

It didn't take them long before they all pulled out their pokeballs and soon enough, a battle erupted in the corridor of the Rocket complex.

Phase two, completed.

"Give those back you little twerp!" - shouted James at Ash.

He had somehow managed to get a hold of two pokeballs that the trio stole. He was currently smiling. - "Now things are definitely going my way." - he thought to himself.

He then tossed the two spheres to the air and from them, a small purple rodent and a small bird came from them both. It was a Rattata and a Pidgey, he then tried to command the two of them alongside Pikachu, but said action didn't seem to faze the two criminals. In fact, their reaction was literally the opposite of what Ash wanted, the two of them, as well as their Pokémon started to burst out laughing.

"You really must be dumb if you think that's gonna stop us!" - said Meowth wiping the tears that formed on his eyes after laughing at the trainer.

"What is that supposed to mean?!" - asked Ash.

"I'll show you what that means, Ekans, why don't you show this twerp what you think of his new friends." - ordered Jessie to the purple snake.

The poison type nodded as he glared at the two small Pokémon.

Just like with Pikachu a blue aura surrounded them both, but unlike Pikachu, the two of them were so intimidated that they soon ran off from the cafeteria. Where the battle was currently taking place.

"Great, they probably ran off to who knows where." - said James.

"Whatever, we caught them once we'll catch them again. That is of course after we've dealt with the little pest in front of us." - said Jessie with a grin on her face.

"Ok, I might have been way over my head." - Ash thought to himself. - "WHY DID I THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?!"

Ash barely knew how to tie his shoes by himself, why did he thought he could take on two criminals by himself?!

Well, there was no turning back now. He looked at Pikachu and they both nodded.

"Okay Pikachu, it's up to us now!"

"Pika pika!"

"As fun as our time together was, I'm afraid this is the end of the road for you kid." - said James with both Jessie and Meowth nodding at his statement.

"We'll see about that! Pikachu tackle!" - Ash shouted

"Pika!" - Pikachu shouted as he charged at the two-poison type.

"How adorable, Koffing, use smokescreen!" - shouted James.

The spherical Pokémon nodded as smoke started to come out of its mouth and in no time, Pikachu was surrounded by it. Not moving, mindful of what could his opponents.

Soon enough, Ekans lunged itself at the electric type, but Ash was surprisingly quick to notice. Warning his partner that his aggressor was coming from his right. This allowed Pikachu to dodge just in the nic of time and he soon got out of the smoke, rushing at Ash's side.

"Not bad kid, say have you ever thought about joining Team Rocket?" - asked Meowth.



"He's right you know; we could use someone like you two." - said James.

"Who knows, maybe with time, you could be as valuable as us." - said Jessi.

The other members (including Koffing and Ekans) all sighed at what the woman had said. They were hardly valuable to the organization. If anything, they were surprised that they hadn't been fired yet.

"As if I were dumb enough to join you guys!" - said Ash


"Don't know, you seem pretty dumb for me." - said Jessie.


"Well, you had your final chance, now Koffing tackle!"

"Ekans bite now!"

And so, the two did as they were told as they were now heading towards the raven-haired boy and the yellow mouse Pokémon.

Ash couldn't help but to ask himself, why did he thought this was a good idea?

"Where is that Rattata taking us to?" - asked Green as he continued to chase after both the normal type and Char.

It was already getting dark; he should be looking for a place to set up camp. But instead, he's chasing after his starter Pokémon just because that Rattata told him something.

After a couple of minutes of extra running, the normal type stopped and then proceeded to have yet another conversation with Char. Meanwhile, Green was catching his breath, if there is one thing in which Ash is beats him at (as painful as it is to admit), is that he probably had the best physic of the four of them.

Guess spending all his free time climbing trees instead of studying did paid off for the human Mankey.

"Rattata!" - shouted the normal type snaping Green out of his thoughts.

He saw that the small purple rodent was pointing at a specific location. Intrigued, both Green and Char decided to take a look at what it was.

To say that they were surprised would be an understatement. In front of them, was a humanoid, bipedal Pokémon that had gray skin. It had three brown ridges on top of its head, large red eyes, and a relatively flat face. On either side of its chest were three, thin, rib-like stripes. Its feet appeared to have no toes, while its hands had five fingers. It also seemed to have a short, stubby tail.

Green had an idea of what kind of Pokémon it was, but just to make sure, he decided to pull out the machine given to him by his grandfather.

Machop the Superpower Pokémon

Fighting Type, Pokedex number #66

A very powerful in spite of its small size.

It loves to build its muscles. It trains in all styles of martial arts to become even stronger.

Green was stunned, thanks to his grandfather, he knew that the Machop of the Kanto region usually lived near or inside rock tunnels. While it was possible to see them live in other areas of the region, it was still extremely rare to see wild Machop living in areas other than tunnels.

"Was this what you wanted to show us?" - Green asked as he turned to the Rattata.

It nodded, while the small rodent was up to the human's standards, that Machop might just be more adequate to a trainer like him. He approached the superpower Pokémon and once the fighting type noticed its presence, the two of them started to talk in their respective languages.

After some time, the two of them finished taking as the normal type walked towards both Green and Char, seemingly pleased with what he did.

"Ra, Rattata ta!" - said the purple mouse like Pokémon.

A smile formed in Char's face, something which puzzled the trainer. What did that Rattata said that could make Char so happy?

His question was about to be answered as he heard Machop's cries. As Green turned his gaze to where the superpower Pokémon was, he saw him getting into a battle position.

Wait a minute

"Did you told him that I was looking for strong Pokémon?" - asked Green as he turned to the small rodent.

It nodded, he once witnessed the power of the fighting type when he defeated the Growlith of another human with relative ease. Who knows, it may be even as strong if not, even stronger than the orange lizard.

Green pondered at the situation, from first glance he could tell that that Machop is indeed strong. Not only that, but being a fighting type, he would tip the scales in his favor when the time to face the Gym arrived.

"Thanks." - said Green to Rattata as he, alongside Char started getting into a battling position.

The normal type could just as easily leave right now, but he decided to watch. He wanted to know just what this human and his Charmander could do. There was silence, as well as a great tension in the atmosphere, one that could be cut with a knife. However, Green was quick to break the silence as he gave his command to Char.

"Scratch now!" - he shouted as the orange lizard rushed at the fighting type who did the same thing.

"Sandshrew use rockslide!" - shouted the blonde recruit.

Right as he ordered, a small yellow mouse like Pokémon surround itself with multiple rocks which it then proceeded to hurl at both Red and Saur.

They were quick to dodge as the two of them then tackle both of their opponents. The four of them quickly stumble down a slope. Red felt something falling out of his pocket and for a moment he panicked. - "Please don't let it be the Pokedex please don't let it be the Pokedex." - he thought to himself.

When they finally stopped rolling the grown man was the first to stand up, charging at Red alongside his Pokémon. The two of them dodged the attack and then Saur charged at his enemy with tackle.

Sure enough, he landed a direct hit, as he sended the ground type backwards by two and a half meters.

"Why you annoying pest! I'll teach you not to mess with me!" - shouted the blond man as he charged at Red.

However, the boy from Pallet Town was quick on his feet, dodging every time he got close. He then managed to trip his opponent, making him fall flat on his face. Just as Red had a moment to catch his breath, the recruit grabbed dirt from the ground and he then tossed it right into the boy's eyes, blinding him as the blonde man started to pick himself up.

As he did, he saw a rock the size of an apple on the ground. A twisted smiled formed in the man's face as he picked said object. As Red was still trying to get the dirt out of his eyes, the Rocket recruit raised the hand with the rock. He was about to strike the boy with it, but something had stopped his attempt at possibly ending the life of the young boy.

Around his hand was what seemed to be a green rope. With his eyes, the recruit followed were said object came from and to his surprises, the origin of said rope, was none other than the grass type Pokémon. Saur glared daggers at the man and before anyone could react, he managed to throw the man right at the Sandshrew he was fighting just a few minute ago.

No one attacks his friends and gets away with it.

With a loud thud the man and got hit a tree nearby, instantly knocking the two of them out.

As Red vision finally started to clear out, he saw two dark green vines coming out of Saur's bulb, was that...

"D-did, did you just use vine whip?" - asked Red.

"Bulba?" - he asked as he too, started to look at the vines that were coming out of his body.

Their eyes suddenly widen as a smile adorned their faces. - "Saur, you've learned vine whip!" - exclaimed Red with joy.

"Bulbasaur!" - replied the seed Pokémon with the same energy as his trainer.

The two of them quickly ran at each other as Red picked Saur in his arms, hugging the grass type.

"I'm so proud of you Saur, you're amazing!" - Red shouted.

"Bulba! Bulbasaur!" - replied the seed Pokémon, pleased by the words of encouragement from his trainer.

Red was so happy, this was just their first battle together and not only did they manage to defeat a member of Team Rocket, but Saur was able to learn a new move. He wanted to pull his pokedex as fast as he could, just so that he could...

Wait, didn't he felt as if something had fallen out of his pocket while he was...

"Uh oh"

In a panic, Red reached for his pocket, praying to Arceus itself all in the hopes that his fears didn't became reality. Hesitantly, he pulled something out of his pocket while having his eyes closed. He then slowly started to opened them up and to his relieve, there it was. The machine that was handed to him by professor Oak was in perfect condition, outside of a small stain on the lower left of the machine, just what else was he keeping there?

It was probably best not to know.

But, if the pokedex was still there, what was it that fell from his pocket? If he was lucky, it was probably what caused that stain on the machine.

"We should probably make sure this guy doesn't try to run away." -Red said.

With a combination of the guy's belt as well as his shirt, Red was successful in tying the man, he also made sure to return his Sandshrew back to its pokaball.

Then they decided that it was probably time to head back and look for Poli. Knowing him, he most likely has already defeated his oponent.

Meanwhile with Poli.

He had already defeated his opponent, which was a purple moth like Pokémon. Right now, he was using double slap repeatedly on the Rocket recruit. He wanted to bargain by telling him that he could gave him some berries. This sparked the interest of the water type, but when he learned that they were wepear berries Poli decided to keep on using double slap until Red arrived.

Back with Red and Saur, they were about to head back and look for their friend, right after Red checked what the pokedex had to say about vine whip.

"Huh?" - Red said as he saw something he was not expecting.

His pokedex was informing him that his current party consisted... of three Pokémon?

That can't be right.

But then he remembered something, he hasn't discovered what was it that fell from his pocket, could it be?

Red decided to go where he originally felt that and after a minute or two, he found what he thought was the object that fell from his person. A pokeball that was on top of some bushes.

After picking said object up and checking his pokedex, he found out that the mysterious third member of his team, was a Pikachu. And for what the machine told him; he was quite strong. Although Red felt conflicted.

On the one hand, he was rather exited, he had a new teamate with him, but on the other hand, the moment felt a bit unfulfilling. He had wanted his first catch to be something a bit more special. But instead, it ended up being a victim of the crossfire between him and the member of team Rocket.

Well, guess sometimes things don't go the way you expect them, he'll have more time to think about this. Right now, both of them should go look for Poli before he grows annoyed.

Yet another clash happened before its eyes.

On its left, was a proud Machop, how did a Macho get to Viridian forest was beyond its understanding. On its right, was the fire lizard, Char the Charmander and next to him, was his trainer. If Rattata remembered correctly, his name was Green.

Right after those two beated him in a battle and healed its wounds, Rattata decided to guide them to the strongest Pokémon it knew. And boy good thing Rattata did so, because the battle that was currently taking place in front of the normal type was something truly amazing.

A match between the fighting types power and skill, against the teamwork and strategies of both the fire type and his trainer was truly something to behold.

"Char! Growl once more!" - Green ordered

Char did as he was told, opening his mouth, releasing yet another loud, piercing bleat that distorted the air in the direction of the fighting type. When it hit, a blue aura surrounded Machop's body once more, indicator that he's strength was reduced once more.

Machop started to grind its teeth at said action, this was the fourth time they lowered his attack. He rushed in, throwing a barrage of Karate chops at the orange lizard. However, Char was successful in dodging every single one of them.

Both Char and Green wanted to counter attack, but the superpower Pokémon wasn't slowing down in the slightest. Before they could react, Machop's eyes suddenly glowed red. He was using leer.

A purple aura surrounded Char, surprising both him and Green. In that moment of hesitation, Machop continued his barrage of Karate chops landing every single one of them. He then putted all of its strength in one final Karate chop that sended the fire type flying backwards.

"Char!" - Green shouted at the sight of his Pokémon being hit.

For a moment, the idea that that was it crossed his mind, but just as he was about to throw in the towel, he saw Char standing up. He was panting heavily, but he was not done just yet. He was determined, determined to become stronger alongside Green. Of learning new things, and above all else. He was determined in beating the opponent that was standing in front of him.

Just as Machop charged at him, with the intention of using Karate chop once more, Green told him to move to his left and once he was on range, to use scratch on him. Char followed Green's command to the teeth and was successful in landing a left hook on the fighting type's face and sending him flying.

When Machop recovered he glared at them both, but at the same time, he was smiling. This was by far the best battle he's had so far, truth be told, he wouldn't mind being capture by that human. But just because he thinks that, doesn't mean he'll make things easy.

On the other side of the battlefield, Char was catching his breath, Machop was definitely strong. If not for Green and his commands, he would have lost the battle already. If this was supposed to be his new teammate then things could be interesting.


He will be his new teammate; he was going to make sure that becomes reality. Char gave a battle cry to the sky, the flame on his tail growing larger and hotter. Machop tried to rush in, to take advantage of the situation, but no one expected what was going to happen.

Char gave a spin on his own axis and from the top of his flame, a projectile made of fire was shot directly at Machop, hitting him straight in the face. Green didn't even need to look at the pokedex to know what that was.

Char has just learn ember.

He couldn't help but to smile, now that they could attack at long range, victory was a guarantee.

"Char, surround him and use ember!" - Green shouted.

At his command, Char started to run in circles, throwing the fire projectiles at Machop. While ember may not be the strongest move out there, it was certainly doing its job just fine. Machop couldn't defend himself from the barrage of attacks, growing weaker by the second.

"Now! Use scratch and then follow it up with a point-blank ember!" - he commanded.

Right as he said that, Char got in close, using scratch over and over again only for him to finish things up with an ember shot straight to the fighting type's chest.

Once more, the fighting type fell to the ground, he tried to stand up once more, but he then felt something hitting the top of his head. Right before being sucked in by the pokeball, he smiled, admitting defeat.

The pokeball wabled from left to right before releasing a more than pleasing sound. The one that meant that the capture was a success. Green took the pokeball as he was looking at his pokedex, pleased with what just happened.

"Guess we won." - said Green to his first Pokémon.

"Char!" - he exclaimed happily before he started to stumble.

He was about to fall to the ground, but before that happened, Green caught him. He looked at his trainer before smiling weakly at him.

"It was quite the battle don't you think?" - he said as he placed Char in the ground to treat his injuries. And while he's doing so, why not treat the injuries of his new teammate. He opened Machop's pokeball and of course he was rather tired.

Green soon started to treat the two of them and once he was done, he decided to officially introduce the two of them, "I'm Green and he's Char, as of today the three of us are going to work together." - he said.

Machop nodded as he looked at his new teammates, he had a feeling he was going to enjoy his time training with these two.

"It seems that our battle took longer than expected. It's already night." - said Green. He then started to set camp where was once the battlefield. He then took out some food (both for human and Pokémon) before noticing that Rattata was still there.

"You know, you can join us for the night. I have enough Pokémon food for an extra mouth." - said Green.

Rattata was quite shocked, was he serious?

He pointed at himself before Green nodded. - "Think of it as my way of saying thanks. If not for you, I don't think I would have found someone like him." - he said as he looked at Machop.

Both he and Char didn't mind sharing some food for the night. Rattata decided to take in the offer, he was quite hungry.

And so, they ate, they didn't have much to say to each other and Green wasn't the best when it came time to start conversations. But it was still a quiet and nice meal.

The Team Rocket daycare was a disaster.

It was already bad enough that two of their members (well, supposedly three, but Blue doesn't count) were already out cold. But now, practically every member had beaten each other until they all lost conscious. Only two people remain conscious, Blue and the operations leader.

While the operations leader had tried to stop the fighting among the members of the organization (and also avoiding getting caught in the crossfire). Blue was busy taking every piece of evidence she could find, as well as things she found interesting.

She was just about to be done until she heard someone calling out for her. When she turned, she saw her superior covered in bruises and with some of his clothes torned up. Guess he wasn't lucky in avoiding the crossfire.

"YOU!" - he said angrily.

"Me!" - she replied with a mocking tone and a smile on her face.

"You! You were the spy all along! Just who do you work for! Plasma!? Magma!? Or is it that masked man!?" - he asked.

"Oh, so you believe me now?" - she asked. - "Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is none of the above. If you're interested in knowing, well. Let's just say that I have unfinished business with him. I came here to see if you lot had something that might help, but as it turns out, you really didn't knew anything. But don't mind me, I was just on my way out, so if you could move out of the way that'll be great."

"Heh, do you really think you could just walk out of here just like that after the stunt you pulled?!"

"Yeah, pretty much." - said Blue.

"Kid, the only way your leaving is going to be inside a bag!" - shouted the operations leader.

"I wouldn't recommend you do that. Well, that is unless you want to add child murder to the pile of crimes that are already under your name." - said Blue.

The operations leader was confused. - "What is that supposed to mean?"

"Jeesh, and here I thought Bash was slow." - she said only to realized something. - "Dammit Blue you screwed up again!" - she thought to herself.

It's been two years; how can she still get it wrong?!

"Whatever." - she told herself. - "What I'm trying to say is that the police is already on its way. So, unless you want to spend the rest of your life behind bars, you'll let me be and start running."

"Fat chance kid, I'm not leaving until I make you pay for what you did. I'll deal with the police later." - he said as menacing as he could. He was livid, the fact that a small little girl made a fool of him and ruined his operation as if it was just a game. His blood was already boiling. But Blue remained unfazed by his threat.

"Suit yourself, just don't blame me if you end up catching a cold." - she said confusing the Rocket member yet again.

Blue then signaled the man to turn around, when he did, he was hit in the face by a water gun. Courtesy of a Squirtle that went under his radar. The attack was powerful enough to push him backwards and make him fall to his feet.

When the attack ceased and the man was about to try and retaliate, but then he saw the Squirtle signaling the man to turn around. The man did, and the last thing he saw before losing his conscious, was Blue swinging a piece of wood at him.

After knocking the man to the ground, Blue sighed in relieve. - "Finally, I can get rid of this stupid wig!" - she shouted as she took off the object in question. - "You have no idea how itchy that thing was... I hope you rot in the distortion world." - she said as she threw the wig away from her.

"Nice one Blasty, I knew I could count on you!" - she said to her Squirtle.

"Squirtle! Squirtle!" - said Blasty as he jumped to his trainer's arms.

"Alright alrtight I get it, you're happy!" - she said while giggling.

Right after putting Blasty to the ground, Blue pulled out her pokedex out of the pouch that was on her belt. She read in the instructions that as a safety precaution, professor Oak had installed an alarm that would go off if it were to detect a member of Team Rocket. Good thing she didn't pulled it out while she was sneaking in, otherwise, things could have gone bad for her.

And to be honest, it would have been quite embarrassing.

Meanwhile, somewhere on Viridian forest.

Red suddenly sneezed, no idea as to why. Poli, Saur and the new comer turned to him, wondering if he had caught a cold.

"That's odd. Do you guys think someone is talking about me?" - he asked.

But his Pokémon dismissed his claims. It was probably his imagination.

Back at the Rocket Hideout, Blue was just about done calling for help using the pokedex distress mechanism. Once that was done, she decided to make sure the operations leader stayed put. So, she pulled out some duct tape she had in case of an emergency. - "Remember Blatsy, always prepare for whatever situation you might encounter." - she said as Blasty nodded.

Truly, his trainer was wise beyond her age.

Once that was taken care of, Blue and Blasty decided to have another look around, they soon found the safe where they had the money of the daycare.

Blue contemplated it for a bit, it isn't stealing if your stealing from thieves, right?

"No, it wouldn't be fair for the people they took it from... Goddammit Red, this is your fault!" - she said. Had he not been such a good example, she would have already taken all of that money for herself.

Once again Red sneezed.

"Hey kid, I think you're starting to catch a cold." - said man with the brown hair, who, alongside his partner, was currently tied with a rope Red had packed in case of an emergency.

"Either that, or someone is talking about you." - said the blonde one.

"Oh really. Wow, I never thought about it before!" - said Red sarcastically as silence took over the atmosphere for a few seconds.

"... Well, you don't have to be such a jerk about it."


Back at the Rocket base, Blue thought of something that was, well, more morally correct.

She started to check the purses and wallets o all the unconscious recruits, now she had enough money to last a month or two, a discount at a family sized pizza, a free smoothie, an expired coupon for a taco, and a free jelly filled donut if she visits a place called Wigglytuff's bakery. That one definitely interested her.

After all, nothing beats a good jelly filled donut, right?

It didn't take long before the police arrived, after explaining the situation, the law enforcers were quick in arresting every single member of the operation. As well as freeing all of the captive Pokémon.

"Can't believe it, they were right under our nose and we didn't even notice them, and to make matters worse. A kid ended up doing a much better job at stopping them than us. No offense." - said a police officer to Blue.

"Some taken." - she said while smiling.

"Aren't you supposed to say, none taken?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, which one of us was the one that stopped Team Rocket?" - she asked.

"Alright I get it, jeesh, that's some attitude you got there kid."

"I'm just messing with you sir. Truth is, I wasn't planning on doing this, it all... just happen you know." - she said as she looked at the law enforcer.

"... You do know that that just makes me look worse at my job, right?" - he asked.

Blue was about to answer but she then heard someone calling out to her. When she turned around, she saw Erika being taken away by another police officer.

"You! Look at what you did to me!" - she shouted, anger in her voice.

Both Blue and the other police officer saw what she meant. The Rocket member was missing a huge chunks of hair on several places of her head. They couldn't help but to laugh at her (it was probably unprofessional coming from the law enforcer, but he couldn't help it).

"I don't know, I think that look suits you! It definitely shows your inner beauty, ma'am."- Blue said in laughter, making sure she heard that last part.

Erika's blood soon started to boil after hearing that, she could only see red as a vein started to pop on the top of her head. - "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?! I SWEAR, WHEN I GET OUT, I'M -"

"You have the right to remain silence."- interrupted the police officer that was escorting her, much to her annoyance, the two of them soon left the area.

After laughing for another couple of minutes, Blue said that it seemed that things were now finished. But the police officer told her that there was one other thing left to do. This confused Blue, it wasn't until the man signaled her to turn around that she started to realize.

The Ditto that was in the cage was starting to approach the two of them somewhat nervously.

"You said that that Ditto was a wild one, right?" - asked the law enforcer.

"Yeah, the operations leader said so why?" - Blue asked

"Well, we're going to take care of the other Pokémon until their respective owners come get them. I was thinking, why don't you take the little guy with you?" - said the police officer, shocking Blue.

"What?! No, I mean, I, well, the idea does sound nice and all, but shouldn't you guys take care of it, or something like that?!" - asked Blue while stuttering, she sure wasn't expecting him to say something like that.

The officer couldn't help but to smile. - "Well, naturally we would, but since you were the one responsible for doing this. I thought that maybe you should take him with you. Think of it as our way of saying thanks for picking up after our slack, kid."

"Y-you, you really meant that?" - asked Blue.

The law enforcer nodded. - "And to be honest, it seems that the little guy is rather fond of the idea." - he informed as he pointed at the Ditto.

As Blue turned, she saw the look in the eyes of the pink blub. They were filled with hope. She kneeled in front of Ditto before asking. - "Do you really want to come with me?"

Ditto nodded and then proceeded to jump into the girl's shoulder. Blue couldn't help but to smile at the actions of the transform Pokémon.

"Then, welcome aboard, Ditty!" - she said as she pulled out a pokeball, taping the small creature as he was sucked in. A ding was suddenly heard, indicating that the capture was a successful one. As she stared at the pokeball smiling, she couldn't help but to wonder.

What other trials lay ahead of her?

Well, whatever they are, she's got some more than competent help now. And most importantly of all.

She felt happy for the time being.

Ash dodge yet another attack, how long has he been doing this?

He was sure that sawn was soon approaching and he had yet to defeat his opponents. At this point, he felt for a moment that they were simply toying with him. But then he looked at them, they were equally if not, more frustrated at the fact that he was still standing.

Maybe he and Pikachu were better than they originally thought?

Or maybe his opponents weren't as strong as he and Joy originally thought?

Whatever the case was, he decided to put those thoughts aside. Right now, he had a battle to win.

"Pikachu! Tackle once more!" - he shouted.

"Pika!" - replied Pikachu as he charged at Koffing whom merely floated out of the way, dodging the attack. A similar exchange was going on with Ash as he was dodging the repeatedly attempts from Ekans to use a bite attack on him.

"What are you doing Ekans, stop playing with that twerp and finish him off already!" - shouted jessie to the purple snake.

Ekans nodded as he charged at Ash once more. He was getting tired of his prey getting away every time he tried to get a hold of him.

Things went on like that for a couple more minutes, with Pikachu and Ash doing everything they could to defeat Team Rocket. Unfortunately for Ash, Koffing was successful in landing a blow in Pikachu. He tried to rush to the side of his friend, but was cut off by Ekans trying once again to wrap around him.

"Keep on doing that Koffing you're doing great!" - said James, encouraging the spherical Pokémon.

"Koffing!" - said the poison type with a blank expression, but pleased to see that he was doing a good job.

He then continued to tackle at Pikachu a couple of times before something strange happened. Sparks suddenly appeared around Koffing's body as he stopped his attack. James was confused, what happened to his beloved Pokémon, he shouted.

But Ash to the surprise of everyone (including himself), actually knew what was going on (for a moment, Ash wanted to see if the sky had suddenly ignited in fire).

When they were having dinner, Ash had pulled out the book given to him by Daisy so that he and Pikachu could learned more about him. And one thing he remembered reading, was that Pikachu had something called an ability called static.

If memory served him right which surprisingly, it did (Seriously, could someone see if the sky suddenly cracked open or something like that). If an opponent made contact with a Pokémon with that ability, there would be a 30% chance that the attacking opponent would become paralyzed.

Guess they were lucky.

Although probably not by much, seeing as to how he had to avoid yet another bite attack from Ekans. He weaped from left to right, avoiding the attack over and over again. He didn't knew how (and honestly, he didn't care for the time being), but Ash had somehow managed to trick Ekans into biting itself.

The Purple snake cried out in pain as Jessie got worried at the sight of his Pokémon getting hurt.

"Don't worry Jessie, we're on our way! Koffing, tackle the twerp!" - James ordered.

Now able to move, Koffing charged at Ash, but the raven-haired boy was managed to jumped out of the way just in time. The spherical Pokémon was unable to stop and soon, he crashed into Ekans, sending the two of them flying to were Jessie, James and Meowth where.

"Ekans, this is no time to take a nap! Get up!" - shouted Jessie.

"Come on Koffing, are you really going to stand there while that kid makes a fool of us?" - asked James.

"Well, it's not like we need his help to do just that."

"You're not helping Meowth!" - replied Jessie to the talking cat.

Right ow, the two of them had a chance, and they were not going to waste it. Both trainer and Pokémon looked at each other and nodded.

"Alright Pikachu, lets finish this!"

"Pi! Pika!"

Team Rocket soon grew worried as they saw the cheeks of the electric type crackle with electricity. They tried to bargain with the kid, but it was already too late.

"Pikachu, use thunderbolt!" - he ordered as the electric type nodded.

"Pikaaaaaa! CHUUUUUU!" - he shouted as a bolt of lightning was shot from Pikachu and towards the group of thieves.

As both officer Jenny and nurse Joy arrived to the outside of the Pokémon Center, they saw a huge explosion going off and soon a bright yellow flash. When the yellow flash finally died out, they saw what looked to be five figures flying out of the smoke.

"I can't believe that twerp managed to beat us like that! It was humiliating!" - said Jessie.

"Oh Koffing, looked at what they've done to you!" - said James as he was hugging the unconscious body of the poison type.

"I gotta say, that Pikachu ain't that bad." - said Meowth with one of his paws rubbing his chin."

"Indeed, if we capture it, surely we would get into the good side of the boss for sure!" - said Jessie with a more optimistic tone in her voice.

"Well maybe so, but for the time being-"

"LOOKS LIKE TEAM ROCKET IS BLASTING OOOOOFF!" - they all shouted as they flew into the now morning sky. A ding sounded as a flash went off.

As the two women entered, they saw Ash and Pikachu, as well as the now destroyed cafeteria.

"What in the world happened here!?" - asked Jenny as she looked at the two of them.

"Well, you see, the thing is..." - said Ash as he proceeded to tell the story of his encounter with the group of criminals.

After all of that was settle, Ash helped cleaned up the mess he made, as well as returning the stolen Pokémon to their respective owners (all except the Pidgey and Rattata he had borrowed, they were already in the hands of their respective trainers).

"Well kid I must say, you have surprised me like no one has ever done!" - said Jenny as she was smiling at the raven-haired boy and his electric yellow friend.

"Oh, come on it was nothing, besides, I did made a huge mess of the cafeteria. And we also made a hole in the ceiling of the Pokémon Center." - he replied as he and Pikachu scratched the back of their heads.

He did speak the truth, but then again, he was risking himself to protect the Pokémon of the other trainers and regular folks that were asleep at the time. Besides, for someone that scored a 65 in his trainer's exam, they should have expected less. Yet, he successfully drove away two members of the most dangerous organization in all of the Kanto Region.

"Nonsense." - said Joy. - "What you did just now, putting your life at risk to save the Pokémon of complete strangers, it was nothing short of extraordinary."

"She's right you know, that takes guts. You're going to go far kid!" - said Jenny as one of her man arrived to deliver a message.

"Officer Jenny, we have heard reports of two more Rocket operations being stopped not that far from here!" - he reported.

"What?! Where? Just who did it? Was it some task force?" - she asked. The fact that a Rocket operation was stopped right on Viridian City was already shocking as it was, but two more?

"One of them was Nara town, while the other one was somewhere on Viridian forest. The suspects have already been apprehended and the ones from Viridian forest are on their way here. Also, apparently, the ones responsible for it, well. Apparently, they were some rookie trainers, all hailing from Pallet Town." - said the officer.

All of them were stunned, their eyes were as wide as humanly (and Pokémonly?) as possible. Then it dawned on Ash, they were stopped by two rookies hailing from Pallet Town? No way.

If that's true, who could they be?

He was sure one of them had to be Red, that was something he would do. But, what about the other one?

Blue, well, he doesn't know her that well, but he was sure doing something like this, would be out of character for her.

And Green, well.

Green's a jerk.

The idea of him doing something nice was way too unrealistic to be true.

While Ash was thinking all of this, Jenny couldn't help but to look at the young trainer and his partner and smile. - "Looks like this new batch of trainers must be something special!" - she said, snapping the raven-haired boy from his thoughts.

"Indeed, I'm sure they'll grow into marvelous trainers!" - said Joy equally happy.

Ash was rather stunned, not one, but two adults complementing him, outside of his mother, the Tanjiro and professor Oak, no adult has ever complimented him like that before. He couldn't help but to smile as he thanked the two of them.

"No need to do that, in fact we should be the ones doing so." - said Jenny with Joy nodding in agreement.

"In fact, I was just about to do just that." - said the pinked-haired nurse as a Chansey arrived next to them, carrying a small bag. She then handed said bag to the boy as Joy continued talking.

"Before leaving the Pokémon Center, I took some time to gather a few potions, revives, Pokémon food among other things that I thought would be essential for a trainer. I want you to have them." - she said, shocking both Ash and Pikachu.

"Wait, you mean it?"

"Pika pika?"

"Of course, you said you don't have that much money, so I thought I could help you with a few supplies." - replied the nurse.

Not wanting to be left behind, Jenny decided to speak up as she took something out of her pouch. - "Well, since were on giving, I would like you to have this kid." - she said as she handed him a pair of green, fingerless gloves. - "Also, seeing as how the cafeteria is almost completely wrecked. How about I invite you two some breakfast, my treat." - she said while pointing at herself.

"Wait, you really?" - asked Ash in disbelief.

Jenny nodded. - "Think of it as our way of saying thanks for doing our job. Now come on, do you like Teriyaki?"

"Like it? I love it! And I'm sure you will too buddy!" - said Ash to Pikachu.

Pikachu was exited, if Ash said it was good, then it must be good. And even if it's not, he could always order another bottle of ketchup.

After having breakfast with officer Jenny, Ash set off to Pewter City. According to both her and Joy, the Gym Leader there was a strong, yet understanding at the same time. It was recommended for novice trainers that want to take on the Gym leaders to take on him first. He's consider a great teacher despite his young age.

As Ash and Pikachu were walking through the road of the forest, they couldn't help but to admire the gloves given to him by officer Jenny. It was as if they were the final touch in the boy's outfit. It was also helpful in hiding the scar that was inevitably going to be on his left hand.

Suddenly, the both of them heard noises from their side. When they turned around, they saw a small, green, worm-like Pokémon with big eyes. It was a Caterpie. Ash was now filled with excitement as he turned to his partner.

"Say Pikachu, you're ready to make some friends?" - he asked.

"Pi! Pikachu!" - he replied, this time he was not going to messed things up, this time he wasn't going to be a burden.

This time, he was going to help his best friend.

As the two of them got into position, they couldn't help but to contemplate the moment. The two of them, working together, side by side.

And they weren't the only ones.

On that day, the true start of the adventures of the four trainers that originate from Pallet Town truly began.

The trials that lay ahead, the adventures, the friends and the Pokémon that have yet to meet remain a mystery. What will our four heroes encounter in the future?

Meanwhile, somewhere else in the region.

A young trainer, a foreign from another region, has finally arrived in Kanto.

"Wow, so this is how the Kanto Region looks like in person!" - said the mysterious trainer marveling at the city.

Who is this mysterious person? And what relationship will this trainer have with our four heroes? Only time will tell.

As the journey continues...

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