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Toothstrid Fusion

Toothstrid Fusion

Alright, today's request comes from C107galaxytachyon and the request itself was kind of split but basically they asked for a story involving Astrid and Toothless fusing together, plus some other things that you'll just have to read to find out.


One evening, Astrid and Toothless were out flying because Hiccup was very busy doing work with Stoick and Hiccup wanted Astrid to fly Toothless, something that Astrid was ok with since it really was quite rare that she and Toothless had had some alone time.

It is a bit of a funny thought, though, considering both Astrid and Toothless wanted to kill each other when they first met, but then again that seems to be a trend with many humans that Toothless meets, Hiccup being no exception.

The two of them were just gliding along the skies when suddenly a storm kicked up around them, sending a rain shower and lightning down. "Thor, where did this storm come from?" Astrid asks as a bolt of lightning just barely misses them.

Toothless grunts in concern. "I agree, Toothless, let's find somewhere where we can wait out this storm." She looks back to Toothless's red prosthetic tail. "With all the metal you have on, it could be pretty dangerous out here."

Astrid and Toothless soon find a small cave on the cliff to an island. The two of them weren't exactly sure where they were, but at that point they just needed some form of shelter.

Once in the cave, Astrid quickly notices both how wet her clothes are and how cold it is from the storm, especially in her blue, short sleeve shirt and spiked skirt. Astrid shivers as she sighs. "I need a way to get warm. Too late to go out and look for firewood, I suppose."

Astrid then knows that she'll need to shed her wet clothes, the problem was that Toothless was right next to her. As awkward as it would be, being naked right in front of her boyfriend's dragon, surely it couldn't be much worse than standing there with wet clothes.

Astrid looks over to Toothless and says, "Toothless, I think I might need to take off my clothes. Would you be comfortable with me being naked in front of you?"

Toothless thinks about it for a moment before grunting a response of confirmation. Astrid nods and says, "Just…look away, ok?" Toothless does just so as she takes her clothes off, finding that even her bra was soaking wet so she had to take that off too.

Once naked, she finds a pointed rock that stuck out of the side of the cave that she hung her clothes on.

While that much was taken care of, Astrid still couldn't shake just how cold she felt. Growing up on Berk, she certainly wasn't a stranger to cold, but then again she usually had her wool coat to keep her warm.

Astrid sits down and shivers away saying, "Th-th-th-Thor it's c-c-cold. I just w-w-wish that there was s-some way I c-could keep w-w-w-w-warm."

She then looks over and notices the large, black dragon on the other side of the room and remembers that since they do breathe fire they tend to be warm on the inside. She then suggests, "T-t-Toothless? C-can I ask a-a-a favor?"

Toothless didn't look but did grunt a response of acceptance. "C-can you wrap m-me in you-your wings? J-just to w-warm me up?"

Toothless considered dong this and it was then that he remembered how thin human skin is vs his thick dragon scales, so while he might just feel a breeze, Astrid is probably freezing her butt off.

Toothless lies down on his side facing Astrid, wings fully extended, head facing to the back of the cave but he was still not looking at her. Astrid nods. "Th-thank y-you!"

Astrid walks over and nestles herself inside of Toothless's legs with her head pointing to his and back facing away. Once in there, Toothless folds his wings back up, wrapping Astrid up better than any blanket could. She realized that her boobs were pressed against Toothless's chest, but somehow she didn't mind so much as it kinda felt good.

Once inside, Astrid quickly realized just how warm it actually is in there, Toothless's thick scales combined with the tent-like wings made her warm up almost instantly. Astrid then looks up to Toothless and says, "You're pretty warm. Now I know why Hiccup likes to be in here."

Toothless, while still looking away, grunts a response. Astrid then suggests, "You can look at me now. I don't think there's much to see from this angle." Toothless gives her a side glance and, sure enough, with his legs covering her boobs all he could really see was her face so he looks down fully and gives her a smile.

Astrid smiles right back. "I knew you were protective, but I think this just make me appreciate you even more. I know I have Stormfly, and she'll always be my main girl, but should the situation demand it I don't think I'd mind being with you one bit." she reaches up and puts a hand on his cheek.

Toothless purrs to the soft hand on his firm cheek, something that caused his neck to vibrate a bit which Astrid's head felt, making her chuckle. She then lets out a yawn saying, "I don't know why but suddenly I'm so tired. You mind if I take a quick nap while we wait out the storm?"

Toothless nods so Astrid gets herself comfortable within the Night Fury's embrace and closes her eyes and drifts into slumber.

Once she was asleep, Toothless quickly noticed how beautiful Astrid looked when she slept, but he also noticed a strange fishy smell to her hair, most likely from the fish oil hair gel she's been using. He leans in and gives Astrid's hair a lick, making her chuckle. "Toothless, I told you, I'm trying to go to sleep."

Toothless gives a slight dragon chuckle before laying his head down to catch some Z's himself.

However, during their slumber, something interesting happened.

The fishy smell from Astrid's hair gel seemed to be getting to Toothless as about 10 minutes later, he couldn't seem to fall asleep because of it. The smell was almost intoxicating, but in a good way.

Toothless then leaned in and gave a purr to see if Astrid was awake or not and, sure enough, she was sound asleep. Toothless then figured that, perhaps sticking her head in his mouth could, at the very least, give her some extra warmth that she needed.

Course, Toothless's mind did fight the idea of putting his best friend's girlfriend's head into his mouth, but then again Astrid could simply wash off any saliva that gets onto her. He knows that saliva never comes out of clothes, but with hair it seems to be different.

After a full minute of thinking of this, his mind just says F it as he leans in, opens his gummy mouth just wide enough to slip Astrid's head inside, and slips it in.

Once in there, Toothless instantly got the pleasant taste of that gel as it seeped onto his tongue. With that and a satisfied grin, Toothless decides to stay like that for a bit and really savor the taste as he too drifts off to sleep.

20 more minutes pass and Astrid hears a very familiar sound in that she heard…nothing. She figured that the storm must have passed and she didn't realize it.

However, once Astrid opened her eyes, she noticed something…different.

For one thing, the large dragon that she was in the arms and wings of was not there, she looked around and didn't see him. At first she thought that maybe he went out to get food, but that couldn't be because they were in a cliff-side cave and he would need to fly in order to get to the main part of the island.

Astrid then calls out, "Toothless? You here?" She tried to get up, but that's when something else felt different. She felt like she suddenly had more parts to her than the usual arms, legs and body, in fact it almost felt like she had a second set of arms and a third leg extending from her butt.

Looking to the left, Astrid notices a wing that looked just like Toothless's, only it seemed to connect to her back, and looking down she spotted a long tail that reached past her legs and she could actually feel. Finally, looking a bit upward and past her boobs, which seemed to be covered in…black scales, she spotted a nub with two large orbs attached to her crotch.

Freaking out, Astrid jerks up and yells, "What the Thor?!"

She then hears a deep voice in her head that she didn't recognize, "Hey, can you keep it down? I'm trying to sleep here."

She looks around and spots no one else in the cave but herself. Now fully curious, she asks, "Uh…who's there?"

The voice says again, "Uh, the Lycanwing, who do you think it is? Wait…can you understand me?"

Astrid cautiously asks while still looking around, "Yeah…but who's asking?"

The voice replies, "Astrid, don't you recognize-?" the voice pauses for a second as the two wings and tail attached to her move a bit, along with her arms and legs. The voice then says, "…Oh my Artruthium."

Astrid replies as she picks up a rock, "Show yourself! Whoever you are, show yourself!"

The voice replies, "Astrid, it's me, Toothless!"

(Side note, from here on I'll be referring to the fusion as they/them/their because they are a futa)

Astrid raises a brow to that. "What? Toothless? W-where are you?"

Toothless replies, "Don't you get it? I'm the voice you are hearing, I'm…I'm…you, or me, uh, whatever is going on here. We are each other!"

Astrid then realizes that these dragon parts on them really are theirs, and if these parts didn't originally belong to Astrid, then… "…Toothless? But…how? H-how did we suddenly fuse together?"

Toothless comes in and thinks, "Well, I may know how."

Astrid comes back and replies, "Ok…how?"

Toothless replies, "Well…it's kind of funny but you know that fish oil hair gel you've been using?"

Astrid replies, "Y-yeah?"

Toothless adds, "Yeah, well, it smelled so good that I got the idea to put your head in my mouth so I can get the taste and possibly keep your head warm."

Astrid gets a disgusted look. "You put my head in your MOUTH?!"

Toothless sighs, "Yes…It's not that weird. Anyway, I kind of have this thing where if I fall asleep with something in my mouth I kind of…well, I sort of need to…swallow it."

(Side note, oral vore is something that I have spoken against for writing because I do consider it to be basically eating, but I just wanted to try something different, something out of my normal comfort zone.)

That's when Astrid's face turns to complete shock. "You mean you ATE ME!"

Toothless shakes their combined head. "Not entirely…well, sort of. Anyway, I don't know how but it seems that when I did that it caused our DNA to fuse and…well…I think you can see the results."

Astrid blinks then rushes over to a puddle just at the entrance to the cave. They look in and spot Astrid's face with scales on their cheeks, their right eye was blue and their left was green, hair was blonde with streaks of black, pointed dragon ears replacing Astrid's own along with 6 head nubs that they could move on their own. Opening their mouth, they found that they could even retract their teeth.

They sit down and Astrid sighs. "I…we…are a fusion. You think there's any way we can reverse this?"

Toothless sighs. "Your guess is as good as mine. On the flip side, we can talk to each other which is kind of cool."

Astrid sighs. "But at the cost of half of my humanity…" tears begin to form as they puts their head into their hands.

Toothless sighs again. Dragons don't have tear ducts, but it seems that this fused form has given them just that. "Look, I'm in the same boat. I'm giving up half of what makes me a dragon, myself. I don't know…maybe this could be a chance to learn more from each other."

Astrid sniffs as they wipe their tears. "You think so?"

Toothless nods. "I know so. So, uh, I do have a question, why are male humans so obsessed with these." they reach up and grabs their boobs.

Astrid jerks their hands away. "Stop it!"

Toothless replies, "Hey, we're the same body now, remember? If we're gonna get to know each other, we might as well go there at some point."

Astrid realizes this to be true and sighs as they put their hands back up to their boobs. "I can't exactly explain why men are so obsessed with these, but I do know that their function is to feed our children."

Toothless nods. "Wow, they feel pretty good. Heh, looks like part of us likes this."

Astrid then looks down and notices that, in the nub resting between their legs, a pink tip was poking out which gave Astrid the exact idea of what that is. "Oh…yeah. I've…uh…obviously never had a penis before but, well, if I'm allowing you to touch me then…"

They reach their right hand down and first lift up the rather heavy, orange sized testicles that sit underneath the sheath, finding that it made the tip come out even more. They give that tip a firm but gentle squeeze, finding that it sent a jolt of pleasure up their spine.

Astrid then asks, "H-how big do you think we are?"

Toothless replies, "Not sure. I imagine it could be some cross between a Night Fury size and human size. Care to find out? Together?"

Astrid nods and reach their other hand down to fondle the testicles more and reach the other hand down to explore underneath those balls. Once there, sitting just above the base of their black tail, they found two slits, one tight and round the other wide and long.

Astrid comments, "Oh my, we really do have all the parts."

Toothless nods. "Dam. I thought I was sexy before but this, this is something else!"

They sit against the cave wall as they work both their pussy and start stroking their cock, getting it out to full length, finding that it just reached past their boobs. Astrid comments, "Wow. Sure is big."

Toothless nods again. "Hang on…" they put the hand on their cock down so Toothless could feel around a bit and, sure enough, he felt a harder bulb of flesh nestled underneath the cock. "Yep, still got the knot."

Astrid raises a brow. "Knot?"

Toothless nods. "It seems that you have a bit to learn too. Basically, knots are meant to go into my mate and keep us connected as I ejaculate into her. It does soften after some time, but once inside it's quite hard to get it out."

Astrid asks while starting to pant from the building up pleasure. "D-do all dragons have a knot?"

Toothless replies, "Not really, then again I don't exactly go around looking at other dragon's dicks. I believe Terrible Terrors, Stormcutters, Boneknappers and Speed Stingers have the same thing, and Cavern Crashers have a reverse situation where the bulb is at the tip."

Astrid nods. "Interesting."

Just then, the hard cock began throbbing and leaking, well more like drizzling, pre-cum all over their boobs, getting them soaked in the hot fluids and making them moan loud in pleasure.

Astrid soon realized that with their left hand on their cock and their right in their pussy, they didn't quite have a way to fondle their boobs, that's when Toothless came in and put the hand on their pussy up to their boob so they can squeeze it and make milk come out while bringing their tail up to slip into their pussy.

That brought both of them over the edge as their knot pops out and their cock ejects cum with such a force that it splattered onto the roof of the cave, making them both yell out in ecstasy. There was so much cum released that as it fell down it coated their head and got into their hair instantly.

Once their balls had been fully drained, they both slide down onto their back, in the puddle of their own cum as they pant like they just jogged for an hour.

Astrid soon comes to and says, "That was…amazing."

Toothless replies, "Yeah, you were great too." Just then, something occurs to Astrid, putting a look on their face, something that Toothless instantly understood. "You worried how we can go back to Berk?"

Astrid sighs. "Is it that obvious?"

Toothless points out, "Well, considering we now share a head, I'd say so."

Astrid sighs deeper. "Will anyone even accept us? I mean, everyone was up in arms when you first showed up, how are they going to react to some hybrid?"

Toothless ponders this for a moment then comes to a realization. "Well, perhaps there is someone we can talk to, someone who might be able to be understandable and reasonable with us."

Astrid nods. "I know what you mean. Someone who seems to have a knack for changing minds, both human and dragon."

Toothless adds, "Someone who has known both of us long enough that he'd surely understand."

Astrid adds, "Someone…who we both consider our best friend in the world."

They then say simultaneously, "Hiccup."

Astrid then says, "How should we do this? I mean, obviously we can't just walk through Berk like this? They'd throw us out first, ask questions later."

Toothless replies, "We'll have to go in tonight, when Hiccup is about to go to bed. We know all of the secret entrances in, so it should be a breeze."

Astrid nods. "Tonight it is, then." They get up and retrieve Astrid's clothes but soon realize that they might not exactly suit this new form. Toothless pokes a claw out of their hand and uses it to cut wing holes in the shirt and a tail hole in the pants.

Once their clothes were on, Toothless helped Astrid figure out about flying. It seemed that this fused body caused one of Toothless's tail fins to grow back, so that part was fairly easy to figure out, it was then, as the sun was beginning to set, that they began to head back to Berk.

It turned out that not only Hiccup but all of Berk took to this new fusion quite well.

Soon after showing Hiccup, he showed them to Stoick, their other friends and dragons, and soon the whole village and, surprisingly, they liked it.

The benefit of the form was that now they could talk to both humans and dragons and act as a sort of dragon translator for the people. Hiccup did need to start riding Stormfly now, but that wasn't too big of a worry for either of them.

They did need to move Astrid's stuff into Hiccup's house, but again, that was quite easy.

The downside was that now all the people and dragons were asking all sorts of questions about the two that they would constantly have to explain.

Also, they couldn't leave Berk because the moment their enemies find out about the fusion, the moment they'll start to get hunted down.

Lastly, there was a big change in the dynamic of their group of friends. Snotlout could no longer stand the thought of being with Astrid as that would mean he'd have to be with Toothless as well, Fishlegs, as mentioned, would always ask for new information to write down.

However, as tiring as all that might be, there's little doubt that Astrid or Toothless would have it any other way.

Thank you for reading this story, galaxy I hope you especially enjoyed it.

Keep your suggestions coming, and I'll see you later!

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