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Ok, this story request comes from alexr523 and essentially involves Toothless growing to a Bewilderbeast size soon after becoming Alpha and claiming Hiccup as his one true mate.

Nothing to it but to get to it. Enjoy!

In the days following Toothless's massive battle against Drago's Bewilderbeast and claiming the title of Alpha for himself and the dragons of Berk, Berk had been at hard work cleaning up the mess that the Bewilderbeast made.

It took a good while but they soon managed to get a decent amount of the ice cleared and, in the meantime, Hiccup was hard at work having the dragons that used to live at the ice sanctuary get used to living on a human village.

Of course they already knew Valka well and she had a major helping hand, but like when the dragons initially started getting used to living on Berk, it wasn't always smooth sailing. Many crash courses on not eating/breaking everything had to be issued.

Valka herself was also not quite used to living in civilized society just yet, some of the primal instincts she picked up at the sanctuary were still in place, like remembering that bathrooms exist, so Hiccup helped her by letting her stay at Mildew's old house on the other side of Berk's mountain, a house that no one has lived in since Mildew left.

The house was mighty dim and rusty, but she knew that with some hard work she could build the place up a bit and turn it from a simple cabbage farm to a dragon hospital of sorts, something that Gothi got to quick work in helping with as she certainly would appreciate having another healer on the island.

As for our famed duo, they too, with the help of old friends such as Gobber for Hiccup or Cloudjumper for Toothless, have had to get used to being in charge around Berk and the responsibility that comes with it.

Only a week after the battle, things were starting to seem to get back to normal, and just about everyone was getting used to any new lives that came about after the battle.

However, despite all the respect and loyalty that he's been getting the past week, Toothless couldn't help but feel a bit…empty inside.

Sure, he's got just about all that a dragon could ask for and more. All the dragons of Berk under his wing, more respect than he had ever felt, and not to mention that he'd always get the first helping of every fish haul, but something was still missing about his current situation.

Toothless couldn't quite put his claw on hit, but he knew that deep down inside there was just one more thing that he needed.

At first, Toothless thought this would simply go away after some time, but as the days went on the feeling just got stronger and stronger, with no indication as to why he is feeling this way.

But all that changed one very special night.

Toothless was just lying on his sleeping slab one night, trying to catch some shut eyes after another long day of figuring out the ropes of being Alpha when he heard a very familiar sound.

Since Hiccup now had his father's house to himself with his mother living on the other side of Berk, he had been inviting Astrid to stay over more, and with that came the two of them engaging in some…adult actions.

Hiccup and Astrid would always make sure Toothless was asleep before they got it on, keeping the lights off as well, as they didn't want to disturb him, what they didn't realize was that Toothless couldn't sleep at all with the sound of the two of them fucking.

He would have his back turned and his wings over himself to look like he was asleep, but the truth was he was still wide awake, listening to every moan, thrust and groan the two of the would make.

The two of them likely forgot that Toothless can use sound to allow him to see where he is going and what is going on.

The thing was, it wasn't Hiccup and Astrid fucking that kept Toothless from his slumber, it was what the sound was doing to him that got him concerned.

He would always be subtle about it, but the more he heard Hiccup and Astrid fucking, the more he could feel his lower region stir, so he would give the most subtle of glances and, sure enough, his member was poking out of his sheath and begging to be used.

It was strange, he never felt this way around any dragon, not even any female dragon, but it seemed that hearing two humans mating got him in the mood all of a sudden.

It was then that Toothless fought every urge to get up and offer to join them. He wasn't even sure how they would react to him, a dragon that has well gained Hiccup's trust over the past 5 years, offering to mate with that same human and his girlfriend.

Figuring there was not much else he could do at that moment, Toothless settles to just waiting for the two of them to fall asleep, which didn't take long considering Hiccup isn't much for long mating sessions, to make his move.

Toothless waited a few long minutes after Hiccup and Astrid had stopped making noise and had flopped down in each other's embrace, it was then that Toothless decided to make a quick move.

He first peeks to make sure they're asleep before turning around and looking at the two naked bodies lying on top of the bedsheets.

The two of them must get rather hot from mating because it was quite cold on that fall night, even with Toothless's thick scales, but sure enough, through his night vision, Toothless got a good view of Hiccup lying on his back and Astrid cuddled up on his side.

Seeing that skinny, single legged, naked body nestled under the auburn haired, green eyed head of Hiccup just lying there, gently breathing as he allows sleep to come to him, made something click in Toothless's mind.

This is what he needed, right in front of him, the thing that's missing in his life is…Hiccup. Not just as a friend…but as a mate.

Of course Toothless thought he had lost his mind at that point, but that's when he started fitting the pieces together.

He and Hiccup have been through everything together. Learning to fly together, Hiccup losing his leg, battling the Red Death, the Dragon Hunters, Drago and the Bewilderbeast, and even becoming Alpha/Chief on the exact same hour of the exact same day.

They were so close that being mates was really the only thing that hasn't come about amongst the two of them.

The issue with this was…well, was sleeping right next to Hiccup. Hiccup was already mates with Astrid, way before Toothless even realized these feelings, so there's likely no chance it would ever happen.

Feeling deflated and still a bit horny, Toothless decides to curl up back on his sleeping slab and just try to get some shut eyes. Normally he would rub one out before going to bed after hearing Hiccup and Astrid fucking, but at that moment he just didn't feel up to it, so he just closes his eyes and lets his mind drift off to slumber.

Toothless did have a dream that night, in it he was in a blank, white room and only one thing was happening. Hiccup was on all fours underneath him and Toothless was thrusting his hips into Hiccup's rear.

Even though it was a dream, Toothless could still feel the tightness of Hiccup's insides around his large cock as he passionately thrusts into his mate, making him moan loudly.

Little care was given as to whether or not someone was watching the two of them, in fact Toothless was kind of hoping someone was watching so they can see the display of the two mates acting upon their feelings.

It was then that, to his left, he noticed Astrid standing there, crying over the fact that Hiccup chose this vs being with her. Toothless gives her a smirk as he continues to thrust into Hiccup, leaning in to give him a love bite on the shoulder.

In the conscious world, Toothless was shifting in his sleep, still back facing the bed, cock hard and throbbing in the air to each thrust he was giving in the dream. The feeling of domination to Hiccup just felt that good to him.

However, like with many great dreams, it ended just as Toothless felt his climax building up, and it made Hiccup fade away from him as his mind switches back to reality.

Toothless opens his eyes to find that it was already morning and, by the smell of things, Hiccup and Astrid had already snuck downstairs to not disturb him and were making breakfast.

This made Toothless sigh in relief as he notices a small puddle of cum next to his neck that he likely released from the dream. Not nearly as much as his normal orgasm would give, but was there nonetheless.

Knowing that Hiccup wouldn't be happy about Toothless jizzing on the floor…again, he licks it up and makes sure to get any that was on him as well.

It was then that Toothless noticed something a bit odd, his sleeping slab felt a bit…smaller than usual. Normally it was big enough so he could lie down on it and still have lots of space, but now it seemed like his body was taking up the whole rock.

Figuring he must have had a recent growth spurt without realizing, he shrugs, gets up and makes his way downstairs, finding that the door hinge to the bedroom seemed tighter as well as he needed to lift his wings up to fit through.

Deciding it must have been that growth spurt, he shrugs again and proceeds to get on with the day.

However, as the days and nights went on, Toothless kept having that same dream of him mating with Hiccup, and each time it seemed to feel more real and become more detailed.

By night 4, he seemed to be in the middle of the empty streets of Berk as all of his other dragon friends watch and cheer on the Alpha for claiming his rightful mate.

And each time he woke up, he found himself to be bigger and bigger. He had to have Hiccup remove his tail fin and fly gear as that stuff was meant for his normal size.

Not knowing when this growth was going to stop or how large he was going to get, Toothless made a decision.

He had to leave Berk and head to the cove for a few days so he could figure things out, something that Hiccup understood as he noticed the change in size as well.

Later that day on day 5, Toothless rushes over to the cove where he finds that, just standing on all fours, he could fit in the entire thing, from stone wall to stone wall, the pond in the center of the cove was right below the center of his stomach, and just perking up his ears with his head down can make the tips of his ears extend out of the top of the cove.

In fact, Toothless sneezes in that moment and he becomes even larger, able to look over the cove by just moving his head up, so this growth wasn't in his head at all.

The cove was also getting quite cramped, so Toothless steps out and makes his way into the ocean, finding that, even on all fours, his eyes were peeking out of the water. Another sneeze, another spurt that made him reach a size just shy of the Red Death.

Having had enough of this, Toothless decides he needs a human mind or two to help him figure this out, so he makes his way back to Berk where, as soon as he got back, the whole village was staring in awe at the massive Night Fury shadowing in front of them.

Toothless was concerned about the crowd, but had another issue on his mind. He quickly scoped out Hiccup and leaned in to look down at him with a look of concern, which Hiccup instantly caught on to.

"T-Toothless?" Hiccup asks. "H-how is this happening? How are you getting so big?"

Toothless sighs as he hadn't had the slightest of answers, but in that moment an urge develops in him, one that makes his pupils go to slits as a primal feeling awakens in him.

In one swift movement, Toothless snatches Hiccup in his mouth and proceeds to walk off with him, paying no mind to the screaming people, roaring dragons and Hiccup who was trying to smack his mouth for doing this.

Toothless carries Hiccup over to an island near Berk and, right as he put Hiccup down, Hiccup was able to get a true look at Toothless's new size.

Toothless had to have grown in the time it took to walk from Berk to that island, because now he was easily the size of a Bewilderbeast.

Hiccup stares at his best friend as he towers him, fear in his eyes, before saying, "Toothless, what is going on? Why did you take me out here? Y-You need to take me back to Berk, do you hear me?"

But in fact, Toothless didn't hear him, his urges got the better of him and the feelings he had been feeling for a week now were kicking in, he knew that this is what he had to do, not only as an Alpha but as a mate.

With just one breath, Toothless was able to blow Hiccup's clothes off of him, leaving him completely naked on the deserted island. Looking down, Hiccup quickly covers himself asking, "What is your problem?"

Toothless then looks down and behind him, lifting up his front paw so Hiccup to see. Hanging between his hind legs was an enormous cock that was easily the size of the village of Berk, and came with an engorged knot at the end plus several bumps and ridges. Nestled behind the cock was a set of balls that were easily bigger than Hiccup's house.

It was then that Hiccup caught on to Toothless's intentions, and he starts to back away. "T-Toothless! TOOTHLESS! Don't do it!"

But it was simply too late for Hiccup, as Toothless grabs the human and brings him up, putting him face to tip with Toothless's giant cock. Realizing that escape was now futile, Hiccup grabs the cock tip, which was now even more sensitive than usual, and feels how firm and likely heavy it is.

Just that little touch made Toothless realize just how pent up he was as his cock drips pre-cum into the ocean that makes a big splash upon impact.

However, as soon as that 'bit' of pre left his cock, Toothless could actually feel himself shrink just a tiny bit, to where he is about half a foot under a Bewiderbeast's size.

Hiccup then realizes just what this is. "Toothless, is all of this size just…built up arousal?"

Toothless pondered that for a moment, but then the urges kicked back in and he began to rub Hiccup up and down the smaller but still enormous length, making sure Hiccup gets to feel the hard bumps along the way.

When Hiccup pressed his small hands against certain parts of the length, it caused even more pre to drop out into the ocean and caused Toothless to decrease in size even more.

Once Toothless had brought Hiccup back up to him, Hiccup could see that Toothless's eyes were still slits and had a look of lust mixed with desperation.

Hiccup's eyes widen as he realize what this is. "Y-you need relief and you've picked me to help you? O-oh my gosh, h-have you felt this way for some time now?"

Toothless's pupils widen again as he comes to his senses and gives Hiccup a smile of joy and a bit of shame for not saying anything earlier.

Hiccup thinks about this for a moment before touching the rim of his eye. "Toothless, if this…" he gestures to all of Toothless, well all he could reach, "…is what your feelings for me are doing to you, then I'll be happy to help you out…as long as we promise to keep this between us."

That was all Toothless needed to hear as he lines Hiccup's rear up with the tip of his still engorged cock, letting the pre smear the rim of his anus. Realizing his intentions, Hiccup pats Toothless's paw saying, "Uh, Toothless, I don't think that's quite going to work, bud."

Understanding this, Toothless touches himself a bit more, letting a few more massive drops of pre fall to the ocean as he shrinks again, putting him at about 90% of the Bewilderbeast size, and putting his cock to be a bit smaller now.

Seeing that he could now fit around the very tip of Toothless's cock, which was also the urethral opening, Hiccup takes a deep breath. "Ok, well, here we go I guess."

Toothless moves Hiccup on his cock tip before lining the tip up with his anus and pulling Hiccup down, making Hiccup's pre-cum lubed anus open up and wrap around the tip, giving Hiccup an intense jolt of pain at first.

Hiccup had never mated with another male before, so he obviously doesn't have as much experience with anal play, so of course there was a good deal of pain involved with the initial insert.

However, as Toothless began to move Hiccup up and down the sensitive tip, causing another blob of pre to escape into Hiccup's ass, that pain started to turn into the best sort of pleasure, and it made him moan a bit.

Toothless then began to move Hiccup up and down his cock more, making them both feel really good and, as Toothless was leaking pre, he was shrinking more and more, so a minute into it, Toothless was now about 85% of the giant size he had.

He was still massive, but as he was shrinking from the relief, he found that he was able to fit into Hiccup's ass easier and easier.

Hiccup, on the other hand, could feel Toothless's cock shrink inside him, but as that was going on he started to feel that cock getting deeper in his ass, making more of his insides stretch around the cock.

However, Hiccup soon felt a bump press against him, that bump being one of the many bumps that lined Toothless's cock. Hiccup knew he'd have a big issue with trying to get that bump into his ass, but Toothless was too determined to listen to any sort of protest from Hiccup.

This was helped when more pre-cum dripped through Hiccup's insides and even seeped out of his mouth as Toothless continued to shrink to a size halfway between a Red Death and a Bewilderbeast.

The more Toothless shrunk, the more he could feel his knees sink into the water, so Toothless walks on top of the island, finding that he can stand on each end of the island when on all fours as he pulls Hiccup further and further down his cock.

Soon enough, Toothless was now at a size where he could push that first cock bump into Hiccup's ass, stretching out his anal ring even more and plugging up his anus to where any pre-cum leaking would build up and bulge out Hiccup's stomach before coming out of his mouth.

Having that hot pre-cum flow out of his mouth was quite the unique feeling for Hiccup. He quickly taught himself to breathe through his nose as his mouth was clearly in use, but the flowing fluid with an egg white consistency came out in such a copious amount that it all just drizzled out of the side of Hiccup's mouth and flowed down to the ground.

As Toothless was shrinking down, the puddle of pre-cum was getting longer and longer, but also thinner as his cock and balls were getting smaller as well and therefore has less to give.

Hiccup's cock was rigid and hard, something he'd never thought he'd experience with another male, as Toothless kept on pushing his cock inside, leaking pre and shrinking.

Toothless was now about 85% of a Red Death's size, still about 50 times his regular size, but clearly still had a lot to go. The trees that lined the island were now up to the base of his legs.

With each pull, Toothless managed to get more and more of his cock into Hiccup, now getting about halfway in, including some of the bumps that lined the cock.

There wasn't much else Hiccup could do at this point but hold on and continue to be Toothless's pre-holding device.

Toothless could feel his cock building up with something at that point and he knew what that meant. He gives Hiccup a quick glance to let him know what was going on and Hiccup nods, telling him to go ahead.

Toothless gives one last tug on Hiccup, bringing him down, before finally his cock expands just slightly and it explodes with cum that shoots out of Hiccup's mouth and splatters all over the ground.

Upon that orgasm, Toothless's shrinking increased in a much more rapid rate as, very quickly, he gets down to 4 times, then 3 times, then 2 times, and finally he was back down to his original size.

As soon as he was at this size, he pushes his cock in and manages to slip his knot inside Hiccup's ass, plugging up any cum and pre-cum that managed to stay inside Hiccup's ass and keeping it from going anywhere.

Once Toothless had settled from this post orgasmic bliss, and he sees that he is back to his usual size, he looks down to Hiccup who had a huge look of pleasure and a smile on his face.

Toothless leans in and gives Hiccup a lick on the face as Hiccup returns to his senses and pats Toothless on the cheek. "You're amazing, bud. Truly. I-I'm honored by the fact that you chose me to help relieve you and get you back to normal."

Toothless licks Hiccup again, with a big, gummy smile on his face. Hiccup then says, "So, if you get too much sexual build up then you start growing and the only way to shrink back down is by mating, guess we'll have to find you a mate soon."

Toothless purrs to this however, wondering just how Hiccup hasn't gotten the very obvious message by now. He leans in and locks eyes with Hiccup, hoping that this would help the little human out.

Staring into those toxic green eyes led Hiccup to put one thing in his mind. "Y-you don't want another mate, do you? You want…me." Toothless smiles again and purrs.

Hiccup looks down as he wonders what to do now before putting his hand on Toothless's cheek and saying, "Toothless, I want to be your mate too…but we're gonna have to keep this between the two of us. I can't think of what Berk would do if they found out that I was mates with a dragon. Understand?"

This was all Toothless could ask for, to be with Hiccup, even if it's just privately. With the joy in his heart, Toothless leans in and hugs Hiccup tight, happy that the hole he was feeling in his heart was finally filled, and for the first time in a long time, everything seemed right with the world.

Thank you for reading this story, I do hope you enjoyed it, especially you alexr.

Leave any more suggestions for Fanpicks or Image Fanpicks in the reviews and I'll see you later!

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