Pokemon Ash and the Dex Holders: Kanto @oanglalie
Chapter 2: I Choose You!

Chapter 2: I Choose You!

He was running on late; it didn't help the fact that after waking up he had a debate on whether to put on his regular clothes or not. Nor does the fact that he lived near the outskirts of town.

Right now, young Ash Ketchum was running as fast as he could to Professor Oak's lab while wearing his pajama. While he passed by, he couldn't help to notice the looks and murmurs of pretty much everyone in Pallet Town.

The adults were probably judging him right now while the other kids were most likely about to burst out laughing at his predicament. But just like always, he didn't care, he was kind of used to that. What did have him worried was the mood in which the other three were right now.

Professor Oak would probably wave it off, but Red, Blue, and especially Green, now that was a different story altogether. They were, either fuming with anger for how late he was, or they already left.

To be honest, he wouldn't blame them if they chose to do the latter, it's not like he wouldn't do it if he also had to wait for some kid that decided to oversleep in what's arguably one of the most important days of his life.

Ash was starting to run out of air, his breathing became more agitated, luckily for him, he was now able to see that oh so familiar yellow bridge. The one that was right in front of the small hill in which the professor's lab resided.

He stopped to catch a breather, after a minute or two he lifted his head to marvel at the yellow building. Ash had been to that place a couple of times before; both the professor and his mother Delia were close friends which meant that every now and then she would take him with her whenever she wanted to visit the man that was not only a mentor but practically a father to her.

There was also that time when he was seven when he took part in a summer camp organized by the professor himself. Well, the second that the professor hosted, Ash wanted to go to the first one a year prior, but he overslept that day too.

Guess some things never change, well it was probably for the best, after all, it was on that summer camp that he met his very first friend. A girl from another region, she was very energetic, with honey blond hair and greyish-blue eyes. He remembered having such a great time with her, when the time came to say their goodbyes, he and his mother gave them their phone number so that they could stay in touch with one another.

But she never called, and unfortunately, when they left, they were in such a hurry that they couldn't ask for their phone number or any way of communicating for that matter.

Some of the other kids used to bully him by telling him that she probably dumped his phone number because the idea of being friends with him was embarrassing.

But Ash never believed them, there was probably another reason she never called, and who knows. Now that he's on his journey to becoming a pokemon master, he might meet her somewhere down the line.

Well, he'll have more than enough time to think about that, because right now, he must meet with the professor and his new friend.

"I'm probably going to get yelled at." - Ash thought to himself. Fifteen minutes have passed since he first knocked, and no one has come to answer. Well, it was to be expected, it was one thing to be five minutes late. But Ash, he was late by a full hour, he was supposed to leave at nine 'o'clock alongside the other kids.

Ash was about to knock again but stopped once he heard footsteps, then he saw the knob turn as the door opened.

There he was, Professor Samuel Oak, leading pokemon researcher, specialized in researching the bond between humans and pokemon and most importantly, the idol for all aspiring trainers including Ash, who was currently smiling at the scientist.

"Well, better late than never I always said. What took you so long?" - asked Oak to the raven-haired boy who lowered his head after hearing that.

"Sorry professor... I was so excited for today that I couldn't sleep yesterday." - said Ash a bit embarrassed by it.

The professor merely sighed before patting the young boy in the shoulder and giving him a comforting smile. - "You're here now, that's what's important. So... Do you want to come inside?" - he asked.

Ash nodded, smiling knowing that the professor wasn't mad at him. Both of them got inside the building before starting small talk.

"Tell me Ash, do you know what will you do once you leave Pallet Town?" - asked the professor to the boy.

"Yeah, I'm going to challenge the gym leaders as well as any trainer that I encounter. Then, I'll win the Pokemon League and become a Pokemon Master!" - said the boy excitedly.

Oak smiled at the Ash's excitement, but couldn't help but to ask him something.

"Aren't you nervous?" - said Oak. - "The path you're about to take is a dangerous one, the trials that lay ahead will be like nothing you ever encountered. Are you sure you want to keep going?"

Ash suddenly stopped after hearing what the professor had asked him. He looked straight into the man's eyes and without wavering answered - "Professor... I have never been as sure as I am right now."

"...Very well." - said Oak as he opened a door and signaled the boy to enter. Ash was amazed by the number of books and complex machinery inside, his gazed wandered through the room until Oak coughed. Ash's attention was now drawn to the professor who was holding something in his hand. - "I believe this is yours" - said Oak holding a rectangular piece of plastic on his hand . It was his trainer's license, he couldn't help but smile as he took it. He had taken the test exactly ten days ago, on the day of his birthday. He remembered how hard it was for him, he had barely passed been graded with a 65. - "I should have studied a lot harder." - Ash thought to himself before taking a look to his license.

Trainer License IDNo: 33024

Name: Ash Ketchum

Born on: May 22 1997

Home Address: Machida Avenue, Pallet Town

Region: Kanto Grade: 65

Ash had dreamed of this moment ever since he could remember and it finally came true. He stared at his ID for a few more seconds before realizing something was missing. It was time to receive his starter.

"Alright, I guess it's time for me to pick a starter, right?" - asked Ash as the Oak realized something upon hearing those words. - "I already decided professor, I choose Squirtle!" - said Ash excitedly.

"Um... Ash my boy... I'm afraid squirtle has already been chosen by the only person that wasn't late today." - said Oak, he had forgotten that he had given away all the starters to the other kids.

"Oh, rea- wait, did you say the only one that wasn't late?" - asked Ash.

"Yeah, Blue was the only one out of you four to have arrived on time." - answered Oak to his question.

Ash was at least a bit relieved after hearing that apparently, he wasn't the only one to have arrived late. - "Oh yeah, I think I overheard Blue mentioning that she also wanted squirtle as her starter."

"Well, I guess I had that one coming." - said Ash as he took his hand to his chin to think about his next option. - "Alright, then I guess I'll have bulbasaur professor!"

"Sorry, he was also taken." - said Oak.

"Wait really?" - asked Ash. - "Then charmander, charmander-"

"Was taken as well." - interrupted Oak.

"Wait, were they all seriously taken?!" - asked Ash in disbelief.

"I'm afraid so." - said Oak.

Ash couldn't believe it, they were all gone, all because he overslept. Granted, since Red already had Poli some people would have believed that he wouldn't have picked a starter, but then again, he was in his right to have picked one for himself. After all, he was also going to be leaving on his journey and to a certain degree, Ash was happy that Red had chosen a starter.

If there was anything that he hated was when people either took pity on him or belittle him, Red probably knew that and besides, it's not like he had any right to complain seeing how he had arrived an hour late. But unfortunately, he was still in quite a predicament.

"So, professor... what do I do now?" - asked Ash.

Oak wasn't sure either, how could have he forgotten that there were only three starters when there were four kids leaving town? The professor began to rub the chin while his eyes were closed, what could he do in this situation? He didn't have any other pokemon that was suitable for a beginning trainer like Ash.

Well, there is...

"No, I can't do that, I caught it not that long ago, that little fella was a wild pokemon and with both its rebellious nature and Ash's inexperience, it would be without a doubt the most reckless decision I could ever make." - Oak thought to himself. - "But then again, so would letting him go without a pokemon to protect him."

"Well... There is another option." - Oak said to Ash - "But I'm not sure if-"

"I'll take it!" - Ash said without wavering.

"Ash... my boy, I'm not sure if it's a good ide-"

"Professor... please, whatever it is, I'm sure I can handle but please. Please don't make me leave without a pokemon." - begged Ash.

Many others would have leave without a pokemon, or would have waited for the professor or someone else to give them an appropriate one. But this meant the world to the young raven-haired boy. People always doubting him, always making fun of him, of his dream, always saying how incompetent he is... Just like him.

He wanted to prove them wrong, to show them that they were wrong to belittle him. This was his chance to do just that and he couldn't wait any longer. Oak saw how the young lad stared at him, he wanted to say to wait for, maybe another week or two. So that he could have a proper starter, but then he saw his eyes, those brown eyes full of desperation that asked, no, beg the professor to believe in him.

He wasn't sure what to do, but in the end, he gave in. - "Alright, you win." - said Oak.

Ash's eyes suddenly brighten after hearing the professor's words, he couldn't help but give him the biggest hug he could muster. "Thank you so much professor!" - he shouted with excitement.

"Calm down my boy, I can't breathe." - said Oak trying his best to remain conscious.

"Oh, sorry professor" - Ash quickly apologized as Oak regain his composure.

"It's fine no need to worry." - said the professor trying to reassure Ash that he was fine. - "If this whole pokemon master doesn't work out, he might as well try boxing or some other sport." - Oak thought to himself, that boy was stronger than he looked.

"Wait for me here Ash, I'll be back in just a moment." - instructed the professor to the young boy as he left to take the stairs to the upper part of the room.

After a couple of minutes away, the professor returned to his side with a pokeball at hand. It looked just like any other Ash had ever seen; the upper part of the sphere was a bright cherry red while the lower part was pure white, all divided by a black line going through it and with a white button in the middle.

However, it was once the ball was right on his hands that he noticed something different. On the upper part of the pokeball was what looked like a sticker in the shape of a bolt of lightning. He questioned the professor's decision for a moment before looking at him.

"Tell me Ash... Aren't you going to open it?" - asked Oak somewhat hesitantly.

Ash quickly stared at the pokeball for a few seconds before he pressed the button in the middle. Once he did the pokeball opened and a bright blue light came from it. The light soon began to take shape on top of the table in front of them both. Once it started to dim out, Ash was able to see just what pokemon it was.

It was a short chubby rodent-like pokemon approximately 40 cm tall; it had yellow fur with what seemed to be two brown stripes on its back, it had long pointed ears with black tips, a long lightning-bolt shape tail, brown eyes and on each cheek, a red circle. As Ash gazed upon the pokemon's brown eyes there was one thought crossing his mind.

"It's so cute! What kind of pokemon is it professor?" - said Ash with his eyes sparkling.

"This little fella right here is Pikachu, the mouse pokemon, it is an electric type." - answered Oak.

"Really?!" - asked Ash excitedly.

The professor nodded. - "You see those red circles on its cheeks, those are actually pouches which can contain great amounts of electricity."

"Wow, he's perfect!" - exclaimed Ash as he took the electric type into his hands which panicked the professor. - "Hi I'm Ash, nice to meet you, you and I are going to be best friends!" - said Ash happily as he spun around while still holding Pikachu.

"Wait Ash I wouldn't do that if I were you, he's still..." - the professor tried to warn him to no avail.

Pikachu frowned at his new trainer, clearly not happy which puzzled Ash soon electricity crackling in the electric type cheeks.

"Pikaaa CHUUUUU" - It shouted as lightning shot out of its body electrocuting Ash in the process. As he fell to the ground, pikachu jumped out of his grasp while the professor couldn't help but regret his decision.

"I was trying to warn you Ash, I caught pikachu a little over a week ago it still not used to humans." - explained Oak to Ash who was still on the ground with electricity going through his body.

"Oh, th-hat explains wh-at happened." - said Ash as he tried to recover himself from being electrocuted by pikachu, he then wondered, would he need to get used to this feeling?"

"Ash, are you sure you still want to through this?" - asked Oak

"Of course I am professor, no need to worry" - he replied, but unfortunately this somehow made the professor more worried than before.

"I just want to make sure my boy, pikachu doesn't seem too keen on the idea of having a trainer." - said Oak

"Yeah, I can see that." - said Ash as he scratched his cheek. - "But it's ok, after all, you can't make friends in just a few minutes. You'll see, in no time we'll be the best of buds. Isn't that right pikachu?" - asked Ash to his new starter.

"Pika!"- said pikachu still not happy. It was already bad enough that he was caught by that old man while he was minding his own business, but he now had to put up with this kid being his trainer. Yeah, no way. He looks like he could barely take care of himself, how is he supposed to take care of him now?

"If you said so." - sighed Oak.

"Well, it's already pretty late so we should get going." - said Ash.

Just as he was about to leave, he was interrupted by the professor. - "Ash wait, you're not planning on leaving like that, now are you?" - asked Oak.

Ash was not sure what he meant until he saw that the professor was pointing at him. More specifically at what he was wearing, he was still on his pajama.

"Oh yeah, I guess your right professor." - said Ash as he scratched the back of his head while nervously laughing.

Pikachu merely sighed at the attitude of his new "trainer"; he could only pray to Arceus itself that this experience isn't as bad as he thinks it's going to be...

Who is he kidding, he's doomed.

"I think I should head back home to pick up some clothes." - said Ash, a bit embarrassed that he was about to leave town wearing his pajamas.

"That would be the best course of action." - said Oak, agreeing with the young boy.

"My house it's a bit far away so why don't you return for a while." - Ash told his starter as he held the pokeball of his electric type in front of him.

From it, a red light came, but before it could reach pikachu he moved out of the way. Both Ash and Oak were confused by what the mouse pokemon just did. Ash tried to recall him once again only for pikachu to dodge once again. He repeated the same action over and over again with the same result.

"Mmm, it seems that Pikachu doesn't like being inside its pokeball" – said Oak with pikachu nodding at what he just said.

"I guess it makes sense, he's been inside of it for sometimes he probably wants to stretch out for a bit. Isn't that right buddy? – Ash asked pikachu

Pikachu reluctantly nodded at what the human had said, being able to breath fresh air would be pretty nice. Anything to not go back inside of that thing, he would rather fight a Dragonite than going back inside that ball.

"I guess if it can't be helped, as long as you two remain together I don't think there'll be any trouble." – said Oak to the both of them.

"Alright then let's get going!" - shouted Ash as he raised his fist to the air. He ran to the front door and just as he opened it, pikachu rushed outside as fast as he could. "Huh!?, Wait up pikachu, you don't know where I live!" - He shouted as he started to run, trying to catch up the electric type pokemon.

Oak sighed at the two of them. - "I hope that I made the right choice." - said Oak as he watched the two of them running, getting smaller and smaller by the second until finally, they were gone.

Ash was just about finished packing all of his stuff, just as he was about to leave his room until he stopped in front of a mirror taking a good look at the outfit his mom had chosen for him. It was a blue jacket with short white sleeves and a white collar, a black shirt underneath, a pair of jeans and some running sneakers. - "There's something missing." - he said as he started to look for a specific item.

"There it is!" - he said as he walked to the drawer next to his bed. On top of it was a red and white hat with a stylized green L on the front. - "I can't start my journey without it." - he said as he picked up the item before putting it on.

Once he did Ash walked out of his room and into his living room, where pikachu was waiting, still annoyed but at least he didn't try to run this time.

"Sorry if I made you wait for me buddy, but I'm all set now." - said Ash as he tried to picked his starter only to be electrocuted by pikachu's electricity.

"Maybe I should grab those rubber gloves that are in the kitchen." - said Ash as he laid on the ground.

After picking himself up and fetching said object from the kitchen both pokemon and trainer left for the town's exit, which wasn't that far off from the raven-haired boy's house.

They walked for about five minutes tops until Ash suddenly stopped dead on his tracks. - "Did you hear that Pikachu?" - asked Ash to his partner.

Pikachu nodded, his hearing was better than most pokemon and especially better than humans, if his ears weren't playing any games with him, he could have sworn he heard someone screaming-

"AAASH, WAIT UUUUP! - shouted a female voice.

Ash quickly turned behind; he could recognize that voice anywhere

"Daisy?" - he asked himself wondering what was she doing here.

After a few seconds, Daisy reached Ash, stopping for a few seconds to catch her breath.

"I... made it." - panted Daisy

"Hi Daisy, what are you doing here?" - asked Ash.

"What do you think silly? I'm here to say goodbye and also to give you a present."


"Yeah, I wanted to give it to you at the lab, but I forgot it at home It also didn't help that-"

Daisy was running as fast as she could to her grandfather's lab at top of the hill after retrieving two objects from her house which were currently on her bag. She reached the stairs in no time but didn't show any sign of slowing down. She rushed through the stairs, almost tripping once or twice, but she finally made it to the front door.

After gasping for air for a few seconds she opened the door and rushed (in a more calmly manner) to the room where her grandfather gave out the starters and the newly invented pokedex to the other kids.

"SURPRISE!" - she shouted at the top of her lungs startling her grandfather who almost fell off a chair.

"Daisy don't do that you almost gave me a heart attack!" - exclaimed Oak while holding his chest with his right hand as he recovered from the shock.

"Sorry grandpa, but it's just that... wait. Grandpa where's Ash, is he not here yet?" - asked Daisy as she started to look around the room.

"Oh, Ash already left dear." -replied Oak.

"... Come again?"

"Yep, I already handed him both his trainer's license and a pokemon to accompany him. Although if I'm being honest, I'm not su-"

"WHAAAAT?!" -shouted Daisy with such force that the professor had to cover his ears. Fearing that his eardrums would rupture and almost expecting that the windows in his lab would shatter.

"Yeah, he left some time ago." - said Oak recovering from his granddaughter's scream.

"When did that happen?"

"I believe it was about 20 minutes ago."

"And why didn't you stop him from leaving before I could arrive?!" -asked Daisy angrily.

"Wh-why would I do that?" - asked a nervous Oak to his granddaughter who was growing angrier by the second.

"So that I could give him his GIFT THAT I RAN ALL THE WAY HOME TO GET THAT'S WHY!"

"Oh right, I guess I forgot that." - said Oak as he now was fearing for his safety.

Daisy started to grind her teeth as she gave her grandfather the most menacing look he had ever seen. Oak was now sweating from the pressure exerted by Daisy, he rushed to raise his hands in front of him almost as if trying to defend himself from the attack of a wild animal.

"Wait Ash went home to change clothes and pick up a few things he hasn't leave Pallet Town yet you might catch up to him if you hurry." - said Oak as quickly as possible, hoping to calm her to the point that she wouldn't lunge herself to him to try and beat him to the point that he would resemble a grimer more than a human.

Daisy glared at her grandfather one last time before she rushed out of the lab, once outside she began to run as fast as she could, hoping to reach the raven-haired boy before he left.

Inside the lab professor Oak stood in the middle of the room, as pale as a ghost. Daisy may have the face of an angel, but when she was mad, she could be more terrifying than Giratina itself.

"My grandpa can be so inconsiderate you know." - said Daisy still angry at the professor.

Both Ash and Pikachu were confused, not sure what she meant. Daisy suddenly turns her scowl into a happy expression in the blink of the eye. - "Anyway, let's forget that and focus on what's truly important right now. Congratulations on becoming a trainer Ash I'm happy for you!"

Ash couldn't help to smile at Daisy, if that foreign girl was his first real friend, then Daisy was the second one he ever made. Even though both he and her brother never met eye to eye, that never affected his relationship with the eldest of the Oak children.

She was one of, if not the only person in town to ever treat him with genuine kindness (outside the professor, his mother Delia and Red's parents the Tanjiro family).

Always supportive of his dream, cheering for him to chase after it no matter what. Ash knew that even if the world felt like it was against him (which it usually felt like) Daisy would always give him a thumbs up and encourage him to keep on going, without a doubt their friendship was always something he would forever treasure.

"Thanks Daisy, it means a lot coming from you." - said Ash while smiling.

Daisy smiled back at him, pleased to see her friend happy. - "Well, I think it's time to give you your present." - she said as she took her bag and started to look for something.

"Come on Daisy, it's not necessary." - said Ash.

"It's entirely necessary, I kind of owe it to you." - replied Daisy as she took two objects covered in wrapping paper. - "Found it!"

"Here you go" - said Daisy as she handed ash the two objects.

Ash took them, wondering what could it be. They were rectangular but had a clear difference in size, one of them while a bit thick, looked like could fit in one of his pockets while the other one looked to be a bit over half of Pikachu's height.

"Well, aren't you going to open them?" - she asked.

Ash nodded as he started to unwrap both objects, still wondering what could it be. Once he was done, he saw what his friend had bought for him. A book and what looked to be a journal with a pen.

"Happy delayed birthday Ash!" - she exclaimed. - "I wanted to give them to you before your birthday since you were going to take your license test that day. I thought it might have helped you prepare for the test, but I was a bit busy with a few stuff so I forgot to give them to you. Sorry."

Ash was confused, wondering how this could've helped him for the exam. He then took a look at the title of the book and realized what she meant.

Kanto's 149 wonders for trainers

He opened the book to reveal its content which were pages upon pages talking about the 149 recorded species that are native to the Kanto region. Talking about their respective egg groups, abilities, the kind of moves each species could learn and how they learn it among other things.

"Wow, this is so cool, thanks Daisy!" - Ash exclaimed to his friend as he started to look for a specific species of pokemon. "Look Pikachu, here you are!"

In the book, was a picture of the electric type pokemon, Pikachu looked at the picture and notice a clear difference, that Pikachu was a lot slimmer than he was.

"Let's see what it has to say about you." - said Ash as he started to read out loud. - "Pikachu, the mouse pokemon, when several of these Pokémon gather, their electricity could build and cause lightning storms. It keeps its tail raised to monitor its surroundings. If you yank its tail, it will try to bite you. They greet each other by sniffing one another and rubbing their tails together. Electricity can be used to receive and send messages with each other, as well as other Electric Pokémon species. A female will have a V-shaped notch at the end of its tail, which looks like the top of a heart. It is classified as a quadruped, but it has been known to stand and walk on its hind legs." - said Ash as he finished, there were more things about pikachu in the book, but he decided to stop for now. He'll have more than enough time to read it in the future.

"So, do you like it?"

"Like it? I love it, this is the best gift ever!" - he exclaimed. - "Although I have a question, what's this supposed to be?" - he asked while holding the small journal.

"Oh, that's so you can write whatever you want there. You know, maybe you saw something interesting, heard a cool story, things like that."

Ash thought on what Daisy said, he was never the kind of guy that liked to keep track of what he was doing, even on school (which explains his less than stellar grades). But who knows, this may come in handy after all the world would probably want to know what the greatest pokemon master was doing when he started out as a rookie.

"Thanks Daisy, I'll give the best use I can." -said Ash

"I know you will." - replied Daisy.

"By the way, professor Oak said that Blue chose squirtle and I was wondering, who did Red and Green choose?" - asked Ash.

"Oh that, well Green ended up choosing charmander and Red was left with bulbasaur. Actually, Green told Blue to choose first because apparently, she deserved it as she was the only one to have arrived on time. But to be honest, I think he only did that to make sure he had the starter that was naturally stronger than Red's." - explained Daisy to the fourth kid that was leaving town today.

"That Green." - muttered Ash under his breathe, of course he would do something like that.

"Yeah, that's my brother for you." - she said with narrowed eyes.

Pikachu simply stood there hearing the conversation between his "trainer" and the female human. For what he understood, that Green, which apparently was the younger brother of the female human, was not a very nice guy, or at the very least not the easiest person to hang around. In other words, he was kind of a jerk.

"Pika." - said Pikachu, trying to call the attention of the two humans, he was growing bored standing still. Weren't they supposed to be on some sort of journey? Last time he checked, a journey does not consist of staying still talking about unpleasant people.

The two of them looked at Pikachu, Daisy smiled at him understanding that poor fella was probably becoming irritated of standing there

"I think it's time for you guys to get going." - Daisy said.

"I guess you're right." - said Ash before making a quick bow. - "Thanks for everything Daisy. You have no idea how glad I am to have become friends with you."

"Thanks Ash, that's really sweet." - said Daisy, she knew that she wouldn't be his only friend. Someone like him was bound to make friendships that would last a lifetime.

"Well, it's time to go." - said Ash

Pikachu was relieved once he heard him say that. About time.

"Good luck Ash and no matter what don't you dare throw in the towel. You'll make it far, of that I'm sure."

"Thanks Daisy, and don't worry, I won't." - said Ash as he alongside a reluctant Pikachu started to walk. After a few seconds, he turned to see his friend one last time. - "Mark my words Daisy, when I get back, I'll be on my way to the Pokemon League! - he shouted as he waved her goodbye.

She corresponded his action waving him goodbye as well, she stood there for a few seconds until Ash was gone. Disappearing within the tall grass of the forest.

"I know you will." - she told herself.

Both Ash and Pikachu were walking through the forest, the raven-haired trainer tried to start a conversation with his partner, but Pikachu decided to ignore him.

"This will definitely be a lot harder than I thought." - Ash thought to himself, but it didn't discourage him. This was just his first step to achieve his dream.

The two continued walking for about half an hour until they heard something. They turned to where the sound originated from and saw a bush moving. After a few seconds, a purple rodent-like pokemon jumped out of the bushes.

"A rattata!" - Ash exclaimed, he then quickly put his backpack on the ground to pull the book that Daisy gifted him out. He then started to look for the page that contained the information about rattata.

"Here it is. Rattata, the mouse pokemon. It bites anything when it attacks. Small and very quick, it is a common sight in many places. Will chew on anything with its fangs. If you see one, it is certain that 40 more live in the area." - Ash read out loud, he then noticed that apparently, it was a normal type, he remembered meeting with a rattata when he was 7 when he got lost in the woods.

"Alright, I'm going to catch it! You're ready buddy?" - Ash asked his starter pokemon with excitement, however, Pikachu turned his back on his "trainer". Ash fell backward after seeing the attitude of the electric type.

"Come on Pikachu, use thunderbolt on it, don't you want to make some friends? - he asked after picking himself up.

"Chu pika." - said Pikachu as he ignored Ash.

"Fine, I'll do it myself." said Ash as he took a pokeball out of his pocket. - "Prepare yourself, your about to get caught by the soon to be greatest pokemon master to ever walked the earth!" - he exclaimed.

Ash then soon got into his catching stand (which he practiced for an entire month) and with all of his might, he threw the pokeball at the normal type pokemon.

It would have been a direct hit without a doubt, that is until Pikachu jumped in and batted the ball with its tail.

Ash fell to the ground as Pikachu started laughing, the rattata decided to leave not sure what just happened. While all of this was going on, the pokaball was still on the air, soon Ash picked himself and shouted at Pikachu.

"What'd did you do that for?!" - he shouted at Pikachu but then they heard the sound of a pokeball attempting to capture something.

The two of them soon looked at where the pokeball was, moving ever so slightly from left to right until it suddenly burst out open.

From it, a bird like pokemon with rough, brown plumage on its head and three brown tail feathers came out with a large lump on its head and an angry look on its face.

"A Spearow?" - Ash asked.

The Spearow looked at both trainer and pokemon and let out a loud cry. Soon more and more spearows came to aid its comrade.

Ash started to worry at the amount of pokemon in front of him, all with the same killer glare as the one that had called for them. He started to walk backwards as slowly as he could.

"Pikachu, on my mark run as fast as you can." - he whispered but heard no answer.

"Pikachu?" - he repeated, still no answer. This puzzled Ash so he turned to where Pikachu was standing, only to see him already running like crazy.

He then turned to the flock of spearow and gave a nervous smile. - "So, that happened." - he said.

The leader of the flock (which was the one with the lump on its head) let out another cry, ordering the others to attack the human as well as his yellow rat.

The others didn't hesitate and lunge at Ash, who started running for his life. He soon caught up to Pikachu, the flock of flying types right on their tails. As if things didn't look bleak enough, it soon started to rain.

Thunder echoed through the sky, illuminated by the lightning of the storm as the rain fell harder and harder. Still this didn't slow the flying types in the slightest, still pursuing Ash and Pikachu, the two of them still running, desperate to escape from their predicament and not really paying any attention to their surroundings.

That was a mistake, in an oversight Pikachu ended up stumbling and before he could pick himself up to continue running a Spearow hit him from behind. Before he knew it, the entire flock was on top of him, clawing and pecking at the yellow rodent.

It wasn't long before Ash realized that Pikachu wasn't at his side anymore and as he looked back, he saw the tiny bird pokemon all piling on top of Pikachu. In that situation, most people would take advantage of the situation and would flee from there while the Spearow were distracted.

After all, that yellow rat was nothing but a pain, refusing to enter his pokeball, electrocuting his trainer when all he did was complimenting him and overall trying to be friendly, disobeying direct orders while purposely getting in the way of his catches. He had it coming, good riddance most trainers would say.

But Ash wasn't like most other trainers.

Without hesitating for even a second, Ash rushed in to try and save Pikachu.

"GET OFF OF HIM!" - He shouted as he wrapped himself around Pikachu. Shielding him while he in turn, was in the receiving end of the spearows attack.

Miraculously, a bolt of lightning stroke one of the trees nearby. Snapping it in two and scaring the flying types for a moment.

In that moment of hesitation from the flying types, Ash grabbed Pikachu and rushed as fast as he could.

As he was running, he couldn't help but to look at the state in which Pikachu was on. It was bad.

He was covered in bruises and scratches, as well as a few cuts from where blood started to pour out. Ash also saw his arms and they were much of the same. Not only that, but he could feel some parts of his face burning, all while a hot liquid ran down it.

He wanted to scream in pain, but refrained from doing so. Right now, his priority was to get Pikachu some medical attention.

Unfortunately for him he could hear the spearow and they were quickly starting to catch up. As if things couldn't get any worse, the rain started to fall a lot harsher, obstructing his vision.

He then made a quick turn to the right, hoping to confuse the spearow, but unfortunately, he ended up slipping and ended up falling down a slope. As he rolled down the small hill, he shielded Pikachu once more to the best of his ability.

Once they stopped rolling, the both of them found themselves in an open field and once again they heard the flock not that far behind. Ash started running once again, he was in pain, his legs were trembling and felt like they were on fire. Yet again, Ash tripped and fell to the ground hard, only this time he was struggling to get up.

Once he did, he saw the flying types closing the distance between the two of them. He realized it was pointless to try and run away, he was too tired and wouldn't get that far before the spearow caught up yet again. Not only that, but there was nowhere to hide and no one was there to help them.

The raven-haired boy started to lament himself, he couldn't help but to hear the voices of all the other kids from Pallet Town and even some of the adults. He heard Jason's voice, Mrs. Ima, Janet and of course, he heard Green. They were all mocking him, telling him to give up and that he could never accomplish anything in his life.

And maybe they were right, he was never a great student and according to a lot of them, failure was in his blood.

Even when he told them that they were wrong and that he would obtain his trainers license, he did score pretty badly. He passed the exam by the skin of his teeth, and the reason he did was mainly because of pure dumb luck, there was no going around it.

And to top it all off, was what happened today.

He woke up late despite the fact that he was the one that looked forward to this day the most. Because of it, he missed his chance of getting one of the three starters.

As if he didn't make enough bad decisions that day, he insisted to be given another pokemon by the professor even when he advised not to.

Maybe this was some sort of way for the world to punish him for making such rash choices.

After all, him being here was a mistake, maybe he really wasn't made for this kind of life. If there was one thing that made Ash feel worse than he already does, was the fact that he let down Daisy, his mother and the professor.

And hey, might as well add the fact that he just dragged an innocent pokemon into this mess and it's currently in a critical state because of him.

"P-pi" - said Pikachu weakly snapping Ash out of his thoughts.

That's right, this was his mess and because of that, he was going to make sure he could at least get Pikachu out of it.

He placed the yellow rodent on the floor while pulling something out of his pocket

"Pikachu, I k-now, that you don't like it, b-but you have to get inside of your pokeball. That way, at the v-very least you'll be safe." - said Ash, still in pain as he placed the sphere next to his pokemon.

Using the remaining bits of strength, Ash stood up and faced the horde of Spearow, not before turning his cap backwards.

"Hey you, do you know who I am? I am Ash from Pallet Town, the man who'll become the world's greatest Pokémon Master! I'll never lose to the likes of you! I won't let you lay a hand on Pikachu I'm your opponent! So, what are you waiting for? COME AND GET ME!"

As the Spearow grew ever so closely, time suddenly slowed down for Pikachu. This human, no, what was his name again?

Oh, right Ash.

Ash was currently shielding him from the group of Spearow that were currently trying to reap them to shreds. Even though he acted like a brat towards him. He thought that he was nothing but an idiot that was too incompetent to take care of himself. But then again, he's no better.

Back when he was a small Pichu, he was adopted by a mother Kangaskhan and its baby and the time he spent with them were some of the best of his life. But one day, he started to grow and he started to become a burden to his adopted family. On the day that he left to relieve his mother from having to look after him, he evolved.

He was so happy, maybe now he would no longer be a burden to anyone, he thought. Maybe he could now grow strong, strong enough to take care of himself and others. But as it turns out, outside of his appearance, nothing changed.

He was still weak and when the old man caught him, he didn't even need to weaken him first. He just threw the ball and was caught immediately.

How pathetic of him and he still had the audacity to act superior to Ash when in reality he was no different from him

And right now, the person he called an idiot was currently risking his life to protect him from his incompetence.

He was still a burden.

He looked at his pokeball, which was right next to him and smiled. He knew what to do.

As Ash spread his arms in order to defy the flock of Spearow once more, Pikachu mustered all of his remining strength to climb up Ash's back, onto his shoulder and above his head... jumping towards the swooping mass of Spearow and surprising Ash in the process as his eyes widen.

He was no longer going to be a burden to anyone.

"PIKAAAAA CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" - he shouted releasing all of his electricity into one attack. Just then, the same Pikachu was struck by lightning.

The combination of both Pikachu's thunder and the bolt of lightning resulted in a shock that blasted everyone backwards before being engolve by a yellow light.

Ash was starting to regain his conscious, he tried to move but his body was to numb and tired to respond. He then tried to open his eyes; his vision was blurry but as time passed by, he started to see more and more clear.

And what did he saw?

He saw all of the Spearow lying unconscious on the ground.

"P-pi ka" - heard Ash to his right.

Using all of his strength he managed to turn his body to the right, now being face to face with Pikachu.

The two of them smiled at each other, happy that they were both okay (well, relatively speaking).

While that was happening the Spearow started to wake up, the leader still wanted to continue with the assault but the others refused. Terrified with the power that that Pikachu use and too weak to even battle a rattata, they all took off to treat their wounds.

The leader started to shout at them, calling them weaklings.

Fine, if they weren't going to help, he'll simply take care of those two himself. As he started to charge an attack at the two of the, he started to stumble, his vision became blurry and he started to feel dizzy.

Realizing that he couldn't do anything to them in his current condition, he reluctantly leave to treat his wounds, not before vowing to the two of them that this wouldn't be the last they see of him.

He'll get stronger, so strong that both the entire flock as well as that bolt of lightning would be like child's play compare to him. And when that happens, he'll tear them apart by himself.

However neither of them paid him any attention, still smiling at one another. That was until they saw something in the sky.

Still tired, Ash managed to sit while taking Pikachu in arms. As the two of them looked at the sky, they saw it.

A majestic bird like creature that emanated a golden light. As it fly by, it seemed as if a rainbow was appearing behind it.

Ash decided to take the books that Daisy gave to him to try and identify the creature. He looked at page after page, but was unable to find anything useful. It was definitely not a Pidgeot nor a Fearow, it was much larger looked a lot more powerful and was overall more majestic. Even the three legendary Titans; Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno fell short in that regard.

Was that even possible?

As they saw the mysterious creature fly away, both Ash and Pikachu realized something. They were tiny.

The world was so much bigger than they could imagine and they were but a spec of sand. They weren't special at all in the slightest.

But instead of being discouraged by it, they were suddenly more motivated than ever before to explore the world. To seek out new adventures, to discover untold mysteries and to meet Pokemon that have never been seen before.

Not as trainer and Pokemon.

But as friends.

As Ash started to pick himself, he took Pikachu back into his arms once more and looked straight at him.

"I think we began with the wrong foot, what do you say we start things right this time. My name, is Ash Ketchum, my dream is to become a Pokemon Master. Would you like to come with me?" – he asked.

"Pika pi….. Pikachu" – said Pikachu as he licked at his new friends face.

"I take it that's a yes." – said Ash while smiling, which Pikachu nodded.

Whatever the future may have plan for this two, one thing is certain, they would face them together as trainer and Pokemon, as brothers in arms, as friends and most importantly of all.

They would face them as family.

But for now, first things first, they need to get to a Pokemon center.

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