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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

It's the day after Hiccup's big win against Dagur, and he was feeling pretty good about it. He was just sitting in the Pokémon Center bedroom, polishing off the Knuckle Badge he earned when Astrid came over to say, "Hey, that second badge looks good on you."

Hiccup puts it on his brown fur vest, next to the Stone Badge he got from Fishlegs, and says, "Feels good too. That was pretty sweet how Abra managed to revive itself."

Astrid nods, "I know, both Fishlegs and I spent an hour last night trying to figure out how it happened. You and your Pokémon seem to have a much more special connection than I thought, and you only knew Abra for what? A few days?"

Hiccup shrugs. "I guess once you gain a Pokémon's trust, there's nothing it won't do for you. So, where to next?"

Astrid pulls out a map and says, "Well, Fishlegs worked out that the next stop would be the Mauville City gym. It's a city to the northeast of Dewford. To get there, we'd have to take a boat into Slateport City and head north from there."

Hiccup nods. "Mauville it is. Speaking of which, where is Fishlegs?"

Astrid explains as she puts the map away, "He's over at Granite Cave doing some last minute research, he said he'd meet us at Gobber's boat."

Hiccup nods again.

Before they headed out, Astrid asks, "So, how do you know Dagur in your world?"

Hiccup raises a brow. "You really can read me like a book. Well, in my world Dagur is the chief of a tribe called the Berzerkers."

Astrid raises a brow. "Berzerkers? They sound crazy."

"Oh they were. And when we were kids, Dagur was the most psychotic, mentally unstable man I ever knew. I can't even count the times he's tried to capture and kill my dragon. But then he found out he has a sister and pretty soon he changed his ways and became one of our closest allies."

Astrid hung on through every word. "Wow. So, do you ever…miss your world?"

Hiccup sighs and says. "Of course I do. I miss my village, some of my friends, and especially the dragons. I had spent so many years learning about the dragons that, now that they're gone it's kind of like there's an empty hole inside me. Training Pokémon does help a little bit, but it's just not entirely the same, you know what I mean?"

Astrid nods. "I do. I can't even imagine what all of this must be like. I mean, I know that if I were to suddenly lose everything I have in this world, I would feel pretty bad about it." She reaches a hand up to stroke his hair. "But the fact is that now you're here, in this world, and I'm not sure if there even is a way to go back."

Hiccup sighs. "Yeah, I've come to accept that. Thank you, Astrid. You always know what to say." Hiccup locks eyes with Astrid's and notices the beautiful sky blue eyes that he has known for years. Suddenly, their minds gave in and they leaned in to kiss each other, right on the lips.

The kiss didn't last long, only a few seconds, before they both pull away and their minds realized what they had just done. They look away out of embarrassment as Astrid says, "Sorry. T-that was weird right?"

Hiccup thought to himself, "Weird? Why would she think…oh right, still look like a 10 year old."

Hiccup replies, "Yeah, totally weird. Uh, we should head out now."

With that, they pack up their stuff and head out to the dock were Gobber's boat was waiting. On the boat, Gobber himself was singing, "Oh, Pecko, my sweet Pecko. You-" He then notices Hiccup and Astrid walking up. "Oh, hey kids. You ready to head out?"

Hiccup nods. "Yep, just about ready."

Just then, Fishlegs ran up. "Hiccup!"

Hiccup looks over, "Fishlegs! You done over at Granite Cave?"

Fishlegs nods. "Oh yes, and I think I came to see what I wanted."

Hiccup nods. "Great, we were just about to leave."

The gang hops on the boat where Gobber asks, "So, where to?"

Astrid replies, "We need to head to Slateport City. Can you take us there?"

Gobber nods. "Slateport it is. Let's go Pecko, my darling."

"Gull!" Pecko says happily as Gobber unties the ropes keeping the boat to the dock and they head west onward to Slateport City.

Gobber took the gang east down the water bound route 107. Along the way, Hiccup couldn't help but notice the Pokémon that were swimming by, like a jellyfish Pokémon with a blue head and two red circles.

The Pokédex said to Hiccup, "Tentacool, the jellyfish Pokémon. Its body is mostly composed of water and it absorbs sunlight that it shoots out of the two round organs on its head."

As they came into Route 108, which was also a water route, Hiccup noticed a ship that seemed to be halfway into the water. Hiccup asks, "Hey Gobber, what is that?"

Gobber looks and says, "Why that's the old Sea Mauville. It's a research facility that closed down years ago due to some failure and ended up being dilapidated, with half of it sinking under water. Some trainers actually like to go there either to battle or just get away for a little bit."

Hiccup nods. "Is there a chance you could give us a detour?"

Gobber shakes his head, "I'm afraid it's a little dangerous to go there by boat. You'd need to ride some water Pokémon in order to get there."

Hiccup nods again. "Oh well, I guess I'll have to come back another time."

10 more minutes go by before Gobber takes a sharp left turn and goes a little further north until he had reached the Slateport beach.

Once there, the gang hops off the boat where Hiccup says, "Thanks again, Gobber! Pecko!"

"No problem. And if you ever need to head Dewford again, then I'm your man. Come on, Pecko. Let's go home."

"Gull!" Pecko says as Gobber makes the boat pull backwards before turning around and starting to head back to his house on route 104. The gang, on the other hand, heads into the city to check it out.

As they were walking, Astrid explains, "Slateport City doesn't have a gym, but it's still a pretty thriving beach town. It's also got a small market where some local shopkeepers hang out, so if you need anything special you can head there."

As Astrid was talking, Fishlegs walked up next to Hiccup holding a guide book saying, "Also there's a museum! It's supposed to hold tons of relics and info about ancient Pokémon, maybe even some ancient rock types!"

Hiccup chuckles to that. "We can visit the museum some other time Fishlegs, right now we really need to head to Mauville so I can get my next badge."

Astrid nudges Hiccup. "Oh, lighten up. The gyms can wait, let's just explore a little. Besides, I'm sure even you are tired from all the battling and traveling."

It is true that Hiccup had been battling a few other trainers since leaving Dewford, so he did admit that he could use some R&R. He sighs and says, "Ok, we'll check out the museum."

Fishlegs looked like a kid receiving Christmas presents upon hearing that. "Yeah, Fishlegs!" He dashes towards the museum and gets there in record time, but once there he noticed a sign on the door. "It's closed? Oh come on!"

Hiccup and Astrid catch up and see the sign too. Astrid comments, "Huh, they should be open at this hour. Oh well."

"Hey what's that?" Hiccup points to a large, pink building.

Astrid explains, "Oh yeah, that's the Slateport Contest Hall."

Hiccup raises a brow. "Contest? What contest?"

Astrid smiles and says, "You really think that battles are the only things that happen around here? Well, where in gym battles you show off your Pokémon's strength and bond towards its trainer, Pokémon Contests show off a Pokémon's appearance. It's sort of a Pokémon beauty pageant, if you will. If your Pokémon has the best looks and can show off its moves in the most fashionable way, then you will get a special ribbon to show off your efforts."

Hiccup nods. "Guess those ribbons are kind of like gym badges. Alright, I guess I'll go check it out. Fishlegs, you coming?"

Fishlegs lets out a deep sigh before saying softly, "Coming."

They enter the contest hall and look around, seeing all of the colorful decorations and ribbons inside. Hiccup comments, "Wow. Guess this thing is big around here. Alright, I guess I'll give it a shot. You guys?"

Astrid shrugs, "Sure, could be fun."

Fishlegs adds, "Yeah, let's do it."

The gang walks up to the receptionist who greets them. "Hi guys, you here to sign up for a contest?"

Hiccup nods. "Yep, that's why we're here."

The receptionist nods. "Ok, I just need your names, where you're from and which Pokémon you'll be using." She hands each of them a form. "Have you ever done a contest before?"

Hiccup shakes his head. "No, this is our first time."

The receptionist nods back, "Well, then let me explain a few things. For each contest, four trainers will step up and show off the best that their Pokémon has to offer. They will do so using their Pokémon's moves in as many unique ways as possible. They will all be scored by the judges and whoever's Pokémon has the most points will win the contest."

Hiccup nods as he hands the filled form back. "Sounds cool."

The receptionist takes their forms and enters their information into the system before saying, "Ok, looks like the next contest begins in a few minutes. Good luck!"

The gang enters through the trainer's entrance and see that it is in fact a full on stadium with bleachers that was currently filled with people all around and a circle field in the center where the trainers will do their thing. Once in there, they spot a girl wearing some sort of pink dress that looked more expensive than the contest hall itself.

They get to the center and are met by the host. "Welcome, welcome to the Slateport Contest hall! I am Jessica, and I'm excited to bring you today's exciting contest! Today, four trainers have shown up to show off their Pokémon's best appearances and skills, but only one will win. Before we begin, let us meet our judge for today's contest. Director of the Pokémon contest committee, Dexter Kamodo!"

The old man in a green tuxedo stands and says, "Thank you, Jessica. It's a thrill to be here as always."

Now, who's ready for a show?" The crowd cheers loudly. Jessica then says, "Up first, we have Fishlegs from Rustboro City!"

As Hiccup and Astrid leave the stage to go to the green room, they both wish Fishlegs good luck. Fishlegs takes a deep breath before saying, "Let's set the bar Aron!"

He throws the Pokéball, sending out the armor covered shrew. "Aron!"

Jessica says, "It seems that Fishlegs has chosen his Aron for today's competition. Let's see what Aron can bring."

Fishlegs says to Aron, "Aron, use Iron Defense."

"Arrrrrrrrrrrrr." Aron's body glows as it's armor becomes even shinier.

Fishlegs then says, "Aron, give us a Rock Throw!"

"A-ron!" Aron causes a large rock to suddenly appear.

Fishlegs then says, "Alright Aron, Iron Head!"

"Arrrrrrron!" Aron's head glows as it smashes the rock in several places, causing it to grind away at the rock until it quickly turns into a rock statue of Aron, easily four times the size of Aron, that it stood on top of once finished.

"Whoa!" Hiccup says.

The whole performance made the crowd go wild. Jessica comments, "Wow, amazing! Aron used its moves to create a stunning statue of itself. Well, Dexter, what did you think?"

Dexter replies, "Well, it was certainly unique and it did show off Aron's moves to the best of it's abilities. Well done!"

Jessica nods before saying, "Well, we'll give Dexter a moment to tally up Fishlegs's score for his performance."

Fishlegs retrieves Aron and walks to the green room where Hiccup says, "Fishlegs, that was incredible. Where did you learn how to do that?"

Fishlegs replies, "I've dabbled in some contest coordinating in my free time. That's actually the first time Aron and I have done that in front of anyone."

The rich looking girl scoffs and says, "Oh please, anyone can turn rocks into statues. This is going to be easier than I thought."

Hiccup wanted to say something to this snotty girl, but then Jessica says, "Alright, let's give a round of applause for Astrid, coming to us all the way from Sootopolis City! Astrid, come on out!"

Astrid says to Hiccup and Fishlegs, "Wish me luck." before walking out to the stage. She too takes a deep breath before throwing a Pokéball and saying, "Corsola, go!" before the ball opens, revealing a pink coral covered creature.

"Corsola!" It yells once it was out.

Hiccup raises a brow as he pulls out the Pokédex. "Corsola, the coral Pokémon. Corsola continuously sheds as it grows and the tip of its head is prized for its beauty."

Astrid yells, "Corsola, use Bubble!"

"Corrrrrr!" Corsola forms several bubbles that it shoots form its mouth that all glisten in the stage's lights.

Astrid then says, "Now jump!"

"Cor-so-la!" Corsola jumps on top of each bubble, bouncing off of them and doing flips and tricks as it went along.

Jessica comments, "Incredible, Corsola is using those bubbles as trampolines to show off its stuff."

Astrid then says, "Alright Corsola, whenever you're ready use Spike Cannon!"

Corsola bounces on top of the top most bubble before firing off a series of spikes that pop the bubbles in a very beautiful way. Corsola lands once all of the bubbles are popped to let the water falling from the bubbles coat its skin, making it glisten in the light.

The crowd cheers just like before. Jessica comments, "Incredible, that Corsola really knows its stuff. Dexter?"

Dexter adds, "It seemed like Corsola made a point to make every second of that performance count, incredible!"

Astrid waves as she retrieves Corsola and heads to the green room where Hiccup and Fishlegs were there to greet her.

Hiccup comments, "Astrid, that was amazing."

Fishlegs adds, "Yeah, you and that Corsola nailed it."

Once again, the rich looking girl scoffs. "That crowd will cheer for anything. They don't know what real talent is."

That was enough to get Hiccup off his seat to ask, "Ok, what's your deal? This whole time you've been making snotty comments at us. And exactly what do you know about contests?"

She flips her hair back and says, "I have competed in almost a dozen contests this month and have not lost a single one. Have a look." She holds up a case, showing eleven contest ribbons of different colors.

Hiccup's eyes widen. "What the?"

The girl puts away the case and says, "And today I'm going for an even dozen. But based on what I saw, it's a surefire thing."

Just as Hiccup was about to say something else, Jessica announces, "Alright, this next contestant you may know because she's already won eleven contests this month. Coming to us from right here in Slateport City, here's Amy!"

Amy stands and says, "Watch and learn." She goes onto the stage and throws a Pokéball saying, "Roselia, go!" The ball opens and out comes what looks like a small green person with flowers for hands.

The Pokédex reads, "Roselia, the thorn Pokémon. Roselia attacks by shooting off different poisons from each of the flowers on its hands. The healthier it is, the stronger the aroma."

Amy says to Roselia, "Roselia, use Sweet Scent!"

"Rosssssse." Roselia's flower hands soon fire off a sweet smelling aroma that seems to lull the audience into a bit of a trance.

Hiccup's eyes widen at that. "What? Wait, what is she doing?"

Fishlegs replies, "It would seem that she's using the sweet scent to entice the audience and make them think that Roselia is doing well."

Amy then says, "Roselia, use Petal Dance!"

"Roooossssse!" Roselia spins around as pink petals shoot from the flowers on its hands and move around like they're caught in the wind.

After a few minutes pass, the aroma fades and the performance was over.

Jessica comments, "Well, that was certainly unique. Dexter."

Dexter fixes his glasses and says, "I mean, it is something we have certainly seen out of Amy and Roselia in the past but it does seem to be effective."

Amy gives a ladies bow before exiting the stage. Once she was in the green room, Hiccup asks, "What was that? You hardly did anything."

Amy laughs at that. "Oh please, you're just saying that because you know you're going to lose and that's fine. Go ahead and have your little fit."

Hiccup turns and says, "Just you wait." before walking out to go onto the stage.

Jessica announces, "Alright, for our final performance we have Hiccup, coming all the way from Littleroot Town."

Hiccup steps onto the stage where the crowd was cheering. Before that day, he wasn't even sure what sort of thing you do in contests, but after watching the others he thinks he has an idea. He grabs a Pokéball and throws it saying, "Let's go, Nuzleaf!"

The ball opens and out comes the brown humanoid Pokémon with a leaf on its head. "Nuzleaf!"

Hiccup says to Nuzleaf, "Nuzleaf, use Razor Leaf and lift us up!"

"Nuzzzzleaf!" Nuzleaf makes a bunch of leaves appear that surround both itself and Hiccup and causes them both to float in mid-air.

Hiccup says to Nuzleaf, "Alright Nuzleaf, let's go!" Hiccup and Nuzleaf begin running on top of the leaves which were still keeping them afloat. Once they did a full loop, Hiccup says, "Nuzleaf, Seed Bomb!"

"Nuzleaaaaaaaf!" Nuzleaf fires off a round of exploding seeds that cause the leaves underneath Hiccup to dissipate.

The crowd goes silent as they wait in anticipation to see what happened. Then the smoke cleared, showing that Hiccup was just fine and Nuzleaf had landed right next to him.

The crowd goes wild with excitement. Jessica comments, "Wow. I have no words for this."

Dexter says, "In all my years, I have never seen anything like it. The amount of trust that you have shown between you and your Pokémon in that two minutes is astounding."

Hiccup nods. "Thank you, Dexter."

Jessica announces, "Ok, well it looks like Dexter has a tough decision to make. We're going to take a short break and when we come back, we will reveal the results."

Hiccup makes his way back to the green room where Astrid leaps out of her seat to hug him. "Hiccup, that was amazing! I've never seen a trainer become such a part of the performance before."

Of course Amy scoffs at this. "Well, you might have won the crowd but we all know who the real winner is today, so you might as well just pack up now."

Hiccup chose to ignore that, as he was feeling overrun with joy over how that went.

A few minutes later, the performers were called back to the stage, where Jessica says, "Alright, here's how the judging works. Each of you can earn up to five points based off of creativity, bond between trainer and Pokémon, showmanship, and execution, meaning each contestant can earn up to twenty points. Dexter, do you have your decision?"

Dexter nods. "Indeed I do. And let me say that I think all four of you did excellent jobs-"

Amy waves her hand. "Yeah yeah, just tell us who won already."

Jessica rolls her eyes to that and says, "Alright, the results are in, and the winner of today's Pokémon Contest, with a perfect score of twenty out of twenty is…" Amy had a smirk on her face like she was fully expecting her name to be called, the others were looking quite nervous. Jessica opens up the envelope and says, "…Hiccup!"

Hiccup's face lightens up with relief and excitement as the crowd cheers, Astrid and Fishlegs run up to hug him, and Amy looked gob smacked. "What? No, that's impossible!" She runs up to Dexter to yell at him. "What the heck! How did he win over me?"

Dexter explains, "I'm sorry Amy, but Hiccup seemed to show a much stronger bond between himself and his Pokémon. Plus, using Sweet Scent to entice the audience is not always the best move."

She then attempts to lunge at him. "YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAP, HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT I LOST!" She had to be dragged out by security.

Once Amy was out of the building, Jessica says to Hiccup, "Hiccup, for winning today's contest I hereby reward you with this Slateport Ribbon."

Hiccup takes the ribbon and says, "Thank you, Jessica. It was a pleasure."

After the show, Hiccup, Astrid and Fishlegs meet up at the Slateport Pokémon Center where Astrid continues to hug him. "Congratulations, Hiccup. You did so well."

Fishlegs adds, "Yeah, that was excellent. So, you glad you decided to take a break from gym battles?"

Hiccup nods. "Yeah, it was cool getting to do something different. I just hope I don't ever see that girl, Amy again. Sheesh."

They all laugh at that before heading off to bed for the night.

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