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Chapter 23

Chapter 23

After going through Route 114, the gang had finally made it to Meteor Falls and are soon struck with awe at the beautiful white rock lined cave that the falls sit in. Also, as soon as they got there, Fishlegs was jumping for joy. "We're finally here! Oh, just think of the Rock Types we'll be able to see here."

Snotlout rolls his eyes. "Yeah yeah, we get it you like rocks, can we go now?"

Hiccup replies, "We just got here, Snotlout."

Snotlout replies, "I know that and I'm already bored so let's gho."

Hiccup shakes his head. "If you want to wait for us at the other side of the cave, that's fine. Astrid, Fishlegs and I are going to do some exploring."

Snotlout waves his hand. "Fine by me. Just don't keep me waiting long." he says as he heads towards the other end of the cave.

The rest of the gang decide to have a look around. They found that at the top of the main falls there seems to be a cave of some sort. Hiccup comments, "Huh, wonder what's in that cave up there. Too bad we can't get there."

Astrid replies, "Never say never, Hiccup. Milotic, go!" Astrid throws a Pokéball and out comes a beautiful white serpent.

Hiccup comments, "Milotic huh?"

The Pokédex reads, "Milotic, the Tender Pokémon and the evolved form of Feebas. Milotic is the most beautiful Pokémon in the world. Any glimpse of it's beauty can calm any nerves that a person feels."

Astrid explains, "I've had my Milotic since she was a Feebas and she's been one of my best Pokémon yet. She can help us get to the top of the falls."

"By all means." Hiccup replies as he, Astrid and Fishlegs climb onto Milotic.

Astrid then says, "Alright, Milotic, use Waterfall!"

"Miiiiiii." Milotic proceeds to swim up the falls like it was just a normal river. Once at the cave on the top, the humans hop off and Astrid pats Milotic on the head saying, "Thanks as always Milotic. Return." She retrieves Milotic back into it's Pokéball.

Hiccup then comments, "You know, Astrid, I rarely see you battle and I barely even know what your Pokémon are. I know you've got Quilfish, Corsola and Goldeen from earlier but what else do you have?"

Astrid replies, "Those are the only Pokémon I keep with me, but I do have more that I keep at home. Also, I don't battle much because I just enjoy watching you battle, Hiccup."

Hiccup nods. "Guess that makes sense a little."

Fishlegs then taps Hiccup on the shoulder and says, "Uh, I hate to interrupt but we do have a cave to explore."

Hiccup chuckles to that. "Alright, Fishlegs. Let's go then." The gang finds that the cave is very complex with lots of tunnels, craters, and rock formations. However, there was one thing that was missing. "Where are the Rock Pokémon?" Fishlegs asks. "I thought this place would be swarming with them."

Hiccup looks up, "There's a bunch of Zubat but you're right there doesn't seem to be much else. Oh well." Hiccup then hears some sort of noise in one of the nearby caves. He looks around the edge of the cave entrance and sees something that made his face light up. "D-dragons." What he saw were a group of four blue dragons with red, crescent moon shaped wings.

Hiccup checks the Pokédex and it reads, "Salamence, the Dragon Pokémon and the evolved form of Shelgon. Salamence becomes uncontrollable when enraged. its wings are formed from a long desire to fly."

Astrid spots the Salamence and smiles, knowing why Hiccup was so glad to see them. "Salamence are some of the strongest Pokémon in Hoenn, only to be outdone by legendary Pokémon."

"They truly are magnificent aren't they?" Said a voice that came from next to Hiccup. He looks and sees a familiar man in a lab coat.

"Professor Birch? What are you doing here?"

Birch looks to Hiccup. "Oh, Hiccup. I didn't see you there. Well, I came to Meteor Falls because I had heard rumors that Salamence liked to live here and sure enough, I was right."

Hiccup nods before looking back to the Salamence and saying, "Hey, it looks like they're surrounding something." One of the Salamence moves to the side and it is revealed that they are surrounding what looks like a blue egg with a white top. "An egg."

Birch smiles. "Ah yes, this makes sense. Salamence treasure their eggs as to them it ensures the survival of their species. You see, there was a time when there were Salamence roaming the region, but most of them were wiped out due to people being afraid of them so they are now dwindling in numbers."

Hiccup nods at how familiar that sounds. "Well, hopefully that egg will bring good luck to them. Wait, what's going on there?"

He looks and sees a group of big, blue bats with wide mouths approaching the Salamence. Birch comments, "Looks like that group of Golbat is going in towards those Salemence."

Fishlegs asks, "But what could those Golbat want?"

Just then, the Salamence gather around the egg and look to the Golbat with anger. Birch comments, "I think those Golbat are after the egg. Golbat do sometimes have a tendency to steal Pokémon eggs."

The Golbat proceed to sweep in and try to steal the egg, but the Salamence aren't having any of it. They proceed to fire orange and yellow beams from their mouths. Astrid comments, "Hyper Beam attacks. Powerful but once a Pokémon uses it they need to rest for a moment."

Just then, a few of the Golbat find a blind spot for the Salamence and sweep in. Hiccup stands and says, "Not if I can help it. Loudred, use Uproar and get those Golbat away!" He throws a Pokéball and sends out the purple rabbit with speakers for ears.

"Louuuuuud!" Loudred sends out powerful soundwaves that disorient the Golbat and cause then to disperse. The Salamence see this and look to Hiccup with similar looks of anger.

Hiccup gives a smile and says, "Uh, you're welcome?"

One of the Salamence fires a Hyper Beam that Hiccup, Loudred and Birch just barely dodges by jumping away from the cave's entrance. Hiccup asks, "What was that, I was just trying to help them."

Birch comments. "Could be that the Salamence thought you were trying to get the Golbat away so you could steal the egg yourself. Salamence are very protective towards their eggs so it makes sense to me that that happened. It might be best to leave now."

Hiccup nods but then hears the sound of another Pokémon inside the cave. He looks in and sees a purple bat with four wings flying in front of the Golbat. Hiccup checks the Pokédex, "Crobat, the bat Pokémon and the evolved form of Golbat. Crobat's four wings allow it to move very quickly and quietly so it can sneak up on anyone without them noticing."

Hiccup comments as he puts the Pokédex away, "That Crobat looks like trouble."

"Crooooo!" The Crobat then dives in at quick speed and manages to snatch the egg before the Salamence even had a chance to notice. The Salamence try flying to get the egg, but found that they just weren't fast enough.

Hiccup says, "Ok, now they've gone too far. Shedinja, use Shadow Sneak and get that egg back!" He throws another Pokéball and out comes a brown beetle shell. Shedinja sneaks into the shadows and reappears in front of Crobat, spooking it and making it drop the egg which Shedinja was able to catch and take back.

However, the Golbat and Crobat weren't done just yet as they all circle Shedinja. Fishlegs comments, "This isn't good. Shedinja can only be damaged by attacks that are super effective to it, and flying just so happens to be one of them."

Hiccup nods as the Golbat and Crobat flap their wings hard enough to send a gust of wind with an Air Cutter attack. Hiccup quickly says, "Shedinja, Shadow Sneak again!" Shedinja goes back into the shadows just before the gusts of air hit. It reappears behind the Golbat closest to the Salamence and strikes it from behind. All four Salamance gaze as they see Hiccup and Shedinja helping them.

It was clear that the remaining Golbat and Crobat still had some fight left in them, so Hiccup says to Loudred, "Loudred, help Shedinja out with a Hyper Voice!"

"Louuuuuuud!" Loudred lets out a yell that's so loud, it again causes the Golbat to disperse, but Crobat didn't seem to mind one bit.

Hiccup growls. "There's gotta be a way to take out this Crobat. Wait, Fishlegs, you've got Rock type Pokémon."

Fishlegs's eyes widen. "Oh yeah. Geodude, use Rock Throw and help out those Salamence!" Fishlegs throws his own Pokéball and sends out his rock with arms that flings some rocks at Crobat. The rock hits, but only causes Crobat to turn it's attention to Geodude.

"Duuuude." Geodude growls.

Then, the Salamence say something to each other in Salamencese before getting together and all firing a Hyper Beam right at the distracted Crobat. The beams hit Crobat and send it flying to the other side of the main cave, knocking it out instantly.

Hiccup pumps his fist. "Yeah, that's more like it!"

Geodude and Loudred pump their fists in the same joy. "Duuude!" "Louud!"

"Shed." Shedinja on the other hand returns the egg to it's resting spot in the center of the Salamence's den. Hiccup and Fishlegs retrieve their respective Pokémon and walk over to the Salamence. Hiccup says to the Salamence, "See? We only came here to help you guys. We're glad your egg is ok."

The Salamence then say something else to each other before one of them picks up the egg and offers it to Hiccup. Hiccup's eyes widen. "You want me to take it?"

The Salamence nods. Birch then says, "Ah, astounding. My guess is that those Golbat and Crobat are rivals to the Salamence and are frequently trying to steal their eggs. I guess the Salamence know that, since you worked so hard and was able to help save the egg, they think the egg will be safer with you. It's actually the most incredible thing I've ever seen!"

Hiccup looks all of the Salamence in the eyes and asks, "You really want me to take your egg with me? To keep it safe?" The Salamence all nod, so Hiccup takes the egg and smiles. He looks to them again and says, "Thank you. I will protect this egg with my life."

"Here." Birch says as he pulls out a tubular device that's big enough for the egg to fit in. "Put the egg in this incubator, it will be able to survive much longer. There's even a Pokéball on top of it, so once it hatches you can have the Pokémon inside as your own."

Hiccup nods before opening the incubator and putting the egg inside. He looks back to the Salamence and says once more, "Thank you, and good luck with creating another one."

At the falls exit, Snotlout was there waiting for all of them. After some explaining of what happened, Snotlout says, "Wait, so all of that happened while I was gone? Well why didn't you at least invite me to come along?"

Astrid says with a light smirk. "Would you have come even if we did invite you?"

Snotlout blinks before looking down. "Probably not."

Birch chuckles before saying, "Well, Hiccup, it was good seeing you again but I do need to head back to Littleroot. I'll say hi to your mother when I get there. Oh, and good luck with that egg of yours."

Hiccup nods. "Thanks, Professor. Hope to see you soon." With that, Birch heads on his way back to Littleroot Town while the gang begins heading to Petalburg City where Hiccup will try for his fifth gym badge.

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