Pokemon Ash and the Dex Holders: Kanto @oanglalie
Chapter 20: Evolution on Deck!

*Sounds of Ice crackling as a beam of light comes out of it*


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Chapter 20: Evolution on Deck!

"Isn't this fun, Poli?" Red asked his water type friend.

"Poli!" the Poliwag answered the boy.

Both Red Tanjiro, a boy of around five to six years old, and a Poliwag that the boy dubbed Poli, were currently playing near the edge of a river near Pallet town. The boy had met and befriended the small water type not that long ago. Having met the tadpole Pokémon around two months or so when it suddenly wandered near his parent's house. The only thing that Red remembered about the night that the two met, was that it was a bad one.

It was a stormy night, with rain that hit as hard as a baseball and winds that were strong enough to make the trees dance with vigor and rapidly. His father said that he wouldn't be surprised to see the road being blockaded by multiple fallen trees once the storm was over. Red himself, alongside his parents, were thankfully safeguarded within their home, hearing how the harsh rain pounded over their roof and the winds whistle all around them. He himself was by his window, looking how parts of small neighborhood were starting to flood. He started to grow bored of just looking outside, so he decided to go to his room and fetch some toys of his to play. That was, until something caught his eye. He could have sworn that he saw something small flying by before his eyes. Upon focusing his eyesight as much as possible, he was able to make its shape and he rushed outside faster than a Snorlax downing a plate of food.

In a haste, his parents followed him, asking him just why he did it. His answer was to point at the branch of one of the trees outside their home. In it, was a round blue Pokémon. It had no arms, a long, thin tail surrounded by a light-blue, semitransparent fin, and a spiral on its belly. The boy begged for his parents to help the small fella, to which his father agreed on the condition that he and his wife returned home firstly. Once they did, the father did as he promised. Carefully climbing the three and retrieving the injured water type from the branch it had landed on. Later on, he carefully descended the tree, making sure not to fall, and then rushed to his home with the water type in arms.

Once inside, he set the tadpole Pokémon down as his wife rushed next to him to try her best in nursing the small Pokémon back to health. He looked very hurt, as if he had been hit by multiple roll outs from an angered Graveler. They suspected that the winds ended up being more than strong enough to carry the round blue Pokémon and had him crashed through trees and such. It wasn't that hard of a stretch, considering that their child saw the Poliwag crashing into the tree with his own eyes.

For the remaining of the night, they did their best to give the water type the best care that they could possibly could. They weren't exactly experts or anything, but they certainly did know a thing or two. Its kind of expected to be honest. Living in the same town as the world-renounce professor Oak, one tends to learn a thing or two about how to treat Pokémon. Time passed and soon enough, it was well-past Red's bedtime, so his parents told their child that it would be ok for him to go to his room and sleep while they looked after the water type. Red however, always the one to try and act like he could do anything, told them not to worry. He said something along the lines of 'I can stay all night and heal Poli!' or something.

Which turned out to be nothing but words, for not ten minutes in and he ended up falling asleep faster than Pidgey getting hit by sleep powder. However, the two adults, instead of taking him to his room upstairs, simply took the child to the coach. Pulling out a blanket and laying him close to the water type. They had a feeling that he would like to be the first to the water type first thing in the morning.

Soon enough the storm died down and night turned to day. And to their relief, the tadpole was now feeling better. To the point that it could play with their child just fine. Just in case, they decided to take the fella to professor Oak, just in case he was in need of something else. It didn't take that long to get to his lab and after explaining what had happen last night, the professor happily gave a look at the Pokémon. Thankfully for them, he told them that there seemed to be no real long-lasting damage on the round creature. However, he did said that it would probably better if it was watched over for a couple of days just in case. He offered to do it himself, but Red insisted that they should do it. So, the Tanjiro took the Pokémon in.

And soon, what should have been just a couple of days, became a couple of weeks and the weeks turned to months. Next thing they knew, the Poliwag, dubbed Poli by their child, became a part of their family. Red in particular soon became popular among the other children for basically having a Pokémon of his own before being ten. Since they were always together playing and what not the kids all assumed that, even though to them it almost felt like hanging out with a brother or simply a real good friend.

At the moment, the two wonder and found the river that they were playing at not that far from his home. And since it was a hot day and both were as restless and energetic… well, it doesn't take a renounce researcher to know what the two would do. The two felt as if they could play there forever untold. Not really having a care in the world…

Well, that was about to change.

They didn't know how, or remembered it, but sun enough Red found himself in the middle of the river. The small child trying desperately to try and keep afloat without realizing that he was actually making things worse for him. He desperately cried for him, yet there was no one around to hear his cries…

No one, but a small tadpole, too small to truly do anything and yet, in spite of that hinderance, he did so anyway. He jumped in the water and swam towards his friend, who was at that point starting to sink.

Poli dived to try and help his friend, but he was still unsure of just how to do so. He feared that he would only watch helplessly as the boy that took him in his home was slowly drain of his life. Such terror, combined with the Pokémon's desire to rescue his friend did something to him. It awakened a power deep inside of him. And with that power, came a bright light.

Had anyone been watching from above, they would have seen a sudden flash underwater and afterwards, something swimming towards the surface. That something was none other than Poli, carrying a still somewhat conscious Red with him. However, Poli had now changed. He was now around a meter tall, he no longer had a mouth (or a visible one), he had bulbous eyes that protrude from the top of its head and most noticeably, he now had a pair of arms, with his hands looking like he had large cartoon-style white globes.

He had evolved.

When Red was now fully aware of what had happened, he couldn't help but to hug Poli with all of his strength. In his eyes, Poli was already the best Pokémon to have ever stand in the face of the planet and now… now he was even more awesome than before.


They all heard as something had just jumped out of the water. Turning to see who the stowaway was, they all saw something that was quite unexpected.

"What the?" Surge said, not believing who were in front of him.

It were both Red and Poli, however, the water type no longer looked the way he did before. For starters, he was now a bit larger than he was before. He was also notably muscular, no longer having those lanky arms and legs that he did once before. No, he now looked like someone that could blow anyone away with just one swing of his powerful arms. One last thing, his expression was that of one angry-looking Pokémon if they had ever seen one.

When Red came to his senses, he was quick in taking notice of the change of his partner.

"Poli?" he asked as he, with the help of the water type, finally stood back up.

"Poli!" he said back to his Pokémon, turning to face the foes in front of him.

Red stared in awe and quickly pulled out his Pokedex, not thinking that Ash was still with them. Although in his defense, even though Ash did saw Red pulling something out of his pocket, he really didn't gave it that much thought about it. He was more focused on the Pokémon that was standing next to Red. Once Red pointed the machine at Poli, it said out loud the information that it had on the evolved water type.

Poliwrath, the Tadpole Pokémon and the Final Form of Poliwhirl

A Water/Fighting Type, Pokedex number #062

An adept swimmer at both the front crawl and breaststroke. Easily overtakes the best human swimmers.

"Poli… you… you evolved!" Red shouted in excitement, before turning to the man that had just thrown him and his Pokémon overboard. "What do you say, Poli? Want to show that guy just how tough you're now?"


"Don't get full of yourself! So, what if your baby Pokémon grew a little? It's going to take more than that to beat-" Surge was trying to say, but had to move out of the way, alongside his Pokémon, to avoid a flamethrower that was shot at them. "Why you little!"

"I'm also here, you know?!" Ash told the criminal, before turning to his own electric type. "Pikachu, now thunderbolt!"

"Pika!" the yellow mouse exclaimed, jumping into the air and unleashing a mighty electric attack at the foes before him.

"Razor leaves Saur!" Red shouted, just as their opponents tried to dodge the first attack.

The attack managed to actually hit the two electric types. Stunning the two of them a little bit before Raichu got hit by the combine power of gust from both Butterfree and Pidgeotto. The Rocket Gym Leader started to grind his teeth; how can he be having this much trouble against these… these cubs?! Mere children that can't even reach the high places of a kitchen without asking for a chair to stand on! He wasn't going to let that happen. He was going to show them who 's in charge!

"Electabuzz, use thunder punch on those runts directly!" he shouted.

The bipedal electric type nodded. Giving a loud cry of battle as electricity started to surround his right fist. He looked at the two cubs that have been making a mockery of him and his trainer and glared. This was going to end one way and only one way. And that was with the two of them and their baby Pokémon beaten on the ground and begging for mercy!

"Buuuuzz! it roared, charging at them and passing by the other Pokémon that tried to stop him from harming the two kids.

And the ones that could have stopped him were pushed back by Raichu, who jumped in to cover the back of his partner. After dashing his way to almost were the two kids stood, only Poli stood between the electric type and the two kids that it marked as target. At this Electrabuzz grin. He had the type advantage. That water type may had been somewhat lucky as of now. But not anymore! One full power direct hit and that weakling, as well as the two human children would be goners!

However just when the electric type was about to connect, the ship was hit with something once more. They weren't sure exactly what was going on. The crew or whoever oversaw communications were probably informing everybody what was going on. But neither the Rocket Gym Leader nor the two Pallet boys seemed to take notice. Understandably hard to notice something like that when in the heat of battle. The sound of lightning and fames and the roars of the fight muffled everything else. That and there's also the fact the at this point, the speakers around them may had been destroy by now. Collateral damage of the chaos of their fierce battle.

In any case, that created a window of opportunity that allowed Poli to do something rather new to him. He managed to grab Electrabuzz by the arm, avoiding the electrified fist and making sure that it couldn't injured either him or the two boys behind him. After wards, he then grabbed him with his other arm and made sure it couldn't break out of his grasp. Then the water type leaped up to the air with Electabuzz at his mercy and then after what looked like some sort of double flip or something like that mid-air, Poli threw the enemy Pokémon to the ground. Crashing the wooden floor with enough power to crack the area of impact.

"What was that?!" asked Red and to his surprise, Ash seemed to have an idea about what that was.

"I… I think I know what that was."

"You do?!" Red asked, a little shocked, as Ash nodded.

"There was this match that I saw on T.V were the Pokémon of one of the trainers did that exact move. I think it was called… what was it… Seismic Toss?" Ash said, trying to recall the match involving that shirtless trainer with his Machoke.

Although it was hard for him to do so. He sometimes forgets were he puts his socks in his room. How exactly was he supposed to remember a match that he saw when he was just seven to eight years old?

"So that's a new move Poli just used?" Red asked and lo and behold, the water typed still showed signs of a faint glow in his body. Indications that a Pokémon learned a new move. "Awsome!"

"Wrath!" the water type said, flexing a little so as to display his new obtained power.

"Don't get over yourself, cub! Just because your baby Pokémon learned a new trick, doesn't mean you have an actual chance at beating me!" Surge said in frustration.

"Oh yeah! Well so far it seems like we're about to wipe the floor with you!" Red said, with Ash nodding and their Pokémon, although hurt and tired, giving a battle cry to reaffirm said statement. And soon enough, the battle continued.

"Graveler, use mega punch! Onix, cover that Hariyama over there and then use rock throw!" Brock ordered his Pokémon.

They did as they were told, with the smaller rock type throwing a mega punch at one of the Raticate's from team Rocket while the boulder snake shielded a big fighting type Pokémon from another region with his own body. It didn't do much damage since not only was he the toughest of the former Gym Leader's Pokémon, but the attack was a sonic book from a Golbat. Afterwards, the boulder snake summoned forth multiple rocks of various sizes that surrounded him and then were hurled at the enemy Pokémon. From the evolutionary line of rodent Pokémon to the bat line of Pokémon to even some foreigner Pokémon, Onix took many enemies in one swift shot. Despite being outnumbered more than four to one, Brock and his Pokémon were still more than capable of even out the odds of victory significantly.

"Thanks!" the trainer of the foreigner Pokémon said.

"No problem, just be careful. They're not above playing dirty."

"Hey! We take offense to that!" one of the grunts complained.

"Yeah! We may be criminals, but we at least we have standards!"

"You hijacked a cruiser and are ganging on trainers when they least expected!" one of the trainers complained as she kept on battling.

"Ok, that's one. But-"

"You also used a pokeball jammer just so that we wouldn't be able to fight back!" another one voiced another statement against the criminals' case.

"Ok, but-"

"The three of them attacked my Gym with a robot!" Brock said, pointing at the trio of Jessie, James and Meowth, which earned a bunch of weir looks from everyone around.

"He's making that up, right?" one trainer murmured to another one.

"They have a talking Meowth. I'm inclined to believe in him for the time being.

The Rockets themselves also looked at the trio that dressed in the white variant of their proud uniform. Some were aware of the… eccentric side of the trio. But did they seriously used a robot to steal Pokémon? So what id they knew a guy that could get them the stuff rather cheap, didn't mean that they had to show off like that.

"Nice to see you three spend the budget so well." One of the female grunts murmured.

"Weren't the Meowth balloon and the Magicarp submarine flashy enough?" another one said.

"You're all just jealous because none of you thought of it first! And instead of criticizing our genius, why don't you do your job?! Ekans, use tackle!" Jessie ordered her Pokémon to tackle a distracted Scyther. However, her attempt of attack was stopped thanks to Brock's Geodude taking the attack and answering with a mega punch himself. "Hey, no fair!"

And as the fight kept on going, Misty was in her own predicament.

"Where is it? Where is it?" she kept on asking herself as she and her water type besides her kept on looking for their room.

They finally made their way to the part of the S.S Anne where their room resided. Now it was only a matter of finding it and she was praying to Arceus to do it fast. It's already been a while since she last left both Ash and Red and the idea of leaving them by themselves for more time that required did not sit well for her. If Surge was still roaming the halls of the cruiser, then he was bound to find the two of them. And even if they outnumbered him, even if their Pokémon were in the best conditions (which at least on Ash's end of things, they weren't), their opponent was still Surge.

One of the most ruthless and toughest of the Gym Leaders around and that was already on his good days. On the days that he was forced to hold back so that the challengers that he faces could so much as to stand the slightest of chance against him. What could she expect now that she knew that he was a Team Rocket enforcer?! That there was nothing to stop him if he let loose and went out full power? Even if it's just the two Pokémon that he had at hand, they were probably more than enough to beat most trainers. And even if Red was very gifted in the arts of battle. Even if Ash had his entire team at hand as opposed to just a couple like everyone else. The two weren't most trainers, they were still just rookies. Heck, if she couldn't find her secret weapon in time, she wouldn't even be able to last a single second against him.

She lamented and dammed the natural weakness that her Pokémon had against Surge's electric types. At the moment, the only person that she knew that was abord the S.S Anne and that could beat him was Brock. Having the type advantage as well as just being one of the toughest Gym Leaders of the region was more than enough to put her faith in him… even if he was a bit of a pervert too much for her liking.

"There!" she exclaimed, as she was able to find her room.

She quickly pulled the key to the room and swiftly she opened the door. Their room was nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn't a luxury place or anything like that, just an average room like most of the other ones. Probably a little bit better, but that was probably just because she liked the view the best. In it she saw some of their belongings still on the bed (mainly Red's who was too lazy to put them away). She saw the T.V and a desk near the corner of the cabin, alongside both of their bikes. She entered and alongside Staryu, she started to look for her belongings. She opened one of the drawers that was near the bed that she chose and there, she found her bag. Opening it, she pulled the jar of sand and a blanket.

"Alright!" she exclaimed.

However, someone took notice of the door of her cabin opened.

"Who's there?!" she heard a male voice calling the person responsible for the open door (her) to reveal themselves.

"Uh-oh" she said, as a Team Rocket grunt entered the room and saw her near a drawer.

"What the- you're not supposed to be here!" the grunt exclaimed.

He seemed to be reaching his belt in order to pull something. What it was that he was pulling Misty did not know at the moment. Acting just on pure instinct, she told Staryu to quickly use rapid spin in the criminal. The water Pokémon followed the command and jumped towards the Rocket grunt. Spinning at very high speeds and crashing into the adult man. Sending him crashing into the wall behind him and knocking him out all while whatever it was that he was trying to reach, flew out of his hand and falling in between him and the Cerulean girl.

"That ought to teach him a lesson!" Misty celebrated, as she quickly picked the pace of things and started to leave the room in a hurry. "Come on, Staryu! We have places to be!"

"Star!" the Pokémon agreed.

Just as the two of them started to exit the room however, they started to hear something odd. It wasn't the sound of the water clashing with the ship outside. Nor was it the sound of what started to sound like a storm approaching their location. No, it sounded very different. It sounded like… static? Like when an old T.V started to malfunction and lost the signal of whatever channel they were seeing. Not only that, but accompanying the static were the sound of what seemed to be fighting.

Now that was very odd to her. She looked both way of the corridor and there was no sign of anyone near them. Just her, Staryu and the unconscious Rocket grunt that laid defeated on the ground. Also, it sounded a little muffled. As if something was covering the speaker of a radio or something. Normally, she would have just booked it and leave as soon as possible, especially considering that there were two or three friends of her that could be in danger already. And that was already without mentioning the chaos that was brought by the presence of Team Rocket aboard the S.S Anne. But whatever the sound was, she managed to hear something that was somewhat familiar. Almost as if she focused really hard, she could almost make out the voices of two certain raven-hair boys from the town of Pallet.

Looking back at where she thought the sound was coming, she saw what it was that the Rocket grunt was trying to reach prior to her knocking him out. It was a radio. Some sort of walkie-talky with the Team Rocket logo adorning the back of it. She picked it up and after playing with the controllers of the apparatus as best as she could, she could finally hear what it was coming from it very clearly.

"Pikachu, use thunderbolt!" the voice of Ash could be heard, followed by the sound of the electric rodent unleashing its attack.

"Ash?" she questioned as she started to hear more of what was happening.

It seemed like him and even Red were in the middle of a battle. And for the sounds of it, they were on the defensive side of things. She also managed to hear the cries of both a Raichu and even an Electabuzz on the other side of the line. Meaning that her worries came true and that the two were most likely engaging in a fight against Surge.

"Ash, Red! Can either of you two hear me?!" she asked in a worried tone.

"Uh, what was that?" she heard Ash ask.

"I think it came out of your po-WHOA! Hey, watch it!" Red said, as it sounded as if he just avoided an attack directed to him. Afterwards, she heard him commanding Saur to attack the foe against them. "I think it's coming from your pocket."

"Hey, you runts! Stop fooling around and get back to fighting me!"

Yeah, that was Surge alright.

"Could either of the two of you picked that dumb radio of yours!"

"Misty, is that you?" Ash asked.

"Yes, it's me!"

"But where are-"

"Arceus sake, just picked the radio that you have with you!"

"What rad- Oh right, that one!" Ash said, remembering the radio that he picked and making Misty groan in frustration at the boy.

After another back and forth between the Pallet trainers and the corrupt Gym Leader, Ash managed to give Red the radio. He thought that the two being more accustomed with one another… That and Ash really didn't want to be yelled at.

"Hey Misty, we're kinda busy at the moment. Could we have this conversation later or something?" Red asked.

"I can tell. Don't worry, I'll get to you two as soon as I can."

"Wait, I have a better idea!" Red stopped her, just as she was about to run to where she last saw the two boys. "Go and break the jammer, we can handle ourselves!"

"Are you out of your mind?! You're fighting Surge! Even with just two Pokémon he's way above either if your paygrade when going all out!"

"Wow, nice to know you believe in us."

"I'm serious!"

"Look, if you break the jammer thing, then we can use more Pokémon. Which mean- would you stop that!"

"I'll stop when you stop jabbering like a fool and start fighting me like a man!"

"I'm just ten!"

"Then fight me like a ten-year-old man would!"

"That doesn't even make sense! Not even Ash would say something that dumb!"

"Yeah…! Wait what?"

"Never mind." Red said, before addressing Misty once more. "Look, just break the jammer and then you can meet with us with back up, alright? Now if you excuse me, this guy is seriously getting in my nerves." Red said, before hanging up.

"Red! Red! Ugh, what is it with him and his habit of giving me a headache?!" Misty complained, yet afterwards sighed. He did had a point there.

If she's able to destroy the jammer, then everyone could be able to use their Pokémon to their hearts content against Team Rocket. So, she decided to head to where she last remembered where the jammer was. If only so that they could all have a better chance against Surge. With the adding of Starmine, Goldeen and both Slax and… Tongu… (idea that made her shiver). With all of them together, then surely they could drive Surge away until they get some back-up from anyone else.

Meanwhile back with Ash and Red, they were still battling the electric specialist Gym Leader. And even though they had the advantage in numbers, they were still having a hard time fighting the guy. And part of them believed that the Rocket enforcer was still toying with them to a certain degree.

"So, you finally ready to have a proper battle?" Surge asked in a taunting manner.

"More like we're ready to take you down! Right Ash?"

"Seriously, did you say something earlier? I didn't quite get it."

"See, he's full on with the idea!"

Misty was already on her way to where the jammer was. If she recalled correctly, it was two floors above where she was… Was it appropriate to call it a floor now that she thought about it? Probably not. Maybe she should see the proper name to what one calls the floors in a cruise ship. Of course, she would do that after they were out of this mess. She made a sharp turn to the right to where the stairs were and started to go up them as fast as she and Staryu could. After arriving to where she believed the room with the jammer was, she put down the blanket and poured down some of the sand that she had with her. She then signaled for her Pokémon to get on top of it.

"Alright Staryu, use camouflage." she told the star-shaped Pokémon.

"Star." it nodded.

It got on top of the pile of sand and soon enough a faint glow surrounded it. At first, it's body took the texture and color of the sand. Almost as if it no longer were a Staryu and more like it was a statue of a Staryu made out of sand. After a few seconds of looking as if it were trying to blend with its environment, the Pokémon returned to normal. The only difference though, was that unbeknownst to their opponents, it was now a ground type.

The two then went down the hallway as quiet and sneaky as possible. She started to look around for signs of where the room with the jammer could be. After just a couple of moments, she finally reached the door that Ash had come flying from. It was hard not to notice considering that unlike the other doors that looked normal, this one looked like it was forced open. Which a ten-year-old boy sent crashing to it might do the job.

She carefully tried to open it and making sure to cause as little of sound as possible so as to not alert anyone nearby that could be hostile to her. After successfully managing to open the door without drawing attention to either her or her Pokémon, she managed to spot the jammer being powered by many electric type and guarded by many more. Alongside them, there were other Rocket grunts as well as the other Pokémon that they had with them. She started to look around, trying to strike at the perfect moment. She just needed the two grunts in front of the jammer to turn around and then, she could get a clear shot at the machine.

She could hear them complain about a variety of things. From being annoyed that they were tasked with something less action-packed of a task, to the fact that they were beaten by Ash (Who they called an annoying and infuriating runt, or something like that). They were also very vocal about their fear of Surge. Hoping that the man would not punish them too severely for allowing the jammer to have been attacked by a mere child. The way they were talking made Misty shivered just as much as the Rocket grunts. If even the criminals were scared of him, then that meant that he was as serious of a threat as she thought of, if not more so.

Thankfully, after what felt like an eternity for her and Staryu, the two grunts placed in front of the machine turned around. One of them was called by the ones farther down the room to help with something quick all while the other accidentally dropped something. So while he kneeled to pick it up, in that small window of opportunity, she decided that it was the perfect moment to strike.

"Staryu, use rapid spin!" she told her Pokémon.

"What the-?!" the grunt said, but by the time he saw what was happening it was already too late.

Staryu shot itself towards the machine, spinning at high speeds and with more than enough force to shatter the machine completely. The grunt moved out of the way out of pure reflexes, which while his peers would no doubt criticize him for it, everyone else would understand to a degree. Outside of the fact that they were criminals and that they used the machine to hold everyone at bay, no one wants to be on the receiving end of a Pokémon move.

The other grunts tried to stop Staryu by using electric attacks on the water type, but to their surprise it did absolutely nothing to it. This threw them out of the loop and for good reason, electric attacks are super effective against water type, so why didn't it work they asked. Of course Misty knew the answer, but she was in no way going to share that information with them. And after proving that their attack was futile, Staryu crashed into the machine and completely obliterated it. And as soon as she saw this, Misty quickly brought forth her other star-shaped Pokémon to see if it worked and to her relief, it did.

"Yes, it worked!" she celebrated as the other Rocket grunts all glared at her.

"Why you little girl! Do you have any idea what you've done?!" one of them angrily yelled at her.

"Of course I do! I just showed you up!" she said as she picked the radio that she had with her and quickly turned it on. "Hey Red, Ash, guess what? I just broke that stupid piece of junk of a jammer and it totally looked like a futuristic dumpster!"

"See, I told you it looked like one!" Ash said from the other end of things.

"Thanks! We'll finish things on our end!" she heard Red said with confidence all the while Surge rambled in anger.

It was very likely that he went from annoyed to straight up being livid, which was probably not good. She had to hurry, not only to get to their aid, but also to get help in stopping Surge. Meaning she had to return to the main hall and get Brock. He could definitely turn the tides against the electric specialist of Team Rocket. However before that, she needed to get out of the room and away from all of the Rocket grunts currently glaring daggers at her and her Pokémon.

"What's the matter? Can't stand the fact that a girl just made you all look like wusses?" she mocked them.

"That's it! Grimmer, use mud shot!" one of the female grunts ordered to her poison type, which shot many pellets of mud at Misty and her Pokémon.

Misty managed to dodge the attack and ordered a combine attack of water gun and hyper beam at her opponents. And the very mention of the move hyper beam was more than enough to worry the other grunts. Upon firing the two attacks, she told her Pokémon to aim at the ground in front of the Rocket grunts. Her idea was to create a quick smoke screen and make it easy to escape and get Brock. Which it worked, not only managing to create a smoke screen dense enough to allow her to sneak away, but also staggering the criminals and making them flinch momentarily.

Misty grabbed one of her Pokémon and made a break for it while the other one followed her. Hyper beam was a powerful and destructive attack for sure, but it takes a lot from the Pokémon using it. There needs to be a cooling period between usages and in that moment, the Pokémon was barely able to even move, let alone use another move. Only true elite trainers could train their Pokémon so that they could at least take a step after using hyper beam or moves similar to them and even then, they still barely move.

After some time and after the cooling finally started to were-off, Misty was able to find the hall were she was met by pure mayhem. Trainers left and right were battling against Rocket grunts, who vastly outnumbered them. She still saw that it looked like how things were before she and Red left. With trainers either battling or defending those that couldn't defend themselves. The only difference was that they were some that could no longer fight for themselves. For it looked like the Pokémon that they had sent to fight were no longer able to battle. Taking this into consideration, she decided to do the one thing that could turn the tides in their favor.

"Hey!" she yelled out loud, getting everyone's attention. "The jammer is broken! You can bring more Pokémon out to fight!" she informed them, with the Rocket grunts starting to pale at the possibility of having to fight more opponents.

"Yeah right! You're just bluffing!" Jessie said, trying to put an act of bravado in front of this little girl.

However, it turned out to be a futile attempt, for as soon as the other trainers heard what the Cerulean girl had to say, one of them tried it out. He pulled what looked like a pokeball with the top of it being of a pink color and with a heart in it. The trainer threw the ball and from it, a Pokémon that looked like a tree-trunk with a pair of arms a scary mouth and one big red eye appeared in front of them all.

"Hey, she's right! We can use more Pokémon!"

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's get back at these idiots!"

And after those two trainers said those words, the rest soon followed the example forth the first one and brought forth the rest of their Pokémon. No longer being outnumbered, they all countered the assault that was brought by Team Rocket a few moments ago. And soon enough, it seemed like they were now in control of things.

Among all the commotion, Misty managed to catch glimpse of Brock. He was with a group of trainers of around four to six people in total (excluding him). They all had their Pokémon out of their pokeballs and a lot of them looked like they had just come out of the pokeball right that moment while a couple of them looked like they had either been put through a grinder or looked like they were one or two hits away from collapsing. And in Brock's case, his Pokémon all looked like they've been fighting for a while now. It seems like that group of trainers only had a few Pokémon out to defend themselves while Brock did most of the heavy lifting.

Although, they didn't look as tire out as one would expect. She shouldn't be surprised by that, he is a Gym Leader after all… well, was a Gym Leader. But still, this just shows just how powerful he can be when he allowed himself and his Pokémon to just unleash their power. And that kind of infilter strength was just what she and the two Pallet natives needed at the moment. So she ran towards him, dodging the attacks of the Pokémon attacking all around her and her own Pokémon.

"Brock!" she called out, once she reached the ex-gym leader.

"Misty? What's wrong? And where is Red? Wasn't he with-"

"No time! You need to come with me! Red and Ash need our help!"

"They what?! Misty, whats-?" he was about to ask her something, but then the intercoms of the ship started to make noise.

"Attention everyone, this is Safety Officer, Hiro! I ask everyone to- hey let go of that!"

"Abandon ship! We're all going to die!"

"Stop that, you're making things-!"

"This ship is going to sink! Every man for-"

"Hey, stop it!"

"Let go!"

"No, you let go!"

"Both of you stop it! You're going to bre-BZZTZ"

And so, the entire hall stopped as they heard the sound of something breaking. It was probably the microphone that allowed them to speak.

"Guess, Al found the twerpette." Meowth said as a silence filled the room.

"… Wait, did they said something about the ship sinking?" one of the trainers asked.

And just as they all slowly but surely started to realize what was going on, chaos erupted.

"Great, you two just broke the coms!" Hiro told to both Al and Lyra.

"Don't look at me. We wouldn't be in this mess if not for this girl over here."

"Hey! You're the one that moved out of the way!"

"Of course I did! Who in their right mind wants to be hit!"

"Well, maybe if you weren't evil, none of this would have happen in the first place!"

"Now, now, there's no need to keep on arguing." the captain of the S.S. Anne, an old but sweet-looking man said in an attempt to calm the two youngsters down. "I'm sure we can handle this in a suited manner."

"Well, thanks to these two, I'm sure every passenger is off their rockets… no pun intended." The navigation officer told to the Rocket grunts present in the room. "We'll have a hard time calming things down before the ship hits something hard and starts sinking."

"Well, sucks to be you." The female Rocket grunt said.

"What is that supposed to mean?" one of the officers of the ship asked.

"Well, this seems like a you problem, so while you're wondering what to do, we'll get of this overprized boat with whatever loot we managed to get."

"Now wait just a second! What makes you think we'll-!"

"Now's not the time for fighting!" the security officer said, getting between both the grunt and the navigation officer. "Whether we like it or not, we're all in this together. The lives of both the passengers and even the Team Rocket members are dangling on a thin line! So how about we make a temporally truce for the time being? At least until we make surer everyone is safe." He suggested, as the adults all started to think of his proposition.

"…Fine, I guess we can make an exception." Al said.

"I may not like it… but sure, I guess I can tolerate you lot for a bit." the officer said, turning to his peer. "So, any idea of what to do?"

"Well, I believe that if we organize ourselves in a proper manner, then-"

"Hey, wasn't the captain here just a second ago?" Lyra asked.

Just then, they all started to hear some weird noise. As if some machinery had just turned on and was in the process of doing whatever it was designed to do. They all, after realizing that the captain was nowhere to be find, all looked outside to see that the captain was already on a lifeboat. Already descending from the ship… by himself no less.

"Oh, don't mind me! I'm just testing the lifeboats, making sure they're all working well!" he said, as the Rockets, the S.S Anne crew and even Lyra and her Pokémon all thought of one thing all at ones.

How did that man managed to become captain?

As that was happening, Ash and Red, alongside their Pokémon, were still tangling with Surge and his two electric types. The battle still raged even more fierce than before. Even if he was outnumbered, Surge was no slouch. Raichu alone was basically standing its own against almost all of Ash's Pokémon. Similarly, Electabuz was taking on the majority of Red's team by itself as well. Even with the addended muscle that Lax offered, as well as Poli's recent evolved form, the electric type was more than enough to push its foes back.

"Lax, use body slam!" Red called out, trying to get the jump in on the bipedal electric Pokémon.

"Electabuz, forget that small flower and use thunder punch!" Surge told his Pokémon.

Electabuz grabbed the vines of Saur, whom it was battling just a moment ago, and hurled it toward both Pika and Poli. It then turned to the massive normal type, charging towards it with the intent of finally knocking it down with a body slam. However, the electric type was more than quick enough to not only move out of the way, but also connect thunder punch on the side of the normal type with a substantial amount of power. It then jumped back, avoiding the water gun of both Poli and Squirtle respectively and then using thunder on them.

They barely managed to avoid it, with Ash telling his aviary Pokémon to use sand attack to try ad blind them. However, the two opposing electric Pokémon managed to avoid it just in the nick of time. They attempted to use thunder on the Pokémon of the Pallet boys but were interrupted when both of Ash's flying types used gust to try and knock them off their feet. And while naturally it didn't do as much as one would have hoped for, it managed to stager them long enough to allow both Bulbasaur and Saur to land razor leaf on the two of them.

"You know, this is starting to be more fun that I expected it to be!" Surge said, surprisingly very excited to be facing against two foes that could, even if barely and not against his full power, somewhat hold their own for a bit.

"Well then, the two of us have a different concept of fun all things consider then!" Red said, as he noticed something.

"You runts… you know what? I want to enjoy this a little more!" he said, as he started to pull what looked to be two more pokeballs from his belt. "But… I'm afraid I have a job right now. So, I think it's time I-" Surge tried to say, but something happened.

The ship shook completely, just like it did some time ago. They had barely paid attention to it before, but this time it was stronger. And not only that, it kept happening more and more frequent as time started to pass. It was then that they turned to the sea and saw that the rocks that they saw before started to appear more than before. Not only that, but they were also a lot bigger than before.

"What the devil are those buffoons doing?! They were supposed to keep the course steady, not change it to wherever it is that we are!" Surge complained, as he decided to pull his own radio to call his men. "Explain why is it that we've hanged course and what is happening or so Arceus help me, I'll turn you all into paste with my bare hands!"

"S-Sir! T-There were a few issues that we had to-"

"I don't have all day! Tell me what's going on, now!"

"T-There were some complications at the bridge! We lost the navigations systems are down and we have no way to change course! We're heading to the heart of Stone Edge Gore!"

"Of all the blasted- Get everyone out now and pray that by the time I'm done with what I'm dealing with that I am in a better mood!" Surge yelled before dismissing his radio and turning to the two Pallet trainers. "You can't get decent help nowadays, can you?"

"Hey Ash?" Red called to the other raven-haired boy, who turned to him. "You think you can have your Squirtle shoot as much water to where he and his Pokémon are standing?" he asked him.

"Huh? Why?"

"Just trust me. I think I have a plan." Red told him, hoping for the young Ketchum to follow his lead as he told to his own water type to do that. "Poli, use water gun!"

"Poliwrath!" the tadpole Pokémon said, shooting water at where Surge and his Pokémon were standing.

Off course, they jumped out of the way, moving to the right and avoiding the attack before attempting to retaliate with thunder and whatever move Surge's Raichu knew that had him surround himself with electricity and rush towards them. Thankfully, Lax shielded the tadpole Pokémon and everyone else with his body. He was naturally able to take a hit from other Pokémon, so he saw it to himself to protect them from the powerful attack. Still, just one of those attacks would have been more than enough to knock him down, taking on the two of them at the same time however, he was lucky to even still be conscious.

However, Red didn't stop. He kept on telling Poli to use water gun over and over again, getting the same result over and over again. Surge and his Pokémon getting out of the way and attempting to strike. Their little back and forth continued for a bit, in a few occasions, everyone almost stumbled due to the ship crashing more and more with the rocks bellow (which seemed to be growing larger and larger as time went on). Soon enough, Ash decided to join in, although he didn't quite understand what was this supposed to accomplish.

"Is this everything that you can do now? And here I thought you two could actually be worth something !" Surge complained, getting out of the way once more before turning to his bipedal electric Pokémon. "Electabuz, I say we finish this!"

"Buuuuz!" it growled.

"Alright, use ice beam!" Red told Poli, who nodded and shot a blue beam towards where Surge and his Pokémon were.

"Pummel those baby Pokémon in front of you and use thunder punch!" Surge commanded.

Electabuz's right fist was soon surrounded in lighting and he then rushed towards where Red and the others were. Easily 'avoiding' the ice beam shot at them, the electric type dodged the multiple of the Pokémon trying to stop him from reaching its destination. Snorlax tried to stand between the two of them, but Surge's Raichu had come in, crashing into the Pokémon with that electric move that surrounded the rodent in electricity and almost bringing the massive Pokémon down. And while it did barely managed to hold itself together, it staggered long enough to allow Electabuz to get passed and close to Red.

Just as things seemed to be about to take a turn for the worst, Ash acted quick and told Pikachu to tackle Electabuz. Naturally, it didn't do as much damage as he would like, it stopped the enemy electric type from causing harm to the young Tanjiro.

"Ok, now Poli, use seismic toss!" Red told Poli.

Poli grabbed a hold of Electabuz once more and like he did before, performed a critical seismic toss. As he was in the air, spinning and about to throw the electric type away, the ship shook once more. This time, it was a bit stronger than previous times and as such, Ash and Red, as well as their Pokémon (with the exception of Butterfree and Piedgotto) almost fell down. The same went for Surge, and although he managed to catch himself before he did, he almost slipped. That's when he realized something that he wasn't expecting. The whole floor his side of the ship was covered in a thin layer of ice.

Red and his water type didn't miss their shot. Instead, they managed to accomplish what they were hoping to do.

"Now Poli, throw him at Raichu and Surge!" Red told his first partner.

Poli… WRAAAATH!" the tadpole Pokémon roared, as he threw his opponent away.

Without any means to stop, Electabuz soon came crashing into Raichu. And the two then went flying backwards and towards Surge. The corrupt Gym Leader. And because of the fact that his footing was already not the best, couple with the force that both his powers had when thrown at him, he went sliding backwards and hitting the rail of the ship. Not only that, but he just went overboard and was soon seen falling down the waters beneath them.

"DAAAAMIT!" Surge scream before a splash was heard as he hit the water.

"Alright!" Red cheered as after all the trouble, him and Ash managed to finally beat Surge.

"Yes, we… wait, now that I think about it…"

"Think about- oh… yeah, we may have gone a bit too far." Red said as he realized that maybe throwing the evil man off the ship was probably not the best call.

The two alongside their Pokémon all rushed to the edge of the ship, to see if Surge was still there. And after a couple of seconds, the Gym Leader emerged back from the water with both of his Pokémon alongside him.

"I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!" he yelled at them before swimming away.

"Well, at least that's tak-" Red tried to say before the ship shook the hardest that it has before. "Hey… haven't you noticed that the ship's been a little… rocky recently?"

"Well, do you think that it has anything to do with those big rocks over there?" Ash asked, as he pointed at the plethora of sharp and big rock formations getting closer and closer by the second.

"Oh yeah… how have we not noticed that before?"

"Hey!" the two heard.

Both of the boys and their Pokémon turned all over to try and locate where the voice was coming from, but saw no one at the moment. Then, they looked above and saw Lyra and Marill, looking over them from the deck above.

"Lyra, what are you doing here?" asked Red.

"Yeah, I was told to help with the evacuation, got lost a couple of turns ago and managed to hear a fight over here. So, I came to see what was happening… so, anything new happening?"

"Well, we- wait… did you said something about an evacuation?" Red asked.

"Oh yeah, this boat is heading straight into a bunch of sharp rocks, and we have no way to stop it… Also, it might rain very soon."


"I don't know. How did you not notice that before?" Lyra asked the young Tanjiro, who unlike her calm demeanor, looked pretty hysterical.

The two quickly made a run for it, trying to get back with the rest of the group as they ran to where Lyra was. However, it was when they were just about to get to the stairs that the duo ran into both Brock and Misty. And the two looked rather relieved to see the boys were relatively ok.

"Ash, Red! You two ok?" Brock asked them.

"Wait, where is Surge?" Misty asked as Ash replied.

"We threw him off the ship."


"Less chit chat, more running! Did you know that this ship's going to sink?!"

"Of course we do! They said it over the speakers!"

"Then how come we didn't notice that before?!" Red yelled after hearing what Misty told him.

Soon enough, the trio managed to get to the upper part of the cruiser, reuniting with Lyra in the process and recalling most of their Pokémon back into their pokeball (with the exception of Ash's Pikachu and Lyra's Marill of course). There was all sorts of commotion all over the upper deck. Both passengers and crew members, as well as Team Rocket, were going all over the place. They managed to hear a group that was carrying one of the Rocket grunts mocking most of the passengers. Which soon became into complains when one of them mentioned something about a Magikarp Submarine… which none of them understood what that was supposed to mean.

They also decided to try and make a run for their stuff, agreeing to either meet each other after all the chaos dimed down. Ash, Lyra and Brock all wen to their cabin, where they retrieved as many personal objects as they could, all the while Brock himself was specifically taking something out just in case it was necessary. As for Misty and Red… well…

"Mis, I must insist that you leave them behind! How did you managed to get them aboard in the first place?!" one of the staff members told Misty, as both she and Red were trying to get in one of the lifeboats.

"I'll carry them swimming if I have to, but I'm not leaving our bikes behind!" she yelled, with both her and Red's bikes at hand.


"We'll tie them to the boat, ok!"

"Please sir, you don't want to be on her bad side. Especially not right now!" Red said, trying to be the polite party of the duo.

The crew member reluctantly allowed them to get in, albeit having to tie the bikes so that the lifeboat could drag them as they float to safety and towards where they believed the coast guard could find them.

Once away from the now sinking S.S. Anne, did Red and Misty started to wondered whether or not Ash, Lyra and Brock were successful in escaping the cruiser ship. As they did, they soon noticed how off in the distance, the coast guard was already making their way towards where they were adrift. And good thing because it looked like a storm was on its way.

Meanwhile back with Ash and company, they unfortunately were unable to reach the lifeboats just in time… however…

"Good think you had this inflatable boat Brock." Lyra said, as she, Ash and Brock were all aboard an orange inflatable boat, courtesy of none other than Brock.

"And all in at an affordable price! Good thing I knew a guy back at Cerulean, am I right?" Brock said, all the while as they looked behind to see the S.S Anne, slowly sinking.

"You think that they'll give people a refund for that or-" Ash was trying to say, until a pair of hands came from beneath the water and getting a hold of the boat.

"AHHHH! SEA MONSTER!" they all shouted, until the individuals came up and were reveal to be Team Rocket…. The ones they're used to deal with, that is.

"Who are you calling a sea monster, you twerps!" Jessie shouted as she and James made their way on top of the boat.

"Hey, and who let you get here!" Ash said.

"Oh, so you're simply going to let us freeze in the water like the guy on the movie?" James told Ash, who did not knew how to answer.

"Help! I can't swim!" Meowth said, struggling to stay afloat as both Pikachu and Marill watched.

And when Meowth did managed to finally get on the boa- why does Pikachu look so displease?

"Mm, looks like a storm is coming soon."

"So? Pull a oar and get us out of here." Jessie said.

"I would, but it seems that in all the hurry, it broke." Brock said, showing the broken remains of an oar.

"Great, now what?" the Rocket woman asked.

"Well… maybe we can use our Pokémon to help?" Ash suggested, although Lyra wasn't sure about that.

"I don't know… no offense pal, but you're not exactly the best swimmer." The Johto told to her blue fairy partner, who pouted a little.

… Didn't mean she wasn't wrong though.

"Plus, your Pokémon may be pretty tired after your fight."

"So, what do we do then? We can't just stay here, can we?" Ash asked Brock and that was when James chuckle a little.

"Mh, mh, mh… You believed me a fool for spending my money on this… but as it turns out, this little fella will be our salvation!" James said, as he pulled a fancy-looking pokeball with it being of a golden color.

"Wait, you mean-"

"Indeed I do Jessie! Now, go Magikarp!" James shouted, as from the pokeball in his hand, emerged a red fish-like Pokemon with big vacant eyes, long yellow barbless and what looked like a crown-like fin on top of its body with an identical one on the bottom part as well.

Also… it looked kinda pathetic.

"Karp, karp, karp." it said, as it flipped in the boat… not looking very reliable all things consider.

"Ok then. Magikarp, get us to safety at once!" h ordered his water type Pokémon… which just remained flipping rather pathetically. "… Um, Magikarp, you're making me look bad. Take us to safety I say!" he told it in an annoyed tone.

"Kapr, karp, karp!"

"He said he doesn't know how." Meowth translated.

"What?! What do you mean he doesn't know how?!"

"Karp, karp, karp."

"Says he ain't a swimmer type."

"What do you mean not a swimmer type?! It's a fish!"

"And thus, my comment about you been irresponsible with money is proven." Jessie sighed, as she looked at the pathetic excuse that was suppoused to be their salvation. "Well, all things fail I think we can at least try and use it as emergency food."

"That just sounds wrong." Lyra commented.

"Also practically impossible."

"What do you mean, Brock?" Ash asked.

"To put it bluntly, Magikaro are said to have barely any nutritious value to humans. And even if we were to ignore that, Magikarp are mostly scales and bones."

"Now you tell me…! Augh… well, at least we can sell the pokeball if we manage to get to shore." James said, as he looked at the golden pokeball that-

"Hey, is it just me, or that pokeball is covered in cheap paint?" Lyra said, as she pointed at James' gloves, that had golden paint in them.


"Hey, that wasn't nice to do!"

"That dumb Magikarp had it… is it just me or is it glowing?" James asked, as everyone turned and indeed, the Magikarp was glowing.

Before their eyes, Magikarp shined brighter and brighter until suddenly, it started to change. It started to grow longer, three fins growing along its back with two fin-like appendages on the side of its head. And speaking of, on its head there was what may as well be a three-point crown on top of it and with one really mean expression. After the light dim down, the creature was revealed to be a massive one of a blue color. And most of all, one that intimidated just about everyone presence.

"Um… I may be wrong to think of it… but that looks like a Gyarados, right?" asked as everyone nodded. "Good to know… or not."

"Is it just me, or those it look angrier than it normally should?"

"Ha, finally. A Pokémon worthy of the great-" James tried to say, until the Pokémon roared at them in anger. "Ahhh! Mewoth do something!"

"What do you want me ta do?! Ya're the one with the pokeball!"

"Oh right! Gyrados, retu-" James tried to say, holding the pokeball in front of the sea monster-like Pokémon… until the pokeball short-circuited and broke down. "… Oh… you d-don't think that we could talk about this?"

However, the atrocious Pokémon did not have the same idea in mind.

With one trembling roar, it used what some believed to be hurricane and summon devastating and powerful winds all around them all. Combine that with the storm that was already falling down on them and… yeah, things didn't look well for them.

"AAAAHHH!" they all screamed as the boat rosed in the air and was trapped within the furious winds.

"James! If this is the end, I need you to know something!"

"I know Jessie! It was a pleasure having worked with you two!"

"What?! No! I mean to tell you that this is all your fauuult!" she yelled as the raging hurricane and storm kept on raging.

What will happen with our heroes? Will their tale be cut short, or will a miracle shun upon them? Only time will tell.

As the story continues…

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One last thing, there may be the possibility that this (or some of my) story(s) could be translated to Spanish in. It's still not one hundred percent confirmed but in case it does happen I'll tell you all. Just in case, remember the name NERO1002 and remember that whatever happens, he has my blessing to translate and publish the translation of my stories (if it happens). So please if you suddenly see that this or any of my stories are being published by him, don't harass him, and call him names. And if any of you want to translate this story to your native language (if of course your native language is not English) then feel free to do so. Or if you want to, say, import this story to Wattpad or something, I don't mind. I actually am already sharing my stories in fanfiction online and just today(or yesterday, depending on when I finish this) I've finally imported the first four chapters of this story in AO3. The name is the same, just with the ' ' on fanfiction online and the '_' in AO3. If you want to either translate or import my stories on Wattpad, or other platform, then feel free to do so. Just message me and done. Also don't forget to say that the story came from me and that you're just translating/importing it. Not to boost my ego or anything. But rather so that you don't get message after message of people calling you a thieve or something like that.

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Until then, stay safe and all. Bye

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