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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The referee puts his hand down and says, "Let the battle…begin!"

Fishlegs yells, "Geodude, go!" He throws a Pokéball and out comes what looks like a floating rock with a face and arms. "Geodude." it yells.

Hiccup pulls up the Pokédex and it reads, "Geodude, the rock Pokémon. Geodude likes to curl up on the roads of mountains, making it look like a pile of rocks. If it gets stepped on, then it will get very angry and will likely attack."

Hiccup puts down the Pokédex and says, "Rock Pokémon, just like Astrid said. Alright. Seedot, go!" He throws a Pokéball and the acorn with feet, Seedot, pops out.

"Seedot!" It yells once it is out.

Astrid comments to herself, "Good choice, using a Grass Type on the Rock Type Geodude."

Hiccup yells, "Seedot, Seed Bomb!"

"Seeeeedot-dot-dot." Seedot fires off a series of seeds right towards Geodude.

Fishlegs yells, "Geodude, Defense Curl!"

"Duuuuude." Geodude curls himself right as the seeds hit him and explode. Since Geodude had curled himself, he took less damage.

Fishlegs then says, "Alright Geodude, Rock Throw!"

"Geoooooodude!" Geodude picks up one of the rocks on the battlefield and throws it right at Seedot. Seedot tried to get out of the way, but the rock hit him at the last second.

"Seedot, you ok?" Hiccup asks.

The rock wasn't that large, so Seedot was able to push it off quickly. "Seedot!"

Hiccup nods. "Good. This battle might be tougher than I thought. Seedot, Absorb!"

"Seeeeed." Seedot charges towards Geodude with its head down.

Fishlegs yells, "Get out of the way, Geodude!"

"Geo. Dude." Geodude jumps out of the way of Seedot, causing Seedot to change direction and go towards it again.

Seedot and Geodude keep up an act like that three more times before Seedot thought it had caught up to Geodude, but Geodude stepped out of the way at the last second, causing Seedot to run right into one of the rock pillars.

"Oh, that had to hurt." Astrid comments.

"Seedot!" Hiccup yells. Seedot steps away from the rock, now with a big headache. Hiccup felt like Seedot could give out with one other move, so he pulls out Seedot's Pokéball and says, "Seedot, return!" The ball extends a red beam that takes Seedot with it.

Hiccup pulls out another Pokéball and says, "Ok, so that's how we're doing things. Mudkip, go!" He throws the Pokéball and the blue fish Pokémon pops out.

"Mudkip!" Mudkip yells once it was out.

Astrid comments, "There we go. Mudkip will work even better in this battle."

Hiccup yells, "Mudkip, Mud Bomb!"

"Mud…" Mudkip makes a ball of mud and charges towards Geodude.

Fishlegs comments, "That Mudkip is fast, but I can be faster. Geodude, use Rock Polish then don't stop moving!"

"Geoooodude." Suddenly, Geodude's body becomes a bit shinier and it's able to move out of Mudkip's way at a fast speed.

Hiccup yells, "Don't lose track Mudkip!"

"Kip." Mudkip pauses and pays attention to where Geodude is going and notices a pattern. Mudkip waits until Geodude goes near the spot closest to it and throws the mud ball, hitting Geodude right in the face and exploding.

The explosion caused Geodude to fly off and hit the wall behind it before it settled down in defeat. The referee announces, "Geodude is unable to battle."

Fishlegs sighs and says to himself, "Figures." Then out loud, "Geodude, return." Geodude goes back into its Pokéball where Fishlegs pulls out another. "Well, here we go. Come on out, Aron!"

The Pokéball opens and out comes a small rat covered in some type of armor. "Aron!" It yells once it was out.

The Pokédex reads, "Aron, the iron armor Pokémon. Aron has a body made of steel. To make its body, Aron feeds on iron ore that it digs from mountains. However, sometimes it will get really hungry and eat railroad tracks and cars."

Hiccup noted one other piece of info, "It's Rock and Steel Type. Interesting. Alright, let's see what this thing is made of. Mudkip, Water Gun!"

"Mud-kip!" Mudkip spits a stream of water aimed right for Aron.

Fishlegs yells, "Aron, Iron Defense now!"

Like with Geodude, Aron tucks into himself, "Aaaaaaaaar" making the water cause less damage.

Hiccup nods. "I see. Mudkip, Mud Bomb!"

"Muuuuuud." Mudkip forms another mud ball that it throws at Aron.

Fishlegs yells, "Aron, Iron Defense again!"

"Aaaaarrrrrrrrr." Aron tucks into itself again, making the ball of mud do even less damage than the water.

Hiccup asks, "What? Why does he keep using Iron Defense?"

Astrid thinks out loud, "I guess Fishlegs is just working up Aron's defense so it can go all out on attacks but not get damaged much itself."

Hiccup yells, "Fine, Mudkip use Mud Bomb again!"

"Muuuud." Mudkip was about to make another mud ball when Fishlegs yells, "Now Aron. Use Iron Head!"

"Aaaaaaaaron!" Aron's head shines before it dashes towards Mudkip at high speed and hits it before Hiccup or Mudkip could even react. The force of the attack caused Mudkip to be thrown to another rock pillar and get knocked out.

The referee announces, "Mudkip is unable to battle."

Fishlegs nods. "Good work, Aron."

Hiccup calls Mudkip back into it's Pokéball. He says to himself, "Well, it hasn't been knocked out yet so, Seedot go!"

Hiccup throws Seedot's Pokéball and Seedot pops out. "Seedot!" It still had a few scratches from battling Geodude, but looked ready to go.

Astrid says to herself, "Hmm. The problem with Seedot is that while Grass Types are good against Rock Types, they're not so good against Steel Types. Hiccup's gonna need to get creative here."

Hiccup thinks and says, "That Aron has a lot of defense built up. Well, I guess I can at least try to match that. Seedot, use Harden!"

"Seeeed." Seedot glows green as its own defense gets raised.

Fishlegs comments, "Not a bad choice, but it's not gonna be enough. Aron, use Iron Head."

"Aaaaaron!" Aron's head glows silver again as it charges towards Seedot.

Hiccup yells to Seedot, "Seedot, use Harden again!"

"Seeeeeeeeed." Seedot glows green again. However, despite the two Hardens, Aron's Iron Head still hit with a lot of power. Not enough to knock Seedot out though.

Hiccup noded. "Keep your head up, Seedot. Use Seed Bomb!"

"Seedot-dot-dot!" Seedot fires a round of exploding seeds.

However, before the seeds could hit, Fishlegs yells, "Aron, use Screech!"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaar." Aron yells so loud that it causes the seeds to be deflected back to Seedot, hitting it hard.

"Seedot are you ok?" Hiccup asks.

"Seeeed." Seedot wasn't out, but it didn't look good.

Hiccup says to Seedot, "Seedot come on. I know you can do this. I believe in you. I-I trust that you can do this!"

Apparently, that little boost of confidence was all Seedot needed as it stood up yelled, "Seeeeeed!" and began to glow white all over.

"What the?" Hiccup asks as Seedot grew taller, grew arms and an actual body and the top of its head sprouted a leaf.

After only 30 seconds, the white faded and the new Pokémon yells, "Nuzleaf!"

Astrid yells, "Wow. Seedot just evolved into Nuzleaf."

Hiccup raises a brow. "Nuzleaf? Evolve? How the?"

He flips the Pokédex just to check and it reads, "Nuzleaf, the wily Pokémon and the evolved form of Seedot. Nuzleaf likes to live in dense forests, away from people, and will often use the leaf on its head as a whistle."

Hiccup comments, "I don't quite understand what just happened but I like it."

Just then, a field of leaves form around Nuzleaf and they get fired at Aron, actually cutting its iron body.

Astrid says, "Hey, that's a Razor Leaf attack. Very cool!"

Hiccup nods. "And I think it will do. Nuzleaf, use Growth then Razor Leaf!"

"Nuz." Nuzleaf glows red as the Growth move raised its attack before another field of sharp leaves form around it and get fired right towards Aron.

Fishlegs yells, "Aron, Screech!"

"Aaaaaarooooon!" Aron screeches again but it wasn't enough to stop the leaves from hitting it on all angles, causing Aron to yell out in pain and soon enough lose its footing and faint.

The referee announces, "Aron is unable to battle. The winner is Hiccup Haddock!"

Seeing that he won the battle, Hiccup pumps his fist in the air and says, "Yes, I did it! Nuzleaf, we won!"

Nuzleaf holds a thumbs up and says, "Nuz!"

"Nicely done, Hiccup! Nuzleaf!" Astrid says.

Fishlegs on the other hand returns Aron to its Pokéball, sighs and says, "Yep, another loss."

Once the initial excitement had settled down, Hiccup, Astrid and Fishlegs stand outside the gym where Fishlegs says, "Well Hiccup, you won. Guess I gotta give you the Stone Badge."

Fishlegs hands Hiccup a gold badge that looked like two arrows pointing opposite directions with a rectangle in the middle. Hiccup takes the badge and says, "The Stone Badge. Wow. Thanks so much Fishlegs."

Fishlegs sighs and says, "Yeah, sure."

Hiccup gets a concerned look on his face and says, "Uh, no hard feelings right?"

Fishlegs looks up and says, "No, no. It's fine. I'm a gym leader so I'm used to having to face tough opponents and yes I'll lose. Sorry if I worried ya. Well, you two best be off, it is getting late."

Hiccup wanted to say more but nods and says, "Yeah. See you Fishlegs. Thanks for the battle." before he and Astrid head back to the Pokémon Center where they will rest up both their Pokémon and themselves.

On the way back, Astrid couldn't help but notice Hiccup's concerned look and asks, "You ok?"

Hiccup sighs and says, "Yeah, I'm fine. Uh, don't worry about it."

Alright, that's badge 1 out of 8. Thank you for reading this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it if you did please let me know.

This was a shorter chapter than some of the others in this story but it's ok. I just wanted to focus on the battle for this chapter so that's what I did.

Take care, stay safe and I will see you when the next chapter is finished.

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