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This story came to me from RandallBeast19 who said to me:

How about a story where Toothless and Sharpshot (the Terrible Terror) have themselves a little bit of fun when Hiccup's not around, getting in on the action in Hiccup's bed no less and Sharpshot's small size can make some fun things to go down, like perhaps giving Toothless a blow-job!

Maybe at the end, Hiccup comes home and freaks out upon what he sees, with Toothless acting all innocent and cute and Sharpshot doing a dragon giggle as his head pops out from the covers.

It seems interesting enough, so I'm gonna go with it. Enjoy!

The night after Hiccup and the gang did their little competition where they each train a Terrible Terror for a day and see who was trained the best, Sharpshot, the green Terror that Hiccup trained, asked Toothless if it was ok if he stayed the night, Hiccup and Toothless were more than happy to have him there.

That night, however, Hiccup had to attend a meeting with his dad, leaving Toothless and Sharpshot on their own for a bit, but Hiccup trusted Toothless enough to make sure Sharpshot behaves.

The two dragons weren't quite ready for bed yet, so they decided to just stay up for a bit and chat. Toothless lies on his stone sleeping slab while Sharpshot lied on the floor next to him.

Sharpshot breaks the ice by asking, "So how long have you known your human?"

"A few months now. We met after he shot me down and made me loose one of my tail fins, but he helped me out by making a prosthetic for me and we became pretty quick friends." Toothless answers.

Sharpshot was a bit confused. "So, you became friends even though he took away your ability to fly on your own?"

Toothless shrugs. "I know it seems a little bizarre and, trust me, when I first met him I wanted nothing to do with him, I even had the thought to injure or kill him if I could ever get out of the ropes that I was tied in, but then he released me and I figured he wasn't as bad as the humans that would fight us tooth and nail. I like to think of the whole thing as fate's strange and twisted way of making things happen."

"Ok, I guess that makes sense." Sharpshot was still a bit skeptical but decided to drop the subject. He then gets an idea, "Hey, you ever slept on his bed?"

Toothless's eyes widen, "Well, there were a few times when he was sick and I wanted to comfort him, but not really. I'm so large that I'm pretty certain I'd just end up pushing him off the bed if I even try to move in my sleep."

Sharpshot smirks. "Well, I'm smaller than him so…" He jumps on the bed and bounces on it a little.

Toothless barks, "What are you doing? You can't be up there. Not without Hiccup knowing."

Sharpshot stops bouncing. "Relax, he's not here. Besides, this bed is pretty soft. You should try it." Toothless looked to Sharpshot, then to the bed, then to the bedroom door and repeat. He was nervous and didn't know what Hiccup would say, but also knew that these meetings could end up going for hours.

"Ok, fine. But the minute either of us hear him walk through the door or up the stairs, we go back to my slab." Toothless stands up and goes to the other side of the bed where he lies down right next to Sharpshot and found that he could fit on the bed pretty well with his tail hanging on the ground. "You're right, this bed is soft. No wonder humans like sleeping on these things, I should see if Hiccup could make one for me." But then, a scent caught his nose, and it was coming from the bed. He leaned his head down and smelled the undeniable smell of his favorite human. But for some reason, the smell on the bed was more musky and manly and he had a guess as to why. Being that Hiccup was a teen, and that Toothless is a pretty light sleeper who had night vision and sensitive hearing, he has secretly caught Hiccup masturbating on more than one occasion. He wouldn't do it above the sheets, and his eyes were always closed, but the moans and movement under the sheets plus the scent he would give off were the dead giveaway he needed. He had to admit that he had gotten a bit curious as to see what Hiccup's penis looked like and maybe even see if he could offer some assistance.

Sharpshot raises a brow and asks. "What are you thinking about?"

Toothless snaps out of his thoughts. "Huh? Oh, nothing. Nothing."

Sharpshot's other brow raises. "Really? Because it doesn't look like nothing." He gestures to Toothless's backside.

Toothless looks down and sees that thinking about Hiccup jerking off had gotten him hard, making his foot and a half long knotted cock slip into a half erection. Toothless pulls a wing over himself to cover. "Oh uh, just thinking about some…female dragons that I saw earlier today."

Sharpshot wasn't buying any of it. "You were with me, the other Terrors and the other human's dragons all day. The only female dragons around all day were your Nadder and Gronckle friends. Are you talking about them?"

Toothless gulps. "Yeah, I guess. Uh, it's getting late, we should head to sleep."

Sharpshot puts a paw on Toothless. "No, c'mon it's not that late. I promise, I'll forget that I saw…that." He gestured to Toothless's cock.

Toothless was still skeptical, but saw that his erection had gone down and had slipped back into his sheath. He pulls his wing back. "Ok, fine. Just a little longer."

Sharpshot decides to change to subject. "So, mating season is coming up. You gonna look for a mate this year?"

Toothless was a bit surprised that Sharpshot wanted to talk about that, but figured it was just chatting. He scratched the back of his neck and says, "Not really. I mean, no one ever sees any other Night Furies around here, or really anywhere these days. Plus, Hiccup and I have been so busy with the Training academy that I don't even know how I'd find the time."

Sharpshot puts on a seductive smile. "Well, you're not busy now. And it is just the two of us until your human gets back." He puts a paw on Toothless's shoulder.

Toothless jerks back a little. "Whoa, are you really suggesting what I think you're suggesting? No offense but I'm straight."

Again, Sharpshot isn't having any of it. "Toothless, c'mon. Quit hiding from who you really are. You think I didn't notice the way you stared at Hiccup's ass at every chance you got? Also, I bet the reason you were so spaced out earlier is because you smelled him on the bed and, to top it all off, you even got horny because of it." Toothless tries to think of something, anything to back out of this conversation, but that Terrible Terror's words sunk deep into his mind and, more importantly, his heart. "Look, sometimes we get feelings that we can't explain. It's whether or not we choose to act on those feelings that makes us who we are. I'm straight too, but I have been curious for some time, and I know I'm not Hiccup, but I can still make you feel good. I just want you to be happy with yourself, and I'm sure Hiccup would want the same thing."

Toothless was at a loss for words. For him, the scariest thing was that everything Sharpshot just said was spot on. He had been feeling strange emotions towards not just Hiccup but other males in general, which led him to question who he was a little. Eventually, he decided that Sharpshot was right, and that this could actually be a good thing for him. He sighs and says, "Alright, I'll do it. But you can't tell anyone. Got it?"

Sharpshot nods. "Now, I'm going to assume this is your first time mating with another male. Well, you're not alone there, however I can assure you that I can make you feel good nonetheless. Now, given the obvious size difference, anal play is kind of out of the question for both of us. However, there is something else I can do for you."

Toothless said with a nervous tone. "Ok, what is it?"

"Just roll onto your back and let me do the work."

Toothless was very concerned as to what Sharpshot had planned, but he figured he could trust the little dragon, so he climbs off of the bed and leans to the side until he rolls in a way that he is now laying on his back on the bed. He had to make sure to keep his wings tucked as he didn't want to risk crushing the Terrible Terror. He then got nervous and wrapped himself in his wings. Sharpshot then says, "Now, surely you don't expect me to do anything to you when you're wrapped in your wings like that, do you?" Toothless sighed as he knew Sharpshot was right, so he slowly unwraps his wings, revealing that his cock was already poking out of his sheath yet again. He did keep one wing tucked to his side so Sharpshot could get on him easy. "Excellent. Wow, you're already starting to get hard, you must really want this."

"Just do it." Toothless grunts.

"Fine fine." Sharpshot climbs onto Toothless's chest and reaches his paw out to touch Toothless's cock. Toothless shuddered a bit and looked up at him upon first contact, as it has been a while since anyone else had touched him there. Sharpshot looks behind him and says, "Relax, I'm just trying to make you feel good." Toothless lowers his guard a bit and allows Sharpshot to touch him some more, coaxing his large cock out of his sheath. Sharpshot reaches forward a bit more to touch and fondle Toothless's large, cantaloupe sized balls. Just that touch from those little paws were enough to coax Toothless's cock further out of his sheath. Sharpshot then uses his other paw to touch and rub the tip of the tapered cock, making it longer and harder until finally it reached a stage of being fully erect with only his large knot hiding in his sheath. Once fully hard, the cock revealed to be almost as big as the Terror itself. "Now that's what I'm talking about. You like it when I touch you like that."

Toothless just closes his eyes and nods.

"Well, then you'll like this even better." Sharpshot then licks the tip of Toothless's cock while bringing his paws up to stroke him a little, making Toothless moan with anticipation/pleasure. Sharpshot then opens his mouth as wide as it can go and puts the tip inside, sucking on it once it was in. Toothless's head rolled back into the backboard of the bed as the small mouth and paws worked their way down and along the large shaft.

Due to the size difference, Sharpshot was only able to get the tip and a few inches of the tapered member before his gag reflex kicked in and he had to pull out, but luckily the tip was one of the most sensitive parts of the cock for Toothless, so he did not mind one bit. As Sharpshot was sucking the cock, he lies on his back and slides underneath the cock and runs his small paws all over, hitting as many pleasure points along the sides of the cock as he can, he even wrapped his tail around one of Toothless's balls and moved it around to add to the pleasure. At that point, Toothless's mind turns to pure pleasure, all worries about the possibility of getting caught by Hiccup or worse, Hiccup's father, melted away like ice on a hot day.

Toothless then felt something poking his cock. He opens his eyes for the first time since Sharpshot began, looks over and sees that he is hard as well. The other thing he notices that, for a dragon of his size, he too is quite hung. Sharpshot himself was about a foot and 9 inches from head to tail and his tapered cock was about 8 inches from tip to base. Toothless then reaches his long tail up and wraps the tip of the tail around Sharpshot's cock and starts stroking him. Sharpshot notices this and says, "Looks like someone is coming around to other males."

Toothless grunts, "Just shut up and keep sucking. It feels so good."

Sharpshot shrugs and does just that. He puts as much of the cock as he can into his mouth before needing to pull out and shove it back again, his goal was to get at least a quarter of the cock down his throat by the end of the night. He uses his paws to pull more of the cock towards him, making him take more and more of the cock down his throat, which in reality was only a few centimeters at a time, but it was progress. He also rocks his hips into Toothless's tail, telling him to keep that going.

However, all the pleasure running through Toothless's mind and the sounds Sharpshot was making caused them to not even hear the front door opening or someone coming up the stairs, so the second Hiccup opens his bedroom door to check on the dragons, he is greeted with them lying on his bed with one of them sucking the other's dick. "Toothless? Sharpshot? What in the name of Thor is going on?" Hiccup yells.

His voice was enough to make Toothless and Sharpshot stop dead in their tracks. They had no way to explain themselves so Sharpshot pulls Toothless's cock out of his mouth then jumps off the bed and looks to Hiccup with as innocent of a look as possible. Toothless rolls over and uses his wings to hopefully hide his erection while giving Hiccup his signature gummy smile. Hiccup pinches the bridge of his nose. "I leave you two alone for one hour and this is how you want to pass the time? Whose idea was this anyway?" Toothless points his tail down towards Sharpshot. "Sharpshot? You made Toothless do…that with you?" Sharpshot tries to pass off his innocence with a dragon laugh but Hiccup wasn't buying it.

The dragons fully expected Hiccup to blow up at both of them, but he just says to them, "Look, I won't tell anyone. I'm going to head outside to try to get that thought out of my mind. If you want to…finish go ahead, just not on my bed, please?" Hiccup then leaves the bedroom, goes downstairs and walks back out the door.

Toothless climbs off of the bed then goes back to his sleeping slab. He says to Sharpshot, "Well, that killed the mood."

Sharpshot rubs the back of his head. "Yeah, it kind of did. Look, I'm sorry for making you do that. If I knew that was going to happen I wouldn't have even suggested that. If you want to just go to sleep, fine, if you want to stay up until he gets back, also fine."

Toothless ponders Sharpshot's words, then grins and rolls onto his back, revealing that he was still hard. Sharpshot was a little surprised by this action. "You heard him, we might as well finish what we started."

Sharpshot was delighted to hear him say that, so he takes his position back underneath Toothless's cock and goes right back to sucking him. This time, he stretches his hind legs out to massage and fondle Toothless's large balls as well as using his front paws to stroke him. Toothless had to hand it to the little Terror, he may be small, but he knows how to work a cock, every pleasure point along the shaft and balls were being poked by Sharpshot's small toes.

Sharpshot then takes a deep breath, then pushes himself as far down the cock as he will go until he reached his goal and managed to get a quarter of the foot and a half long, tapered cock down his throat. He felt pretty proud of himself.

He could tell that Toothless was getting close, so he moves his hind legs up and uses his toes to feel around and inside Toothless's sheath. He could even feel the knot inside as it was very close to revealing itself to the world. Sharpshot sucks as fast and hard as he can while using his paws to stroke the large cock until soon enough, Toothless's knot slips out of his sheath and his cock starts shooting cum down Sharpshot's throat. Since he was smaller, Sharpshot had to work quickly in order to swallow the cum as fast as possible and make sure they don't create a mess which they both knew Hiccup would not be happy to clean.

Through an act of sheer luck, Sharpshot managed to swallow all of Toothless's cum without spilling a single drop, however the quantity of cum caused his stomach to inflate to the point where he looked like he was pregnant. Once the orgasm had subsided, Sharpshot pulls Toothless's cock out of his mouth and lies there on his back as he allows time for the cum inside him to settle in his stomach. Toothless leans his head down and licks Sharpshot on the head then says, "Thank you. I really needed that. We'll have to do this again sometime."

Sharpshot could do nothing but nod in agreement. Toothless then picks up the Terrible Terror and lays him on the stone slab before curling up next to him and quickly falling asleep.

Once Hiccup had returned, he saw Toothless asleep with an inflated Sharpshot lying on his back asleep next to him. Surprisingly, he couldn't find a single spot of cum that he would need to deal with, so he was happy about that. Hiccup then strips down to his underwear and climbs into his own bed, turns out the candle he had lit, and goes to sleep himself.

But it turns out he didn't go to sleep too quickly as Toothless was soon woken by the unfortunately familiar sounds of Hiccup masturbating again, and made a mental note to ask Sharpshot to mate with him again in the morning, after Hiccup leaves for some early morning academy duties.

I hope you enjoyed this story. Randall, thank you for suggesting it, I had a good time writing it and I hope you had a good time reading it.

Leave your suggestions for my next story in the reviews, and I will see you later.

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