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Chapter 30

Chapter 30

It's the morning after Hiccup's win at the Fortree Pokémon Gym, and the gang were sitting in the Pokémon Center, enjoying breakfast and looking at a map to see where to go next. Fishlegs suggests, "So, the next ideal stop for a gym battle would probably be the island of Mosdeep City gym."

Hiccup nods. "Ok, how do we get there?"

Fishlegs replies, "We just need to head East into Lilycove City and then we can probably find a boat that will take us to Mosdeep."

Astrid adds, "The Mosdeep gym leaders won't be any easier than leaders in the past. You think you're ready for it, Hiccup?"

Hiccup nods. "I do. Wait, leadERS? As in, more than one?"

Astrid nods. "That's right. There are two leaders at the Mosdeep gym and the way you beat them is through a double battle."

Fishlegs explains, "A double battle is where you use two Pokémon to battle two trainers at the same time. It's like on Mt. Chimney when you fought Grimmel and Drago."

Hiccup nods. "Interesting. Well, I'm sure I'll figure something out."

Astrid smiles to that. "That's the spirit."

Snotlout then says, "Ok, great, we know where we're going. Can we just go now?"

Hiccup rolls his eyes. "Yes, Snotlout, we can go." Once they retrieve their healed Pokémon and get packed up and begin to head eastbound to go into the grassy Route 120.

However, once they get near the outskirts of Fortree City, Hiccup bumps into something that almost makes him trip over. "Huh? What was that?" He looks down and sees nothing in front of him except for some floating, red zigzag mark.

Fishelgs asks, "Why did you stop, Hiccup? You see something?"

Hiccup replies, "No, I just bumped into this floating pattern, apparently." Suddenly, a green lizard like Pokémon with a red zigzag pattern running across its stomach appears.

Fishlegs comments, "Oh, it's just a Kecleon. That's why you didn't see it."

"Kecleon huh?" Hiccup asks as he pulls up the Pokédex.

"Kecleon, the Color Swap Pokémon. Kecleon has the ability to change its shading to match its surroundings and make it invisible. However, its zigzag pattern cannot be changed."

Kecleon then runs away from the gang. Just then, a female resident of Fortree comes up giggling and says, "Those rascal Kecleon. Always turning themselves invisible and tricking people around here."

Astrid asks, "Are those Kecleon causing a problem or something?"

The woman shakes her head, "Oh, not at all. We adore the Kecleon for their little pranks. They know not to actually hurt anyone so it's fine."

Hiccup nods. "I see. Well, thanks for letting us know."

Snotlout then scoffs. "Typical Hiccup. Can't even notice a Pokémon if it's standing in front of him." He walks forward and ends up tripping over another Kecleon's tail and falling to the ground.

The woman asks, "Oh my, is he ok?"

Hiccup crosses his arms and says, "Yeah, this sort of thing happens more often than you think." Once Snotlout gets back up, the gang heads out down Route 120 with determination in their minds.

The route itself was filled with lots of very tall grass and a few trainers here and there. Plus some unique Pokémon like Tropius, Linoone, a few more Kecleon, and a blue flower with red petals and a very sad looking facial expression.

The Pokédex reads, "Gloom, the weed Pokémon and the evolved form of Oddish. Gloom releases a foul fragrance from the petals on top of its head. Its odor only becomes more potent when it senses danger."

As they were getting about halfway down the route, a familiar voice could be heard to the left of them, "Hiccup! Good to see you." They look over and see the blue haired man that they've helped before.

Hiccup smiles and says, "Steven, good to see you too."

Steven asks, "How is your journey going?"

Hiccup replies, "Great! I actually just beat the Fortree gym leader."

Steven raises a brow to that. "You beat Heather? Wow, that must have taken some courage. So, I take it you must be on your way to Mosdeep, then."

Hiccup nods. "That's just it."

Steven then asks, "Oh, and that egg that you rescued at Meteor Falls, how is it?"

"See for yourself." Hiccup says as he pulls out a Pokéball and sends out the little Bagon.


Steven smiles. "It hatched! Wonderful. You are a cute one there, little Bagon." He pulls a piece of Pokémon food out of his bag, kneels and feeds it to Bagon before rubbing his head.

Hiccup smiles to that. "So, Steven, what brings you all the way out here?"

Steven stands back up and says, "Well, you see my boy, I am currently working with the Weather Institue, as you might know, and we have recently made a wonderful discovery. We believe that the legendary Pokémon, Registeel, might be resting somewhere on this very route."

Hiccup raises a brow. "Registeel, huh?"

Astrid explains, "Registeel is a Pokémon made entirely of steel."

Steven nods. "Now, I heard from them that you all have already helped one of their researchers find both Regirock and Regice already and, as luck would have it, I was actually looking for you to help me find Registeel's resting place. Won't you help me?"

Snotlout replies, "Well, as fun as it would be to find a big ball of steel, I'll pass."

Hiccup replies, "Snotlout, come on. Yes, we will help you, Steven."

Steven puts his hands together. "Wonderful. Alright, let me show you what research we've gathered." He pulls up a journal that contains maps and research findings. Steven explains, "Now, from what we have gathered, Registeel should be locked away in a sealed cavern of some sort located somewhere in the south area of the route."

Hiccup nods. "Then that's where we'll head."

The five of them head south down the route, keeping their eyes out for anything that could lead to Registeel's resting place.

After a few minutes of walking, Snotlout trips again over a Kecleon tail and he agrily says, "Stupid Kecleon. I'll get you this time!" He begins running after the Kecleon, chasing it.

"Snotlout!" Hiccup yells as they run after him.

Astrid yells out, "It was just a trick, Snotlout! Get over it!"

Snotlout yells back, "No one messes with Snotlout. Ha!" He leaps forwards with intention of snagging Kecleon, but Kecleon slips through his grasp at the very last second making him even more mad. He growls a bit. "I'll get you next time!"

Steven then looks to the side and says, "Wait, look!" They look to where he's pointing and see what looks like a cave surrounded by 6 large boulders.

Fishlegs asks, "W-what is that?"

Steven pulls up his journal and says, "Ah, yes! This is where Registeel is said to be hiding."

Astrid comments, "Who would've thought that Snotlout's intenion of chasing a Kecleon would lead to us finding the resting place of a legendary Pokémon."

Snotlout looks back and says, "Uh, yeah. That's just what I was doing."

The 5 of them walk into the cave and, just like with Regirock and Regice, there was braile writing on the back of the cave.

Steven walks over and reads outloud, "Let's see. Those who inherit our will, shine in the middle. Hmm…shine in the middle…"

Hiccup taps his shoulders as he thinks before something occurs to him. "Wait, that could be it. Kadabra, go!" He threw a Pokéball and out popped a yellow cat holding a spoon. Both Hiccup and Kadabra stand in the dead center of the room as Hiccup commands, "Kadabra, use Flash!"

"Kaaaaaaa!" Kadabra holds up his spoon and soon shines with a bright light.

Steven comments, "Ah, brilliant, young Hiccup."

Soon, the room shakes a bit as the back of the cave opens up, and inside showed a black and grey Pokémon that was round around the head and had 7 red dots on its face. "Registeel!" Steven says. "You are here!"

Hiccup has Kadabra turn off Flash as he pulls up the Pokédex. "Registeel, the Iron Pokémon. Registeel's body is said to be harder than any kind of metal. However, Registeel is actually hollow in the center."

Steven comments, "In all my years, I've never seen such a magnificent Pokémon." Just then, Registeel begins to lift its arms up before slamming them down, causing iron balls to drop down near the gang and Steven.

Astrid comments, "Well, this much is familiar."

Fishlegs adds, "I know. How come these guys want to fight us so badly?"

Steven replies, "Perhaps they think we're trying to invade their territory or even try to capture them. Not to worry, I came prepared for this." He picks up a Pokéball.

"Wait!" Hiccup says. "Don't you think that battling Registeel is just what it's afraid of us doing?"

Steven looks into the cave where Registeel is continuing to throw down iron balls. "Hiccup, if you have a better idea, I'm all ears. You must know, however, that as Champion it's my duty to protect trainers."

Hiccup nods before getting up and running right into the cave and standing in front of Registeel. Registeel sees this and looks down at Hiccup with curiosity. Hiccup says, "Registeel, you have no reason to harm any of us. Believe me. We understand that there are bad humans, but there's also plenty of good ones that outweigh the bad ones. We just came to learn about you." Hiccup looks back and says to Fishlegs and Astrid, "Show it your plates."

They nod and retrieve the plates they got from Regirock and Regice from their respective bags and hold them for Registeel to see. Hiccup then says, "Both of your brethren, Regirock and Regice, have managed to put their faith and trust into us, and we think you can do the same. Come on, Registeel, look into my eyes and see the truth." Hiccup holds up his right hand.

Registeel contemplates what Hiccup just said. He looks to Regirock and Regice's plates and knows that those two wouldn't give those out unless they saw something in these kids. Registeel then looks down at Hiccup's hand before bringing his face down to touch the hand.

Hiccup smiles at this as Steven comments, "M-my Arceus. You managed to tame the legendary Registeel! That's the most wonderful thing I've ever seen!"

Registeel then steps back and retrievs something from one of the rocks in his den. It gives it to Hiccup and it is shown to be a hexagonal plate with Registeel's face engraved to it.

Hiccup looks at the plate for a moment before looking up to Registeel and saying, "Thank you." Registeel seems to nod a response.

As they were walking out of the cave, Steven says to them, "Well, I can't thank you four enough for helping me find Registeel. Not only that, but with those three plates we might just be able to find the location of the legendary Regigigas."

Hiccup nods. "It was a pleasure."

Fishlegs then asks, "So, is there a way we can help you find Regigigas?"

Steven replies, "Well, first we need to process the information collected about Regirock, Regice and Registeel. However, when we do have the data we need, I will be certain to keep an eye out for you four."

Astrid replies. "Most of us will be happy to help."

Snotlout shrugs. "I'd say a remark but she's right."

Steven nods then says, "You know what, Hiccup? I see that you have a keystone, and with that Bagon I saw earlier, I think this will be more than perfect." He reaches into his backpack and pulls out a white stone with a red and blue Mega Symbol in the center. "This is the Salamencite, the stone that will allow a Salamence to undergo Mega Evolution."

Hiccup takes the stone and says, "Wow, that is amazing. Thank you, Steven."

Steven nods. "Well, I need to get back to the Weather Institute to report my findings. Safe travels to all of you." With that, he heads back up north.

Snotlout then says, "Well, that was fun and all but let's keep on walking." After one step, he ends up tripping again, but this time causing his bag to spill open and a few empty Pokéballs to spill out. "I officially hate these Kecleon."

Hiccup points out, "Actually, Snotlout…"

He points and Snotlout looks to see that it was some tree roots that tripped him over. He grunts and says, "Stupid trees." He starts collecting the stuff he spilled when an uncloaked Kecleon pops out of the trees. Snotlout looks up and asks, "What do you want?"

"Kec!" Kecleon suddenly touches the button on one of Snotlout's Pokéballs, causing it to open up and making Kecleon go inside. The ball shakes a few times with the button lit up before the light fades.

Snotlout blinks and says, "What…just…happened?"

Hiccup replies, "I guess that Kecleon wants to be your friend after all."

Snotlout picks up the Pokéball and says, "I caught…a Kecleon? Huh, somehow I don't feel as mad as I should."

Astrid suggests, "Maybe you and that Kecleon have more in common than you think. I mean, you're both annoying."

Snotlout blinks a few more times before holding up the ball and saying, "Heck yeah! I just caught a Kecleon!"

Astrid points out, "You know Kecleon isn't a fire type right?"

Fishlegs points out, "Actually, Kecleon have the ability to take on the type of whatever attack they get hit by so it is actually possible for Kecleon to become a fire type."

Snotlout replies, "Good enough for me!"

Hiccup shakes his head. "I don't think I'll ever understand you, Snotlout."

Fishlegs then says, "Well, come on guys, we gotta keep going to Mosdeep."

Hiccup nods. "Yeah yeah, I'm coming." With that, the gang, with their newest addition of Kecleon, head off to continue their Pokémon journey.

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