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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

With his first gym battle out of the way, and the Stone Badge on his fur vest, Hiccup was feeling pretty good about himself.

The next morning, Hiccup and Astrid were sitting at a café eating breakfast when Astrid says, "So, how does it feel now that you've won a gym battle?"

Hiccup puts down his toast and says, "Honestly, I didn't even think I was going to win. But when Seedot turned into Nuzleaf, it seemed to boost my confidence and allow me to win."

Astrid nods. "Yeah, but you know that Seedot evolving wasn't entirely what led you to win. It was your passion and trust between you and your Pokémon that made it all happen."

Hiccup nods to that. "Evolving huh? So that's what happened to Seedot."

Astrid chuckles. "I forget that you're still new to this world. Well, I suppose I have time to explain. Sometimes when certain Pokémon reach a certain level of experience through battling, they undergo a fascinating process called evolution. When a Pokémon evolves, it changes form, it becomes stronger, it can learn newer attacks and moves, and in some cases it can gain or lose a new type."

Hiccup nods. "That makes sense. I did look it up earlier and Nuzleaf is now a Grass and Dark type versus Seedot being only Grass."

"Exactly." Astrid says. "And it's not just caused by battling either. Some Pokémon require special stones in order to evolve. Like Nuzleaf, actually, if you want it to evolve again into a Shiftry then you will need a Leaf Stone."

Hiccup nods again. "A Leaf Stone huh? Interesting."

"And some other Pokémon can evolve after trading."

Hiccup raises a brow to that last part. "Hold on, you can trade Pokémon?"

Astrid nods. "You can. Like say I wanted your Mudkip and you wanted my Quilfish. If we trade, then we can have each other's Pokémon."

Hiccup nods. "Wow. I didn't even think you could trade. I kind of just assumed that once you catch a Pokémon, it's yours until you release it."

Astrid nods. "And there are other ways certain Pokémon evolve but we'll talk about those later. Actually, Professor Rowan in the Sinnoh region specializes in researching evolution."

Hiccup nods and felt that the need to talk about something else. "So, I've got one badge under my belt. The question is, where do I go for the next one?"

Astrid thinks and says, "I think Dewford Town is your next stop. It's on a small island and is the southernmost town in Hoenn. We will need a boat to get there, however."

Hiccup nods. "I think you mentioned something about that man on Route 104 can take us."

Astrid nods. "That's right. We can go see if he's home yet."

Hiccup agreed but then something else occurred in his mind, giving him his usual concerned face. Astrid noticed this and asks, "What's wrong?"

Hiccup sighs and says, "I was just thinking about yesterday. Didn't it kind of seem like Fishlegs wasn't really into the battle?"

Astrid thinks about it for a little bit. "Now that you mentioned it, he did seem a little disappointed even at the Trainer School that you even mentioned that you wanted a battle."

Hiccup thinks about it some more and says, "I think I'm gonna go talk to him." He puts some money on the table and heads out.

"Hiccup, wait." Astrid does the same and follows Hiccup out the door.

Hiccup and Astrid got to the gym right as Fishlegs was there to unlock the doors. Hiccup walks up to Fishlegs and says, "Hey, Fishlegs."

Fishlegs turns around and says, "Oh, Hiccup. Good to see you again. How's the Stone Badge treating ya?"

"Fine but there's something I wanted to talk to you about. Fishlegs…are you…ok? You seemed a little out of it yesterday during our battle."

Fishlegs knew exactly what Hiccup was talking about, so he sighs and says, "To be honest, I'm not that ok."

Astrid steps up and asks, "Well, what's wrong?"

Fishlegs wanted to come up with some sort of excuse, but figured that wouldn't be worth it so he just says, "I…don't want to be a gym leader anymore."

Hiccup's eyes widen upon hearing that. "What? Why not?"

Fishlegs sighs and says, "Well, to be honest I don't really like battling that much. You see, I love Rock Type Pokémon, I've loved them since I was a kid, and growing up I had all these dreams of exploring the world and learning about as many Rock Types as I can but then, when my dad, the former gym leader, died I figured someone had to take up the responsibility so I stepped up.

I thought that I could do the gym battles and explore at the same time but soon enough I had at least one battle every other day and it got to the point where I just gave up on exploring and learning and just stuck to what I knew."

Hiccup listened close to every word, and once Fishlegs was done talking he says, "Oh Fishlegs, I had no idea. Well, is there no one else that could run the gym instead?"

Fishlegs sighs again and says, "Not that I can think of."

They all sat in silence for a minute when a female voice was heard. "I'll do it."

They turn their heads and see the black haired girl from the other day. "Roxanne?" Hiccup asks.

"Sis?" Fishlegs asks. "What are you doing here?"

"Sis?" Hiccup asks.

Roxanne explains, "Yes Hiccup, I'm Fishlegs's younger sister. Anyway, I can take over the gym for you while you go out and live your dream."

Fishlegs responds with, "Roxanne, you've seen how tough these battles get. Your Pokémon could get hurt."

Roxanne replies to that with, "Fishlegs, it's a battle, of course Pokémon are going to get hurt. Listen, I might be your sister but I'm also not a little girl anymore. I can take these battles."

Fishlegs turns around and says, "I'm sorry Roxanne, but I just don't know."

Roxanne steps up and says, "Fishlegs please. You know that Mom and Dad would've wanted you to live out your dreams and explore the world like you wanted and be happy doing so. Please, just give me a chance to prove to you that I am a rightful gym leader."

Fishlegs thinks about this for a good minute. He knew that Roxanne was right, in that this is what his late parents would've wanted for him, but could she really do this on her own? Perhaps… "Battle me." Was all Fishlegs says.

Roxanne's eyes widen at that. "What?"

Fishlegs turns around and says, "You want a chance to prove that you can be a gym leader? Then battle me. We'll use one Pokémon each. If you can beat me, then the gym is yours."

Roxanne couldn't believe the generosity of it all. It truly was an offer she couldn't refuse so she nods and they both head inside.

Fishlegs stood at his gym leader post where Roxanne took the challenger side. Hiccup sat on the benches and Astrid, who will serve as the referee for this battle, stood at the ref's post.

Astrid announces, "This Pokémon battle between gym leader Fishlegs Ingerman and his sister Roxanne Ingerman is about to begin, both trainers will be using one Pokémon, the battle is over when one or both of the trainer's Pokémon are unable to battle. Are you both ready?"

Roxanne and Fishlegs reply simultaneously, "Ready!"

Astrid nods and says, "Then let the battle begin!"

Fishlegs yells, "Aron, go!" before throwing a Pokéball, sending out the ironed rat that is Aron.

"Aron!" Aron yells once it was out.

Roxanne yells, "Let's go, Nosepass!" She throws a Pokéball and out comes a blue stack of rocks with a big red nose.

"Nosepass." It says once it was on the battlefield.

"Nosepass huh?" Hiccup says as he pulls out the Pokédex.

"Nosepass, the compass Pokémon. The magnets in Nosepass's nose causes it to always face north. It is widely used to help out ships and travelers."

Astrid comments, "That Nosepass looks tough, but we've both seen what Aron can do too."

Fishlegs then yells, "Aron, use Iron Head!"

"Aaaaaaaronnn!" Aron's head glows as it charges towards Nosepass.

Roxanne yells, "Nosepass, Harden!"

"Pass." Nosepass's body shines as it's defense rises, causing Aron's Iron Head to do less possible damage.

Roxanne then says, "Alright. Nosepass, use Rock Throw!"

"Nose-pass!" Nosepass picks up one of the big rocks and tosses it towards Aron.

Given the speed the rock was falling, Fishlegs could tell that Aron didn't have enough time to dodge so he says, "Aron, use Iron Defense!"

"Aaaaaaronnnn!" Aron's body glows as its defense is sharply raised, allowing it to take the falling rock head on and cause even less damage. However, what Aron and Fishlegs did not expect was to see Nosepass falling towards them as if it had just jumped.

"Huh?" Fishlegs asks.

Roxanne says, "Now Nosepass, use Rock Blast!"

"Paaaaaaaaaasss." Nosepass fires off a series of rocks that hit Aron before it even realized what was going on.

Aron wasn't done yet though, as it continued to stand its ground. Nosepass was still falling towards Aron, so Fishlegs yells, "Aron, use Iron Head now!"

"A-ron!" Aron charges towards Nosepass again with it's glowing head and hits Nosepass mid-air, causing it to fly back against one of the rock pillers, crushing it instantly.

Roxanne asks, "Nosepass, are you ok?"

"Nosssssse." Nosepass tries to get up, but it was in too much pain from that Iron Head to do so.

Astrid announces, "Nosepass is unable to battle! The winner is Fishlegs!"

Roxanne sighs at the loss, but choses to suck it up and simply retrieve Nosepass back into its Pokéball as she walks over to Fishlegs who had put Aron back in its own Pokéball. Roxanne looks Fishlegs in the eyes and says, "Well Fishlegs, I guess you're right. I really am not cut out to be a gym leader. I guess I just don't have enough experience." She hung her head low, but was not shedding tears as she wanted to appear stronger.

Fishlegs could see his sister's disappointment and he understood it, however he places a hand on her shoulder and says, "Roxanne…the gym is yours. Congratulations."

Roxanne looks up with wide eyes and asks, "What? But…I lost the battle."

Fishlegs nods. "Yes, that is true, but the way you and Nosepass handled yourselves out there, and the fact that, while you did lose, you didn't even feel all that bad about it, that to me more than qualifies someone as a gym leader." Fishlegs grabs Roxanne's hand and says, "Congrats Roxanne. You are now the official Rustboro Gym Leader. How does that feel."

Now tears formed in Roxanne's eyes, but they were tears of joy. She hugs Fishlegs tight and says, "Thank you, Fishlegs. Truly. This is a dream come true."

Hiccup and Astrid walk up behind Roxanne where Astrid says, "Well done, Roxanne. I think you will do very well."

Hiccup adds, "I agree. So Fishlegs, now that Roxanne is a gym leader you're gonna go out and explore the world?"

Fishlegs nods. "I am, but I'm not doing it alone. I-I want to come with you, Hiccup. I know that you too have a long journey ahead and I'm certain that if I follow you, I can learn more about Rock Types then I ever imagined."

Hiccup nods and says, "Welcome aboard, Fishlegs."

After a quick trip to the Pokémon Center, Roxanne stood outside the gym doors as she waived Fishlegs, Hiccup and Astrid off.

Before Fishlegs left, however, he asks, "Say Roxanne, is Nosepass the only Pokémon you have?"

Roxanne nods saying yes.

Fishlegs smiles and tosses a Pokéball her way. "Here, you can have Geodude."

Roxanne's eyes widen again at the generosity. "Are you sure, Fishlegs? Geodude is your Pokémon after all."

Fishlegs shakes his head and says, "It's fine. I've got Aron and I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot more Rock Types from here on. Besides, a gym leader does need more than just one Pokémon."

Roxanne smiles wide and runs up to hug Fishlegs. "Fishlegs, when did you become the best brother in the world?"

Fishlegs pats Roxanne's back and says, "Dad taught me well, in more ways than one. Well, bye Roxanne."

With that, Hiccup, Astrid, and Fishlegs head off to continue and start their Pokémon journey.

Alright, Fishlegs is now part of the gang. Not that he ever wasn't at any point. I hope you've enjoyed this story so far, if you did please let me know.

Take care, stay safe and I will see you when the next chapter is finished.

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