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Chapter 11: Part 3!

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Chapter 11: Battle for the Hidden Village part 3!

"Starmie, rapid spin!" – shouted Misty.

"Poli, double team and then use double slap!" –countered Red.

As Starmie started to spin towards Poli, the tadpole Pokémon suddenly started to multiply. Soon, a total of five Polis appeared on the battlefield not knowing who was the real one Starmie went for the one on the center. Unfortunately, that one turned out to be a clone and as it disappeared, the real Poli charged at the star-shaped Pokémon ready to attack. The attack managed to land and was powerful enough to send Starmie flying to another platform of the battlefield.


They suddenly heard, when the two turned they saw Sakura standing where a referee would be standing (that is if they had one). – "Alright you two, like I think that's enough training for now. Come on now, breakfast is ready." – she said.

"Breakfast can wait a little longer, right Red?" – she asked and just as he was about to answer his stomach started to growl. She was going to groan in annoyance, until her stomach too growled.

"So, breakfast can wait huh?" – mocked Sakura.

"... shut up." –muttered Misty with her sister giggling.

"So, what's for breakfast?" – asked Red.

"Nothing too special, just pancakes. Now hurry up if you still want one, Violet says that she is on a diet, but we all know that she eats more when no one is looking. And right now, she's the only one at the table." – informed the blond teenager. – "Besides, you two have been training since dawn… that is unless you two were- "

"Violetbetternothaveeatenallofthemaplesyrupagain!" – said Misty in hurry, returning Starmie to its pokeball and running towards the exit as fast as she could. Trying her best to hide her blush as her sister started to laughed at her.

"Man like, it's so easy to mess with her." – thought Sakura.

"So, what was that all about?" – asked Red.

"… she's lucky that this guy is so slow… or, unlucky I guess?" – thought Sakura as the two made their way to the kitchen. – "So like, do you guys have everything you'll need? I mean, Vermillion city is somewhat close if you know your ways through the roads, but it'll still take some time to get there."

"Don't worry Sakura, we got everything. Just you see, soon you'll be hearing all about how Misty and I took down both team Rocket and the Vermillion city Gym Leader!" – said Red giving the blonde teenager a confident smile.

"Well, like, you should still try and not underestimate the Vermillion city Gym Leader. Surge is a strong trainer and unlike Brock he doesn't tend to pull his punches." – explained Sakura.

"Alright then, any advice on how to beat him?" – ask Red.

"Like, we Gym Leaders aren't supposed to snitch on the others when talking to challengers so, sorry but that's a no." – said Sakura.

"Really?" – asked Red, a bit disappointed.

Sakura nodded. – "Although even if that self-made rule wasn't a thing, I don't think me or my sisters could help you out. I mean like, we're the weakest of Gym Leaders and on top of that we specialize in an element week to his."

"Guess you're right."

"But, I seriously advice for you not to take him lightly. I don't know why but like, he seems to be the most intense out of all of the Gym Leaders. The only other one I can think of that is as intense if not probably even more so than him is the Saffron city Gym Leader." – said Sakura, shivering as she remembered the last submit when she had to sit next to her. – "It gives me the creeps just thinking of her."

"Ok then, don't worry. I'll take him as seriously as I possibly can." – said Red.

Just when Sakura was about to speak, they suddenly saw Lily approaching them. – "Hey sis, like, we may have a problem."

"What kind of pro-"


"Chill out Misty, like, I'm doing you a favor. You wouldn't want to be dumped by your boyfriend because you became fat, do you?"


"... Did I just hear Misty blush?" – both Lily and Sakura thought.

"Hey Sakura, maybe I should go buy more maple syrup for the trip."

"Wise choice." – said the two sisters.

"...Soooo, any of you want to eat outside?" – asked Lily.

"Mmmm, eat inside of a possible battlefield reminiscent of an old war movie, or have a peaceful breakfast while the two of them are at each other's throats?" – said Sakura. – "I think the choice is pretty obvious, like, don't you think?"

"Do you think it's a good idea to leave them be?" – asked Red.

"Don't worry Red. They'll stop once they have nothing else to throw at each other." – said Lily.

"What do-"


"... On second thought today is a good day to eat outside." – said Red.

Sakura and Lily nodded, so they turned around to go look for something to eat.

"Hey kid, fetch me those herbs over there." – said the elderly to Lyra.

Lyra nodes and quickly went to pick the herbs that she was pointing. – "Here they are."

The elderly took them and before she started to grind them into a fine powder, she took another bowl and handed it to the brunette. – "Have your Marill use water gun on here. Not too much, just enough to have it all wet. Then mix it all together."

"Is this some kind of medicine?" – asked Lyra.

"An ointment for burns. This one is for nausea pills." – she answered.


"By the way, why are you and your friends still her?" – asked the elderly.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm sure you lot probably have other things you want to do besides helping an old woman and her village. So why are you still here?"

"Well, we don't know our way around the forest without being hit by one of Melanie's death traps… no offense."

The old woman simply shrugged. – "That's fair I guess."

"Ok… as I was saying we don't know our way around the forest and I don't think you'll let us go that easily without knowing that we won't tell anyone. So, we want to show you that we are trustworthy. That way you may help us navigate the forest without activating one of Melanie's detours. Maybe even point us in the right direction to Vermillion city?"

"I guess that makes sense. But that's not the only reason now, is it?" – asked the elderly. – "You have another motive, or am I mistaken?"

"... Alright fine, we have something else in mind." – admitted Lyra.

"Tsk, I knew you trainers wouldn't-"

"It's not what you think!"

"Then what is it?"

"We just want to show you that not all trainers are bad!"

"... I beg your pardon?" – asked the elderly in confusion.

"That story you told us. The one from the league, the trainers from your childhood and even something that Melanie told Brock. They weren't nice. And I guess it makes sense why you would hate trainers. But we just want to prove to you that not everyone is like that. That there are good people out there."

"... And why would it matter to you lot what I think of trainers? – asked the elderly.

"It's just... How do I put it in words... sad I guess." – said Lyra, much to the confusion of the elderly. – "I mean, I know there are trainers out there that are good people. Or at least I want to believe that and I'm sure my friends believe it too. But because of just one group of people you now think that everyone is bad. I just... I just find it kind of sad and that's without mentioning unfair. Because of a small group of bad people, it ruined your perspactive on everyone else."

"... You do know that you said perspective wrong, right?" – asked the old woman as Lyra frowned. – "Besides, it's not just trainers. I've heard from the villagers that go to the outside to do small work. Humans are just naturally selfish creatures. Remember when I told you that you and that other boy were a perfect example of that? Maybe you can't understand my distaste for trainers, but I'm sure you can understand that."

"I mean... yeah I admit, I don't have the best track when it comes to people. But I've met Ash and Brock and Melanie, you and a friend of mine and his family. I just... I know that there are good people out there." – said Lyra with the older woman looking at her before sighing.

"I'll admit, you three have started to grow on me ever since you found those roots yesterday. Even that Brock kid... although I would probably like him a bit more if he stood outside of a twelve-meter radius away from Melanie." –said the woman while muttering the last part. – "But you're still trainers, how can you assure me that you won't act like the rest of trainers?" –she asked.

Lyra remained mute for almost a whole minute before turning to the bowl that was given to her and mixing its content after asking Marill to use water gun on it. The elderly sighed before turning to grin the herbs in front of her. Although she has been quite antagonistic to the three trainers, she was disappointed with the fact that the girl didn't have an answer to her question. Maybe it was because of the fact that they were starting to grow on her that it made her want to try and believe in them even if it was just a little. But, alas, it seems as if she was asking for a lot. Then again, considering her grade, perhaps the question was-

"Maybe... by trying to be the exception." – muttered Lyra while concentrating on the task at hand.

Perhaps if she wasn't so focused on the mix, she would have realized that the elderly stopped doing her own work to look at the girl.

"To try to be... the exception?" – thought the elderly.

Ash was walking around the village to see what he could do to help. Maybe someone could benefit from his presence with some repairs, or probably going to gather some wood. Then he suddenly heard grunts and people saying 'be careful' or 'please just stay still'. Ash decided to follow the noise and then he and Pikachu found themselves in an open area where multiple Pokémon and people that seemed to be treating them. He looked around until he found the source of the noise. A group of no more than five were surrounding a male Nidoran whom look badly injured with a nasty bit mark on his left side.

Ash quickly approached to where they were to see what was happening. – "What's wrong?" – he asked.

"It's this Nidoran. He's injured pretty badly but because of the fact that he's still probably in shock he attacks everyone that gets close to him." –explained one of the men.

"And how bad is it?" – asked the trainer.

"It could get infected badly of we don't act quickly." – answered another one of the men. – "We have this ointment to apply to the bite, but we can't get in close."

"Maybe I can try to calm him down or even distract him so that one of you could get in close and apply the ointment?" –proposed Ash.

"Are you crazy kid? That's way too dangerous for you to do. Besides, we've already tried it before and it didn't work." – said one of the men.

"Wait, I think he's onto something." – said another man.

"Are you out of your mind? I'm not putting a kid's wellbeing on the line because of an idea that didn't work ten minutes ago." –replied the man.

"Look, I know it's risky, but hear me out. I think the reason it didn't work before was because we all were way too close to him. Maybe if he's the only one that he sees close by he'll calm down."

"You think that'll work?"

"Well, the kid's face is a bit friendlier than ours."

"... You sure you still want to do this kid?"

"Don't worry, Pikachu and I can do this. Right buddy?"

"Pi! Pikachu!"

The men looked among each other and started to back away slowly. Ash then started to approach the poison type while raising his hands. Pikachu did the same while also trying to calm Nidoran alongside Ash.

"Hey, buddy." –he said with Nidoran taking a more defensive stand. – "Hey its ok, we're not going to hurt you. Right Pikachu?"

"Pika." – said Pikachu as he nodded.

Their approach was slow and combined with Ash and Pikachu's soft and comforting way of talking. Nidoran began to calm down and started to approach the young trainer and the electric type. Not that far from there, another poison type looked at the events unfolding with curiosity. The rest of the men started to move too. At the very least slow enough not to scare the small purple Pokémon. Unfortunately, one of the men ended up stepping on a branch, snapping it and startling the Nidoran.

In a panic, Nidoran tackled Ash to the ground, however the raven-haired boy managed to grab a hold of the poison type, worrying the grown men. – "I got him!" – he said.

"Quick, apply the ointment!" – shouted one of the men.

Nodding, one of the men approached Ash and Nidoran and applied the ointment on the bite area. At first, the purple Pokémon struggled to free himself from the boy's grasp even more than before. His injury (or at least the one that was more worrisome) started to sting even more than before, but luckily the pain started to diminish. The Pokémon stopped struggling and after he seemed to be calmer than before, Ash gently set the poison type on the ground.

"Hey kid, are you alright?" – asked one of the men.

"Yeah, no need to worry. He didn't tackle me that hard." – answered Ash.

"You're not poison, are you?" – asked another man.

"Should I?"

"Probably? You see, Nidoran has an ability called Poison Point. In simple terms, there's around a 30% chance of being poison by making direct contact with the skin of a Pokémon with this ability." – he explained. – "Usually, abilities like that are only active when the Pokémon is battling. But in case of stressful situations, they'll activate it even without realizing it."

"Wow, I didn't know that. Still, don't worry I'm ok." – stated Ash.

"That's good to hear. Anyway, thanks kid."

"Is there anything else that you need help with?" – asked Ash.

"Well, there are still some Pokémon that need to be treated. If you could please lend a hand that would be great kid." – said one of the grown-ups.

"Sure, what do you say Pikachu. Ready to help some more?" – asked Ash.

"Pi ka Pika!" – he replied.


The group all turned and saw Bulbasaur looking at Ash. The adults suddenly tensed up, while it is true that the grass/poison type has grown to tolerate the villagers, they feared that he would do something to the newcomer. Then, something caught their eyes. Next to Bulbasaur was an injures Oddish, the small grass type looked scared, hiding behind the Kanto starter.

The other men were about to get in close, but stopped when they saw Bulbasaur glare at them. He then turned to Ash, staring at him for a full minute before turning to the Oddish behind him.

"Bulba Bulbasaur." – he said before he started to walk away with the small Oddish following him behind. He suddenly stopped and turned to Ash. – "Bulbasaur, Bulba."

Ash looked around him before pointing at himself. – "You want me to go with you?" – he asked.

Bulbasaur nodded before walking away. Ash looked at the other men whom all where just as confused as him. He then turned to Pikachu before walking in the direction Bulbasaur was taking Oddish.

"You think the kid will be alright?" – asked one of the men.

"Don't know. But just in case, we should probably get the ladder."

"Agreed." – they said at the same time.

In another part of the forest, away from the mysterious Hidden Village a group of two adults dressed in matching outfits and a talking Meowth were currently working on some sort of giant gizmo

"With this bad boy, we'll catch all of those Pokémon without a problem!" – said Jessie.

"Are you really sure they won't be able to fight back?" – asked James.

"Don't worry, the place is full of weaken Pokémon and I saw no trainer there." – said Meowth.

"Just you guys wait when the boss sees all the Pokémon we've caught for him! I'm sure we'll receive some sort of raise or even a promotion!" – said Jessie with excitement.

"And that's without counting the twerp's Pikachu! No doubt he'll make us Rocket Admins for that! Or maybe even put us in charge of his personal black ops unit!" – said James.

"Oh, I like that idea! I'll like to see the expression of that four eyes when that happens!"

"We can kick her out alongside that stupid Persian! But before that, we'll catch all of those Pokémon. Are you with me?!"

"Yes!" – they said.

"Done!" – said James, finishing to assemble the las part of the machine.

"Well then, what are we waiting for? Let's catch some Pokémon for team Rocket!" – said Jessie.

Her teammates nodded and soon, they all started to head towards the Hidden Village.

"I see you're doing alright by yourself." – said Brock, while carrying a large bag of Pokémon food.

"Well, Bulbasaur helped me." – said Ash.

"I thought he didn't like people yet look at you. You're practically buddies now." – said Lyra with Marill nodding.

"I wouldn't go that far yet. At least four times did he looked like he wanted to throw me to a tree."

"He's a stubborn one Ash, don't worry." – they suddenly heard.

Turning around, they saw Melanie walking alongside her grandmother. – "I'll give you the credit you deserve kid. You've done more progress impressing that stubborn walking lettuce than anyone in the village." – said the elderly woman.

"I agree with grandma. By the way, it's almost lunch time and the villagers were wondering if you could cook that stew again Brock." – said Melanie.

"I don't mind." – he said.

"You know, one of these days I'll make you spill the recipe of that stew." – declared the old woman.

"Maybe we can make an exchange. I'll give you the recipe if you tell me how you make that special medicine." – suggested Brock, scaring both Pikachu and Marill.

"Nice try. You're very cunning I give you that, but as I said before that's a family secret." –replied Melanie's grandmother.

"Worth I shot." – he said putting the bag of food down. – "Well, if they're as hungry as they were yesterday then I should get started."

As they started to walk towards the dining area the elderly pulled Ash away from the group for a small talk. – "I want to ask you something kid." –she said.

"What is it?"

"... Your Pokémon, what are they to you?" – she asked.

"My Pokémon?" – he replied with the elderly nodding. – "Well, they're my friends of course."

"Could you consider them family perhaps?" – she asked.

"Well, I know that we've only been together for little over a week. But that really doesn't sound bad. I like the idea to be honest." –he replied with a smile.

"What about Brock and Lyra, do you consider them family too?" – she asked once more.

"I guess I could see them like that. I've always wanted to have siblings." – he said, his smile never leaving his face.

"And would you trade them away if you could get your way?"

"Well, of course I'll... wait, what did you say?" – asked Ash confused by the question.

"If you could get your way, if in order to achieve that which you wish the most. If someone were to tell you that you could have all of that in exchange of their friendship, would you do it?" –she asked.

"I, no! Why would I ever do that?!" – he asked, a bit angry.

"Humans are selfish in nature. Put them in a situation in which they have to choose between themselves and others and that's when their true nature will show up."

"Well, I'm telling you that I would never do that!" – said Ash.

"And what about them? What if they were to turn their backs on you?" – she asked.

"They would never do that!"

"How can you be sure; you've only known them for a little over a week."

"I just know!"

"You just know? Well, for your own wellbeing I hope you're correct." – she said as the boy turned to walk away. He was obviously angry and she knew it. Unknowingly to her, a certain grass type heard the whole conversation and wonder.

Meanwhile back at the dining area Brock was already getting started on preparing his stew. Lyra and Melanie were preparing the big table for everyone. Ash arrived sometime later and started to help in any way he could, trying to push away the thoughts of his recent conversation to the side. Once Brock was done, Melanie called for everyone to sit at the table. Ash decided to eat alongside his friends, his Pokémon were also eating near their trainer accompanied by the Pokémon of Lyra and even Brock's. Melanie's grandmother decided to allow him to have his Pokémon back so that they could join him for lunch and dinner.

To the surprise of many, Bulbasaur decided to eat closer to the villagers. More specifically, close to a certain raven-haired boy and his Pokémon. Pikachu and his teammates all welcomed Bulbasaur with open arms and tried to have some sort of small talk with him. And although he did interact with them a bit, Bulbasaur was mainly looking at the human that was the trainer of said group of Pokémon.

The elderly was paying very close attention to it, more than any other person present. She was aware of Bulbasaur's nature. He was without a shadow of a doubt the most stubborn Pokémon she has ever met, yet this kid somehow managed to obtained the Pokémon's interest even more so than Melanie. This lot of trainers are different from the once she has had the displeasure of meeting. They seemed to be more... honest, truer to themselves. They seemed more genuine than those other trainers. Either they were the greatest liars in the world or they were truly kind people.

Ash as always shared some of his food with his Pokémon, even sharing some with Bulbasaur. The grass type warily took it and to his surprise it was really good. Pikachu approached him, trying to convince him that if he were to add some ketchup it will taste even better. Naturally, both Piedgotto and Butterfree intervene and dragged the electric mouse away from the grass type. One ketchup maniac was already enough, they didn't need nor wanted another one.

Ash and the gang chuckled at that before continuing to eat again. They all had small talk with the rest of the villagers. Brock tried to flirt with a few of the girls there, but before he could Bulbasaur smacked him in the back of the head. The fact that Melanie's grandmother was also looking at him warily was more than enough reason for him to not do that for the time being.

"I got to say Brock, this is the most delightful stew I have ever tasted it!" – said one of the mothers of the table.

"You're right Mirai, how did you become such an amazing cook?" – asked another one of the mothers.

"Oh, I just had some practice, it's nothing special really." – said Brock, a small blush appearing in his face.

"You're pretty modest kid. Any chance you could share your secrets with my wife?" – asked one of the men.

"Mine too!" – said another one.

"Don't forget about us!"

"If he won't share the recipe with me then none of you are allowed to know it either!" – said the elderly.

Melanie laughed at her grandmother's reaction, but she suddenly heard something. Soon, everyone else also heard it too and when they all turned to where the sound came from, they all saw... a giant flying stadium?

"Is that-"

"A giant baseball stadium?" – said Ash, finishing Lyra's sentence.

"... You know Brock, on second thought you can keep your stew recipe I think it's making me see things." – said the elderly.

"What exactly are we looking at?" – asked Melanie.

"If she asks us this or that..."

"The pity of the world is what responds!"

"That sounds awfully familiar." – said Brock, as his Pokémon all started to get into a fighting position.

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all people within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"



"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"Mewoth! That's right!"

"Team Rocket!" – shouted both Ash and Brock, looking at the criminals standing on top of the giant stadium.

"Do you guys know them?" – asked Lyra.

"Ash has some history with them. I personally met them when they attacked my Gym back at Pewter city." – explained Brock.

"Oh, so I guess they're the bad guys then." – she said.

"Hey look, the twerps are here! And they even have a new twerpette tagging along!" – said Mewoth, shocking every single one of the villagers.

"Who are you calling a twerpette!" – shouted Lyra.

"Marill Ma!" – shouted Marill as well.

"I'll like to see ya try, ya round furball!" –replied Meowth.

"It's the talking Meowth! See, we told you we were serious!" – said Mr. Shin.

"I... wow." – was the only thing Melanie could say.

"Oh, hi guys! Thanks for patching me up, that boulder definitely did a number on me!" – said Meowth.

"Boulder?... You mean to tell me that someone actually got hurt because of my detour?!" – shouted Melanie.

"So you were the one that put all of those traps!" – shouted Jessie.

"I'm sorry! I got carried away when making those ones." – explained Melanie.


"We're going to talk about this when all of... whatever this is, is over." – said Melanie's grandmother.

"Yes ma'am." – said Melanie.

"Now, now Jessie. Let's not lose focus of what we came here for." –said James, trying to calm his partner.

"That's right, we came here to catch some Pokémon." – said Meowth.

"Hey, is that how you repay us?!" – shouted Mr. Shudo.

"It's nothing personal really. It's just business." – he replied.

"But you're a Pokémon too!" – said a woman.

"Hey, every mon for themselves."

"Of course, you can always give the Pokémon willingly so no one gets hurt. What do you say?" – asked James.

"What do I say you ask? I have guided this village for over forty years. If you think I'm going to bend the knee to two jokesters dressed in such ridiculous manner then you're crazier than I am!" – shouted the village leader.

"Jokesters?!" – said James as if he had just been insulted (which he was).

"How dare you! This is the proud uniform of team Rocket!" – shouted Jessie.

"Any clown dressed like that belongs in the circus as far as I'm concern." – she replied.

"Why you old hag! That's it, we're taking all of your Pokémon whether you like it or not!" – shouted Jessie.

Just then, Ash and company all got into fighting positions. – "As if we would let you do that!"

"Ash's right you guys are going to leave this place with a big contrution and that's final!" – said Lyra.

"It's actually concussion but the point still stands!" – said Brock.

"Bulbasaur!" – said the grass type, gaining the full attention of the thieves.

"Hey guys look, that's a Bulbasaur! They're really hard to find in the wild!" – said the talking Pokémon.

"Lucky us, the twerpette also has Johto native Pokémon. It's almost as if we had just won the lottery." – said Jessie.

"Meowth, could you do us the honor?" – asked James.

"With pleasure!" – he said, pulling a remote controller and pressing a button in it.

Suddenly, some kind of tubes sprouted from the flying stadium. The villagers and trainers were all confused, but quickly started to panic when they saw said tubes starting to suck everything in sight. The villagers grabbed a hold of all the small and injured Pokémon they could and made a run for it. The few that were being sucked away were saved by Ash and the gang. Both Butterfree and Piedgotto flew by, catching all the Pokémon and setting them somewhere safer before going back to continue saving Pokémon. Spinarak shot multiple silk threads that attached themselves on the other Pokémon that neither flying types could catch on time. Ash, Lyra and Brock, alongside the aid of Houndour, Geodude and Graveler all took as many threads as they could and started to pull the small creatures back on the ground.

Bulbasaur was also setting multiple Pokémon on the ground while also attacking the multiple hoses alongside Onix, Pikachu and Marill. From rock throw to thunderbolt to water gun to even vine whip. The three trained Pokémon as well as the wild grass type were successful in keeping the massive machine at bay. Once all the injured and frightened Pokémon were somewhere safer the rest of the gang all joined in the fight.

Each and every single one of them with the help of the instructions and warnings of the three humans all started to deal with the hoses from the machine. Piedgotto and Butterfree both used tackle and wing attack to swap the hoses. Graveler and Geodude started to grab the chairs as well as the table where the humans were eating, throwing them at the same spot as where Onix was hurling massive boulders. Spinarak, despite being in a position in which he really wouldn't be of much help as the others used string shot in hopes of hindering the movements of the hoses as Pikachu, Marill and Houndour all used thunderbolt, water gun and ember on them. Even Bulbasaur was using aa combination of razor leaf to attack the hoses from the distance and whenever they got in too close, he changed to vine whip to smack them away. To no one's surprise this infuriated the thieves to no end.

"Meowth! Do something, those annoying pests are ruining our chance to catch Pokémon!" – she ordered the bipedal cat.

"What does it look like I'm trying to do?!" – he replied, pressing more buttons in the controller on his paws.

Alongside a few hoses that appeared to compensate for the damaged ones, a few claw-like appendixes appeared to attack the Pokémon fighting back and even the trainers that were interfering with their plans. Luckily for them, they were quick reacting to the claws coming their way, dodging them before retaliating. Well, almost everyone.

A claw approached the small grass type from his blind spot. Bulbasaur would have been stroke down if not for the intervention of a raven-haired boy. Without thinking, Ash threw himself at the small dual type Pokémon. Grabbing him and getting out of the way in the nick of time, his Pokémon all saw this and enraged concentrated attacked the machine with even more ferocity than before.

"Are you alright?" – asked Ash at the grass type.

The grass type looked at the human with widen eyes. He could have got hurt really bad if he had been stroked by the metal claw, yet he still went out of his way to risk his wellbeing for him. Bulbasaur nodded to the human before he got back to his own feet. Another metal claw went towards them but the grass and poison type managed to use vine whip to stop it dead on its tracks. While fighting back the metal claw, he also used razor leaf to try and get rid of it. Team Rocket laughed at the grass types efforts for they believed it was futile, but their mockery stopped once they saw some razor leaves hit one of the articulations, successfully disposing of the metallic claw.

Seeing this, Brock took a long analytic look at the machinery before commanding his Pokémon. – "Onix, use rock throw where the hoses meet the stadium! Graveler, Geodude, use mega punch on the articulations of those claws!"

The three Pokémon all obeyed their trainer, obeying his instructions and attacking at where they were instructed. The metal claws came apart when Geodude and Graveler hit the joints, falling apart as if they were a house of cards. As for Onix, he stroked the part of the flying machine that connected it to one of the hoses. After the attacked one of the hoses disattached itself from the machine, rendering completely useless.

"Guys, hit the joints and connections, that's where they are more vulnerable!" – said Brock.

Both Ash and Lyra nodded and told their Pokémon to follow the rock types' lead. Butterfree and Spinarak both used silk shot to try and slow down the movements of the arms, allowing Piedgotto, Graveler and Geodude to use mega punch and wing attack on the arms' joints. Pikachu and Onix both attacked the connections between the machine and the hoses with rock throw and thunderbolt respectably. Marill used water gun on an arm that was approaching him and although he was successful in slowing it down, it wasn't enough to stop it. Luckily for the blue fairy Houndour was quick enough to use ember on the arm's joints tearing it down. Marill looked at his teammate and gave him a thumbs up, to which Houndour nodded before the two of them rejoin the fight.

"They're beating us!" – said James.

"I can see that!" – replied Meowth.

"Then do something!" – ordered Jessie.

"What do you think I'm doing"

"Forget it! Ekans, use bite!" – shouted Jessie, throwing a pokeball.

"Koffing, use tackle!" – ordered James, throwing a pokeball as well.

From the two spheres came the two poison types, ready to battle. Ekans launched itself at Houndour with his jaws wide open but before he could bite into the dark type Marill tackle the snake midair before hitting him with water gun. As for Koffing he was trying to tackle Pikachu, but the electric type evaded every single one of the poison type's attempts. When Koffin tried to hit Pikachu once again the electric type jumped on top of him, using him as a platform to jump even further before using thunderbolt on him. The two poison types then were sent crashing into each other.

"What are you doing Ekans?! Are you really going to let that walking blue ball treat you like that?!"

"Come on Koffing! Show that yellow mouse who's boss!"

"Oh, we'll show you who's boss, right Ash?" – asked Lyra.

"You bet we'll do!" – he replied – "Want to go first?"

"Why thank you." – she said before looking at her Pokémon. – "Spinarak, use string shot! Houndour, use tackle!"

The two nodded, following the command of their trainer. Spinarak used silk shot on the Rocket Pokémon, covering them in a sticky silk that immobilize them completely. Once the green bug type was done Houndour rushed in tackling them both and sending them flying. The two then fell face first in front of the giant flying machine. Lyra then turned to her friend.

"You're up." – she said with Ash nodding.

"Piedgotto, Butterfree! Use gust!" – shouted Ash.

The two nodded and soon enough the two flying types started to flap their wings. The two generated so much air with such power that they sent a powerful air stream towards Koffing and Ekans. The force of the attack was more than enough to send the two Rocket Pokémon straight into the air and crashing into the two adults that were currently on top of the flying stadium.

"Ekans, are you really going to let those twerps treat you like this?!"

"Come on Koffing, I know you can squash those pests!" – said James as he and his partner tried to encourage their unconscious Pokémon. – "Meowth, a little help would be nice!"

"I'm trying but the controllers ain't responding!"

"Could it be because both the houses and metal claws are no longer functional?" – asked Brock.

"Oh yeah, that could- wait what?!" – he shouted.

In front of them, they could see how all of the houses as well as all the metallic claws have all been dealt with. They all suddenly became worried, looking at the group of trainers with a nervous smile.

"Could we, maybe talk this through over a cup of tea?" – asked Jessie.

"What do you say guys?" – asked Brock to his two companions.

"Why don't we let Bulbasaur decide what to do?" – said Ash, looking at the grass starter.

"Saur!" – he shouted, preparing to attack.

"You heard the mon!" – said Lyra.

"Alright then, let's do this together then. Onix, use rock throw!"

"Pikachu, use thunderbolt!"

"Marill, water gun!"

The three Pokémon all shot their attacks and accompanied by the razor leaves of Bulbasaur, all four attacks crashed into the giant machine. Upon impact a colossal explosion destroyed the machine, sending the members of team Rocket sky fly.

"Those meddling twerps ruined our plans!"

"And after all the trouble we went to build that thing!"

"I prefer a boulder over this any day of da week!"



"I have a feeling this will become something routinely for us." – said Brock.

"I hope not, I can't see myself doing this more than once." – said Lyra.

"Marill." – said the blue mouse.

"Well, I'm actually already getting used to it." – said Ash.

"Pika, Pikachu." – nodded the electric rodent.

"Are you guys alright?!" – they all heard.

Turning back, they all saw the Melanie, her grandmother, as well as some of the villagers coming back.

"Don't worry Melanie. We already took care of them." – said Lyra.

"Could have tried to make less of a mess you know." – said Melanie's grandmother, looking at the disaster in front of her.



"That's no way to thank people." – told Melanie to her grandmother.

"I'm just pointing things up." – she replied. – "How about instead of yelling at me you go and pick a broom to clean this mess. And the same goes for all of you too." – she told the villagers.

"Yes ma'am." – they replied.

"We'll help too." – said Ash.

"No you won't." – said the elderly sternly before smiling at the trio of trainers and their Pokémon. – "You problematic lot have already picked enough of our slack. We're not that helpless you know."

The trio smiled and nodded, just for today will they stand by.

It didn't take the villagers long to clean up the area. While it was definitely quite the mess, the fact that they were many allowed them to wrapped things off quickly. Ash, Brock and Lyra all treated their Pokémon and even played a little with them. Pikachu, Butterfree and Piedgotto all decided to invite Bulbasaur to play with them. The grass starter, surprising everyone agreed and played with the trained Pokémon. More specifically, with the Pokémon of the Pallet town boy. Not only the elder, but the entire village saw this with shock. Ever since he arrived, the small grass type always acted cold and distant towards everyone. Even Melanie, the most charismatic person in the whole village could only do so much. Yet this kid, this trainer as well as his friends managed to grew closer to him than the entire village has in the months.

Seeing him play with the group of travelers, it was faint, but one could see that he was truly enjoying himself. Even more so than any of them had seen before. Seeing what she once believed to be impossible, the village leader called the grass type. She wanted to speak with him in private. Bulbasaur didn't knew what she wanted, but decided to go and see what was on the elder's mind. After no more than five, ten minutes max, the elder and the grass type return.

"Tell me Ash, would you like to battle Bulbasaur?" – she asked, shocking everyone, including Ash and his friends.

"You're serious?" – he asked.

"I wouldn't say such thing if I wasn't serious. Although, whatever your answer may be, don't tell it to me, but to him." – she said, pointing at the Kanto starter.

Ash locked eyes with the small Pokémon, and as he kneeled to be closer to his height he asked. – "Can I really battle you Bulbasaur?" – the small grass type nodded, bringing a smile on Ash and company. – "Then I hope you're ready, because friends or not we're not going easy on you, right gang?" – he asked, with his whole team all giving a battle cry in agreement.

"Bulbasaur!" – shouted the grass type, getting pump for the battle.

After the area was clear, Bulbasaur stood face to face against Ash and Pikachu. The rest of the gang all cheered for their friend, while Melanie and the rest of the villagers all rooted for the grass type. It wasn't a surprise, but what both Melanie and Brock found surprising was the fact that the village leader was not saying a word. She was completely silent, and carefully looking at the two fighters.

"Alright, we'll take the first move! Pikachu, use tackle!" – said Ash.

"Pika!" – replied the electric mouse as he run towards the grass type.

"Bulba!" – shouted Bulbasaur, preparing himself.

Just as Pikachu was about a meter or two away from Bulbasaur, the grass type side-stepped to the left. Dodging the attack and countering with a tackle of his own, which he landed perfectly. Pikachu was sent backwards a couple of meters away from the grass type and before he could recover completely Bulbasaur grabbed him using vine whip. He then raised Pikachu into the air, spinning him a couple of times before slamming him hard on the ground.

"Man, Bulbasaur sure isn't holding back." – said Lyra.

"Stubborn Pokémon sometimes are like that." – said Brock. – "Although it's kind of surprising to see that Bulbasaur is this strong."

"Maybe so, but I'm sure Ash and Pikachu can pull through this." – she said before placing her hands around her mouth to amplify her voice. – "Come on Ash and Pikachu! You can win this!" – she shouted as her Pokémon alongside Ash's all started to root for them.

"Hey look, the kid has some cheering squad going on." – said one of the villagers.

"Well then, we can't fall back can we? Come on Bulbasaur, show them the strength of the Hidden Village!" – shouted another villager with the rest soon following. Yet the village leader still remained silent.

"Bulbasaur sure is quick. Let's see if he can dodge this, Pikachu, use thunderbolt!" – shouted Ash.

"Pika" – said the electric mouse as he jumped into the air. – "Pikaaaaaa, CHUUUUU!" – shouted Pikachu as he released his attack at the grass type.

Bulbasaur narrowly avoided the electric attack before countering with razor leaf. A barrage of leaves was then shot towards Pikachu whom, at the command of Ash, started to dodge. At first it was going well, but unfortunately for the mouse Pokémon the leaves soon started to become faster and faster. He tried to move out of the way, but unfortunately managed to make contact on his shoulder, messing up his rhythm and letting the rest of the leaves to land on him.

Pikachu was then hurled backwards, landing on his back and really hurt. Ash started to grow a bit worried, he knew that Bulbasaur was tough, but not this tough. He wasn't also expecting him to be this fast either. As he was thinking this, he saw Bulbasaur charging at Pikachu with tackle. Both Ash and Pikachu greeted their teeth, if only they were either stronger or faster, even if just by a little bit.

Then, before tackle could connect, a pinkish aura surrounded Pikachu as he evaded the attack on the nick of time. The villagers as well as the two rookies didn't know what was that, however Brock knew exactly what kind of move that was.

"Pikachu just learned agility." –he said, gaining the attention.

"What's that? Those it make him good at gymnastics or something?" – asked Lyra.

"Not really, it's a psychic type move that increases the users overall speed. Right now, Pikachu is even faster than before." – corrected Brock.

"Alright, you learned a new move! Isn't that awesome Pikachu?" – asked Ash with excitement.

"Pika!" – he replied.

"Well the, let's put it to good use. Pikachu, agility again!"

"Pikachu!" – he responded, generating yet again the pinkish aura that increased his speed.

Bulbasaur was not done though, trying to use tackle yet again. However just like before, Pikachu was successful in narrowly avoiding the attack once more. Ash noticed this, despite the boost in speed, the grass type was still about the same level of speed.

"Pikachu, use agility again and then tackle!" – said Ash.

Once more, a pinkish aura surrounded the electric rodent. After which, he charged at the grass type. Although Bulbasaur tried to dodge it, Pikachu managed to land the blow, sending the Kanto started backwards a few meters. Upon stopping, Bulbasaur sprouted to vin whips from his bulb and used them to try and strike Pikachu. The electric type was however, successful in avoiding the attack over and over again, yet he still felt pressured. Sooner or later one of those vine whips was gonna land and it would hurt a lot.

"Jumped backwards again and then use thunderbolt!" – said the Pallet town boy.

He nodded, dodging yet another vine whip before using thunderbolt on Bulbasaur. The grass type tried to dodge yet again, but the bolt was even faster than before. It landed perfectly, sending the grass type flying.

"Now tackle!"

Before Bulbasaur could land on the ground, Pikachu ram himself at him. Sending him to the ground with a loud THUD.

"Way to go Ash!" –shouted Brock.

"Yeah, you're doing great!" – said Lyra.

"Marill Ma!" – said Marill as the rest of the Pokémon all started to support their friend too.

"What are you waiting for, catch him while you can!" – said... the village leader?

As one, everyone turned to her. Did they hear right?

"Grandma... are you-"

"Did you not hear me?" – she asked.

"You...want me to catch him?" – asked Ash.

"That's what I said."

"As in... you know... throwin-"

"Throwing the pokeball yes I know. What is it with you kid, don't tell me that you're a trainer and yet you don't know one of the most basics of things!" – said the elderly woman. Ash then pulled an empty pokeball and pointed at it. – "Just throw the damn ball already!" –she shouted.

Pikachu and Ash both looked at each other, the two of them still had their doubts, but ultimately did the deed. Ash enlarged the pokeball before throwing it at the Kanto starter. It hit the grass type in the head before absorbing him inside. Landing on the ground it shook once, then again and again, then...


Ash and Pikachu both rushed as fast as they could. Standing next to the red and white sphere. Ash picked the object carefully and then looked at Pikachu before the two of them grew wide smiles each other.

"Alright!" –he shouted alongside his partner as the two got up. – "We caught a Bulbasaur!"

"Pi, Pik Pika!" – shouted Pikachu, joining his trainer in his celebration.

Both Brock and Lyra, as well as their Pokémon all got up and ran towards their friend to congratulate him as well. The villagers, including Melanie were all shocked, the same Bulbasaur that once threw every human on sight to the cup of the nearest tree has just been caught. Allowed by the same smiling woman that once loathed trainers to no end. Speaking of her, she got up and started to walk towards the group of trainers.

"Let him out so that he can eat this." – she said, handing Ash a round pill that sent chills to the Pokémon present.

Ash took it, scaring the Pokémon even further. He then let Bulbasaur out, whom look at the raven-haired boy. – "She told me to give you this." – he said, handing him the pill.

Pikachu and the rest of the Pokémon all tried to stop him from eating the pill. Warning him that there were better ways to recover. However, the grass type paid them no heed. Taking the pill and eating it, shocking all of the Pokémon. What was even more shocking to them, was the fact that after eating it, he looked at Ash and smiled.

Did he... liked it?

"This stubborn walking lettuce is one of the few living creatures that I know that actually likes the taste of the energy root and anything derived from it." – explained the elder as she turned to the electric mouse. – "I have more if you want you know."

Pikachu, scared of the root as if it was the plague itself ran to hide behind Ash's leg. Bulbasaur may like that thing but there was no way he would eat that.

"That's odd, I thought that Pokémon wouldn't like the taste of it by what Ash's book said." – mentioned Lyra.

"Truthfully, this is the first time I've seen a Pokémon who actually likes it." – said Brock.

"What a strange fellow was what I always said to describe him." – said Melanie before turning to her grandma. – "Say grandma, why did you told him to catch Bulbasaur?"

"Well, isn't it obvious? They're going to need a guide navigating these woods if they hope not to die by one of your death traps." – replied the elderly.

Melanie blushed for a bit before really understanding her grandmother's words. – "Wait grandma... you mean to tell me..."

"Look at him." – she said, signaling to the grass type. – "He's been here for so long, but always remaining silent and lonely. Yet when this boy and his friends arrived, he started to act different. He's become a bit more social, he's started to smile a bit more. Heck, he was just playing with other Pokémon and went out of his way to eat near not only a human, but a trainer. This is probably the best for him."

Everyone remained silent, letting her words sink in. Ash, then turned towards the smiling grass type, he then knelt to be closer to his height. Locking eyes with one another, Ash simply asked him a question.

"You really want to come with me?" – he asked.

"Bulba Bulbasaur!" – he replied, extending a vine from his bulb and placing it in front of his new trainer.

"Ash, I think he wants to shake your hand." – said Lyra.

The Pallet town boy looked at the grass type and smile, accepting the handshake. – "Welcome to the gang buddy!" – he said, with Pikachu and the rest of his team greeting him all in a happy manner. He then turned towards the village leader. – "I don't know how to thank you."

"Oh please Ash, it is us who should-"

"There is one way you could thank me." – interrupted the elder.

"Grandma!" – yelled Melanie with the rest of the village soon joining in the protest.

"Oh quiet!" – she snapped back before turning to not only Ash, but the rest of the group. – "Be the exception."

Her words all confused everyone present. Lyra too, was surprised by her words before remembering her previous conversation. Then, she simply smiled.

"I still stand by what I said. Humans, especially trainers are all a selfish lot. But you three are somehow different, you could have tried to capture Pokémon in spite of my protest, you could have left this place any moment you wanted. Yet, you all decided to remain here, you help us out and even stood by our side in our time of need. So, as long as you three remain on that path, as long as you three keep true to yourselves and remain the exception, then you'll always have the support of this village." – she said, smiling at the group of adventurers whom all smiled back.

"We'll do ma'am." – said Lyra.

"And stop calling me ma'am. I already have this runt over here to remind me of how old I am." – said the elderly, while pointing at Melanie. – "Just call me by my name, Midori Mori."

"Very well Midori." – said Brock.

"Oh, before I forget, here Brock." – said Midori, handing the ex-gym leader a book. – "You wanted to know how I made my medicine, right? This is a copy of the manuscript that details everything that I know."

The people present and Pokémon present all had different reactions to this. On one hand Melanie and the villagers were all surprised to see that Midori would share her secrets to an outsider, Brock was static, this could very well help him in his goal of becoming the best Pokémon doctor there is. Ash and Lyra both felt happy for their friend. As for the Pokémon... well, Pikachu had to console Marill by telling him that everything would be alright.

Then, Brock remembered that Midori once said that this was a family secret. Now, it may be a stretch, but he wanted to seize the opportunity before it was too late. As if reading his mind, Midori's expression became sterner.

"Don't get the wrong idea Brock, I don't see you nor do I want to see you like that. You're more like that annoying nephew that drives everyone crazy on every family reunion." – said Midori.

"Well, I really don't see Brock like that..." – said Melanie.

"You don't?" – asked Brock with hope.

"Not really... Brock, in the short time we've met each other you've been nothing but kind. You're a good listener and very understandable, you... you are..." –said Melanie, giving Bock hopes beyond imagination while worrying Midori. – "You are like the brother I always wanted!"


Brock suddenly heard his heart. Melanie, Ash and Lyra were all smiling while Midori was fighting the urges to laugh out loud. The villagers all felt bad for the doctor in training while the rock types that belonged to the ex-gym leader all sighed. Well, better luck next time they thought.

"I'm... excuse me?" – asked Brock, praying that he heard wrong.

"Well, the way you talk, your caring nature and well, you may sometimes be a little odd. But you're exactly what I thought a big brother would be!" – said Melanie, breaking Brock's heart even further.

"Oh, how sweet!" – said Lyra.

"Looks like you now have another sibling Brock!" – said Ash.

"But I didn't want another sibling!" – thought Brock.

"I hope you don't mind if I see you like my big brother Brock." – said Melanie.

"N-no of course not! It's great!" – said Brock with pain that only the adults could hear.

"Well, I gave you my medicine secrets now hand over that recipe of yours!" – demanded Midori.

"Wait, he's giving his recipe? I want to hear it too!" – said one of the men.

"Me too!"

"Same here!"

"Honey quick, go fetch a notebook and a pen!"

After sharing the recipe of his stew, as well as other dishes of his, Brock and the gang were all ready to leave the village after Midori told them in which direction Vermillion city was. Before leaving she told Ash one final thing.

"Ash, please take care of that walking lettuce the same way I know he'll take care of you." – she asked.

"You have my word Midori!" – he said before waving them all goodbye.

As the trio walk through the woods accompanied by their ever so fateful Pokémon, as well as the new addition of Bulbasaur Brock remembered something about their encounter with team Rocket.

"Hey Lyra, I have a question for you." – he told the Johto native.

"Shoot." – she said.

"Back when we were facing team Rocket I noticed that you didn't seemed to be fazed by their Meowth talking. Have you by any chance encounter something similar to that in your time in Johto?" – asked the rock type specialist.

"... Wait, that Meowth was talking?!" – she asked with a shock face and widen eyes.

After hearing her answer Brock almost fell to the ground. Did she seriously not notice that the Pokémon was talking in in an accent?

Ash simply laughed at the interaction between his friends, turning to the Kanto starter and smiling.

"This is how we tend to be in occasions. Hope that doesn't bother you." – he said.

Although the Bulbasaur didn't seemed to mind for the moment. Truth be told, he was curious as how all of this will go. Keeping on their way towards Vermillion city, our heroes had gained a new comrade. What new adventures awaits them?

As the journey continues...

Sorry for the delay, but better late than ever, right?

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