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Chapter 19: Troubled Waters!

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Chapter 19: Troubled Waters!

Ash was walking along way the ship's hallways, looking for the owner of the radio that one of the crewmates accidentally dropped. He was following the direction that he last saw them heading off to, even if he didn't know where exactly they were. He probably should try and use the radio, but knowing his luck, that would probably get him in troubles or something.

Believing that one of the doors in the hallway will eventually lead him to the crewmen. Eventually, he and Pikachu found themselves in front of a really wide door. Both trainer and Pokémon looked at each other, it was the only door in the hallway that they haven't checked already, so they have to be there, right?

Opening the door just enough so that they could get a peek at what was inside. It was a large room, not quite as big as the hall that he and company were not that long ago, but it definitely looked to be large enough to hold a conference of sorts, as well as having another entrance on the other side of the room. Instead of finding crew members like they first thought they would, both the rookie trainer and the mouse Pokémon saw men in black uniforms, all bearing a red 'R' in their chest. They were all pulling their Pokémon out as well as connecting a couple of electric types to some sort of machine. Once that was done, they communicated through the radio that they could now proceed with their plans.

"Team Rocket!" Ash yelled, bursting into the room.

"Pika!" Pikachu followed, sparks crackling in his cheeks.

"What the?!" one of the members turned, confused as to just who was it that called them out. "What is a kid doing here? And why does he have one of our radios with him?!"

"Dammit Han! What have we told you about taking care of your things?!" said another member to the aforementioned Han.

"And how do you know it's my fault?!" he talked back.

"Because it's you who we're talking about!"

"Forget about it, we have a job to do!" one of the members told the others, turning to Ash and Pikachu. "Look runt, I don't know who you are, nor do I care. So why don't you make things easy for yourself and give us you're Pokémon, 'kay?"

"As if!" Ash yelled, Pikachu jumping off his shoulder and preparing to make battle with the Rocket grunts.

Maybe these guys weren't the usual team Rocket that he often takes on, but he was confident that the two of them could take them down nonetheless.

"Is this kid brainless? We outnumber him and he still wants to try and battle us?"

"Some people have a death wish." replied one of the other members. "Golbat, wing attack on the runt and his mouse!"

"Bat!" cried the winged Pokémon.

As its wings emitted a faint glow, the poison/flying type charged at the young trainer with the intent of severely harming the two of them. Ash and Pikachu however, managed to jump out of the way just in the nick of time. Before the Rocket's Pokémon could react, Pikachu jumped into the air and unleashed a thunderbolt at it. Sending the bat-like Pokémon backwards and crashing into the machine, causing a few minor, yet also loud explosions in it.

The Rocket grunts panicked for a bit and afterwards, they saw the young raven-haired boy pull out the rest of his team to aid him in taking the recruits down. Seeing this, the criminals scrambled for a little bit, some trying to fix the machine as soon as possible, while the rest all prepared to engage in the upcoming confrontation with the child of Pallet. Using a mix of Golbat, Zubat and a couple of Grimer, the group of criminals all charged at the kid and his Pokémon.

The battle that ensued turned out to be a little tougher than Ash had expected. Even though they were a little evenly matched in terms of numbers, they prove to be stronger than expected. Each being more capable than Jessie and James combined... then again, that's not really that hard to accomplish.

Sludge bombs flew in his direction, but he was able to jump out of the way just in time. One of the grunts tried to tackle him when he wasn't looking, but that turned out to be a poor choice of action. For before he could get close to the trainer, a gust of wind from Butterfree pushed him out of the way and colliding into one of the Grimer. Just before he could react, he and the poison type got knocked out by Squirtle's powerful water gun. Another one of the Rocket grunts tried to charge him as well, but Ash saw him coming and moved out of the way. Making him trip in the process and before he could pick himself up, a pair of vines grabbed a hold of him, as Bulbasaur lift the grown man up and launching him at the incoming criminals coming their way.

Up in the air, Ash's aviary ally collided with a Golbat using her wing attack, she was able to overpower the bat-like Pokémon finally knocking it down. She cried out in victory, only to narrowly avoid a thunder punch that came from an Electabuzz. Turning around, they saw that some three other members came in and joined. They came with the aforementioned Electabuzz, a Magnemite and a Voltorb. Both the magnet-like Pokémon and the spherical Pokémon shot bolts of electricity at both of Ash's flying Pokémon. Yet, thanks to their trainer's instructions, the both of them were able to evade the attacks. They even managed to trick the enemy's electric types into knocking out the remaining Zubat.

Well, they didn't trick them intentionally. More like they had a little bit of luck in their side.

Now, with only the Rocket grunts with the electric types to deal with, Ash and his team all turned their attention into their current opponents. Using Piedgotto's sand attack to momentarily blind Electabuzz, Charmander fired a powerful flame thrower at the partial steel type as Bulbasaur unleashed a barrage of razor leaves at Voltorb, just before a gust from Butterfree blast the two Pokémon back. Crashing into their respective owners and knocking them out.

Finally, being able to see once more, Electabuzz found itself alone, staring at the enemy's team who were looked to still be able to fight on in spite of the previous altercation. It tried its best, but being the main target of a flame thrower, a water gun, a razor leaf, two gusts and a thunderbolt from multiple parties... well, at least he lasted longer than its comrades would have, had they stood in its place.

Breathing slightly heavy, Ash and his team stood victorious against his aggressors (a little to his surprise). The only ones that stood up as well, were either the ones in charge of looking after the now repaired machine and a couple of the Rocket grunts that he had just defeated. Before anyone could make a move though, the other entrance doors opened and from them, came a really, really big man.

He was a muscular man of spiky blonde hair and who was wearing an outfit that resemble military clothing. Military clothes that, to the Pallet town boy, looked awfully familiar to him. Next to the blonde tall-man, stood two electric type Pokémon of his own. One of them was an Electabuzz like the one that he and his team had just defeated, but unlike that one, this one looked to be a lot tougher than the other. The one that stood on the man's other side was a Raichu. Similar to the one that Vizquez used against him not that long ago, yet just like with the man's Electabuzz, this Raichu looked to be tougher than the one that he faced before. Its face had a more arrogant look, yet to anyone that knew who the man was, would be aware that the electric type had the power to back its bravado off.

"What in the blazing hell is going on here?!" the man shouted, stomping his way in the room. "I leave you to guard the damn machine by yourself and what do I get for that?! I suddenly hear explosions coming from here and the next thing that I have to deal is reports coming from the hall, telling me that a third of the passengers' Pokémon managed to get out of their pokeballs and are currently resisting us!"

"S-Sorry sir, we were doing our job just fine. B-But then, all of the sudden, that kid showed up and started to ruin everything!" cried one of the members, pointing at the young rookie.

The man turned to where the recruit was pointing, finding Ash and his entire team, all a little tired from having to face off against multiple opponents by themselves. While there could be some that could find such feat impressive, the man's expression grew even more stern that it already was. Clearly, not happy at the fact that someone had the guts or was foolish enough to dare stand in their way. Especially, someone that looked to be so... small.

"That little peak squeak?" the man asked the group of criminals, who all nodded. "You're telling me that that scrawny looking peak squeak caused you all so much trouble?! Don't make me laugh, he barely looks old enough to know how to tie his shoe laces!" the man mocked Ash, much to the annoyance of the raven-haired boy and his Pokémon.

"What was that?!" Ash shouted, easily angered by the man's words. "I'm already ten years old! And more than enough to kick you guys down, right guys?!" Ash asked, as all of his teammates gave a cry of agreement.

A smirk was suddenly drawn in the man's face. Smirking as he chuckled at the boy's threats. "Would you look at that? All of that bravado after beating what's essentially cannon fodder?" he asked, chuckling even more alongside his own electric mouse. All the while, the Electabuzz snarled at the would-be heroes. "Please, you're far from my level!"



As the two opposing Pokémon cried in agreement with the military man, an idea popped into his head. He was going to teach the kid a lesson, to show him just how outclassed he was in his presence. Retrieving a couple of potions from a bag that he had in hand, he tossed the bottles of medicine at the boy's way.

"Let's make it a little more even, kid. You can use them on your team if you like, then try to see if even one of your baby Pokémon can do as much as stand against the two of us, deal?" the man offered, his smirk never leaving his face.

There would be around three or so reactions that many would have upon hearing this offer. The first, would be to take up the offer, so as to have a better chance at defeating the opponent at hand. The second would be to reject such offer, not willing to be pitied by someone else. Lastly, there would be the ones that would be wary if this. The people that did these kinds of things were either, too full of themselves, or more than capable of backing their words.

Some would take this as a sign to try and make a run for it. So as to try and get some kind of help from someone. Unfortunately for the young Pallet trainer, his own ego and rookie nature got the better of him. Tossing away the medicine given to him by the new opponent.

"As if we need any help! We're more than capable of taking you down, no problem!" he yelled at the man, his Pokémon backing him up.

The man smirk turned into a wide grin, soon beginning to laugh at the boy's answer. Raichu followed as well, with even the dangerous looking Electabuzz smirking at the group of, what they all believed to be, inexperience runts that knew nothing of how the world work.

"Alright kid, I admire your determination! Don't know if you're either gutsy or plain ol' stupid, but at least you seem to be the kind of peak squeak that can at least try and stand on his own feet!" the man said, signaling for his Raichu to prepare for battle. "Alright, you ask of it!" he yelled, preparing to command his own Pokémon to battle.

"... Lieutenant Surge?" he heard Misty say, referring to the man that has being battling his entire team with only two Pokémon of his own.

His body was somewhat numb. To say that his chest hurt a little would be an understatement, his ears were buzzing and he felt a shock of electricity coursing through his body. One that, he felt as having more power than Pikachu has. He was still conscious, alongside the rest of his team. And although they were still in pain from the overwhelming power of the man's Pokémon, they were far from being done. Still having more fight within them, the boy managed to recover and stand up, alongside the rest of his Pokémon.

"Still have some fight in you?" the corrupt gym leader asked. "Got to say, I'm impress peak squeak. By now, most would have start cowering and run away. Still not sure on it being gutsy or stupid, though. Want to help me figure it out?" he asked, grinning as if he were a wild animal, toying with his prey.

"Wait a minute..." one of the Rocket grunts said, looking at both Red and Misty. "You're that pair of runts from the river!" he shouted, recognizing the two of them from their early run in with the group of criminals.

"Hey, you're right! It's the brat that messed with our business and his little girlfriend!" yelled another one.

On any other day, Misty would have just yelled back that they were just friends, maybe having a small blush on her face. But now though, that was the last thing that she cared about. In front of them, stood one of the eight gym leaders of the region. Someone that, unlike her sisters, more than live up to his reputation. She may not have seen the battle that unfolded, but she was aware of Ash's strength. The other raven-haired boy was in many ways, unrefined, careless, headstrong among other things. Yet from what she has been able to witness, he could more than be a force to be wrecking with if he and his party were to let loose. And yet, there they were, batter down, not unconscious yet also seeing better days. All thanks to the person that stood in front of them.

Red and his Pokémon were all preparing to engage, yet Ash and Pikachu, as well as the rest of the young Ketchum's team motioned them not to. "I can take him." he said, breathing a bit heavy, for his chest still hurt.

"Are you serious!" Misty yelled at him. "Look at your Pokémon! They're barely standing up! Not to mention that you're hurt yourself!"


"That's the spirit, kid! A fight's only entertaining when the two fighting give it their all until, they can no longer stand up!" Surge said, as both his Pokémon started to charge electricity. Raichu through its yellow cheeks and Electabuzz through its antenna-like appendixes. "Both of you, thunder now!" he commanded his Pokémon.

The two ably, preparing to launch a mighty thunder each at the boy of the blue jacket and his Pikachu. Before they could though, Ash signaled for Piedgotto to blind Raichu with her sand attack. At the same time, Butterfree saw an opening in Electabuzz defense, so he shot a string of silk at the electric type and pulled him towards its back. Raichu was able to avoid the sand attack, but despite that, failed to notice that Electabuzz was pulled towards it. This caused the two of them to fail their respective attack. Destroying one of the walls of the hall and causing smoke to rise up.

After a minute or two, the smoke finally cleared out. Ash, his Pokémon and the others no longer visible to their eyes.

"Where did they go?!" one of the recruits ask.

"Those two must have manage to pull the peak squeak and his Pokémon away." Surge noted, turning to his underlings with a serious demeanor that intimidated them all. "All of you, get back up and protect that blasted machine, or so Arceus help me, next time you get beaten to a pulp, it will be because of me! Am I making myself clear?!"

"Sir yes sir!" they all said.

"Good." Surge replied, turning around, a smile appeared on his and his Pokémon faces once more. "We have a battle to finish."

"Excuse me, there's-" Lyra said, bursting through the door of the S.S Anne's bridge alongside her Pokémon. However, instead of finding the captain of the boat and his or her crew, she found them tied up and with two Rocket grunts seizing control of the ship. "... You know... I think we got the wrong room... So, I'm just going to go." the New Bark girl said, as she and her Pokémon started to try and slowly exit the bridge.

However, before she could exit the room, a sludge bomb was shot near the door's frame, forcing the foreigner girl and her party to back away from there. Before she could do anything else, Ken and Al barged in, accompanied by a female grunt as well.

"Finally! That girl runs as fast as a constipated Doudrio!" the female complained.

"... Um... that's oddly specific." Al said, looking at the female weirdly as Ken took a step away from her.

"You don't want to hear it, trust me." the female told him, before looking at the girl. "Never mind that for now. Let's teach this bratty girl what happens when-" the female started to say, but was interrupted when she was knocked down by Marill's water gun, shot directly at her face.

"What in the-" Al tried to say, but met the same fate as his comrade.

"What is it with this girl and shooting water at people's faces?!" Ken shouted, barely avoiding a water gun that was directed at his face.

"SHOW NO MERCY!" Lyra yelled, holding Marill in front of her.

She, alongside Marill then started to shoot at everyone that moved in front of them. All the while Spinarak started to shoot webbing at the criminals. Either making them trip, blinding them so as to make Lyra and Marill's job easier, or both. Houndour meanwhile, started to free the captive captain and his crew. Once the task was done, he joined his companions, biting one of the criminals in the leg.

With their newly acquired freedom, the crew members watch as the criminals and their Pokémon were being push back by the brown-haired girl and her Pokémon. The young trainer, being relentless in her assault against the criminals that stood in her way. Amidst all of the chaos, the captain and his crew could only ask one thing and one thing alone.

"What the-" one of the crew men said, but was suddenly hit in the face by a water gun as well.

"Sorry! I got carried away!" Lyra shouted.

At this point, the once captive men did not know if they were truly being safe, or if they had just simply traded one evil for another.

Ash, Red, Misty and the rest of their Pokémon were currently trying to put as much distance between them and the electric type gym leader as possible. Red did offer to help Ash run, since he look pretty beat up, but the boy with the blue jacket proved that he and his team, although pretty beaten down, looked worse than they actually were. Finally believing to be far away enough, the trio and the Pokémon that accompanied them all decided to take a breather somewhere within the massive ship.

After a few moments of silence and rest, Misty did the Misty thing to do and smacked Ash in the head. Red smacking himself in the face upon seeing this. "Oh yeah, smack the guy that was thrown through a hallway in the head. Because that's definitely going to help." Red sarcastically said, gaining a glare from Misty.

"Oh, sip it!" she ordered the young Tanjiro, before turning to the young Ketchum. "And you! What were you thinking?!"

"What do you mean?"

"Trying to take on a full force Surge is already a bad idea as it is. But trying to do so, while also being able to barely stand up?! Did you hit your head when you were little or something?!"

"Yeah, a lot. And you doing it isn't going to help out." Ash noted, rubbing the back of his head, where Misty had hit him. "Besides, I had things under control before you guys arrived. I could have taking him no problem."

"No offense Ash, but that's not how thing looked to us when we arrived." Red said, being smacked in the back of his head by Misty. "What was that for?!"

"You have no room to talk! Had you been on his shoes, you would have probably done the same thing!" the Cerulean girl told him.

"Hey! That's not-" Red started to say, but stopped when almost everyone gave him a look. Not Ash and company though, but Misty, Pika, Saur, Poli and... somehow Staryu?

Since when were star-like Pokémon capable of giving someone a look? They don't even have eyes!

"... Ok, fine I probably would have." Red said, crossing his arms and looking away. "... So..."

"So what?" Ash asked.

"That was Surge, wasn't him?" Red said, still not sure of it.

Both the Pallet natives and their Pokémon, turned to the youngest of the Cerulean Sensational Sisters for answers, as well as their Pokémon. Seeing that she was now the center of attention, Misty sighed before she could start explaining what she knew.

"As I mentioned before, I have only ever accompanied my sisters to one of the gym leaders' annual reunion held at Viridian city. I spent most of the time with either my sisters, the sister of one of the gym leaders and his daughter. Sometimes I talked a bit with the psychic type gym leader... although I have to admit, she was a little bit creepy." Misty said, remembering the psychic specialist. "But one thing that I do remember well, were the faces of the other gym leaders besides my sisters. Sabrina had long hair and wore red clothing, Koga as well as the rest of his family dressed as if they were ninjas, Giovani had a kind smile on his face and wore a black suit and from what my sisters told me, he always wore suits."

"That doesn't seem comfortable." Red said, with Ash nodding in agreement.

"Yeah well, always wearing caps while indoors also doesn't seem like the best idea either if you ask me." she noted, as the two boys looked at what she was referring and decided to remain shut. "Anyway, I remember very clearly the way that Surge looked. Tough as nails, incredibly tall, dressed in a military uniform. So, let me be clear that when I say that that was Lt. Surge, that is because he is."

Upon hearing this, they allowed the thought of it sink in their minds. A gym leader, one of the wight gym leaders of the Kanto region. People that took it upon themselves to look after the region... was working with team Rocket? The same team Rocket that had terrorized the region for who know how long? And to make it worse, he was apparently someone important enough to be call 'Sir' by the other members?

The idea confused Ash, worried Red and terrified Misty.

Before either of the Pallet boys could try and think of something else, Misty suddenly got up and started to look around.

"What are you doing?" Red asked her.

"I'm trying to find our room."

"Do you think now's a good time to go and get some sleep?!"

"As far as I'm aware, she probably needs it anyway." Ash said, causing Red to shiver somewhat as he saw an angry Misty with flames coming out of her eyes.

"Care to repeat that?!" she growled at the young Ketchum.

"No, not really." he replied with little to no emotion.

"Well, for your information I'm going to try and look for something that could help us."

"And what would that be?" asked Red.

"Remember camouflage?" she asked the young Tanjiro.

It took a couple of seconds before the memory came by Red's mind. "Oh, you mean you're going for your sand jar?!"

"Sand jar? Why would you have a sand jar?" Ash asked, only for her to turn to Red.

"Remember how I told you that team Rocket snuck into my house and stole my first Pokémon?" she asked, receiving a nod from the other Pallet boy. "Well, something that the police were able to piece together, was that they were using electric types, for some reason. Guess, I now have an idea as to why." she told them.

"I still don't get it."

"Camouflage is capable of changing the user's type depending of its surrounding." Red told the young Ketchum. "So, for example; if a Pokémon surrounded by sand, then it'll become a ground type. And since ground types are immune to electric types, then her Pokémon will be fine!"

"Oh, I get it now!" Ash said, but suddenly a memory popped into his mind. "Wait, but what if they manage to get Staryu wet after that? Wouldn't that mean that it would be weak to electric attacks again?" he asked, confusing Red and his Pokémon.

"... I'm sorry, since when is that a thing?" he asked.

"Oh, he's referring to an odd way to of trying to go around ground types immunity to electric types." Misty told Red, before turning to Ash. "I get what you're saying, but don't worry. That trick only truly works on Pokémon that are both ground and rock types at the same time. Even then, it doesn't always work, so Staryu and I'll be fine." she reassured the boy of the blue jacket.

"Huh... Rock guy never mentioned that to me."

"... Who's rock guy?" Misty asked.

"Um... long story." Ash told the duo of Red and Misty. "Anyway, if you say that that sand jar can help us out, then we should help you out."

"No way! I'm going on alone!" Misty told the two raven-haired boys. The two trainers and their respective Pokémon were all confused as to why she would say that. Even Staryu found itself confuse... maybe?

Truth be told, they still didn't know how to read the mood of a Pokémon with no face whatsoever. The two looked at each other for a bit, until Ash turned to Misty, got up and flicked her in the forehead. Much to the annoyance of the Cerulean girl and the surprise (and somewhat horror) of Red and his Pokémon.


"And you said that I hit myself in the head when I was little."


"You just smacked me in the head for trying to fight Surge by myself and here you are, trying to go out there by yourself?"

"Got to hand it to him. That's actually a fair reason." Red said, only to be the victim of Misty's venomous glare, causing Red and his Pokémon (and even Staryu for that matter) to fear for their lives. "I-I-I-I mean... not cool Ash... right?" he said, asking at Misty, who slowly nodded, her glare diminishing if only a little bit.

"Never mind that! The reason as to why I want to go by myself, is because by now, Surge probably has Rocket grunts looking for us. That is, if he's not looking for us himself." she the duo of rave-haired boys, as well as the Pokémon present. "If we all go together, then we'll be easier to spot and harder to move. That's without mentioning that you and your Pokémon still need to rest after the number that Surge did on you lot."

"We're fine!"

"Yeah sure. Not even Lyra or you could buy that if it were someone else." Misty told Ash.

"Well, that was a bit uncalled for." Red muttered to Pika, Poli and Saur, who all nodded in agreement.

"So? We can just recall our Pokémon back and that's that! We're only three people, it can't be that hard to sneak like that, right?" Ash argued back.

"It's probably best not to do it. If we call them back, then we might not be able to get them out again." Red noted.

"Why not?"

"There's a jammer somewhere in the ship that's preventing us to use our pokeballs. Heck, we might not be able to call them back to begin with." Misty explained to Ash. "The point is, that until we find the jammer and destroy it, we won't be able to even call our other Pokémon to help us out."

"I didn't know that." Ash said, only for the image of a device to flash in the boy's mind. "Wait, does it look like a futuristic trash can, or something?" he asked the two, confusing them both.

"I... don't know. Why would you ask that?" asked the girl to the boy.

"Well, those guys back there were guarding something like that. I kind of hit it a little bit and Surge got mad when he found out." Ash told them, shocking them quite a bit. "Is that important?"

"Is that impor- Of course it is important! Why didn't you mention it before?!"

"Probably because you were too busy smacking us in the head?"

"Next time you forget something like that, I'll do more than smacking you in the head!"

"Hey, can we not hit each other now?" Red stood between the Cerulea girl and the other Pallet native. "Besides, we still to look for Lyra, remember?"

"She's not with Brock?"

"No, she and her Pokémon returned to the hall after team Rocket appeared. When she saw what happened, she and her Pokémon got chased after she attacked one of the Rocket grunts... also, did you know that team Rocket have a talking Meowth?!" Red asked Ash, who found said detail not that impressive.

"Umm, yeah I knew. Why are you acting so surprise?"

"The bigger question is, why are you not surprise in the slightest?!" Misty asked to Ash and his Pokémon.

"I mean, you get used to it, right guys?" Ash replied, turning to his Pokémon who all nodded in agreement, leaving Red, Misty and to some extent, their Pokémon even more baffled.

"... Just... what is it with you people?" asked the Cerulean girl, before shaking her head. "You know what? Let's put a pin on that one for later. I'll just go get the sand jar, while also trying to look for Lyra. In the meantime, you guys (or at least you Red) try to think of some way to break the jammer and beat Surge. And please, don't do anything reckless."

"Come on Misty, there's no need to worry!" Red said, a little cockiness in his voice, which did not ease her worry as she stared at the two trainers for a long three seconds before turning to one of Red's Pokémon.

"Poli, you're in charge." she told the tadpole Pokémon without hesitation, whom in turn saluted to her as if he were a soldier following a direct order.

Both raven-haired boys almost fell on their faces. Feeling insulted that the youngest sister of four trust in one of their Pokémon more than in them. They were about to complain to the water type specialist, but she quickly turned the other way and left. However, before she was finally out of their sight, she was able to communicate something else to them.

"You two better be safe, you hear me!" she yelled back. Making a turn to the right at the end of the hallway that she entered and finally out of their reach.

Said statement shocked the two a little bit. As for Misty, she was praying to whatever higher power that could hear her that the two trainers and their Pokémon be okay. Berating herself in the inside for acting the way she did. A lot of things were still new to her and the fact that she was not only fighting against team Rocket, but also one of the most ruthless gym leaders in the region, did not help her train of thoughts. She may not be act it at times, but deep down, she grew fond of the group of trainers that she has spent her time with. She cared for their wellbeing and the last thing that she wanted was to see them vanish without her being able to do a thing.

She had to a job to do. And she'll be damn before failing.

As this was happening, around the corner floated a Magnemite. Watching oh so carefully and transmitting it all through a camera that resided on the top of its head. Somewhere in another somewhat far away part of the massive ship, Surge watched the interactions between the three trainers through a monitor. He decided to ignore the girl for the time being. If she was anything like her joke of sisters, then he had nothing to worry about. Even with their supposed ace in the hole, she would pose no threat to him.

No, instead he focused in the two raven-haired trainers and their Pokémon.

They too, did not pose threat to him at all, yet that was not why they picked his interest. He had yet to figure out if the boy of the blue jacket was truly a gutsy trainer or a dumb one. Not to mentioned, that they had yet to finish their battle. As for the other trainer, he looked to be strong. Perhaps, even stronger than the peak squeak, if only he had all of his Pokémon out. Not only that, but there was a feeling in his gut. Something inside, that told the gym leader and Rocket higher up, that the boy had something special. Something that could prove beneficial to him and the organization.

Whatever it was, Surge was a man that did not like to leave a job half-done. Turning off the monitor, he exited the room where he was, meeting with his two Pokémon that stood as guards to him. They all turned to one another before a cocky grin set upon their faces. Soon enough, they all started to walk away, heading for where the peak squeak and the other kid were located.

"Oh, how much am I going to enjoy, squashing those little bugs!" thought the electric specialist, his grin growing even wider than before.

"Grimmer, use-" a grunt tried to say, but was interrupted when he was hit in the face by a powerful water gun. Courtesy of course, from the blue round fairy in the hands of the Johto girl.

"Water gun again, Marill!" Lyra told her Pokémon, who she was holding.

"Marill!" he replied.

The round fairy shot a pillar of water out of his mouth that, thanks to Lyra's aim, managed to knock a Zubat that flew just pass them. The attack knocked it out of the air and sent it crashing into the face of one of the grunts. Before the grunt could properly remove the flying/poison type from his face, Lyra and Marill shot water at them, knocking them to the ground. Afterwards, Spinarak crawled towards the fallen enemy and using his silk, he pinned the two of them to the ground so as to make sure that they will not be a future problem to them anymore.

She has, somehow, been successful in immobilizing at the very least, four of the aggressors that had taken the crew of the S.S Anne, captive. Finally free of their bonds (and with one of them drenched in water), the crewmen all drew their own pokeballs so as to aid the young girl in the battle against the criminals. Yet, to their dismay, they found themselves unsuccessful in calling forth their own Pokémon. It was thanks to a cocky Rocket member that they found out that, the reason as to why their pokeballs fail to bring them aid, was because team Rocket had brought a jammer that render the use of pokeballs obsolete.

Afterwards, his face was hit by an ember, followed by a water gun and then a silk shot that finally brought the criminal's unconscious body to the floor.

Sometimes it felt like the girl and her Pokémon were probably even more dangerous than the criminal organization.

Unable to do much, the crewmen that could, tried to help in other ways, like tying up the Rocket members that Lyra's bug type fail to do, tackle a couple of grunts to the ground, among other things. They even manage to take their radios away from them so as to make sure that they did not call for back up. Unfortunately, one was successful in calling for aid before they snatch his radio away. By the end, eight Rocket grunts were tied up, only leaving three Rocket members and their Pokémon still standing. However, these members proved to be a little more resilient than the others.

"Marill, water gun!" Lyra shouted.

The water mouse did as he was told, shooting a pillar of water at one of the criminal's face, who was able to dodge just in the nick of time.

"What is it with you?! Is that like, the only thing that you know to do?!" the criminal complained.

"No!... Houndour, ember!" Lyra signaled to her fire/dark type.

The canine Pokémon nodded, opening his mouth and unleashing a powerful ember at the criminal's face. Who once again, had to move out of the way.

"Stop aiming at people's faces!" he yelled at the girl, dodging another water gun.

"And you stop being evil!" she replied, shooting more water at the criminal, finally hitting him in the face.

"Slowpoke, confusion on the runt!" yelled Al.

His Pokémon, a pink creature with a dumb expression, suddenly had its eyes glowing red. Suddenly, a red aura surrounded both Lyra and Marill, before they knew it, they found themselves floating. Al grinned at this, but his joy was quickly over when Houndour used bite on Slowpoke and Spinarak jumped on Al's head. Just as quickly as the glow surrounded the New Bark girl and the blue fairy mouse, it dissipated to. Lyra was about to praise the work of her Pokémon, but for some reason, she felt really confused. Marill himself, without knowing why, suddenly had the urges of punching himself in the face. As for the Al, he started to run in circles, asking for someone to get the bug type off of him. Fortunately for him, one of the grunts had ordered her Rattata to use super fang on the bug type... Unfortunately for Al, the Johto Pokémon jumped away just as the attack was about to connect.

To say that what happened next hurt, would be underplaying what everyone saw.

"Quick, try to call for help!" one of the crewmates told to another one.

He nodded and rushed to one of the panels in the room. Ken and a Voltorb tried to intercept, but before they could get close, they were hit by a water gun from Marill, who managed to snapped out of his confusion. The crewmate started to press buttons left and right before taking one of the ship's coms.

"Mayday, mayday! This is the SS Anne deluxe cruise ship, does anyone read me?!" he said.

The radio of the panel then started to make some static noise. The crewmate repeated what he said once more and after a couple of seconds of waiting, someone replied. "This is the patrol boat Surfing Dragonite coastguard, we hear you loud and clear! What's the situation?" a female voice.

"We're currently under attack from team Rocket while on our way to Chrysanthemum Island! Our pokeballs don't seem to be operational for some unknown reason and as of now! As far as I'm aware, there's only one trainer capable of battling and she's currently trying to free the bridge from some team Rocket grunts!"

"Understood, please send your coordinates and we'll be on our way."

"Understood!" the crewmate said, dodging a bolt of thunder shock that came flying above him. "Hey, watch it! You almost messed with the controls of the helm!" he yelled at one of the members with a Magnemite.

"Are they important?" Lyra asked.

"Only if we want to operate the S.S Anne!"

"Ope... what?"

"He means drive, pilot, make sure it goes the way you want! Seriously kid, how slow are you?" one of the grunts told to the foreigner girl.

"And what about the stirring wheel?" she asked.

"The what now?"

"You know? The wooden wheel with sticks coming out of it. Aren't they used to do that or something?" Lyra asked, baffling everyone in the room (even team Rocket).

"... Ok, first of all, those sticks are called handles. Second, just what kind of vessel do you think this is?" asked the crewman.

"... A boat?"

If they thought that they couldn't be more baffled by with the girl, they were so, just so wrong about it. All of the Rockets present couldn't help but to ask, just how in Moltres' glorious flames were they losing to a runt like this?

"... Ok, you know what? I'm gonna get this over with already. Nidorino, use horn attack!" one of the criminals told his Pokémon.

The poison type, after shaking the confusion to him caused by the girl's statement, launched at the girl and her Pokémon with the horn on his head glowing white. The Johto natives reacted to this, jumping out of the way before Marill shot a water gun at the poison pin Pokémon. On the bright side, the attack was more than enough to down the poison type, on the downside, the attack also sent the unconscious enemy Pokémon fly straight towards the crewman at the radio. On the bright side again, he was also able to move out of the way just in time, on the downside again, the Nidorino ended up smashing the controls of the S.S Anne and while the poison type would no doubt be fine afterwards. Just a potion or two and a good night rest will make those bruises banish... the controls on the other hand, were completely messed up.

"... Woops." Lyra said, all while everyone at the ship's bridge looked in horror at what had just happened.

Out of nowhere, the ship made a sharp turn, catching near everyone at the ship by surprise and making some of them fall to the ground. Picking himself up, the crewman that had just contacted for help looked at the devices that still function so as to try and figure out what had occurred. After some time, his expression grew from one of concern to horror.

"Oh, this is bad."

"What's bad?" asked another crewman.

"The controls are ruined! And if both this and my predictions are correct then... we're heading straight for Stone Edge Gorge!" he cried, much to the horror of the crewmen.

"I don't get it. What's Stone Edge Gorge?" asked the New Bark girl.

Out of nowhere, the ship suddenly shook, almost as if it had hit something. Not enough to sink the ship, but it was still concerning to the crewmen and team Rocket. Turning their gaze to the front of the ship, all of those present at the ship's bridge saw a couple of small rock formations in the shape of spikes. But the worst had yet to come, for just a little further ahead of them, were more rock formations. Similar in shape, yet several times larger. Both personal of the S.S Anne, as well as members of the criminal organization team Rocket suddenly shudder in fear for what was about to happen. As for the Johto natives...

"... I still don't get the name."

Ash and Red, along all of their Pokémon, had decided to move from where they were at the moment. Descending a little bit to the lower deck, the two boys decided that it would be wise for them to wait there for a couple of minutes... or to be more accurate, Poli decided that, for he was the one to signaled to the two of them to stop. It still somewhat annoyed the two Pallet natives that Misty would trust the tadpole Pokémon more than in them if they were to be honest. Could it be because he was a water type? She is quite the water type aficionado after all.

As the group stopped, Red couldn't help but to feel awkward at the complete silence between him and the Ketchum child, wondering if he felt the same. They all took a sit on the floor, leaning their backs at the wall behind them, all while looking at the night sky and the ocean in front of them. They also saw what looked to be storm clouds, but by the looks of them, they were pretty far away so it shouldn't be a problem for them. While watching the salty waters and the stars above, Red couldn't help but to feel a little awkward with all of the silence.

He had eyed the other raven-haired boy on their way down and noticed that, while he more than capable of moving on his own without the aid of anyone, there were a couple of instances in which he saw him wince a little bit. If he had to guess, it probably had to do with being thrown at a door with enough force to force it open and still having to crash into a wall. Then again, most people would probably still be on the floor or unconscious. Most would be amaze by the boy's resilience, but to anyone who knew the so call soon-to-be Pokémon Master, this shouldn't be much of a surprise.

Through the years, Red has seen Ash fall from trees, roll down a hill among other things. In all honestly, it still amazes him that he was always the last to be picked in anything during gym class. Especially since he was easily the most athletic kid in Pallet town alongside him and Green. After a silence that felt as if it were an eternity, Red decided to try for some small talk with the other boy.

"So... how you doing?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Well, you just got beaten up pretty bad not that long ago." Red said, causing Ash to frown a little.

"I did not get beaten up!"

"I mean, you crashed into a door and then a wall. That´s gotta hurt, right?"

"... A little, but I could have taken him."

"If you say so." Red said, at least managing to calm the boy a little bit. "I do wonder if I could beat him, though."

"Who knows, he beat me with only two Pokémon so I don't think so... then again, my Pokémon were already pretty tired when I fought him." Ash said, wondering if, had he taken those potions, could have he defeated the evil gym leader. "That Surge guy's a jerk, but I that final move of his was pretty cool."

"What move?" asked a curious Red

"I don't remember the name, but it was one that his Raichu did." he said, wincing at the memory of the evolved electric rodent charging at him and Pikachu and sending the two flying away.

"Uh, guess I'll see it later. Wonder if our Pikachu can learn whatever the move is?" Red asked himself.

The two yellow rodents overheard this and looked at each other with conviction. Anything that a Raichu can do, they can do better. Evolutions be dammed.

"Also, what's with the radio?" asked Red, pointing at what Ash was holding.

The Pallet native looked at his hand, having forgoten that he had picked it up. "Oh, this? I... guess I kind of snatch it from team Rocket and forgot about it until now."

"Oh, I see, makes sense I guess. By the way, nice gloves." Red told Ash. "Where did you get them?"

"Oh, an Officer Jenny gave them to me back at Viridian city." he told him.

"Nice, maybe I should get a pair of my own." Red said, only for him to realize what he said. "Wait, you were at Viridian?!"

"Yeah, actually it kind of surprise me to find out that I was the first of the four to arrive there." he told the young Tanjiro.

"Actually, you were the only one to get to Viridian city, Ash." he said, surprising the boy of the blue jacket.

"Wait, really?"

"Yeah, for example me, I got a ride to Pewter city somewhere in Viridian forest after catching Pika." he explained to Ash. "Just out of curiosity, did you had something to do with team Rocket attacking the Pokémon Center there?" he asked, so as to rid himself of a query that he and the other Dex Holders had.

"Y-Yeah, that's actually where I met them. Although, I did kind of messed the Center in the process a little bit." he said, awkwardly chuckling a little bit. That's when he realized what Red had just asked him. "Wait, how do you know about that?"

"Green told us." he told Ash, before elaborating his answer. "Apparently, he beat up a Rocket grunt on some city and when the police asked him if he was from Pallet town, he told him that three other trainers from there also fought team Rocket. And since neither of us had been to Viridian city before, we were all wondering if it had been you." he told them.

"Oh... so that means, all of us have messed with team Rocket?"

"Pretty much. Who knows, maybe they have us in some sort of list at this point." Red chuckled a little.

However, he looked at Ash's gloves yet again, remembering something that had happened the previous day and the day that him and Misty arrived at Viridian city. I was around when they were eating and he took his gloves off. He could have sworn that he saw something on top of his left hand, but was not sure what it was. Wondering how he could have failed to paid attention to said detail, the young Tanjiro decided to ask him directly. However, before he could finish his sentence, a bolt of lightning hit the area nearby. Causing a small explosion and forcing the two boys and their Pokémon to get up and prepare for trouble.

From the smoke caused by the explosion, came the ones responsible. Unsurprisingly, it turned out to be Lt. Surge, accompanied by his two electric types who all had a sinister smile on their faces.

"Well, look who it is! The peak squeak and the cub, both with their baby Pokémon!" the man mocked the two trainers before him, who snarled in return. "What? Did I touch a nerve?"

"Why you, who are you calling a cub?!" Red yelled, causing the man to chuckle.

"Shouldn't it be obvious? Look kid, I have unfinish business with the peak squeak over there. So do me a solid and sit back for little bit. I promise you that I'll play with you later."

"Oh yeah?! Play with this! Poli, use water gun!" he yelled.

The water type nodded, shooting a pillar of water from his hand, which did surprise the Rocket gym leader a bit. Still, said surprise did not last long, for they were able to dodge out of the way and had Electabuzz shoot a bolt of electricity at the water type. He too, was able to move out of the way, jumping backwards and making the electric attack hit the floor in front of him... or so he thought.

For in his hurry, Poli allowed for a trail of water to be form between him and the spot where the lightning landed. Surprising the two Pallet trainers, Poli suddenly fell to the ground, electricity coursing through his body. Quickly lifting him up, while his and Ash's Pokémon shielded him, Red saw one of his eyes had closed, clearly hurt from the attack with him questioning himself, how?

"Water conducts electricity well, cub." he said as he and his Pokémon all started to slowly approach the two of them. "You have spirit, kid. I like it, so how about I take on you two at the same time?! Show me what you can do!"

Without warning, another water gun hit Electabuzz in the eyes. Momentaringly blinding him and allowing for two pairs of razor leaves attack to hit the electric type. The attack did cause some damage and turning to the responsible for such action, he saw Ash's Squirtle had been the one to blind Electabuzz and allowing for both Saur and Bulbasaur to land their own respective attacks.

"We already have three badges! We're more than enough to beat you up!" Ash yelled at the man, his and Red's Pokémon all crying in unison to show their support.

Surge heard this and a grin form in his face. Soon, his grin turned to smile and his smile to laughter. Greatly irritating the trainers, for they believed themselves as if they were being mocked at the moment.

"So, you think you're tough stuff just because of that?!" asked the man, laughing even more. "I'm sure that the first gym that you beat was Brock, considering that you're hanging out with the little sister of the dolls of Cerulean! And with that in mind, that also means that you were at both Cerulean and my own place as well, right?"

"Yeah, so what about it?!" asked Red.

"What about it?! Don't make me laugh! If that's the case then your badges mean nothing to me!" the man declared, making the boys' frown to grow even further. "Brock's strong, but always holds back, those Cerulean dolls are hardly a challenge and I'm sure that if you somehow beat Vizquez, then it must have been nothing but a fluke on her part!"

Commanding his two Pokémon, he ordered for the two of them to go on the offensive. Electabuzz charged at the enemy with thunder punch, while Raichu was order to use a move called volt tackle. Red was out of the blue as to just what kind of move it was, so it came to no one's surprise that he was a little amaze by the move. The evolved form of their electric mouse ran at them at high speed, before it surrounded itself with electricity all around its body. The two managed to strike the ground in front of them, sending them all flying backwards. Surge was about to advance further, but found himself unable to move. Looking at his feet, he saw them two freeze and stuck to the ground.

"Y-You sure about the fluke bit?" Red said in between pain, for he was closer to the electric attacks and had shielded Poli with his own body.

Surge snarled, yet smiled afterwards at the comment of the boy in the red jacket.

"Okay then, maybe, just maybe you two beating Vizquez wasn't a fluke. But that's still not much! I taught her everything that she knows, but not everything that I know!" Surge said, looking at the Pallet duo menacingly. "Raichu, thunder!"

"Oh no you don't! Pikachu, use thunderbolt!"

"Use thunder shock Pika! Poli, ice beam!" Red told his Pokémon.

All three Pokémon unleashed their respective attacks, clashing with Raichu's own attack. The three remained to a standstill, but unfortunately for the two trainers, their Pokémon started to lose in the struggle. Raichu repealing the attack one centimeter each second. Luckily for them, one whirlwind from Buterfree managed to distract Raichu just enough for his allies to gain the advantage. Striking the electric type with all of their collective might.

Just like that, the true battle between the Pallet trainers and the Vermillion gym leader/Rocket criminal began. Sparks of electricity flew all over the place, Ash and Red having to constantly move out of the way to avoid being hit. All the while, Surge hardly moved from where he stood. Two vine whips grabbed a hold of Electabuzz's arms, yet with the use of strength, the electric Pokémon easily swung them away, forcing the two grass types to crash into the two flying Pokémon and saving itself from falling victim to the bug type's stun spore. Meanwhile, Ash had Pikachu use his combination of agility and slam while Red told Pika to use quick attack.

The two then rushed at similar speeds at their evolved form, crashing into it and causing some damage, yet Raichu retaliated with a mighty mega punch that sent its pre-evolved forms flying backwards. Yet the electric type could not celebrate for long, for it received a skull bash, courtesy of Squirtle. Surge had told his own electric rodent to fry the water type with thunder, yet was unable to do so, for Raichu also took the entirety of Charmander's flamethrower. Still, Surge's smile never left his face, never falter, for this was quite the exiting match for him.

Still, Red and Ash were far from perfect, sometimes being in the receiving end of the enemy's attack. That's without mentioning, the couple of times in which they forgot to truly pay attention and ended up either, getting in the way of their allies or just straight up hitting them by mistake. And to the misfortune of the duo of raven-haired boys, they were always not strong enough. They were superior in numbers, but fell short in terms of power and skill. What was even more frustrating was that they were just so close. Just a little more power, just that little bit and they could probably start to push Surge back.

Unfortunately for them, Ash already had all of his Pokémon out. If only Red could called forth the rest of his Pokémon, like Lax for example, then no doubt could they succeed. But until the jammer was taken care off, that was unlikely to happen. Without warning then, the ship started to shake.

Turning to the sides, they saw that the ship had made a turn and started to head for multiple sharp rock formations that started to crash into the ship. The more than they passed, the more the ship started to shake. And it was in between those moments of confusion and hesitation that said event caused the two boys, when Surge strike.

"Volt tackle, Raichu!" he yelled at his Pokémon.

The orange rodent of yellow cheeks nodded, charging at the tadpole Pokémon with the electric move. The water type could not react in time and took the full force of the enemy's move. The blow sent Poli flying backwards and crashing into Red, who flew alongside his Pokémon. Landing on its feet, Raichu winced a little I pain, as electricity suddenly coursed in its body. For the one drawback of the move, was that it caused recoil damage on the user. Yet the Pokémon quickly recovered. Smiling as it saw the Pallet duo of Red and Poli flying above the safety rails of the ship and falling into the ocean together.

Ash and the Pokémon all watch in horror at what had just happened. Trying to rush to aid them, yet all being knocked away by an explosion caused by the attacks of Raichu and Electabuzz. All the while, Surge crackle like a mad man. Meanwhile, under the ocean, Red and Poli both started to descend deeper and deeper in the ocean's bottomless waters. Red, being semi-unconscious, couldn't help but to remember something similar that had happened to them in his childhood.

Back then, Poli was still but a mere Poliwag, yet Red cared for him just as deeply. However, one day, while playing near a lake, or a river? He couldn't remember clearly the details of that part of the story.

Yet, what he did remembered, was that try as he might, Poli could do nothing to save his friend. Out of desperation, a flash of light illuminated the body of water, for Poli had evolved for the sole purpose of saving the young Tanjiro's life. If he could, Red would chuckle a bit. Now that he thought about it, it sounded like something out of a Saturday morning cartoon, or a kid's comic book. So convenient for it to had happen, that it sounds like a miracle. Well, right now, he definitely needed one, but he knew that said thing would be out of anyone's reach. And as he descended deeper and deeper into Kyogre's domain, one of the two touched something and then... a flash illuminated the ocean.

Back on the cruise ship, Ash and the others had just started to pick themselves. Fury filling them as they could hear nothing but the laughter of a sadistic madman. However, amidst the laughter and the sound of the waves crashing with one another, they heard something else. Almost as if something had suddenly jumped out of the water with impressive power. Everyone remained silent, and after only a second or two, that something had landed on deck, with quite the audible THUD.

All eyes looked at what had jumped from the ocean and their eyes had widen as much as possible. For that something that had come out of the ocean was... it was...

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