How To Train Your Pokemon @toothlove
Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Hey readers, before this chapter begins I just wanted to address something that I think some of you might be concerned about. What is happening in the HTTYD world?

So, this story is pretty much just Hiccup and the other HTTYD characters in the Pokémon world, we won't actually be seeing the HTTYD world at any point during this story. There will be a few mentions as Hiccup is, as far as we know, the only person who got transferred to the Pokémon world but for the most part the actual HTTYD world will be unvisited.

But, I suppose we can assume that the characters from Pokémon got transferred to the HTTYD world, I'm going to leave that one up to the imagination.

Anyway, that's all for that. Enjoy the chapter!

Hiccup and Astrid had been walking down Route 102 for about a day now. During that time, Hiccup had battled a few other trainers and got to see more of what Torchic and Seedot have to offer.

At one point in the walk, Hiccup couldn't help but ask, "So, I never asked you but where are you from? Should you really be following me around?"

Astrid chuckles to that. "Yes, I'm ok with traveling with you. I am from Sootopolis City actually. It's a city on an island towards the eastern area of Hoenn."

Hiccup nods. "Wow, you must have traveled a while to get here. Well, my family and I just moved into Littleroot Town, that's where my mom is staying, and I just started training Pokémon recently."

Astrid nods. "That's cool. You excited to see what Pokémon you'll see on your journey?"

"Yeah actually. I mean, I've only seen a few so far but they seem quite interesting."

Astrid nods again. "Yeah, Pokémon are quite spectacular. All of them have their own strengths and weaknesses, moves that they can learn, and so on. You know, I'm a little bit of an expert so if you have any questions about Pokémon, feel free to ask."

Hiccup nods. "Ok. Well, explain to me types again because I'm still a little unsure about those."

Astrid smiles and says, "Of course. Well, all Pokémon have one or two of 18 different types. They are Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Fighting, Flying, Bug, Ice, Rock, Ground, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Dragon, Steel, Dark, and Fairy. The type a Pokémon has pretty much determines what it is good or not so good against. Is there any one in particular you'd like to know about?"

Of course there's one type that Hiccup Haddock needed to know about right away. "You said there's a Dragon type?"

Astrid nods. "Yep. It's actually one of the most powerful types in the world."

Hiccup nods. "Can you tell me a little bit about it?"

Astrid explains, "Of course. Well, Dragon Types are weak against Ice, Fairy and other Dragon Types."

Hiccup raises a brow. "Hold on, Dragons are weak to dragons?"

Astrid chuckles to that. "Yeah, it sounds a little odd but it's true. Anyway, like I said they're really good against other Dragon Types plus Fire, Grass, Water and Electric types aren't very strong against it. You'll learn a lot more about type matchups as you go along, I'm sure. Oh, we're here."

Hiccup looks ahead to see they have arrived in Petalburg City. Once Hiccup saw the sign, he thinks to himself, "Petalburg? Wait, that's where Mom said Dad is."

Hiccup looks around the city as he and Astrid walk through when Astrid says, "Hey, let's stop by the gym. I haven't seen the leader for a while."

"Gym? Hold on, Mom said something about that too." They get to a large building with some type of symbol on it that looked like two loops connected by a rod.

The doors to the building opens, and out comes a large, red bearded man who immediately smiled once he saw who was there. "Hiccup! So good to see you again, son." He gives Hiccup a hug that was almost strong enough to strangle him.

Hiccup's mind was racing. There he was, his own father who was murdered right before his eyes, now right there hugging him. Right now, however, he just wanted to say, "Hey…Dad. Good to…see you again."

Stoick realized how hard he was squeezing so he put Hiccup down. He rubs the back of his head and says, "Uh, sorry. It's just that I'm so glad you're here. How's your mother doing?"

Hiccup simply replies, "She's doing well."

Stoick then notices who was next to him and says, "Oh, Astrid. Good to see you too. How are things over in Sootopolis?"

Astrid rubs her arm and says, "Oh, same old really. Right now I'm kind of just taking a break."

Stoick nods. "Well, it's good to take your mind off of things."

Just then, a familiar young boy with black hair runs up. "Stoick?"

Stoick smiles and says, "Ah, Gustav. How's it going, lad?"

Gustav replies to Stoick, "Fine but there's something I need to ask you. You see, I have these dreams of becoming a Pokémon trainer but the lab in Littleroot is quite dangerous to go to without a Pokémon so I was wondering if I could borrow a Pokémon to help me catch something."

Stoick nods. "Well, I think my son can at least help you look for a Pokémon. Here, you can borrow my Zigzagoon for now." He hands Gustav a Pokéball.

Gustav takes it and nods. "Thanks, sir. I promise I'll bring it right back." He then runs off into route 102.

Stoick suggests, "You'd better follow him." Hiccup nods and he and Astrid run off after him.

Once Hiccup and Astrid manage to catch up with Gustav, Astrid punches Hiccup on the arm and says, "When were you going to tell me you're the son of the Petalburg Gym leader?"

Hiccup was at a loss for words, mostly because he has no idea what a gym leader is. "Well I-"

Just then Gustav says, "Guys, I see something." Hiccup and Astrid look over and see something appear out of the grass. It seemed to be a small, white child with some kind of green, bowl haircut and red horns in the center of its forehead.

Astrid whispers to Gustav, "Hey, a Ralts. Those are pretty rare around here."

Hiccup stares at the thing in front of him, completely unsure if that thing even is a Pokémon. He pulls out the Pokédex and it says, "Ralts, the feeling Pokémon. Ralts senses the emotions and feelings of people using the horn on its head. If a person is in a cheerful mood, then Ralts becomes cheerful and joyous the same way."

Hiccup thinks to himself, "So, even that thing is a Pokémon? I thought it was some sort of lost child."

Gustav looks the Ralts in the eyes and says, "Ok. Zigzagoon, go!" He tosses the Pokéball Stoick gave him and the Zigzagoon inside pops out.

"Ziiiigzag." Zigzagoon yells as soon as it was out.

Gustav yells, "Zigzagoon, Tackle." Zigzagoon runs in its signature zig zag pattern towards Ralts.

"Ralts." Just before Zigzagoon hits, Ralts vanishes into thin air, causing Zigzagoon to stop running.

Hiccup's eyes widen. "What just happened?"

Astrid explains, "Ralts used Teleport. It could be anywhere by now."

Zigzagoon stayed put, keeping an eye out for Ralts when suddenly Ralts appears behind Zigzagoon.

Gustav yells, "Zigzagoon, it's behind you!"

"Zig?" Zigzagoon looks behind itself but before it could react, Ralts's eyes glow pink and Zigzagoon's body does the same as it gets lifted into the air.

"That looks like a Confusion attack to me." Astrid comments.

Gustav says to himself, "Come on, there has to be a way to take this thing out. Zigzagoon, Growl!"

"Ziiiiiiiiiig." Zigzagoon growls and the vibrations from the growl actually caused Ralts to stop.

"Rallllts." Ralts says.

Gustav then yells, "Now's your chance Zigzagoon! Tackle!"

"Zig-zag-goon." Zigzagoon runs towards Ralts and hits it with the tackle dead on.

Gustav holds up an empty Pokéball and says, "Well, guess this is as good a time as any. Go, Pokéball!" Gustav throws the Pokéball right at Ralts. The ball hits Ralts, opens up, and makes Ralts go inside. The ball shakes a few times with the button lit up red before stopping. Gustav smiles wide. "I-I did it! I caught a Ralts!"

Astrid smiles and says, "Great job Gustav. You deserve that Ralts."

Gustav picks up the Pokéball and says, "Wow, my first Pokémon. I can't wait to show it to my mom. Oh, but first…"

Gustav calls back Zigzagoon and he plus Hiccup and Astrid head back into Petalburg City and back to the gym where Stoick was standing outside the door. Gustav holds up Zigzagoon's Pokéball and says, "Here's Zigzagoon back. Thanks again for letting me use it."

Stoick takes the ball back and says, "Ah, thank you Gustav. I trust that you managed to catch a Pokémon?"

Astrid says, "He did. And he did it all on his own too."

Stoick nods. "That's what I like to hear. I think you will make a fine trainer, you might even match up to Hiccup one day. Well, you better head home now, it's getting late."

Gustav nods. "Will do, sir. Thank you so much. And thank you Hiccup and Astrid for helping me."

Astrid nods. "My pleasure but like I said, you did it all yourself."

Hiccup adds, "She's right. That was impressive how you handled yourself out there."

Gustav hugs Hiccup and Astrid, thanking them, before running back to his house to show his parents his new Ralts.

Once Gustav was out of earshot, Stoick sighs. "Ah that Gustav. He's only 9 and he's been going through acute bronchitis since he was a baby. The clean air of Petalburg is fine for him but still, it's a lot to deal with. Well, as I said it's getting late, you two can stay here at the gym for the night if you'd like. I have some extra room."

Hiccup nods. "Thanks, Dad."

The next few hours were spent with the three eating dinner for both themselves and their Pokémon, talking about each other a little, and then Hiccup and Astrid were in the twin beds of Stoick's guest bedroom. Stoick says goodnight to the two and heads off to his own room.

Once Stoick was gone, Hiccup looked down to his bed and sighs. He then says to Astrid, "Astrid, can I tell you something?"

Astrid nods. "Sure, you can tell me anything."

Hiccup sighs even deeper before saying. "Ok, this is going to sound very strange but I do need you to hear me out. I…am not from here."

This got a confused look from Astrid. "Well, yeah I mean, you and your mom just moved here."

"That's not what I meant. I mean…I am not from this world."

Astrid's eyes widen from hearing that. "W-what?"

Hiccup sighs again. "It's true. I am from another world. A world where Pokémon do not exist but instead the world is filled with…dragons."

"Dragons?" Astrid asks. "Well, there are dragons in this world too."

Hiccup sighs. "Not like the ones I know. Trust me. And in that world, we used to fight them in a war that lasted for centuries until I decided to defy all that everyone in my village knows and figure out how to train and ride a dragon rather than kill it like everyone wanted me to. The other thing is…in that world…you are there too."

Astrid's mouth nearly hits the floor upon hearing that. "I am?"

Hiccup nods. "In that world, we were the same age actually, and you were a dragon rider too. One of the first of the village actually, after me. Also, my Mom was alive but my Dad was murdered by one of the most evil men I had ever met."

Astrid was speechless. She couldn't believe any of this and yet, it sounds somewhat incredible. She couldn't help but ask, "So, how did you end up in this world?"

Hiccup rubs his forehead as he says, "That's just it, I have no idea. I just woke up a few days ago and found that I was in this world that I didn't even know existed before. *sigh* I know I sound crazy but all of it is true, I promise."

Astrid took a good, long minute to figure out the right thing to say. She decides on something and pats Hiccup on the shoulder saying, "It does sound crazy, but somehow I believe it. I don't know what it is but, when I first met you I did get this feeling like I've known you before, even though we only just met."

Hiccup puts his hand on hers and says, "Thanks Astrid, I'm glad you were able to listen."

Astrid nods. "So, tell me more about these dragons."

Hiccup smiles and says, "Well, there's at least dozens if not hundreds of different species of dragons that range from the size of your hand to as big as a mountain. Of course a lot of them breathe fire but some of them shoot poison, some can use lightning and some can make blizzards."

Astrid comments. "These dragons sound a bit like Pokémon actually."

Hiccup nods. "Yeah, I guess in a way they are. But there was one dragon in particular that was always the most special to me. An all-black dragon that, despite his adorable and somewhat goofy personality, he is the most loyal, amazing, and unique dragons I've ever known."

Astrid nods. "It sounds like a really cool dragon. What was it?"

Hiccup explains, "Well, we called it a Night Fury and the interesting thing is that this one in particular, which I named Toothless, is actually, as far as I know, the last of its kind. It's also the dragon that taught me that dragons are gentle, kind creatures that are capable of doing great things."

Astrid nods again. "Wow. A dragon that means that much to you must be special. Wait, did you learn that method of befriending a Pokémon before catching it from your world too?"

Hiccup nods. "Exactly that. It's a method that I've been using on dragons for years. I figured that if it worked as well on dragons as it did then maybe it could work on Pokémon and it turned out that I was right. Although we don't put dragons inside little balls."

Astrid chuckles. "Fair enough. So, you mentioned that I'm in this world of dragons too and that we're the same age. Do we know each other?"

Hiccup nods. "Oh yes. In fact, you're my girlfriend even."

Astrid blushes upon hearing that. "Oh really? Well, you know the problem with us having a relationship now is-"

"I know. Because I'm 10 in this world. But still, it is true."

Astrid places a hand back on Hiccup's shoulder. "Well, if I'm being honest, if you were the same age as me in this world, I think I would fall for you."

Hiccup smiles to that. "Oh yeah?"

Astrid nods. "Sure. You seem like a great guy and I think we'd be happy together. Well, it's really late now, we should go to sleep."

Hiccup stretches and yawns before saying, "Yeah, I'm tired too. I can tell you more about my world later if you want."

Astrid nods. "I'd like that. Goodnight."

"Goodnight." Hiccup says before turning off the light and going to sleep.

Little did Hiccup and Astrid know, Stoick was right by the door, listening in to the conversation. He thinks to himself, "That isn't my Hiccup? Oh dear. Well…In a way he is still my son so I will love him as if he really was my own." Before heading back to his room.

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