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Mating Habits: Light Fury

This comes from OnyxPhantom in a PM through my story, Dragon Mating Habits, who says to me.

"Do you think it would be a good idea if you did a chapter where it was Toothless and the Lightfury? Where they do it right in front of Hiccup to give him a nice show. Or maybe let him have a go once Toothless is done?"

I like it, I hadn't even thought about including the Light Fury into the story until now, but this could be the perfect opportunity.

So here's the setup, this takes place during Mating Habits when Toothless and Hiccup are flying back home from one of their observations.


Mating Habits: Light Fury

Toothless and I were flying back one night from one of our dragon mating observations, when we pass by an island and Toothless seems to detect something on the island and is starting to get drawn to it.

"Toothless? What is it, bud? What's on that island?"

Toothless then makes a sharp turn and we head straight for the island. Once we land, he almost pushes me off of him before running off.

After scrambling to find my feet, I tried to follow him as best as I could, calling after him along the way. "Toothless, where are you going?" He wouldn't say anything but then, after a few minutes of running he stops all of a sudden. I catch up to him and try looking where he's looking to see why he stopped when suddenly I can see some kind of white glow shining in a cave nearby.

I told Toothless to stay low as we walk over to see what it is, and what we saw was truly awe inspiring. There we saw a dragon that looked just like Toothless but it was white and gave off a beautiful glow. Upon further inspection, I could tell that it was a female. She seemed to be sleeping in the cave.

"Toothless." I whispered to him, "You're not the only one." We exchange glances before looking right back to her. I knew I had to call her something, she wasn't exactly a Night Fury but more of a Day Fury, no a Bright Fury, no a…Light Fury. That's it, that's what she was, a Light Fury.

I whisper to Toothless, "You should go introduce yourself, bud. I'd go with you but I don't know how comfortable she is around humans." So Toothless steps out of the bushes we were behind and slowly walks over to that Light Fury.

She seems to hear something coming so she jerks her head up almost like she's about to defend herself, but then she sees Toothless and immediately her guard is put down. She stands up and walks over to him. I couldn't tell exactly what they were saying but I'm sure they were saying hi in some form. They start having a sort of dragon conversation which I couldn't even begin to follow, but then, out of nowhere, the Light Fury turns to her side and lifts her hind leg for Toothless.

Toothless leans his head in to give her a sniff before extending his tongue and licking her vagina. "Well, that was quick." I thought to myself. "Maybe this is my chance to really see how Furies mate."

I then notice that Toothless is hard and ready to go, so he gets behind the Light Fury, no wait she needs a name. "Nightless? No, that doesn't work, um…" I then notice the way her scales shine almost like the full moon, and then it hit me. "Luna. That's brilliant. Luna!" Ok, name out of the way, Toothless gets on his hind legs behind Luna and within a matter of seconds manages to slip half of his foot long cock inside of her vagina.

I guess when they say Night Furies are known for speed, this is what they mean. Just the fact that they can meet and fuck within minutes is all the more fascinating to me.

Toothless starts thrusting himself deep inside Luna with all of his might. Both Furies, Night and Light alike, look like they've entered a world of pleasure. The whole thing was so hot that I didn't even notice that my hand had taken my own cock out and had started stroking it.

Toothless then lets out a roar and plunges his whole length inside of Luna and starts shooting his seed inside of her. Once done he leans his head down and seems to whisper something to Luna. Luna's ears perk up and she looks directly at me making my heart skip a beat.

At first I thought she was mad that I was watching but she actually seems ok with it. She then says something to Toothless and he pulls out. Luna then walks over to me, turns around and presents her ass and vagina for me to see, as if she was asking if I would like to join.

This was so unexpected. I had never in my wildest imagination thought I could ever have sex with a dragon, but the thought of it turns me on even more. So I walk out of the bushes and position my rock hard cock so that it was lined up with her vagina. Given the fact that I was much smaller, I'm sure I wouldn't have trouble slipping in, besides I had Toothless' sperm to lube me up.

Sure enough, with just one thrust I managed to get my cock all the way inside of her. My cock was now coated in Night Fury semen but I was in too much excitement to care. I start to thrust away, giving her everything I have. It was interesting, despite the size difference, she actually seems to be really feeling it and is clamping her vagina down on my cock.

Meanwhile Toothless was just standing there seeing his rider and his new girlfriend go like we've known each other for years. I could tell that he was enjoying himself, seeing as his tail was wrapped around his now softened cock.

It only took a few minutes before I gave her a final thrust and shot my seed inside of her. There wasn't nearly as much as Toothless produced, but it was enough to fill her up wherever Toothless didn't.

Once Luna and I have calmed down, I pull out of her and wipe myself off of my shirt. I then say "Well, this is great. Toothless, now you don't have to be lonely anymore." Toothless looks to me then looks to Luna and then back to me. He says something to Luna, Luna nods and then she flies away. I was shocked, I thought Toothless would've wanted to stay with her.

"Toothless, what are you doing? Don't you want to be with her?" Toothless purrs and walks over to me and nuzzles me for a bit. It took me a second to realize what he is saying. "Toothless, are you telling me that you'd choose being with me than being with her?" Toothless nods. "Toothless, I don't know what to say. I-I'm grateful that you've chosen me but, are you sure this is what you want?" He nods again. I smile. "Ok, Toothless. If that's what you want. C'mon, we should get home before the suns up."

With that, I hop on Toothless and we make our way back home.

Ok, I hope you enjoyed that story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Onyx, thank you for suggesting this story, I hope you especially enjoyed reading it.

Please leave any suggestions for stories in the reviews and I will see what I would like to do next.

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