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Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Ok, before this chapter begins I just wanted to respond to a guest who has been leaving the same review twice on two separate chapters of this story. Yes, I do plan on Hiccup getting a Bagon at some point, as that just felt like the more-than-obvious move to me, I just need to figure out when I want to do so.

I do appreciate the support I've been getting on this story and I do love hearing feedback so do let me know if you have any suggestions.

Enjoy this chapter!

The bike trip down Cycling Road turned out to be the perfect way for Hiccup, Astrid and Fishlegs to zoom across Route 110 and reach the bustling Mauville City.

Mauville turned out to be a pretty busy city with lots of shops, restaurants and lots of people. They return the bikes to the Bike Shop before Hiccup spies a couple of posters saying, "New Mauville Project, coming soon."

Hiccup asks, "What's the New Mauville project?"

Fishlegs explains, "I think I've heard of it. It's supposed to be essentially a redesign of the city and it's going to make the city bigger and allow for more tourists. I belive it's gonna be a few years before it's actually complete."

Hiccup nods and then notices a bunch of people gathered around some sort of park bench. Out of curiosity, he walks over to see what the commotion was and saw a very familiar black haired man who at one point was his sworn enemy, but after a harsh betrayal said enemy turned out to be on Hiccup's side.

"Viggo?" Hiccup thinks to himself. "Huh, guess in this world he didn't die and I guess he is good seeing as how these people don't seem to mind him being there."

Viggo was currently playing some type of board game with another man who sat on the other end of the table. The game seemed to consist of a grid pattern board with Pokéball shaped pieces and three pieces shaped like Torchic, Treeko and Mudkip. Hiccup whispers to Astrid, "What are they playing?"

Astrid explains, "Balls and Horns. It's a strategy game that people have been playing for centuries. The goal is to move your Pokéball pieces so that they capture your opponent's Pokémon and make them unable to move. First person to capture three Pokémon on the other side wins. From the looks of it, this is some sort of tournament and that black haired man is winning."

Viggo seemed to be lost in thought over what move to make next. He then smirks and takes one of his Pokéball pieces and moves it two spaces to the left. His opponent raises a brow before moving his piece shaped like Torchic one space up, but that just made Viggo smirk and say, "I've got you now." He takes a piece with an 'M' on the top and moves it diagonally until it collides with the Torchic piece.

Viggo's opponent's eyes widen before sighing, admitting defeat. The announcer says, "And he's done it! Mauville Gym Leader, Viggo, just became the official Mauville Balls and Horns champion!"

Hiccup raises a brow. "He's the gym leader? Well, I guess if there's any time to ask him about a battle, it's now."

Viggo walks away from the table saying, "Thank you, thank you. It is an honor to be playing here today."

Hiccup runs up to Viggo and says, "Excuse me, Viggo?"

Viggo says, "Let me guess, you're asking me for a gym challenge."

Hiccup's eyes widen. "H-how did you…?"

Viggo chuckles. "I get kids like you asking me for battles all the time. I pretty much just expect it. Besides, those badges on your vest gave it away.

Hiccup looks down at the Stone and Knuckle badges clearly visible on his brown fur vest. "Oh yeah, I guess that's true."

Viggo chuckles at that. "Well, as a gym leader I cannot refuse a challenge and my Electric Pokémon should be all charged up by now so, if you're ready we can head to the gym now."

Hiccup nods. "Yeah, I'm about ready."

Viggo takes the gang to the Mauville City Gym which was darker in color and the floor had a lit up gird pattern. Astrid pats Hiccup on the back saying, "Good luck." before she and Fishlegs take their places on the benches.

The referee stands at his podium and announces, "This gym battle between the challenger Hiccup Haddock and the Gym Leader Viggo will soon begin. Both trainers can use up to three Pokémon in this battle. In addition, only the challenger is allowed to switch Pokémon. If both trainers are ready, then let the battle…begin!"

Viggo yells, "Magnemite, go!"

He throws a Pokéball and out pops an iron ball with magnets on both sides, a single eye, and three screws surrounding it's head. "Magnemite!" It says in a robotic tone.

Hiccup pulls up the Pokédex and it reads, "Magnemite, the Magnet Pokémon. Magnemite uses the magnets on the side of its body to generate antigravity energy to keep it afloat. To gain electric power, it will attach itself to power plants and absorb the energy."

Hiccup puts the Pokédex away and says, "Haven't really dealt with Electric Types yet but I guess no better time to start than now. This Magnemite is also Steel Type so…Torchic, go!"

Hiccup throws a Pokéball and out pops the small orange chick. "Torrrchic!"

Both trainers and Pokémon stare each other down for a moment before Viggo says, "Magnemite, Charge!"

"Maaaaaaagggggg!" Magnemite spins the magnets on its body as it charges electricity.

Hiccup says, "Torchic, Ember now!"

"Torrrrchic-chic-chic!" Torchic fires off a round of fire balls right towards Magnemite.

Viggo responds with, "Getting some offensive pieces out I see. Magnemite, dodge then use Thunder Shock!"

"Magnemite!" Magnemite dodges the fire balls before firing off a bolt of electricity towards Torchic.

Hiccup says to himself, "Nothing in this battlefield to hide from." before saying to Torchic, "Torchic, dodge quickly!"

Torchic dodges at the last second but Viggo says, "Not quite."

The electricity bounces off of the wall and hits Torchic right from behind. "Torrrr!"

"Hang in there, Torchic!" Hiccup says. "Alright, get as close as you can then Ember, full power!"

"Torrrrrr." Torchic dashes towards Magnemite as fast as it can go.

Viggo chuckles a little. "Getting so close to the opponent's side isn't always the best strategy. Magnemite, show them a Thunder Shock!"

"Mag-ne-mite!" Magnemite fires off more bolts of electricity that Torchic does its best to dodge.

"Keep dodging, Torchic!" Hiccup says.

Viggo smirks again. "Still haven't learned."

The lightning botls bounce off of the walls, going in various directions. Hiccup closes his eyes and says, "Torchic, you can do this. You can see where the bolts are coming from, so just keep dodging."

Tochic nods before doing a very impressive set of dodges that included jumping, ducking, stepping to the side, even full on leaning far back. Torchic eventually caught up to Magnemite and looked it directly in the eye.

Hiccup opens his eyes and yells, "NOW!" before Torchic fires off those fire balls that hit Magnemite dead on, knocking it against the wall and defeating it.

The referee announces, "Magnemite is unable to battle!"

Hiccup takes a deep breath. "Well, that's one down."

Fishlegs comments from the bench, "Man, that was just Viggo's first Pokémon, and he still has two more."

Astrid adds, "Yeah. Hiccup might have a tougher time here, but we have seen him win before."

Viggo recalls Magnemite before saying, "I suppose a piece or two has to be sacrificed in order to achieve victory. No matter, it's still anyone's game. Voltorb, go!" He throws another Pokéball and out pops…a Pokéball that seems to have eyes.

The Pokédex reads, "Voltorb, the Ball Pokémon. Voltorb was first discovered in a factory that produces Pokéballs. It is theorized that it was created when a Pokéball was exposed to a large amount of electric energy."

Hiccup says, "Torchic, return." Torchic's Pokéball takes it back in a beam of red light before Hiccup pulls out another ball saying, "I haven't gotten to work with you much, but I think you'll be helpful here. Nincada, go!"

He throws the Pokéball and out pops the white beetle. "Nincada!"

Astrid raises a brow. "Nincada? That's how he thinks he's going to win? Does he really not know how weak Bug Types are?"

Fishlegs shrugs, "Nincada is Ground Type, so it does have that advantage in taking Voltorb's electric attacks."

Hiccup says to Nincada, "Nincada, use Dig!"

"Nin!" Nincada digs underneath the battlefield using its sharp claws.

Viggo smirks and says, "How predictable. Voltorb, go into the hole that Nincada made."

"Voltorb!" Voltorb rolls itself over to that hole, jumps up and dives down. When Voltorb got next to Nincada, it told Viggo, "Voltorb!"

Viggo then simply says, "Selfdestruct."

Hiccup's eyes widen. "What?"

"Vooooooolt!" Voltorb glows white before exploding, causing Nincada to shoot out of the ground and Voltorb to emerge on the other side, both of which looked badly burned up.

The referee announces, "Nincada and Voltorb are both unable to battle."

Hiccup just stands there with his mouth hanging open. "What…was that?"

Viggo recalls Voltorb to say, "If I didn't do that then your Ground Type Nincada probably could've taken me out. Like I just said, sometimes in a game a piece or two needs to be sacrificed."

Hiccup was a little mad that Viggo willingly let one of his Pokémon faint, but chose not to say anything as he recalls Nincada. "Fine, that's how we'll do things. Torchic, go!" He throws another ball, causing Torchic to pop out again.

Viggo then says, "Electrike, let's go!" He throws another Pokéball and out pops a green dog of sorts.

The Pokédex reads, "Electrike, the Lightning Pokémon. Electrike stores electricity in its hair and can use that electricity to jolt its leg muscles, causing it to move very fast."

Viggo says to Electrike, "Electrike, Quick Attack!"

"Elec-trike!" Electrike dashes towards Torchic at blinding speed.

Hiccup barely even had time to react. "Geez. Torchic, Scratch!"

But before Torchic could even move its foot, Electrike strikes Torchic right in the center and that, combined with the big blow it took from Magnemite, proved to be too much for Torchic.

The referee announces, "Torchic is unable to battle!"

Viggo smiles saying, "Always have to save your best piece for last."

Hiccup recalls Torchic saying, "You know Pokémon battles aren't games right? Pokémon aren't just game pieces that you can command around all you want."

Viggo shrugs, "Never said that, it's just that strategy in a Pokémon battle is much like strategy in a game of Balls and Horns. Your basic goal is to knock out your opponent's pieces and not allow your own to get knocked out. How you achieve that goal is completely up to you."

Hiccup didn't want to spend too much time talking about that, so he says to himself, "This might be a stretch, but it just might work. Mudkip, go!"

Hiccup throws a ball, and out comes the blue fish-like Pokémon. "Mudkip!"

Viggo chuckles at that. "A Mudkip eh? Alright, it's your game. Electrike, give it a Spark!"

"Eleeeeeec!" Electrike's body charges up with electricity before it dashes towards Mudkip.

Hiccup responds with, "Mudkip, use Mud Bomb!"

"Muuuuuudkip!" Mudkip forms a ball of mud in its paws that it throws right at Electrike and hits it dead on, causing it to stop in its tracks.

Viggo comments, "Not bad, but not enough. Electrike, Quick Attack!"

Electrike once again dashes towards Mudkip at blinding speed. Mudkip stands its ground as Hiccup says, "Mudkip, Mud Bomb again!"

Mudkip loads up another ball of mud that it was about to throw right at Electrike when Viggo says, "Dodge!" Electrike moves out of the way before coming at Mudkip from the side. "Elec!"

Hiccup says to Mudkip, "Don't lose sight of it Mudkip, you've got this!" Just when Electrike was a foot away from Mudkip, it quickly turns and holds up the Mud Bomb, which Electrike takes on right in the face.

The mud ball explodes, pushing both Pokémon back. Hiccup says to Mudkip, "Keep it up Mudkip!"

"Muuuuuud!" Suddenly, both Mudkip and Electrike glow white and change appearances. Mudkip stood on two legs, became a lighter blue, and its tail split into two while Electrike became blue and yellow, had three pointed fur bits on top of its head, and became twice it's size.

Astrid comments, "Whoa, Mudkip and Electrike evolved at the same time!"

Hiccup pulls out the Pokédex and it read for Mudkip's new stage, "Marshtomp, the Mud Fish Pokémon and the evolved form of Mudkip. Marshtomp likes to live in muddy water where it's normally tough to walk through."

Then for Electrike's new form, "Manectric, the Discharge Pokémon and the evolved form of Electrike. Manectric stores charged electricity in its mane and can create thunderclouds overhead, to drop lightning bolts."

Viggo smirks, "Well, Now that the pieces have been upgraded, it looks like the game is back on. Manectric, use Discharge."

"Mannnnnnectric!" Manectric fires off a field of electricity that does hit Marshtomp, but since Marshtomp is now Ground Type, the attack did next to nothing.

Hiccup smiles and says, "Show em what you've got Marshtomp!"

"Marrrrr." Marshtomp lifts its arms and swirls around, causing a bunch of dirty water to emerge and hit Manectric.

Hiccup asks, "What kind of move is that?"

Astrid replies, "That was probably Muddy Water. You've got this, Hiccup!"

Hiccup nods. "She's right. Marshtomp, use Muddy Water!"

"Marrrrrsh!" Marshtomp then causes a wave of the dirty water to appear, going right towards Manectric.

Viggo replies with, "Manectric, Quick Attack!"

"Man-ec!" Manectric uses the Quick Attack to get out of the way of the Muddy Water and charge towards Marshtomp.

Hiccup says to Marshtomp, "Marshtomp, Mud Bomb, full power!"

"Marrrrrrrrrrsh!" Marshtomp forms a very large ball of mud that, when Manectric got close enough, Marshtomp slammed on top of Manectric with such force that Manectric collapses onto the ground and passes out.

The referee announces, "Manectric is unable to battle! The winner is Challenger, Hiccup Haddock!"

"Marrrrrshomp!" Marshtomp yells out in victory.

Hiccup pumps his fist in the air and says, "Yes, we did it!"

Astrid and Fishlegs give a round of applause for Hiccup and Marshtomp. Astrid comments, "Great job, Hiccup!"

Fishlegs adds, "You deserve that win!"

Viggo sighs before recalling Manectric, walking over to Hiccup and saying with a smile, "Well, I suppose this was a game that I could not win. You did very well, Hiccup, and for defeating me I would like to award you with the Dynamo Badge." He holds out a badge that looks like a yellow target with two small lines sticking out of the top and bottom.

Hiccup takes the badge and says, "Thank you, Viggo. It was an honor to battle you today." Hiccup holds up the badge and says, "Alright, looks like I got the Dynamo Badge!"

Viggo then says, "If I may make a suggestion, I'd go for the Lavaridge Town Gym next. It's just northwest of Mauville, it's not hard to get there."

Hiccup nods. "Sounds good to me. Well, guess we better get to the Pokémon Center. We've got another day of traveling ahead of us."

With that, the gang bids Viggo farewell and heads to the Mauville Pokémon Center, where they will rest up before beginning the trip to Lavaridge Town.

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