My Hero Academia: Vow of a Wall-Crawler @oanglalie
Chapter 1

Superheroes are a dime a dozen, yet the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was always just a bit… different.

Every hero has their origin story and for some of the greatest heroes to ever walk the planet, their story started in tragedy. The wallcrawler was no exception.

His story began as a smart yet frail boy. The poor lad never knew his parents, for they died to mysterious circumstances when he was just learning how to talk. Nor was he able to learn of the existence of his younger sister until years later. The people he once called friends became his tormentors during his years at Midtown High. Life growing up was certainly not the easiest thing for young Peter Benjamin Parker.

But amidst all of this tragedy, there was a light in young Parker's life, and that light had names.

Benjamin and Maybelle Parker.

The greatest aunt and uncle a boy could ever ask for.

For he knew that no matter how awful of a day he was having at school. He could always count on them to cheer him up. They may not have the money to shower their nephew with what they believe he deserved, but they gave him the only thing that the young boy cared for. Love, understanding, compassion. Both May and Ben gave him a family.

Still, part of him wanted a bit more. A selfish wish? Perhaps, but it was more than that. He wanted to give back to both his aunt and uncle, for they were always the only ones to ever cared for him. He wanted to see that they were always happy, the rest of the world though? It could hang for all he cared for.

Well, one day on a trip to a science exhibition, he got his wish. Call it luck, call it fate. Call it a gift, call it a curse, it didn't matter. For on that day, the once quirkless boy was granted powers beyond his wildest dreams. And all thanks to the bite of one lonely spider infused with radioactivity.

Upon exiting the exhibition, young Peter was quick to notice this change. A tingle located on the back of his head now rang whenever he was in danger. He could now jump multiple stories high into the air. He could stick to walls; he was faster and so strong that even steel crumbled like paper in his grasp.

His senses sharpened, his eyesight improved, no longer requiring glasses to see. There was no denying it, he had acquired abilities that the old Peter Parker may as well think were out of this world. He became something spectacular, sensational even... or perhaps, amazing would be the best word to describe him now. On that day, Peter Parker's life became an amazing fantasy turned into reality.

And what did he do with this gift?

Well, the world may have mocked the timid teenager that was Peter Parker, but now? The young teenager would have made sure that they would marvel at the awesome might of his new persona. He could have it all; money, fame, everything he could ever dream of. He now had all the fame and glory he deserved. Then, on one unforgettable night, after one of his shows he heard someone cry out for help. When he turned around, he saw a burglar and an old police officer asking him to stop the thief before he could make it to the elevator.

He could have tripped him, maybe stale him so that the police officer could catch up. He could even web him to a wall with the apparatus on his wrist that the young genius made. He was so strong he could throw cars and trucks as if they were mere pebbles. So fast he could outrun race cars with ease. So smart, he would often be the one correcting his teachers whenever they made a mistake. The possibilities were endless, so what did the boy do?

He did nothing.

Letting the criminal go without a care of the world. Many would consider this action morally wrong and they would be right to consider it as such. And when the old police officer asked him why he did nothing, he respond was quite simple:

"Sorry, pal! That's your job! I'm thru being pushed around - by anyone! From now on I just look out for number one - that means - me!"

And with that, he left. Not putting a second thought to what had just occurred. And not realizing that that moment, that that inaction, would haunt him for the rest of his life.

The days went by just like before, every seemed normal to the teenager. During the day, he would still go to school, keeping on a low profile so that when the time comes, BAM! He would reveal that he was now superior to the rest of his "peers". While during the nighttime, he would amaze the people of New York with his amazing feats of speed, strength and many more, trying to earn enough money so that one day, he could lift himself, as well as his aunt and uncle off the ground.

But then, on one night in which he was returning home from another one of his late shows, he saw something that he wished was not there. Police cars were surrounding his house. Dread washed all over the young lad and without a second thought, he rushed towards the closest police officer. He asked him what was it that happened, all while begging to god not to let the worst-case scenario turn into reality. But unfortunately for him, life isn't always fair.

The officer filled him in on the situation; that there was a break in in his house, that his uncle confronted the burglar… and that he unfortunately paid the price for it.





These and many other feelings coursed through his whole being. And one simple question:


To call Benjamin Parker a good person was falling short. He was the kindest person Peter ever knew. Always the first one to offer a helping hand, and the last one to leave work. He was somewhat strict, yet caring. He was someone that people looked up to for advice and guidance and he was always happy to offer them. In the eyes of the young Parker his uncle was the greatest man to have ever lived. A hero through and through.

So why?

Why did this have to happen to a man like him?

And his aunt, the poor lady must be heartbroken. The man she loved, the one that stood alongside her for so many years. Every up and down, through sickness and health, was now gone.

Then, he heard it.

The police were successful in chasing the criminal, who was barricading himself inside of an old warehouse.

Then, a new feeling washed over Peter.


He was Mad. Mad at the criminal that took his uncle from him. Mad at the police for not coming faster. Mad at the so-called heroes for not doing anything about the small thug that just ended the life of an innocent. And mad at the world for always doing this to him.

That was the last straw.

Downing his costume, Peter took off, in search of his uncle's murderer. With his abilities, it took him no time to arrive at the warehouse. And it took him even less effort to enter the building without being noticed. As the criminal was looking through the window seeing the multiple police cars stationed in front of the building. And because of that, he failed to notice the presence of a certain someone, crawling slowly towards the crook.

In the blink of an eye, the masked individual whailed on him like there was no tomorrow. Not letting him go until he made sure that he knew just what kind of pain he was going through. And just as he was about to deliver the finishing blow, a light shined through the window. Then, Peter's fury was replaced by shock, for before him was the same criminal that he allowed to escape just a few days ago.

Dropping the now unconscious criminal to the ground, Peter took off his mask, tears running down his face. Had he stopped him back then, had he thought of someone other than himself back then, had he done something, then his uncle would still be alive.

… But he didn't.

And because of that, his uncle is now gone. And it's all his fault.

When the police finally burst their way inside, they saw the beaten criminal trapped in a cocoon of webbing. All the while Peter stood on top of another building, sobbing for what he allowed to happen. That night Peter learned a lesson in the most painful way possible. And that was:

That with great power, there must also come - great responsibility.

And on that painful night, a legend was born. His name added to the roster of those who make this realm of fantasies turn reality, even more exciting.

Peter Parker was born too late to witness the superhero boom first hand. But he was old enough to witness the dawn of another era and also old enough to take part of said era. The age marvels was at hand and on that night, the world gained a new marvel.

On that night, The Amazing Spider-Man truly came to life.

From that day on, Peter lived a double life. In the eyes of many, he was still just the same frail and socially awkward puny Parker. But when no one was looking, he swinged around the streets of New York as the amazing Spider-man!

Whether it be a hostage situation, to helping an elderly with her groceries.

From stopping bank robbers, to help guide people in the right direction before it was too late.

From facing actual supervillains, to visiting a dying kid to fulfil his greatest wish.

From rescuing people from a fire, to getting a cat from a tree.

No task was too trivial for the wall crawling hero…

Or as most of not only the streets of New York, but even the entire nation referred to him: The Wall-Crawling menace.

And why did people start to call such a selfless being as Spider-Man a menace?

Well… it all started when a certain journalist started to write about him and whenever he wrote about the masked hero… let's just say it was never a pleasant read. Whenever those articles were printed, they called him many things. None of them were the word hero. And in his defense, why would they? For in order to try and diminish the possibilities of power individuals using their quirks in destructive or reckless ways, the governments of the world all created laws to the best of their abilities.

One of those laws stated that in order to be recognized as an actual hero, one must enroll in a school design to teach the future heroes of the world. Either that, or to present yourself to official high ranking government staff and show him or her that you are capable of being a hero and for them to approve such request. While in some countries this was simply another job, in the U.S.A, this was not taken as lightly as many believe.

For they understand that once they put on those fancy costumes and put those flashy powers (or even flashy skills) to use, they would be the difference between life and death, order and chaos, among other things. Which is why, their heroes (despite what other nations want you to believe) are some of the toughest and most elite heroes on the planet. With many foreigners coming to try and learn from some of those heroes and the groups that they belonged to.

From teams that may not be as noteworthy like the Deep Six, the Champions, Earth Force or the New Warriors.

To some of the most acclaimed teams with some of the greatest heroes as their rooster, such as: The Astonishing X-Men, the Fantastic Four, the Defenders, the Immortal Weapons, and of course what's considered to be the greatest of them all;

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

These heroes are among the greatest of them all. Putting their lives on the line, so that the civilian population could go about their day without a worry of the world. Joining forces with one another to fight the battles that no hero could face alone. And because of that, the government would reward their altruism with a monetary reward. While the amount that a hero would normally obtain varies, it is usually a decently large amount of profit.

Yet the pay is usually the last thing these brave men and women (and even walking trees) would think of. Because above all else, the safety of those that can't fight for themselves takes top priority. Even those that started their carriers with nothing but glory, fame and money would sooner or later grow out of that mentality. Because sooner or later would they realize that being a hero is no trivial task.

On the other hand, there was another group of individuals that also put their lives on the line. Yet, unlike official heroes, this group was always considered something of an enigma. Never giving off the same feeling of safety as heroes (or at least never on the same level), yet they still protected people regardless. Another thing that differentiated them from regular heroes was the fact that they operated outside of the tended to be quite enigmatic and in some cases unpredictable. They could either be some of the most selfless of individuals, or the most chaotic.

They were vigilantes.

And because they operated the way they did, they were often chased by either the police or pro-heroes. Beings such as Paladin, the Man-Thing, Nomad, Ronin, the Nightstalkers, Blade, Moon Knight, Daredevil, the Punisher and of course, Spider-man himself.

These vigilantes were usually the grey area of the hero community, always on the run from law enforcers. Yet always fighting for what they believed was the right thing. Some always questioned, why being a vigilante? Why not become an official hero? The answers to those questions will always vary from person to person.

Some wanted to keep their loved ones safe and because being a hero meant that you would gain enemies, so they opted to keep their identities a secret. Others simply didn't believe that heroes should get paid. That one becomes a hero to protect others and not for self gain. There were some that never believed in the system and that the heroes were always too soft on the criminals. Some either couldn't follow protocol or simply knew that there were things that even heroes couldn't bring themselves to do (and that they shouldn't even attempt to).

Because of this, Spider-man was always being judged, on many occasions he was even blamed for crimes that he stopped and because he was a vigilante, no one questioned it. This led him to run and in some cases, fight both law enforcers and even pro-heroes. Such as Luke Cage and the Heroes for Hire, the X-Men, even the members of the Avengers themselve. On at least one or two occasions, he ended up facing off against Mirko, Endevor and even All Might. Three foreigners that would one day, become some of Japan's top heroes.

There were times in which he wanted to throw in the towel, a few times he almost did. But at the end of the day he didn't, because at the end of the day, he always remembered. This was his gift and his curse. His power and his responsibility. At the end of the day, he always remembered that at his core, he was a hero. And heroes, no matter how many times they fall, always get back up stronger and more determined than ever.

So, he kept on fighting his seemingly never ending battle against crime.

And over the years many things occured to the web-slinger. Things that to that frail fifteen-year-old boy, would be beyond his imagination.

He fell and got back up. He made allies as well as enemies. He discovered the joys of creating connections and how much said connections could hurt him. He rescued strangers from their own destructive ways and failed to save those close to him from their own inner demons. Foes became friends and loved ones turned hostile. He learned what it meant to feel betrayed and how to forgive.

In spite of his position as a wanted individual, Spider-Man never stopped fighting, never backing down and always trying to do what's right… even if his personal life paid the price.

And then what? Well…

Over time, he was able to prove to many that he was a no criminal. Police officers, firefighters, medics, spies, journalists and even heroes, he was able to prove to them that he was one of the good guys. And so, despite still being classified as a vigilante, despite the fact that what he was doing was still illegal, they stopped chasing after him. Instead, there were cases in which both heroes and law enforcers started to work alongside the arachnid based hero.

He started to work with people such as officer Jefferson Davis, the late Jean DeWolff, officer turned vigilante Yuri Watanabe, reporter Ben Urich and even both his long lost sister Theresa Elizabeth Parker and John Jonah Jamson. The same man that once judged his every move ended up becoming a trusted ally of the red and blue hero.

And it didn't stop there.

For in time, he would find himself fighting alongside some of the greatest heroes in the world. Such as Captain America, Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Dr. Strange, fellow vigilante Daredevil, the king of Wakanda Black Panther, Hawkeye, Spectrum, villain turned hero Venom, bully turned hero Flash Thompson the Anti-Venom, Shadowcat, and many, many more.

He was even considered part of the family that is the Fantastic Four and found himself as a temporary teacher at both Xavier's school for gifted youngsters and Avengers Academy (without mentioning his brief time as science teacher in his old school of Midtown High). Despite the fact that there were still a decent amount of people that still saw the arachnid hero as a mere menace, the hero community now saw him as one of their own. A hero so great, that at one point he was offered a place among Earth's mightiest heroes.

Too bad that the friendly neighborhood prefered to operate as a lone wolf.

Well… at least until he found a certain red-head with beautiful emerald green eyes, by the name of Mary Jane Watson.

It took its time. There were ups and downs and a lot of complications that are best left forgotten. But at the end, what many people knew was going to happen came true. Who would have thought that the same shy boy of old would end up falling in love and marrying someone like Mary Jane?

It turns out, he hit the jackpot.

After sometime and a lot of complications that are better left for the most part ignored, the day came. The day in which a beautiful baby of brown hair came to the world. That day, Mayday Parker was born.

And just somewhere around four years later, another birth would arrive. This time, the baby had bright red hair and shining emerald green eyes. She also inherited her father's more… unusual talents right away, unlike her older sister who would develop them over time. Not like she minded, growing up watching her baby sister crawl on top of the ceiling with baby food all over her mouth always made Mayday's day. On that day, Anna May Parker was born.

But unfortunately for the web-slinger, life was never easy. For when his second daughter was just 10 years old, a villain emerged. A villain so cunning, that he was able to almost bring an end to the greatest heroes on the planet. Regent came to the picture, and after defeating the might of the Avengers, X-Men and the Fantastic Four, he attempted to take over the nation and afterwards, the world itself. For he believed that he was the only person capable of keeping the world safe.

Only a handful of heroes managed to escape as well as a few villains that ended up allying themselves with the heroes. Daredevil, Hawkeye, Boomerang, the Spot, Sandman, Cloak and Dagger, Prowler, Mockingbird, Venom, Theresa, Jarvis, Ben Urich and of course Spider-Man among a few others. They managed to successfully put a stop to his plans, freeing the other heroes with a little help from a certain brunette and two red-heads (one of which, just like her sister had the powers of his father). On that day, the heroes, vigilantes and small scale heroes were recognized by the U.S government as national heroes. Some even managed to join the re-established S.H.I.E.L.D under the direct orders of the newly appointed director, Clint Barton (it felt right considering he lost his right eye after Regent's first attack).

And just a few weeks later, Spider-Man swung once more across the city of New York alongside the brand new heroines, the Spectacular Spinneret and the Sensational Spider-Girl (much to her father's initial disapproval).

And as if things couldn't get any better, a few years later, little Benjamin Richard Parker (or as his older sisters tend to call him, "little Benjy") was born.

As Peter held his son, he couldn't help but to look back at everything that he has gone through. Every victory and every loss, every life saved and every life lost. Then, he looked at his family, his beautiful, beautiful family. With a few tears running down his face, he went and embraced them all, with one thing to say:

"You guys… you're my jackpot."

Unfortunately for the Parker family, things can never be easy.

The heroes always defeated the bad guys no matter what they threw at them. Right now, most of the villain community came up with the idea of joining forces and attacking the heroes all at the same plan. Their plan was to overpower them with sheer numbers. This was not the first time they came up with this idea, for long ago, a similar plan was put in motion. They ended up failing, but this time they believed that it would be different, and they were right.

The heroes dispatched them even quicker than before. Because most of the small time villains that tried it were going about it as if they were headless chicken. Only a few villains managed to be a threat, but due to the incompetence of their teammates, they ended up failing. On the streets of New York though, a lot of dangerous villains brought havoc to the streets of the big apple. Some of the toughest heroes like the Defenders, Fantastic Four and the Avengers were currently fighting in other parts of the nation.

However, this didn't mean that the city was unprotected.


An individual was sent straight to the ground, cracking the concrete beneath him. Forming a decently large crater. The individual in question was a man with a flaming pumpkin for a head that was riding some sort of flying broom. Next to his unconscious body, two figures descended from above.

"You really went all out on him didn't you?" – asked a hulking black figure with a large white spider logo on both the front and back of his body as well as rows of sharp teeth and a large snake-like tongue coming from his mouth.

"Trust me, he had it coming for a long time." – replied a smaller figure. Unlike his partner, he had an opposite color scheme. He was wearing what it looked to be a full white body armor with the large spider being black instead. – "How do you think everyone else is doing?"

"Don't know. Last we've heard was that Boomerang and Daredevil were defending the F.E.A.S.T shelter. We think they were fighting Iguana and Bullseye."

"What about Spidey? I haven't seen him since he knocked the Enforcers into the Serpent Society."

"Relax Thompson, he's the last person we should be worrying about. We should be more worried about ourselves first. Although... If you want to worry about a spider, you should be worrying about his wife and kids."

"Aren't they, you know… supposed to be in one of the shelters outside the city?" – he asked.

"Heh, if they are anything like him, then at the very least one of them is probably out there doing her part. My money is on Parker's first born."


"Relax, the guy is out cold, you should know you knocked him out. Besides, we wouldn't blur that out if we didn't know it was safe."

"Still man. Should we go search for her?" – asked the white individual.

"Like we said, we have other things to worry about. She should be fine, she's been doing this for what? Four years?"

Just then, three explosions appeared from three different points of the city. The two men were close to two of them, however the third one was all the way over Town Square. They were quick, but it would be best to focus on the ones that were closer to them.

"Come on, let's knock some sense on whoever or whatever made those explosions."

"Shouldn't we also check the one-"

"We're too far away, we would simply be wasting time. Come on, we're sure there might be someone else that can check that one out." – said the hulking individual before shooting a web and swinging away.

The other one hesitated for a bit, having a feeling that whatever was over there could be even more important. He sighed before swinging away. – "Hope you're right Brock."

Off in the distance, near Square Town a battle took place.

A blast of red energy was shot to an individual who narrowly escaped it. Said individual was wearing red armor with a big black spider on both the front and back. That blast ended up blowing up a large department store as if it was never there in the first place. However the hero was confident that he could have taken said attack. After all, he designed that armor to take on six individuals that ended up challenging the Avengers themselves.

As the hero turned, among the flames and wreckage, he saw the man responsible of, not only the attack on his persona, but of the whole country.

"Yo, Regent, you might want to practice on that aim of yours." – said the hero.

"GRRR, STAY STILL SO THAT I CAN CRUSH YOU LIKE THE LITTLE BUG YOU ARE!" – shouted Regent before shooting another blast at the hero.

"Sigh, Really." – he said before dodging the attack. – "I've been doing this hero gig for LITERAL YEARS NOW! Decades even, and yet people still can't tell the difference between insects and arachnids?!"


"Someone's in a bad mood today." – said Spider-Man, dodging every one of the attacks shot at him. Closing the distance between the two of them, Spider-Man delivered an uppercut sending the villain before webbing him up and slamming him into the sidewalk. – "I seriously suggest for you to stay down Roman. You've caused enough damage as it is. On top of that, you made me miss that Die Hard marathon."

"GRAAAAAA!" – shouted Regent, unleashing a wave of energy from his body. Forcing the vigilante to jump away and barely avoid the attack.

"Ok, fine I get it, the series got a major downgrade in quality after the third one and sure, most people tend to say that the first Die Hard is a Cristhmas movie and for some reason watching it at a time other than Christmas would be wrong." – Spider-Man said before dodging a big piece of concrete that was hurled at him. – "But Bruce Wills already said that Die hard was not a Christmas movie!"

Then Spider-Man webbed the piece of concrete and hurled it back at Augustus Roman. However, the attack did nothing but merely annoy the villainous ex-CEO. He simply glared at him before rocketing himself straight at him. Knocking him down before bringing a building on top of him. When the dust settled, Regent had Spider-Man firmly in his grasps. He smiled, seeing that the hero's armor now had a few cracks already.

"Before I end your miserable existence, I just want you to know that none of this." – said Roman as he extended his free arm to the ruins that surrounded the two of them. – "Would have happened if you hadn't interfered with my plans all those years ago. If you had handed me your powers like you were meant to, then I would have ended all crime across the globe. I would have brought the world to a perfect utopia."

"Y-yeah right, and I-I'm Gandalf the grey." – said Spider-Man, trying to break free from Regent's grasp. – "If you truly believe that, then why? Why did you do all of this? Why did you join forces with a bunch of thugs?"

"Because I had no choice. Because after my defeat at your hands all those years ago and then later on when you had the aid of Ironman and your wife, I lost everything. My company, my resources, EVERYTHING! It is because of that that I was forced to work alongside scum like this!"

"Y-you know that they'll double cross you, right? That's what they do, sooner or later they're going to see that you're a threat to them. And once they do, they'll end you and tie loose ends."

"Please, I'm no fool. I know that, which is why I specifically chose each and every one of them. So that when the time comes, I'll dispatch them without any major issue." – explained Regent.

"Then what about the others? You may be confident that you can take down your boy band of evil, but what about the ones that didn't join you? Are you sure that you can take on them too?" – questioned the hero. – "Because I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that Kingpin and Graviton would be more than happy to take the opportunity to seize power now that you cleared the way for them. And trust me, they won't go down without a fight."

Upon hearing what the hero said, Augustus snarled at the web-slinger. – "I'll cross that bridge when the time comes."

"More like if the time comes." – said Spider-Man. – "I'm sure you know. Your plan, this whole thing, was a complete disaster. Namor and whatever back up he had have most likely wiped the sea floor with Atuma and his goons by now. Strange and Hellstorm? Probably dealt with whatever low level demon you called for help. And don't get me started on what Jean and Wanda may have done with whatever Sentinels you and Trask may have kept hidden."

Augustus didn't want to admit it, he didn't want to give him the reason. But he couldn't deny the facts. His forces are already diminishing by the second and the heroes of the nation were most likely still capable of going for another round.

"Perhaps you're right. But I refuse to leave empty handed. If I am to fall, then I'll make sure to destroy the root of all of my problems! If I am to rot in the inside of a prison cell, THEN IT WILL BE AS THE MAN THAT FINALLY KILLED SPIDER-MAN!" – shouted Regent, reading his fist to strike the arachnid hero.

However Spider-Man was quicker, shooting a web at Roman's eyes. While that didn't stop Regent's attack, it slowed him down enough to allow the web-slinger to free himself from. The villain's grip. Jumping away before throwing a piece of the fallen building right at him.

The piece of debris hit him hard, sending him flying several city blocks away at the very least. Spider-man was about to swing towards the criminal but before he could, Regent shot an energy blast straight at him. Sending the hero backwards and through multiple buildings. When the hero finally stopped to a halt, his spider sense alerted him of an incoming attack that he barely avoided. However, he was unable to avoid the second attack.

With a mighty swing of his arm, Regent backhanded Spider-Man into the air and into the side of a building. He then rushed at the hero, only to be sent straight to the ground b y an axe kick. Courtesy of the friendly neighborhood. Then, just as Spidey webbed him to try and pull him back for another attack, Regent grabbed a hold of the silk thread shot at him. He then pulled the hero downwards as Regent threw a punch that sent the hero across multiple buildings.

Regent then jumped in the direction in which the hero may have landed, readying another blow to him. But when he arrived, the masked arachnid was nowhere to be found. Before he could try and search for him, Spider-Man tackled him from behind and into one of the buildings nearby. He then started to throw jabs at the villain's face while they were falling down the skyscraper. Roman however was not going to allow such thing, so he then started to punch at the hero as well. The two of them then found themselves in an exchange of punches, which culminated in Regent grabbed Spider-Man's head and held him downwards as the two crashed into the ground below.

After just a few seconds from the fall, Regent was punched towards a truck nearby. Spider-Man then sling-shot himself at the villai, pomoling at his face repeatedly until Regent blasted him away. He then picked the truck as if it weighed the same as a feather and with all of his strength, he hurled it at the hero.

Spider-Man was however successful in catching the flying truck, but unfortunately wasn't quick enough to avoid Regent's massive fist striking his whole body. Then, Regent picked the truck once more and smashed it into the web-slinger. Roman repeated the process multiple times before Spider-Man managed to slip away. His armor was now starting to crack even more, one of his lenses was on the verge of shattering and he was sure he had at least four ribs broken, that's without mentioning other bones that may also be broken. Still, that wasn't going to slow the arachnid hero by one bit.

Before Regent could react, Spider-Man blitzed himself towards the massive villain and delivered a mighty kick that sent him flying backwards. Not wasting time, Spidey took what remained of the truck and hurled it straight into Regent's chest. An explosion soon erupted but from the fire the villain stood tall and shot a blast at Spider-Man, who was unable to doge in time. As the hero landed on his back, he saw Agustus running straight at him. When he was right next to him, he raised his arms, preparing to smash Spider-Man. The attack wouldn't be enough to finish the hero off, but it certainly was going to hurt a lot.

Peter closed his eyes for a second, preparing for an attack that would never arrive. For when he opened them back, he saw that Regent's arms were covered in webbing. Peter's eyes widened, for when he followed the string of web attached to the villain's arms he saw someone that shouldn't be there.

"Hey." – said a female voice dressed in a variation of Spider-Man's classic suit.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" – asked the masked hero.

"Umm, father-daughter bonding?" – said Spider-Girl sheepishly. She then used all of her strength to pull the villain away from her father, sending him towards a building that soon fell on top of him. – "I mean, we were supposed to watch that Die Hard marathon when I return home. I was really looking forward to having a movie day in which we didn't watch Tangled. Especially considering how you always sing the girl parts." – she said as she landed next to the seasoned hero.

"This is dangerous, you're not supposed to be here! You're supposed to be with your mom and your siblings somewhere safe!" – shouted Spider-Man at her daughter.

"They're safe, mom and Benjy are in a shelter near Jersey. Surprisingly, the place is one of the few that wasn't attacked badly." – she replied.

"And your sister? You were supposed to pick her up."

"... Promise you won't get-"


"... Worth a shot." – she said before explaining the situation. – "I may have lost track of her."


"I was on my way to pick her up I swear, but when I arrived at her school, there was no one there." – she explained, although seeing that her father was glaring at her from behind his melmet, she gulped before continuing. – "It's ok, she managed to send me a message before everything went crazy. Apparently she and the rest of the school managed to make their way to a shelter outside the city."

"... I just want you to know that once this is over you're going to be grounded young lady." – said Spider-Man, pointing a finger at her daughter.

"Hey! I'm eighteen and a half, you can't ground me!" – argued the female hero.

"My house, my rules."

"Didn't you mortgated the house? Doesn't that mean the bank technically owns the house?"

"... So do you not want to see sunlight again? Because that's the vibes you're giving me right now." – said Spider-Man.

Before Mayday could reply to her father's comment, they all saw the rubbled of the building move. Before they knew it, a powerful burst of energy destroyed the debri, revealing the pist-off Regent glaring at the two heroes.

"So, the infant spider has come to witness the demise of her father. How sweet."

"OK, that's it! I'm changing my name to Spider-Woman when this is over!" – shouted Mayday.

"Already taken." – said Spider-Man.

"Oh come on! Her powers aren't even spider base! Unless there are spiders that can fly and shoot lasers from their legs. In which case, I shouldn't have slept during Biology class." – she said, although she soon noticed her father's gaze was set on her. – "... Did I say that outloud?"

"Your mother and I are going to have a long conversation with you when this is over." – said Spider-Man.

"How adorable of you. To hold onto hope so much that you actually believe that you can actually live past this day. It makes me almost not want to kill you… almost." – said Regent, his eyes and hands glowing red with energy.

"Yeah, do you mind? I'm trying to have a conversation with my daughter." – said Spider-Man.

"I don't mind at all. Please, go on." – said Spider-Girl.

On cue, Regent launched himself at the two heroes. Both father and daughter managed to dodge the attack, jumping to the nearest buildings as where they once stood, a massive crater was formed.

"Well, someone's mad. What did you do, drop a building on him?" – asked Mayday.

"Two buildings, one department store and four warehouses." – said Spider-man, although his daughter looked at him weirdly. – "Don't give me that look, you just dropped a building on him just now. Besides, the warehouses were scheduled to be demolished anyway. I practically saved city hall a lot of money with that one."

"Great, now they can use that money to fix everything that you just broke down." – said Spider-Girl as the two heroes started to dodge blast after blast from the criminal.

The two heroes jumped all over the place, dodging every attempt from Regent from blasting them to kingdom come. Spider-Man was able to web his face, blinding him and allowing his daughter to web a manhole nearby and threw it at the villain as if it was a frisbee. The metallic disk hit the villain in the neck, but rather than being in pain, Regent was merely annoyed. The manhole was completely dent.

"Was… was he always that tough?" – she asked before narrowly dodging the villain that charged at her. Mayday then webbed his feet, making him fall to the ground. She then tried to web him to the ground, but Regent simply broke free from his restraints. He then tried to shoot a blast at her, but before he could Spider-Man jumped in and knocked him across the street. – "Ok, new question, were you always that tough?"

"Get out of here now, I'll deal with him." – ordered Spider-Man.

"Wh-what?! Are you crazy?!" – asked Spider-Girl.

"No, I'm your dad, which is why I'm telling you to leave while you can."

"You can't expect me to do that!"

"I am, this is too dangerous for you. Now leave."


"I'm serious."

"So am I!"

The two locked eyes, time seemed to stop and after a few seconds of silence, Spider-man sighed. – "Honey, if something were to happen to you… I-"

"Would feel the same way we would if something were to happen to you… Dad, please. Let me help you." – said Spider-Girl, with tears forming behind her mask.

However before either one of them could do anything, their spider sense rang as loud as a volcano erupting. Spider-Man was able to move out of the way. Spider-Girl on the other hand, was not so lucky. Regent descended from above, shooting energy blasts left and right and in the blink of an eye, he was successful in catching the young hero by the throat.

"NO!" – Spider-Man shouted.

Regent simply smiled menacingly as Spider-Girl tried to do everything she could to try and free herself. Unfortunately, she was completely powerless to do anything. She then looked at her father, tears now filling her eyes behind her mask as she watched her father. Despite the fact that his face was covered by a helmet, she was able to see his emotions. Fear, shock, rage and she was responsible for the situation she was currently in. She should have listened to her father.

"This isn't exactly what i had in mind." – said Regent as he turned his gaze upon the young hero in his grasp. – "This… is even better."

"Regent. Let. Her. GO!" – commanded Spider-Man.

"It is as I said before Spider-Man, all of this, everything that has happened, everything that is about to happen. None of it would have occurred had you not interfere with my plans." – said Regent.


"Every action has consequences and I do believe it's time for you to take responsibility for your actions."

"Regent I swear to god, if you do ANYTHING to her!"

"Dad… I-I… I'm sorry." – said Spider-Girl.

"It's ok, pumpkin, everything is going to be fine." – said Spider-Man, trying to calm his scared daughter.

"Lying to your own child? And here I thought you had some decency." – said Regent.

"Regent. Shut. Up."

"Worry not child, once I'm done with you I'll make sure that your family joins you in the afterlife."


"Farewell, Spider-Girl."

Time slowed down for Peter.

His daughter was in the grasp of Regent with threats against her life.

In a short amount of time, Peter saw everything that he has gone through with his child.

The first time he held her in his arms. The times he and his wife taught her how to ride a bike. The times he read her bedtime stories before giving her a good night kiss on her forehead. The times she slept with them because she had nightmares. When she accidentally blurred out that she had a crush on a boy from her spanish class. The time she and M.J had to console her the first time she had her heart broken. Every birthday, every basketball game. Seeing her graduate from highschool, going to prom, babysitting her siblings. All of it.

Everything that made her Mayday Parker, both good and bad was now being threatened by a deranged lunatic with a god complex.

That made Peter's blood boil like never before.

Summoning all of his strength, every bit of power he knew he had and the power he didn't know he had, he blitzed his way straight at Regent. Dr. Conors used to tell him that he wouldn't understand what responsibility truly was until he had kids of his own. And he was right.

Shocking both the villain and his daughter, Peter uppercut Regent with so much strength, his right gauntlet shattered. Sending the villain straight to the tallest skyscraper in the area. Mayday fell on her back, as Regent ended letting go of her when Spider-Man got in close. She watched in awe, as her father showed power he has never displayed before.

"Stay here." – said Peter, pulling himself at where he sent the villain.

Mayday wanted to go and help her father, but unfortunately for her, she knew that she would only get in her father's way. Upon arriving at where the villain landed, the two individuals resumed their fight.

Energy blasts were shot at all directions, windows cracked and furniture was thrown around. There were times in which the building was even shaking, although that may as well just have been her imagination... Or maybe not

Without any warning a huge explosion destroyed the entirety of the upper part of the skyscraper.

Fearing for the worst, Mayday sling-shot herself to the side of a building nearby. She tried to make up what she could, but the dust was not doing her any favors. But she was able to hear grunts cracking. She wasn't sure if the cracking was either what remained from the building or their suits… or even their bones. Part of her wanted to run away and hide somewhere safe, but she had to stay. She had to be there in case her father needed help. And if she was actually competent enough to deliver said help, then she had to stay.

After what it felt like an eternity, the sound of battle finally stopped. The dust started to clear out of the way. She even saw a news helicopter flying nearby, but she decided to ignore all of it. If it wasn't her father then she didn't care.

Then, Mayday's eyes widen in horror, seeing her father on one of his knees with Regent still standing. Both men were bloody, with bruises covering their bodies. Their suits were torn apart, if it wasn't for her initial shock, she may have noticed that her father was missing something. The two were breathing heavily and after some time, Regent finally broke the silence.

"I… hate you… so… much…" – and with that, Regent fell unconscious to the ground.

"If I… had a penny… for every time… they tell me… that…" – said Peter tirely.

"DAD!" – shouted Mayday.

Peter turned to see his daughter descend from above before crashing into him. Hugging him as if she was about to disappear.

"H-Hey pumpkin… w-what's with that bearhug of yours?" – asked Peter.

"D-Dad, I… I'm-"

"Hey it's ok. Didn't I tell you that everything would be fine?" – he said hugging his daughter back, who was currently crying beneath her mask.

"I-I… am I seeing things?" – they suddenly heard.

When the two wall-crawlers turned, they saw the same news helicopter that Mayday saw before. The person that spoke, a woman that looked to be around thirty years old, had her jaw wide open, her expression being one of shock. But she wasn't the only one, for the camera man also had the same expression, almost dropping the camera by how shocked he was. The pilot was mostly the same, although he had to force himself to focus on piloting first.

At first, the two heroes thought that they were shocked due to the intensity of the fight. After all, not many people expect this kind of destruction from a battle that involved Spider-Man. But that idea was quickly thrown out the window when Mayday turned to her father. Her expression quickly turned to be the same as the three civilians from above.

"D-Dad?" – she stuttered, Peter looked at his daughter weirdly before she finally spoke again. – "Y-your… your mask."

Peter looked puzzled before touching his face. Then, upon touching his face with his naked (and possibly broken) hand did he notice it. He had no mask on.

His expression turned, not into one of shock, but into one of horror. The thing that kept his family safe, the thing that allowed his wife and kids to be able to live a normal life for so long, was now gone. Peter was too tired to move and Mayday too shocked to think of anything. They stood there, unable to move as the camera kept on transmitting what may as well be the news of the century.

Spider-Man's secret identity, a secret that was so well hidden that it could be considered one of the biggest mysteries of the world. A secret that could be considered on par with the secrets of All Might's power One for All, was no more.

The whole world now saw that beneath the mask, Spider-Man was none other than Peter Parker.

Across the nation and even across various parts of the world, they all saw the same thing. From heroes to villains. From kings to politicians. From rich to poor, from quirked to quirkless. They all saw the identity of one of the most notorious vigilantes of all time being revealed on live television.

Meanwhile somewhere on the outside of the city, on a corner of one of the shelters, a phone was dropped to the ground, with it's screen soon cracking. The owner of said phone was a teenager of around fourteen years old. She had bright red hair and emerald green eyes, that were currently as wide as a plate. Next to her, were a couple of teenagers, all around the same age and all equally shocked. It wasn't until a dark skinned boy decided to break the silence by asking his childhood friend what was on everyone's mind.

"Annie… was that… was that your dad?" – he asked.

But the young girl did not reply, simply staring into the distance.

A week has gone by since the villain attack.

New York alongside the rest of the nation were able to recover from the assault pretty quickly.

However, they were still trying to process what was caught on live T.V. Spider-Man's secret identity, the one that had everyone from conspiracy theorists to the everyday citizen guessing was a secret no more. The people that were close to the Parker family were questioned on whether they knew or not. Only a few were filled in on what was going on, but the ones that weren't quickly confronted Peter about it. It took some time, but at the end, he was able to explain his reasons as to keep the secret for so long. Some of them were still somewhat hurt that he kept a secret like that from them for so long, but they ended up understanding his motives. Even if some ended up asking for some time to process it all.

The superhero community was also questioned in the same regard. While there were some heroes that knew about it such as the Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Captain America, Dr Strange, Ironman and more. There were others that were just as surprised of the revelation as the citizens, not only of the U.S, but the world as a whole. Seeing his current age and the time he has been on active duty, it didn't take long before the world realized that he started his career ever since he was just a teenager. It was simple math.

Soon enough, there were talks about whether or not this would mean that Spider-Man will now become an official pro-hero as well as the rest of his family. Speaking of which, they too ended up having to deal with the whole thing. Mayday had it relatively easy compared to some of his family members, seeing as how she wasn't attending school for the moment. She only had to answer a few phone calls from her friends. M.J ended up having a sudden boom at her boutique, while the customers ended up buying from there due to the quality of her products. Most of them actually wanted to see where Spider-Man's wife worked when she wasn't knocking down criminals alongside her husband and daughter. The extra money was nice and all, but the fact that they all came because of the superhero side of her family (more specifically from her husband's fame) did leave a bitter taste on her mouth. There was also the fact that she ended up having to deal with her employees now saying things like 'I still can't believe that Spinneret is my boss.' although she had to be honest. Being asked for her autograph was something that took her way back.

As for Annie, well she probably had it the toughest of them all.

Everyone at school looked at her weirdly. On one hand, there were the ones that thought that having Spider-Man's daughter was the coolest thing in the world. The school bullies that she often had to deal with (due to her reputation of always standing up for the little guy) were now looking at her with fear. Realizing that if she had inherited her father's powers she could have easily ripped their heads off their bodies with ease. Even if she didn't possess said gifts (which she did), they still didn't want to indirectly anger the guy that was capable of fending All Might by himself back in the day. The teachers were also weary of her. Even though it was the final weeks of school, they still tried to make a good impression on the daughter of Spider-Man, or more like, they feared what Spider-Man could do to them if they treated his daughter with disrespect (especially considering that a few of them tended to badmouth the wall-crawler).

Everyone now looked at her as the daughter of Spider-Man, with only her closest friends still seeing her as Annie May Parker.

Right now, Annie was on her way home, many questioned her when they overheard her saying that she was taking the train home, but she paid them no attention. She simply went to the train station and instead of boarding it like a normal person. Annie decided to go on top of it. Since her father's secret was no longer an issue, she decided to have some fun for once. As she felt the air hitting her face, she suddenly heard someone calling for her.

"Hey!" – shouted a man.

Annie turned around and saw that a man with a mouse-like appearance was sticking his head off one of the windows. – "Umm, sir… I don't think that's safe." – she said.

"Well, neither does what you're doing." – he replied.

"Oh, fair point I guess." – she said.

"You're Spidey's kid right?" – he asked.

Annie sighed, it seemed as if that was the only thing that she was now. – "Yes, let me guess. Want me to get you an autograph?"

"Nah, I'm good. I actually wanted to see if you could do a favor for me."

"What kind of favor, want to have Spider-Man show up at your nephew's birthday party?"

"No, none of that. I just want to see if you could deliver a message to your old man."

"Well, that's a new one." – she thought to herself. – "Alright, shoot."

"You see, a long time ago I was… kind of a thug. I know what you may think, 'that's not very nice.' and you'll be right. Not my proudest moments, but then I had a run in with your dad." – he said, gaining the interest of the green-eye girl. – "I wanted to act all tough against freaking Spider-Man of all people and well… it didn't end well for me."

"So, you're mad at my dad?" – asked Annie.

"Far from it! He saw that deep down I wasn't that bad, so he encouraged me to get an actual job. I told him that no one would have hired someone like me and he replied 'Not with that attitude.', so he took me to a place that he knew was hiring. And what you know it, I got the job!" – he said, a smile forming on his face and on Annie's too.

"That's nice." – she said with sincerity.

"Yeah, it was. From then on, my life ended up turning up for the better. Got promoted, bought a nice department. Heck! I'm currently on my way to meet up with my fiance, our wedding is going to be next April!" – he said with excitement. – "And none of that would have happened if it wasn't for your old man. So, when you see him, tell him that Aaron Fitcher sends his regards. And tell him… thanks, for everything."

Annie smiled at the man nodding at his request. – "Will do Mr. Fitcher." – she said before looking around her. – "This is my stop."

"Alright then, have a good day."

"Thanks, you too." – she said, jumping off the train and landing on the rooftop of a building nearby. – "Well, I'm almost home, wonder what's for dinner."

It didn't take her long before she arrived at the port of her house. She opened the door and saw her siblings watching T.V.

"Annie, how was school?" – asked Mayday, as she was feeding little Benjy some baby food.

"You know, the usual. People asking me for dad's autographs, or avoiding eye contact with me and one of my teachers asking if I could set her up on a date with dad." – she said, shivering at the last part.

"Did she forget that dad's married?" – asked Mayday.

"Don't know, but it doesn't matter. School year will end soon and then Highschool here I go!" – she said excitedly. – "By the way, where are mom and dad?"

"Mom's at work I think and dad is probably patrolling the city as usual."

"What about you?" – asked Annie, taking a seat next to her siblings.

"Well, someone has to make sure you don't accidentally burn the house with Benjy inside."

"Very funny Mayday. You just say that because of the time you broke one of the walls while mom and dad were away." – said Annie.

A vein grew on Mayday's forehead and she then started to pull her sister's ear. – "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. Care to repeat it."

"Owowowow let- ow, let go of me you crazy psychopath!" – she said in pain, with her little brother giggling at his sister's misfortune. – "Benjy you traitor!"

Annie's torment was brought to a (thankful) quick end when the front door opened. – "Mayday, let go of your sister's ear. Annie, stop antagonizing your sister." – said Mary Jane, entering the house, soon followed by her husband.

"Oh, hi dad. I met a guy named Aaron Fitcher. He sends his regards and he wanted me to tell you: 'Thanks, for everything'. Apparently he's marrying someone next April." – she said while rubbing her ear and glaring at her older sister.

"Oh, yeah. He's marrying Ms. Rosa if I remember correctly." – said Peter while taking Benjy from his daughter. – "Hey there champ, did you miss me? Because I certainly missed you!"

"Wait, you knew?" – asked Annie to her father as he was playing with her baby brother who was giggling like always.

"Of course I knew. I'm the friendly neighborhood, it's my job to know this kind of stuff." – he replied.

"Didn't know you were the meddling kind of neighbor." – said Mayday.

Peter looked at her elder daughter and then to his wife. – "Don't put it on me. You're just as responsible for her sass." – said M.J, laughing at her husband for a bit before she sighed. Her expression quickly turned into a more serious one. – "Girls, your father and I need to talk to you." – Peter nodded with his wife taking a seat.

"What do you guys want to talk about?" – asked Annie.

"Now, before we start, we just want you to know that we love you with all of our hearts." – started Peter.

"Wait, are you guys getting divorce?!" – asked Mayday.

"They are?!" – shouted Annie.

"Wait what? NO!" – said M.J.

"What made you think that?!" – asked Peter.

"That kind of talk is the kind that's used to announce that a couple is getting divorced!" – said Mayday.

"We just said it to try and soften what we were about to say, goddammit Peter, I told you it wouldn't work!" – said M.J.

"It's not my fault that you let them watch those kinds of shows!" – said Peter in his defense.

"See!" – said Mayday.

"It does kind of sound like something that happens before the divorce." – said Annie.


"... Well, Mr. Wilson from around the block might get divorce seeing how he just found out his wife is cheating on him with her Yoga instructor." – said Peter, gaining weird looks from his kids and an annoyed look from his wife. – "Sorry, not the time."

"Ok, if you guys aren't getting divorce then, what do you want to talk about?" – asked Annie."

M.J sighed before she started talking. – "Girls, do you know why your father had a secret identity?" – she asked.

"To keep us safe from the many nemesis he made over the years." – replied Mayday.

"And, to give you the ability to have a normal childhood." – said Peter. – "We didn't have it easy growing up. So when you were born we wanted to give you what we couldn't have. I especially wanted for you to make friends, have birthday parties and for people to get to know you as Mayday and Anna Parker, not as Spider-Man's kids… and because of my messed up you can no longer have that."

Mayday looked at her father and then down on the floor. Truth be told, part of her blamed herself for what happened. Of course, her father and many other heroes told her that she wasn't responsible for what happened that day. Still, if she had stayed away like she was told, then maybe her father could have kept his secret identity intact.

Seeing this, Annie tried to come up with something – "Hey, it's ok. I mean, Franklin and Valerie were always raised as the children of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman and they turned out fine."

"Funny, that's the same thing Sue and Reed said when we brought this topic on." – said Mary Jane.

"Still, that's not the kind of life I wanted to give you guys. Which is why, your mother and I ended up agreeing on this." – said Peter, letting his wife finish what he was about to say.

"We're moving." – she said, shocking the two girls.

The two of them remain silent for a while. Did they hear right? Did she say that they're moving?

"W-what?!" - they asked.

"Look, this isn't easy I know. But we think it might be for the best." – said Mary Jane.

"B-but- where? Why? When?" – asked Annie.

"It's obvious that if you stay here, you will always be recognized as Spider-Man's daughters. Your father doesn't want that for you."

"But we don't mind! I mean sure, it's going to be a massive pain, but we can live with it, right?" – said Annie.

"If that was the only issue, then we wouldn't be having this conversation." – said Peter.

"What do you mean dad?" – asked Mayday.

"Things may have been pretty calm this past week, but I'm sure things won't stay like that for long. Sooner or later the bad guys that want me dead. The people that have made it their mission to destroy my life. They will start lining up in front of that door and I won't be strong enough to protect you guys." – he said.

His daughters were completely silent upon hearing that. Sure, Mayday and her mother could probably defend themselves, but Annie hasn't had to deal with that kind experience. And Benjy is still just a baby. They wanted to talk back. Annie wanted to give some sort of counter argument. But she knew that no matter what they say, they wouldn't change a thing.

"... So, that means we'll be leaving soon?" – asked Mayday, but instead of getting a reply. Her question was met with silence.

"That's… another thing we wanted to talk about." – said Peter, struggling to make the words come out of his mouth.

"Your father… won't be coming with us." – said Mary Jane, much to her daughters' shock.

"... Heh, that's… that's a joke. Right mom? You… you guys are just trying to pull our legs… right?" – asked Annie, not believing what her parents were saying.

"Annie." – whispered Mayday.

"I mean… come one. Leaving dad behind… that's crazy… right?" – she kept on saying, but when she saw the serious look on her parents face tears started to fill her eyes. – "R-right?"

"Honey, we don't like this either-"

"THEN WHY DO IT?!" – shouted Annie standing from the couch before covering her mouth once she realized what she did. It didn't take long before Benjy started crying. – "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-"

"It's ok Annie, honestly your reaction is kind of what we were expecting." – reassured her mother.

"Dad… is the reason why you're staying behind, because of the whole responsibility thing to the city?" – asked Mayday.

"Well, I would be lying if part of me didn't feel like that. But, that's not the main reason."

"Then… what is it?" – she asked again.

"Sighed, as I said, a lot of people want to hurt me and those I care about. If we all leave, then we also leave a lot of people caught in the middle of the crossfire. Betty, Roby, Jameson, and many others that can't defend themselves, all because they're close to me. Not only that, but if I leave with you guys, then there's a chance that they'll follow wherever we go. But if I stay here, then I reduced the chance of them going after you, by making them focus all of their resources on me." – explained Peter to his daughters.

The two stayed in complete silence. The only sound that filled the house was Benjy's cries and Peter's attempt to calm his son.

"T-That's… that's not fair." – said Annie. Her father always did the right thing. Always being a hero, the bigger man. So why? Why did the universe make it it's mission to make his life this difficult?

"I know honey, but we have to be strong. Could you do that for us?" – asked Mary Jane.

"... And where will we move to." – asked Annie, still trying to process what has happened.

"Well, your mother always wanted to visit Japan." – said Peter, catching the attention of his daughters.

Japan? That was on the other side of the globe. There would be thousands of miles of ocean in between them and their friends… but most important of all. Between them and their father.

"That's… why Japan though? Why not, say California, or Toronto, or heck even London?" – asked Mayday.

"Because they're too close. And I want to make sure I can put as much distance between you guys and my enemies." – said Peter as he kept on explaining his reasons. – "Besides, there are a lot of reasons why Japan. For one, the bad guys there aren't as dangerous as the ones from here, le any other part of the world. That's why Japan is one of the safest nations on the planet. The only other places that could be safer than Japan that I can think of from the top of my head are Wakanda and Latveria. And… well… I don't think I need to explain why those two are out of the question. Aside from that, Japan is kind of a bit too full of themselves. So I'm sure not many people will realize that you're my kids... Probably."

"Didn't you fight three of the top ten heroes back in the day?" – asked Mayday.

"I mean, sure. But last time I saw All Might he was super cool about it… not sure about Mirko though. And Endeavor definitely hates my guts, but outside of that, I'm sure you'll be fine." – he said.

Before they could continue their conversation, the T.V suddenly delivered a newsletter interrupting the show that was on to inform everyone of a high speed chase not that far from their house. To their surprise, it was Annie that broke the silence.

"Well, I guess duty calls you guys." – she said, trying to put a smile for her parents.

"I mean, maybe the police-"

"Mom, it's ok. This is kind of your thing." – she said, before she started to walk towards the staircase. – "Go on guys, kick their butts. I'll be in my room, you know, maybe I can look for some Japanese tutoring classes. So don't worry, go and then you can tell us all about how you wiped the floor with those guys over dinner."

With that and a forced smile on her face, Annie went upstairs to her room. She laid on her bed for a little over 10 minutes in silence. Thinking of what her parents just said. Soon afterwards, Mayday came into their room, with Benjy on her arms.

"Hey Annie, are you feeling better." – she asked as she sat on the other bed.

"Honestly, no. I mean, not every day do you find out that you're soon going to move to the other side of the world. Leaving all of your friends behind… alongside your dad." – said Annie with her sister nodding.

"Yeah, I feel you."

"By the way, did you know where we're moving to? Kyoto? Tokyo?"

"They haven't decided yet, but I think they have a place called Musutafu in mind."

"Never heard of it. Is there something interesting there?" – asked Annie.

"A couple of places. It's more well known for having U.A, the number one hero school of all of Japan and probably all of Asia." – said Mayday.

"U.A? So, is it like the Japanese equivalent to Avengers Academy and Xavier's school?"

"Something like that, yeah."

"... It's still hard to believe that dad won't be coming with us." – said Annie, with her sister slowly nodding.


"... Do you know what's going to happen next? You know, once we get to Japan."

"Mom and dad gave the abridged version. Mom is going to try and expand business there. She's going to leave the boutique in New York in charge of dad and her employees. As for me, well I might as well see if I can go pro over there." – she said, gaining a look from her sisters. – "I know, dad's probably not going to like the idea, which is why I haven't said anything yet. But we might need the extra money. Besides, Japan is not as fond of vigilantes as other places and I honestly can't see myself standing still and letting bad guys go away."

"... Being… a hero." – muttered Annie. – "Mayday, how did it feel?"


"Swinging around the city, catching thieves like flies, been seen as an equal by dad, how did all of that felt?" – asked Annie.

Mayday looked at her sister. Ever since the first Regent incident, ever since she became Spider-Girl. It gave Annie hope, hope that one day she too could join them. That she could also be a hero alongside them.

"Not gonna lie, it was pretty cool. The way I felt when I swung from building to building, stopping burglars, even the time I helped that old day cross the street and she buying me a churro to thank me. It all felt pretty cool. Not sure about the whole being seen as an equal by dad though, so I'll tell you about that one when I get there, kay?" – she said, although she laughed a little seeing her sister's confused look. – "What's with that face?"

"What the-, you've been doing this for four years now, what do you mean when I get there?!" – asked Annie.

"I mean it. Like, dad would often say that I'm doing better than he did when he started as Spider-Man, but he still tends to be pretty overprotective. I'm sure he sees mom as an equal because… well come on she's mom… Me though, he still looks at me like his little daughter and tends to act like my father every time he can. Like the time we fought over my costume."

"Didn't you fight because you based your costume on one of uncle Ben's old costumes?" – asked Annie.

"Nope. I mean, he was kind of salty about it, but that's not the reason we fought. The reason was that he wanted me to wear a helmet and shin guards." – she explained.

"Y-you're making that up aren't you?" – asked Annie, not believing a word that her sister said.

"PFFT, I wish! It took mom explaining to him that shin guards wouldn't do that much if I were to be thrown at a building for him to drop that. Even still, I once found him making designs for some sort of mech-suit for me to wear and be safer." – she said while laughing. – "I mean, can you imagine it? 'Hey, over there! Spider-Man, Spinneret and giant mech-suit girl!' HAH!"

"Well… a mech suit sounds nice." – said the red-head.

"I mean, yeah. But that wasn't what I was going for. Still, there were cases in which his point was proven to be right. Sometimes I chewed more than I could… like what happened with Regent last week." – she said, as her expression became sour. – "I guess I sometimes forget that I'm still learning while he has years of experience wearing the costume. But I know that deep down he believes in me and that he's proud of what I've done so far. I… I just wish I could do more sometimes, that I'm not doing as good as I should, that I'm letting him down. But who knows, maybe us moving to Japan could give me the opportunity to prove myself."

"... Do you think they'll be proud of me?" – asked Annie, gaining a confused look from her older sister. – "If I became a hero that is. Do you think mom and dad would be proud of me too?"

Mayday stared at her younger sister before smiling. – "Sis, you got that bright mind of yours from dad, your fashion sense from mom and you tend to make funny faces when you're mad."

"I do not." – said a frowning Annie.

"Really, because that face looks pretty funny to me." – said Mayday while she and even Benjy laughed at her.

"... Jerks." – she muttered. She could have said more, but they weren't allowed to curse, especially in front of Benjy. Jessica Jones once mentioned how her and Luke Cage's child started to imitate her father's… stronger vocabulary. Ever since then, her parents (more specifically, her mother) have done the impossible to avoid cursing in front of them.

"Sorry. But what I'm trying to say is that you have so much going for. So, whether or not you decide to become a hero, know that mom and dad will always be proud of you. Not as proud as they are of me, but proud nonetheless." – said Mayday, giggling when Annie stuck her tongue at her.

"... Thanks Mayday. That actually made me feel better."

"Any time sis."

"Don't you mean, Annie time?" – said Annie with a smile.

"What has dad told you about making lame jokes?"

"That he's the only one allowed to make them. But in my defense your jokes are just as bad as his."

"They are not!"

Before they could continue their conversation, little Benjy yawned. The two sisters realized that he's probably tired. After all, crawling across the ground and chewing everything in sight can take a lot from a baby. Mayday decided to get up and started to head to the door.

"I'm going to put the little guy to sleep. Then I guess I can take those leftovers from last night's dinner so that we can get something to eat." – said Mayday.

"Ok, I'll be downstairs in five, I have to look at something first." – said Annie, with Mayday nodding.

"Hey, before I forget. How's that web-fluid challenge you set yourself going?" – asked Mayday.

"I'm making progress… that is if web-fluid looking like toothpaste is supposed to be progress."

"Well, I don't want to put any pressure on you or anything… but, you might want to hurry it up. I'm going to need a lot of web-fluid in Japan and I'm not sure if dad can mail us that."

"Yeah, yeah, I know." – replied Annie.

"Ok then, don't take too long… and sis." – said Mayday, getting the full attention of her sister. – "We'll pull through all of this, we always do."

"I know."

"And if you need anything, just remember that I'm always here for you."

"Thanks." – said Annie, receiving a nod from her sister before leaving.

Once Annie was alone, she went to one of the drawers from the room and after opening it, she pulled something. That something was an old comic that she made when she was ten. In it there were her mom, her dad, her sister and Annie herself in a costume of her own design. Swingin across the city, saving people, beating up bad guys and overall, being a superhero family.

She then took her phone (that had the screen cracked) and wrote Musutafu Japan. After a quick search, she found a lot of articles (most of them in japanese) about heroes operating there. For example, there were articles about a guy that had a costume that looked like it was made out of wood, a lady that could apparently grow as tall as a building and a guy with really, really large hands. But most importantly of all, she saw an article that involved All Might himself saving two kids that looked to be around the same age as she was, from a sludge villain. That was apparently a couple of months ago.

After reading those articles, she then searched for U.A and after some time,found the school's official english website. There was an announcement on the homepage that mentioned something called "The Overseas Program". When she tapped at that, she found that said program was for foreigners that wished to enroll in U.A. As she was reading it, she went back and forth between her phone and her drawings.

"To be a hero." – she said.

After taking one final look at the cover of her self-made comic, Annie smiled. She got up, turned off her phone and returned the comic to where it previously was. She then decided to head downstairs, she was starving. Right now, Annie wanted nothing but to eat something. But afterwards, the young green-eye girl was going to prepare. For on that day, something was born within young Annie and that something was determination. Determination to work hard and one day achieve her goal.

For on that day, Anna May Parker vowed to make her life becomes an amazing fantasy turned into reality. Just like her sister before her and like her mother before even her.

And just like her father before them all.

On that day, the future Patternmaker took the first step.

On that day, Spiderling was born.

Spiderling will return

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