Pokemon Ash and the Dex Holders: Kanto @oanglalie
Chapter 1: The Dex Holders

Chapter 1: The Dex Holders

Pocket Monsters, or Pokemon for short.

Strange creatures that inhabit the planet alongside mankind, these mysterious creatures can be found all thru ought the world. They can be found living in the forest and jungles, from the hottest deserts to the coldest tundra, flying among the clouds, and swimming in the oceans. From the deepest of caves to the busiest of streets, these wonderful beings are truly all over the place.

And of course, it is also common to see them interacting with humans. Whether it's at their homes, their jobs, or even, on the battlefield. In many regions, it is common to see both humans and pokemon playing together, eating together, working together, training together, fighting together, and above all else, growing together. These kinds of people are called Pokemon Trainers.

In various parts of the world, when a child reaches the age of 10, they can obtain their licenses as pokemon trainers and, if they wish to, can start their journey to try and achieve their dreams to be the very best, like no one ever was. To take on the Gym Leaders and the multiple trainers that roam the roads, it is an experience that many hope to do, and for these 4 children, it´s no different.

It was an early morning in Pallet Town.

The sun shined on the roof of each house as the dodrio sang their song.

Parents were about to go to work and children were preparing for yet another school day. All, but four 10-year old kids, that were about to start their own journey as Pokemon trainers and one of those trainers, had woken up almost 2 hours ago.

"Okay, do you think we should do another check-up? You know, to make sure we don´t forget anything." - said a kid with black spiky hair, light brown eyes, and white skin. He was wearing a sleeveless red jacket, a black T-shirt underneath and blue jeans.

"Poli Poliwhirl" - said a rather tired looking poliwhirl that stood next to the child.

"Oh come on Poli, don't be like that, I just want to make sure we have everything we need for our journey." – replied the kid.

"¡Poliwhirl! Poli, whirl poli pol!" - said Poli. His trainer had woken up two hours ago and had done so many check-ups, that at this point, he knew the content of that backpack better than the palm of his hand.

"Fine, I may be overreacting a little bit, but can you blame me?" – asked the kid – "just think about it, we're about to start our own journey. A new chapter in our life full of adventures, mysteries, and tones of fun! How can I not be excited? – asked the kid ones again with excitement.

"Whril poli." – said Poli. He would be lying if he were to say that the idea didn't excite him either. Just thinking of the adventures the two of them would have, the new friends that they would get to make along their journey, and above all else.

The battles they would experience. If he hadn't stayed up late the previous night watching that movie about a human being raised by a group of Arcanines and how he, with the help of an Ursaling and a purple feline pokemon he could not recognize, had to escape to a city nearby or else, be eaten by another feline pokemon that he couldn't recognize (which had a mane and seemed to be a fire type), he would probably be jumping all over the place.

"How about this, I just go over the absolute essentials and ignore everything else. Deal? – said the trainer, knowing that his partner may as well be tired of him doing this for the past two hours. He looked at Poli, who, after some thinking, nodded in agreement. This simply made the trainer happy as he was about to go over only the essentials. – "Okay, let's see."-

said the trainer as he began to list the items once more.

"Water bottles, check. Potions, check. Pokemon food and a few snacks, check. Extra clothes, check." – just as he said that he looked at Poli who was glaring daggers at him. – "What? That's essential, or did you really thought that I was just going to use this all the time?" – said the trainer pointing at himself.

Poli simply rolled his eyes, he'll let it slide just for now. "Thank you" – said the trainer as he continued to list his items – "Camping gear, check, money, check…..

Other stuff that aren't nearly as important, check, we're good to go pal" – said the trainer nervously as he saw his Pokemon growing quite irritated. – "Can you believe it?" - asked the trainer. Poli had been taken by surprise by this question, but soon enough, he recovered quickly as he now had a look of determination in his eyes.

"To all the trainers out there, you better prepare yourself, because once I'm done, you will all stare at awe at Red and Poli from Pallet Town! – shouted Red as Poli gave a big cry in agreement. But soon enough, their celebration was stopped by what seemed to be a growl. It took them a few seconds to discover the source of that sound. It was them.

"Well, I guess it's about time we go have breakfast, don't you agree?" – said Red while looking at his pokemon as he nodded. The excitement once again, took over the two of them as they both rushed out of the room and into the hallway. However, Red soon stopped as fast as he could once he reached the stairs. He had a habit of forgetting that his room was on the upper part of his house, which means, that he would often forget the existence of the stairs that were currently in front of him and as a result would reach the lower with a few bruises here and there.

Unfortunately for Red, Poli was unable to stop on time, and so, both of them tumble through the stairs.

Soon after they both reached the floor; footsteps could be heard. Before them, was a woman with long brown hair tied up in the shape of a ponytail and pale skin. She was wearing a cream-colored sweater, black pants, and a white apron on top. The only thing she could do was to bring her hand to her head and let out a huge sigh.

"Jeez Red, how many times have I told you not to run on the house." – said the woman, already used to this kind of accident happening every once in a while.

The both of them decided to get up and to dust themselves before Red decided to speak up – "We're perfectly fine, thanks for asking, it's nice to know that my mother cares so much for our wellbeing." – said Red with a bit of resentment.

His mother stared at them for a bit before apologizing. – "Sorry honey are you and Poli alright?" – asked her son and the water type, worried that they could have got seriously hurt.

Red sigh before facing her and speaking up – "We're fine mom, sorry if we worried you. It's just that, Poli and I are really excited for today." – said Red

"I know that, but please, try to slow down a little bit." –said Red's mom. She knows how excited he is. Today he alongside the other three kids for Pallet Town will be leaving to start their journey as Pokemon trainers. She then smiled at them. – "You two must be hungry, breakfast is almost ready. Why don't you go get cleaned up so that you could eat and go to Professor Oak's lab as soon as possible? I also made your favorite." –said Red's mom with a warm smile on her face.

Both Red's and Poli's faces lighten up hearing that. After going to the bathroom get cleaned up, both of them headed for the dining room. Once there they started to eat. One thing was for sure, Red was going to miss his mother´s cooking.

"So honey, have you decided on what are you going to do once you leave Pallet Town?" –asked his mother.

Before his mom's sudden question, Red took his time to think about what to do on his journey. Had he been asked that question a week earlier, Red would have simply replied with, I guess I'll simply catch a few pokemon and battle any trainer that I encounter. But these past few days, he had been very thoughtful about what to do once he leaves. Then he remembered what he said he'll do once he leaves Pallet Town.

"I guess…. I guess I'll challenge the Gym leaders" said Red. Although he still wasn't sure if that was what he wanted to do. But then again, it was better than nothing.

His mother chuckled at the idea – "It seems that he's going to have quite the competition if you're going to challenge the Gym leaders, wouldn't you agree Poli?" –she said as the water Pokemon nodded. She then started to think about that boy, he really has had it rough. His father abandoned him when he was still too young to even remember his face, his mother is constantly working at her dining, and that's without mentioning all the problems he had with the other kids at school. If there is one thing she was thankful, was that Red didn't have to deal with that kind of stuff, and better yet, he was always nice to him. Even though they aren't truly close enough to be called friends, Red had always tried to be nice to him. Even inviting him to hang out with his friends during lunch break. She was glad her son was such a caring person, and who knows, maybe they'll encounter each other during their journey. She hoped that once they both reached the Pokemon League, they could then be able to call each other as friends.

While Red's mother was busy thinking about his son's future, the raven-haired trainer and the water type pokemon had already finished their food and were about to excuse themselves to go straight to professor Oak's lab.

"You know what mom, I'm sure going to miss your cooking." –said Red with Poli nodding in agreement. If there was one thing they knew, was that she was one of the best cooks in the whole region. – "Well, I think we should start leaving now, we wouldn't want to make the professor and the others waiting right?"

Just as they were about to leave, his mother had called out to them to stop. The two of them had stopped to look at her in confusion.

"Aren't you forgetting something?"-she said as the two of them were wondering what could have they forgotten. - "Here's a hint. You bought it 2 days ago because you thought it would look good on you."

Again, they still had no idea what she was talking about. She then sighed as she started to walk to her son's bedroom. After a few minutes, she returned with her hands behind her back.

"We're going to talk about how messy your room is when you return young man" –she said with a smile on her face. She then revealed what was behind her back. A red cap with the front completely white.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about it" –said Red as he took the cap from his mother – "And you thought I was exaggerating with all those check-ups."

"Poli! –said Poliwhirl as he crossed his arms.

Red decided not to continue to antagonize him. If there is one thing that he knew about Poli, is that he can be quite resentful.

He then put his cap on and then proceeded to ask them how he looks.

"I wouldn't be surprised if you end up coming home with a girlfriend" – she said with a smile on her face.

"M-mom!" –said Red with a blush across his face, he was truly living up to his name.

Poli then started to laugh at his trainer until Red´s mom decided to also have some fun with him –"You know, they said that a pokemon is just like his trainer, so if that happens, you better bring a cute pokemon yourself mister." –she said, as the water type then started to turn red. She was sure that if he were to use some sort of attack, steam would end up coming instead of water.

"Well, what are you waiting for? The others are probably already waiting for you to arrive." –she said while looking at the two of them.

"R-right, if we're not on time, we would never hear the end of it." –said Red as both him and Poli recovered from what his mother had told them. Just as they were about to open the door, they turned to her and gave her the biggest hug they could give. – "We're going to miss you mom." –said Red with Poli nodding in agreement. While they were happy about their new adventure, the idea of leaving Red's parents alone saddens them both. Right now, the two of them were trying with all their might not to cry, and they were failing.

Red's mom was a bit shocked at first, but she then recovered quickly and embrace the two of them, not even trying to fight the tiers from coming out. – "You boys, please be careful out there." –she said with a broken voice. She knew this day would come, but that didn't make things any easier. Her son, her baby, the boy she and her husband raised for 10 long years, and the pokemon that had lived with them for already six years, who was practically a member of the family, were about to set sail. Arceus knows what'll they find out there and that scared her.

On one hand, the outside world had so many wonderful things. So many places, the sights that they would get to see, the experience that would surely help them grow and mature and the friends they would get to make along the way. But on the other hand, there were the untold dangers that lay ahead. The wild pokemon that by nature, are aggressive to those that seemed to enter their territory, all the people selfish people that only care for themselves and are willing to do anything in order of getting what they want. The idea of something happening to both Red and Poli terrified her.

What if they're caught in the middle of a storm? Or get lost in the forest? What if one of them gets sick and the other one doesn't know what to do? What if they anger a wild pokemon and both of them are too tired to fight back? What if they get mugged, and get hurt?

Or worse.

A thousand thoughts pass by her head, but she had to tell herself that that was just her trying to find a reason to keep them home with her. She knew that whatever trouble they meet out there, they would come out on top. She had to, after all.

What kind of mother doesn't believe in her child?

Although she wanted that moment to last forever, it was already a little late and they had to get to the laboratory on time.

Once they started to break the hug apart, Red's mother looked at the two of them. She still had tears on her eyes, but the look on her face was one that reassures them, that everything will be fine.

They nodded and after wiping the remaining tears from their eyes, they opened the door and started walking to a building that was on top of a small hill.

As they were walking, they suddenly stopped, and turned and waved to the woman that had taken care of them for so long

She waved back and after some time, Red and Poli started to run.

"And off they go" -she said before returning home.

Blue had just finished breakfast and was about to head to Professor Oak's lab.

Luckily for her, she lived very close, like, it took her five minutes to get there and that was if she decided to really take her time. As she was cleaning the dishes, she couldn't help to think to herself how much things change for her in the past two and a half years.

When she managed to arrive at Pallet Town, the only thing going through her mind, was to find a way to take that man down. She chuckled to herself when she remembered how she met professor Oak.

She had tried to steal one of the starter Pokemon only to be caught by him three minutes later. What surprised her the most, was that instead of being pissed, he started to laugh. The idea of an eight-year-old trying to steal from the Pokemon researcher was pretty funny.

Back then she was very reserved, she still is, but at least now she had friends, Red and Green. Granted, Green can be kind of a jerk, and Red can be kind of annoying, and the two of them do have quite the ego. But she wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

Well… there is one thing.

"No Blue stop it! – she shouted at herself.

She couldn't be thinking of something like that, this could be the last time they'll be together in a long time.

Then, she allowed that thought to sink for some time. Today could be the last time they're together for a while. Once they leave Pallet Town, they'll go their separate ways.

Maybe she could tag along with one of them, Red and Green would probably be okay with that right?

"No. I can't do that." - She said to herself – "We all have our own ambitions; I can't get in their way…. Nor can I drag them into my problems"

After some thinking, she realized something.

There was one more person leaving today. Maybe they could travel together, he wouldn't mind, right?

"No, it wouldn't be fair to do that to him." – she said. -"We don't even know each other that well, it would be worse than asking Red and Green."

She decided to just ignore the whole thing altogether, it was getting late already. After grabbing her bag Blue went outside, closed the door, and took in the fresh air before heading out.

Next stop, Professor Oak's Lab.

It didn't' took her long before arriving at her destination, in front of her was a yellow wooden bridge that allowed her to cross a river that passed through town. Before her, was the professor's lab.

The lab was located on top of a small hill, it was a yellow building of at least three stories high and a windmill next to it and the yard was practically an entire forest. In it, both wild and trained pokemon that have been entrusted to the professor could be found, roaming the grass fields, flying through the sky, or swimming on the small lakes that were on the scientist's residence.

As she knocked on the door to the lab, she was greeted by a welcoming presence.


"Hi Daisy, I hope I'm not late"

"So, today is the day." – said the Daisy

"Yep, kind of hard to believe it if I'm honest" – said Blue – "This past two years went by pretty quickly"

"You don't say, it still feels like just yesterday I had walk you guys to the school while holding your hands to make sure you didn't get lost or try to skip class. But now, that's just a distant memory."

"What are you talking about? You did just that two months ago." –said Blue.

"Well, I had to, you three didn't want to go there even though you guys had that to present that final school project. I remember that you guys had to crash here just to be done on time. And what was your excuse? That you were sick." – said Daisy

"That's because we were sick. The only one that faked the whole thing was Green and that was because he did absolutely nothing, it was all just Red and me." – said Blue. Her head hurt so bad back then that she felt that she was about to learn self-destruct. The only thing that made that experience somewhat worth it, was during lunch break when Red ended up throwing up all over Green.

"Hey, you three can be very convincing, especially you." –said Daisy, trying to defend herself.

Blue simply laugh at her comment, Daisy was right, she was so good at deceiving others that she managed to convince an employee at a theater that she, Red and Green were 18 years-old just so that they could watch a movie that had a cute looking pokemon that resembled a rag doll. They had nightmares for almost a whole week.

That thing looked friendlier before evolving.

As they were reminiscing about the past two years, they suddenly heard someone opening the door.

Both girls turned to see them both.

"Well about time you guys show up"

"Sorry Blue, I lost track of time." – Red said.

"Same here" – said a kid with spiky brown hair.

"Not even trying to make up some excuse Green." – said Daisy to her younger brother.

"Why would I? Were here now, that's what's important right? - said Green with a serious tone.

He was right, the important thing was that they're all here...

Wait a minute.

"Weren't there supposed to be four of you? - said Daisy, just noticing that someone was missing.

The three kids started to look at each other after hearing that. One person hadn't arrived yet.

"Is he seriously not here yet?!" - said Green

"You're one to talk, must I remind you that you two just arrived?" - scold Daisy. She certainly loved her younger brother, but he's sometimes' just such a brat.

"Well, at least I'm here now." -said Green.

Just as Daisy was about to scold her brother once more, she was stopped after hearing the voice of a certain someone entering the room.

"Oh good, most of you are here already." - said an elderly man as he greeted the four youngsters with a smile.

"Hi, Professor"

Hello Professor Oak"

"Hi gramps, how's it going?"

Professor Oak simply smiled at the four of them. - "Well, shall we begin?"

"Wait grandpa, aren't we going to wait for him first?" - asked Daisy to her grandfather.

"I'm afraid not Daisy, it's already pretty late and must we not forget the fact that both Red and Green already made Blue wait by arriving late. It wouldn't be fair to her." - he explained to his granddaughter.

It's not like he liked the idea either, but unfortunately, he had work to do and the other kids probably have places to be.

With that said, the four children and the teenager followed the scientist to another room. In it, were multiple apparatus, computers and what not surrounding them. There were also multiple bookcases fill to the brim with a ridiculous number of books that covered several topics regarding the nature of Pokemon, their biology, typing, their behavior, among other things. The three of them spent a lot of time in this room when they were a bit younger.

But today there was something different, on top of a desk, were four round objects.

"I'm sure you three know what these are right?" – asked the Professor as the three of them nodded. – "Of course you do, who wouldn't? The better question would be, do you know what's inside them?

"That's easy, the starter Pokemon from the Kanto Region" – said Red. Oak nodded at his assumption, in there were the three Pokemon that the Pokemon League deemed safe for novice trainers that were about to embark on a journey. Each region had its own set of starters that were given to new trainers, and they were handed to by certified personal which includes the staff of some Pokemon Centers, research facilities, and of course renounce scientists, which of course includes Oak himself. Not surprising given the fact that he's not only the most acclaimed scientist in the whole region, but also one of the leading scientists in the whole world.

"You're absolutely correct Red, inside this pokeballs, are the official starters of the Kanto region and today, you three get to choose one of them to accompany you on your journey." – said Oak. "So, which one of you wants to go first?"

As expected, Green rose his hand to speak, but to their surprised he did something out of character. "I say Blue should be the one to choose first."

Everyone, absolutely EVERYONE looked at Green with shock on their faces.

"What?" -asked Green.

"Did you by chance hit your head on the way here?" - asked Red.

"Sheesh. Can a guy be nice to his friends without being judged?" – said an annoyed Green

"Of course they can, under normal circumstances, however, you never do this kind of things. So either your brain suffered some serious trauma or you're planning something" – said Blue.

"It's called being a gentleman. Ladies first as mom always said, besides, you were the only one to arrive on time, so it's only fair." – replied Green with resentment, but Daisy knew that that was as fake as a Garchomp knowing dragon dance.

"Fine." – said Blue as she walked to the table. She eyed each of the poeballs before stopping at the one her right, after reading the name that was on the plate, she smiled as she turned to the professor. – "I choose Squirtle professor."

"Squirtle eh? I fine choice if you ask me" – said Oak.

"You would have said that even if she had chosen one of the others grandpa" – said Daisy.

"Well, its not my fault that all of them are such fine choices." – replied Oak with a smile.

"So, did you choose the water type because your name's Blue or what? – asked Red playfully.

"Just who do you take me for Red? Of course not." – said Blue as she took the ball in her hands. – "The day I tried to steal one of the starters, I took one of the pokeballs in a hurry, not knowing which one was. After the professor caught me, he gave the pokeball to one of the trainers that were meant to start his journey that day and I found out that inside it, was a Squirtle. Ever since then, I asked myself, what would have happened if I had gotten away that day? Would that Squirtle like me? So, I told myself that when my time comes to choose one of the three, I would have gone for it." – explained Blue as she opened the ball.

From it, came the water type starter, it was a bipedal blue turtle with, it then started to look around until it's gaze stopped at Blue, who was right in front of him.

"Hi there buddy, my name is Blue and I'll be your trainer. Isn't that great? – said Blue with a big smile on her face.

The tinny turtle pokemon's eyes shined with excitement as it jumped into the arms of the one that would be his new trainer.

"Squritleeee!" – it exclaimed with happiness.

Blue giggled – "Well, I take it you like the idea of the two of us traveling together right? – asked Blue, happy that the water type was fond of her.

"Squirt squirtle" – replied happily.

"Well then, I guess It's my turn" – said Green as he took the pokeball that was in the middle.

From it, came the fire type starter, it was a small orange lizard with blue eyes and a flame on its tail. It then looked at whom he assumed would be his trainer.

"I'm Green and as of today, you and I are going to work together." – said Green a bit coldly, but it didn't seem to faze the lizard pokemon. He simply walked to him and nodded with a determined look on his face.

"Well then, I guess I'm the only one left." – Red said as he took the last pokeball. From it, came a small quadruped creature with blue-green skin, dark patches, red eyes with white pupils, and a bulb coming from its back.

"Bulba" -said the grass type to the kid in front of him.

"Well, guess we'll be partners from now on." – said Red to the seed Pokemon.

Then, everybody realized why Green allow Blue to go first. He wanted to make sure he had the starter that would be naturally stronger than the one Red would have chosen. But it's not like Red really cared, especially since he had Poli with him, whom had the type advantage against Charmander.

Speaking of which.

"Bullbasaur, this guy right here is Poli, he's a really good friend of mine and I would appreciate if the two of you could get along" – said Red as he introduced the grass starter to his water type. The two of them then proceeded to greet each other in their own respective language in a very friendly manner. – "Well, guess I have nothing to worry about then." – Red thought to himself.

"Well then, I guess now you guys are officially good to go." – said Daisy as she clapped her hands while smiling.

"Not quite yet dear." – said Oak confusing everyone in the room. "There's one more thing I would like to give you kids before you leave."

Everyone looked puzzled at what the Professor had said, what else could they be missing. Just as they all thought that the professor took a box out of a drawer in his desk. He then opened it revealing the content inside of it.

Four devices that neither of them had seen before, they were red and kind of resembled a scientific calculator. Just what are those…

"I'm sure you must be asking yourself; 'Just what are those devices? '" – Oak said as everyone wondered the same thing.

Is professor Oak a psychic?

"These devices are a project that I have been working for quite a while now. They're basically portable encyclopedias, with all the information necessary that one would need. I call them, Pokedex." – explained Oak.

Everybody still looked puzzled at the revelation, they had so many questions, but one person decided to speak for everyone else.

"Gramps, why are telling us this?" – asked Green.

Oak simply smiled at him before answering his grandson. – "Well Green, the reason is…. Because I want you three to take them."

Everybody looked as shocked as humanly possible, was he serious?

"Professor, a-are you, are you s-sure about this? -asked Blue while stuttering.

Oak simply smiled at her question. – "Of course I'm sure Blue, you three are perfect for them. You see, the Pokedex has many functions which would be beneficial to new trainers such as yourself such as telling you the health of your Pokemon, how strong they are, the moves it knows among many other things." – said Oak.

"T-they do all of that?!" – asked Red, amazed at what those devices could do as the professor nodded. "Wow." – was the only thing Red could say.

"Technology sure is amazing, right guys?" – said Blue to her friends as thee two of them agreed with her.

"There's one last thing that the Pokedex are capable of doing, they're also research tools. Once you capture a pokemon, it would automatically fill it with all the information of that specific pokemon. Like it's nature, ability, were does it come from, among other things. You would be doing me a great favor if you could take them with you and try to fill it with as much information as you ca. I would do it myself, but I'm afraid that at my age such task would be quite difficult, besides I was never as good with field research as some of my fellow researchers." – explained Oak.

Just when they thought they couldn't be more shocked, the professor decides to drop this on top of it all. Was he really going to task them with something as important as this?

"Of course, that's without neglecting your own goals and responsibilities." – clarified the professor.

"P-professor, I, w-we don't know what to say." – said Red with disbelief, was he sleeping? Was this all a dream? He pinched himself to see if he was truly awake.

"Ouch!" – he exclaimed, turns out, he's not asleep.

The Professor merely chuckled at the young lad before answering his question. – "A simple thanks is all I need my boy." – he said.

They all looked at each other after hearing what the professor had said, did he really trust them that much? Well, if that's the case then-

"We won't let you down Gramps." – said Green with determination on his eyes, which was soon followed by both Red and Blue nodding in agreement.

"I know you won't." – said Oak – "Now, what are you waiting for, adventure awaits you three!"

They all nodded; it was time.

After saying their farewells, they alongside their new companions left the property. It didn't take them long before they arrived at the town's outskirts, where thy finally parted ways. As all of that was going on, a young boy was still curled in his bed, talking while he was asleep.

"Granpa, if you don't mind me asking, why did you decided to entrust them with what's arguably, one of the greatest inventions in recent times?" – asked Daisy to her grandfather, it's not like she doubted their abilities. In fact, she was sure that the four kids that'll leave Pallet Town today will achieve wonders, but still.

"Those three, will surely become fine trainers, of that I have no doubt." – replied Oak to his granddaughter without hesitation.

Daisy smiled at his answer, he was right.

"Now then, I believe there's still one more trainer that's supposed to embark on his journey today." – said Oak – "And knowing him, he's probably still asleep, so I should probably start making preparations for when he finally arrives."

"Yeah, you're probably right. – said Daisy as she suddenly remembered something. – "Oh, I forgot his gift!" – exclaimed Daisy.

How could she have forgot something like this?

Oak looked at his worried granddaughter and couldn't help to chuckle at her. – "Well then, I guess it's a good thing he hasn't arrived right?"

"I'm going to my house to go look for it." – said Daisy as she rushed to her home. – "I'll be back!" – she shouted.

The professor laughed as he then set his gaze upon a house near the outskirts of Town. Just as he did that, inside of said house, a young boy was finally starting to wake up as the sunlight hit his face.

"I'll hurry if I were you my boy, you, who was arguably the most exited out of them all has just been left behind. What's keeping you from coming her. Ash." – said Oak.

Just then, almost as if those words had reached his ears, Ash woke up. He then alarmingly turned and saw his clock, his face suddenly turned pale realizing something.

"OH NO, I OVESLEPT!" – he shouted.

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