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Ok, this suggestion comes to me from TheCasanovaOfSmut who suggests a story where Astrid ends up cheating on Hiccup for Snotlout. It seems like it could be an interesting tale, so here we go.

With all of the recent events happening, it's quite amazing how some people are still able to find and maintain love with whoever they choose to be with.

However, for the girlfriend of a certain island chief, things haven't exactly been going as she hoped they would.

When Hiccup first became chief, Astrid knew that he would certainly be a lot busier helping his village and trying to turn it into the dragon utopia that he has in mind, but what she wasn't prepared for was just how busy he would end up becoming.

These days, it just seems like Hiccup is always working, always building, always helping Toothless find his legs with being Alpha, and it seemed like he just never had the time for her anymore.

And it's not even spending time with her that's gotten her worried, it's the simple fact that the two of them haven't had sex or even kissed in at least 2 weeks.

Before Hiccup became chief, the two of them would usually take their dragons to some small island or sneak away to the outskirts of Berk and have some passionate, protected one on one time with each other.

When Hiccup initially became chief he did always find the time to spend with Astrid, but lately he's been somewhat drifted away and won't even really talk to her unless it's something related to either dragons or design ideas for new Berk buildings.

This led Astrid to a bar in Berk one evening where she wasn't really talking or looking at anyone, she was pretty much just sat at her bar stool staring at her hands and praying that someday things will turn around.

After sitting there for what felt like hours, the bartender plops down a mug of mead and says, "Here ya go, little lady."

Astrid snaps out of her daze and replies, "Huh? Oh, uh, I didn't order anything."

The bartender replies while wiping down a mug. "I know, ya haven't said a word in an hour, but the lad over there bought it fer ya." he gestures to his left.

Astrid looks over and spots Snotlout sitting at the end of the bar, holding another mug of mead and raising it to Astrid. Astrid rolls her eyes and pushes the mug back. "Yeah, tell him thanks but no thanks."

The bartender shrugs. "Well, it's already been paid for, so it's yours whether ya like it or not."

Astrid then sighs and that's when she heard a voice that she had become very annoyed by over the years. "Hey, Astrid."

She jerks her head to the side and sees Snotlout sitting right next to her. "Snotlout? What are you doing here?"

Snotlout shrugs. "What? This is where I always go to scope out the ladies."

Astrid turns her head back but keeps her eyes on him. "What about Ruffnut? Didn't you and Fishlegs have a thing for her?"

Snotlout rubs the back of his neck. "Yeah, she seems to have chosen Fishface over me, but it's cool, there are plenty of f-word in the sea?"

Astrid raises a brow. "F-word?"

Snotlout nods. "Yeah, if I even mention the word F-I-S-H then Hookfang will look for me and beg me to feed him." Astrid nods and looks down to her mug. Snotlout sighs, "Something on your mind?"

Astrid sighs. "Why do you care? I know you're hitting on me like you always do, yet you know I have Hiccup."

Snotlout shrugs. "Who said anything about hitting on you? I'm just a friend who bought you a drink…it's Hiccup isn't it?"

Astrid gives Snotlout a side glance before looking back down to her mug. "It's…complicated."

Snotlout raises his mug and says, "Let me guess, you're upset because Hiccup's been spending so much time being chief that he's sort of casted you aside, am I right?"

Astrid blinks. "That's…exactly it. How did…?"

Snotlout takes a sip of his mead and says, "I can be sensitive when I need to be." He puts the mug down and says, "Do you really think Hiccup's the one for you?"

Astrid looks to the side, about ready to punch him in the face. "W-what?"

Snotlout replies with a deadpan look, "I mean, why are you really with him? Just look at the facts. You're a warrior girl, he's a Slitherwing with limbs. Are you with him because you genuinely like him, or is it because he figured out about dragon training before anyone else?"

Astrid's glare drops as the thought pops into her head. "I…well…"

Snotlout replies, "We all know Hiccup's been into you since we were kids, but are you truly into him?" He takes another sip. "Seems to me like you deserve better. Someone who you've known just as long but has all that Hiccup doesn't. Sure, Hiccup has brains and dragons but how does that add up to muscles? You deserve…someone who's cared for you since the day we met."

Astrid glances right back up at that last part. "Snotlout, are you saying that you're…into me?"

Snotlout shrugs. "Don't see why you're surprised. You've seen the way I've been hitting on you. In fact, when I was competing against Fishlegs for Ruffnut's love, I had this gut feeling that what I was doing wasn't entirely what I wanted. *sigh* I know you and Hiccup have been together for years now, and if you want to stay with him, that's fine, but do know that there's someone else out there who cares just as much about you."

Astrid was completely shocked. In all the years she's known Snotlout, she had never seen this sensitive side of him, much less hearing him actually admit that he's in love with her. She couldn't tell what to feel in that moment, part of her wanted to throw her mead at his face but the rest of her was genuinely curious to see if being with Snotlout could actually benefit her.

She then looks down to the mug in front of her and decides that she may need to be clear minded for whatever was about to happen, so she pushes it to the side and says to the bartender, "Pass it on to the next person." before looking to Snotlout and saying, "Why don't we blow this yak dung stand?"

Snotlout looks up and smiles to that.

The two of them make their way to Snotlout's house where Astrid sits herself upon Snotlout's sofa. She looks around at the usual photos of Snotlout, Hookfang and even herself.

With a water in her hand she replies, "Never thought I'd come here with you alone."

Snotlout replies, "Hey, unexpected things happen." He sits to her right.

Astrid asks, "Where's Hookfang?"

Snotlout explains, "He's out helping Hiccup at the forge as a punishment for setting Hiccup's house on fire…again."

Astrid nods. "Sounds about right."

Snotlout replies, "Well, you're here now, now what?"

Astrid rubs the back of her head. "I…I don't know. At the start of tonight I wanted to hate you for even talking to me but now…I don't know."

Snotlout then says, "Well, we don't have to do anyting. We could just hang out here and call it a night in a few hours, or if you have something in mind I am open to anything."

Astrid looks over and stares into Snotlout's green eyes, something she had honestly never noticed how beautiful they are before, and replied, "Well…I guess we could…I don't know…." she rubs her hands together.

Snotlout replies, "And I thought Fishlegs got nervous." he puts his hands over hers. "Look, whatever your heart is telling you is obviously the right thing, I just want you to be happy, that's all."

Astrid stares a bit longer. She knows it wasn't any sort of mead talking since she drank nothing that whole night, so she knew that these feelings really were genuine, so much so that she ended up leaning in, opening up her lips and connecting them with Snotlout's.

Astrid didn't know what to think in that moment, while some of her was telling her that kissing Snotlout was wrong in every sense of the word, a lot of her was saying how right this was.

Astrid peeked her eyes open to see that Snotlout's were closed as their breathing became more in sync, their faces heated up, their hearts started pounding, and their bodies, mostly Astrid's, were beginning to tremble.

Snotlout then pulls away from Astrid and asks, "Well, how do you feel?"

Astrid replies, "Uh…I…don't know."

Snotlout nods. "It's alright. Say, do you mind if I…" he reaches his hands up towards her chest.

Astrid spots this and wanted to back away but her mind and body were somehow telling her to stay put. "I mean…I suppose…" Snotlout nods and grabs each of Astrid's boobs in his hands, finding that, despite his size, Snotlout did have a rather gentle touch.

Snotlout says, "Wow, you have some amazing boobies there, Astrid."

Astrid blushes deep. "Thank you." Astrid figured that they had gotten this far, so she reaches her hand down and begins to feel around the front of Snotlout's pants, finding an obvious bulge with something a bit extra.

She runs her hand down his right pant leg and says, "H-holy crap, how big are you?"

Snotlout smirks to the question. "Would you…like to find out?"

Astrid mindlessly nods as Snotlout undoes his belt and pulls his pants down, revealing a hard cock that easily reached up to his mouth as it sprang into the air. That cock was backed up by a pair of balls the size of her fist. "Oh. My. Thor. Y-you're huge! H-how do you-"

"Fit this thing in my pants?" Snotlout asks. "Yeah, that's been a mystery for me as well. Getting an erection actually hurts a bit cause there's so much blood that goes into the thing. You wanna…touch it?" he points the doorknob sized tip towards Astrid's face.

Astrid couldn't help but stare at the large penis in front of her, she didn't know what came over her as she reached over and grasped the length in her hands, feeling how hard it truly was and how it was throbbing in her hands.

Snotlout smirks. "Yeah, bet it's a wonder how I don't get with the ladies now." He then gestures his head to the bed lined with a cover that had a Hookfang scale design. "Want to…take this to the bed?"

Astrid nods and they both get up and spend the next hour making passionate, naked love, more love than Astrid had experienced in a long time, all ending with Snotlout fucking Astrid in the ass, something that was a bit of a feat considering his size, before they came together and Astrid flopped down to the left side of the bed, panting like Toothless when he found out about opening his back fins.

In no time at all, Astrid drifts to a deep slumber as Snotlout wraps her up in his embrace.

The next morning, Astrid wakes up and finds that she's not in her bedroom at all. She then remembers the events of last night and realizes exactly what she had just done. "Oh….oh Thor, no!" she thinks to herself as she looks to her naked self, ass still stained with dried up cum.

Astrid looks over to see that Snotlout was still sleeping so she quietly pulls the blanket off of her, not intending on waking Snotlout, but then hears a voice. "Morning, sunshine." She looks and sees Snotlout on his side, shoulder on his pillow, as he smiles wide. "You sleep well last night."

Astrid then realizes that her chest was still very visible, so she brings the blanket up as she says, "Holy shit."

Snotlout shakes his head. "Hey, it's nothing I haven't already seen. Besides, surely you haven't already forgotten about this." he lifts the blanket up, revealing his cock which, even in its flaccid state, reached down to just above his knees.

Astrid then says, "I…I gotta go!" before she goes to collect her clothes and put them on.

Snotlout then says, "Aww, not gonna stay for breakfast? I'm sure you'd love the yak sausage that I make."

Astrid had tuned out that last part as she had gotten her clothes on and bolted out the door, thanking Thor that no one, not even a dragon, saw her leaving Snotlout's house.

Throughout the day, Astrid just couldn't help but feel a deep sense of regret for what happened. Here she was, betrothed to the chief of Berk, and she just went and cheated on him for someone that, a day ago, she wouldn't hurled at the thought of being with.

Astrid tried her best to avoid Snotlout or any thoughts of him that day, but that was futile as she just couldn't shake what she was truly concerned about.

The fact was that, the entire time she was having sex with Snotlout, she realized that it felt…amazing. It was the best sex she had ever had in the entire 21 years of being on Earth, and it wasn't from Hiccup at all.

At that moment she wasn't even watching where she was going, she was just walking along the streets of Berk, mindlessly moving her legs when she suddenly trips, but her fall is recovered by a large, black scaled figure.

This is followed by Hiccup running next to her and saying, "Whoa! Almost lost it there, Astrid." Toothless grunted a similar note.

Astrid realized that it was just Toothless that caught her fall so she got back to her feet and said, "Right, sorry, Hiccup. I guess I just wasn't watching where I was going."

Hiccup nods. "Well, ok, just be safe Astrid." He then notices something underneath Astrid's jacket. "Hey, isn't this Snotlout's shirt?"

She looks down and, sure enough, she had on Snotlout's brown undershirt. She realized that she must have put it on that morning without thinking about it. She looks to Hiccup and says, "Oh…uh…yeah, my shirt got dirty so I borrowed Snotlout's."

Hiccup raises a brow. "A bit odd that you'd ask Snotlout for his shirt, but ok. Hey, I've actually been meaning to talk to you." He motions his head to an alleyway and holds his hand to Toothless to tell him to stay put.

They go into the alley where Hiccup says, "Look, I know I've sort of been neglecting you lately. As chief, my to-do list is never ending, I'm still not entirely sure how my dad did it, I just wanted you to know that my heart still belongs to you and maybe if I'm not too busy tonight I could come over to your place and we could…have a bit of fun."

Astrid's eyes widen past their sockets to that statement. "R-really?"

Hiccup nods. "I'm sure things have been as hard for you as they have been for me, so I thought that maybe just this one chance to reclaim our love could benefit both of us. What do you say?"

It was then that the situation dawned on Astrid. Yes, her night with Snotlout was amazing but at the same time she still belonged to Hiccup. She looks down a bit as she ponders over this idea before looking back up to Hiccup and replying, "…Ok."

Hiccup smiles wide. "I just have a few more things I need to get done, then I'll be right over." he then goes out and meets back up with Toothless as they go about the rest of their day, leaving Astrid with a deep feeling of regret in both her mind and her heart.

Later that evening, Astrid had made her way back home and as soon as she got inside, she was greeted by Snotlout lying across her sofa. "I was wondering when you'd come back." Snotlout says. "Though, you did come back a bit later than I expected. I kinda owe Hookfang a few fish now."

Astrid sighs. "You need to leave. Now."

Snotlout sits up and asks, "What? Why?"

Astrid points to the door. "I said leave! Hiccup will be here any moment and if he sees you, he'll be more than pissed."

Snotlout chuckles to that. "Relax, relax, I can leave before he even finds out I'm here. Remember, our little secret right?"

Astrid turns around and crosses her arms. "We never agreed to that."

Snotlout then stands up and walks to Astrid, "Look, remember what I said last night? You don't actually love Hiccup, you just love the fact that he can train dragons. Why can't you just admit it and follow your heart?"

Astrid lets out a deeper sigh. "It's not that…it's just…"

Snotlout points out, "I get that you're confused. Trust me, I would be as well, but you can't let this confusion get into your head. You know what you need to do to make things right, and I just want to make sure you're happy."

Astrid stares at the door for a few seconds, lost in thought as her emotions build up in her. Emotions that allowed tears to form in her eyes as the truth was coming down on her.

Snotlout grabs her shoulder and has her face him as he says, "You know what you want. The question is, do you have the guts to listen to what you want?"

Astrid stares into Snotlout's eyes for the second time in two days and the butterflies in her stomach return as she feels the rush of emotions surge through her.

Astrid then finally listens to herself and leans in, lips puckered, ready to seal the deal when the door opens and a voice came in. "Astrid?! Snotlout?! What is this?"

Astrid turns and sees Hiccup right there. "H-Hiccup! Wait, it's not what it looks like!"

Snotlout shrugs. "I'd say it's exactly what it looks like."

Hiccup then steps up to Snotlout. "You! I know you can't keep your filthy hands to yourself, but to go as far as to actually try to kiss my girlfriend?"

Snotlout smirks. "Who said anything about ME trying to kiss HER?"

Hiccup's eyes widen to that question as a terrifying thought occurs to mind. He looks over to Astrid and asks, "W…were YOU about to kiss HIM?"

Tears were now flowing down Astrid's face as she rushes out the door, gets on Stormfly and flies off to the distance.

Astrid didn't tell Stormfly to really go anywhere, she just had her fly off in a random direction as she cried her heart out.

Stormfly could easily sense something troubling Astrid, so she lands on a nearby island where Astrid hops off and goes to sit on the edge of a cliff.

She was as lost in thought as she was earlier that day as she wonders just what she was going to do at that point. Should she stay with Hiccup or should she give Snotlout that fighting chance that he's always wanted.

It was then that her thoughts were interrupted by Hiccup's voice saying, "Hey."

She looks to see Hiccup standing there with Toothless behind him next to Stormfly and asks, "H-how did you find me?"

Hiccup smiles. "You think I don't know an 'Astrid running away to think' spot when I see one? You do know that I have these exact same spots, right?"

Astrid nods and then looks back down to the sea below, watching as the waves crash on to the side of the island. Hiccup then sits to her right and asks, "So, Snotlout told me a bit about what happened. I-is it true that I've been neglecting you so much that you went and looked for another guy?"

Astrid sighs. "It's…not like that. Well, kind of but not really. Snotlout opened up to me and told me that he loves me, and I guess that information kind of just…got to me."

Hiccup's smile fades as he hears that part. He now fully understood what Astrid was going through, having two guys who wanted her and now she had to choose between the two. He actually somewhat felt like Ruffnut when Snotlout and Fishlegs were all over her.

Hiccup then says, "Whatever you choose is fine with me."

Astrid snaps out of her daze and looks to Hiccup. "W-what?"

Hiccup sighs. "I've loved you since we were kids, you know that, and I just want you to be happy. So if allowing you to be with someone else is what it takes for you to be happy, then so be it. There are plenty of fish in the sea."

Meanwhile, back on Berk, Hookfang heard the word fish and went up to Snotlout to beg for him. From where Hiccup and Astrid were sitting, you could almost hear him yell, "Oh, come on!"

Astrid looks up to Hiccup then to Stormfly then Toothless then out to Berk and back. She couldn't believe the amount of generosity that Hiccup was showing.

She then thinks about the past two days and what has been going on and, in that moment, her heart made the decision for her.

(1 week later)

Astrid had poured some mead and said to Snotlout, "You know what? I was skeptical but I'm glad I made this decision."

Snotlout nods. "Me too. I'm glad I can finally open up to you and stop being that jerk you know."

Astrid then sits and says, "I just hope Hiccup is ok. I mean, finding out that I want to be with another guy is pretty tough."

Snotlout nods. "I get it, but what matters is that we have each other." They cheers to that and cuddle by the fireplace.

And that is the end of that.

Thank you for reading this story, Casanova I hope you enjoyed it especially. I do know that you gave me a few notes for the plot you wanted like only having Hiccup know that Astrid was cheating but I think what I came up with is still very fine.

Please leave your suggestions for Fanpicks in the comments and I'll see you later.

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