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Chapter 35

Chapter 35

With the new addition of Ruffnut and Tuffnut, and with Hiccup's 7th Gym Badge pinned to his brown fur vest, the gang work on figuring out where to go next.

Hiccup, Astrid and Fishlegs were sat at a table in the Mossdeep Pokémon Center waiting room with a map laid out while Snotlout was eating breakfast and the twins were at their home getting packed up for the journey.

Fishlegs points to Mossdeep on the top right corner of the map and says, "Well, we certainly have covered a lot of ground the past few months. I believe our next stop is Sootopolis City, that's where many trainers go to get their final Gym Badge."

Hiccup nods. "Sootopolis it is. Hey, aren't you from there, Astrid?"

Astrid rubs the back of her neck, trying not to look suspicious of anything. "Uh, yeah, that's where I grew up."

Hiccup nods again. "Do you know the Gym Leader there? Cause that information could help me figure out a battle strategy."

Astrid replies, "Not really, my parents' house was on the other side of the city from the gym so I never got to go there. However, I do hear that the Leader uses Water Type Pokémon."

Hiccup nods again again. "Water types huh? Ok, I think I have a few Pokémon that can help me out."

"Y-yeah, great." Astrid replies, hoping to hide her worry.

Just then, Ruffnut and Tuffnut walk in with their loaded backpacks as Ruffnut says, "We're ready to head out!"

Hiccup nods. "Yep, let's go."

"Hold on." Fishlegs says. "It looks like it's just water connecting here and Sootopolis and I looked at the ferry schedule earlier, there isn't one that goes to Sootopolis from here. We're gonna need a way to get across the water."

Hiccup thinks for a moment. "Swimming probably isn't much of an option. Astrid, think your Milotic could carry the six of us across?"

Astrid thinks as well. "No, but I think I have another Pokémon that could help." With that, they gather Snotlout and head out to the beach at the south side of the island. Astrid pulls out a Pokéball and says, "Alright, Wailord, come on out!" She throws it and out pops a massive blue whale.

Fishlegs's jaw hits the floor. "You've have a Wailord all this time?"

Astrid shrugs. "Hey, you can see that it's hard to get Wailord to fit anywhere."

Tuffnut comments, "Whoa, that's bigger than our house and the gym combined!"

Ruffnut adds, "We could have our whole birthday party on its back, tables and all."

Hiccup pulls up the Pokédex. "Wailord, the Float Whale Pokémon and the evolved form of Wailmer. Wailord is the biggest Pokémon in the world and can cause an opponent to faint from the shock waves of it breeching and crashing into the water."

Hiccup comments, "It's perfect! Uh…how do we get on it, though?"

Astrid giggles. "Brace yourselves. Wailord, we need a lift." Wailord then extends its massive tongue and scoops all 6 humans up before putting them on its back.

As soon as they were released, Snotlout quickly wipes off the saliva. "Ewwww, ew ew ew! I knew I should've stayed in bed today!"

Astrid replies, "Don't fret, Snotlout, it just means Wailord likes you. Alright, buddy, let's head home."

"Uh, hold on!" Tuffnut says. "Can we make a quick detour? There's just…something we need to do!"

Ruffnut nods. "Uh, yeah, it is kinda important."

Astrid raises a brow then looks to the rest of the gang to see if it's ok. Hiccup replies, "It's your Wailord and the gym can wait."

Astrid sighs. "Fine, where do you need to go?"

Tuffnut replies, "We need you to head North into the Shoal Cave. There's something there that we just need to see."

Astrid nods then pats Wailord on the head saying, "You heard him, Wailord." Wailord nods then starts swimming along. Due to Wailord's immense size, it takes no time to travel across Route 125 and to Shoal Cave.

Once there, the gang hop off and Astrid retrieves Wailord, thanking it for helping as she does so.

The gang enter the cave and are soon hit by a wave of cold, not as bad as the Ice Cave where they found Regice but still pretty cold. The twins lead the other 4 to a smaller cave located near the entrance. Once there, they both kneel down as Ruffnut says, "Hey! It's us! Come on out!" in a calm and almost luring tone.

A set of footsteps could be heard, and soon a small, black and blue wingless dragon with bangs covering its eyes pops out and goes up to greet the twins, but cowers back upon seeing the others. "It's ok, these guys are our friends." Tuffnut tells it. This seems to calm the small Pokémon as it cautiously walks closer.

Fishlegs quietly exclaims, "A Deino? But wait, I thought Deino could only be found in the Unova region."

Ruffnut nods and replies, "That's true, and that is where this little guy is from."

Hiccup checks the Pokédex. "No data!" The Pokédex says.

"No data?" Hiccup asks. "I guess this thing only knows about Pokémon from this region."

Fishlegs explains, "Deino are Dragon Pokémon that are fully blind, so they tend to headbutt just about anything just to explore. It does tend to leave them with a couple of bruises."

Astrid then asks, "Where did you two find this little guy?"

Tuffnut explains, "We found Deino a year ago on a trip we took to the Shoal Cave. When we found it, it was just a baby and was starving, injured, scared, and was pretty much a mess."

Fishlegs comments, "Aww, it probably got separated from its mother. Poor thing."

Ruffnut then adds, "We knew we had to help it, so for the first time ever we did some research. Did you know that books hold lots of information on things? Who knew?" The internal pain from Fishlegs could be heard from outside the cave.

Tuffnut adds, "Anyway, we read up on what Deino like to eat so we gathered up some food and came back here. Sure, it was terrified at first but when we started feeding it we started to form a bond, so we helped to show Deino about survival and how it can help itself."

Ruffnut adds, "Now, two or three times a week, pretty much whenever we don't have a battle that day, we come down here, check on Deino, give it some more food and allow it to be happy for a little."

Tuffnut adds, "It's still too scared to leave the cave, but the fact that it even wants to see us is amazing compared to when we saw it."

Hiccup nods to all of this and replies, "Wow, you two cared for an injured dragon and formed a bond with it…sounds oddly familiar."

"Familiar how?" Snotlout genuinely asks.

"N-never mind." Hiccup replies as he exchanges a quick glance with Astrid. "So, what now? You two are about to come with us on a Pokémon journey, you won't be able to see Deino nearly as often."

Tuffnut nods. "We know, that's why we're here to convince Deino to come with us. It will be safer and we can protect it further."

They kneel back down and allow Deino to walk over to them, where it rubs its head against their open hands. "Deiiiiiiii."

Ruffnut then asks Deino, "So, listen, Deino, we are sort of going on this journey and we thought you'd like to come with us. Only thing about it is that you would have to leave the cave to do so."

"Deiiiii?" Deino hears that last part about it having to leave the cave and a rush of fear goes into it as it runs to the wall of its own cave, causing everyone to sigh.

"This may take a while." Ruffnut comments.

"Probably because you didn't say it right." Tuffnut replies.

Hiccup replies, "It's not that, I think Deino just needs a way to know that it will be ok."

"And how do you propose we do that?" Snotlout asks.

Hiccup thinks for a moment before replying, "By showing it that we have dragons too." He pulls out a Pokéball and sends out a white, round shelled dragon. "Shelgon, you mind trying to convince Deino here that it's ok to come with us?"

Shelgon nods and goes up to the little Pokémon. Having sensed what was near it, Deino looks up and sniffs Shelgon, delighted that it's another dragon Pokémon. "Shel, Shel, Shelgon, Shel." Shelgon then proceeds to speak to Deino in the typical Pokémon language.

Of course it was pretty hard to tell what they were actually saying, but it seemed that Shelgon didn't exactly say the right thing as Deino cowered further into its cave, causing everyone to sigh.

Hiccup kneels down to Shelgon and tells it, "It's alright, bud." Before saying to the twins. "Guys, I don't know how you plan on taking Deino with you but it clearly doesn't want to go. Maybe you two should just stay here."

The twins sigh before Ruffnut replies, "Maybe."

Just then, however, a screeching sound could be heard, causing the gang to turn around and see three big, blue, open mouthed bats approaching them. "Golbat!" Hiccup yells out.

"We gotta get out of here!" Fishlegs yells.

"NO." Tuffnut says, "We have to protect Deino. Lunatone, use Psychic and get those Golbat away!" Tuffnut throws the Pokéball and out comes a moon shaped rock whose eyes light up pink and capture the Golbat in mid-air. Lunatone then throws the bats to an area further in the cave.

Deino could hear this and 'peeked' out from its cave to figure out what was going on.

Just then, 4 more Golbat show up, looking even angrier than the first three. Ruffnut yells out, "Solrock, use Rock Slide and crush them!" She sends out an orange sun shaped rock that sends a bunch of rocks down that fall just in front of the Golbat and scare them off, impressing Deino further. The twins then let out a sigh of relief. "Well, that was close." Ruffnut says.

"Uh…it's still happening!" Fishlegs says as the Golbat now surround every way to walk from in front of the cave wall.

"It's an ambush!" Hiccup yells.

"What are we going to do?" Astrid asks.

Just then, however, Deino jumps up onto Tuffnut's shoulder and lets out a blue breath of fire that encircles them and hits each Golbat dead on "Deiiiinooooooooooooo!", causing them to flee for good. "Deino!" Deino says as it jumps down to the ground.

"D-Deino! That was amazing!" Tuffnut comments.

"You did all that by yourself!" Ruffnut adds.

Fishlegs adds, "I think hearing the battle going on and you two protecting Deino gave it the courage to fight those Golbat head on. I have to say, from what you two have told me, I'm really impressed!"

"Deiiiii!" Suddenly, Deino lights up in a flash of white light as its head splits into two, it becomes wider and it develops small wings on its back. The light fades and the new Pokémon yells out in joy, "Zweiiiilouuuuuss!"

"No way!" Fishlegs comments. "Deino evolved into the dual headed Zweilous."

The twins kneel down as Zweilous run over to them and the head on its right rubs Ruffnut while the head on its left rubs Tuffnut. "Wow, that was so cool!" Tuffnut says. "So, does this mean you want to come with us?"

"I'd say this means that Zweilous no longer has to be afraid." Hiccup comments. "I think it wants to come with us, question is, well, it may have two heads but its still one Pokémon and there's two of you. How do we…"

The twins look to each other before Ruffnut shrugs and replies, "You can have it. Zweilous always seemed to be more fond of you anyway."

Tuffnut smiles wide. "Really? Thanks Ruffnut." Tuffnut picks up the Pokémon and yells out, "Alright, I, I mean we, just got ourselves a Zweilous!" Just then, however, the head on the right looks to the head on the left and they start snapping at each other. "Uh, did I say something? Tuffnut asks."

Fishlegs replies, "No, it's just that the heads on Zweilous tend to not get along well. It's nothing against you Tuff."

Astrid comments. "Though, you have to admit, it does remind me of the two of you." With that and a laugh, Tuffnut gets Zweilous into a Pokéball, the gang hops back onto Astrid's Wailord and they proceed to continue their Pokémon journey as they head to Sootopolis City.

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