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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Hiccup stayed up most of the night that night, trying to figure out some sort of strategy that he could use to take down Dagur, but alas he had nothing.

That morning, he just sat in a chair in the Pokémon Center waiting room with the Pokéballs of his Pokémon sitting on the coffee table, and he was just staring at them, trying to figure out which two would be the most ideal for this battle and what sort of moves he could use.

Astrid then sat in the seat next to him and says, "So, any thoughts on your new strategy?"

Hiccup sighs deeply and says, "Not at all. I've got a million move ideas in my head but none of them feel that strong to me. I mean, the only Pokémon of Dagur's I saw was his Machop, I have no idea what else he has."

Astrid nods. "Well, you have Abra now. He should be able to help you out."

Hiccup sighs again. "But to what extent? What if Abra gets knocked out and I need to figure out someone else to use?"

Astrid wanted to think of something encouraging to say, but all she could come up with was, "You know sometimes the best strategy is no strategy. You don't know what sort of moves Dagur is going to use any less then he knows what you're going to do so maybe this is a case where you just need to go with the flow."

Hiccup nods. "Thing is that's basically the strategy I used last time and that ended up going well. *sigh* Well, I guess the best way to see if I have it is to just go for it."

Astrid nods. "Fishlegs should be ready soon so we can leave in like half an hour."

Once all three of them were ready, they head out back to the fitness center of a gym where Dagur was walking up. "Oh, hey Hiccup. You here for a rematch?"

Hiccup nods. "Yep. I think this time I'm more prepared."

Dagur nods back. "Perfect. Today's my rest day so I was needing something to do. Come with me inside and we can get started."

The four of them head to the back area of the gym where the actual battlefield was located. Just like last time, Hiccup and Dagur stood at their respective sides while Astrid and Fishlegs took to the bleachers.

In the center of the field to the side, the referee announces, "This rematch battle between the challenger, Hiccup Haddock, and gym leader, Dagur, will soon begin. Both trainers can use up to two Pokémon in this battle. In addition, only the challenger is allowed to switch Pokémon. Are you both ready?"

"Ready!" Dagur replies.

Hiccup takes a deep breath before saying, "Ready!"

The referee nods before saying, "Then let the battle…begin!"

"Machop, go!" Dagur announces as he throws the Pokéball and out comes the grey muscle Pokémon.

"Machop!" Machop yells as it pops out.

Hiccup yells, "Abra, Go!" He throws the Pokéball, sending out the yellow cat Pokémon.

"Abra!" Abra says once it was out.

Dagur raises a brow. "Abra huh? Guess you really have been busy these past few days. Alright, Machop use Focus Energy!"

"Maaaaaach!" Machop crosses its arms as it gives off a yellow glow and its stats raised.

Hiccup says to Abra, "Keep a sharp eye, Abra."

"Abra." Abra nods, getting ready for whatever was about to happen.

Once Machop was finished, Dagur yells, "Machop, use Low Kick!"

"MaaaaAAAAAAAch!" Machop dashes towards Abra at high speed.

Before Machop could hit Abra, Hiccup yells, "Abra, use Teleport!"

Abra teleports to the other side of the field, right when Machop went in for the kick.

Dagur chuckles to that. "Suppose I should've seen that coming. Machop, Low Kick again!"

"Maachop!" Machop dashes towards Abra again and Abra teleports again, but this time just under the ref's podium. This went on a few times with Machop dashing towards Abra and Abra teleporting away at the last second. After the fifth miss, Machop was starting to look a little tired.

Fishlegs comments, "Abra is making Machop run so much to try to tire it out. Interesting strategy."

Dagur was starting to get annoyed at all of these misses. He eventually says, "Machop, Focus Energy!"

"Maaaaaach!" Machop crosses its arms again to refocus its energy.

Astrid says, "But with Focus Energy, Machop is just going to regain that energy and it will be all for nothing."

"Chop!" Machop was quickly finished and looked like nothing had happened.

Dagur says to Machop, "Alright, enouch of these games. Machop, use Karate Chop!"

"Maaaaach!" Machop runs towards Abra again.

"Wait for it." Hicccup says to Abra as Abra was just sitting there towards Hiccup's side, seemingly waiting for Machop to get closer.

"What is he doing?" Fishlegs asks. "If he's thinking about teleporting again then the same thing is going to happen."

Machop continued to run towards Abra. "Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

Dagur says to Hiccup, "Aren't you going to do something?"

Hiccup simply says, "Wait for it."

Just when Machop was about a foot away from Abra, Hiccup yells, "Now, Abra! Use Flash!"

"Aaaabraaa!" Suddenly, Abra's body shines with a blinding light that came so suddenly, Machop had to shut its eyes.

"What?" Dagur asks.

Astrid smiles. "it's…genius. Abra used flash just as Machop got close to it to catch it off guard. Dagur probably didn't do anything because he assumed Hiccup would just use Teleport again."

Hiccup then yells, "Alright, let's finish this. Abra, use Confusion!"

"Aaaaab." Abra's eyes glow purple as it uses its psychic powers to lift Machop into the air and fling it to the wall, knocking it out.

The referee announces, "Machop is unable to battle!"

Hiccup comments, "Nice going, Abra."

Abra smiles and says, "Abra!"

"Machop, return." Dagur says as Machop's Pokéball extends a red flash that envelops Machop, and puts it back inside. Dagur pulls out another Pokéball and says, "Alright, looks like I underestimated you a little bit. But now, it's time for the big guns. Croagunk, go!"

Dagur throws the Pokéball and out comes a blue frog like Pokémon with orange, expanding cheeks. "Croooa." The Pokémon says as it was brought out.

Hiccup raises a brow before saying, "What is that thing?" and pulling out the Pokédex.

"Croagunk, the toxic mouth Pokémon. Croagunk's cheeks are filled with poison and if it senses danger, it will jab its opponents with its fingers which fill up with that same poison."

Astrid comments, "A Croagunk? I've never seen those in Hoenn."

Dagur hears this and says, "I got this guy during a trip to the Sinnoh Region, he's been my best Pokémon ever since. Alright, Croagunk use Poison Jab!"

"Croaaaaaa." Croagunk's fingers glow purple as they fill with poison and it dashes towards Abra.

Hiccup says to Abra, "Abra, use Teleport!"

"Abra." Abra teleports to the left side of the battlefield.

Dagur says to Hiccup, "Sorry, but that's not going to work this time. Croagunk, Poison Sting!"

"Croaguuuuunk!" Croagunk fires off a round of sharp poison needles that hit Abra dead on.

"Abra!" Hiccup yells.

Dagur then says, "Now, Poison Jab again!"

"Croaaaa." Croagunk's fingers glow purple again as he runs to Abra and jabs it right in the chest. "Gunk!"

"Aaaaaaaaabraaaaaaa!" Abra yells out in pain as the Poison Jab took its toll.

The referee announces, "Abra is unable to battle."

Hiccup pulls out a Pokéball and says, "Abra return!" as a red beam comes out of the ball and takes Abra with it. Hiccup begins to think. "Dang, I was really relying on Abra to win the battle. Ok, let's see what my options are. Whismur wouldn't do well, I tried Torchic earlier and that didn't go well, with Nuzleaf there's a disadvantage with Croagunk being Poison Type, Mudkip could do this but I'm not too sure."

The ref asks Hiccup, "Mr. Haddock, do you have another Pokémon that you can use? Because if you don't then the battle is over."

Hiccup replies, "I do, I just…need to figure out what." He pulls out a Pokéball and says, "Well, I managed to pull out a win with you last time. Nuzleaf, go!"

He throws the ball, and out comes the brown acorn-man Pokémon (I really don't know how to describe Nuzleaf's appearance). "Nuzleaf!"

Dagur laughs at that. "You seriously think that your Grass Type Nuzleaf can take on my Croagunk? Ok, your funeral. Croagunk, Poison Jab!"

"Croaaaaa." Croagunk runs towards Nuzleaf with its purple fingers.

Hiccup says to Nuzleaf, "Nuzleaf, use Feint Attack!"

"Nuzz…" Nuzleaf fades into darkness as it goes into high speed before appearing right behind Croagunk and attacking it. "Leaf!"

Dagur comments, "Not bad. Croagunk, use Revenge!"

"Croaaa." Croagunk turns around and elbows Nuzleaf in the chest, sending him back a little.

Fishlegs's eyes widen. "What was that?"

Astrid replies, "Revenge is a move that does more damage the more damage done to the attacking Pokémon. Nuzleaf's Feint Attack didn't do much, but that Revenge made it look like it did a ton."

Hiccup clenches his fist. "Come on. Nuzleaf, use Absorb!"

"Nuzzz-leaf!" Nuzleaf rams into Croagunk, causing Croagunk to glow green as it's energy gets sapped.

Dagur smirks, "Oh Hiccup, you're going to wish you didn't do that. Croagunk, Poison Jab!"

"Gunk!" Croagunk strikes Nuzleaf with its Poison Jab, right in the chest, making it take a knee, but it was not fully out.

"Nuzleaf!" Hiccup yells.

Dagur asks, "Well, Hiccup. Looks like victory will be mine once again."

Hiccup puts his head down. "Come on, there has to be something, anything that could help me." While Hiccup was thinking, he noticed something odd, one of his Pokéballs, the one containing Abra, was starting to glow green. He takes out the ball and asks, "What…is happening?"

Dagur's eyes widen. "Uh, what is that Pokéball doing?"

Both Fishlegs and Astrid were very confused about this as well.

The ball continued to glow until after a minute, it stopped and opened up, causing Abra to pop out, looking like nothing had happened. Abra stood up and says, "Abra!"

Hiccup's eyes widen. "Abra? You…healed yourself? But…how?"

"No way." Astrid says.

Dagur says to the referee, "Hey! What's the deal? Is that even allowed?"

The referee looked just as confused as everyone else. "I-I don't know. I've never seen anything like it. I guess if Abra is able to battle again then…I guess its back in."

Hiccup smiles and says, "Abra…you healed yourself so you can help me win…ok then. Nuzleaf, return!" Nuzleaf gets retreaved back into its Pokéball before Hiccup says to Abra, "Abra, let's show them!"

"A-bra!" Abra says as it turns to face Croagunk.

Dagur still had no idea what was going on, but he just says, "Ok, guess we're playing this game now. Croagunk, Poison sting!"

"Croaaaagunk-gunk-gunk." Croagunk fires off another round of poisonous needles right at Abra.

Hiccup says to Abra, "Abra, use Confusion!"

"Aaaaaaaab." Abra holds out its hand and its eyes glow purple as it causes the darts to stop in mid-air before being fired right back at Croagunk, hitting it dead on.

"Whoa, that was awesome!" Fishlegs comments. "Abra used Croagunk's own Poison Sting against it."

Dagur yells, "Croagunk, Revenge!"

"Croaaaaaa." Croagunk runs back towards Abra.

Just before Croagunk got close, Hiccup says, "Abra, use Flash!"

Abra's body flashes with a blinding light. "Aaaaaaaaab."

Dagur smirks. "You think that's going to work on me again? Croagunk, keep going!"

Croagunk shields its eyes as it was just about to strike Abra.

"Drat. Teleport!" Hiccup yells to Abra.

"Bra!" Abra teleports to the other side of the battlefield just in time. Hiccup says to Abra, "Let's finish this. Abra, use Confusion!"

This time, Abra holds out both of its hands as it lifts Croagunk into the air and tosses it around, smashing it against the walls and ceeling of the gym before throwing it to the ground, making it give out from exhaustion.

The referee announces, "Croagunk is unable to battle. The winner is Hiccup Haddock!"

Hiccup pumps his fist into the air. "Yeah! We won!"

"Abra!" Abra says, doing the same fist pumping.

Astrid yells, "Wow, that was great!"

"Nice job, Hiccup!" Fishlegs adds.

Dagur was a little shaken up, but sighs as he accepted the loss. Soon after, Hiccup and Dagur stood outside the gym, where Dagur says, "Well, Hiccup I gotta hand it to ya. That was the most interesting battle I've ever seen. I mean, Abra healing up even though it was fainted and in its Pokéball? I've never seen anything like it."

Hiccup shrugs. "I can't explain it, I guess Abra just has that close of a connection to me."

Dagur nods. "Well, Hiccup. I suppose I outta go ahead and give you your Knuckle Badge. You deserved it." He holds out a badge that had a blue circle with a smaller orange circle inside and a blue rectangle behind it.

Hiccup takes the badge and says, "Thank you Dagur. Alright, looks like I just got the Knuckle Badge!"

Astrid pats Hiccup on the back and says, "You deserved that badge, for sure."

Hiccup nods. "Thanks Astrid."

Dagur says, "Well Hiccup, it was great battling you. I hope to see you again soon."

Hiccup nods. "Yeah, I hope so too. See ya, Dagur." With that, Hiccup, Astrid and Fishlegs head back to the Pokémon Center to rest up for the night.

Two badges down, six to go. Thank you for reading this chapter and the story so far, if you liked it then please let me know.

Take care, stay safe and I'll see you when the next chapter is complete.

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