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Chapter 17: Crimson City's Beauty!

Chapter 17: Crimson City's Beauty!

"Phew! We finally arrived!" said Bill.

"It sure took a while to get here." said Blue, looking at the sign of the entrance of the city.

Welcome to Crimson city, were prosperity blooms.

"Come on Leaf, let's find a good place to rest. Then we can look for that friend of mine that I told you about." said Bill, as the two started walking.

It's been days since the duo left Cerulean city. When Blue asked Bill if he knew anything about her need to investigate about crimes involving both Kanto and Johto, the young teenager decided to join her and suggested for them to start looking on Crimson city. He knew of someone there that, in his words, may be aware of something of use.

A friend that once managed to work as the assistant of professor Elm for a year and a half. A very smart person that was planning on trying to apply for a job at the Pewter city museum of science. For the time being, said person was living in Crimson city.

As the two were walking across the streets, Blue noticed that for being a city, it was not that big. So far, it seemed to her to be just as big as the average city if not smaller. Cerulean was definitely larger and prettier too.

Speaking of which, the city didn't look like a nice place to live. There was litter in every corner of the city that she saw, couple of cracked or straight up broken windows, walls vandalized and so on. That's also without the almost deteriorated look of most of the buildings.

"Nice neighborhood... I guess?"

"You don't need to try and sound nice Leaf."

"Oh, thank goodness. I'm awful at that." said Blue in relieved, before remembering what the sign at the entrance said. "Wait, the sign at the entrance said something about prosperity and so far, I've seen the opposite of that. What gives?"

"Oh, that? Well, you see; back when this was first a small settlement, it was well known for its abundancy of rice fields. Thanks to the demand at the time, the settlement started to grow quite fast and in no time, became a very sizable city. Unfortunately, the city was later the victim of may disasters over the years." he said.

"What kind of disasters?"

"You name it: Harsh weather, infestations, pollution. At different points of time the city was victim of attacks from bandits and other crime gangs. And because of the fact that many gangs at one point tried to get a hold of this place, many skirmishes between the different factions that were around back then."

"Jeez, what's next? A meteor falling on top of the place?"

"Actually, there was a meteor shower here a long time ago. Truth be told, at that point if you were to say that, people might actually believe you." he explained, much to the surprise of the young girl.

"... You know? I think it's better if I keep quiet." said Blue, making Bill chuckle.

"Yeah... Eventually, most of those problems started to go away, but the city never truly recovered." he said, looking all around the messy street. "There aren't as many opportunities around and because of that, there is a very high crime rate around. The only reason that team Rocket hasn't taken a hold of the place is because of the amount of competition that they have here."

Blue listened to what Bill had to say. She was a smart girl, especially for her age, but while she knew that the region was not in the best of shape, she never thought that it was this bad. Then again, she was yet another example of how bad the region was. The duo kept on walking the streets, looking for a place to eat, when they suddenly saw a group of people all gathered around near a worn-down pavilion.

Intrigued by the commotion, the two headed for where the group of people was. Once there, they saw that a battle was taking place between two trainers. On one end, was a man of black hair wearing a gi, his partner being a Hitmonlee. On the other end, was a girl, not much older than Blue. Maybe around two or three years older than her. She had long purple hair adorned by a large yellow bow top, had a pink kimono and blue eyes. Her Pokémon, to her surprise, was a derpy-looking Bellsprout.

"Alright Hitmonlee, use low kick!" shouted the man, as the Pokémon rushed towards the grass type, throwing a kick at it.

"Bellsprout, dodge it!" said the girl.

"Bell!" said the Pokémon.

As the fighting type swung a low kick at the Pokémon, Bellsprout jumped over it with a finesse, that one did not expected from a Pokémon like it. While it surprised the girl's opponent, he did not waver in continuing the assault. Yet, surprising everyone that did not knew the girl, the grass type dodged every attack with an elegance worthy of a coordinator that had just won three ribbons. As time went on, the fighting type started to grow tired, while the grass type was as fresh as he started.

"Let's go on the offensive now! Use cut, now!" she shouted.

Suddenly the grass type's leaves started to glow white and then rushed towards the fighting type. It then started to slash at his opponents, hitting Hitmonlee in the face and pushing the fighting type back. Not letting his opponent rest for a minute, Bellsprout kept on the assault and while the opponent tried to dodge as many attacks as possible, most of the attacks kept on landing. Each slash that Bellsprout unleashed was done with precision and admirable technique that, to many, was similar to a practitioner of kendo.

Though to his typing, the attack was not very effective and as such, did not cause as much damage as it would normally. But despite that, the amount of attacks that he received was more than enough to make him look as if he had just been hit by a truck.

"Wow, she's good." muttered Blue, looking at the girl.

"Now, let's wrap this up with vine whip!" she shouted.

Viens came out of Bellsprout and then got a hold of Hitmonlee. The fighting type tried to break free, but by that point, he was too tired to do anything useful. Before the man could try and think of a way out of the situation that his partner was, Bellsprout swung the fighting type through the air and making him fall hard to the ground. Hitmonlee tried to pick himself up, but despite his struggles, he fell unconscious.

"I believe that would make us the victors in this battle." said the girl, kneeling to the ground and patting her Pokémon, who returned to her side, on its head. "Very well done Bellsprout!"

"Sprout!" he replied, pleased by the girl's praises.

Blue looked at the girl carefully. She didn't saw the whole fight, but if it was anything as like what she saw, then no doubt was she strong. In fact, she may as well be on par with Red and Green, if not superior to them at least in terms of technique. And it wasn't only her, because the entirety of the audience that was watching the battle thought the same as her as she shook her opponent's hand.

"Yeah! That's Jeanette Fisher for you!"

"As magnificent as always!"

"She's the hope of Crismon city!"

That and many more praises were directed to the girl in the pink kimono, who now Blue knew was Jeanette Fisher. "She... kind of looks familiar." she muttered, but despite her low voice and the roar of the audience, a man that was next to her and Bill managed to overhear her.

"You're not from around here, are you?" he asked the two of them, with both Bill and Blue shaking their heads. "Well, you see the reason as to why she may look familiar to you is because of a tournament that took place around four months ago in a nearby town."

"Oh yeah, I remember! It was a grass type tournament, right? Like the one from Johto?"

"Exactly! She entered the tournament and, despite being ridicule for entering with a mere Bellsprout, won the tournament. Not that long after, she was surrounded by reporters and photographers all marveled by her talent." he said, looking at the girl receiving something from the man gratefully.

"I think I remember that tournament. Red was pretty disappointed when the guy with the Vileplume lost the first round." she said, remembering how she won twenty-five pokedollars that day.

"By how the crowd reacted, I guess that she's pretty famous around here." said Bill, receiving a nod from the man.

"Indeed. She's by far the most talented trainer that this city has ever produce in more than sixty years." he said, looking at the girl respectfully bowing to her fans before taking her leave. "She truly is the hope of this city."

And on that note, the crowd began to disperse, all muttering to themselves just how marvelous the girl was. Soon after, Blue and Bill did the same, reassuming their search for somewhere to eat.

"Magnemite, finish things of with sonic boom!" commanded Vizquez.

The magnet Pokémon did as it was told, sending the large shockwave at the grass/poison type. The attack was so powerful that it sent Saur flying into the air.

"Saur, quick use sleep powder!" said Red.

Saur then started to unleash a powder that, like the name implies, puts his opponents to sleep. It managed to caught Magnemite, putting it to sleep but not before Vizquez told the electric/steel type to use swift. While Magnemite was soon put to sleep, the normal type attack landed on the grass starter. The attack caused a small explosion that sent Saur to the ground and knocking him out.

"Ivysaur is unable to battle! As such, Magnemite wins the match!" said Tony, grinning and then turning to Red, who had just return Saur to his pokeball after telling him that he did well. "Will the challenger please send his next Pokémon?"

"Heard you loud and clear!" he said, pulling a great ball and grinning. "Okay Lax! Show them what you're made off!" he shouted, hurling the pokeball to the battlefield were the massive normal type appeared.

"Wow! Red has a Snorlax?!" asked Ash, marveled at the other Pallet native's Pokémon.

"Yeah, he caught him before arriving here." Misty answered, surprised. For this was the first time that the Cerulean girl has seen one of Red's Pokémon being knocked out.

"Isn't a Snorlax a little overkill?" asked Lyra.

"I guess. But then again, he saw just how strong Vizquez was yesterday and Pika is still a little beaten up after defeating her Voltorb. He needs a little more time to get his energies back." she told the New Bark girl. "But to be honest, I'm actually surprised to see him taking things this serious."

"Yesterday when I had a moment with him, I asked him how he saw his chances of winning." said Brock, getting everyone's attention "He said that after seeing her in action that he would be able to win with no trouble after seeing all that she's capable. Saying that now that she wouldn't be able to catch him off guard. I did warn him not to underestimate her and he told me that I was exaggerating."

"Of course, he did." said Misty, sighing at her friend's attitude. He had a kind heart, but sometimes he was a little too full of himself.

"Well, I think that he thought about what you said afterwards." noted Lyra.

"Yeah, no way is Vizquez beating a Pokémon that big!" said Ash, excited to see how a Snorlax fights.

"Alright Lax, lets show her what we're made off!"


"Calm yourself kid, your Pokémon may be bigger, but until proven otherwise mine are still stronger!"

"We'll see about that! Lax, use body slam!... Lax?" asked Red, seeing that his Pokémon had yet to move. "Lax, we're in the middle of a battle, use body slam." he said a little annoyed, yet the normal type remained the same.

"Why is he not doing anything?" asked Misty, trying to think why he had yet to do anything. It couldn't be that... no... no, no, no, no. "D-Don't tell me?" said a worried Misty.

"I... I think that Lax's asleep." noted Brock.

Since his goal is to be a Pokémon doctor, he had to learn a bit of the behavior and nature of many Pokémon. Snorlax are well-known for being sleepy and that Lax definitely looked like he was asleep to him.

"What?!" asked Red, overhearing what the former gym leader said and getting worried. "No, Lax! Please don't be asleep, we're in the middle of a gym battle!" he cried, making Vizquez and crew laugh while making Misty, Ash and company worry for Red.

"Hey you overgrown furball, what are you doing?! Use the same energy you had when you were chasing Red all over the place and smack that sentient magnet in the face!" Misty yelled out. The only respond that she got, was a snore from the normal type, making her and everyone that supported Red fall flat on their faces.

"Hahahaha, kid, you may not be as dumb as the peak squeak, but your Pokémon ain't doing any favors for you right now!" Vizquez laughed. "Now, Magnemite, use sonic boom!... Magnemite?" she asked.

The electric type was on the ground. Not that it was unable to battle, but rather that it was being affected by the effects of Saurs' sleep powder. In other words, Magnemite was asleep and at that realization, both Tony and Steve fall flat on their faces, similar to how the supporters of the Pallet native fell.

"What are you doing?! This is no time to be snoozing around! Get back up soldier, that's an order!" commanded the gym leader protégé, receiving no answer.

For the next ten to fifteen minutes, the match went from an exchange of equals, to something that was... pretty underwhelming.

Bill and Blue walked for a couple of minutes until they finally found a place to eat. It was a small place called Crimson Diner and while it may not look appealing from the outside compared to other places that the two had been to. It looked like a five-star restaurant compared to any other place of the city that they have seen so far.

Deciding to enter, the duo found that the place was nearly full, with the exception of a place next on one of the ends of the place. They quickly went there and took their seats. A waitress came to them shortly after and asked what it was that the two would like. They still didn't know what to order, so for the time being, they asked for two sodas. The waitress nodded and soon left to bring them their beverages. In the meantime, Bill excuse himself and told Leaf that he was going to the restroom and that he then would find a payphone to call his friend and to let said person aware that they he wanted to arrange for a meeting later.

Leaf nodded as she saw his friend take his leave. She remained in her sit, pulling out her Pokedex to kill time. Soon, the bell of the entrance rang as a person came. Said person started to look around in hopes to find a place to take a sit. Eventually, she saw Leaf all by herself and so, decided to approach the girl.

"Umm, excuse me miss?" Blue heard. Turning around, she saw that the person that was talking to her was none other than the local star Jeanette Fisher, of course accompanied by her ever so fateful Bellsprout. "I know that this might be a little imprudent of me, but would it be okay if I were to sit here? The place is a little too full and I saw you all by yourself."

"Oh... well, I'm actually not alone. I came here with a friend of mine." answered the girl in the black dress.

"Oh then, I'm sorry to bother you." she apologized, bowing to her and after half a minute, her Bellsprout did as well once he noticed what his trainer was doing.

"Oh, don't be." she assured her. "Well, like you said, the place is pretty full and I have a feeling that it would be a pain to look for another somewhere else to eat... plus it's only me and my friend... I guess that it wouldn't be too much of an issue to if you were to accompany us." she said, not that sure of herself.

She would normally say something along the lines of 'Well, sucks to be you', but lately, having the company of Bill, made her able to tolerate people outside of her circle of friends just enough to let her do something nice for them. That and the fact that Red may have been a little too good of an influence on her that she was willing to let a stranger sit next to her so out of the kindness of her heart.

"... I need to spent some more time with Green." she thought, believing that the only way to fight off a good influence, was to balance it off with a bad influence.

"Is that so?" Jeanette asked, receiving an awkward nod from the Pallet girl. "Thank you, we really appreciate the gesture." she kindly said, bowing once and again, Bellsprout doing the same after almost half a minute.

"It's nothing really." she told them, as the pair took a seat. "You're Jeanette Fisher, right?"

"Oh, so you've heard of me?"

"A little. Some guy filled me and my friend about you, but truth be told you looked familiar to me. The guy told us that you competed in a tournament a few months ago and I remember watching that tournament on T.V with my friends." she told the girl in the pink kimono. "By the way, my name's Leaf. Pleasure to meet you."

"The pleasure is all mine." she replied.

"Bellsprout!" said the grass type.

"I saw your fight from ago, you're pretty good."

"You really think so?" she asked, receiving a nod from the Dex Holder. "Then I'm flatter that you think that of me."

"Yeah, I know a pair of knuckleheads that are pretty strong themselves and believe me. From what I saw, you're probably more than capable of giving them a run for their money."

"Oh, are they really strong themselves?" asked the Crimson girl.

"Yup. One of them already has two gym badges and the only reason the other guy only has one gym badge, is because he decided not to challenge the Cerulean city gym."

"They're taking on the gym leaders? They must be something else."

"You bet they are. Their goal is to conquer the Indigo Plateau Conference of this year." Blue said, to the local star.

"Are you by any chance doing the same?" asked Jeanette.

"Oh, no. I mean, sure I'm no weakling when it comes to battling. But I'm simply not interested in competing."

"What a shame. I always dream of battling trainers that I meet in the Pokémon League, but if you do not wish to compete then I guess there's no changing things."

"So, you're planning on entering?" asked Blue.

"I am and I'm planning on leaving the best impression that I can by either winning the tournament or simply ranking high and showing a good performance." she answered. "Bellsprout and I have been training as much as we could for the last two years. Us competing and winning in the Kei grass type tournament was to prove ourselves that we were strong enough to start our crusade in challenging all of the gym leaders and classify to the Indigo Plateau Conference."

"I see." noted Blue, then remembering that Jeannette received something after beating her opponent. "Hey, just out of curiosity, what was it that that guy gave to you after the fight?" she asked.

"Oh, you mean this?" Jeannette answered, pulling out what looked like a really small case with a disk inside which had TM01 written in the clear part of the case.

"Yeah, that one."

"It's a TM. Short for technical machine." answered the kimono wearing girl. "They can be used to help Pokémon learn new moves. For example, the move bullet seed can be learned through training or by being taught by someone else. Another way is to let the Pokémon by itself as time goes on. Of course, if you don't wait a long time, you can use one of this, hook it up to a technical machine and it would transmit some kind of waves to the Pokémon's mind so that it could learn the move in the spot." she explained.

"And where do you get a technical machine?"

"Well, they sell the machine itself at certain Pokémarts, but they are a bit expensive from what I have seen. But if you don't have the money, you can always a public one. Most of the time, you would find them inside of Pokémon Centers." she said.

"And the guy gave that to you just because you beat him in a fight?"

"For what he told me, he's kind if obsessed with kicks and all. So much so, that he badmouthed some other guy that is obsessed with punching and had a Hitmonchan." she said, remembering his speech of how kicking was infinitely superior to punching or something. "The funny thing is that I actually met the guy as well near mount Moon and the same thing happened. But instead of giving me a TM, he just taught the move to my Pokémon directly."

Blue heard what the local celebrity had to said and suddenly she remembered something that she read on the Pokedex manual. Something about how she could use it as a substitute for the traditional technical machine. If memory serves her right (which it usually was), one could insert the TM or even something called an HM in the Pokedex and do what a normal technical machine would do.

Blue was soon brought out of her train of thoughts when she saw Bill returning to the booth.

"I just got off from talking to my friend and we agree to meet with each other later." he said, soon noticing the local star and her grass type partner. "Oh, I didn't think we would have company." he said, taking a seat next to Blue.

"Yeah, since the place was full and we were all by ourselves, I thought that it would be ok to share the booth with her." said the Dex Holder to the teenager.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Jeannette Fisher."

"Name's Bill, we heard a few things about you." said the young genius.

Just then the waitress returned with Bill and Blue's drinks. "Here we go, two cold sodas! Are you ready to order?" she asked the group.

"Umm, I think I'll have some Yakisoba." said Bill.

"I'll have a normal cheeseburger with fires. I carve something simple today." said Blue.

"Noted!" said the waitress before turning to Jeannette. "Would you like the usual?" she asked.

"If it's not much trouble."

"For Crimson city's own super star? None at all!" she said, taking all of the menus from the group and taking her leave.

"Hey Bill, you said something about your friend?"

"Oh yeah, like I said I talked to him and we agree to meet with one another in about three hours."

"Geez, why so long?"

"He said something about how he believes that he made a breakthrough in his... wacky investigation." Bill told to the girl.

"And here I thought that I was supposed to be the insensitive." Blue mutter.

"I don't mean it like that... kinda. It's just that his investigation isn't exactly the traditional kind of investigation." he informed her, suddenly remembering something. "By the way, just in case its better if you don't bring Clefy out."


"His main research involves Clefairy and its evolutionary line and he's a little...obsessed with them."

"Clefairy you say? You wouldn't by any chance be talking about Seymour Iwanaga, right?" she asked, receiving a nod from Bill.

"Do you know him?" asked Blue.

"I may be the best trainer in all of Crimson city, but I am by no means its only promising star." she told the duo of Bill and Blue. "The same way people praise me for my battling skills, they also praise his gifted mind. Being treated as someone that could one day achieve heights similar to the likes of professor Willow, professor Bellis and professor Lund. He's truly a remarkable mind."

"And a bit surreal at times."

"Oh, come on Bill, I'm sure that he can't be that bad, right? I mean, what's his investigation supposed to prove for you to call it wacky?"

"Well, for starters; that Clefairy and its evolutionary line all come from outer space." he told the girl.

"... excuse me, outer-what now?"

"You think you can fix it, James?" asked Ken to the other Rocket member.

After meeting up with their fellow Rocket members and having a meal with them; Jessie, James and Meowth headed for one of the main hideouts of Vermillion city to join the operation that was meant to take place soon. At first, the man that was responsible for the operation was rather skeptical with allowing the Rocket trio due to just how well known their incompetence was. But when he remembered that they, or at the very least James, were very good mechanics, he decided to allow for them to join them. Right now, James was looking at a strange machine that he wasn't that familiar with and that, at least to Meowth, looked like it had seen better days.

The machine itself was cylindric in shape, of around twenty or so centimeters with and was about the same height as Meowth. It seemed like it was meant to look pretty advance, but it had many bumps and whatnot all around with a few bits obviously broken and with a couple of components missing. Some of the more carefree members had already dubbed the machine 'the future dumpster'.

"I think... maybe... Ok, I'm not entirely sure, what is this anyway? And why does it look like it was hit by a rampaging herd of Tauros?" asked James.

"That's a pokeball jammer." said an imposing voice that, upon being heard, made every Rocket recruit (with the exception of James, who had been kneeling to look at the machine carefully) stiffen and take formation. "It comes all the way from the Alola region and is a somewhat old model that was made by an organization called the Aether foundation." informed a deep voice.

"A-Aether foundation? I-I don't think I've h-heard of them." said a nervous James to the towering figure whose face was hidden in the shadows.

"They're a bunch of Pokémon defenders or something like that. Annoying bunch that's what I call them, but they do have some impressive technology." the man started to explain to his subordinates. "The boss has connections there and it is because of said connections that some members managed to get a hold on one of this. Of course, they decided to piss off some guy there and because of the mess that they got themselves into, they ended up wrecking the device."

"Oh, t-that explain things."

"Yeah, so the question is, can you fix it?" he asked, making James even more nervous than before.

"I-I think I can."

"You think?"

"EEHHHH!" he mentally screamed, almost feeling as if he was staring at the eyes of a ferocious Gyrados. "W-What I'm trying to say is that I-I'm not really familiar with this equipment! M-Maybe if I had the schematics or something to guide me, I could have this fix in no time, but without anything like that I'm completely lost. That's without mentioning the fact that I don't know what to use for a stable power source." he said nervously.

"So, you're saying that you're completely useless?" he asked in a serious tone that made everyone in the room flinched. Most turned the other way, already assuming poor James a dead man.

"N-No! I mean, I think I can improvise something!" he said shaking in his boots. "So please, don't feed me to an angry Tyranitar!"

"... I expect to see results soon. The mission will begin tomorrow." he said, turning around and leaving the room, making everyone sigh in relieve.

"Geez, for a moment I thought that he was going to chop James' head off." said Jessie, looking at the terrified James, completely shaken and white as a ghost.

"Come on Jessie, the guy would never do that... I think." said Ken, turning to another Rocket member. "Would he?" he asked.

"Don't ask me, only thing I know is that this guy isn't even the scariest Rocket higher up." he said, shivering at the thought of that person.

"Whatever, da only thing that we should be focusing now, is preparing for da mission." the talking Pokémon said, before walking to James, who was still in the ground shaking. "Hey, James, da you need-"

"AHHHH! I'M WORKING, I'M WORKING! PLEASE DON'T BRING THE TYRANITAR!" James shouted, quickly getting back on his feet and rushing for as many tools as he could.

"... I think we should let the guy have some alone time for now." said one of the members, receiving a nod from everyone else, whom then left the room, leaving a lone James to work on the repairs by himself.

"I guess it's safe to assume that you were hungry." said Bill to his young friend.

"A little, but truth be told that burger was probably one of the best I've ever had." she told him, taking a sip of her soda.

"One shouldn't be surprise. After all this is the best diner in the whole area. I'm speaking from experience." said Jeannette.

She had already been to a couple of places and despite that, she still considered this Crimson diner to have the best food around. Truth be told, she wouldn't be surprise if the food here was better than some restaurants from Vermillion city.

"Really? No offense, but it's kind of a waste that a place with food this good has to be located in a city as messed up as Crimson city."

"Leaf! Don't say that!"

"No, it's fine. I was expecting one of you to say that." Jeannette informed to the two. "In reality, the people of this city have heard things like that for so long that at this point they hardly care."

"Man, that's pretty sad." said the Pallet native, causing Bill for just how insensitive the girl could be at times (something that he has still yet to find if it was either on purpose or if she was somewhat dense in that regard).

"It is. What's worst is that there is more talent like this one all across the city." said Jeannette to the two. "For example, there's a couple that makes beautiful crafts not that far from here. So good in fact, that I truly believe that they could compete against the craftsmen of Sunburst Island in the Orange Archipelago. I guess you could say that the city has talent that has yet to be exploited."

"But what about Seymour? I mean, sure sometimes he's a little wacky, but I know for a fact that he's one of the smartest people that I know. Otherwise, I don't think he would be considered for a job at the Pewter city Museum of Science."

"That's the thing. One of the reasons that Seymour applied for a job there was because there's no opportunities here. Just so that you can have an idea of how bad things are, there isn't even a Pokémon Center here. The closest thing to one is a clinic near downtown that relies on outdated equipment. In all honestly, we hardly if ever receive any kind of aid. Weather from the government, the Pokémon League or some kind of company. They wouldn't even consider to try and invest even a penny on Crimson city." she said.

"That's quite awful."

"It is. Actually, when the adults were around our age if not a little older, they tried to participate on the Pokémon League. Believing that if even one of them could so much as to classify for the tournament and either rank high or, dare I say it, win, then maybe people would start to pay attention to us." Jeannette told the two what had happened many years ago. Long before any of them were ever born. "Unfortunately for them most of them could barely do as much as beating, what at that time was the least powerful gym leader. To the point that unlike other gym leaders, he had to go full force to try and beat his opponents. Besides that, most of them couldn't make it pass the preliminaries and the only one that did, lost on the first round very quickly."

"Is that why people refer to you as 'the hope of Crimson city'?" asked Bill.

"Indeed. I'm so far, the most talented trainer that the city has ever produced. Which is why I decided that one of my goals needs to be to make a spectacular performance in the Pokémon league. And if possible, to win the tournament. So that people would pay attention and listen to us."

"It must be quite stressful." said Bill.

"Perhaps on occasions. But truth be told, I don't mind."

"Wait, you said one of your goals. So that means you have more?"

"Why of course! After all, even if I were to win the tournament, there's more out there." she told her.

"Yeah, makes sense when you put it that way." said Blue, before finishing her soda.

Before any of them could continue with their conversation. A sudden explosion, as well as screams made them look outside of the window. On the streets, a couple of team Rocket members started to cause mayhem. Breaking windows, making a mess of the streets and even trying to take the Pokémon of the citizens that were unlucky enough to get caught in their sight.

"What is team Rocket doing here? I thought that you said that they could never take over the city because of the competition that they had here?" asked Blue to her friend.

"I did say that, yeah. That doesn't stop them from trying though." he replied.

Then, much to their surprise, Jeannette and Bellsprout stood up from their seats. Looking at her expression, they noticed that she was obviously not pleased by the sight of the criminal organization. Frowning at the members that were outside, bringing more chaos to a city that, across time, has seen nothing but suffering.

"Apologies, but Bellsprout and I must take care of things."


"Wait a minute, are you planning on taking on team Rocket?!" asked Bill.

"As the most talented trainer of Crimson city, it is my duty to defend her and her people from threats like team Rocket. This city has suffered enough as it is without them coming here." she replied.

"Just so you know, I counted three of them and I'm very certain that they probably have at the very least two Pokémon each. That means that you will have to deal with a total of six enemy Pokémon by yourself." said the Pallet native.

"Even if I have to face off against a hundred of them all by myself, I will not allow them to do as they please if I can do something about it." she told her, making her sigh.

"Honestly, you're starting to sound a bit like a friend of mine." she said, standing up as well.

"Leaf?" asked Bill.

"She's going to need some help to beat those guys, right?"

"You're saying that you want to fight by my side?" asked Jeannette to the girl.

"I guess I do."

"And why would that be?"

"I don't know, I probably spent way too long with this friend of mine, that it's making me do these kinds of things." she told them, thinking to herself that she really needed to spent more time with Green.

"Whatever the reason is, I will gladly accept your offer to aid me." she told her, taking out two pokeballs in each hand. "Well then, shall we?"

Blue smiled, as she pulled three pokeballs herself. "Sure, not like they will be any trouble if I'm honest."

If you ca keep up with me, then that statement will actually be true." replied the girl in the pink kimono, with a cocky smile.

"Is that a challenge? Am I being challenged by the wondrous Jeannette Fisher? The hope of Crimson city?" asked Blue jokingly.

"Perhaps you are."

"Oh, girl just so you know, no one challenges Leaf that easily without getting more than they bargain!" she told her.

"Let us focus on the task at hand first, alright?" she told her.

"Fine." she replied.

And so, the two girls (and the Bellsprout) left the diner and into battle against team Rocket. Leaving a lone Bill all by himself.

"Well... I guess I'll be waiting for you two here." he said, taking a sip from his soda.

Meanwhile, outside of Crimson diner, a Rocket grunt, alongside his Grimer, were approaching a boy and his Pokémon.

"C'mon kid, hand over that Eevee. It's not like it has any use staying with a weakling like you." threaten the man to the scared child.

The boy and the Pokémon tried to make a run for it, but were cut off by another Rocket grunt and her Rattata. The two surrounded by the criminals and just when he thought that the worst was about to happen, blades of wind crashed between the boy and the Rocket with the Grimer.

"What?! Who dares?!" he exclaimed, turning to meet with both Blue and Jeannette, whom had both their Pokémon outside.

In Blue's case, she had Blasty, who had evolved long ago into a Wartortle, Ditty, who had taken the appearance of Blasty and Clefy the Clefairy. Having a fairy type up against poison type was not the best idea, but Blue didn't have that many options at the moment. As for Jeannette, she of course had Bellsprout by her side. But the new additions that Blue saw were a green bug type with blades for arms and humanoid Pokémon with pale purple body and brown hips. The Pallet town girl did recognize the bug Pokémon as the mantis Pokémon Scyther. But the other Pokémon was completely new to the girl and in all honestly, it didn't look like a Pokémon that was native from the Kanto region.

"Who dares? I should be the one saying that to you, loathsome lot!" she replied.




"Huh? And who are you two supposed to be anyway?!" asked the woman with the Rattata.

"The ones that will put a stop to this cruelty!"

"In other words, we're gonna kick your buts!" expressed Blue.




"Oh, are you? Well then, we're going to show you what happens when you mess with team Rocket, little girls!" exclaimed another man that had a Koffing with him, pulling out another pokeball and throwing it into the air. "Zubat, use wing attack!"

"Raticate, use tackle!"

"Scyther, use air slash!" Jeannette told to her bug type.

"Scy!" the bug type replied.

The mantis Pokémon stood strong against both the normal and flying/poison types that were charging at him. He swung his blades multiple times, releasing multiple razor-sharp wind blades at the two opposing threats, easily pushing them back.

"Will you two stop goofing around?" asked the female of the group, pulling out a pokeball throwing it into the battlefield, revealing a yellow bipedal Pokémon. "Rattata, use slam! Drowzee, confusion!"

"Like we'll let that happen. Ditty, Blasty both of you, use bite on that Drowzee! Clefy, use double slap on Rattata!" Blue told to her Pokémon.

"Tortle!" said both Ditty and Blasty in unison.

Both of them charged at the psychic type with energy in their jaws. They both bit on the hypnosis Pokémon, dealing super effective damage multiplied by two, easily knocking the Pokémon down. As for Clefy, he rushed at the normal type and slapped it a total of five times (which it's technically not what the word double means, but Blue wasn't complaining). On the fifth slap, Clefy sent Rattata backwards and next to his fallen comrade, having lose his conscious as well.

"What?!" she exclaimed, seeing that here Pokémon were bested so easily.

"Grimer, use sludge bomb!"

"Koffing, use toxic!"

The two Pokémon unleashed their poison type attack at the same time. Grimer shot balls of sludge at them from its mouth while Koffing summoned a wave of a toxic purple substance that it directed at their opponents. Blue was about to command her Pokémon to move out of the way, but Jeannette stepped in.

"Scyther, air slash on toxic! Bellsprout, counter those sludge bombs with cut!" she told them, making Blue question her decision making.

"How exactly is cut going to counter sludge bomb?" she thought.

The wave of toxic substance approached quickly, but Scyther prepared himself. Lifting both of his blades and bringing them down, unleashing a powerful air slash that was so strong that it divided toxin in two, keeping him and his teammates safe from being poisoned. Meanwhile, multiple sludge bombs were about to crash into Scyther, but the grass type did not flinch. For he saw Bellsprout jumped in between the bug type Pokémon and the poison type attack with both leaves glowing white. He then started to swing both of appendixes with precision, deflecting each of the projectiles away before landing with style.

"... Oh... like that." Blue thought, never believing that a Bellsprout would not save someone like that, but that he would do it while also looking kind of cool.

"Now, Tyrogue! Mega punch on both of them!"

"Tyr!" said the humanoid Pokémon, rushing at the two Pokémon and knocking them both with a powerful hook each.

Before the Rocket recruit could usher another order, they saw that their Pokémon were being round up by a pair of vines that came from the grass type. Bellsprout then hurled them all towards team Rocket, knocking them to the ground.

"I must say, for the so call most powerful criminal organization in both the Kanto and Johto region, your performance has been nothing but shameful. I'm truly disappointed, but then again, I shouldn't have expected anything from the likes of you." said Jeannette, who had all her Pokémon by her side.

"You know, this is the moment in which a friend of mine would have called the police so that they could deal with you. And if I'm honest, that's something that I would normally do." said Blue, her mouth forming a malevolent grin. "Buuuuuut I feel like having a bit more fun today."

"W-What do you mean?!" asked a nervous recruit.

"Do you have anything in mind, Leaf?" asked Jeannette. Intrigued by whatever the Pallet girl had in mind.

She simply turned to Clefy and smiled wickedly. "Why don't we test their luck?" she asked, kneeling to her fairy type. "Oh Clefy, why don't you use metronome on them and see what happens?" she asked politely to the pink Pokémon.

Clefy looked at his trainer and upon realizing what she had in mind, smiled."Clefairy!" he said happily, approaching the now scared criminals.

The fairy type sticked his fingers in the air and then started to moved them back and forth. The process kept on going until his fingers started to glow white with energy. The criminals now scared beyond belief, recalled their Pokémon as quickly as they could and tried to make a run for it. However, they were unsuccessful, for before they could move, a powerful bolt off yellow electricity descended from the heavens and struck all three of them.

They had just been in the receiving end of a thunder and before they knew it, a powerful explosion sent them high into the air. Before they knew it, they had flown beyond the city's limit, all with a DING that played as a blink of light could be seen in the sky.

"I guess you could say that team Rocket... has taken off!" Blue quipped before she stopped to think on what she said. "Team Rocket has taken off? No, that doesn't sound right."

"That was quite remarkable Leaf!" Jeannette complemented Leaf as she approached her. "You battle magnificently! You truly are a capable trainer."

"I am indeed." she said pridefully, being backed up by all of her Pokémon. "But I can't take all of the credit today. You were pretty strong yourself."

"Why, thank you. It means a lot to me to be acknowledge by someone as strong as you. In any other day I would have asked you to have a battle with me. But I believe that asking you that after fighting team Rocket would be rather unwary of me."

"I appreciate that. Who knows, maybe we can have a match some other time."

"Other time, huh? Like in the Indigo Plateau Conference?" Jeannette asked.

"Nice try, but as I said before, that's not my style." Blue replied.

"You can't blame me for trying. A shame really, you could have made for an excellent rival." replied the Crimson city girl.

Just then, a crowd formed around them, all praising their local champion and the Pallet town girl for their besting of team Rocket. Praises could be heard from each and every single one of the presents. All of them directed to the two trainers and their Pokémon.

"I guess that a benefit of being a local star, is that you get your personal fan club."

"You know, you could get one yourself if you were to partake on the Pokémon League. I know you keep saying that it is not your style, but who knows? Maybe it can help you in ways that you never thought possible." said the girl in the pink kimono, returning both Scyther and Tyrogue to their respective pokeballs. Leaving only Bellsprout by her side.

"I'll keep that in mind. Just in case, but don't get your hopes up."

"Of course not, it is your decision after all." she said, before turning to the crowd and, alongside Bellsprout, bowing respectfully to them. "Now, if you excuse me. Bellsprout and I must take our leave."

"Hot it, going home, right?"

"In a way, yes. We do need to pack for our journey." said Jeannette, taking Blue by surprise.

"Leave? Journey? Where?" asked the Pallet native.

"This clash with team Rocket has more than proven to me that perhaps, my strength, alongside Bellsprout's may have reached the sufficient level to take on the region's gym leaders. And once that's done, the Pokémon League as a whole." she said, turning to face Blue and her Pokémon. "I'm sorry if this is rather abrupt, but I must be going. Hopefully we can meet once again on the roads." she said, bowing to Blue.

"Maybe. The world is full of mysteries." she replied.

"A sentiment that I can agree with. Goodbye Leaf. I wish you the utmost of wealth in your journey."

"Same here, Jeannette." she replied.

And so, the two girls parted ways. It didn't take long before the crowd died out, leaving Blue and her Pokémon all alone. Or at least that would have been the case, if not for Bill approaching them.

"I think that went well." said the young genius.


Before they could say another word, a man wearing a lab coat rush to their side. Said man, did not look that much older than Bill, so maybe calling him a man, would be stretching things a bit. Like mentioned before, he was wearing a lab coat, had big rounded glasses that were on top of his blue eyes and what looked to be, early signs of a beard being formed.

"Seymour? What are you doing here? I thought you said you were busy." asked Bill.

"I finished what I was doing early so I came here. You know, since you said you were here. I also heard some loud noises, is everything alright?" Seymour asked.

"Everything's been taken care off, no need to worry." told Blue to the young scientist.

"Oh, you must be-" Seymour started to say, but stopped upon catching a glimpse of the girl's Pokémon. More specifically, a certain pink Pokémon.

"Umm, is everything-"

"A CLEFAIRY!" he shouted, cutting Blue off. He quickly rushed to where the Pokémon was and started to observe it very carefully. "It's eyes, the color of its fur! This Clefairy is a perfect specimen!" he said, making the Fairy type feel a little uncomfortable. Seymour then turned to Blue, stars shining in his eyes. "Did you caught your Clefairy on Mount Moon?! If the answer is yes, did you find anything unusual?! Something that could resemble a spacecraft, perhaps?"

"A what now?" she asked, as Bill sighed. Smacking his hand in his faced at his friend's antics.

This was just what he wanted to avoid.

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