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Bonus Chapter!

Bonus Chapter!

I decided to bring this story back up with this chapter that I honestly should've done when I originally came up with the idea to do this story, but here it is anyway for your enjoyment.

For reference, this chapter takes place before when Hiccup, Astrid and Fishlegs are heading to Lavaridge Town, so it's pre-Snotlout.


The sun was shining down on the Hoenn region as Hiccup, Astrid and Fishlegs were setting foot to Lavaridge town so Hiccup could try for his fourth Gym Badge. That is, assuming the trio can find the town!

The gang had been walking along a forest path for quite some time while Fishlegs was holding a map and giving directions when Hiccup points out, "Hey, Fishlegs? How much further is it to Lavaridge Town? Feels like we've been for a while."

Fishlegs replies, "I'm telling you, it's right up ahead!"

Astrid points out, "You said that twenty minutes ago and twenty minutes before that. You sure you're reading that map right?"

Fishlegs gestures to the map and replies, "Well, if you think you know how to read maps better than me, then go ahead and try?"

Astrid snatches the map from Fishlegs's hand and in two seconds notices the red N on the compass symbol at the top right corner of the map was facing down which meant, "THIS MAP IS UPSIDE-DOWN!"

Fishlegs glances back over to the map and notices the compass symbol himself before replying with, "…Oh."

Hiccup throws his hands into the air. "Well, that's just great! We've been going in the wrong direction for who even knows how long! Now what do we do?"

Fishlegs looks around and points out, "Hey look, some people! Maybe we can ask them for directions."

Fishlegs points to a group of 4 people plus a Pokémon. There was a black haired boy with a blue shirt and red hat who had a small, yellow mouse on his shoulder, a girl wearing a red short-sleeved shirt and red bandana and chestnut hair that extended out the sides, a younger boy with glasses, a green shirt and a bowl haircut and a taller, older looking boy with tan skin, a brown jacket, tan pants, spiked brown hair and crossed eyes, all of which seemed to be walking along a crossing path.

The trio walk up to this group before Hiccup asks, "Excuse me, can you guys help us out? We seem to be a bit lost." Fishlegs looked like he wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out upon hearing that.

The boy with the red hat asks, "Uh, sure, what's going on?"

The yellow mouse adds, "Pika?"

Hiccup replies with, "We need to get to Lavaridge Town, you guys know how to get there?"

The tall boy replies with, "Hey, what a coincidence! We just came from Lavaridge Town!"

The younger boy pulls out a small, yellow device and says, "Here, you can use my PokéNav."

Fishlegs takes the small device and uses it to pin their location and writes down on his map exactly where to go. "Thank you so much, sorry for bothering you guys like this."

The girl replies, "No worries! We're just happy to help."

It was then that the little boy's eyes widen in realization. "Wait…aren't you Hiccup?"

Hiccup raises a brow to that. "Uh…who's asking?"

The boy smiles even wider. "You are, aren't you? I've been hearing about you on the news! You're the one who's been coming up with all these unique battle strategies! You're the one who took out the Dewford Town gym leader after your Abra somehow revived itself, right?"

Hiccup smiles to that. "Yeah, that's me, alright! Guess word does spread quickly. Well, you already know me, this is Astrid and Fishlegs."

The boy in the red hat looks to Fishlegs and asks, "Wait, Fishlegs? As in Roxanne's brother?"

Fishlegs steps forward and replies, with, "Yeah! You know her?"

The boy nods. "I do. I battled her at the Rustboro Gym a few weeks ago, apparently I was one of the first trainers to challenge her since she took over the Gym. I gotta say, she's pretty strong, she told me she learned everything from watching you battle."

Fishlegs shed a tear upon hearing that. "That's…amazing! I feel honored, actually."

Astrid then asks, "Well, you guys seem to know us so who are you?"

The boy in the red hat replies, with, "Oh, right, sorry. I'm Ash, nice to meet you guys."

The yellow mouse adds, "Pika, Pikachu!"

The girl adds, "Hello, I'm May."

The little boy adds, "I'm May's little brother, Max."

And the tall boy finishes with, "And I'm Brock. A pleasure to meet you three."

Hiccup nods. "Right back at you. And hey, thanks for helping us with directions, you have no idea how much of a relief it was to find you when we did."

Ash nods. "Glad to help. Oh! Speaking of relief, I am feeling kind of hungry at the moment!" The others in Ash's group drop their head as this isn't the 50th time they've heard that.

May then asks Ash, "Are you ever not hungry?"

Ash replies, "Yes, after I've just eaten!"

Hiccup then adds, "Actually, now that you've said it, I could eat too." Astrid and Fishlegs nod in agreement.

Brock then suggests to Hiccup's group, "Well, if you three want to hang out for a bit, I can get lunch going."

Hiccup nods. "Sounds great, thank you."

So both groups find an open area along the path and get a picnic set up. Brock gets to work with preparing lunch with Fishlegs and Max's help to set up a small picnic table while the two groups chat amongst each other and get to know one another. Astrid and May had been chatting for a bit when Astrid tells May about how she uses Water Type Pokémon a lot before May says, "Oh, cool! Ash has an old friend named Misty that uses Water Types too. Apparently she's a Gym Leader as well."

Astrid nods. "Yeah, I think I've heard of her. She's one of the best Water Type trainers in the world." She then looks over to Hiccup and Ash who have been chatting before Astrid asks, "So, is Ash any good as a trainer?"

May nods. "He is! He not only won the Orange Island championship, but ended up in the top 8 in the Johto Pokémon League and top 16 in the Indigo league."

Astrid nods. "Wow, that's pretty impressive, actually. I guess you've heard about how Hiccup is, then. He hasn't been a trainer as long, mind you, but he does seem to have a lot of potential."

While the girls were chatting, Hiccup and Ash were talking to each other when Hiccup couldn't help but spot the little yellow mouse with a lightning bolt shaped tail that Ash was traveling with. He pulls up the Pokédex and it reads out,

"Pikachu, the Electric Mouse Pokémon and the evolved form of Pichu.

Pikachu stores energy in special pouches in its red cheeks and can release this energy at any point in powerful electric attacks."

Hiccup comments, "That Pikachu seems pretty cute, but shouldn't it be inside a Pokéball for safety?"

Ash shakes his head. "Nah, Pikachu prefers to stay outside and travel on my shoulder."

Pikachu replies as he leaps onto Ash's shoulder, "Pika!" and rubs his cheek with Ash's.

Ash then explains, "Pikachu was my first Pokémon and we've been great buddies ever since!"

Hiccup blinks to that. "Wait, Pikachu is an Electric Type, don't you normally pick between a Fire, Water and Grass Type?"

Fishlegs adds as he overhears, "He's right. You said you're from Pallet Town, right? That means you would chose between Bulbasaur as a Grass Type, Charmander as a Fire Type and Squirtle as a Water Type."

Ash then rubs the back of his head and replies, "Ah…well…that's a long story, actually." Pikachu does the same. "Piiika!"

Max then points out, "Didn't you tell us that you overslept on the day you started your journey and all of the other Pokémon got picked so Pikachu was the only thing Professor Oak had left."

Hiccup's group could barely contain their laughter as Ash gives Max a death glare before replying, "Well…even if that was true, I always consider that to be fate on my side as Pikachu ended up being a perfect pick for me." Pikachu replies with a nod. "Pikachu!"

Seconds later, Brock calls out, "Alright gang, chow time!"

Brock portions out the stew he made to the others as they sit down and begin eating. A few bites in, Hiccup comments, "Wow, this is some of the best food I've had in a while!" Astrid nods in agreement and Fishlegs just couldn't put his spoon down.

Ash nods. "No surprise there, Brock is one of the best cooks I know. He makes sure we never go hungry."

Astrid then asks Brock, "So, have you ever considered becoming a chef?"

Brock rubs the back of his head and replies, "Eh…I've considered it, but cooking has always been more of a hobby for me. My real dream is to become a top notch Pokémon breeder."

Hiccup nods to that. "I suppose we all have our dreams. So, let's hear it, what are your goals in life?"

Ash replies with, "Well, my dream is to become a Pokémon master."

May adds, "I want to become a top Pokémon Contest Coordinator."

Hiccup nods. "Oh yeah, we did a contest back in Slateport, they're pretty fun!"

May nods to that. "They are, and I'm so glad I discovered them. I've only just started out as a Coordinator, but I can already see myself doing it more and more!"

Max then adds, "I just want to learn as much about Pokémon as I can! Maybe even become strong enough to impress my Dad."

Hiccup nods. "Oh yeah? Your dad any good?"

Max nods. "He's one of the best! He used to be the Gym Leader in Petalburg City until he retired."

Hiccup's jaw nearly hits the table. "Your dad used to run the Petalburg Gym?" Max nods to that. "You're kidding, my dad is the Gym leader now!"

Ash's group look in total surprise to the fact. Hearing this, Pikachu looks up from where he was sitting as well. "PI?"

Brock points out, "Wow, guess Hoenn really is a small region."

Ash adds, "But, doesn't that mean…?"

Hiccup sighs. "Yes, some day soon I will need to challenge my dad to a battle. It's kind of been in the back of my mind for some time, but I know that Dad is going to put everything he has into the battle so I'm going to do the same!"

Brock comments, "Sounds like a good attitude to have. Well, I guess we'll just have to wish you luck with that. Anyway, enough about us, what about you guys? What are your goals?"

Fishlegs finally puts down his spoon to reply with, "Well, my goal is to travel the world and learn about as many Rock Type Pokémon as I can."

Brock adds, "Well, you're in luck, I happen to know quite a bit about Rock Types."

Fishlegs's eyes widen in shock. "REALLY!"

Ash explains, "You see, Brock used to be the Gym Leader at the Pewter City Gym in the Kanto Region, but he stepped down to pursue his dream as a Pokémon breeder and his dad took over."

Fishlegs points out, "Wow, sounds like we have pretty similar stories."

Brock nods. "Indeed we do."

Astrid then adds, "I guess my goal is to become as great of a Water Type Pokémon trainer as I can, I've already got quite the collection that I could show you some other time."

Hiccup adds, "And me? Right now my goal is about the same as Astrid's, I just want to see how good of a trainer I can get."

Ash nods to that. "Well it sounds like you're on the right track there. Hey, I have an idea, how about we have a little battle, 1 on 1?"

Hiccup smiles to that. "Sounds great, but how about we make things interesting? Whoever loses, their group has to clean up after lunch!"

Ash stands up and replies with, "Now you're speaking my language! Let's go!" "PIKA!"

May sighs. "You're now witnessing the two things that ever cross Ash's mind. Food and battles."

Astrid shrugs. "I can say the exact same about Hiccup."

The two trainers stand apart from each other as they face each other, excited to get this battle going. Brock stands off to the side in the center and announces, "I'll be the referee. This battle between Ash and Hiccup will soon begin. Both trainers will use one Pokémon each. Are you both ready?"

Both Hiccup and Ash reply simultaneously, "READY!"

Brock then announces, "Then let the battle begin!"

Ash looks down to Pikachu and says, "Pikachu, let's do this!" "PIKA!" And Pikachu steps out onto the field.

Hiccup grabs a Pokéball from his belt, presses the button that makes it bigger and yells, "I was hoping to be battling that Pikachu. Come on out, Nuzleaf!" he throws the ball and sends out a brown, humanoid Pokémon with a pointed nose and a leaf on its head.

Astrid comments, "Nuzleaf seems like an ideal choice against that Pikachu."

May points out, "Just wait till they start battling."

Ash then calls out, "Pikachu, use Thunderbolt, GO!" "Piiikaaaachuuuuuuu!" Pikachu leaps up and lets out a large bolt of electricity towards Nuzleaf.

Hiccup commands, "Dodge it, Nuzleaf, then use Razor Leaf!" "Nuz-LEAF!" Nuzleaf successfully dodges the Thunderbolt and sends a flurry of sharp, spinning leaves towards Pikachu, which Pikachu quickly dodges.

Ash then commands, "Alright, Pikachu, go at it with Quick Attack!" "Pika-Pika-Pika!" Pikachu suddenly speeds up towards Nuzleaf.

In seconds, Hiccup commands, "Nuzleaf, send Pikachu away with a Seed Bomb!" "Nuzzzzzzleaf!"

Nuzleaf throws an exploding seed towards Pikachu, but before the seed could hit, Ash commands, "Pikachu, quick, deflect it with an Iron Tail!" "CHUUUUUU, PIKA!" Pikachu's lightning bolt shaped tail then glows white before it leaps up and smacks into the Seed Bomb like a baseball bat, sending it right back to Nuzleaf and exploding in its face.

Astrid comments, "Whoa, Pikachu used Nuzleaf's Seed Bomb against it."

May nods. "That's Ash for you."

Hiccup grunts. "Well, two can play at that game. Nuzleaf, surround Pikachu with a Razor Leaf!" Nuzleaf then sends another flurry of sharp leaves that surround Pikachu on all sides.

Ash smirks. "Hope you're not making this too easy on me. Pikachu, take out those leaves with an Iron Tail!" "CHUUUU, Pika PIKA!"

Pikachu uses its Iron Tail again to smack away the leaves, but the second it has its back turned to Nuzleaf, Hiccup commands, "NOW!" Nuzleaf sends three more leaves that strike Pikachu right in the back.

Max comments, "Amazing! Nuzleaf distracted Pikachu with the surrounding Razor Leaf so it could go in for a blow!"

Pikachu was hurt from the attack, but it still stood strong so Ash commanded, "Alright, let's try another Quick Attack!" "Pika-Pika-PIKA!" Pikachu charges towards Nuzleaf again with a speedy attack, but Hiccup doesn't seem to do anything to avoid it.

"What's Hiccup doing?" May asks. "Shouldn't he try to dodge that?"

Fishlegs crosses his arms and comments, "Let's just see how this plays out."

Pikachu does, indeed, strike Nuzleaf with the Quick Attack, but Hiccup responds with, "Payback, now!" Nuzleaf's right hand then becomes darker as it strikes into Pikachu's torso. "Yeah, that's it!" However, seconds later, Nuzleaf seems to start moving slower and its body becomes covered in sparks. "Nuzleaf, what's wrong?"

Fishlegs explains. "That's probably Pikachu's special ability, Static! Whenever it gets hit by a physical attack, Pikachu has a chance to paralyze an opponent."

Ash comments, "Using that Payback was a nice move, but looks like it came with a price."

Hiccup then commands, "Fine then, Nuzleaf, hit it with Mega Drain!" Nuzleaf, despite its slower movement from the paralysis, manages to jump on Pikachu and land a hit on it that zapped up some of Pikachu's energy and send it back to Nuzleaf.

Ash tells Pikachu, "Don't let it take your energy, Pikachu! Use Iron Tail!" Pikachu's tail glows again as it hits Nuzleaf and sends him away back to Hiccup. Ash then commands, "Let's finish this! THUNDERBOLT!" "PikaCHUUUUUUUU!" Pikachu lets off another strong bolt of electricity.

Hiccup responds with, "Seed Bomb, let's GO!" "NUZLEAF!" Nuzleaf sends of another powerful exploding seed that collides with Pikachu's Thunderbolt with so much force that the two projectiles stay still in the air for a moment before causing an explosion that causes a cloud of black smoke to appear around the area.

No one could see anything from within the smoke so May asks, "What happened? What happened?"

Astrid replies with, "I don't know! I guess we'll find out soon."

After 30 seconds, the smoke clears and both Nuzleaf and Pikachu are standing, but are both covered in scratch marks and are panting a ton, seeming to be very tired. A few more seconds later and both Pokémon lose footing and end up collapsing on the ground, leaving their trainers in shock.

Brock announces, "Both Pikachu and Nuzleaf are unable to battle, this battle is a tie!"

Hiccup and Ash stare at each other a moment as they wrap their heads around what just happened before they both pump their fists and cheer. Ash yells out, "Ah, that was an amazing battle! I'm actually glad it was a tie!"

Hiccup replies with, "Same here, I think that just shows that we're just that equal." The two of them then get on their knees in front of their respective Pokémon to tell them they did great.

From the side, the others clap for the two trainers and the great battle. "Wow, Hiccup and Ash really are great trainers!" Astrid comments.

"I'll say, that was fantastic!" May adds.

Max, however, comments, "So…since they tied, who's cleaning up lunch?"

Hiccup and Ash give each other a glance before grinning as Hiccup suggests, "I think there's a simple answer to that."

So, after giving their Pokémon some healing medicine, both groups of trainers and trainer-to-be get to work with cleaning up the mess made at lunch by putting trash into trash bags, the remaining stew into boxes for both groups to take, and making the area look the way they found it.

Once all that was done, they all get back to the crossroad where they met as Ash says, "Well, it was great meeting you guys, hopefully we'll see each other again."

Hiccup nods. "Yeah, and hopefully next time one of us can actually win a battle!"

Ash chuckles to that. "I look forward to that."

"Pika." Pikachu adds.

May then states, "Well, we know you guys are off to Lavaridge Town, we're heading out to Verdanturf Town so I can compete in my next Contest!"

Hiccup nods. "Sounds great, I wish you good luck, May, and good luck to all of you on fulfilling your dreams."

Ash nods. "Right back at you." The two groups then wave their goodbyes and head off in opposite directions to continue their own Pokémon journeys.

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