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Chapter 31

Oh look, this isn't dead, it was just forgotten about for some time.

No, in all seriousness, I know I haven't made any more chapters for this since…last year due to other projects and stories I've been focusing on (Sexdex for example) but I've decided to try to bring it back and hopefully finish it.


Chapter 31

It was another bright and sunny morning on Route 121 when Hiccup wakes up in his tent after another night of camping. He had to admit that, while a real bed was nice, sleeping outdoors did feel nice especially when the air was nice and cool, like it was the previous night.

Hiccup was only wearing his brown T-shirt and pants and he lets out a big yawn and stretches his arms before opening his tent door, only to be stopped by an unseen object right in front of him that he smashes his head into. "Augh, what the-?" he asks as the object reveals itself as a green lizard with a red zigzag pattern on its stomach and a laughing Snotlout next to it.

"Ah, that just gets funnier, doesn't it Kecleon?" Snotlout asks.

"Kec!" Kecleon happily says as it moves away while Hiccup climbs out of his green tent, rubbing his head.

"Kecleon got you too, huh?" Astrid asks while wearing some kind of blue beanie.

Hiccup nods. "Yep. How did they get you?"

Astrid sighs. "They snuck into my tent and dumped out all of my hair cream, now I gotta deal with this until we get to Lilycove." She takes off the beanie, showing hair that extended out to all sides.

Hiccup wanted to laugh but kept his composure, somehow. "You should probably keep that beanie on." Astrid nods and puts it back on.

Just then, Fishlegs walks rubbing his forehead saying, "Ever since Snotlout got that Kecleon, they've been nothing but trouble."

Hiccup asks, "Let me guess, Kecleon stood outside your tent too?"

Fishlegs nods. "Exactly."

Meanwhile, Snotlout was over with Kecleon saying, "Kecleon, I don't know what to say but I'd say you're one of the best Pokémon I've ever had."

"Kec!" Kecleon replies.

Just after they had finished eating breakfast, getting dressed and packing up their camping gear, they suddenly felt a light earthquake rumble the ground a bit. They begin to wonder what that was as Hiccup looks to Snotlout and says, "Very funny, Snotlout. Having Kecleon shake the ground to scare us."

Snotlout raises a brow to that. "You really think Kecleon can use Earthquake?"

Then another tremor was made but a bit stronger, and an explosion could be heard to the South East. "What was that?" Hiccup asks.

"It sounded like it came from Mt. Pyre." Astrid comments. "It's a graveyard where people go to mourn over deceased people and Pokémon."

"We better hurry then." Hiccup says as they all begin running East across Route 121 and into Route 122 before coming across a body of water where Astrid has her Milotic help them all get across and to the entrance of the mountain.

Once inside, the gang sees that it really was what Astrid had described, in that it was a large grave site. While they did also see a decent variety of Ghost Pokémon, they had no time to waste as they climb the stairs to get further and further to the top.

However, about halfway there, they are stopped in their tracks by a purple haired girl wearing a red hoodie and a muscular, shirtless man with a Team Aqua symbol on his torso. "It just had to be you guys didn't it?" Hiccup asks.

The girl smirks. "So you're the meddling kids that have been trying to get in our way. Grimmel and Drago have told us a lot about you. I am Courtney, Admin to Team Magma."

The man says, "And I'm Matt, Admin to Team Aqua." Suddenly, a swarm of about 4 grunts of each team surround the gang. "We might have let you kids get away before, but today you won't be so lucky." He pulls out a Pokéball and yells, "Crawdaunt, take them out!"

Courtney adds, "You too, Camerupt!" Courtney sends out a red, dual humped camel and Matt sends out a large red lobster. All of the grunts get some Pokéballs ready as well.

The gang look all around as Fishlegs asks, "We're surrounded! What do we do, guys?"

Snotlout looks to the rest and rubs the back of his right hand against his right cheek. Hiccup sees this and replies, "We're trying to save this place, Snotlout, not cause reckless mayhem."

Snotlout replies, "Fine, just needed to know where the line is."

Matt then says, "You kids might as well surrender now, you don't stand a single chance against us."

Snotlout then rubs his finger along his lower lip, which Astrid shakes her head and replies, "There's too many of them."

Snotlout replies, "Well, I don't see any of you coming up with ideas."

"Maybe…" Fishlegs says as he twirls the right side of his hair with his finger.

Hiccup shakes his head. "Walls are too narrow for that." All the while, the grunts and admins just stared at them, ready for them to attack.

Hiccup then runs his finger along his left eyebrow, to which Fishlegs replies "Oh yeah."

Astrid adds, "Oh, didn't think of that."

Snotlout adds, "Works for me."

"Great." Hiccup says as he pulls out a Pokéball and says, "Kadabra, teleport us to the stairs!" he sends out a yellow cat holding a spoon, the rest hold on as Kadabra teleports them all to halfway up the next flight of stairs.

The admins look behind them as Courtney yells, "After them!" and they run up the stairs.

Snotlout then pulls out a Pokéball saying, "My turn."

Hiccup asks, "What? That's not the plan."

Snotlout points out, "Rub left eyebrow, isn't that teleport then fire wall?"

Astrid replies, "No, that's right eyebrow. Left eyebrow is this…" She throws a Pokéball saying, "Milotic, use Surf!" The white serpent comes out and sends a wave of water down the stairs that washes the Team Magma and Team Aqua members plus their Pokémon off their feet.

Snotlout then replies, "Ok, when we're done here we're having a talk about our escape plan signals."

"Noted." Hiccup replies, "Now let's go!" Astrid retrieves Milotic and that seemed to buy them enough time to run up the stairs even more.

They get to an area that starts to look more like a cave than an actual cemetery and in the back of the cave was an old lady lying on the ground in front of a pedestal that had two object holders on top, but nothing on them.

Hiccup quickly recognizes the lady as a healer from his world and kneels down saying, "Goth-uh ma'am, are you alright?" as he pats her.

Gothi looks up saying, "Oh, it was awful, these two men came up to me out of nowhere and took me out." She gasps hard as she sees the pedestal was empty. "Oh NO! They took them! The orbs!"

Hiccup was a bit thrown off as Gothi never speaks in his world, but that wasn't important. "Who? Who took you out?" Hiccup asks.

Gothi thinks for a minute and replies, "Uh…it all happened so fast. I recall seeing a white haired man wearing red and a large man wearing blue."

Hiccup nods, knowing exactly who she's talking about. "Do you know where they went?"

Gothi replies, "Uh…I don't know. As I said it…happened so quickly."

"Uh, the hole in the wall might be a good sign." Snotlout points out as they turn their attention to a tunnel in the left side of the room.

Hiccup nods and rushes into the wall, almost falling down the side of the mountain once he got to the exit. It was then that Hiccup saw Grimmel and Drago flying away in their helicopter along with other helicopters containing the rest of the grunts and, presumably, Courtney and Matt.

Hiccup stood for a few seconds before punching the rock saying, "YAK DUNG! If we got here just minutes earlier we-" Suddenly, a flash of white pops out of Hiccup's belt as a small, blue dragon appears. "B-Bagon? What are you…?"

"Baaaaaaaa!" Bagon says as he lets out a red and blue beam that strikes one of the helicopters, causing it to crash down on the ground. It wasn't Grimmel and Drago's but it did seem to do the trick of scaring them as the rest of the helicopters sped up and flew off into the distance.

"…Whoa." was all Hiccup had to say.

Fishlegs runs up and comments. "Whoa, Bagon just used Dragonbreath to save us! That's really impressive."

Hiccup kneels down and pats Bagon on the head. "Bagon, you never cease to amaze me, you know that?"

"Baaaaaaaa!" Suddenly, Bagon glows white all over, causing Hiccup to move back. Bagon's shape changes until it becomes a four legged creature covered in a white shell. "Shelllll!"

Fishlegs almost screams. "Holy! Bagon evolved into Shelgon!"

Hiccup nods as he pulls up the Pokédex. "Shelgon, the Endurance Pokémon and the evolved form of Bagon. Shelgon's body is covered in a shell that has the same density as bone. Shelgon doesn't eat and stores up its energy as it awaits evolution."

Hiccup comments, "Shelgon, I don't know how I can thank you for helping me today, and so out of the blue too."

"Shell!" Shelgon yells out.

The gang makes their way back inside where Gothi was leaning over the pedestal. She looks to Hiccup who gives her a look of disappointment saying, "I'm sorry, but they got away."

Gothi sighs and pats Hiccup on the shoulder. "You did what you could, thank you anyway."

Hiccup then asks, "Say, what did they steal, anyway."

Gothi sighs. "Something that should never be in their hands. The Red Orb and Blue Orb. The special orbs that give power to Groudon and Kyogre, respectively. I don't know what those people plan on doing with those orbs but it can't be good."

Hiccup nods and pats Gothi on the arm. "We are going to get them back, do you hear me? One way or another."

Gothi nods. "Bless you, boy. I'm afraid I don't have much to offer as thanks for helping this old lady."

Hiccup shakes his head. "It's not necessary. We're just happy to help."

With that, Hiccup has Kadabra teleport them all to the base of Mt. Pyre and back onto Route 122. As they were walking along, Snotlout says, "Ok, let's talk hand signals."

For once, Hiccup admired Snotlout's ability to look past what just happened and focus on something like that, so he agreed to help out as the gang continues their Pokémon journey.

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