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Chapter 16: Electrifying Match!

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Chapter 16: Electrifying Match!

"Well, well, well. Look who's back." said Vizquez, looking at the entrance of the gym.

After his defeat at the hands of the substitute gym leader, Ash, alongside his friends, worked tirelessly to try and improve. So, after two days of hard training, he and his team have return with one goal in mind. To claim victory against the gym leader's protégé and obtain the Thunder badge.

"Guess some people can't seem to understand when they have to call it quits." said Steve as he, alongside Vizquez and Tony approached the group of kids. "Back for another beatdown kid?"

"No, I came back for the Thunder badge!" he said with determination that could only be rivaled by that of his partner.

"Pika Pika!"

"My, aren't you way over your head? Need I remind you that last time you were here, you barely last five minutes?"

"That's not true!" said Lyra, prepare to defend her friend. "He lasted eight minutes. I counted."

"No you didn't."

"Brock counted." she said after being corrected by the ex-gym leader.

"She was right, it was definitely a sixteen." said Misty, getting the attention of the Vermillion trainers to her and Red.

"Ha! And who are those two? Your personal Fanclub or something?" laughed Tony, pointing at the two other kids.

"Wait a minute. I know you, you're the younger sister of those weakling doll faces from Cerulean!" said Vizquez, laughing at the girl. "Hahaha! Dear lord, I knew your sisters were pathetic, but I never thought that their younger sister would one-up them by hanging out with a loser like him!" she said, much to the annoyance of the Cerulean girl.

"What was that?!" she shouted, glaring at the gym leader protégé who was completely unfazed by her voice, still chuckling. "Alright: first off all, I'm the only one allowed to make fun of my sisters, no one else! Got it?! Second, I'm not with him! I only came here because it will help my friend, who by the way, will wipe the floor with you if Ash over here's not able to do the job!"

"Thanks for the encouragement." said Ash with neutrality in his voice, before turning to Vizquez. "Anyway, I'm here for another match and for the Thunder Badge! That is, unless you're scared to fight me?"

"Me? Scared of a peak squeak like you? Don't make me laugh brat." she said with a confident smirk on her face. She then turned to both Tony and Steve who were also smiling before speaking again. "Alright peak squeak. I have to admit that it was fun to mess with you last time. So why not do it a second time?"

"So, I guess you want me to be the referee again, Vizquez?" asked Tony, receiving a nod of agreement from the substitute gym leader.

"Alright then, you four come with me. I'll take you to your seats and don't worry. You'll get to see your friend getting squash from our best seats." said Steve with a cocky grin that was still noticeable despite the bubble gum in front of his mouth.

"You wish! The only one getting squash today is that Vazquez girl!"

"Vizquez." corrected Brock.

"The point still stands!"

Steve simply frowned at the response of the Johto girl. "Can't believe someone like Brock is wasting his time hanging out with losers like these." He thought before turning to Red and Misty. "Hopefully you two aren't as brain dead as these two."


"You two better have your eyes open. Then you might as well be able to see why the Captain thinks so highly of her." He said before taking them all to their seats.

Once they were all on the group was seated on the bleachers, both Vizquez and Ash took their respective places on each end of the battlefield. Not long after, Tony walked towards where the referee would stand so that he could officially the encounter.

"The match between Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town and substitute gym leader Vizquez will now begin! Each trainer is allowed three Pokémon and only the challenger is allowed substitutions! The battle will be over when one side's Pokémon are unable to battle… or if the challenger chickens out again." Said Tony with a smirk while Ash simply gritted his teeth. "Now, present your Pokémon!"

"Raichu, combat ready, now!" said Vizquez, throwing her pokeball, from where the evolve form of Pikachu came.

"Rai, Rai!" it said, prepare to have another victory against the Pallet boy and his Pokémon.

"Alright Pikachu, I choose you!" said Ash as his trusty partner jumped off of his shoulder and into the battlefield.

"Pika, Pika!" he said upon landing, electricity crackling from his cheeks.

"He's starting with Pikachu already?" asked Misty, looking at the battlefield where both electric rodents stood. "It doesn't matter how you look at it. He's fighting the evolved form of his Pokémon, which means that he's already at a disadvantage."

"Maybe, but that won't stop Ash." Said Brock with the New Bark girl nodding to what he said.

"Yeah, disadvantage or not, he's going to win. That's for sure." She said as Maril jumped on top of her head, holding a small yellow flag with a thunderbolt on it. "Come on Ash and Pikachu! Show them what you two are made off!"

"Marill, Ma!" said the blue fairy, waving the flag as he cheered for his friends.

"What they're made off, uh?" said Red before pulling out a pokeball out of his belt and releasing his own electric mouse Pokémon.

"Chu?" he asked.

"Hey Pika, I want you to watch this gym match. It could help us in the first." He said, pointing at the battlefield.

Pika himself thought about it for a minute. At least from a glance, the other Pikachu didn't seem very strong. In his own honest opinion, he could probably beat him in his sleep. Still, maybe watching the battle could be of use. So he went on and started at both, his evolved form and the other yellow mouse.

"Are both trainers ready?" asked Tony, receiving a node from both trainers and their Pokémon. "Then Let the battle begin!" he shouted, raising his hand into the air and bringing it down as if it were a hammer.

"First move's on the house peak squeak." said Vizquez, confidence radiating from her voice.

"Fine by us. Pikachu, use thunderbolt!" commanded Ash.

"Pika!" he replied, jumping into the air, electricity crackling from his cheeks. "Pikaaaaa CHUUUUU!" shouted the electric mouse, sending lightning directly at his evolved form at incredible speeds.

"Raichu, light screen!"

"Chu Rai!" answered the orange electric mouse, conjuring a blue crystal-like wall in front of him just as thunderbolt was about to connect, to the shock of the Vermillion trainers. "Rai?" said Raichu in shock.

"That was fast!" claimed Misty.

"It sure is."

"That's more like it!" said Lyra, who unlike either Red or Misty, had a smile on her face similar to the one that Brock had right now as well.

"That attack…" thought Vizquez, her confident smile no longer visible on her face. "It wasn't that strong, considering that light screen was able to block it while it normally would just help increase Raichu's defense against special attacks. But it certainly was fast. Faster than it was two day ago."

"What do you think about us now?" asked Ash, a grin plastered on both his and Pikachu's faces.

"Don't get cocky kid. So, your Pikachu's faster than it was two days ago, big deal. We still have the power advantage and we'll show it! Raichu, show that peak squeak what a real thunderbolt looks like!" said Vizquez, thrusting her arm in front to emphasize her command as Raichu nodded.

"Raiiiii CHUUUUU!" it shouted, sending a thunderbolt at Pikachu with so much intensity, that it was very obviously stronger than the attack launched by the Pallet Town duo.

Thankfully for them, it wasn't as fast as theirs, so at Ash's commanded the yellow mouse dodge the move that, had he been hit, would have done a great amount of damage. However, Vizquez and Raichu weren't done just yet, as they kept an onslaught of thunderbolt at the Pallet duo with them always managing to dodge them. This infuriated the Vermillion powerhouse, as they decided that they were done playing games. They decided to go serious against the two of them.

Before anyone but Steve and Tony could realize, Raichu's attacks became faster and faster, which made it harder for Pikachu to evade them. Unfortunately for the yellow rodent, one of those thunderbolts came in too fast for him to dodge. Ash, as well as everyone present knew that if it hits, then Pikachu would be in serious troubles at best and would very likely be unable to battle at worst. But on that moment, Ash decided to tell Pikachu something that no one could have predicted.

"Pikachu, burry your tail on the ground and stand on it!"

"What the?!" was the reaction of most of the present people, with the exception of Brock, who was carefully watching the battle going on.

Pikachu didn't truly hesitated when it came to doing what Ash told him to do. So, he quickly and swiftly buried his tail and stood tall on it as the thunderbolt hit, causing smoke to be lifted, obscuring everyone's sight.

"Alright peak squeak, I'll give credit where credit's due, you definitely improved a bit. But you're far from being on the Captain's level or even that of my own." she thought, the smoke still obscuring her vision, yet already claiming victory. "You two may be fast, but you're still short on every other category. I know for a fact that your attack is still not on par and neither is your defense. That thunderbolt was more than enough to knock you down a-" she thought, but was unable to finish her train of thought. For when the smoke finally cleared itself, she saw with widened eyes that not only was Pikachu still standing on top of his tail, but with not as much damage as the attack should have caused.

"Alright! It worked!" he shouted with an excited voice, similar to one that a kid opening his birthday gifts would have.

"What the... how? That attack should have left your Pokémon on the ground, so how is it still standing?!" asked Vizquez, not comprehending what just happened.

"Alright Pikachu, use agility and then tackle at full force!" said Ash, thrusting his fist into the air.

"Pika!" shouted the electric mouse, surrounding himself with a faint pinkish aura before shooting himself at incredible speeds towards his evolved form.

"Raichu, dodge it!" shouted Vizquez, but it was already too late.

With speed that could probably be confused with a quick attack by novice eyes, the small yellow mouse crashed into his evolved form, sending him flying backwards. Even if the attack didn't do as much damage as Raichu's attacks, it still stung a bit. Both him and his trainer were taken by surprise, not expecting such speeds from the Pallet native and his Pokémon. The audience (with the exception of Brock) were also in awe, yet at the same time, confused as to what just happened.

"How did he do that?" asked Misty to no one in particular. Thankfully for her, Brock was more than glad to answer her question.

"I may have been involved with that move."

"So, you told him to do it?" asked Red, but Brock simply denied said claims.

"Technically not. Let's just say that he was a bit curious about how lightning rods worked, so I told him what I knew about them."

"Do you think he asked to prepare for this?" asked Misty, only to be answered by the Johto native.

"Not really. Both he and me were talking about it out of curiosity and he then asked Brock. I don't know if you have pick on it, but Ash isn't really the smart kind of guy."

"Like you're one to talk!" thought the humans of the bleachers.

Still, Red was a bit surprised. What Ash did was something that he wouldn't think of doing. Maybe Blue would, or at the very least, would have asked with situations like this in mind. He couldn't see Green doing this, but that was probably because he had a different style altogether. He didn't know how he battled last time, but so far, he has surprise him.

"Alright, play time's over! Raichu, body slam!" shouted Vizquez.

The evolved electric mouse smiled and then approached Pikachu at speeds that were quite surprising to most of the people watching. Ash, worried that the attack could do serious damage to his day one partner, told him to dodge. Pikachu was also aware of the danger, which is why he got himself prepared even before Ash issued any command to do so.

With both his smaller and nimbler body, as well as the double speed bust that was granted to him thanks to using agility already before, the small yellow rodent was successful in evading the attack of his opponent, who crashed belly first on the ground. This irritated both Vizquez and Raichu, which is why they continued the action a couple of extra times with the same result occurring.

The Pallet duo were already aware of Vizquez power, falling victim to it on their previous encounter with the Vermillion protégé. Today, although not as careless, did not change that awareness. It was an upscale battle that they were struggling to overcome, even with them polishing their speed. One wrong move and it could mean the end. Which is why, whether they realized it or not, it was a good thing that right now, their movements were tiring the larger of the electric rodents out. Something that only Vizquez mentor Surge and now Brock who was able to catch up with rather quickly, was that she, at times was a rather impatient and hotheaded trainer similar to Ash. This was given away by her Raichu's movements.

They were a bit sluggish and rather clumsy to a certain degree. If Brock had to guess, was that because both Vizquez and her Pokémon were trying to grow stronger as fast as possible, that she gave her Pokémon a thunder stone without actually preparing it to the sudden changes that it could experience. Thus, Raichu did not truly learn how to move or handle its suddenly larger body. And while this was only his personal theory, it was not that far from the truth.

By every unsuccessful body slam and one more successful evasion from the Pallet duo, it on only made Vizquez even more annoyed. How was it that she was losing to this peak squeaks? Especially considering that not that long ago she wiped the floor with them in already half the time that they were currently battling now?!

It simply made no sense to her.

"Pikachu, dodge and use tackle!"

Pikachu nodded, dodging another body slam, but to his and everyone's surprise he did not used tackle. He for some reason, felt power emanating from most of his body as a sudden grey aura covered his body. Deciding to use that power, it all suddenly went to his tail as he slapped Raichu with his tail.

"Hey, that wasn't tackle, was it?" asked Lyra.

Red was about to pull out his Pokedex to try and find out what exactly was that Ash used, but decided not to for fear that either the other raven-haired boy or his friends suddenly ask about the machine at hand. Thankfully for him, Brock was more than happy to answer.

"I may be wrong, but I think it was slam."

"Like the move that Raichu was using?" asked the New Bark girl.

"No, that's body slam. That move basically requires the user to use its entire body as the name suggest, while also having the chance of causing paralysis on its opponent. Slam on the other hand, can only require the user to simply use an appendage like a tail on this occasion."

"Awesome! You learned a new move buddy!" said Ash, proud of his partner who also seemed quite pleased.

"Enough games! Raichu, brick break now!" she shouted.

Raichu, who at this point was just as irritated as its trainer, snarled at its opponent before rushing at him with its right paw suddenly glowing bright white. While the yellow mouse found himself being successful in evading the previous attacks, he was unable to dodge this one, being hit straight in the face.

"PIKAAAAA!" he screamed, being sent flying backwards and halfway across the battlefield like a rag doll.

"Pikachu!" screamed Ash at the sight of his partner being knocked halfway across the battlefield.

"That looked painful." said Misty while Pika himself flinched at that.

Pikachu himself was struggling to get back up and although he did accomplish it, he had to admit, that attack hurt quite a lot. Ash was relieved to see his starter getting up after that attack, but both of them were aware of something; if they receive two or three attacks like that as Pikachu was right now, then he would get knocked out cold no questions asked. That was something that their opponents already took notice and were more than willing to exploit.

Ash gritted his teeth. He wanted Pikachu to shine on this gym match. For the electric type to be able to prove himself as strong without the need of evolving. He knew that Pikachu wanted to win and he himself wanted it as well. But if they weren't careful, then that would not be the case. The mouse Pokémon could use some rest and they knew it, which is why they both reluctantly decided that for now, it was best for someone else to finish the orange rodent.

Perhaps one day he could be strong enough to beat his evolved form on his own.

"Pikachu, come back!" said Ash.

Pikachu turned to his trainer and nodded, running to his side and standing next to him.

"He's already switching Pokémon?" asked Misty.

"I guess it makes sense. Pikachu did some damage, but took as much if not slightly more. It's best if someone else takes care of things for now." said Red. If he was on Ash's shoes, then he would have done the same thing. Although Pika would be against such idea.

"Well runt, what Pokémon are you sending?" asked Tony, although he suddenly smiled as an idea crossed his mind. "Or is it that you're already chicken out again."

"No way, we're just getting started!" said Ash as he picked a pokeball from his belt. "Alright Bulbasaur, come on out!" he shouted, throwing the capsule from which the grass/poison type emerged.

"Bulbasaur!" said the seed Pokémon, ready for battle.

"If that walking lettuce is your best bet against us then you're doom kid. Raichu, brick break!"

"Not so fast! Bulbasaur, use vine whip!"

The electric rodent rushed in at the seed Pokémon with the same speed as before, expecting the same thing as before to happen again. However, just as he was about to connect its fist with the seed Pokémon, he managed to grab a hold of its arm and as if he were a judo master, used the momentum of Raichu to hurl it across the battlefield, shocking the Vermillion trainers.

Before the electric type could retaliate, the seed Pokémon got a hold of it with his vines and then slammed the electric type hard on the ground. Before Raichu could try and get up, the seed Pokémon repeated the process at least three more times before hurling it sky high.

While on the air, Raichu launched a thunderbolt at the grass type, but seeing this, Ash told his Pokémon to dig his vines into the ground to try and replicate what happened with Pikachu. Thankfully for them, it worked perfectly, depowering the electric attack to the point that it didn't do as much damage as it would have done. Taking the advantage that Raihu was still in the air, Ash told Bulbasaur to use razor leaf. The grass type nodded and shot multiple razor-sharp leaves at his opponent, landing every single one of them.

The electric rodent cried as he was receiving the onslaught of the grass type attack before finally falling to the ground. A small cloud of dust formed around it, obscuring him from the eyes of everyone present. Thus, the stadium remained silent, waiting for the cloud of dust to finally dissipate. Once it did however, it revealed the unconscious body of the electric type Pokémon with its eyes twirling.

"... R-Raichu is unable to battle... as such, Bulbasaur wins." said Tony, shocked at what he just witnessed.

"Do you think that the twerp has a shot at winning?" asked James.

The Rocket trio had arrived at the same time at Vermillion city around the same time as Ash and the gang did. They at first simply came to try and capture Pikachu like they have done before, but that changed when they saw the gym battle against the substitute gym leader. He lost so badly that they thought that that was how they looked like every time the twerps, as they dubbed them, blasted them off.

They followed the trio to the Pokémon Center where they saw through a window not only how Pikachu and Bulbasaur were treated, but the interactions between trainer and Pokémon, in which Pikachu expressed his desire to become strong just as a Pikachu, without the need of evolving and Ash ultimately deciding to support his partners wishes.

Team Rocket were so moved by it, that when they exited the Pokémon Center to begin their training, the Rocket trio dawned disguises so that they could give the Pallet town trainer and his Pokémon a cheer for his upcoming battle. Then after an... odd cheer, the Rocket trio left like nothing.

It was a rather weird experience for the twerps if nothing else.

Now, Jessie, James and Meowth were currently walking around the more... shady parts of the city. Sure, most people would think of that as the most reckless thing one could do, but this trio wasn't just anyone, they were Team Rocket.

Sure, they weren't exactly the most stellar of members and their outfit was very different from the normal uniforms, but their logo was more than enough to make every other lowlife wary of them. Especially since the area that they were currently on was known for being one of the many areas that was controlled by the criminal organization.

"He better win. I would feel insulted that he would lose after our marvelous cheers!" said Jessie.

"Let's forget 'bout that for now. I'm starving." said the talking Pokémon before looking around, he saw a noodles place that looked quite appealing for him. "Hey, why don't we go there?"

"I don't know. Do we even have the money to pay for it?" asked James, but was quickly dismissed by Jessie.

"Please, we're team Rocket. If anything, they should pay us for eating there." she said.

"I'm pretty sure that's not how things work."

"Come on, James. You're overthinking things." said the talking Pokémon. "Come on guys, let's get something to eat."

And so, they all went to where the noodles place was, but before they could even enter it, a voice suddenly called them out.

"You guys have some nerve wearing our logo like that!"

Hearing that, the Rocket trio all turned around to see another Rocket trio. They were all males, were wearing the traditional black uniform with their caps on and most notable, had red scarfs tied to their necks.

"Oh, hey aren't you Ken, Al and Harry?" asked Jessie.

"Wait, how do you know our names?" asked the one with the longer hair.

"Hey, I remember you now. Aren't you Jessie, James and Meowth?" asked the member with black hair.

"Accept no substitutes." said Meowth, crossing his arms.

"Long time no see! Last I heard you were just out of the academy!" said the one with short clear hair. "Tell me Jessie, are you guys still trying to one up Cassidy and Brill?"

"Wasn't his name Brudd or something, Al?" asked the one with long hair.

"Nah Harry, his name was Bodd."

"I'll tell you who he is. Not as important as us that's who!" said Jessie, getting a chuckle out of everyone present.

"Ha! Man was that a good one Jess! What are you three up to?" asked Ken.

"We were planning on going to have something to eat." answered James, pointing at the noodle place.

"Neat! We were planning on going there ourselves. Having a little RR before the upcoming mission." said Harry, getting the attention of the other Rocket trio.


"Yeah, one of the higher ups is planning on doing something big pretty soon."

"We didn't know of something like that happening."

"Don't worry Meowth. We heard of it not that long ago. Why don't you tag along for old times' sake? I bet the guy in charge would appreciate the help."

"Sounds good to us!" said Jessie, as her two partners nodded.

"Great! Let's discuss it over a nice bowl of miso ramen." said Ken as the six Rockets all started to walk towards the noodle place.

"Alright!" shouted Ash as he and his two Pokémon all started to cheer at their victory against the Pokémon that wiped the floor with them two days ago.

"That Bulbasaur does not mess around." said Misty, receiving a nod from her friend.

Red had to admit that Ash's Bulbasaur did not fooled around. Looking carefully at him, the young Tanjiro could see that that Bulbasaur was no doubt stronger than Saur when he had yet to evolved.

"That is one mean walking lettuce." said Steve, shocked at seeing Vizquez Pokémon been beaten by two baby Pokémon from a baby trainer.

"Hey Vazquez girl! What was that about messing with my friend again?" mocked Lyra, a grin on her face as Brock tried to stopped her from continuing.

"It's Vizquez, you brown-haired dolt! And if you're so brave to mock me on my own ruff, then why don't you come down here to see what I'm really made out off?!"

"No thank you. It's way funnier to see you getting beaten by my friend." she mocked, shrugging her threat as if it were simply empty words.

"Why do you like to antagonize her so much?" asked Brock, being followed by Misty.

"Yeah. Like sure, she's not the most pleasant of people, but you're starting to look like the jerk here."

"This coming from the girl that threaten a boy over a bike."

"Hey, that was a perfect reaction to have!"

"Sure, it was. I bet that if your bike had actually been roasted then you would try to pummel Ash with it."

"... That's not untrue." Misty thought, but not did not said it out loud if only to not give her the reason.

"Alright, I'll admit it. I've underestimated you. But if you think that your current level is enough to take me down then you're dead wrong!" snarled Vizquez, returning Raichu to its pokeball and pulling another one out. "Magnemite, combat ready, now!" she said, throwing the ball to the battlefield.

"Mite!" said a floating one eye metal sphere with a pair of magnets attached to its sides.

"Magnemite uh? I've never seen one before. I wonder what the Pokedex-" Red though, his hand starting to go to his pocket, but he suddenly stopped, grabbing his hand from going any further. "No! Bad Red! Now it's not the time for that!" he thought, gaining weird looks from the people present.

"... Hey Misty, don't take it the wrong way, but your friend is kind of weird."

"Like Ash is any better."

Back on the battlefield, Tony was looking at Ash, expecting him to do something. "Well kid, are you going to stick with that Bulbasaur or are you switching for something else?"

Ash thought about it for a moment. Sure, Bulbasaur could keep on going, but at least for now he really didn't want to get cocky just now. It did him no good last time and its very likely that it won't do any good now either.

"Bulbasaur, return!" said Ash, holding the grass type's pokeball as a red light sucked him in. He then pulled out another pokeball and threw it to the battlefield. "Charmander, I choose you!"

"Chaaaar!" shouted the orange lizard, emerging from the pokeball.

"Alright! Type advantage for the win!" exclaimed Lyra and Marill, surprising both Red and Misty.

"Type advantage? But I thought that ground types were the only type that was strong against electric types." said Misty.

"Yeah, but since Magnemite is also a steel type, he's also weak to both fighting and fire type." explained the ex-gym leader.

"So, you told him that Brock?" asked Red, only to be answered by the New Bark girl.

"Nope. I did!"

"You did?!" asked both Red and Misty I shock.

"Why are you so surprised? Steel types were discovered in the Johto region you know?" said Lyra undignified, before turning to Brock. "They were discovered in the Johto region, right?" she asked, making both Red and Misty, as well as Pika fall to the ground.

"Yes Lyra, they were."

"See? I was right!"

"So that's the reason you know of steel type's weaknesses?" asked the young Tanjiro.

"Not really."


"... Let's just say that I had... certain experience with a steel type myself." she said, a bit ashamed to tell the two that she and Marill used sticks and a rock to try and fight a Skarmory. Worst thing for her, they had to share the rock.

Back on the battlefield, both the orange lizard and the artificial electric Pokémon were currently seemed to be a staring contest of sorts. It was rather obvious that neither were planning on backing down.

"I'll take first blow now!" shouted Vizquez, thrusting her fist in front of her. "Magnemite, metal sound!"

"Magne!" said the magnet Pokémon, producing a screeching metallic sound from its body.

The sound was so unbearable that most of the present had to covered their ears. Charmander himself cried as he tried to cover his ears and protect them from the hideous sound that was produced by the electric/steel type as a sudden blue aura flashed around his body, signaling that his special defense had just being lowered.

"Perfect. Now, use swift!" commanded Vizquez.

Magnemite gave a cry before it suddenly started to spin around its axis as multiple bright golden stars flew from it and towards its opponent.

"Charmander, dodge!" shouted Ash and as such, Charmander moved out of the way of where the stars were flying to, only for the stars to suddenly change direction midair and directly towards the orange lizard once again. He tried to move out of the way yet again, but his efforts were proven futile. They all crashed into the fire starter, dealing way more damage than it normally would have thanks to Charmander's special defense being lowered all of the sudden.

"Kid are you seriously that ignorant?" mocked Vizquez as the assault stopped. "Swift is a move that never misses. You must be quite the ignorant midget if you thought that was going to work."

Ash glared at the substitute gym leader before his gaze suddenly changed to his fire type, who had just recovered from the attack and got back on his feet. "Charmander, are you ok?" he asked, receiving a nod from the orange lizard, making his trainer grin. "Well, then. Charmander, use focus energy!"

"Chaaaaar!" screamed the orange lizard as a large darker shade of orange washed down the fire type, increasing the chances of his attacks to hit harder and land what many call, critical damage on his opponent.

"Is that everything that you have? Magnemite, sonic boom!"

On cue, Magnemite unleashed a large white shockwave directly at its opponent. But that did not affect the duo Ash and Charmander as the fire type was told to run towards where its opponent was and use scratch. The orange lizard rushed in and was successful in avoiding the normal type attack. Getting in close, Charmander smacked Magnemite in its face, sending it to the ground. Upon landing, the magnet Pokémon tried to hover once more, but was attacked yet again by another scratch. Vizquez snarled once again and commanded Magnemite to use sonic boom on its opponent. However, the attack was not fast enough to hit the fire type, who merely avoided the attack and prepared to unleash an attack that took many but Ash and his group of friends by surprise.

"Now Charmander, use flamethrower!"

"Flamewhat?!" thought the Vermillion group, as well as Red and Misty.

The young orange lizard then did as he was told by his trainer. Opening his jaws wide open, he unleashed a torrent of blazing fire at the magnet Pokémon. The intensity of the flames weakened the electric/steel type quite drastically. Fire was already bad enough, being one of its main weaknesses, but add in the previous focus energy and it was no surprise that once the attack ceased, Magnemite could barely hovered.

"W-What? How can his Pokémon know flamethrower?" was what Vizquez, as well as anyone that wasn't from within Ash's circle of friends, were currently asking themselves. Still, Vizquez decided to push those questions aside for the time being. "Magnemite, if you can still stand then use swift again!"

"I don't think so! Charmander, stop it with scratch!"

The two trainers tried to do as their trainers told them to, but only one of them was victorious. Magnemite tried to spin to launch his swift attack, but was stopped in its tracks when Charmander suddenly appeared next to it and delivered a powerful scratch attack. The blow was more than strong enough to send crashing to the ground once again and this time, the magnet Pokémon remained on the ground, having lose continence.

"M-Magnemite is unable to battle! The winner is Charmander!" announced Tony, making Ash and company to cheer.

"Yeah! Only one more to go!"

"... Only one more to go, you say?" whispered Vizquez, returning her Pokémon back. Lifting her gaze, that was hidden by a shadow, she revealed a glared fill with determination and an intense power comparable to a bolt of lightning itself.

Vizquez was done.

She was meant to be the Captain's protégé. The one that was supposed to be second in command around. Yet this boy... this brash, hyperactive boy with a carefree attitude was already beating her two to zero? The same boy that, only two days ago, was crushed under her boot with little effort? How could she allow that? The answer was rather simple.

She wasn't going to.

"Alright runt, I commend you for getting to where you are right now, I really do. Maybe I did underestimate you. Like, really undrestimated you." she said, pulling what seemed to be a great ball. "But now... I'm truly done. No more underestimating you. Only one more to go, you said? Well, just because I'm only down to one soldier, doesn't mean it'll be easy for you. Quite the contrary in fact... Because... a battalion that is on its last resources, will go all out to ensure victory!" shouted Vizquez, throwing her great ball to the battle field, where a Pokémon that resembled a large pokeball with eyes emerged.

"Voltorb!" screamed the ball Pokémon upon landing onto the battlefield.

"Peak squeak, will you change or will you keep using the same Pokémon that is on the battlefield?"

"... What do you say Charmander, are you still up for it?" asked Ash to his fire type, who nodded, making his trainer smile, filled with determination. "Then let's show her what we can do!"

"Then let the battle continue!" said Tony, resuming the match between the raven-haired boy from Pallet town and the gym leader protégé from Vermillion city.

"Charmander, use-"

"Flash now!" interrupted Vizquez.

From within the ball Pokémon's body, a blinding light was produced. Such was the intensity of the bright light, that everyone was forced to close their eyes. Once the light died out, everyone slowly started to open their eyes only to see the artificial ball Pokémon rolling as if it was a bowling ball towards Charmander who, unlike them, was still dazed and confused by the bright light, due to just how close he was to it. Before he could even react, the fire type was hit by Voltorb's roll out attack, dealing quite a significant amount of damage from the super effective move. Ash tried to warn him about another upcoming roll out but it was not enough as he was hit again by it, receiving even more supper effective damage than before. On the third occasion, Ash was successful in guiding Charmander to where he should aim his flame thrower.

The attack was able to connect, but even still, was unable to slow the momentum of the electric type. The only saving grace of it all was that Charmander was successful in landing a powerful flame thrower on his opponent. Still at the end, he was unable to move out of the way of Voltorb's attack, receiving the full force of the third and strongest roll out, sending him flying and falling unconscious on the ground.

"Charmander is unable to battle! The winner is Voltorb!" declared Tony, signaling to Vizquez side.

"We may not have as may active members as you do runt. But that doesn't mean we're any less dangerous." declared Vizquez, with a smirk on her face that only grew ever so larger when she saw Ash recalling his Pokémon back to his pokeball.

"You did great Charmander." said Ash, looking at the pokeball of his fire type before putting it away and retrieving the pokeball of his grass/poison type. "Okay Bulbasaur! Let's finish this off!" he shouted, throwing the pokeball into the battlefield.

"Bulbasaur!" he said, eager to bring down the opponent that too down his comrade.

"If both parties are ready, the let the battle continue!" announced Tony as the two Pokémon prepared for combat.

"Voltorb, charge!" shouted Vizquez.

At the command of its trainer, the ball Pokémon surrounded itself with electricity that crackled with intense power.

"Well, we'll take the first move. Razor leaf!" shouted Ash, ordering to his grass/poison type to unleash a barrage of razor-sharp blades at Voltorb.

"Nice try runt. Spark now!"

Voltorb then surrounded itself by electricity once more, but unlike last time, the energy did not show signs of dissipating. Instead, the electric type shot itself at the grass starter, destroying the leaves shot at him in the process. Upon seeing this, Ash told Bulbasaur to move out of the way, action which the seed Pokémon was more than happy to follow. Jumping to the sides, he barely avoided the attack and, after being told by Ash, wrapped his vines around the ball Pokémon.

"Aren't you adorable? Voltorb, get rid of that lettuce! Flash and then roll out!"

"Torb!" said the electric type.

Suddenly, Voltorb shinned once more, blinding his opponent before rolling towards him and hitting him with such force, that he was sent flying into the air. Not wasting even a second, the ball Pokémon then started to rolled to where the seed Pokémon was about to land, hoping to land another blow.

Seeing this, Ash warned Bulbasaur to use razor leaves to try and slow his opponent down. He nodded and despite the fact that all of the leaves landed on his opponent, causing at least some damage, it did not slow its advancement one bit. In the blink of an eye, he was hit by roll out. Thankfully for the grass type, thanks to his typing, the attack did minimal damage. Still, it would be best to try to avoid the attack if possible.

"We're not done just yet! Charge again!" shouted Vizquez.

"Bulbasaur, razor leaf!"

As Voltorb surrounded itself with electricity yet again, he was suddenly attacked by the multiple razor-sharp projectiles launched by the seed Pokémon. It did cause Voltorb some damage, but not enough to take it down. Unleshing a roll out on the grass type yet again, Voltorb was successful in catching him by surprise, hitting him three times before Ash told his grass type to use vine whip.

Bulbasaur then sprouted two vines as he managed to move out of the way from another roll out. He then used them to push Voltorb, using the same judo-like principal, all in hopes that he could cause it to crash into the wall. While his plan was successful, Vizquez then commanded Voltorb to use Spark once again. The electric type then ricocheted from wall to wall, all while being englobe in an intense electric aura before charging at the grass type who, despite his best efforts, was unable to move out of the way, receiving the full force of the attack and being sent flying to his trainer's feet, where he fell unconscious.

"Bulbasaur is unable to battle! The winner is Voltorb!" announced Tony, with obvious excitement due to the fact that his comrade has just beat another of Ash's Pokémon.

"It seems like the we're now even, eh peak squeak?" said the Vermillion protégé, a prideful smile on her face. "You know, if you were still the same weakling or even any other trainer, I would just tell you to get your Pokémon out of this gym while they're still conscious. But now? Well, I actually want you to keep on fighting! I'll show you that the Captain did not took some pitiful weakling under his wing! So, go on and get your Pikachu ready to battle! And you two better give it your all! Because we sure as heck will!"

She, alongside the other Vermillion trainer all had a grin on their face, contrasting the look of genuinely worry from not only Ash's friends, but even Red, Misty and surprisingly Red's Pikachu as well. At the beginning, it was a vicious battle. Like a mountain that had to be climb with nothing but one's own hands. But to the surprise of both the other Pallet native and his companions, he managed to get the hang of it. Sure, it still didn't make it any easier, but he managed to find ways to overcome his own shortcomings. He managed to find out where he had to step on, where to place his hand and what parts to avoid.

But at the end, just like any other mountain, the higher you go, the harsher the conditions become. The wind would blow even harder than before. The air would be colder and harder to bear. Not to mention that it would become thinner, making something as simple as breathing more difficult that he thought was possible. Once someone reaches that kind of height, they knew that no matter what other people would say, there was no going back without first reaching the top. Still, one wrong move and it would mean game over. No doubt would a fall from that height would do some serious damage.

Right now, Ash and his Pokémon were on trying to overcome their own mountain. One that went by the name Vizquez of Vermillion.

And while their fall would not physically hurt them (or at least Ash), it was something that they could not allow to happen. For they already fell once from a lower altitude and what got hurt was their pride. The fact that they couldn't even make it one third of the way to the top meant that he should have listen to the people that told him that he should not even attempt to do so. That he wasn't meant to climb any sort of mountain. That there were people that were meant to reach the top that weren't him. Looking at where the bleachers were, the young Ketchum saw someone that was meant to climb this kind of mountains and even harsher ones at that. Someone that people always thought when it came to this kind of things ten times over before his name even came to mind.

But that idea did not matter to him right now.

Who cares if he wasn't meant to climb this mountain? What mattered was that he was doing it anyway. And he was going to make sure to reach the top in spite of the fact that nearly everyone that he knew back home told him that he couldn't do it. Not to prove them wrong. No, right now that was the last thing that he cared about.

Sure, that idea has crossed his mind a couple of times already, but today, that was but a mere afterthought. He and Pikachu wanted to reach the top, not to prove a point or anything. But to reward their companions. From the members of his team that chose to follow them and for the ones that chose to support them above someone more impressive than them. The Pallet duo wanted to make sure that their efforts were not in vain. That they ultimately meant something.

"Hey runt, are you going to keep going or are you finally going to chicken out again?" asked Tony.

Both the raven-haired boy with the cap that had a stylized green 'L' and the electric yellow rodent with the unhealthy ketchup obsession looked at each other and smiled, their eyes fill with determination. "Pikachu... let's finish this!" shouted Ash, high-fiving the mouse Pokémon, who jumped to return the gesture with the flat end of his tail before landing on the battlefield.

"Pika!" he exclaimed.

One way or another, they were going to reach the top of this mountain.

"Then begin!" shouted Tony, raising both arms and bringing them down with force.

"Ash and Pikachu! You two can win!" screamed Lyra as her own partner wagged his make shift flag with such intensity that it ended up slipping from his short arms. Somehow flying towards Steve and popping his bubble gum and marking the true beginning of the final match.

"Pikachu, agility!" commanded Ash to his partner, who soon had a pinkish aura flashing over him.

"It's like that's the only thing you know to do. Flash, now!"

"Torb!" nodded the ball Pokémon, but before he could even begin to use his move, the Pallet trainer told Pikachu to use thunderbolt

The mouse Pokémon quickly jumped into the air and after sparks crackled in his cheeks, unleashed the electric move, which traveled so fast, that it connected with Voltorb before he could even start his own move. The attack while not as strong as Raichu's own thunderbolt, had still packed enough power to send the spherical Pokémon back and smacking it to the wall.

"Now, run and use tackle!" Ash shouted.

"Pikachu!" shouted the yellow mouse Pokémon, who charged at the other electric type with speeds that almost rivaled that of a quick attack.

"Oh no you won't! Charge now!"

At the command of its trainer, the ball Pokémon surrounded itself once again with an electric cloak and shot itself at Pikachu with speeds that were almost if not equal to that of his opponent. Seeing this, Ash got worried, for at the speeds that they were going, then Pikachu would no doubt crash into Voltorb and after around three charges that empowered the electric move, even Ash knew that Pikachu would not come out ok after that. Which is why he decided to try something.

"Try to slow it down with thunderbolt!" he shouted.

Pikachu nodded and as he was running, shot his own electric attack. It connected with Voltorb just as quickly as before if no quicker. Both Misty and Red got worried, for he already tried that before with no success... or at least that was what they thought.

For Brock was able to see it. He was able to slow Voltorb down in the previous encounters, but not only was the decrease in speed very minimal, but neither Bulbasaur or Charmander were fast enough to capitalize on that. But after using agility twice already, Pikachu should be more than able to take advantage of it.

And so, whether it was either intentional or a subconscious action, Ash ended up proving his point as Voltorb's speed decreased enough for Pikachu to jump over his opponent and using the end of his tail, smacking Voltorb towards another wall.

"Now, agility and then slam!" shouted Ash.

"Chu!" shouted Pikachu, having the pinkish aura flashing over him once again and rushing towards Voltorb who, after hitting the wall with such force, ended up somewhat daze and unable to hear the warnings of its trainer.

Before the ball Pokémon could do anything, Pikachu came in and smacked him with his tail yet again before following it with a tackle and then a full power thunderbolt. The combo of attacks was more than enough to knock most other Pokémon and unfortunately for the Pallet trainer and his partner, it proved to be powerful enough to also activate Voltorb's hidden ability of aftermath. Suddenly, Voltorb started to glow, but not like it did when it used flashed. This time, there was something diferent about it.

"Umm, Brock... what's-"

"TAKE COVER!" shouted Brock, grabbing the kids and pushing them to the ground.

He was not the only one, as Steve did the same and Tony fled the battlefield to try and get away from what was about to happen. Vizquez was about to follow as well as Ash, who while having no idea as to why everyone was reacting the way they did. But before they could get far, a powerful explosion suddenly burst where both electric types were.

The explosion itself, while not as powerful as they first thought it would, still had enough power to knock both trainers down as well as shattering a couple of windows from the gym as a cloud of dust suddenly covered the entire field, blinding everyone that was outside of it.

"Is -cuff- is everyone okay?" asked Brock, coughing as he was getting up.

"Y-yeah, but what was that?" asked Misty, rubbing her head.

"Aftermath." he answered, helping both Lyra and Marill up. "Basically, when a Pokémon with this ability receives the final blow, it will create an explosion."

"So that means Ash won?" asked Red, only to be answered by Steve.

"Don't jump to conclusions kid. That runt's Pokémon may have also got knocked out in the explosion."

"But Pikachu basically gave it the final blow!"


"Look, if it got knocked out then this will be a tie at most. That's the rules here."

Lyra, as well as Misty and Red were about to try and argue back, but were stop when they heard coughing coming from the battlefield.

"Pikachu?! Are you okay there?!" asked Ash in between coughs.

After some time, the dust started to clear out, allowing everyone to see what had just happened. Voltorb laid on the ground, unconscious and with spinning eyes. As for Pikachu, he was also in the ground as well. At first, they started to fear that the explosion ended up being simply too much for the small yellow mouse. But then, they saw him starting to move.

He was struggling and obviously hurt, but even still he was doing everything within his power to stand up. To not let the efforts of everyone be wasted. At the end, he was able to persevere, for using all of his might, he was able to stand once more.

"PIKAAA!" screamed the electric yellow rodent, standing proud over his defeated enemy.

"... V-Voltorb is unable to battle... Pikachu wins... which means... which means..." tried to say Tony, but was unable to do so, for he never expected for Vizquez to lose.

"That I lost... Thus, making him the winner of the match." finished Vizquez, also trying to wrap her head around the idea of what has just occurred. "The Captain is not going to like this." she whispered to herself.

As for the challengers, both were quiet for a bit, stunned to have heard those words. But after letting them being processed, a smile started to form on their faces.

They won.

Rushing towards where his partner was, Ash picked him up and started spinning around.

"We won! We actually won buddy, we did it!" he screamed in joy.

"Pikapi!" he screamed back with just as much excitement.

They were covered in dirt and very sore (mostly Pikachu since he received the full force of the explosion), but that was something that they could worry about later. For now, they had just won.

They had just reached the top of this mountain.

"Well Vazquez girl, don't you have something for my friend?" asked Lyra, a big grin on her face.

"... Do you want to know how it feels to be on the receiving end of Voltorb's aftermath or something kid?" asked Vizquez, obviously annoyed by the foreigner's attitude and purposely getting her name wrong.

"Like it could be worse than being in the middle of an avalanche, or having a flying log swing at you." said Lyra, shrugging Vizquez comment as nothing but empty words while also gaining shocked looks from both Red and Misty.

"Just what kind of life do you have?" they both thought.

After the... explosive match between Ash and Vazquez, Brock, Lyra, Misty and Red, as well as Maril and Pika, all went to congratulate the young Ketchum and his partner for their victory against the substitute gym leader. Brock ended up handing the boy three revives that he had on hand so that he could give to his other two Pokémon.

Ash accepted and after giving them to both Bulbasaur and Charmander, he told them of their victory against Vizquez. To say that they were ecstatic would be an understatement.

After celebrating and hearing the words of acknowledgment from everyone, the group was approached by the Vermillion trio.

"Well, I'll admit it kid. You weren't as bad as you were the first time."

"Considering that he beat you, I'll say that 'weren't as bad' doesn't really cut it." said Misty, gaining a glare from Vizquez.

"Sip it little girl! I already have enough with that airhead already!" snaped Vizquez, pointing at the Johto native, who alongside the blue fairy, shrugged it off. "Anyway, at the end you defeated me. Don't get the wrong idea, you're still far from the Captain's actual level... but I guess... you did earn this." she said, pulling a badge from her pocket.

It was in the shape of an eight-pointed gold star with an orange octagon in the center. Ash looked at the Thunder badge and with a smile, he took it. He looked at it for a few seconds before raising it high into the air.

"I just won the Thunder badge!"

"Pi Pikachu!"


"Charmander Char!"

"Tone it down why don't you? Didn't she told you that you wouldn't have stood a chance against the Captain?" said Tony, obviously annoyed at the kid's optimism.

"Hey, can I see it?" asked Red, receiving a nod from Ash.

"Sure!" he said, as he handed the badge to the other raven-haired boy.

Red took it and marveled at the badge. It didn't have the same mysterious feeling that his Cascade badge had, but it was definitely something be proud of having. "Look at it Pika. Let's make sure to win it as well!" he exclaimed to his own electric type, who nodded.

"Pika!" he said, if Ash's Pikachu could win it, then he must show that he too is also capable of accomplishing the same feat.

"If you're planning on challenging the gym then come back tomorrow. My unit is going to need some time to recover and the Captain took the gym's Pokémon for an inspection." said Vizquez, gaining a confuse look from Brock.

"Surge took his gym's Pokémon out? He did not have the time to ask why since he suddenly heard the growl of Ash and Lyra's stomachs, as well as that of their Pokémon.

"Man, I'm hungry." said Ash.

"Yeah, me too. I have to admit, today was kind of exhausted." said Lyra.

"Why are you exhausted? The one that battle was Ash and his Pokémon." said Misty.

"Hey, that was an intense match. Besides, cheering for a friend does take a toll on someone, you know?" said Lyra, defending herself from the Cerulean girl.

"... You know... I won't say anything right now solely because I'm also a bit hungry." she said, sighing before turning to Brock. "Do you know of any good places around here?"

"A few, but I was planning on cooking today. After all, Ash kind of told me that he was expecting to have some sort of victory banquet."

"... Really?" she asked, a flat expression on her face.

"Hey, his stew was delicious." said Red.

"... You know, I have to admit that it was." she said, remembering that his stew was just as if not superior to Sakura's own cooking.

"Great! Then what are we waiting for?!" asked Lyra as she was the first to leave the gym.

She was followed by Ash and then both Misty and Red. Brock was about to follow, but was stopped by Steve.

"Hey Brock, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"I noticed that you weren't cheering for the peak squeak. Sure, the other runts weren't doing it either, but I don't think they're as close to him as you are. So why didn't you cheer alongside the other brown-haired brat?"

"Oh, that. Simple actually. I knew that Ash was going to win." he answered, surprising the Vermillion trio.

"And how did you know that? He's not exactly a prodigy, you know?" said Vizquez.

"Oh, trust me. He's definitely no."

"Then how can you say that?" asked Tony.

"Simple. Because I know the kind of person that he is." he answered, confusing the Vermillion trio even more. "Now, if you excuse me, I have to prepare a special dinner."

And so, he left the building, following the group of kids, who were already chatting over the match and Red's possible strategies to overcome Vizquez.

After a fearsome match against the Vermillion protégé, Ash has obtained the Thunder badge. Taking another step towards his dream and for the time, being accompanied by one of the other three Pallet trainers and his friend, he prepares to have some well earn rest.

He knows that what lays ahead will just become even more difficult, but he, alongside the other Pallet town kids are more than ready to face whatever challenges awaits them.

As the journey continuous...

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