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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Hiccup and Astrid have been walking north of the Petalburg Woods up Route 104, en route to Rustboro City where Hiccup will be participating in his first ever gym battle.

On the way there, they spot a small house next to a dock that had a small boat on it. The house peaked Hiccup's interest so he goes up to it and sees there is a sign on the door.

The sign reads, "Out at Rusturf Tunnel with Pecko, will be back later. –G."

Hiccup says, "Huh, what's that all about."

Astrid thinks before saying, "Oh, I think I remember this guy. He's a boater that offers rides from here to Dewford Town or Slateport City. Dewford is actually where one of the gyms is around here, so we'll probably have to see him at some point. We'll look for him after your battle in Rustboro."

Hiccup nods. "He says he's at Rusturf Tunnel, what is that?"

Astrid explains, "It's a tunnel on Rout 116. It divides Rustboro City and Verdanturf Town."

Hiccup nods again. "I'll have to keep that in mind for when I need to find the guy."

It didn't take much more walking before Hiccup and Astrid finally find themselves in the big city of Rustboro. Hiccup comments, "Wow, so this is the place eh?"

Astrid nods. "Yeah, this is it. The gym should be further north of here, so we can head over now if you'd like."

Hiccup replies with, "In a sec. I do want to stop by the Pokémon Center real quick."

Astrid nods again. "Good idea."

As said, Hiccup and Astrid head out to the Rustboro Pokémon Center to get their Pokémon all healed up, something Hiccup knew his Pokémon would need as he was certain that these gym leaders must be strong.

While waiting for the nurse there to finish up, Hiccup says, "Man, now that I'm here I'm actually pretty excited. I mean, if I win this gym battle then I'll be one step closer to becoming a better Pokémon Trainer."

Just after Hiccup says this, a young, black haired girl who was standing at the counter says, "Uh hey, sorry to bother you but did you say you're in town for a gym battle?"

Hiccup looks to the girl and says, "Uh, yeah."

The girl says, "Sorry but you're gonna have to wait a little bit. The gym leader's out teaching a class at the Pokémon Trainer School. The place where lots of kids go to learn about Pokémon training."

Hiccup nods. "Oh, ok then I guess I will wait."

The girl says, "I believe he starts in about 15 minutes so you might be able to catch him."

Hiccup nods again. "I guess I'll do that."

Astrid adds, "Thank you, uh…"

The girl chuckles. "Roxanne. That is my name. Well, hopefully I'll see you all later."

With that, Roxanne was about to walk out of the Pokémon Center when Hiccup stops her and asks, "Wait, where is the Trainer School?"

Roxanne looks behind her and says, "I can take you there if you'd like."

Hiccup's Pokémon were done healing so he grabs their Pokéballs and says, "Let's go."

Roxanne takes Hiccup and Astrid to the Trainer school, which was actually just to the left of the Pokémon Center. Once they got there, Roxanne says goodbye to Hiccup and Astrid and heads back to her house.

Hiccup and Astrid enter the school and the teacher there sees them walk in and says, "Oh, are you a new student here?"

Hiccup got confused by the question but then thinks to himself, "Oh right, still 10." and then saying out loud, "No we uh heard that the gym leader is here and…"

The teacher's eyes widen. "Oh, yes of course. Well, his lesson won't take long so you can talk to him afterwards. Uh, why don't you have a seat in the meantime?"

Hiccup nods and sits in one of the empty chairs while Astrid stands in the back of the classroom and the students take their own seats.

The teacher gets the class settled and says, "Ok class, we have a very special guest speaker coming in today to talk to you about the various status problems that can occur in a battle. Please give a warm welcome to the gym leader of Rustboro City, Fishlegs!"

The students clap as a fat, blonde haired man walks up to the front of the classroom. The sight of this man made Hiccup's jaw hit the floor. He whispers, "Fish…legs? No way."

Fishlegs begins to speak, "Hello class, as your teacher mentioned, today I will be talking to you about Pokémon status problems. Now, battles can be intense at times, and sometimes a battle can lead to a Pokémon getting some form of a status problem. These are effects that can give the opposing Pokémon a disadvantage in battle. They are burn, confuse, freeze, paralyze, poison, and sleep.

Now, before I go on I would like to clarify something, these effects are not permanent. They can be easily healed by either using a special item, a berry, or by simply taking that Pokémon to a Pokémon Center. Some of these effects can also be healed on their own and we'll discuss more of that as we go."

Fishlegs pauses to allow the students to take notes. Hiccup decided to take notes himself as well, as this information could be quite useful in the future. Fishlegs then says, "Ok, we will begin with one of the more common and most easy to heal status problems, confusion."

Hiccup mutters to himself, "Heh, sounds like that's the status problem I had when I first arrived in this world."

Fishlegs continues. "If a Pokémon is confused, then it will not know what or who it is attacking. In fact, there's a chance that a confused Pokémon might end up hurting itself. A few common moves that cause confusion are Supersonic, Confuse Ray, and Sweet Kiss.

Now, confusion does wear off eventually, but a great way to get rid of confusion is by simply calling your Pokémon back into its Pokéball and that will cure the confusion instantly. Are there any questions about confusion?" Fishlegs pauses a moment and sees a hand raised by a little boy.

Fishlegs points to the boy and he asks, "Can a Pokémon confuse itself?"

Fishlegs nods. "Great question. Yes, it is possible for a Pokémon to confuse itself. For example, some Grass Type Pokémon can use the move Petal Dance which is powerful but it can leave a Pokémon to confuse itself. This also goes for the moves Thrash and Outrage."

Hiccup comments, "Wow, Fishlegs seems to know a lot about Pokémon moves. I guess since dragons aren't around he had to become a nerd at something."

Fishlegs then says, "Ok, moving on. Next we have Burn. If a Pokémon is burned then it will take extra damage as the battle goes on due to the searing pain. It probably goes without saying that most Fire Type attacks cause burning, however the Ghost Type move Wil-O-Wisp can also cause it.

Now burning doesn't go away on its own like confusion, for that you will need to use either a Burn Heal, a Rawst Berry, or take the burned Pokémon to a Pokémon Center."

Hiccup whispers to himself, "Huh, guess some of Torchic's attacks can cause burning. Good to know."

Fishlegs waits again for questions then moves on. "Next, we have an effect similar to burn, but a bit more powerful, poison. If a Pokémon is poisoned then, like with burning, it will slowly take damage as the battle goes on. However, unlike burning, poison can actually affect a Pokémon even if it's in its Pokéball and not battling.

Now, poison can also be easily healed if you have an Antidote or a Pecha Berry. Now, a little pop quiz, can anyone tell me what type of Pokémon moves can cause a poison effect?"

The class answers all at once. "Poison!"

Fishlegs nods. "That's right, Poison Type moves can cause a poison effect. Probably the most common would be the moves Toxic and Poison Gas. Any questions regarding the poison effect?"

Fishlegs looks around to see no hands raised so he moves on. "Ok, next we have another very common effect, paralysis. If a Pokémon is paralyzed, then it will become much slower and there's a chance that it won't be able to move at all. It's actually a very useful effect for catching Pokémon as a Pokémon that can't move won't be able to break free of its Pokéball as easily.

Now, most Electric type moves and attacks can cause paralysis, some of the most common moves are Thunder Wave and Thunder Shock, but also the Grass Type move Stun Spore and the Normal Type move Glare. Paralysis can also be easily healed with either a Paralyz Heal or a Cheri Berry. Any questions?"

A little girl raises her hand. "Can a Pokémon have more than one status problem? Like can they be confused and poisoned?"

Fishlegs replies, "Very good question. The answer is no, one a Pokémon has a status problem it cannot get another. Any other questions?"

Again, no hands were raised so Fishlegs moves on. "Next up, we have an effect that I think some of you might feel the need for right now, sleep. If a Pokémon is asleep then it can't move at all, period."

Hiccup jokes to himself, "I guess the phrase, 'you snooze you lose' literally applies to battles."

Fishlegs continues on by saying, "Now, moves like Hypnosis, Sleep Powder can cause a Pokémon to fall asleep and a Pokémon can wake up after a little bit, but if you're still worried then you can use either an Awakening or a Chesto Berry.

Now, sleep doesn't render a Pokémon completely useless. If a Pokémon has the move Sleep Talk then it can actually continue to use its moves, even while its asleep. Also the move Rest causes a Pokémon to go to sleep, but it will actually heal itself while it is sleeping. Any questions?" No hands raised, so Fishlegs moves on.

"The last status problem we will be discussing is actually one of the less common effects, but is still important to know about, freeze. If a Pokémon is frozen then, just like with Sleep, it cannot move whatsoever, but unlike sleep, there aren't any moves that can actually use freezing to an advantage of any sort.

Now can anyone tell me what type of moves can cause freezing?"

The whole class, minus Hiccup, raises their hands so Fishlegs nods and they all say, "Ice!"

Fishlegs chuckles. "That's right, most Ice Type moves can cause freezing. Think of moves like Ice Beam, Blizzard and Ice Shard. Now, like with sleep, a Pokémon can thaw out on its own but if you're still worried then you can use an Ice Heal.

One last thing, the healing items I mentioned are used to heal that specific status problem, however if you have something like a Full Heal or a Full Restore then you can heal any status problem a Pokémon might have."

Fishlegs puts his hands together and says, "Ok, I think that's all the time we have for today. If anyone has any further questions feel free to either ask me now or ask your teacher. Thank you all for having me here today." The students all clap and then the bell rings.

The teacher says, "Alright, there will be a quiz about status problems tomorrow so make sure you took good notes. I will see you all tomorrow." With that, the students pack up their desks and begin to head out.

Hiccup was just finishing up his notes when Astrid nudges him and says. "Don't you have something to ask him?"

"Huh?" Hiccup replies. "Oh, right." He gets up and walks over to Fishlegs as he was talking to the teacher a little bit. He says to Fishlegs, "Uh, hi."

Fishlegs looks to Hiccup and says, "Hi there. Did you have a question?"

Hiccup replies with, "Uh, sort of. Aren't you the gym leader of this city?"

Fishlegs's eyes widen before he sighs and says, "Yes, that would be me."

Hiccup nods and says, "Well then, my name is Hiccup and-"

"I know what you want." Fishlegs interrupts. "You're here for a gym battle aren't you?"

Hiccup was a little thrown off by the interruption but says, "Yes, yes I am."

Fishlegs nods. "I figured. You did seem a little older than the other kids."

Hiccup thinks to himself, "You have no idea."

Fishlegs sighs and says, "Very well. As a gym leader I do have to accept a challenge. Come by in about 15 minutes and we can get the battle underway."

Hiccup nods. "I'll be there."

In the next 15 minutes, Hiccup stocks up on some potions at the Pokémart and makes sure his Pokémon are in top shape for the battle to come.

At the 10 minute mark, Hiccup decided to wait outside the gym, in case Fishlegs was ready any earlier.

Astrid stood by Hiccup and says, "So, your first gym battle. Excited."

Hiccup nods and says, "Yeah, excited and nervous I would say."

Hiccup then gets a look that looks like he's thinking about something which Astrid quickly caught and asks, "Ok, what's on your mind."

Hiccup sighs and says, "That gym leader? Fishlegs? I…know him. From my world."

Astrid's eyes widen upon hearing that. "W-what?"

Hiccup nods. "It's true. In my world he is a dragon rider, just like you and me. He rode a rock eating dragon called a Gronckle, and he's one of my best friends in the world."

Astrid didn't know what to say, except for, "Wow. That is weird. I don't really know Fishlegs that well, actually, but I heard that he did grow up here, in Rustboro. Are you sure that's him?"

Hiccup nods again. "No doubt. Same name and everything." Hiccup just looked up to the sky at that point, hoping that some sort of answer would just suddenly appear to him.

Astrid then says, "Look, Hiccup. I don't understand this whole inter-universal travel thing as much as you do, but I can tell you that whatever is going on here, I think it might be for the better. I mean, you said that your dad died in your world right?"

Hiccup's eyes widen at that. "Yeah, that's true."

Astrid adds, "Then there you go, things are already looking better for you aren't they? Maybe this is a chance to become a better person even. I know all of this is confusing but the fact is, what's done is done. I think you'll just have to live with it until we can find more answers."

Hiccup sighs after hearing all of that. "Thank you, Astrid. At least you can understand me."

Right after Hiccup says this, the doors to the gym unlocks and a referee sticks his head out to say, "The gym leader is ready."

Hiccup looks to Astrid and says, "I guess it's my time."

Astrid places a hand on Hiccup's shoulder and says, "I'll be watching from the sidelines. Good luck."

With that, Hiccup takes a deep breath and walks into the gym with Astrid in tow. The gym itself was lined with a rock floor and there were several pillars of rocks scattered throughout the floor that ranged in size.

Astrid walked over to the benches on the sides and sat down.

Fishlegs was standing on the other side of the battlefield, looking ready to battle. Fishlegs pops his neck on both sides before saying, "Well, here we go. Again."

The referee stands on his post and says, "This battle between the challenger Hiccup Haddock and the gym leader Fishlegs Ingerman will soon begin. Both battlers may use up to two Pokémon, the battle is over when both of one battler's Pokémon is rendered unable to battle. In addition, only the challenger is allowed to switch Pokémon. Are both battlers ready?"

Hiccup replies, "Ready!"

Fishlegs replies, "Ready!"

The referee nods before putting his hand up and saying, "Then let the battle…" He pauses a moment before putting his hand down and saying, "Begin!"

How will Hiccup's first gym battle go down? Find out in the next chapter.

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