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Chapter 27

Chapter 27

The gang continues their journey to Fortree City where Hiccup will challenge the gym leader in attempt earn his sixth gym badge. They had already passed up Route 110 and gone through Mauville City and were just taking a quick rest stop at Route 118, just East of Mauville.

Hiccup was really having a good time getting to know his new baby Bagon, and was thoroughly impressed how much the little guy has grown over the past few days.

Bagon pretty much loves to do three things: eating, sleeping and battling. Hiccup has allowed Bagon to participate in a decent number of battles since Joey and each time Bagon has come out victorious, but would always fall asleep right after.

Right then, Fishlegs was using a stick to play with Bagon and says, "Oh, Bagon is just the cutest thing ever."

Hiccup nods. "And he's really strong too. I have a feeling he'll evolve into a Salamence in no time."

Astrid adds, "Well, Bagon wouldn't even be that strong if he didn't have a really good trainer." She nudges him on the back.

Suddenly, a man who was just walking up says to the gang, "Ah, is that a Bagon? That is certainly a rare one." The gang looks and sees a man wearing a sailor suit with a white moustache walk up. The man comments, "You are quite lucky to have such an incredible Pokémon in your possession."

Hiccup replies, "Uh, thanks. Sorry, but, do we know you?"

Astrid's eyes widen. "Wait, aren't you Drake of the Elite Four?"

The man chuckles. "Guilty as charged, my lady."

Fishlegs's eyes widen as well. "Drake? Wow, you're an icon around here."

Hiccup then asks, "Uh, sorry but what's the Elite Four?"

Snotlout snorts to that. "You mean you're this big, bad trainer and you don't know what the Elite Four is? Woooow."

Astrid rolls her eyes and pulls out a book as she explains. "The Elite Four is a group of four of the strongest trainers in the region. Each region has its own version of this group, but here are the members of Hoenn's Elite Four."

She holds the book up, showing four trainers that each look as tough as the last. She points to a man with a small red patch of hair. "There's Sidney, who uses Dark Type Pokémon." Then a girl wearing a blue tank bikini and red floral hair clips. "Phoebe, who uses Ghost Types." Then a blonde haired woman in a purple dress. "Glacia, who uses Ice types." And finally, the same man standing before them. "And finally, there's Drake, who uses Dragon Type Pokémon."

Fishlegs adds, "The only way you can challenge them is if you can collect all eight gym badges then go to the League located in Ever Grande City. And if you can defeat all four of them, plus the champion, Steven, then you'll become the new Hoenn champion."

Hiccup's eyes widen. "Wow, those guys do look really strong. Does make me feel a little bad that I didn't know who they are."

Drake chuckles at that. "Not a problem, my boy. Say, I think I recognize you, you're Hiccup right? The boy who helped save Mauville City from Zapdos?"

Hiccup nods. "Yes, that's me."

Drake nods. "Ah, then you just might be able to help me. You see, lately there's been a Pokémon that's been circling over this route all day, seemingly looking for something, and I think you would be of good help to figure out just what it wants."

Hiccup nods. "I see. What Pokémon is it?"

Drake looks up a bit and points to the sky. "There! That's it!"

He looks over and spots a white and blue Pokémon that looked like a jet plane, shooting through the sky. Fishlegs's eyes widen. "Wait…is that what I think it is?"

The Pokémon spots Hiccup and in a flash, dives in and appears right next to him, startling Bagon. "Whoa!" Hiccup yells out.

Astrid adds, "It is. It's the legendary Pokémon, Latios!"

Hiccup had to take a moment to make sure his heart was still beating as he pulls up the Pokédex. "Latios, the Eon Pokémon. Latios is very intelligent and is able to fully understand human language. It can fly faster than a jet by folding its forepaws in to reduce air resistance."

Drake explains. "Normally a Pokémon like Latios would never appear near humans, but for some reason that's all it's been doing today. It's almost as if it's looking for something or someone."

Hiccup steps up and stares Latios in the face. Hiccup holds out his hand and Latios seems to understand instantly as it closes its eyes and leans in to touch Hiccup's hand with its forehead.

Drake comments, "Amazing. Latios came to you quicker than anyone else. Tell me, do you and Latios know each other from somewhere?"

Hiccup replies, "I didn't even know who Latios was half an hour ago. Although, for some reason, I do seem to feel some kind of connection towards it." Hiccup thinks and looks down at the Pokédex before noticing Latios's typing. "It's a dragon type? Huh."

Drake asks, "Sorry but, are you saying you know something about dragon type Pokémon?"

Hiccup didn't want to reveal too much about his past, but he just says, "You can say that." Hiccup stares Latios down and sees a look of distress in its eyes. Hiccup asks Latios, "What do you want?"

Just then, Latios looks to the South as it seems to hear something. Hiccup nods and says, "I think Latios wants us to follow it."

"No." Drake replies. "I think it wants more than just a follow." Latios hovers back and lowers itself to the ground, looking at Hiccup expectantly.

Hiccup's eyes widen as it realizes what Latios is asking. He steps forwards and climbs on top of Latios's back. Everyone else stares at the sight in awe as Fishlegs comments, "Whoa. This is just like with Zapdos."

Snotlout asks, "What exactly are you doing, Hiccup?"

Hiccup replies, "Something…crazy…I guess I'll see you guys later." He pats Latios on the neck and in a flash, Latios takes off, going at a speed that was fast but not so fast that Hiccup would immediately be thrown off.

On the ground, Bagon could see Latios fly away and it made him jealous that it was able to fly.

Latios heads south for about five minutes, going over the ocean near Route 134, until the come across a small island in the middle of the ocean. Once Latios sets down, Hiccup gets off and hears a high pitched cry of some sort. He goes forwards a bit through the bushes until he comes across a Pokémon similar looking to Latios, but is red where Latios is blue, and it appeared to be injured.

Hiccup checks the Pokédex. "Latias, the Eon Pokémon. Latias's body is covered in a down that that refracts light and causes it to turn invisible. Latias is highly intelligent and is capable of understanding human speech."

Hiccup puts the Pokédex away and examines Latias as bit. "These injuries look bad. What happened?"

"W-we were flying when that thunderstorm hit us…" Latias explains using telepathy. "And I ended up getting hit by lightning and crashed down onto this island."

It is true that the previous day there was a thunderstorm in the area while they were still in Mauville, but Hiccup figured that was just Zapdos coming back to get some lightning for its offspring.

Latias then asks, "Won't you help us?"

Hiccup asks, "What exactly makes you think I can help you guys?"

Latios pats Hiccup on the back and explains, "We have heard about the way you've been helping Pokémon and people all over the region, we thought that there just might be a chance you can help Latias."

Hiccup thinks for a moment before his eyes widen. "Well, I actually do have a Hyper Potion in my bag. Here, let me get it." He reaches into his backpack and pulls out a pink spray bottle. He goes up to Latias and says, "Ok, this may sting a little but it will help with your wounds. Ready?"

Latias nods before Hiccup sprays the potion onto the injuries on her wings, side, head and tail. Once finished, he says to Latias, "Now, see how that feels."

Latias tries to push herself up, but finds that her arm hurts. Latios comments, "Drat, I think her arm might be broken."

Hiccup nods. "I see that. Well, I think my friend Fishlegs has some medical tape in his bag. Latios, do you mind taking me back to them?"

Latios nods. "Of course."

Hiccup climbs back on Latios before saying to Latias, "Don't worry, we will be back." Latios takes off and gets back to the rest of the gang plus Drake in a flash. Hiccup says to the others, "Ok, here's what's happening. Latias is on an island nearby and her arm is broken after falling from being struck by lightning in that storm yesterday."

Drake's eyes widen. "Ah, that makes sense. Latios was concerned for Latias's health so he wanted to look for someone that can help her."

Hiccup adds, "Fishlegs, I need you to grab the medical tape from your bag and come with me."

Fishlegs's eyes widen. "You want me to ride a dragon Pokémon?"

Hiccup sighs. "Trust me, it's not as crazy as it sounds. Just hold on tight and let Latios take you there."

Fishlegs was hesitant, but willing to try it out. Fishlegs gets his backpack, puts it on and climbs on Latios, just behind Hiccup. Once he was on, Latios comments, "You're a lot heavier than this scrawny human. But, I will make do."

Latios then takes off to go back to the island Latias was on. Fishlegs had to hold on tight to Hiccup or else he knew he'd fall off soon. Once they get back, Fishlegs spots Latias and comments with a gasp, "It really is Latias. Oh, she's just as beautiful as you, Latios."

Latios shrugs. "Well, not to brag but…"

Hiccup pats Latios on the neck. "Focus. Fishlegs, the tape?"

Fishlegs snaps out of his stare. "Oh, right." He opens his bag and fishes out some medical tape that he uses to wrap up Latias's left arm. Once complete, Fishlegs asks, "Ok, how's that?"

Latias tries moving the arm and says, "It's still a little painful, but I do think this will help. Here, let's try…" Latias uses her good arm plus Hiccup and Fishlegs for support to help lift her off of the ground and get to a point where she was floating once again. Latias smiles and says, "Yes, I think this will do nicely. I might need Latios's help to get myself into the air but I'm sure he'll be happy to do it."

Latios nuzzles Latias and says, "You're right about that. Thank you boys for your help. As a token of gratitude, I'd like to give you this…" He holds up a blue orb with the letter E written on it. He explains, "This is the Soul Dew, an item that both Latias and I cherish with our lives. We think you should have it."

Hiccup looks the orb over before looking back up to Latios and saying, "Thank you, Latios. Latias. I am very grateful that I was able to help you two out."

With that, Latios takes Hiccup and Fishlegs back to Astrid, Bagon, Snotlout and Drake. They set down and Latios immediately takes off back to Latias. Drake asks Hiccup, "Well?"

Hiccup replies, "It was incredible. Latias looks like she's going to be ok. And they even gave me this." He holds up the Soul Dew.

Drake's eyes widen. "Ah, the Soul Dew. Yes, that is a prized item that can actually increase the power of Latias and Latios. You should definitely hold onto that."

Hiccup replies, "I will."

Fishlegs then asks Drake, "So, what now?"

Drake replies, "Well, I suppose I ought to head back to Ever Grande City. There's a meeting with the other Elite Four members and I simply cannot miss it. It was good to meet you all." With that, he tosses a Pokéball, sending out a Salamence.

Bagon sees this Salamence and how big its wings are. Bagon looks down and tries flapping its little arms, but found that to be futile. Drake sees this and offers, "Say, Bagon, why don't you fly with us for a little bit?"

"Ba?" Bagon looked pretty excited about the offer. "Bagon!"

He was about to climb on, but of course he had to look back to Hiccup for permission. Hiccup laughs at this and says, "Go ahead." which made Bagon even happier.

With Drake's help, Bagon climbs onto Salamence and it takes off, doing some slow circles around the gang which made Bagon happier than Fishlegs when he met Regirock.

"Bagon!" Bagon wanted to jump for joy, but he knew that that might not end well, so he just stood on Salamence's head and Salamence just let the little guy have his fun, remembering when it was a Bagon and had dreams of flying.

After a few minutes, Salamence sets down and Bagon reluctantly climbs off. Hiccup pats Bagon on the head and asks, "How was that, Bagon?"

"Bagon!" Bagon says as it jumps up and down with joy.

Drake chuckles at this. "Aw, I remember when my Salamence was a little Bagon. They do grow up so fast. Anyway, it was nice meeting you all."

Hiccup nods. "Yeah, take care!" With that, Drake and Salamence fly away Eastbound while Hiccup and the rest of the gang pack up and continue on their journey to Fortree City.

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