How To Train Your Pokemon @toothlove
Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Our heroes, oh wait wrong scenario, the gang continues their way to Fallarbor Town en route to Meteor Falls so that Fishlegs can observe the Rock Type Pokémon that live there. They were traveling down the ash coated Route 113 when Snotlout stands next to Astrid and says, "So, Astrid. I know you didn't see me back there but I totally kicked those grunt's butts."

Astrid replies, "Oh really? So that wasn't your Charmeleon being thrown against the volcanic wall?"

Snoltout pauses for a moment. "That, uh, that could've been anyone's Charmeleon."

Astrid rolls her eyes. "You know what, sure. I'm sure you were so brave and strong on Mt. Chimney." She didn't even try to hide the sarcasm.

Hiccup was getting a little tired of hearing this, so he decides to change the subject. "I noticed that this route seems to be covered in ash. What's up with that?"

Fishlegs replies, "Well, due to the route's proximity to Mt. Chimney, it tends to get ash falls almost constantly. In fact some people call this the Ash Route since it's the only route that is this way. In fact, the ash even spills into Fallarbor Town."

Fishlegs was about to say more but they heard a shaking heard in the tall grass. Snotlout steps in front of the gang and says, "Stay back, it could be a dangerous threat.

From the grass comes a small panda with spirals for eyes and red dots on its head and chest. "Oh cool, a Spinda." Fishlegs says.

"Spinda huh?" Hiccup says as he pulls out the Pokédex and it reads the following: "Spinda, the Spot Panda Pokémon. No two Spinda are exactly alike, the spots on their bodies come in all different patterns. It's tottering step is meant to foul the aim of foes."

Hiccup comments as he puts the dex away, "Doesn't seem like a very threatening Pokémon. In fact, it's kind of cute."

Snotlout replies, "Oh, that's just what they want you to think. One minute they look cute the next they're trying to eat your face off."

Astrid says to Hiccup, "Can you look throught the dex and find any Pokémon that 'eat people's faces off?'"

Snoltout holds up a hand. "Silence! Charmeleon, go!" He throws a Pokéball and out pops a red lizard with a flaming tail.


Snotlout commands, "Charmeleon, use Flamethrower!" Charmeleon looks back and breathes a stream of flames right towards Snotlout. Snotlout groans. "Not at me, you idiot, at Spinda!"

"Chaha-har-har-har." Charmeleon laughs before looking at Spinda and firing another flame right towards it. However, Spinda quickly dodges it and proceeds to make its paw glow as it charges towards Charmeleon.

Fishlegs comments, "Looks like a Dizzy Punch to me."

Snotlout nods. "So that's how you wanna play it eh? Charmeleon, use Bite…on Spinda!" Despite the direct order, Charmeleon gets behind Snoltout and bites him on the head while Spinda makes a successful punch right to the gut before wondering off back into the grass."

Snotlout tries to pull Charmeleon off. "Charmeleon. Get off of me and go get that Spinda!"

Astrid says, "It's too late, Snotlout. Spinda's gone."

Snotlout growls a bit before saying, "Fine. Charmeleon, return." Snoltout pulls out Charmeleon's Pokéball, but Charmeleon smacks the ball away with its tail. This just gets Snotlout even angrier as he starts slapping Charmeleon. "Charmeleon, get back in the ball!"

Hiccup rolls his eyes saying, "I got this." He picks up the ball and says, "Charmeleon, return." The ball flashes a red beam and takes Charmeleon with it. Hiccup hands the ball back to Snotlout and says, "You know you really need to get Charmeleon under control. If he keeps going like this it could end up seriously hurting you."

Snotlout puts the ball away saying, "It's not my fault Charmeleon doesn't want to listen to me."

Fishlegs replies, "Well, Hiccup makes a good point. You're Charmeleon's trainer so you should be able to control him."

Snotlout sighs. "It hasn't always been like this, you know. I got Charmeleon years ago when he was still a Charmander and he was my first Pokémon. Back then we were an unstoppable team and there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for me but then, about 6 months ago, he evolved and nearly stopped listening all together. It was also around the same time I became a Gym Leader and I basically had to retrain Charmelon all over again. It's been tough."

Hiccup nods. "Well, Snotlout, sounds to me like you just need to give Charmeleon a bit of tough love. Sometimes Pokémon are just stubborn like that and just need some extra attention in order to get them to listen to you."

Snotlout nods. "Yeah, I think I get it." he pulls out the same Pokéball and tosses it, sending Charmeleon back out. "Char?" Snotlout stands before Charmeleon with his arms behind his back saying, "Now, you listen here, Charmeleon. I know you're not a fan of me, but the fact is that I am your trainer and as your trainer you will do what I say when I say it so, what do you say?"

"Char." Charmeleon rolls his eyes before raising his fire tail so it's just on the edge of Snotlout's pants, causing it to catch on fire. Snotlout quickly catches this and runs off to find a water source but couldn't find one so Hiccup sends out Marshtomp and has him put it out. Charmeleon was laughing his butt off at this.

With that out of the way, Snotlout walks back to Charmeleon and says, "Ok, clearly you have no respect for authority so, I'm just gonna have to do this the old fashioned way. Charmeleon, you will listen to me or else…" he raises his fist into the air.

Hiccup pulls it down and suggests, "Ok, so this clearly isn't working. Why don't we try a different tactic? Try reasoning with Charmeleon, maybe get down to his level and just talking things through."

Snotlout replies, "Oh my Arceus, I almost fell asleep just thinking about that."

Astrid adds, "Hey, that's the exact tactic Hiccup uses to get his Pokémon and they all listen to him."

Snotlout nods, realizing she had a good point. He then looks around and asks, "Uh, where did Charmeleon go?" They realize that Charmeleon seems to have wondered off while Hiccup was talking.

"Well that can't be good." Astrid comments.

"Charmeleon?" Snotlout yells out. "Charmeleon, where did you go?"

By the time they had realized he was gone, Charmeleon had already gone off into the woods of the route. He didn't even bother to look back, as he couldn't care less if Snotlout was looking for him.

Charmeleon didn't even think about where he was going, he was just walking along, trying to get Snotlout out of his mind. He was so focused on his walking that he didn't even notice that he stepped on some sort of hard object.

"Char?" He looks down and sees that that 'object' in question was the wing of a bird covered in a silver plating. The bird leaps into the air and stares Charmeleon down, clearly looking for a fight. "Charrrrrr."

"Skaaaaa!" The bird's wings glow as it dives in towards Charmeleon with a Steel Wing attack.

"Charrrmeleon!" Charmeleon takes a deep breath before letting out a Flamethrower that the bird dodges as it continues to dive in. Charmeleon moves his head around to better aim the Flamethrower until he got struck by the Steel Wing, knocking him against a tree.

Charmeleon growls a little before standing and running towards the bird. He leaps up a tree until he gets to the top and lets out another flamethrower that hits the bird directly, causing it to flee. "Char." Charmeleon was feeling proud of himself until he spots 4 more of those birds leap into the air and come at Charmeleon. "Skaarrrrrr!"

Charmeleon could see that he was in a bit of a pickle here, so he climbs down from the tree and proceeds to run. However, the bird appeared to be much faster than Charmeleon could run, so he had no choice but to turn around and fight. "Charr." He was about to go for an attack when one of the birds comes in from the left and was about to hit Charmeleon when something jumps in the way of the bird.

Charmeleon looks and sees that it was Snotlout who jumped in front of the bird and saved Charmeleon. Snotlout was knocked to a tree but quickly stood back up saying, "Thought you could use some help there, Charmeleon."

Hiccup, Astrid and Fishlegs run up close behind where Fishlegs says, "Whoa, Snotlout just saved Charmeleon from that Skarmory. That's pretty impressive."

Hiccup pulls up the Pokédex and it reads, "Skarmory, the Armor Bird Pokémon. Skarmory's body is entirely coated in a hard armor that protects it. It can fly at speeds of up to 180 miles per hour."

Astrid adds, "Yeah, but I don't think the Skarmory are here to see that."

The Skarmory then circle Snotlout and Charmeleon where Snotlout says, "Charmeleon, if you don't want to listen to me, that's fine, but right now we really do need to come together here. Are you with me?"

Charmeleon could see that there really was no other option here, plus Snotlout did save him, so he stands in a battle ready position and nods. "Char."

Snotlout smirks. "That's more like it. Ok. Charmeleon, use Smokescreen to mess with their vision!"

"Charmeeeeeeellll!" Charmeleon shoots off a cloud of smoke from his mouth that disorients two of the Skarmory and causes them to collide with two trees, but since their armor is so tough it wasn't more than just a mere scratch.

All of the Skarmory then dive in towards Snotlout and Charmeleon with their Steel Wings glowing where Snotlout yells, "Charmeleon, take em out with a Flame Wheel!"

"Charrrrrrrrr!" Charmeleon fires off a spiraling flame that hits each Skarmory dead on, burning even through their armor. The Skarmory that started all of this saw that Charmeleon was more powerful than it thought so it told the rest to go ahead and flee.

Snotlout looks down to Charmeleon and says, "Charmeleon, thank you. You did exactly what I said and we ended up winning the battle." Snotlout kneels down and holds his hand up in a high five position. "Good job, buddy."

Charmeleon smiles and high fives Snotlout right then and there, glad that Snotlout was there to help him.

Hiccup comments, "Well well, Snotlout, looks like you two are going to be able to be friends after all."

Fishlegs adds, "And you even did it while taking Hiccup's 'boring' advice."

Snotlout stands and says, "Yep, with Charmeleon on my side, there isn't a Pokémon that exists that we can't take care of."

Astrid then comments, "I do have to admit, that was impressive how you were able to get Charmeleon to listen to you like that."

Snotlout smirks. "Why thank you, Astrid. Think I was brave enough for you to go on a date with me?"

Astrid rolls her eyes and says, "Couldn't keep up not being annoying for long, could ya? You know what, Mt. Chimney is close by. Why don't you go jump into it and then I'll futher consider it."

Hiccup pats Astrid's shoulder. "Not the time for that. Besides, Mt. Chimney is out of the way of where we need to go and that is Meteor Falls, so let's just keep going."

With that, Snotlout retrieves Charmeleon back into its Pokéball and our heroes, and there I go again, the gang all head on their way.

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