How To Train Your Pokemon @toothlove
Chapter 1

Chapter 1

So basically, two of my favorite things are HTTYD and Pokémon, so I figured it would only make sense that I would combine the two in some way and this is how I'm doing it. I'm actually really excited to get this going, I can't wait to see what I come up with to make the story as unique and interesting as possible.

Note: This story will be done to the story of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire because I felt like the characters in those games line up best with the HTTYD characters.


If there was one enemy to Hiccup sleeping in late, it was the sun. That and the fact that if he even tries to sleep in he is very likely going to be woken up anyway by a certain black dragon who really wants to go flying with him.

Strangely, while he did start to see the light of day hit his face, he didn't hear a single grunt, roar or purr from said dragon much less feel his bed shake, he figured that the big lug actually wanted to sleep in for a change.

However, Hiccup knew it was time to get up anyway as he did have some chief work to do, so he sits up in his bed, stretches and yawns, and opens his eyes only to find that he was not in his normal rustic bedroom, but instead a more modern looking room.

"What the Hel?" He thought to himself as he began to get out of bed. He walks around the room, but as he does he notices something else different. He looks down and sees that his metal leg is gone and is replaced by his real, flesh and bone leg.

Strange as that was, he still decides to look around the room to see that there was a screened device with some sort of cube shaped device connected to it, a desk with a smaller screened device, and most of all, no dragon whatsoever.

"Toothless?" Hiccup says with a weary, calling for his dragon. "Ok, very funny Toothless. Drag me to some other bed in the middle of the night. Not sure how you got my leg back but it was quite impressive."

However, there seemed to be no sign of the big dragon anywhere. Then Hiccup heard something downstairs, like there were people downstairs that weren't even there.

As he walks downstairs, he spots something in the mirror in his room. He looked like himself as a 10 year old. He just thought that maybe his mind was playing tricks on him and headed downstairs anyway.

Hiccup slowly makes his way downstairs to see that his mom, Valka, was just sitting there looking at another one of those large screened devices that seemed to be flashing lights and making noise.

Valka sees Hiccup walk down the stairs and says, "Oh Hiccup, come quickly. Your father is on the TV."

Of course this got a raised brow from Hiccup as his father died months ago. "Dad?" He runs over to the screen when it just turned to what appeared to be an advertisement for a food shop.

Valka sighs. "Oh, you just missed it. Well, that's alright, now that we live closer to him you can see him more. He was having an interview talking about his gym and how his family was now in Hoenn."

A lot of questions were raised in Hiccup's mind. "Gym? Hoenn? Is Dad really alive? What's going on here?" But he just says, "Uh, yeah. I guess that is great."

Valka turns off the device and looks to Hiccup and says, "Well, how do you like your new room? Did you sleep well last night?"

"New room? Did we move or something? I'm sure I would've remembered something like that?"

"Uh, yeah. Slept great." Hiccup replies, still very confused as to what is going on. "Hey uh, I'm going to go on a little morning walk."

"Ok Hiccup. Just remember to not go too far. You know there are wild Pokémon out there that could attack you at any moment and I'd hate to see my little 10 year old get hurt."

"What did she just say? Pokémon? What is a Pokémon? Is that like a new species of dragon or something? And…did she say I am 10? Ah, this is all way too confusing."

"Uh, right. Thanks Mom. Oh yeah, have you seen Toothless?"

Valka gets a quizzical look. "Toothless? Who's that?"

"And the strangeness continues."

"Uh, never mind. I'll see you in a bit." Hiccup steps outside to see that he is, well he's not sure where he is.

Instead of the small island village of Berk that he's used to, he's instead in a town of some sort. There were just a few buildings plus what appeared to be some sort of lab. There were no dragons anywhere and he didn't recognize any of the people there.

Hiccup says out loud, "Ok. This…is not Berk. I-I don't know what this is."

He then spots a sign that reads, 'Littleroot Town'. Ok, at least now he somewhat knows where he is but that still doesn't answer any questions as to what is going on.

He then hears a scream coming from nearby and decides to go investigate. He walks into the woods a little bit to find a brown haired, large man wearing a lab coat, clinging to a tree and there appeared to be some grey furred dogs barking at him.

The man spots Hiccup and yells to him, "Ah, you there. I need some help. R-reach into my bag there and grab one of the Pokéballs inside."

The confusion continued. "Pokéballs? What are those? Well, this man does appear to need help and seems to be a smart guy so I should probably do what he says."

He digs through the bag until he fins three balls that were red on top and white on the bottom and had a button of some sort in the center. Hiccup holds up one of the balls and asks, "You mean these?"

The man yells, "Yes. Quick. Press the button on one of them then throw it."

Hiccup asks, "What's that going to do?"

"Just do it!" The man yells louder.

"Alright, alright." Hiccup takes one of the balls, presses the button which makes the ball grow bigger. Hiccup throws the ball, it opens and in a flash of white light, out comes what seems to be a small, orange chicken.

The chick yells, "Toooorchic." once it is out.

The man says, "Yes, there you go. Now, have that Torchic attack these Poochyena."

Hiccup looks to the man with total confusion but says, "Uh, ok. Tor…chic, was it? Go…attack those dogs."

"Tor…?" Torchic looks to him with confusion.

Hiccup motions to the Torchic. "Well, do something."

The man slaps his face. "That's not how you do it. Have it use…Ember or something."

Hiccup wasn't sure why Torchic wouldn't just attack those dogs on its own, but ok. "Uh…use…Ember." Torchic looks to the dogs before jumping up, says "Tor…chic chic chic." and firing of small fire balls that seemed to scare the dogs away.

The man lets out a huge sigh of relief before climbing down the tree and patting Hiccup on the shoulder. "Thank you so much for saving me. Sorry for the commotion, I was doing some research when those Poochyena suddenly attacked me. I guess I just stumbled into their territory without knowing and they got upset about it. Say, you're Hiccup right? Stoick's kid? You just moved here didn't you?"

Hiccup wasn't sure how this man knew who he was but ok. "Uh, yeah I am Hiccup."

"Ah, perfect. Well, allow me to introduce myself, I am Professor Birch, Pokémon Professor right here in the Hoenn Region."

Hiccup nods. "You're a professor? Shouldn't you be in a lab or something?"

Birch chuckles to that. "Well, I suppose I should but I prefer to go out into the field to research Pokémon. Say, we should head back to my lab though, there's something I need to talk to you about. Oh but first…" Birch takes the ball back from Hiccup and says, "Torchic, return." a red beam appears from the ball and envelops Torchic before going back into the ball and just like that, Torchic had disappeared.

"Whoa, where did it go?" Hiccup asks.

"What do you mean? It just went back into it's Pokéball where it will be safe."

Hiccup wanted to ask more about how that made sense, but figured to let it go for now. Once they get back to the lab, Birch says to Hiccup, "Again, thank you so much for saving me back there."

"Uh, no problem." Hiccup still had no idea what any of that was, but he was glad it was over.

Birch then says to Hiccup, "Now, the reason why I had you come here is, I understand you are 10 years old now." "Yep, so it's not just my mind." "and that of course is the age that all boys start their own Pokémon journey."

Hiccup nods, still not completely sure what he's talking about. "Uh, sorry if it sounds dumb for asking but…what are Pokémon?"

Birch didn't even laugh at that, he just seemed surprised that he would ask that. He explains to Hiccup, "Well, if you must know, Pokémon are these wonderful creatures that come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, you name it. Just about all of them have their own unique abilities and attacks. Now, a Pokémon trainer is someone who uses a Pokémon's power to battle other trainers and their Pokémon."

This got another raised brow from Hiccup. "Wait, people purposefully force Pokémon to fight each other?"

Birch shakes his head. "No, it's not like that at all. Pokémon enjoy battling. It helps make them stronger and is great exercise. I promise you, there's nothing savage about what we do."

This settled Hiccup's mind a little, but still, there was something about this that didn't seem right. Birch then says, "Now then, as a Pokémon Trainer you will also be helping me with my research by seeing as many Pokémon as you can find."

Now, of course that begins with selecting your first Pokémon. You have three choices, starting with Grass Type, Treeko." Birch opens one of the balls on the table and out comes a green gecko looking creature with a long, leaf like tail.

The Pokémon says, "Treeko."

"Next, we have the Fire Type, Torchic." He opens the second ball and that same orange chick from earlier pops out.

Just like before, it says, "Torchic." Once it pops out.

"Finally, we have the Water Type, Mudkip." He opens the third ball and out comes a blue, four legged fish of some sort with a fin on top of its head and on its tail.

It says, "Mudkip." Once on the table.

"Well, which one will it be?" Birch asks.

Hiccup looked to all three creatures, or Pokémon he presumed, standing in front of him. So many questions ran through his mind, like is he really going to choose one of these creatures to fight against other creatures. He guessed that if he's going to go out and research Pokémon like the Professor said, he might as well have one in case things go wrong.

There was, however, one question on his mind that he had to get out of the way. "Sorry, you mentioned something about types?"

Birch nods. "Yes, all Pokémon have one or two of 18 discovered types. These types not only determine what sort of moves that Pokémon can learn but also what it is good and weak against. For example, Torchic here is a Fire Type, meaning it is very strong against the Grass Type Treeko but not so good against the Water Type Mudkip. There are lots of type effectiveness and weaknesses but those are the basic three types."

Hiccup nods to that. He then locks eyes with Torchic. He remembered battling with it earlier and, he had to admit it was somewhat thrilling to watch it battle. Torchic smiles to Hiccup and Hiccup smiles back before looking to Birch and saying, "I'm going to take Torchic."

"Torrrr!" Torchic yells as it jumps up into Hiccup's arms.

Birch chuckles and says, "You two seem to be close already. Well, I'm happy you made that choice. Oh, and before you go I do have some things for you. I have here your Pokédex and some Pokéballs to get you started."

Hiccup looks with confusion once again. "Huh?"

Birch explains, "Those Pokéballs can be used to capture more Pokémon and use them for battle. Your Pokédex is your encyclopedia. If you ever need to know something about a Pokémon, just look it up."

Hiccup nods. "I see. Well then, let's look you up, shall we Torchic?"

Hiccup opens up the red device and it says in a female voice, "Torchic. The Chick Pokémon. Torchic sticks with its Trainer, following behind with unsteady steps. This Pokémon breathes fire of over 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, including fireballs that leave the foe scorched black."

Hiccup nods. "Wow, that's pretty hot. About as hot as a dragon's fire."

Birch chuckles. "Well, yes. I'm sure. Well, you best be on your way. Oh, and you better stop by your mother's house before you head out."

Hiccup nods. "Will do. Let's go, Torchic."

"Tor." With that, Hiccup and Torchic head out and walk back to the house that he woke up in that morning. As he walks back, he couldn't help but think to himself, "What in the name of Thor did I get myself into?"

So, there we have it with Chapter 1. I hope you enjoyed this chapter, if you did please give a fav/follow.

I don't know how long I intend on making this story but I'm sure it will be fun to make. One thing I do intend on is including more HTTYD characters like the other riders, Heather and Dagur, and various other people that you'll have to wait to see.

Take care, stay safe and I'll see you later.

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