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Chapter 29

Chapter 29

On the back of the battle between Team Magma and Team Aqua, the gang had finally made their way into Fortree City where Hiccup will try for his sixth gym badge.

Hiccup hadn't heard much about who the gym leader is or what type of Pokémon he or she will be using, but if the past gyms tell him anything, it will likely be someone from the dragon world.

They find that the whole city isn't so much a city but more of a treetop village lined with various wooden buildings that are connected with wood pathways.

After healing up at the local Pokémon Center, they decide to just head straight for the gym to see if the leader was there. They found that the gym was actually quite tall, about 3 stories high, the tallest they've seen yet.

Hiccup tries opening the door but finds that it is locked and there's a sign saying that the gym leader will be back soon. Hiccup comments, "Huh. Well, that's a bummer. Wonder where the leader is."

"Are you talking about the gym leader?" said a young woman that was just passing by.

Hiccup replies, "Uh, yeah. Why?"

The woman replies, "I believe she's up there." She points to the sky. The gang looks up and soon spots an armor plated bird Pokémon being ridden by a very familiar black haired girl.

"Heather?" Hiccup thinks to himself.

Heather spots people in front of the gym, so she has the Pokémon land where she greets them. "Hi there, my name's Heather, the Fortree City Pokémon gym leader."

Hiccup nods. "Uh, hi, I'm Hiccup. I'm looking for a gym battle."

Heather nods before looking down at Hiccup's vest. "Oh, you've beaten my brother, Dagur's gym. Ah, now I recognize you. Your Abra revived itself during the battle right?"

Hiccup nods. "Yeah, that was me."

Fishlegs then asks, "Wait, the Dewford gym leader is your brother? I never knew that."

Heather nods. "Yeah, I know it's a little odd to hear seeing as how we're basically polar opposites but it's true. You see, Dagur loves working out and that translates into the Fighting Pokémon that he uses. Me? I prefer soaring above the clouds with my Flying Type Pokémon so I moved up here to Fortree a few years ago and I've been the gym leader for about 2 years and it's great."

Hiccup nods. "I see. So, about that battle."

Heather nods. "Of course. I've actually got some free time now if you want to just get to it."

Hiccup smiles. "Great!" They all head inside where Astrid, Fishlegs and Snotlout take their places on the bleachers while Hiccup and Heather go to the challenger and leader stands. The battlefield is set up with a silver flooring, some fog machines to create 'clouds' and many fans as well.

The referee stands at his post and says, "This battle between the challenger, Hiccup Haddock, and the leader, Heather, will soon begin. Both trainers may use up to four Pokémon for this battle. In addition, only the challenger is allowed to switch Pokémon. Are both challengers ready?"

"Ready!" Heather replies.

"Hold on." Hiccup says as he opens up a Pokéball and sends out a small, blue dragon Pokémon. "Bagon, I'd like you to watch this battle as pretty soon you'll be doing these battles as well."

"Bagon!" Bagon says happily.

Hiccup then says, "Ok, now I'm ready."

The referee nods. "Very well. Let the battle…begin!"

Heather yells out, "Swellow, go!" She throws a Pokéball and sends out a large blue bird with red and white underlining.

Hiccup looks up the Pokédex, "Swellow, the Swallow Pokémon and the evolved form of Taillow. Swellow dives at a steep angle in order to catch its prey. It's two tail feathers standing straight is a sign of good health."

Hiccup nods and says, "Ok, guess there's nothing left to do but get started. Kadabra, go!" He throws a Pokéball and sends out a yellow cat with a spoon.


Fishlegs points out, "You know, Hiccup doesn't have a whole lot that can put him against Fighting Pokémon."

Astrid nods. "True, but we've seen him pull out of worse situations."

Hiccup commands, "Kadabra, use Confusion!"

Kadabra holds up his spoon and it glows purple, causing a purple field to surround Swellow. Heather nods and says, "Swellow, use Aerial Ace!" In a flash, Swellow breaks free of the confusion and dives towards Kadabra, striking him in the chest.

Hiccup's eyes widen. "Whoa, that was tough. Ok then. Kadabra, try Kinesis!"

"Kadaaaaa!" Kadabra uses his mind to bend his spoon, confusing Swellow slightly.

Heather comments. "That the best you got? Swellow, Aerial Ace again!" In another flash, Swellow dives towards Kadabra at high speed.

Hiccup waits until the very last second to command, "Flash!" Just then, Kadabra's body shines with a blinding light that disorients Swellow and causes it to stop.

Heather's eyes widen. "What?"

Hiccup nods. "Alright, Kadabra, hit it with another Confusion!"

"Kadaaaa!" Kadabra's spoon glows purple again as it throws Swellow to the celling, the walls and down to the floor, knocking it out.

"Swellow is unable to battle!" The referee announces.

"Ba!" Bagon was very impressed by how Kadabra battled.

Heather nods as she retrieves Swellow. "Not bad." She pulls out another Pokéball before saying, "How about this? Tropius, go!" She throws it and out pops what looks like a dinosaur with four palm leaves on its back and some type of fruit hanging from its neck.

Hiccup checks the Pokédex, "Tropius, the fruit Pokémon. The bunch of fruit on its neck ripens twice a year and tastes quite sweet. It loves offering the fruit to children."

Hiccup comments, "A Grass/Flying type huh? Ok then." He retrieves Kadabra and sends out a yellow chicken Pokémon.


Fishlegs then comments, "Interesting. Tropius's Grass type has a disadvantage to Combusken's Fire type but at the same time Combusken's fighting type has a weakness to Tropius's Flying type."

Astrid nods. "That is interesting. Guess it's more just about the overall strength of both Pokémon."

Snotlout adds, "Hey, any battle with fire is gonna be good."

Heather commands, "Tropius, use Air Slash!" Tropius's wings glow and it slashes into the air right towards Combusken.

Hiccup commands, "Combusken, use Sky Uppercut!"

"Commmmmm!" Combusken's claws glow as it slashes through the Air Slash and makes its way to Tropius.

Heather commands, "Tropius, use Leaf Storm!" A huge gust of a leaf filled wind pushes towards Combusken and throws him of his game.

Hiccup growls a little. "Come on, Combusken. Use Quick Attack, get yourself out of there!"

"Commm!" Combusken opens his eyes and uses the speed of the Quick Attack to dodge the leaves and jump right into Tropius.

Heather then smirks a little. Astrid comments, "What's with that look?"

Heather commands, "Tropius, use Solarbeam!"

"Trooooooop!" Tropius's body shines with the light of the sun as it fires a bright green blast that sends Combusken to the other wall, knocking it out.

Bagon looked in complete shock over the Solarbeam and how powerful it was.

"Combusken is unable to battle." The Referee announces.

Snotlout asks with confusion, "Wait, how did that take Combusken out so quickly?"

Fishlegs replies. "Solarbeam is one of the most powerful Grass type attacks. It causes a Pokémon to harness the power of the sun and uses that power to strike."

Hiccup retrieves Combusken and says, "Ok, I can still work with this. Kadabra, come back out!"

He sends the yellow cat with a spoon back out. "Kadaaaaa!"

Heather comments, "Going with Kadabra again, huh? Fine. Tropius, use Leaf Storm!"

"Trooooopius!" Tropius pulls up another gust of leafy wind towards Kadabra.

Hiccup commands, "Kadabra, use Confusion!"

"Kadaaabra!" Kadabra's spoon glows purple as it causes the leaves to stop blowing and sends them back to Tropius, slashing it with its own leaves.

Heather growls at that. "So that's how it is. Tropius, Solarbeam!"

"Troooop!" Tropius fires another green beam right towards Kadabra.

Hiccup then commands, "Teleport, now!"

Kadabra teleports just before the beam hit and reappears right behind Tropius. Tropius looks behind itself.

Heather commands, "Don't let it distract you, Tropius. Air Slash, now!"

At the exact same time, Hiccup yells, "Confusion!"

Tropius's wings glow again as it slashes into the air, but Kadabra's spoon glows purple again and it redirects the slashes back to Tropius, essentially making it attack itself and knock itself out.

"Tropius is unable to battle!" The referee announces.

Kadabra goes back to in front of Hiccup as Heather looks in shock before saying, "Fine. Don't think I don't have any more tricks up my sleeve. Skarmory, go!" She sends out the same silver plated bird she flew in on earlier.

Fishlegs comments, "Huh. I thought Skarmory would be the last Pokémon she'd use. So, what else does she have?"

Astrid replies, "I don't know, but it's probably something just as if not more powerful."

Heather commands, "Skarmory, close your eyes and use Steel Wing!"

"Skaaaaa!" Skarmory closes its eyes and dives in with its wings glowing.

Hiccup asks, "Why is she having Skarmory close its eyes. Oh well. Kadabra, use Flash!"

"Kadaaaa!" Kadabra makes another blinding light, but since Skarmory's eyes were closed, it didn't get disoriented at all and was able to strike Kadabra.

Heather laughs a bit. "You seriously tried the Flash move when I already saw that? Get real."

Hiccup growls. "Fine then. Kadabra, use Kinesis!"

"Kadaaaa!" Kadabra bends its spoon causing Skarmory, who had reopened its eyes, to get slightly confused.

Heather commands, "Come on, Skarmory. Give it all you've got! Air Cutter!"

Like with Tropius, Skarmory's wings glow again and it slashes into the air.

Hiccup thinks to himself, "She already saw how Kadabra used Confusion to redirect Air Slash. Unless." "Kadabra, use Confusion and stop the slashes!"

"Kadaaaa!" Kadabra holds out its spoon once more and it glows purple, causing the slashes of air to stop in mid-air.

Heather comments, "What, you going to send Air Cutter back to Skarmory? Puh-lease."

Hiccup replies, "Not quite. Kadabra, use Teleport!"

"Ka-da!" Kadabra teleports itself to behind Skarmory and grabs it before teleporting Skarmory to just in front of the Air Cutter attack where Kadabra released the Confusion and strikes Skarmory with an all our attack, which proved to have enough power to knock it out.

"Skarmory is unable to battle." The referee announces.

Heather retrieves Skarmory but takes a deep breath. "Well, you've come quite a ways, but this is where it all ends. Altaria, go!" She throws a Pokéball and sends out a blue bird with clouds for wings and a tail. It also had a pink stone with a blue and white Mega symbol on a necklace around its neck.

Hiccup checks the Pokédex. "Altaria, the Humming Pokémon and the evolved form of Swablu. Altaria flies gracefully through the sky and its melodic humming can make you feel like you're in a dream."

Heather then says, "And you know what? Let's turn things up a notch." Heather rolls up her sleeve, showing that she had a Mega Bracelet that she touches, causing it to glow pink. "Beyond evolution. Altaria, mega evolve!"

"Altaaaaa!" Altaria's whole body becomes enveloped in a pink field and once it fades, it is revealed with a large cloud on its back and a much longer tail.

Hiccup comments, "Oh man. Ok then. Kadabra, use Confusion!"

"Kadaaaa!" Kadabra was about to raise his spoon when Heather commands, "Altaria, use Dragon Breath!"

"Altaaaaa!" Altaria breathes a blue, red and black beam that directly hits Kadabra and takes it out in just one shot.

"Kadabra is unable to battle!" The referee announces.

Hiccup nods as he retrieves Kadabra. "You think you're the only one who can use Mega Evolution? Swampert, let's go!" He sends out a big, blue fish like creature with the Swampertite attached to its tail. Hiccup presses his own keystone and it glows as he says, "Swampert, mega evolve!"

"Swaaaaaa!" Swampert's body envelops in the pink glow as well as it gets beefier muscles and the orange spikes on its chin become much longer.

Heather then comments, "Now it's a battle. Altaria, use Dragon Breath!" Altaria fires the same beam that it did to Kadabra.

Hiccup commands, "Swampert, use Muddy Water!"

"Swaaaaa!" Swampert sends a wave of brown water that clashes with the Dragon Breath and the combined power causes a small explosion.

Heather commands, "Altaria, use Dragon Dance!"

"Al-taaa!" Altaria does a special dance that causes its body to get a red glow as its attack and speed is increased.

Hiccup comments, "Earthquake probably isn't going to help much here so, Swampert use Hammer Arm!"

"Swaaampert!" Swampert's left arm glows as it jumps up and swings for Altaria, but Altaria was fast enough that it was able to dodge.

Heather then commands, "Altaria, give it a Sing!"

"Allltaaaaaa!" Altaria sings a beautiful melody that causes Swampert to go weary eyed and fall asleep.

Hiccup yells to Swampert, "Swampert, come on, wake up!"

Heather commands, "Too late, Hiccup. Altaria, hit it with a Sky Attack!"

"Altaaaaa!" Altaria's body glows white as it charges up the attack. Since Swampert couldn't do anything, there was no stopping Altaria from striking Swampert full on, taking about half of its health in one go.

Swampert was still asleep and Hiccup was certain that one more attack like that could do it so he thinks to himself. "Ok, if I were to switch, who could I use? Combusken and Kadabra are out. Shedinja? No, only super-effective attacks can hit it and Flying is good against Bug. Shiftry? It's a little risky but it could work. Hmmm."

Just then, he looks down and sees that Bagon had stepped in and looked ready to battle. Hiccup asks, "Uh, Bagon? What are you doing?"

"Ba!" Bagon had the same look of determination that it had when Hiccup first allowed it to battle and that did go well.

Hiccup groans and says, "You know what, Bagon? Let's do it." He retrieves Swampert and says, "Go, Bagon!" Bagon leaps towards the center of the battlefield.

Fishlegs asks, "Bagon? Is Hiccup insane?"

Astrid replies, "Definitely. I don't know, Bagon has proved himself quite a bit lately."

Heather comments, "You think that Bagon can beat my Altaria? Ok then. Altaria, use Dragon Breath!"

"Altaaaa!" Altaria fires the red, blue and black beam, but Bagon dodges the attack at full speed and jumps up towards Altaria. Its claw then glows white as it slashes Altaria right in the chest.

Snotlout asks, "What was that?"

Fishlegs replies, "That looked like a Dragon Claw attack. How did Bagon learn that so quickly?"

Astrid replies, "That Bagon really is something."

Hiccup's eyes widen. "Well, ok then. Bagon, give it a Headbutt!"

"Ba-gon!" Bagon smashes its head into Altaria with enough power to push it back a little.

Heather then comments, "Geez. Altaria, use Sing."

Before Altaria could begin singing again, Hiccup commands, "Bagon, use Roar!"

"Baaaaaa!" Bagon's Roar actually caused Altaria to stop singing so it could plug its ears. Bagon jumps down to the ground.

Heather hangs her mouth open. "I do not believe this. Altaria, Sky Attack, take it down."

Altaria's body glows once more as it charges up another Sky Attack.

Hiccup uses this time to command, "Bagon, use Bite!"

Bagon leaps up again and bites Altaria right on top of the head before using the surprising amount of strength the little dragon has in order to spin Altaria around and throw it to the ground with enough force to smash the floor below and knock Altaria out.

"Altaria is unable to battle, the winner is the challenger, Hiccup!" The referee announces.

Hiccup's face lightens up as he yells out. "Yeah! That was amazing Bagon!"

Bagon lands on the ground and looks to Hiccup with joy before falling asleep, as all that battling did a number on the hatchling.

Astrid, Fishlegs and Snotlout applaud Hiccup for the battle as Heather stands there in total shock. Heather comments, "I…wow."

Later on, they all meet up outside the gym as Heather says, "Hiccup, I've got to say, that was the most thrilling battle I've ever seen. That Bagon of yours really is something, I mean if it's this strong now, who knows what it can accomplish. Anyway, it's with great honor that I'd like to present to you the Feather Badge." She presents a light green badge that looked like a bird's wing.

Hiccup takes the badge and says, "Thank you Heather." Hiccup holds up the badge and says, "Alright, I got the Feather Badge!" Bagon, who had just woken up from his post-battle nap, yells out in joy.

Before they went to the Pokémon Center to rest up, Heather says to Hiccup, "Best of luck on the rest of your journey." Hiccup nods and he and the rest of the gang head to the Fortree Pokémon Center.

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