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Chapter 37

Chapter 36

It was a bright and sunny morning on Sootopolis City, one that followed a sleepless night from our auburn haired trainer and the blonde haired Gym Leader he would soon face.

Hiccup simply couldn't get over the fact that the very person who he had been travelling with since the beginning was soon going to be the person that he would have to battle and defeat in order to win his final Gym Badge. Sure, he had beaten all of his friends, even his own father, before but somehow this one felt…different, like he truly was about to battle his best friend.

Not much time was wasted after everyone had gotten up and got breakfast, so they made their way down to the gym, which had a battle field set up with large platforms of ice floating on top of a pool of water.

Fishlegs, Snotlout, Ruffnut and Tuffnut took their positions on the bleachers while Hiccup stood on the Challenger's side of the stage. The doors in the back open, and out comes Astrid, wearing her usual clothes and the referee, Charles, next to her.

Charles holds out a case that held 5 Pokéballs inside, which Astrid took. Hiccup notices this and asks, "What are those?"

Astrid replies, "The Pokémon I use for Gym Battles. Gym Leaders aren't allowed to train their Pokémon outside of gym battles."

Ruffnut comments to that, "Whoa, so Hiccup will be battling this without any idea of which Pokémon Astrid will use?"

Fishlegs replies, "That hasn't stopped him before."

Before the battle began, Astrid asks Hiccup, "Are you ready?"

Hiccup takes a deep breath. "I am."

"Just a reminder…" Astrid holds out a badge that looked like three droplets of water stuck together in a pyramid shape. "This, the Rain Badge, is what's on the line today. Win it and you will get a chance to go up against the Pokémon League where you will face even tougher battles in an attempt to become Hoenn's new champion." She puts the badge away. "Of course, if you want it, you're gonna have to earn it. Got it?"

Hiccup nods. "Yes."

Astrid nods to Charles and he begins. "This battle between the challenger, Hiccup Haddock, and Gym Leader, Astrid, will soon begin. Both trainers are allowed to use up to 5 Pokémon, in addition, only the challenger is allowed to switch Pokémon. The battle is over once all Pokémon on either side have been defeated. Are both trainers ready?"

"I am." Hiccup replies.

Astrid replies, "Hold on." They all look to Astrid expectantly and she sighs. "We don't have to do this, Hiccup. I've seen you battle dozens of times, more than that, if you want I can give you the badge and we can forget about all of this."

Hiccup thinks about this for a moment, while it was true that this solution could work to keep their friendship intact afterwards, not that he was too concerned about that, he decides, "Sorry, Astrid. But I came here for a battle and that's what I'm going to get." He folds out his vest and shows the other 7 badges pinned to it.

The Stone Badge given by Fishlegs in Rustboro City, the Knuckle Badge given by Dagur in Dewford Town, the Dynamo Badge given by Viggo in Mauville City, the Heat Badge given by Snotlout in Lavaridge Town, the Balance Badge given by Stoick in Petalburg City, the Feather Badge given by Heather in Fortree City, and the Mind Badge won by beating Ruffnut and Tuffnut but given by Gruffnut in Mossdeep city, all of which shone against the light of the gym.

Hiccup comments, "I did not win these badges by having people simply give them to me, I earned them by beating the best of the best, and that's just what I'm going to do here."

Astrid grins and replies, "I knew you were going to say that." She nods to Charles.

Charles nods back, "Very well. Without further ado, let the battle…"

Astrid then mouths the words, 'good luck' to Hiccup.

Hiccup responds by mouthing, 'you too'.

"…Begin!" Charles announces.

Astrid pulls out a Pokéball and yells, "You're up first, Luvdisc!" She throws the ball and in a flash of light comes a pink fish shaped like a heart.

Hiccup looks up the Pokédex. "Luvdisc, the Rendezvous Pokémon. It is said that couples who see a Luvdisc will be blessed with eternal love for one another."

Hiccup nods and says, "Well, here we go. Shedinja, Go!" He throws a ball and sends out a tan beetle shell with a white halo.

Astrid comments, "Huh, I thought you'd be sending out Shiftry first for my Water Pokémon."

Hiccup rubs his lower lip with his thumb. "By now you should know that I'm full of surprises."

Snotlout then asks, "Hey, doesn't Astrid basically know every Pokémon Hiccup has? Be it recently used or otherwise?"

Fishlegs replies, "True, but Hiccup has become pretty creative with some of his battle strategies, more so than some of the strategies Astrid initially taught him. This should be very interesting to say the least."

Astrid then commands, "I know any Water attacks won't do any good against Shedinja, so, Luvdisc use Bounce!"

"Luv!" Luvdisc jumps up onto one of the ice platforms and bounces itself high into the air before descending down to Shedinja.

Hiccup waits until the last second to command, "Shedinja, use Shadow Sneak!"

"Shed!" Shedinja suddenly vanishes into a platform for Luvdisc to smash down onto it, Shedinja reappears behind it where Hiccup commands, "Now, Grudge!" Shedinja latches onto Luvdisc with its claws and they both glow purple as the Grudge forms.

Astrid smirks. "So that's how we're playing."

Hiccup smirks and replies, "Well, Astrid? What's your next move?"

Astrid replies, "Luvdisc, use Attract!"

"Luv!" Luvdisc jumps back into the water and puckers its lips and causes a heart to float towards Shedinja, a heart that goes right through it.

Hiccup smirks again. "You really think that's gonna work? Shedinja, use Shadow Sneak once again!"

"Shed!" Shedinja fades into darkness again.

Something then occurs in Astrid's mind, causing her to think, "I guess there's only one way this round can end." She waits until Shedinja reappears behind Luvdisc before yelling, "Luvdisc, Bounce!"

Right before Shedinja strikes, Luvdisc jumps into the air and slams right down onto Shedinja, and with Bounce being a Flying Type move and the Grudge still in effect, both Pokémon were then knocked out at the same time. Charles announces, "Both Shedinja and are unable to battle!"

Tuffnut asks, "It's a tie? Whoa."

Fishlegs replies, "Makes sense to me. With that Grudge in effect, there was no way Luvdisc could get out of the battle without getting knocked out, so Astrid probably wanted to at least take out Shedinja so Hiccup can't do the same thing to her other Pokémon."

Hiccup and Astrid retrieve their respective Pokémon before Astrid cracks the sides of her neck and says, "Alright, looks like we're just getting warmed up." She pulls out another Pokéball and yells, "Kabutops, you're up!" she throws the ball and sends out a brown mantis looking Pokémon with scythes for hands that lands on one of the ice platforms.


Fishlegs screams out in giddy. "Oh my gods, a Kabutops! I always knew ancient Rock Type Pokémon were cool, but seeing one in real life is just…oh words can't express it." He looks to Snotlout and asks, "You think Astrid would mind me asking her about it after the battle?"

Snotlout replies, "Don't know, don't care, I've got a battle to watch."

Hiccup checks the Pokédex, "Kabutops, the Shellfish Pokémon and the evolved form of Kabuto. In ancient times, Kabutops would roam the sea floor while hunting for prey. Evidence shows that Kabutops was one of the first Pokémon to go from being a water dweller to living on land."

Hiccup comments, "Fishlegs has a good point, being a Water and Rock Type does make things a bit trickier." He pulls out a Pokéball and says, "Well, you've helped me win against Rock Types before so, Shiftry, go!" He sends out a brown humanoid Pokémon with leaves for hands and bushy white hair.


Astrid comments, "Yep, just had to bring in Shiftry for this one. Kabutops, use Aqua Jet!"

"Kabuuuuuuu!" A torrent of water surrounds Kabutops as it charges towards Shiftry.

Hiccup replies to this with, "Shiftry, stop it with a Leaf Tornado!"

"Shiffffffftry!" A vortex of leaves surround Shiftry and move towards Kabutops.

The vortex was just inches away from striking Kabutops when Astrid commands, "Ice Beam, now! Give them an ice Aqua Jet!"

"Kaaaaaaaaaa!" Suddenly, a beam of ice ejects from Kabutops's mouth and encases it with ice as it spins with enough speed to blast through the Leaf Tornado and strike Shiftry head on. While Shiftry did take noticeable damage from the attack it was still standing.

"Hang in there, Shiftry!" Hiccup commands. "Blow it away with a Hurricane!"

"Shiffffffffff!" Shiftry pushes its leaf hands together and sends up another swirling vortex that blows the ice off of Kabutops and sends it flying to the other wall. While Kabutops did smash into the wall, leaving an indent, it was still sturdy as a rock and jumped right back into it.

Astrid then commands, "You've got this, Kabutops. Use Night Slash!"

"Ka-bu-tops!" Kabutops's scythe hands develop a dark rim as it slashes towards Shiftry, to which Hiccup replies, "You too, Shiftry! Night Slash!"

"Shif-try! Shif-try!" Both Shiftry and Kabutops were now slicing at each other with enough speed and fury to make it look like a blur. Neither Hiccup nor Astrid were making any sort of move at that moment, just cheering on their respective Pokémon.

"I don't get it." Ruffnut comments. "Why are they just slashing at each other? Why not use some other attack?"

Fishlegs replies, "Could be that, to Hiccup and Astrid, this is more than just showing off to each other since Hiccup has done that more than enough times with Astrid watching, this is to truly see which trainer is stronger."

The slashing continued on for about a minute before both Shiftry and Kabutops were covered in scratches and scars from the other and the both take one step back before rushing forward and slashing at each other one last time, getting the hit they both needed to knock each other out, but also to knock themselves out.

Charles announces, "Shiftry and Kabutops are unable to battle!"

"Another tie?" Tuffnut comments. "Now I'm really not sure who is actually going to win."

Hiccup and Astrid retrieve their Pokémon before Astrid comments, "Not bad."

Hiccup replies, "I learned from the best."

Astrid nods. "Of course, I didn't teach you all that I know. Your turn, Walrein!" She sends out a big, blue walrus with tusks that reached down halfway its front.

Hiccup checks the dex again. "Walrein, the Ice Break Pokémon and the evolved form of Sealeo. Walrein can shatter drifting ice using its tusks combined with its weight of two trucks. It's thick coat of blubber insulates it from subzero temperatures."

Hiccup comments as he puts the Pokédex away. "You're not the only one full of surprises, you know. Alakazam, go!" He sends out a yellow cat Pokémon holding two spoons.

Astrid raises a brow to that. "Alakazam? Wait, I never saw your Kadabra evolve."

Hiccup replies, "Exactly. Before coming here I had Tuffnut give me a quick trade for his Zweilous, that evolved Kadabra and he gave it back."

Tuffnut adds, "It's true, that did happen."

Ruffnut adds, "He could've done it with me but he knew I'd say something too soon."

Astrid nods. "Interesting. Alright, I can work with this. Walrein, use Ice Fang!"

"Walllll!" Walrein's tusks glow blue as it charges towards Alakazam at high speed.

Fishlegs comments, "Whoa, I've never seen a Walrein move that fast!"

Astrid replies, "I make sure all of my battling Pokémon are in as top shape as can be."

Right before Walrein chomps down, Hiccup commands, "Alakazam, use Psychic!"

"Alaaaaa!" Alakazam holds up its spoons and causes Walrein to stop in mid air before levitating it away.

Astrid rolls her eyes. "Predictable. Walrein, use Blizzard!"

"Walreiiiiii!" Walrein causes a flurry of snow to eject from its body and surround Alakazam, causing it to flinch, lose focus and drop Walrein into the water below, causing a big splash. The Blizzard also seemed to encase Alakazam in ice and freeze it.

"Alakazam!" Hiccup yells.

Fishlegs comments, "Oh no, now Alakazam is completely frozen!"

Astrid then commands, "Alright, Walrein, I don't know how long this freeze will last so let's make this quick. Walrein, use Body Slam!"

Walrein then jumps up and hovers over Alakazam with the intention to slam down on top of it. Before it could do so, Hiccup commands, "Alakazam, if you can hear me then Teleport!"

In a split second, Alakazam manages to teleport out of the ice right as Walrein slams down, causing the ice barrier and the platform to shatter under its weight. Painful as that was, Walrein was still able to get on another platform, still ready to battle.

Astrid then commands, "That's it Walrein, use Ice Ball!"

"WAlllllll!" Walrein curls itself into a ball and leaps up to where Alakazam was floating.

Hiccup replies, "Alakazam, Psycho Cut!"

"Alllllllllaaaaaaaa!" Alakazam's spoons extend into blades as it slices onto Walrein and while Alakazam was able to hit the perfect opening to strike Walrein's underbelly, Walrein also happened to smash right into Alakazam's gut with enough force for both of them to be knocked out.

"Alakazam and Walrein are unable to battle!" Charles announces.

"What? Another tie?" Snotlout asks. "Why do they keep tying?"

Fishlegs replies as Hiccup and Astrid retrieve their Pokémon, "It's like I said, Astrid taught Hiccup on some basic battle strategies that she knew and she's also seen just about every strategy Hiccup has come up with. I'd say that these two are about as equal as it gets."

Ruffnut then asks, "But how may more times can they tie?"

Fishelgs replies, "My guess, as many times as it takes for one of them to edge out."

Astrid then picks up another Pokéball and says, "Time for the big leagues. Kingdra, go!" She sends out a big, blue seahorse with a tubular shaped mouth.

Hiccup looks up the Pokédex. "Kingdra, the Dragon Pokémon and the evolved form of Seadra. Kingdra usually hides in underwater caves in extreme ocean depths that are otherwise uninhabited and can create whirlpools just by yawning."

Hiccup nods and say to himself, "Course she had to have a Dragon Pokémon. Makes complete sense. Alright, here we go. Shelgon, go!" He sends out a white shelled dragon Pokémon.

Astrid replies, to this, "Course you'd use Shelgon in this battle, Dragon Pokémon do seem to be a specialty of yours. Nevertheless, Kingdra use Twister!"

"Kiiiiing!" Kingdra sends out a vortex from its mouth that heads straight for Shelgon.

Hiccup replies, "Shelgon, use Dragon Rush!"

"Shelelelelelelel!" Shelgon quickly dashes into the votex and goes right through, meeting Kingdra on the other side, slamming into it.

Astrid comments, "Don't let that trip you up, Kingdra. Brine!"

A heavy flow of water descends down onto Shelgon, slamming down and causing it to go into the pool below where Kingdra dove in to meet it.

Hiccup then commands, "Shelgon use Dragon Breath!"

"Shellll!" Shelgon sends out a red and blue flame that has such intensity that it isn't even bothered by the water its in as it goes to Kingdra.

"You too, Kingdra!" Astrid commands as it fires another flame that collides with the one Shelgon was making. The flames clash for a minute before Shelgon starts to not be able to hold its breath and is ejected from the pool, being sent to the back wall. Despite this, Shelgon still appeared to be ready to battle and jumped right back onto the platform.

Kingdra then circles around the platform like a shark to a boat as it awaits the next command. Hiccup and Shelgon were patiently waiting for Astrid to make said command as well.

Tuffnut asks, "So, why are they just standing there?"

Fishlegs replies, "I'm not too sure either. I think they want each other to make the next move so they can counter it somehow, but again, I'm just not sure."

Both Hiccup and Astrid switch from looking at their Pokémon to each other and back, waiting for the right moment to strike. After 5 minutes of them both staring, Astrid finally breaks the silence by commanding, "Alright, Kingdra, hit it with a Hydro Pump!"

Kingdra jumps out of the water and charges up the blast when Hiccup replies, "Shelgon, Dragon Breath, now!" Kingdra and Shelgon let out their blasts, one being a huge blast of water the other being another breath of blue flame that collides and thus begins another fight for power.

Shelgon might have been a little weaker from the eject earlier, but he was still holding strong while Kingdra had started to get worn out from the continuous swimming. Both Pokémon stare each other down as each blast gains and loses power simultaneously before, finally, there is an explosion that limits visibility on the battlefield.

Everyone stares down into the smoky field as they await the results of what just happened before the smoke fades and reveals both Pokémon completely out cold.

Charles announces, "Shelgon and Kingdra are both unable to battle!"

"Oh my gods." Hiccup says.

"Oh my gods." Astrid adds.

Fishlegs adds, "It's just like I said, they're perfect equals."

Tuffnut comments, "So, if they can use 5 Pokémon and 4 are already out then…"

"…then that means each of them have 1 Pokémon left." Snotlout replies.

"R-right!" Tuffnut says before trailing off. "…and that means what?"

Fishlegs rolls his eyes. "It means that this is it."

Hiccup thinks to himself. "This battle…"

Astrid adds with her own thought. "…cannot be a tie."

Before they simultaneously think. "It's do or die."

Astrid pulls out one last Pokéball and says, "I knew it would come down to you at some point, I just didn't think it would be like this. Well, here we go. BLASTOISE, GO!" She throws the ball and sends out a blue turtle with two cannons extending from its back that was wearing a headband with a white stone that had a blue Mega symbol on it.

Hiccup checks the Pokédex. "Blastoise, the Shellfish Pokémon and the evolved form of Wartortle. The water spouts coming from the cannons on Blastoise's back can be fired at a very high accuracy, allowing them to strike a target head on at distances of up to 160 feet."

Astrid comments, "Blastoise was one of the first Pokémon I ever had, given to me by Professor Oak down in the Kanto region on a trip he took to see my father, the former Gym Leader. Blastoise has now become the strongest Pokémon I have, and I only use it for battles like this."

Hiccup nods and says, "I see. I also see a Mega Stone there, which tells me what you have in mind." He pulls out a ball. "They say fight fire with fire, perhaps the same can be true about water. SWAMPERT, GO!" He sends out a giant fish with a mega stone attached to its tail fin.

Astrid nods. "Then that settles it." She reaches into her shirt and pulls out a necklace with a keystone on it. Hiccup nods to this and rolls up his sleeve, revealing his own keystone bracelet.

Fishlegs comments, "Oh dear."

They both touch their stones, causing the stones plus the ones on their Pokémon to light up pink as they yell, "Beyond evolution. Swamper/Blastoise, MEGA EVOLVE!" and in a flash of pink, Swampet's shoulders become more broad and its arms become thicker while Blastoise's two back cannons merge into one large one, plus two cannons on its arms grow.

Once that was done, Astrid commands, "Alright, Blastoise, it's now or never. Hydro Pump!"

"Blasssss!" Blastoise gets on its hands and knees as the main cannon fires a huge torrent of water heading towards Swampert.

Hiccup commands, "Swampert, Muddy Water, wash that Hydro Pump away!" Swampert slams its arms to the ground and sends up a wave of murky water that clashes with the Hydro Pump and explodes away, causing a small rain of both clear and murky water all over the battlefield.

Hiccup then commands, "Swampert, hit them with a Mud Bomb!"

"Swaaaaa!" Swampert creates a ball of mud that it flings towards Blastoise.

Astrid responds to this and commands, "Blastoise, use Skull Bash!" Blastoise causes itself to float up as it charges right through the ball of mud and smashes its head against Swampert's, knocking it back but Swampert uses its strength to push Blastoise into the pool.

This, of course, didn't even phase Blastoise as it gets back up onto the ice platform.

Hiccup nods to this. "Ok, let's see what else you've got-!" Suddenly, a flash of light appears before Hiccup's eyes, causing him to lose focus of the battle as his mind drifts away.

Hiccup soon finds himself in the same space realm that he had seen in his dreams before, only this time it felt more real than ever. Suddenly, a white horse-like Pokémon appears in front of him, which Hiccup immediately recognizes. "Arceus." He comments.

Arceus says, "Hiccup, the time has come for you to face your destiny."

Hiccup's eyes widen. "Now? But, the battle-"

"Hiccup." Arceus says. "I can guarantee you that this is far more important than your battle, it is something that the fate of both the Hoenn region and the Pokémon world depends on. Please, Hiccup."

Hiccup realizes now what this meant, that his time in this world was starting to run out, and while he'd love to finish this battle and get the badge, he knew that this is something that had to be done. He nods and asks, "…what do I need to do?"

Arceus nods. "Very good. Go to the Cave of Origin in Sootopolis City. You'll know what to do from there."

"Arceus, wait-" But it was too late as the vision fades and Hiccup's mind returns to the battle to see that nothing had changed one bit. He could see that Astrid was getting ready to call another command when he yells out, "STOP THE BATTLE!"

Astrid and everyone stop in their tracks as all eyes turn to Hiccup. Astrid asks, "What is it, Hiccup?"

Hiccup looks to everyone else before looking back to Astrid and saying, "I…I just had a vision from Arceus. I need to go to the Cave of Origin. You know where it is?"

Astrid blinks and replies, "Uh, yeah it's a cave at the back end of the city, why?"

"Also, what do you mean by 'had a vision from Arceus?" Fishlegs asks.

Hiccup replies, "I'll explain on the way there." He recalls Swampert and says, "Let's go!"

Astrid could see that this was clearly important so she looks to Charles and says, "Looks like I have to go again."

Charles nods. "This does end the battle, but hopefully you can return soon."

Astrid nods. "Yeah, so do I." She retrieves Blastoise and rushes out the back door while Fishlegs, Snotlout and the twins follow Hiccup who was more than anxious to get to the Cave of Origin and see just what this so called destiny is.

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