How To Train Your Pokemon @toothlove
Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Feeling good about his big contest win the previous day, Hiccup decided that, for once, the gang should just have a nice, relaxing day in Slateport City. No traveling, no gym battles, none of that, just a nice day to check out the city.

To no one's surprise, Fishlegs wanted to check out the museum again, so that's where he went first thing that day, while Hiccup and Astrid decided to walk around that small market to see if there's anything good.

Hiccup spotted an array of unique items such as battle items, stat boosters, and some strange looking candle holders that gave off very interesting aromas.

However, there was one shop that he spotted that seemed to have some unique looking rocks. There was a yellow rock with a flame in the center, a blue rock with bubbles, and a green rock with a yellow lightning bolt, among others.

Hiccup comments to himself, "Huh, Fishlegs might like some of these."

He then notices a green rock with a leaf on it and picks it up to examine it. The female shopkeeper explains to Hiccup, "That's a Leaf Stone. It's used to make certain Pokémon evolve."

Hiccup raises a brow to that. "A stone that can make Pokémon evolve huh?"

The shopkeeper nods. "That's right. All of the stones that are here are used to evolve Pokémon. The one you're holding can be used on Weepinbel, Gloom, Exeggcute and Nuzleaf."

Hiccup raises the other brow. "It can evolve Nuzleaf? Huh. How much is it?"

The shopkeeper says, "It's a little pricey. 5000 Pokédollars."

Hiccup nods. "Wow, that is expensive."

The shopkeeper's eyes widen. "Hold on, I think I recognize you. Aren't you Hiccup? The boy who won the contest yesterday with his Nuzleaf?"

Hiccup nods. "Yeah, that was me."

The shopkeeper puts her hands together. "Oh wow, I saw you on TV. You and your Nuzleaf did amazing, it didn't even surprise me that you won."

"Wow, thank you." Hiccup replies.

The shopkeeper then thinks for a moment. "Tell you what, since you did so well at the contest, why don't you just take it?"

Hiccup's eyes widen at that generosity. "Are you serious? Thank you." He takes the Leaf Stone and puts it in his bag.

The shopkeeper nods. "My pleasure. Although, that's just a onetime deal, if you want anything else it's still gonna cost ya."

Hiccup nods. "Fair enough. Thanks again!" He walks away and sees Astrid as she was just finished looking around.

Astrid says to Hiccup, "Hey, you about ready to go?"

Before Hiccup could respond, Fishlegs ran up to both of them, looking a bit worn out. "Guys! Guys! Something terrible has happened!"

Hiccup asks, "Fishlegs, what's wrong?"

Fishlegs takes a few moments to catch his breath before saying, "The museum. It's being taken over by those guys we saw at the Rusturf Tunnel."

Hiccup and Astrid's eyes widen. "What?" Hiccup replies. "We have to go."

"Right." Astrid adds as they begin running towards the museum.

Fishlegs sighs. "And we're back to running." He follows them as best as he can, but since he was already exhausted from the 1 block run, he was much slower at getting to the museum.

Hiccup and Astrid, on the other hand, make it there as soon as possible and look inside the doors to see not only Team Magma grunts inside, but also Team Aqua grunts. Hiccup asks, "Wait, now both of those gangs are in there? What's going on?"

Astrid replies, "I don't know, but we have to get in there. It looks like they're taking those museum workers hostage and seem to be gathering information of some sort.

Fishlegs finally caught up to them and after a few more moments to catch his breath, he says, "We have…to do…something."

Hiccup nods. "Right." He and Astrid try opening the doors, but they were locked. Hiccup comments, "Looks like we're gonna need some help."

He pulls out a Pokéball and out comes a yellow, sleeping cat. "Abra!" it says as it pops out.

Hiccup says to Abra, "Abra, I need you to teleport us inside this building."

Abra nods before the gang holds onto it and it teleports them inside. Once inside, the grunts at the lobby, one of each team, noticed them. The Team Magma grunt yells, "Hey! What are you kids doing here?"

The Team Aqua grunt smirks and says, "Hey, aren't those the kids that took one of you lava heads out in the Rusturf Tunnel?"

Hiccup yells, "What are you doing here?"

The Team Magma grunts smirks, "We're just here to get some information. You wouldn't understand."

Astrid asks, "What sort of information?"

The Team Aqua grunt replies, "None of your business. But if you kids think you can take on the two of us, then be our guests. Corphish, go!"

The Team Magma grunt adds, "Numel, take them down!" They both throw Pokéballs and from the Team Aqua grunt's came a small, orange lobster while the Team Magma grunt's brought out a yellow, one-humped camel.

The Pokédex read for the lobster, "Corphish, the Ruffian Pokémon. Even in the dirtiest of waters, Corphish is able to live and thrive, and it uses its sharp claws to catch prey."

Then for the camel, "Numel, the numb Pokémon. It stores intensely hot magma in the hump on its back and it can release the magma through the hole on its back at any time."

"I can take these guys out." Hiccup says.

"Actually, Hiccup, you took out the last two guys. Let Fishlegs and I take care of this." Astrid says.

Hiccup steps back saying, "By all means."

Astrid nods before saying, "Corsola, go!" She sends out the pink, coral Pokémon.

Fishlegs adds, "Go, Geodude!" Fishlegs says, sending out a floating rock with arms.

Hiccup raises a brow. "Geodude? Wait, I thought you gave yours to Roxanne."

Fishlegs shrugs. "The other morning when I went back to Granite Cave? Yeah, I didn't just go there to observe Pokémon. Although I did try out some of the training techniques you've been using, Hiccup, and it worked like a charm."

Hiccup was about to reply when Astrid says, "We can talk about training methods later. Right now, we have work to do." Fishlegs nods and turns to face the grunts.

The Team Aqua grunt yells, "Corphish, use Crabhammer!"

"Corrrrrrp." Corphish's right claw glows white as it charges towards Geodude.

The Team Magma grunt yells, "Numel, Flame Burst."

"Nuuumel!" A ball of flame appears in Numel's mouth and it spits the ball towards Corsola.

Fishlegs yells, "Geodude, Defense Curl!"

Astrid yells, "Corsola, Spike Cannon!"

Geodude curls up into a ball while Corsola fires sharp spikes at both Corphish and Numel. The spikes cause the Flame Burst to burst before hitting Corsola but didn't do much on Corphish as it struck Geodude, but since Geodude was curled it didn't do as much damage.

The Team Aqua grunt yells, "Corphish, Crabhammer again!"

"Phish, phish, phish!" Corphish continues to smack away at Geodude.

Fishlegs yells, "Hang in there, Geodude! Defense Curl!"

Despite Geodude's Defense Curl, Corphish's attack kept on doing more and more damage.

Astrid says, "Corsola, use Spike Cannon, help out Geodude."

"Cor-so-la!" Corsola fires off another round of spikes that do hit Corphish, but that just made Corphish turn to Corsola and begin attacking it.

The Team Aqua grunt yells, "That's it, Corphish. Don't hold back!"

The Team Magma grunt yells, "Don't just stand there, Numel. Use Flame Burst."

"Nuuuumel!" Numel fires off another fire ball, right towards Geodude and Corsola.

Fishlegs sees this and yells, "Geodude, use Rock Throw!"

"Geo-dude!" Geodude throws a rock that collides with the fire ball, causing it to explode. Geodude then charges towards Numel as fast as a rock can go.

The team Magma grunt smirks at this. "Magnitude."

"Numel!" Numel stomps on the ground, causing the whole floor to shake and causing both Geodude and Corsola to stop in their tracks.

Hiccup says while shaking, "What's going on?"

Astrid explains, "Magnitude is a move that shakes the ground and can vary in attack power. If I had to take a guess, I'd say this is a Magnitude 2!"

Hiccup nods and says, "Well, I'm done standing around. Nuzleaf, go!"

He throws the Pokéball, sending out the brown, humanoid acorn. "Nuzleaf!"

Hiccup says, "Nuzleaf, use Razor Leaf!"

"Nuzleeeeeaaaaaf!" Nuzleaf fires off a round of sharp leaves that strike Numel and Corphish. While it did do a number on Corphish, it didn't do so much on Numel.

The Team Aqua grunt yells, "Corphish, put your energy on Nuzleaf!"

However, just then a Team Magma grunt yells from upstairs, "Hey! We got what we came for. It's time to head out."

Both grunts were clearly not willing to give up like this, but they understood so they call back Corphish and Numel and head up the stairs.

"Hey!" Hiccup yells as they run after the grunts. Once the gang got upstairs, they saw the grunts jump through a window where there were helicopters waiting for them and just like that they were gone.

Astrid asks, "Should we go after them?"

Hiccup shakes his head. "No. We'll see them again, I can guarantee ya."

Nuzleaf cuts the ropes that tied up the hostages where one of the workers says to Hiccup, "Thank you so much for saving us. We don't know what happened, those guys just showed up this morning and had us go up against the wall while they collected something."

Hiccup nods. "Well, at least nobody's hurt, which is all I could care about. Do you have any clue as to what they might have come here for?"

The worker shakes her head. "No. There are many unique valuables that this museum holds, it's a little hard to tell what exactly they were here for."

Just then, Astrid says, "Hey, I think they did take something." She motions to a hook which looked to be a painting or drawing that was recently taken down. It was titled, 'The legendary creators."

Out of curiosity, Hiccup asks the worker, "Any idea what that painting was?"

The worker thinks and says, "Yes, it's an old painting of the legendary Pokémon Kyogre and Groudon."

Astrid adds, "Well, I guess it kind of makes sense why they would take a painting like that but what would they need it for?"

The worker shakes her head. "I don't know exactly, but I do fear for the worst. We'll have to tighten up security around here, just to be safe. If they do come back, we will let you all know."

Hiccup nods. "Thanks but we won't be around much longer. We're heading off to Mauville soon."

The worker nods. "Then we'll just have to make sure we're ready in case they do decide to come back."

Meanwhile, in the far north area of the region, the Team magma grunt that stole the painting in question gives it to two men, one older and with white hair wearing Team Magma clothes, and the other larger with braided black hair wearing Team Aqua clothes, both were in the shadows.

They look over the painting before the white haired man says, "It's exactly what we needed."

The painting showed Groudon and Kyogre facing off in some sort of battle, both of which were also near some type of red and blue orb, respectively.

The black haired man says, "It's exactly what we thought. Kyogre and Groudon are to be awakened by the Blue and Red orbs. We just need to find them."

The white haired man adds, "And hopefully we find them before he realizes who he is." He points to the top of the painting which showed a boy with medium length brown hair, holding his left hand up in front of some type of green serpent.

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