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Chapter 32

Chapter 32

After another long day of walking through Route 121, the gang had finally reached the seaside town, Lilycove City, en route to Mossdeep City where Hiccup will try out for his seventh gym badge.

It was already almost dark by the time they had gotten there and the last ferry to Mossdeep for the day had already departed, so they decided to settle in to the Lilycove Pokémon Center to rest and regroup.

As soon as they got in, Astrid bolted to the nearest store to get some of the hair cream that Snotlout's Kecleon had thrown out the previous day plus a few backups because she knows Snotlout.

Hiccup, meanwhile, went to one of the video phones at the Center to make a rather special call to Petalburg City. The phone rings for a bit before being picked up, showing the red bearded face of his old man. "Hiccup! So good to hear from you!"

Hiccup nods. "Hi, Dad. Just calling to let you know that I made it to Lilycove City safe and sound."

Stoick nods. "Ah, then that must mean you're going to Mossdeep City, and that must also mean things went well at the Fortree Gym."

Hiccup nods. "Yeah, my Bagon now Shelgon really helped me there. Check it out." He opens his brown fur vest, showing all 6 shiny badges.

Stoick nods. "Excellent! I couldn't be more proud of you, my son. Oh, speaking of, I think there's someone else who would like to say hello."

"Louuuud!" said a purple rabbit with loudspeaker ears.

"Loudred! Hey, bud, how you doing these days?" Hiccup asks.

Stoick rubs Loudred on the top of the head and says, "You have a well-trained Pokémon right here. He's always happy to help out around the gym and at my house. He's even witnessed a few gym battles."

Hiccup nods. "Love hearing it. I'll have to find a way to use you again, Loudred."

"Lou-Loud!" Loudred exclaims.

Stoick chuckles to that and says, "Well, if you do ever need him, just call me up and I'll be happy to send him over. Well, thanks for calling, I can't wait to hear more about your journey. I'll be sure to tell your mother you said hello."

Hiccup nods. "Yeah, that would be great, Dad, thanks."

Stoick nods. "Now, it is getting late and I do have a battle tomorrow. I hope to hear from you soon, son. Goodbye."

Hiccup nods. "Bye Dad, bye Loudred."

"Loud!" Loudred says before the phone hangs up.

Hiccup looks down a the phone in his hand, a device that he didn't even know existed months before and now was using like he'd always had it. He puts the phone back on the receiver before a familiar voice comes up behind him saying, "Well well well, look whose come crawling back to me."

Hiccup turns in his chair and sees a boy that he immediately recognizes standing there with his arms crossed. "Joey? What are you doing all the way in Lilycove?"

Joey replies, "My Grandma and Grandpa live out here and I'm visiting them, and it looks like I came at a perfect time."

Hiccup sighs. "Let me guess, you want a battle."

Joey twirls a Pokéball on his finger saying, "I couldn't ask for anything more." Hiccup rolls his eyes before they head outside, in front of the Center where Astrid, Fishlegs and Snotlout have joined before Joey says, "Alright, just letting you know, I think I have a 1 up this time around. Linoone, go!" He throws a ball and out pops a ferret with black and white stripes running along its body and some black stars on its eyes.

"Liiinooooooone!" The Pokémon exclaims.

Hiccup asks, "Wait, how come that looks different from the Linoone I saw last time we battled?"

Joey replies, "This particular Linoone came from a recent trip my grandparents took to the Galar region, one they got for me knowing how much I love Pokémon like them."

Fishlegs comments, "Oh! I've heard of this, some Pokémon in the Alola or Galar regions have different forms of some of the Pokémon you can find here or in the Kanto Region. They can have different appearances and even different typing. For example, Linoone here in Hoenn are Normal Type but Galarian Linoone are Dark Type."

Hiccup nods after hearing all that. "Interesting. Well, shouldn't be too hard, right? Combusken, Go!" Hiccup says as he throws a ball, sending out a yellow and red chicken.

"Commmmmbusken!" Combusken yells out.

Joey then yells out, "Linoone, use Night Slash!"

"Liiiinone-none-none" Linoone's claws take on a dark hue as it slashes towards Combusken.

Hiccup calls out, "Combusken, use Double Kick!" However, before Combusken even had a chance to strike, Linoone's claws hit it, causing Combusken to step back. "Whoa, that Linoone's fast!" Hiccup comments.

Joey smirks harder, "Keep it up, Linoone, Night Slash!"

Now that Hiccup was more prepared, he yells out, "Combusken, Fire Spin, protect yourself!"

"Combusssskeeeeen!" Combusken lets out a flame that swirls around it, Linoone slashes at just the wrong time for it to feel the flames on its claws, causing Linoone to jump back in pain.

"Hang in there, Linoone!" Joey calls out.

Just then, however, it becomes fully night time, Linoone looks up to the sky and starts to feel some kind of power as it starts to glow white all over. "Linoone?" Joey asks.

"Whoa, it's evolving!" Fishlegs says.

Snotlout points out, "But wait, I though Linoone can't evolve."

Fishlegs comments, "Hoennian Linoone can't, but apparently Galarian Linoone can."

When the glow fades, the Pokémon revealed has a bipedal stance, thick arms that it held together in a devious way, a black mane running down its neck and grey fur surrounding its arms and ankles. "Obstaaaaaaa!" The Pokémon yells out.

Hiccup checks the Pokédex. "Obstagoon, the Blocking Pokémon and the evolved form of a Galarian Linoone. Obstagoon lets out a shout that can make just about any opponent flinch. It keeps its arms crossed to give of a threatening pose."

Joey then smiles and says, "Sweet! I got an Obstagoon now! Alright, Obstagoon, use-" However something catches Obstagoon's eye and in the blink of an eye it sweeps in and circles around Hiccup's belt before showing 5 Pokéballs in its hand.

Hiccup feels his belt and says, "Hey! That's my Pokémon!"

"O-Obstagoon?" Joey asks as the Pokémon runs and disappears into the woods.

"Hey! Get back here!" Hiccup yells out. "Combusken, use Fire Spin and light the way!"

"Combuuuuuus!" Combusken lets out another spiraling flame, but even after moving it in multiple directions, they couldn't see Obstagoon anywhere.

Hiccup comments, "This can't be good."

Suddenly some yelling was heard further into town, they all rush in to see a bunch of people yelling out into the woods and saying things like, "Stop! Thief!"

Hiccup runs up to a woman who was standing next to a street lamp yelling out and asks, "Ma'am, what happened?"

The woman replies, "This devilish looking Pokémon appeared out of nowhere and took the Pokéballs from just about everyone here!"

Hiccup nods. "So it's not just me."

Joey looks to the ground. "Oh, it's my fault Obstagoon is doing this, isn't it?"

Hiccup replies, "You can't know that for sure. You said your grandparents just got it, so maybe it just has a stealing nature."

"Alright, everyone remain calm!" Said a teal haired woman wearing a police uniform as she was running up. She pulls out a megaphone and says "This is Officer Jenny, please go back to your homes, stay off the streets!"

Hiccup runs up to Jenny and asks, "Excuse me, officer? What's going on?"

Jenny replies, "I've been getting reports of an Obstagoon running around and stealing Pokémon. It's weird, though, because Obstagoon certainly don't live around here."

Joey then nervously steps in and says, "Uh, Officer Jenny? That Obstagoon is actually…mine."

Jenny raises a brow to that. "You are that Obstagoon's trainer? Kid, you need to get that Pokémon under control before it goes on to steal Pokémon from the next town as well."

Tears well up in Joey's eyes as he says, "I-I know I just…don't know how…"

Fishlegs thinks out loud for a moment. "What we need is a way to not only lure Obstagoon out, but take it down and have it show us where it's been keeping all of these Pokémon."

The rest of the gang think hard about it as well, before Hiccup says, "I've got it!" He rushes into the Pokémon Center for a minute before rushing back out with a Pokéball in his hand. "Alright, let's do this. Ninjask, come out!" He throws the ball and in a flash of light comes a black beetle with a yellow head.

Astrid comments, "Oh yeah, your Ninjask! I forgot about him. He should be fast enough to at least take out Obstagoon."

Jenny then asks, "Well, we have the means now we just need a way to lure Obstagoon out."

Hiccup replies, "Why don't you just leave that to me?"

In the area behind the Pokémon Center, Hiccup rolls a single Pokéball out into the field and proceeds to hide behind one of the bushes along with the rest. Hiccup then says, "And now we wait."

Snotlout just had to ask, "So, this is your plan? A Pokéball?"

Hiccup replies, "Yeah, and empty Pokéball. Obstagoon might not know the difference but-"

"Quiet, here it comes." Astrid says as they see Obstagoon pop out of the bushes.

It sees the ball on the ground and was about to grab it when Hiccup yells out, "Ninjask, Fury Cutter, Now!"

"Nin!" Ninjask then pops out of the woods and proceeds to slash Obstagoon with several quick slashes.

"Obbbbbbstaaaa!" Obstagoon obviously didn't appreciate that and proceeds to make its claws glow dark as it slashes back at Ninjask. Obstagoon then extends its arms out in an attempt to strike again.

Hiccup then yells out, "Ninjask, use Double Team!"

"Nin-nin-nin-nin-nin-nin." Ninjask then moves at such a blinding speed that it there appears to be clones of itself, one of which Obstagoon ends up slashing. Obstagoon continues to recklessly slash at every direction, trying to find out which Ninjask is the real one but can't seem to find out which on it is.

During this, Hiccup looks to Jenny and nods, Jenny proceeds to take Astrid and Snotlout out into the woods to look for the stolen Pokéballs. This was the plan, distract Obstagoon long enough for Jenny and the rest to find the balls. Joey and Fishlegs stood around as Obstagoon was Joey's and Fishlegs just wanted to see an Obstagoon battle in action.

After about 15 feeble attempts at hitting Ninjask, Obstagoon was starting to get a bit worn out when Hiccup yells, "Alright, Ninjask, Fury Cutter again!" Ninjask ends the Double Team and goes in for another round of slashes.

However, Obstagoon puts its arms in front of its face at the last moment as a dark field surrounds it, which Ninjask strikes.

"What the-?" Hiccup asks.

"That looks like Obstruct, Obstagoon's signature attack." Fishlegs comments. "It protects Obstagoon from any attack, but the more Obstagoon uses it the better a chance it has at failing and if it is directly hit after a failed attempt, then it's defense will be drastically lowered."

Hiccup nods. "Then that's the plan. Ninjask, keep up Fury Cutter!"

Ninjask continues to slash at Obstagoon, waiting for the moment that the move fails. Obstagoon held on tight, though, keeping its defense hard as iron.

Just then, however, something clicks in Joey's mind. He realizes that Obstagoon was his Pokémon and if there's anyone who should be trying to stop him it's him.

Joey then makes a bold move of stepping out of the bushes before yelling, "OBSTAGOON!"

This causes the Pokémon to stop and look over at Joey. "Joey, what are you doing?" Hiccup asks, "You're gonna get yourself killed!"

"Probably." Joey replies. "But at least I'll die doing something bold." He takes a few more steps forward. "Obstagoon, you have to stop this at once! Just look at what you've caused." he gestures to the people who are begging to get their Pokémon back. "I know this is a strange new world for you, and maybe back in Galar you could've gotten away with this, but now you are here, now you are with me…please Obstagoon, just stop this." Joey holds up his right hand.

"Obstaaaa?" Obstagoon sees this bold gesture and puts down it's Obstruct move. It turns to face Joey and walks towards him. Obstagoon then leans in and inspects the boy's hand in front of him before leaning in and resting its head on his hand.

Joey smiles at this. "Cool! I've never connected with a Pokémon like this before."

Hiccup smiles with how proud he is seeing this. Out of the corner of his eye, Hiccup spots Jenny, Astrid and Snotlout rushing out with Pokéballs loaded into their arms and quickly nods while Joey puts Obstagoon back into its own ball, where it will stay.

After everyone's Pokéballs have been returned, including Hiccup's, they all meet up back at the Center where Jenny says, "Well, I can't thank you kids enough for helping me tonight." She salutes all of them. "If any of you are interested, the Hoenn police force could use some new recruits."

Hiccup shakes his head. "Sorry, officer, but Pokémon training is what I was brought here for."

Jenny nods. "I understand."

Joey then says while rubbing the back of his head. "Hey, uh, sorry about all of this. I had no idea Obstagoon would do any of that."

Jenny pats Joey on the shoulder and says, "Kid, what matters is that you got Obstagoon under control. I am proud of you."

Fishlegs then points out, "There is one thing I don't get, all Obstagoon did was steal other people's Pokémon, why was that?"

Jenny shrugs. "Who can say for sure? Well, the least I can do is offer you an escort back home, kid."

Joey nods. "Thank you, Officer, and thanks guys for helping me here."

Hiccup pats Joey on the shoulder. "Hey, if you ever are in the mood for another battle, just wait for me at Oldale, as long as you've got that Obstagoon under control, that is."

Joey nods. "I will, Hiccup, I promise." With that, Jenny takes Joey back to his grandparents house, a house that had a big, red R in front of the door, where he goes right inside and tells them what happened.

His grandmother, a woman with hair that extended out in a curl to the left, replies, "Oh my, that is terrible. Well, I suppose we'll have to take that Obstagoon back from you. Now you head off to bed."

Joey nods. "I will, goodnight Grandma, Grandpa." They all wave him goodnight.

As soon as he's gone, his grandfather, a man with hair that formed an M shape sighs and says, "Stealing Pokémon, huh? Brings back memories, doesn't it, Jessie?"

The woman nods. "Indeed it does, James." They then look to a photo of their younger selves standing in a hot air balloon that had the shape of a sandy colored cat.

Just then, a large sandy colored cat walks in saying, "Hey, we had good times back then didn't we?"

Jessie nods and pats the cat on the head. "No doubt we did, Persian, no doubt."

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