How To Train Your Pokemon @toothlove
Chapter 18

Chapter 18

The gang had finally made it into Lavaridge Town and found that it was a fairly small town with a lovely looking hot springs right next to the Pokémon Center and some hot clay areas where you can just sit and let the heat work it's way through your body.

Naturally, Fishlegs couldn't stop staring at the rock plate that Regirock gave him, completely amazed that that happened at all. However, there were many times when Hiccup and Astrid needed to turn him so he's facing the right direction.

Astrid wanted so badly to go into those hot springs, but as always Hiccup was insistent on going to the gym, so they made a deal where they will go to the springs after the battle.

Hiccup faces the gym which had a lot of red and orange paint plus fiery banners and decorations. Hiccup opens the doors to the gym and sitting in the leader's chair was a very familiar black haired boy. The boy smirks and says, "Welcome to the Lavaridge Gym. I'm Snotlout, the greatest trainer in all of Lavaridge, and I am about to take you out."

Fishlegs comments, "Pretty sure there aren't that many trainers in Lavaridge to begin with."

Snotlout blinks. "Shut up. Now, which one of you is going to be challenging me today? Will it be you, my lovely lady? Maybe afterwards I can take you out to dinner."

Astrid rolls her eyes. "Even if I was challenging you, I would never be interested in dating someone like you."

Hiccup steps up and says, "I'm the one challenging you, Snotlout. Can we just cut the talk and get to the battle?"

Snotlout shrugs, "Very well then. Prepare to lose, kid."

Astrid and Fishlegs take their usual spots on the bleachers while Hiccup and Snotlout stand on opposite ends of the battlefield.

The battlefield itself had a volcanic rock floor and the room seemed to be steaming as well. The referee stands on his podium and says, "This battle between the challenger Hiccup and the gym leader-"

Snotlout interrupts by saying, "Sorry but, could you say that the right way this time?"

The referee rolls his eyes. "And Fire Type master, Snotlout, will soon begin. Both trainers can use up to three Pokémon. In addition, only the challenger is allowed to switch Pokémon. Are both trainers ready."

"Ready to incinerate." Snotlout replies.

Hiccup replies, "Ready."

The referee nods and says, "Then let the battle…begin!"

Snotlout twirls a Pokéball on his finger before throwing it, saying, "Here we go. Slugma, go!"

The ball opens and out pops what looks like a snail made entirely of magma. "Sluuuuugma!"

Hiccup checks the Pokédex. "Slugma, the lava Pokémon. Molten magma runs through Slugma's circulatory system. If this Pokémon chills, then part of it will harden, become brittle and fall off."

Hiccup says, "Ok, I guess I can work with this. Marshtomp, go!" He too throws a Pokéball and out pops the large blue fish.


Snotlout commands, "Slugma, use Flamethrower!"

"Slugmaaaaaa!" Slugma fires a stream of fire right towards Marshtomp.

Hiccup commands, "Marshtomp, Muddy Water!"

"Marrrrshtomp!" Marshtomp lifts its arms and causes a wave of brown water to form. The water dwarfs the flamethrower and hits Slugma with enough power to take it down.

The referee announces, "Slugma is unable to battle!"

Snotlout blinks. "What the?" He turns to the referee and says, "Come on, that was just one attack!"

The referee replies, "Your Pokémon is clearly knocked out, it's all fair."

Snotlout grunts before saying, "Fine. Slugma, return." He calls back Slugma and pulls out another Pokéball saying, "Alright, I'm just getting warmed up. Torkoal, go!" He throws the ball and out pops a red turtle with a black shell.

"Toooooorkoal!" Steam ejects from it's back and nose when it popped out.

The Pokédex reads, "Torkoal, the coal Pokémon. Torkoal digs through mountians in search for coal that it uses to patch spots on it's shell. If endangered, Torkoal will shoot black soot out of it's shell."

Hiccup comments, "Kind of a cool Pokémon. Marstomp, take a break." He recalls Marshtomp before saying, "Haven't used you in a bit so, Whismur go!" He throws the Pokéball and out pops the small pink rabbit.


Snotlout says, "A Whismur huh? Piece of cake. Torkoal, use Heat Wave!"

"Torkoaaaaaal!" Torkoal's body glows orange as it sends off a wave of heat towards Whismur.

Hiccup covers his ears before saying, "Whismur, use Uproar!"

"Whiiiiiiiissmurrrrrrrr!" The loud Uproar waves actually stopped the heat wave from hitting Whismur.

Everyone else in the room covered their own ears as well. Snotlout yells, "Torkoal, get that thing to stop! Flame Wheel!"

"Torkoaaal!" Torkoal starts spinning in a ball of flames and dashes towards Whismur, finding that the Uproar was slowing it down just a little bit.

Hiccup commands, "Whismur, use Supersonic!"

"Whismur!" Whismur fires off a high pitched sound that Torkoal hears, making it confused and causing it to lose track of where it was going and hit a wall nearby with enough speed to knock itself out.

The referee announces, "Torkoal is unable to battle!"

Hiccup comments, "Nicely done, Whismur!"

This got Snotlout even angrier. "Come on! You saw that! He made Torkoal confused and-and."

The referee sighs. "Supersonic is an allowed move in any battle." It was clear that this was not the first time Snotlout has lashed out at the referee this way, given how tired of it the referee looked.

Snotlout waves his hand. "Ah to heck with you. Alright, I didn't think it would come to this so soon, but you have left me with no choice. Charmeleon, go!"

"Charrrr!" The Pokéball opens, and out comes a red lizard with a flaming tail.

The Pokédex reads, "Charmeleon, the flame Pokémon and the evolved form of Charmander. Charmeleon lashes out at its opponent with its tail before tearing it up with its sharp claws."

Snotlout says, "My Charmeleon and I are a true team, with a bond that not even Arceus itself can break." Charmeleon rolls its eyes before knocking Snotlout over with its tail.

Hiccup comments to himself with a chuckle, "Why does that look so familiar?" He then says out loud, "Whismur, come back. Marshtomp, it's all you!"

"Marrr!" Marshtomp pops out of its Pokéball, looking excited as ever to battle.

Snotlout gets up and says, "Now is not the time for that. Charmeleon, give 'em a Flamethrower!"

"Charrrrrrr!" Like with Slugma, Charmeleon spits another line of fire right towards Marshtop.

Hiccup comments, "This again huh? Marshtomp, use Muddy Water!"

"Marrrrrrshtomp!" Marshtomp makes another wave of brown water appear, but rather than dwarfing the flamethrower it instead collides with the flame with equal power, causing a light explosion of steam.

Snotlout had covered his face for the explosion and was pleasantly surprised that Charmeleon didn't get knocked out so quickly again. "Y-yeah! That's it, Charmeleon. Alright, use Slash!"

"Charrrrrrr!" Charmeleon runs towards Marshtomp with it's claws fully out.

Hiccup comments, "There's those sharp claws the Pokédex mentioned. Stand your ground, Marshtomp!"

"Marsh!" Marshtomp nods as it plants its feet into the floor.

Fishlegs asks, "What is he doing?"

Astrid replies, "Surely he has some sort of idea."

Snotlout smirks. "You're just making this easier for me, aren't you. Charmeleon, go for it!"

"Char!" Charmeleon pulls its arm back, fully ready to slash.

However, just before Charmeleon could do anything, Hiccup says, "Now, Marshtomp, use Mud Bomb!"

In a flash, Marshtomp forms a ball of mud in it's arms that it holds up. Charmeleon cuts the ball, causing it to explode and send Charmeleon flying to the exact spot on the wall that Torkoal hit, knocking it out. The referee announces, "Charmeleon is unable to battle, the winner is Hiccup!"

Hiccup smiles wide. "Yes, I did it!"


Fishlegs and Astrid give a round of applause. "Nice job, Hiccup." Fishlegs comments.

Snotlout just stands there with his mouth hanging open. "No. No th-that can't be right. I-I want a rematch."

The referee reminds Snotlout, "A gym leader cannot challenge someone. You were defeated fair and square."

Snotlout stammers. "Yeah but, come on. I-"

Hiccup says to Snotlout, "Look, you're a gym leader and you lost. Now come on, don't you have something to give me?"

Snotlout growls in anger before saying, "Fine! Just take the Heat Badge."

He throws the badge to the ground like a child. Hiccup rolls his eyes to that and walks over to retrieve the orange and yellow flame shaped badge with a red ball on the front. Hiccup says to Snotlout, "Look, I'm sorry you lost but that's just what happens when you're a gym leader."

Snotlout growls some more. "You don't understand. I-"

Just then, the back doors to the gym open up and a man that looks just like a bigger, older version of Snotlout pops out saying, "Snotlout! What's this about you losing again?"

Snotlout turns and says, "Dad, look, let me explain."

Spitelout walks closer, "Don't give me that. It's one thing to lose as a gym leader but with you, why you might as well just give a badge to anyone who walks in."

Hiccup steps in and says, "Spite- uh sir, your son seems to have the passion to battle it's just that he needs more training."

Spitelout raises a brow. "Oh, so it's training you want. Well then, why don't I get my belt and show you some real training."

Snotlout covers his face saying, "I didn't even want to be a gym leader anymore!"

This causes Spitelout to pause. "W-what did you say?"

Snotlout peeks through his hands and says, "I-I said I don't want to be a gym leader. I just did it because it sounded cool but the trainers that come here are just so tough, and gym leaders hardly get any actual training done I-I guess I'm just not cut out for it."

Snotlout seemed fully prepared for Spitelout to yell at him, smack him on the back of the head, or do something to him, but surprisingly, Spitelout says, "Well why didn't you just say so?"

Snotlout lowers his arms. "Huh?"

Spitelout pats Snotlout on the shoulder and says, "If ya don't want to be a leader then just say so. I can take over and you can go off and do see the world, or whatever it is you wanted to do."

Snotlout smiles and hugs Spitelout tight. "Thank you, dad! it means so much that you said that."

Hiccup knew he was going to regret this, but he still offers, "You know, my friends and I are on a journey now, maybe you can come with us."

Snotlout looks to Hiccup and says, "I can? I mean, yeah, you better hope I can. You're gonna need a Fire Type master on your side to help you out."

Hiccup thinks to himself, "And I'm already regretting asking." before saying, "Of course, I'll have to check with my friends first. Astrid? Fishlegs?"

Fishlegs replies, "Sure, I'd love to have someone else on the team."

Astrid was reluctant as well, but figured that maybe he isn't that bad and says, "Sure, why not?"

Hiccup nods. "Great! On another note, I just got the Heat Badge!" He holds the badge up for Astrid and Fishelgs to see.

The next morning, Snotlout met up with the rest of the gang after breakfast, backpack all packed up and ready to go. He says goodbye to Spitelout before they all head on their way.

As soon as they got out of Lavaridge, Snotlout says to Astrid with a smirk, "So, Astrid right? Listen, I know the whole reason why you let me come with you guys is because you are in love with me and don't even know it. Whenever you do get those feelings for me, just let me know."

Astrid throws up a little in her mouth upon hearing that but says, "I'll keep that in mind."

Just then, a bang could be heard to the north of where they were, followed by a mild earthquake. Hiccup asks, "What's going on?"

Fishlegs replies, "That bang sounded like it came from the top of Mt. Chimney! A volcano near here."

Astrid asks, "Should we go check it out?"

Hiccup replies, "Maybe. I don't know what's happening up there, but it doesn't sound good. Let's go!"

With that, the gang runs off towards Mt. Chimney, anxious to see what was going on.

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