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Experiment Gone Way Wrong

Experiment gone way wrong.

This story was suggested by Zero Fullbuster who said to me,

"Can you do story where one of hiccups experiments fails and turns him into a night fury or a stormcutter with hypnosis powers and use those powers on toothless and cloudjumper or one of them into gay sex please?"

So here it is. Enjoy!

One night, Hiccup was messing around with some experiments, trying to see if he can make a potion that can allow him to be fire resistant even without dragon scale armor. One of his experiments involved him mixing crushed Night Fury scales with Monstrous Nightmare gel and liquefied Zippleback gas plus some other chemicals.

Suddenly, the mixture turns black and explodes, causing Hiccup to get thrown against the wall. The sound of the blast also woke Toothless, who was sleeping up until that point. Toothless asks Hiccup if he is ok, and Hiccup rubs his head. "I'm fine, bud. I do feel a little strange though."

He then falls onto the floor and his whole body starts shaking. Toothless rushes to his side to see what's wrong. Hiccup's muscles start to get bigger, causing his clothes to rip apart, his bones and skeletal structure change into a more quadrupedal form, his back and ass start growing nubs as two wings and a tail begin to form, His skin turns black and has scales grow all around him, finally his head changes to that of a dragon. Surprisingly, there was no blood shed. Toothless steps back in shock and awe at what he just saw, Hiccup had turned into a Night Fury.

Toothless asks, "Hiccup? Hiccup? Are you there?"

Hiccup finally opens his eyes, showing they have become bright green, and looks to his dragon with another shocked expression. "I'm here, but did you just speak to me? How am I able to talk to you all of a sudden?"

Toothless says, "Hiccup. You better have a look at yourself."

Hiccup was confused but then looked into a mirror and saw that there were two Night Furies in the room. He lifts his hand up and the other one did the same. Hiccup put the pieces together, "I'm a dragon. A Night Fury even. But, how did this happen?"

"Must have been in whatever you made." Toothless says.

"I see." Hiccup then feels something in the back of his eyes. He concentrates and notices that his eyes started glowing. He looks to Toothless in the eyes and he sits down, his eyes lower and his pupils turn to slits. "Toothless? Are you ok? You look a little weird." Toothless didn't respond. "Toothless? Say something bud."

"Something bud." Toothless says with a monotone voice.

"I'm serious. I think there's something wrong with you." Hiccup then remembers that he's seen Toothless like this before, when Toothess's mind was controlled by the Bewilderbeast he had a similar expression. "Toothless? Are you…hypnotized? Extend your right wing" Toothless extends his right wing as far as it will go inside the small room. "Oh my gods, you are hypnotized." Hiccup then smells something, something musky and masculine. He looks down and sees Toothless's large balls which were emitting the smell. "Whoa, that's more than I ever thought I would see of you bud. Guess you really like being hypnotized. I wonder…Toothless, lie down." Toothless lies down.

Hiccup walks around Toothless and stops when he sees Toothless's ass and balls. "Toothless, roll over." Toothless. Hiccup leans his head down and sniffs Toothless's balls and the musky smell was enough to get him hard. It was strange, he had never thought of Toothless this way, it could be that the potion also gave him an increased libido. He says to the dragon, "Toothless, get hard." Soon Toothless's cock pokes out of his sheath and is brought to full length.

He gives Toothless a lick on the balls, which gets a reaction from the dragon quickly, then starts to run his tongue along the 18 inch knotted cock. Toothless just lied back and let Hiccup's tongue work his magic on his cock and his hypnotized mind. Once Hiccup gets to the tip of Toothless's cock, he notices that his own large cock was poking his ass. He decides to just go for it and push his cock into Toothless's ass, making him moan.

For some time, Hiccup had the idea that Toothless might be gay, especially with the way he acts around Cloudjumper and he even denied wanting to be with the Light Fury and be with Hiccup instead. Also, he did once catch Toothless pushing large tree branch into his ass, which made him even more suspicious. Even though Toothless was hypnotized, he had the idea that this is something that Toothless has wanted for some time, maybe not from Hiccup but from some other male dragon. As for him, he had to admit that before he became Berk's chief, he had been feeling bi-curious but never acted upon it.

Hiccup fucks Toothless and found him to be surprisingly loose, it gave him an idea of what Toothless has been doing during nights that he saw him sneak out of the house. Hiccup starts to lick Toothless's cock some more then gets an idea. "Toothless, come suck your cock with me." He leans forward and laps the tip of his cock with his tongue before slipping the tip into his mouth. "Dam that's hot." Hiccup says before running his tongue along the cock some more. Hiccup's eyes were still glowing, making the hypnosis last.

Hiccup continues to fuck Toothless at a rapid pace, making his own knot press against the larger Night Fury's anal ring. Toothless continued to suck his cock at a similar pace. Hiccup's thrusts forced more of Toothless's cock into his own mouth. Pretty soon he manages to shove his knot into Toothless's ass and starts to shoot cum deep into his insides, which caused Toothless to cum into his mouth. Hiccup quickly says, "Toothless, swallow." And Toothless begins to swallow his cum as fast as he can.

Once both of their orgasms had died down, Hiccup notices the glow of his eyes wasn't reflected off of Toothless's scales. Hiccup realized that the hypnosis was wearing off, and quickly tried to pull out but his knot made him stuck.

Toothless's pupils widen back to their normal size, and he comes back to his senses and notices a few things. 1. His cock was in his mouth, although that isn't too strange of a thing, 2. The Night Fury Hiccup was lying on top of him and 3. Something large was in his ass. Toothless looks Hiccup in the eyes and asks, "Hiccup? Are you in my ass?"

Hiccup tries to break the awkward silence by saying, "I'm sorry, I didn't know I could hypnotize you, which I did on accident and you just looked so inviting that I had to try it out and. And."

Toothless silences Hiccup by licking him on the nose. He says to Hiccup, "It's ok. Truth be told, I actually enjoy getting hypnotized, and I appreciate that you thought of me that way. I-I never got to tell you this when you were a human, but I love you, Hiccup. I have since the day I met you."

Hiccup's eyes widen upon hearing this. "You do? Oh my gods, I had no idea. Toothless I-I think I love you too."

Toothless smiles, "I'm glad to hear it. So, now that I'm awake," He puts on the most seductive face he can, "Want to do it again?"

Hiccup smiles, "Absolutely." And they proceeded to fuck over and over again. They did it four times in one night. Afterwards, they fall asleep, wings and arms interlocked, and with Hiccup's softening cock still inside Toothless.

I hope you enjoyed this story. Zero, thanks again for suggesting this.

If you have any other story ideas, please let me know in the reviews.

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