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Chapter 33

Chapter 33

It's another bright and sunny day on Lilycove City, and Hiccup and the gang had just left the Pokémon Center on their way to a ferry that would take them to Mossdeep City.

They were all anxious to get on the boat and get going until, right after they get in line to buy their tickets, a man on the loudspeaker announces, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm sorry to inform you that a Wailord migration is going on right in the middle of Route 124 and we are, unfortunately, going to have to postpone any ferry travels until the waters are clear. We apologize for the inconvenience."

A mix of groans and complaints occurred with the addition of Snotlout asking, "You mean we have to wait for some stupid whales to pass?"

Fishlegs replies, "Hey! Wailord are majestic creatures that deserve the right to be free. Besides, how long can it be before this migration passes, anyway?"

Astrid opens up a guide book and replies, "It says here, up to two hours."

Hiccup sighs to that. "Well, looks like we're stuck here a little while longer. By the way, what are Wailord anyway?"

Fishlegs replies, "Only the largest Pokémon in the known world. They average out at about 47 feet in length and can weigh up to 877 pounds. I've never actually seen one, but I hear they're amazing."

Astrid replies, "Wailord migrations used to pass by Sootopolis City twice a year, when I was a kid I was always so excited to see them pass."

Hiccup nods. "Wow, they do sound cool. Well, we have 2 hours at least to kill. What shall we do until then?"

They all take a moment to think about it before, out of the corner of his eye, Fishlegs spots a submarine shaped like a blue shark Pokémon going into a cave to the North, and it had a very familiar symbol on it. "Hey, guys, look." He points towards the cave.

"Team Aqua." Hiccup replies. "And I'll bet that Team Magma isn't too far behind and they probably still have the Red and Blue orbs from Mt. Pyre."

Astrid comments, "Well, we did need something to do for the next few hours."

They head on over and Astrid has her Milotic carry the four of them into the cave. The cave appeared to be some sort of hideout for both teams, with Team Magma flags on the sides of the entrance and a Team Aqua flag on top.

The gang heads inside and are immediately met by a grunt of both teams. "Just like you kids to come and try to mess with our plans. Again." A Team Aqua grunt comments.

A Team Magma grunt adds while pulling out a Pokéball, "We've gone easy on you in the past, but not this time."

They both yell, "Mightyena, take them down!" They both send out black and grey wolves who both looked ready to fight.

Hiccup then whispers to the gang, "Astrid, Fishlegs, you two hold off these clowns, Snotlout and I will head further in."

Astrid asks, "Wait, why are you taking Snotlout?"

Snotlout adds, "Yeah, why are you taking me?"

Hiccup replies, "No time to explain, just do it!"

Astrid and Fishlegs look to each other and nod before pulling out a Pokéball each. Astrid yells, "Alright, Corsola, show them what you've got!"

Fishlegs adds, "You too, Aron!" Astrid pops out a pink coral creature while Fishlegs sends out a small shrew covered in armor. Fishlegs then yells, "Aron, use Iron Head!"

"Aaaaar!" Aron's head glows with silver as it charges towards the Mightyena. It strikes them both before the grunts could even react. Hiccup and Snotlout used that moment of distraction to make their move.

Astrid then orders, "Corsola, hit em with a Spike Cannon!"

"Cor-so-LAAAA!" Corsola's body spikes increase in size and strike both Mightyena hard.

The grunts let out a grunt and reply, "Mightyena, use Crunch!"

Both Mightyena's fangs glow white as they become harder and sharper as they charge towards both Pokémon. Fishlegs quickly commands, "Iron Defense!"

"Arrronnnnn!" Aron's whole body glows silver as it protects both itself and Corsola from the attacking wolves.

"Nice one Aron!" Fishlegs comments.

"Arrr!" Suddenly, Aron glows completely white as an evolution takes place. It changes form until it becomes almost 3 times its size, has a harder iron body covering its back and head, and took on more of a rhinoceros shape without the horn. "Grrroaahhhhhhh!" It yells out.

"No way!" Fishlegs yells out. "Aron evolved into Lairon!"

Astrid reminds Fishlegs, "We still have a battle to tend to."

Fishlegs nods. "Right. Lairon, go!"

Meanwhile, Hiccup and Snotlout run through the maze of the hideout. They manage to get out of the way of several grunts of both teams along the way. At one point, Snotlout comes across two beds on the end of one of the halls and says, "Oh good, some beds. I could use a quick nap."

Hiccup grabs Snotlout's shoulder. "Now is really not the time."

Snotlout continues running and replies, "You never let me be myself!"

In almost no time, the two of them get to a room with a deep pool of water in the center, plus two subs painted in red and blue inside.

Hiccup then asks, "I don't get it, we've run all around here, where are the Red and Blue Orbs?"

"They're already gone, that's where." said a familiar female voice that caused both of them to turn around. They both spotted the same purple haired Team Magma admin and muscular Team Aqua admin they met at Mt. Pyre, Courtney and Matt. "Lord Grimmel and Drago have already taken the orbs to another special location, one that will no doubt ensure the end of this world."

Matt adds, "And there's nothing you kids can do to stop us!" They both pull out Pokéballs as all of the grunts they passed come up behind them and circle them.

"Really, this again?" Snotlout asks, "Weren't we in this exact situation before?"

Hiccup nods. "Snotlout, when you're with me a lot of situations will look the same."

Courtney holds her Pokéball out and says, "You kids know you can't win, so you might as well surrender now."

Matt then raises a brow. "Wait, weren't there more of you? What happened to the fat one and the girl?"

One of the Team Aqua grunts replies, "They were reported to be taking out grunts near the hideout entrance."

Matt nods. "I see, so a diversion then? Well, no matter, you kids are still going down."

Hiccup and Snotlout look around before Hiccup says, "We're gonna need an escape plan. Hey, Snotlout."

Snotlout looks to Hiccup and he runs two of his fingers down the side of his face before running the back of his hand back up. Snotlout raises a brow and replies, "Y-you mean it?"

Hiccup nods. "I mean it."

Snotlout nods. "Ye-heah! Snotlout!" He throws some Pokéballs and sends out a magma slug, a red turtle, and a red lizard with a flaming tail. He announces to all three of them, "Slugma, Torkoal, Charmeleon, fire when ready!"

Hiccup picks up a Pokéball and decides, "Can't let Snotlout have all the fun. Combusken, help out the rest!" He sends out a yellow chicken.

All four Pokémon open their mouths and begin sending out hot flames from all directions, causing all the grunts, Courtney and Matt to jump back as the Pokémon set fire to about everything they can spot.

Matt holds up a Pokéball saying, "Crawdaunt could take care of the fires."

"Not enough time, look!" Courtney says as she gestures to a gas tank. "It's too late to stop the flames from spreading. Let's just go!" The two of them and the grunts jump into their respective submarines and dive down into the sea.

Hiccup, Snotlout and most of the Pokémon had already left by the time Charmeleon set a fire that would lead to the gas tanks before running away himself.

As they ran, they ran into Astrid and Fishlegs who were just wrapping up. Fishlegs notices the fires behind them and comments, "We're doing THAT escape plan?!"

Astrid replies, "Seems to be working!"

They all rush out of the entrance to the cave, Hiccup and Snotlout retrieve their Pokémon, and hop back on Milotic in time for the gas tanks to explode, causing a wall of fire to emerge that the gang just manages to avoid without harm, except for Snotlout's sleeve catching a little bit.

Once at safety, they head back to Lilycove to regroup. Hiccup was staring at the ground for a moment saying, "Courtney told us something, that Grimmel and Drago have already taken the orbs somewhere that will lead to the end of the world. Any idea where that could be?"

Astrid replies, "No clue, but we can't keep that looming over our heads." she kneels down to reply, "Look, Hiccup, we will stop Team Magma and Team Aqua one way or another, and hopefully we can do so before this plan of theirs truly hatches."

Hiccup sighs. "I just hope you're right."

At that moment, Fishlegs says to them, "Guys! The ferry to Mossdeep leaves in 5 minutes! We gotta hurry!" With that, Hiccup and Astrid get back up, quickly purchase their tickets and board the ferry just as it was getting ready to leave the docks.

Along the way, Hiccup couldn't stop thinking of what happened back there, and also wondering if this is the purpose that Arceus meant for him, is somehow stopping Grimmel and Drago was his destiny in the Pokémon world, just like he did in his own world…well, for now he had to focus on making it to Mossdeep City and what his next gym battle will be like.

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