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Sexy Hypnosis Party

Sexy Hypnosis Party

Toothless recently discovered that he has a special hypnosis ability, and his friends and family want to see if it's true, so one evening he has his wife Luna, his uncles Cloudjumper and Skullcrusher (I say that they're uncles because they do belong to Hiccup's parents.) and his friends Stormfly and Hookfang over so he can show them.

"Alright, Toothless." Hookfang says with a bored tone, "Even though I know this is baloney, let's just get it over with so I can go home."

"It does work, I promise." Toothless says.

"But how do you even know?" Skullcrusher asks, "Have you tried this on other dragons?"

"Yes, I tried it on Barf and Belch the other day and got them to kiss each other."

"Wait, you made them do that?" Hookfang says. "I thought they were finally giving into their feelings for each other."

"Look, even if this doesn't work, It's still nice for all of us to get together." Luna says.

"I agree." Stormfly says, "Now, c'mon Toothless. I really want to see if this works."

"Yeah, Toothless." Cloudjumper adds, "Show us already."

"Ok ok. I'll get right to it then. Now, I need everyone to gather in front of me."

All the dragons huddle up in front of Toothless. He asks to Luna, "Babe, you sure you want to do this?"

Luna smiles, "I'm sure. I think it will be fun."

"Alright, here I go. I need you all to look into my eyes." All dragons lean in, focusing on Toothless' eyes. He closes his eyes, concentrates for a second, and then opens them up. His eyes then give off a slight glow.

The glow seeps into the other dragons minds and all at once their faces drop like they haven't slept in a week.

He looks around to the dragons and says, "Gaze into my eyes. Feel your minds drift away with each passing second. You are now under my command, you will only move when I say your name and tell you to do something."

All dragons minds are now blank. Toothless is now in full control over what they do.

"Ok, let's see how far I can take this. Stormfly, I want you to give Hookfang a kiss on the cheek."

Stormfly looks to Hookfang, walks to him and gives his cheek a peck with her lips.

"Perfect, now Skullcrusher, I want you to do the same to Cloudjumper but on the lips."

Skullcrusher turns around, Cloudjumper leans his head down and they both give a long kiss on each other's lips.

"Excelent. Now, Hookfang, Cloudjumper and Skullcrusher, I want you to touch each other's genital slits until you are all erect. Luna and Stormfly, you will use your tails to get each other ready."

The guys then put paws on each other's sheaths, coaxing their cocks out, while the girls push the tips of their tails into each other's vaginas, making them both moan.

"Oh this is going to be a fun night, alright everyone look back to me." The dragons stop what they're doing and turn back to face Toothless, "You are now feeling a deep affection towards the dragons you just touched. You want to take that feeling to the next level. Hoofang, you are feeling submissive tonight, so you are going to get on all fours while Cloudjumper takes you from behind and Skullcrusher goes into your mouth. 'That will teach that son of a bitch a thing or two.' Luna, Stormfly, you two are going to come here and show my cock the love it deserves. You will do all this, now"

With that, Hookfang drops to his wings and knees, Cloudjumper goes behind him and begins to push his two foot long cock into the entrance of Hookfang's ass, Skullcrusher then goes to the front and shoves his own cock into Hookfang's mouth who takes it like a pro. Luna and Stormfly walk over to Toothless and start running their tongues along his cock.

The feeling of two tongues on his cock, plus the sexy gay spit roast in front of him made Toothless' cock start to drizzle with pre-cum. He could probably just keep going like this but he wanted to kick things up a notch.

"Ok, you two stop." Luna and Stormfly pause their licking. "Alright, It's time to get to the main event of the evening. Stormfly, I will start with you. You will now turn your ass around and present yourself to me."

So Stormfly turns around and her vagina is now pressing up against Toothless' cock. He positions himself and manages to slide half of his foot long cock right inside of the Nadder and starts pumping her. He looks over to his wife and says, "Well, no sense in leaving you out. Skullcrusher, why don't you take her mouth for a spin, give her something to do while she waits for me."

Skullcrusher then stops face fucking Hookfang and walks over to Luna where he rests his paws on her shoulders and slips his 10 incher into her waiting mouth. Luna takes the cock to the hilt with ease. Toothless thanks the many times she's sucked him for that one.

All dragons were now off to fuck whatever hole they were in. Cloudjumper managed to fit his whole two foot cock into Hookfang's ass, giving him a noticeable bulge in his stomach. Skullcrusher continued to slam his cock down Luna's throat and Toothless continued to pump away at Stormfly's pussy.

Toothless decided that, as fun as this was, it's time to change it up a notch. "Alright, everyone stop for a second." And everyone stops to look at the Night Fury. He slips out of Stormfly and says, "Ok, let's change things up. Hookfang, I think you've taken enough of Cloudjumper so why don't you let Skullcrusher take your ass for a spin. Cloudjumper, you can come over and give that cock to Stormfly and Luna, my darling, that just leaves you and me. You will not begin until I tell you to. You will all take to your new positions, now."

And so, all dragons do as they were told, still as mindless as earlier. Cloudjumper walks away from Hookfang and gets behind Stormfly while Skullcrusher takes his place behind Hookfang and Toothless steps behind Luna and positions himself. Once satisfied with what he sees, Toothless says, "Ok, go." And right then Skullcrusher, Cloudjumper and Toothless start sliding their cocks in and out of Hookfang, Stormfly and Luna respectively.

The ladies and Hookfang couldn't help but moan out from the large cocks that were inside of them, and the guys' cocks started leaking pre-cum like a fountain. Each of the hypnotized dragon's faces were filled with a mix of mindlessness and pleasure. Toothless knew in the back of his mind that the only reason any of them is doing this is because he is controlling them to do so, but he's ok with it.

Pretty soon, Skullcrusher and Cloudjumper looked like they were going to cum soon, but Toothless didn't want things to end just yet. "Skullcrusher, Cloudjumper, stop." The males did as they were told. "Now, I have one last thing. Cloudjumper, I think Luna would like to feel that two footer inside of her, Skullcrusher you can take over Stormfly, and Hookfang, you just stay right where you are."

They all get off and Skullcrusher and Cloudjumper then take over fucking Luna and Stormfly, respectively, while Toothless takes his position behind Hookfang.

"Alright Hookfang, this is for being such a bastard to me over the years." And without warning he shoves his entire cock up Hookfang's ass, making him yip with pain. "Man, even after taking Cloudjumper you are still so tight, and he's twice my size." Toothless knew that if Hookfang was awake he would make some sort of snide comment right about now, but this hypnotized Hookfang was a lot better. "Oh, by the way, no one stops until everyone cums."

And with that, the pounding continues. Luna's stomach bulged out from Cloudjumper's size, Skullcrusher slammed into Stormfly like he was trying to ram his horn into a sea stack, and Toothless was mostly giving Hookfang the payback he deserves.

All dragons seemed to be in ecstasy, but only one actually knew what was truly going on. The guys were already close with the second pairings so it only took a few more minutes before they roared and started dumping their loads into the dragons they were on top of.

Skullcrusher filled Stormfly so much that her pussy was leaking cum by the second, Cloudjumper pumped so much into Luna that she looked like she was having quadruplets, and Toothless filled up Hookfang as if he was a water balloon, the feeling of the cum inside of him making him spill cum onto the ground.

Once all dragons have settled down from their orgasms, Toothless finally says, "Ok, You are all now going to separate, and move so that I can see all of you." Cloudjumper and Skullcrusher pull out of the ladies while Toothless pulls out of Hookfang and they all huddle up near the den's entrance. Once all together and looking at Toothless he says, "You will all now fall asleep, you will sleep for 6 hours exactly. One you wake up, you will have no memory of what you did tonight."

The dragons lay down right where they were standing, curled up and quickly fell asleep. Toothless' eyes finally stopped glowing, they had been the whole time, as he felt he no longer had the need to control any more minds for the night. Once satisfied with what he did he laughs to himself and says, "Man, it is going to be fun telling them what they did."

Ok, this might not be my best work but it was also a bit of a challenge for me to write. IDK for some reason the words just didn't come to me as quickly as they usually do.

I hope you at least enjoyed reading this, zero especially, thank you.

So, I wanted to say something real quick, I've noticed that the suggestions for stories are kind of similar, like they all are pretty much about a dragon having sex with another dragon.

What I would like is to see you guys get a little more creative with your suggestions, try something that maybe no one else has thought of before. I am open to about any suggestion except for the ones on the Will Not Write list (see bottom of first story).

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with, and I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you all for reading, and take care.

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